For those of you who wouldn't know who I am, my name is Lexie. I was blocked from Wiki about a year and few months ago, and I just now realized I got unblocked, also my computer has been messed up and things. But, now I can get on and I've created a new account and stuff and I really wanted to do Games! I've missed all of my friends...also, please follow the rules, and I will know if you don't hehe...I have my ways. Don't underestimate me.


- Please be considerate of others' feelings.

- Follow the rules. FOLLOW THEM!

- Comment your tribute below in the comments, I won't accept: 'My tribute is on my profile'. 

- When you comment your tribute, use the forum (below).



Appearance (photo please):



Token (if you want):


- If you see someone has already posted for that spot, do not post another tribute. I will check this daily, and I will know if you do that.

- These are my games. If I think another character is stronger than yours and your character dies...#sorrynotsorry

- FOLLOW THE RULES! I've said this before, but it is so freaking important I cannot stress it enough.


Tribute Shirt Colors

Pink, District 1

Brown, District 2

Green, District 3

Navy, District 4

Silver, District 5

Gold, District 6

Orange, District 7

Purple, District 8

Yellow, District 9

Red, District 10

Bronze, District 11

Gray, District 12

Tribute Status and Biography Chart

Name Gender/District Strength Weakness Token User Status
Sebastion Glaze M1, 17  Sebastian has superb strength, which doesn't surprise many. He is good with weapons, and is a great swimmer.

Sebastian has poor survival skills. He is a poor hider. He is not stealthy at all.

Red cloth piece YourFavoriteSalmon Alive
Anais Morrisa F1, 16 Anais is skilled at manipuation, and also has very good weapon skills. She is also very stealthy. Anais isn't very good at swimming, and can be clumsy. She also can be very stubborn, letting what she wants get in the way of what is actually important. N/A Pippycat Alive
M2 Alive
Carmine Morrisa F2, 16 Carmine is very skilled with manipuation, and from living a life in District 2 is very skilled with weapons. She also has stunning accuracy. Carmine isn't very good at swimming, and isn't very fast, either. She also can be a bit clumsy. Alive
M3 Alive
Dayta Bolts F3, 12 Alive
M4 Alive
Amalia Lucy F4 Scaring other tributes, feels nothing, speed, dodging Insane, loud, hiding N/A MissRandomStuff Alive
M5 Alive
Missy Randos F5 Accuracy, Swimming, Intelligence Speed, Climbing, Insecure (would gladly die for somebody else without thinking) Purple Headband MissRandomStuff Alive
M6 Alive
Phoenix Deyanira F6, 14 running, nimbleness, evade detection, attitude Getting too caught up in daydreaming and not paying attention to the world around her, is fairly okay at hand to hand combat, but due to her small size wouldn't really fair well against most attackers, and her inability to make a split second decision, she has to think everything through first, otherwise she's not happy or confident she's doing the right thing notebook and pencil Sambaroses Alive
M7 Alive
Eva Fenrir F7, 14

Eva is good at healing people (including herself), has surprisingly good aim, and good stamina.

Eva isn't very strong, and she is also toosympathetic, along with being manipulatable. It's easy to take advantage of her kindness. N/A Pippycat Alive
M8 Alive
F8 Alive
M9 Alive
F9 Alive
M10 Alive
Lilli Peters F10  Accurate, Stealthy, Fast, can make other people feel bad for her  Combat, Brittle Bones A small piece of wheat she keeps safe in a locket MissRandomStuff Alive
M11 Alive
F11 Alive
M12 Alive
F12 Alive


Sebastion Glaze, Anais Morissa, Carmile Morissa

Tribute Appearances

  • District 1 Male, Sebastion Glaze
  • District 1 Female, Anais Morrisa
  • District 2 Female, Carmine Morrisa
  • District 4 Female, Amalia Lucy
  • District 5 Female, Missy Rondos
  • District 7 Female, Eva Fenrir
  • District 10 Female, Lilli Peters

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