Weclome to the 21st Annual Hunger Games. This year the arena is a desert/jungle theme. Follow the rules and enjoy my games. Be kind, but constructive criticism is accepted.

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Possible Alliances:

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Tribute District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknessess Allies Owner
Zale Cuntarium D1 M 18 Bow , Knives, Trident,  Strength, Agile, Quick,  Needs a lot of food Careers Rowanflight
Blanche Baselard D1 F 18 Bow, Knife Swift, Agile Slow, Lack of Confidence Careers Ladysi
Zac Taylor D2 M 17 Sword, Spear, Knife, Aim, Speed, Strength, Fighting,  Swimming, Hiding, Climing Careers Jrussell01
Teresa Silver D2 F 12 Sword, Knives Swimming, Aim, Speed, Healing knowledge Climbing, Trust issues Careers MissRandomStuff
Sonic Leccy D3 M 14 Wire, Dagger Smart, Fast, Stealthy, Hiding, Noticing Details Weak, Swimming, Killing, Climbing, Ranged Weapons Other Alliance WiressFan21
Luna Glitchturn D3 F 13 Traps, Knives, Daggers Quick, Strong, Charming Swimming, Climbing Other Alliance MissRandomStuff
Kodai Hitogoroshi D4 M 17 Whip, Teeth, hands Quick, Plant Knowledge, Psyco Loud, Doging Skills, Insanity Anti Careers Mistfire333
Rivv Seassy D4 F 15 Trident, Net, Awl Accurate, Killing, Swimming, Fast Climbing, Stealth, Somewhat Weak Careers WiressFan21
Shade Spectrus D5 M 16 Dagger, Crossbow, traps Combat training, aim Tires easily Anti Careers Mistfire333
Sparkle Wattson D5 F 15 Slingshot, Electricution Fast, Hiding, Smart, Tricky Weak, Swimming N/A Rowanflight
Blade Spectrus D6 M 14 Spear, Knives, Sword Speed, Strength, Agility Sleeps soundly, Climbing Anti Careers Tehblakdeath
Airrie Turbo D6 F 16 Knife, Wire, Traps Smart, Stealthy, Fast, Making Traps, Climbing Trees Weak, Making Allies, Swimming, Being Outside Other Alliance WiressFan21
Mist Scorchil D7 M 14 Axe, Crossbow Survivalist, Stamina, Strength, Quick Provoking, Doesn't think things through. Anti Careers Mistfire333
Spruce McKelly D7 F 16 Axe, Shovel Axe throwing, Strong Afraid of betrayal, Won't fight Careers N/A LivesInDistrict1
Dek Als D8 M 15 Sword, Spear Smart, Quick, Cunning Climbing, Speed District Partner Tehblakdeath
Rose Couture D8 F 16 Blow darts Aim, Speed, Quick Thinker Swimming, Climbing District Partner Ladysi
Toby Rodgers D9 M 18 Mouth, Axe Quick, Agile, Climbing Mental Disorders, slow thought process District Partner TehOnlyUmbreon
Lavender Wheats D9 F 16 Club, Mace, Knife Running, Defensive Swimming, Climbing, Survivng off land District Partner Ladysi
Mordecai Darah D10 M 18 Sword, Scimitar Hnad-to-hand combat, Sneaky Makes Enemies Quick, Swimming Anti Careers XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Huntress Scape D10 F 18 Bow, Dagger, Poison, Throwing Knives Accuracy, Fast, Strong Arrogance, Bossy, climbing, hiding N/A MissRandomStuff
Tomtom Bonamo D11 M 18 Scythe, Pitchfork Strength, Good eye Smarts, Temper Anti Careers SuperTomato
Seedie Feldspar D11 F 17 Sickle, brick Fast, Hiding Weak, Hand-to-hand  N/A Rowanflight
Winchester Normollo D12 M 17 Sword, Axe Running, Identifying Plants Jumping, Swimming Anti Careers SuperTomato
Madoka Artemisia D12 F 16 Dagger Intelligent. Stealth,  Strength, OCD N/A XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX



Anti Careers

The Other Alliance

District 8 Alliance

District 9 Alliance

No Alliance

Zale Cuntarium(D1) Kodai Hitogoroshi(D4) Sonic Leccy(D3) Dek Als(D8)

Toby Rodgers(D9)

