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Welcome, to the 20th Annual Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor.                              

The rules are just like a regular games.

Training scores will be based on the realisticness of the tribute and a few other things.

Don't make stupid tributes like Weakness: Being Nice or Strengths: Fight, Running, Swimming, Weapons, And blah blah blah and so on.

Don't be rude, but constrictive criticism is welcomed.

Tribute Form

Reservations last two days. Maximum of three tributes









Possible Alliances:

Sponsoring And Advice

If your tributes need something, post what they need and why I should give it.

Just post advice for your tribute.



Tribute District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknessess Allies Owner
Jaguar Taz 1 M 18 Throwing Knives, Bow fast, strong, intellegent Stubborn, swimming, fear of failure Careers Tehblakdeath
Ella Massey 1 F 17 Dagger, Poison, Throwing Knives Accuracy, Stealth, Speed, Climbing, Lying  Strength, Swimming, Trust N/A MissRandomStuff
Halloween Smiley 2 M 17 Knive, Needles, Hands, Swords Strong, Fast, Charming, Alluring Swimming, Heights Silver Clockson TehOnlyUmbreon
Shooter Fletcher 2 F 18 Bow, Dagger Strong, stealthy Long distance traveling, hand-to-hand combat Careers Rowanflight
Wire Elec 3 M 17 Any assortment of weapons Strong, fast, intelligent Swimming, Climbing Anti-Careers Tehblakdeath
Volorie Melinda 3 F 17 Spear, Trident Smart, Survival Skills, Agile, Swift Hand-to-hand, Lack of Training N/A XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Felix Seaworth 4 M 17 Trident, Net, Throwing Knives Swimming, Looks, Strong Scared of Heights, Can't identify plants well, Slow Careers District22
Ariel Chambers 4 F 18 Knives Stealthy, Fishing, Knots, Distance Running Not strong Cocky, Headstrong Careers Rowanflight
Brick Goldfleck 5 M 14 Spear Very muscular, Quick, Silent Swimming, Heights, Climbing Anti Careers Dawnshade
Elizabeth Stars 5 F 14 Bow, Knife, Sword Small, Agile, Swimming, Strength Climbing, Fear of heights, Runing N/A Rainfacestar
Ash Fields 6 M 14 Spear, Whip Stealth, Snares Short, Not good at making Alliances Anti Careers District22
Sadie Tucker 6 F 13 Sword, Bow Quick to strike, Silent Weak, Doesn't think before she acts Careers Gummybearkiller
Sam Mason 7 M 16 Axes, Spear Fast, Strong, Likeable  Swimming,  Panics when scared, sometimes self-conscious N/A District22
Emily Stonewater 7 F 12 Knives, Traps Climbing, Running Swimming, Weak, Scared easy N/A Dawnshade
Robin Vigo 8 M 17 Dagger Quiet, Quick,  Running, fighting close up. District Partner Skyandbray
Maryam Mote 8 F 16 Hand-to-hand Quick it strike, using shields Running, being quiet District Partner Skyandbray
Silver Clockson 9 M 16 Knives Bloodthisty, Agile, Quick Constant ticking Nocture Equinox TehOnlyUmbreon
Quinberly Dane 9 F 16 Spear, Knives Quick, Stratagist,  Climbing, bad at Hiding Sasha Bloodhound XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Nocture Equinox 10 M 17 Any Weapon Strong, Sneaky,  Hand-to-hand,  Traps Violent, Comes off Cold N/A TehOnlyUmbreon
Sasha Bloodhound  10 F 18 Javelin, Throwing Knives Strong, Agile Swimming, Distance Runner, Clumsy Quinberly Dane XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Riken Ravensborg 11 M 16 Spear, Nets Good Looks, Smarts, Quick Swimming, Close combat Anti Careers Gummybearkiller
Semolina Eberhardt 11 F 12 Sling shot Good at hiding, Quiet Not strong N/A Rowanflight
Amethyst Trestan 12 M 15 Nunchucks Strong, Witty, Competitive Makes Enemies easy, Bad at being Social N/A TDR97
Steph West 12 F 18  Bow, Knives Climbing, Swimming Running, Fighting up close N/A Gummybearkiller



