• I live in West Verginia
  • My occupation is Pokemon Master and Story Writer
  • I am Male
  • The-one123

    Hello everyone , i am Christian Griswold , This is my first time here on this wikia . i would like to start a Hunger Games based on creepypasta , you create a tribute who will be in the hungergames and the mutts will be creepypasta monsters.

    The Setting will be a cobination of a forest , a mine shaft , and a Lake .

    Jeff the Killer = He will be like a smarter faster tribute

    Smile Dog = like the mutts from the first book but silent and more deadly

    Slender = Will do his thing

    The Rake = will kill you on site , stay away from underground areas unless you has a good light ( Rake is scared of light)

    and last but not least 

    Moth Man = he putrols the skys , so dont be trying to stay up in a tall tree the entire games cause he will get you and kill you .  …

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