Moved to Anti Careers

Sparkle Wattson(D5)
Blanche Baselard(D1) Shade Spectrus(D5) Luna Glitchturn(D3) Rose Couture(D8) Lavender Wheats(D9) Madoka Artemisia(D12)
Zac Taylor(D2) Blade Spectrus(D6) Airrie Turbo(D6) - Huntress Scape(D10)
Teresa Silver(D2) Mist Scorchil(D7) Spruce McKelly(D7) - Seedie Feldspar(D11)
Rivv Seassy(D4) Mordecai Darah(D10) Tomtom Bonamo(D11)
Winchester Normollo(D12)
Toby Rodgers(D9)

Training Scores

District Male Name Male Score Female Name Female Score
1 Zale Cuntarium 9 Blanche Baselard 7
2 Zac Taylor 8 Teresa Silver 9
3 Sonic Leccy 8 Luna Glitchturn 7
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi 7 Rivv Seassy 8
5 Shade Spectrus 5 Sparkle Wattson 6
6 Blade Spectrus 6 Airrie Turbo 4
7 Mist Scorchil 5 Spruce McKelly 7
8 Dek Als 6 Rose Couture 6
9 Toby Rodgers 4 Lavender Wheats 5
10 Mordecai Darah 2 Huntress Scape 9
11 Tomtom Bonamo 5 Seedie Feldspar 10
12 Winchester Normollo 3 Madoka Artemisia


Tribute Placing

Placing District Tribute Name Cause of Death Day Killed Killed By
24 7 Mist Scorchil Dagger to chest 1 Rivv Seassy
23 12 Winchester Normollo Decapitated 1 Zac Taylor
22 12 Madoka Artemisia Speared in Heart 1 Zac Taylor
21 4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Stabbed with spear 1 Zac Taylor
20 11 Tomtom Bonamo Shot with arrow 1 Blanche Baselard
19 5 Sparkle Wattson Stabbed in heart with awl 1 Rivv Seassy
18 9 Lavender Wheats Strangled 1 Dek Als
17 5 Airrie Turbo Shot in heart with Arrow 1 Blanche Baselard
16 3 Luna Glitchturn Trambled by skeletal elephant 2 N/A
15 10 Mordecai Darah Killed in Avalanche 6 N/A
14 1 Blanche Baselard Rock smashed into temple 6 Toby Rodgers
13 10 Huntress Scape Drowned in sinking sand 10 N/A
12 5 Shade Spectrus Axe to back 12 Spruce McKelly
11 6 Rose Couture Axe to head 12 Toby Rodgers
10 3 Sonic Leccy Neck Wound 12 Toby Rodgers
9 2 Teresa Silver Mauled by wolf muttations 15 N/A
It's The Final Eight Tributes Remaining!
8 1 Zale Cuntarium Devoured by wolf muttations 15 N/A
7 4 Rivv Seassy Speared with stick 16 Dek Als
6 8 Dek Als Sword to side 16 Zac Taylor
5 2 Zac Taylor Poison dart in back 16 Seedie Feldspar
4 11 Seedie Feldspar Sword to head. 16 Blade Spectrus
3 9 Toby Rodgers Axe to chest 16 Spruce McKelly
2 6 Blade Spectrus Axe to chest 16 Spruce McKelly


7 Spruce McKelly

The Games

Part One: Let the Games Begin! - Huntress Scape's/Zac Taylor's POV

Huntress Scape

I feel a single tear drip down my face and onto the floor as I am about to get into my loading tube. Knowing I may never see anything outside the arena again, I take one long, deep breath and step onto my plate. I put my hands on the side of the glass tube as I rise up. Heat. I feel heat. It's a desert. behind me is all desert. Off in the far distance, I see what I think is a jungle. Off to my left is more desert. And whatever was to my right was too unclear to tell. By the time I have summed up the arena, the clock is only at 45. I breath as Lucius Numeris gives the countdown. "40...39...38...37...36...35...34...33...32...31...30..." I stop listening as my eyes catch sight of a long bow, next to a huge bulky dagger. I know if I can get one of the two items, my survival rate will most likely go up. Then I find myself debating to grab an outside bag and just run like crazy, go for the weapons, or a bag and weapons. I find myself running out of thinking time as Lucius hit 15. "15...14...13...12...11..." I shook my head, ultimately deciding to go for the bow. "5...4...3...2...1...GONG!