Independant Alliance

Anti Careers

No Alliance

The Other Alliance

Girl Alliance

Jagurar Taz(D1)

Moved to No alliance

Robin Vigo(D8) Wire Elec(D3) Semolina Eberhardt(D11) Silver Clockson(D9) Quinberly Dane(D9)
Ariel Chambers(D4) Maryam Mote(D8) Brick Goldfleck(D5) Sam Mason(D7) Halloween Smiley(D2) Sasha Bloodhound(D10)
Shooter Fletcher(D2) Ash Fields(D6) Nocture Equinox(D10)
Felix Seaworth(D4) Riken Ravensborg(D11) Emily Stonewater(D7)
Sadie Tucker(D6) Ella Massey(D1)
Steph West(D12)
Elizabeth Stars(D5)
Volorie Melinda(D3)
Amethyst Trestan(D12)

Training Scores

District Male Name Male Score Female Name Female Score
1 Jaguar Taz 9 Ella Massey 7
2 Halloween Smiley 6 Shooter Fletcher 10
3 Wire Elec 7 Volorie Melinda 5
4 Felix Seaworth 8 Ariel Chambers 9
5 Brick Goldfleck 9 Elizabeth Stars 5
6 Ash Fields 7 Sadie Tucker 4
7 Sam Mason 2 Emily Stonewater 4
8 Robin Vigo 6 Maryam Mote 6
9 Silver Clockson 8 Quinberly Dane 3
10 Nocture Equinox 5 Sasha Bloodhound  2
11 Riken Ravensborg 8 Semolina Eberhardt 6
12 Amethyst Trestan 5 Steph West 1

Tribute Placing

Placing District Tribute Name Cause of Death Day Killed Killed By
24 5 Elizabeth Stars Tribute Plate Explosion 1 Tribute Plate
23 7 Emily Waterstone Shredded to death 1 Halloween Smiley
22 3 Volorie Melinda Bled to death 1 Silver Clockson
21 3 Wire Elec Decapitated 1 Silver Clockson
20 7 Sam Mason Shot through heart with arrow 1 Jaguar Taz
19 10 Nocture Equinox Spear to head 1 Quinberly Dane
18 12 Amethyst Trestan Sliced in half 1 Halloween Smiley
17 12 Steph West Arrow to throat 1 Felix Seaworth
16 6 Sadie Tucker Spear to throat 1 Riken Ravensborg
15 8 Maryam Mote Stabbed to death 1 Brick Goldfleck
14 4 Felix Seaworth Burned to death 1 Halloween Smiley
13 8 Robin Vigo Shot with poison dart 2 Semolina Eberhardt
12 4 Ariel Chambers Eaten by pumpkin muttations 4 Semolina Eberhardt
11 11 Semolina Eberhardt Shot in the heart by arrow. 4 Shooter Fletcher
10 5 Brick Goldfleck Blown up 11 Capitol
9 10 Sasha Bloodhound Dart to forehead 11 Capitol
It's The Final Eight Tributes Remaining
8 9 Quinberly Dane Stabbed to death 11 Halloween Smiley.
7 9 Silver Clockson Sword blow to chest 14 Jaguar Taz
6 6 Ash Fields Knife to shoulder 15 Shooter Fletcher
5 1 Ella Massey Dagger smashed skull 15 Shooter Fletcher
4 2 Shooter Fletcher Stabbed with poisoned knife 15 Ella Massey
3 11 Riken Ravensborg Exploded 16 Halloween Smiley
2 2 Halloween Smiley Stabbed in the spine 16 Jaguar Taz