  I quickly lunge off my plate, running like crazy towards the bow, but the girl from District 1 unfortunately had the same idea. We bow neared the bow at the same time, the only difference being the knife in Blanche's hand. I ducked as she swung the knife at my throat. I fell back and my hands and scuffled backwards. In the corner of my eye, I watched as the boy from 7 was stabbed by Rivv with a trident right in the chest. Boom! After seeing this, I got up not daring to turn around and ran faster than I ever had, off towards what I thought was a jungle. At the outskirts of the last tribute plates in that direction was a bag, I thankfully grabbed it and took off, letting the others kill eachother.

Zac Taylor

Seconds after the gong had sounded, I was at the Cornicopia, sword in hand, ready to kill. I watched as Mordecai from 10, grab a smaller knife and take off into the far desert. I forgot about him as soon as Winchester, from 12, came towards the Cornicopia, trying to get something. Big mistake. I charged the tribute, giving the sword a swift swipe, cutting his head clear off. Boom! I smiled and turned to grab a spear. As soon as I had it, I turned, looking for a decent target. I gave it a good throw towards Madoka, piercing her through the heart. She dropped like a rock. Boom! I left the spear in her body and grabbed another, also tying a knife to my belt. I joined Rivv and we stood side by side, waiting for a target. I threw my knife at Blade as he tried to run off with a bag and a knife, by it missed him by a few inches. Cursing,  grabbed another knife and implanted it in Kodai, the boy from 4. He screamed in pain, dropping to the ground. I finished him off with my spear, making it more of a mercy kill. Boom! Not far off to my left, Blanche shot an arrow through Tomtom's heart, leaving him dead on the ground. Boom! Rivv was fighting with Toby, the boy from 9. I was surprised to see how evenly the two were matched. Finally, Toby knocked Rivv down and ran off. I helped Rivv up, just in time for her to shove her awl into Sparkle's heart. Rivv must've hit a main bloodline, because blood was splashing out of the wound. Boom! I watched Teresa throw a knife and hit Seedie's bag, falling to the ground. She yelled a few choice words and picked up another knife. I watched Dek, the boy from 8, kill the girl from 9 by strangling her, leaving Toby by himself. Boom! I watched as Airrie, Sonic, and Luna tried to run off together, I readied my spear to throw, but Blanche beat me to it, shooting an arrow through Airrie's heart. Boom! Sonic and Luna sped up, running as fast as they could away from the Cornicopia. By this time, all the others besides the careers had fled the area. I laughed and turned around to see what else the Cornicpia might contain.

Part Two: In the Jungle- Spruce McKelly's POV

The day after the blood bath, I found my way into the dense jungle portion of the arena. Alone, with just a bag that contained rope, an awl, and an empty water bottle, I had began to give up on myself. Doubting my survival, I had just began to wander through the jungle, hoping for a suprise. After a while, I began to get thirsty and I fell to my knees under one of the junlge trees. Getting curious, I pulled out my awl and turned around to one of the trees. I made a small hole in the tree and water began to pour out. It was warm, but it was water. Thankful for my discover and the promise of new hope, I got up and continued my journey on. 

After over an hour of walking, began to notice that the jungle was almost gone and I was coming upon what looked like some place where HUGE animals died. Curious, but also cautious, I explored around. I slowly approached one of the huge skeletons and gently tapped it. Seeing nothing happened, I decided I wasn't in total danger. I turned to search the area when I saw something run quickly. I grabbed my awl, ready to fight. The girl from 3, Luna, ran right into me and when I got back up, I stood, ready to fight. She held some knife looking thing that was made up of jungle vine, a sharp rock, and a sturdy stick. She tried to stab me and I ducked, falling backwards. I scrambled back in the sand as she came closer. Then, from behind me I heard a boy's voice. "Luna, stop!" I turned my head to see Sonic, Luna's District partner. He came over and helped me up. "Do you wanna ally with us? I know Luna didn't come off very friendly, but I think you would make a good a...." He was cut off as a huge skeletal animal rose from the sand, ready to charge. The three of us quickly formed from enemies, to a group who's lives depended on one another. Luna held her knife, I had my awl, and Sonic held a spear, made much like Luna's knife. We stood our ground and waited for the mutt to get closer. When it was less than 20 feet away, Sonic yelled, "Jump!" and we all dove away in different directions. Luna recieved the bad end of the deal when the skeletal beast turned and trampled her. Boom! Sadly using it as a chance to escape, Sonic and I ran as fast as we could towards the desert.