1 Jaguar Taz

The Games

Part One- The Blood Bath: Silver Clockson's POV

As I rise up and away from my stylist, I wait patiently to surface. The ticking in my eye begins to go off. Tick, Tick, Tick. As I come to ground level, the sight around me is amazing. to my left there is a forest of fiery colored trees, with leaves laden all over the forest floor, to my right, there is a huge space of dead trees. I know which way I am going...   I listen as Lucius Numeris is counting down. "15...14...13...12." The ticking in my head becomes loud and just as I am about to grab my ears, Elizabeth Star's tribute plate explodes due to the high pitched ticking of my eye watch. Boom!   She is in pieces all over the place as Lucius continues. "8...7...6...4." I prepare to take off as the ticking becomes un-bearable. I look over and seen Halloween, my psyco partner, smiling sinisterly at a pair of long knives. I begin to tremble when the gong sounds. Trying to ignore the ticking, I take off to the Cornicopia. I grab a yellow bag and swing it over me. As I am reaching for a knife, I fall to my knees, the ticking immobilizing me. Halloween is shredding the little girl from District 7, laughing as his face is covered in blood splatters. Boom! I finally get back on my feet, just in time to stab Volorie in the low back. I watch as she screams and falls over in pain, the blood gushing out like a waterfall. Boom! I turn and grab a machete and use it to decapitate boy from District 3.Boom! I dodge a spear from Jaguar and watch as he puts an arrow through Sam Mason's heart. Boom!  I duck as a spear thrown by Quinberly soars over my head and finds a target in Nocture Equinox. He falls instantly as the spear enters his head. Boom! I watch as Quinberly and her ally run for the fall forest. I grab another bag and grab Halloween's arm as he thrusts his sword into Amethyst's stomach. She falls and she is split in half. Boom! 

   Halloween and I took off, letting the blood bath continue. In an hour, we had made our way to the Dead Tree forest and made a camp in between four huge dead oak trunks. I opened the bags while Halloween collected fire wood. We had a pair of socks, a sleeping bag, an empty water bottle, dried berries, and a small coil of wire. I unzipped the sleeping bag and lay it out for us to sleep on. I watched as Halloween lit the fire and began to chant "Burn baby burn!" It was going to be a fun night with the ticking and crazy pyromaniac.

Part Two- The Careers Dominate: Felix Seaworth's POV

Felix and the rest of the careers had waited for the hovercrafts to lift away the other three bodies away. Felix had killed Steph as soon as Halloween and Silver had fled. An arrow through her throat did the trick. Then Sadie had taken a spear to the neck after being caught in a net by Riken Ravensborg. Then right before the fighting had stopped, Maryam Mote had been stabbed to death by Brick Goldfleck and her partner had fled to the lake area. 

Then Brick led a group of tributes away as fast as he could. That meant ten had died on the first day. Felix had taken the lead of the careers and they set out a camp near the creek, so the Cornicopia was still in sight. As it got dark, the careers had began to prepare for night "hunting." As a plume of smoke began to rise from the Dead Tree Forest, they prepared their weapons for their first kill. Felix led the group off in the direction, only slowing once they neared their target. As they entered the clearing where the fire was, the boy Silver was asleep in a sleeping bag. As Felix approached the bag to make the kill, Halloween popped out with  atorch, lighting Felix's hair aflame. Felix ran off, screaming. Meanwhile, Halloween stood over Silver's sleeping body, ready to defend. The other careers ran off, in chase of Felix. Felix screamed, trying to beat the flame out, but it eventually spread to his body, the flames engulfing his person. He fell to the ground, scorching in pain. It continued on for minutes, then he finally stopped screaming. Boom!

   The other careers made their way back to camp, to afraid to mess with Halloween and his psyco ways.

Part Three- The Savage Pumpkins: Semolina Eberhardt's POV

Three days had passed since the blood bath, only one other tribute dying. Robin Vigo had been killed the day after the blood bath by Semolina after the two had met in the grain field. Ever since, Semolina had been camped out in the pumpkin patch, hiding from the other tributes. She had luckily snagged a larger pack from the Cornicopia, that had contained a knife, a long rope, a sleeping back, a filled water bottle, and some dried beef. She had been living off the beef so far and filling the water bottle once a day, hiking to the lake. 

At the moment, Semolina was building a fire to keep warm later that evening. She continuously gathered fire wood and other fire fueling materials. As she gathered more and more materials, she quickly let her guard down and was walking back and forth from around the patch back to her pile. 

Deciding she had enough to keep the fire going. She went back to her pile. As she began preparing the fire, some of the grown pumpkins began to move. Confused, Semolina stood up straight, looking around. Then, suddenly they grew into orange half pumpkin-half monster creatures. Screaming, she ran off towards the Cornicopia. She could heard them right behind her as she neared the Cornicopia. As she got nearer, she spotted a group of tributes near the Cornicopia. After getting closer, she realized it was the careers. Wonderful. First these orange beasts, now these nut heads. Readying her knife, she sped up. Finally the careers noticed her and began yelling. Then they saw what was following and began to climb the cornicopia. Deciding they probably would be too busy to kill her, she climbed along with them. Apparently the orange pumpkin mosters knew how to climb, as they just began to scale the Cornicopia once they had reached it. Getting an idea, Semolina gave Ariel, one of the careers, a shove and she tumbled down the cornicopia, taking a few muttations down with her. They instantly began munching down on Ariel. In a matter of moments, she was nothign by a torn up body. Boom!

That didn't go over well with the careers and they all turned on Semolina. Seeing the direction this had took, she jumped down the opposite side of the Cornicopia and began to run. She was instatly stopped by an arrow to the heart shot by Shooter. She dropped like a stone to the ground. Boom! She was instantly made the muttations desert.

Part Four- The Party: Riken Ravensborg's POV

"Attention tributes! As we don't usually do this before we reach our final 8, this is something very special. We will be having a very special event. All of the remaining ten tributes must make there way to the Cornicopia for it to commence. More details once you have all reached the Cornicopia without harming each other. That is all."

Hearing Lucius' announcement, Riken rose to his feet from his bed out in the oak forest. He pushed his leaves away and picked up his only item. A knife. Riken had figured this was coming. It had been a week since anyone had died. Nothing, just boring stuff. Riken was sure the Capitol and President Snow were ready to see some action. Even though the directions were to not harm anyone, he was still on his highest alert. As Riken approached the large field where the Cornicopia was, he saw most of the others had gathered. Riken watched as Silver tried to calm Halloween down so he wouldn't injure anyone. The Anti Careers and the Careers stood opposite eacher. All the others were just arriving like Riken. Lucius spoke once more.

"Now, it seems as if we are all here. If you haven't noticed. There are 10 tribute plates around the Cornicopia, but closer than the originals. All of you must choose one. Go!"

Riken ran to the nearest one and stood. He watched as the others scrambled for a platform. Once they all had one, Lucius went on

"Alright. Now. Let's see. Looks like..." 

   Boom! Riken watched as all of the tributes stepped back.

"Well, there went Brick! Wasn't that fun. This time, it gets harder. We have randomly selected one of you. Depending which plate that specific tribute steps on, something will happen. So, choose wisely!"

Riken carefully chose a plate, hoping he wasn't the selected tribute.

"Well! It looks like Silver Clockson has stepped on plate 5!"

Out of nowhere three parachutes fell from the sky landing in the middle of the tributes.

"Silver! Choose three tributes to accept these gifts!"

Riken listened as Silver chose Halloween, Jaguar, and Sasha. The three went to their gifts and opened them. Sasha's shot a poison dart into her forehead, killing her on the spot. Boom! Jaguars was a message no one else read, and Halloween's shot ink into his eyes. This made Halloween go nuts and run after Quinberly with his knife yelling, "I'll fix you up!" 

"Well, tributes, that was fun, you all must go now."

Riken watched Halloween practically use Quinberly as a pin cushon, yelling, "SURGERY!" Boom! Riken, along with most of the other tributes, took off back into the forest. Jaguar left Shooter behind, making her the last Career standing. Riken left with his knife, and luckily, his life. 

Part Five- The Search: Jaguar Taz's POV

Jaguar, three days after the game at the Cornicopia, was on a hunt for the item the Capitol had hidden. They had given him the supposed location of an item that would "change the game for him." When he had opened the parachute capsule, there had been a message that said, "Search in the pillars. An item lays in wait for you that will change the game for you." Three days later, he was sure he had found it in the dark, shadowed pillered land. Jaguar stumbled around through a circle of pillars for a moment but stopped suddenly when he heard footsteps. He turned around in a quick motion, seeing Halloween, with a long curved knife. It had obviously been a sponsor gift, because Jaguar hadn't seen anything like it at the Cornicopia. Jaguar steadily stepped back from the unstable tribute. Halloween began to whisper, "Surgery. Must fix you." multiple times. Jaguar knew this was gonna be it. He grabbed his sword from it's shealth, ready for the fight of his life, literally. He did a quick look around, but Silver was no where in sight. He stood his ground, ready for Halloween to charge. After a minute or so of a stare down, Halloween screamed, "Operation time!" and ran in Jaguar's direction. Jaguar deflected the first swing, and ducked over another. His arm was slit once, but he got a blow to Halloween's side. The two fought like this for almost a half hour. In the heat of the battle, Silver flew from no where, jumping in front of a blow, aimed at Halloween's head. Silver's chest was ripped open by the blade of Jaguar's sword. Jaguar watched has Silver hit the ground, blood squirting everywhere from the huge cut in Silver's chest. Halloween dropped his weapon and yelled, "No! No surgery for Silver! Must live!" Silver whispered, "Kill the rest." and his eyes closed for the last time. Boom! Jaguar took off while Halloween was focused on Silver. He dashed through the gloomy land as fast as he could. He ran into one of the other pillar circles and right in the center was a pack. It literally had Jaguar's name written on it. Instead of just running up to it, Jaguar took a more cautious approach to the bag, as it seemed a little suspicious. He carefully took each step, inching closer and closer to the bag. He swipped the bag from the center of the pillars, and jumped to the floor. When he got up, it was a good thing he had. Around fifty spears were lodged into the stone pillars. Jaguar took off back to his camp near the creek. But he stopped him self, realizing Shooter was probably still there. He had given up his spot as a career, so he decided to set foot towards the fall forest.

After hours of walking, he finally found a spot that he felt safe in. He kneeled down and zipped the bag open. It wasn't you clasic back pack, put more like a bag to carry a baseball in, or in this case, a golden bow, complete with 20 titanium tipped arrows. At the bottom, there was a smaller bag. In it was a bowl of warm soup and a bottle of water. The Capitol had not lied. This would change the games for him.

Part Six- Alone: Shooter Fletcher's POV

I knew it was up to me to win these games, as I was the last career standing. Jaguar had abandoned me, and all of the others had been foolishly killed. I looked over at the Cornicopia, and decided to go weaponize myself and prepare to kill some tributes. 

After scouring the Cornicopia for roughly an hour, I had found another dagger and  a weird looking knife with a fine edged blade. I set off towards the Oak forest because I knew a few tributes had ran off there after the event at the Cornicopia. I kept on my alert, because I knew the others would be on alert. And I knew after last nights sky projection, that Silver was dead, but Halloween was still on the run. I knew that the psyco could be anywhere. Every step I took was taken with caution and on full alert. Once, I threw my knife towards a scuffle in the bushes, and found that I had only killed a rabbit. I kept on, determined to find and kill my opponents. After what seemed like an eternity of hiking through the forest and a grass field, I had finally reached the Oaks and I had a good feeling. My feelings were confirmed when I found Ash wandering through the oak trees. I slowly reached for one of my knives, and ran like the wind towards him. I jumped, shoving the knife into his should, killing him instantly. Boom! I trekked on until I came across Ella checking her trabs on the farther side of the forest. I quietly stood behind the huge trunk of one of the larger oaks and watched for a few moments. As she bent down to check a trab, I whisked the knife in her direction, it missed and she stood up, flying around. She grabbed her knife, which had green stuff on it, and threw it at me. It hit my leg, making about a 2 inch cut. I fell, grabbing my leg. I reached for my dagger and let it land in her head, smashing her skull. The Boom! of her cannon was the last thing I heard before everything fell to blackness. Boom!

Part Seven- The Grand Finale

Halloween looked over his shoulder, making sure none of the other tributes could see him. He quickly worked with the bombs he had dug up from the tribute plates. He knew he had to be fast if it was to work. He watched the smoke rise ftrom the sky from the fire he had started. In a matter of minutes, the other tributes would be there.

Riken watched the smoke wandering up from the sky as it got closer to evening. Figuring it was Jaguar trying to keep warm, he decided to go see. With only three left, Riken knew he would win. He grabbed his spear, put his knife in his belt, and climbed out of his tree. He ran quickly towards the smoke, excited to kill.

Jaguar knew the smoke had to be a trap. Probably Riken trying to trick him or Halloween. No doubt the mentally challenged pyro maniac was in the pillars, singing chants about death and fire. Jaguar decided to go close to the smoke to try and kill Riken from afar. He slung the bow over his shoulder, put his knife in his back pocket and drank the last of his Capitol water. He ate the last of his dried berries, and slurped down the last drops of soup. Ready for a hike, he set off towards the smoke.

Halloween waited to see if te other tributes would fall bait to his trap. With his "suprise" ready, he took his position inside the Cornicopia. Halloween knew he could go home if he timed this just right. He heard movement and he could just barely make out the shape of a person at the tree line. It was Riken. Halloween waited for Riken to step closer to the Cornicopia and then threw the item he had created. It landed near Riken and the boy picked it up. His instantly exploded into a fiery explosion of charred body bits and human flesh. Riken's cannon sounded. Boom! 

Jaguar heard the cannon boom and froze. Someone had just died. It was just him and one other. Hoping it was Halloween, he sped up his walk to a run towards the smoke. When Jaguar reached the smokey area around the cornicopia, he saw Halloween hunched over a big crater, laugh crazily. "Boom! Boom! He is fixed good now!" Freaked out, Jaguar reached for his bow. Once he grabbed it, he realized he hadn't grabbed his arrows. Panicking, he began to turn around. He stopped as Halloween rose to his feet and turned, looking him right in the eyes. Without hesitation, Halloween charged Jaguar, bare handed. Jaguar froze in shick at what had happened. Hallowen shoved him to the ground, hands on his neck. Choking, Jaguar reached for his knife from his pocket, but couldn't get it out. He struggled and his vision began to fade. He finally grabbed his knife and forced it into Halloweens spine. The other tribute froze and fell off of Jaguar. Boom! 

"Ladies and gentlemen! The victor of the 20th annual Hunger Games!"

Jaguar couldn't believe he had won. He got up to his knees, but that was the farthest he had made it before he began to sob. He had won. but was he really a winner? Jaguar knew his life had changed for the worse, and for the best. He would carry the images and memories forever, so he knew how appreciative to be for the rest of his life. He grabbed onto the ladder as it fell from the hovercraft above him. He was going home.

I hope you all enjoyed, no matter the outcome. And congrats to Tehblakdeath for the win. I hope you all join my future games and "May the odds be ever in your favor."

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