Part Three: Alone- Toby Rodger's POV

Five days had passed since the bloodbath, and after being alone for two of those days, driven mad, the Anti Careers had found me and we were currently in alliance. We were currently in our makeshift camp in the cliffs. I had been against going to the cliffs, but a majority rule had decided we would. At the moment I was sitting away from the others, trying to make sense of everything. I was mumbling to myself, and chewing on the nubs of my fingers, no doubt looking like a lunatic. I was about to get up when we all heard a rumbling. "No, Toby no die!" I flipped out and began running down the mountain path towards the ground, the others quickly followed. Mordecai fell just in time to be smashed by the avalanche that had began. I tripped and rolled most of the rest of the way. At the bottom, Shade helped me up and we run, the whole way I was yelling, "Mountain fall on him!" When they finally got me calmed down, we heard the cannon. Boom! We watched the hovercraft retrieve his body and during the whole event, I was breathing deep and hard. Shade was trying to keep me from going back into a panic attack. After an hour of calming down from the whole thing, Blade began to lead us away from the cliffs.

After hours of hiking, we finally found the river and we all drank like we never had. Everything was fianlly seeming to be going good when we heard a running sound. We turned to see the Careers standing behind us, weapons drawn. Not knowing what to do, I charged. The others followed. As soon as Blanche's arrow struck my ankle, I knew I was in trobule. I grabbed a rock to defend myself. I began yelling, "Die girl! Die girl!" I used my rock to bash her skull, but she was just dazed. To my left Shade was trying to escape from Zac. Blade came from behind and shoved Zac down. I watched Blade turn and grab Blanche. I took the opportunity to smash a rock into Blanche's temple. She dropped like a stone. Boom! Rivv, the girl from 4 grabbed me and was about to stab me when Blade dove into her, getting a knife to the side. Zac got up and stood with Zale. Shade and I helped Blade up and took off as fast as we could through the bushes. The careers followed and a few arrows whisked by. When we reached the dense jungle we found a small place to hide and we waited for the Careers to give up their search. Once we felt safer, I checked out my ankle. It was a deep cut, but I would survive. Blade on the other hand needed medicine. And that meant we needed to have a sponser. I just hoped one of our mentors could help us in time. 

After walking back to the river cautiously and cleaning out our wounds, we found some leaves to press to the wounds to keep from bleeding. Blade seemed to be getting weaker and so far medicine seemed to be our only hope. After arguing for an hour, Shade and I decided I would stay with Blade while Shade went in search of food. I sat near Blade, mumbling to myself about jungle kitties and apricots while chewing on my fingers. I began to wonder if Shade would return or if I would have to eat some of Blade. I shook my head, knowing I could never do that. I tried with all of my self control to stay contained. THat's when I heard the beeping. I say a small red parachute coming from the sky which held a capsule. I eagerly caught it in my hands and fidgeted with it for a moment and then I finally got it to click open. Inside was a small tube of something, a note, and a cup of soup. The note read, "Apply medicine generously. Enjoy the soup. Shade should come back with food, but use this Toby to stay content." Toby happily showed Blade and they put the medicine on their wounds. Toby drank half of the soup and gave the rest to Blade. I let Blade rest while I found some more jungle leaves near by to make a shelter. I stopped once when I screeching noise appeared in my head. It ended after a few moments and I went on. I came back with the leaves and made three beds. About a half hour later Shade returned with two squirrels and some berries that he had learned about in training. It wasn't much, but it was food. I showed him the medicine and the message and we went to lay down in our beds.

Part Four: Trying to Survive- Seedie Felfspar's POV

After eating all of the dried beaf and berries I had gotten in my bag, I was now begginning to grow hungry. I had a small curved knife that also came from the bag, and some sort of pointy stick thing. And of course the water bottle that had come empty. I was thirsty since I hadn't drank any water since the day before. 9 days after the bloodbath, thirteen tributes left, and I promised myself I wouldn't die due to something as dumb as dehydration. I told myself I had to keep on through the light jungle. I had to find water, or even a few tributes to kill. So I found the energy, somehow, to keep going. My District was depending on me. So, even though I hated every minute of it, I pushed on through the hot jungle. 

After reached the end of the jungle, I found my way into the marsh. Figuring that the damp land, there had to be water somewhere. if I couldn't have food, then water was a must. After searching around for an hour, I began to give up. Then, suddenly, I heard a voice, calling out for help. I followed the female's voice until I came upon Huntress, the girl from 10, up to her knees in sinking sand. I panicked, thinking I should svae her, but with what? I looked around for a stick, but saw nothing. My eye caught some old vine and I got an idea. I grabbed the longest piece and threw one end to her. She took hold and I pulled with all of my will, trying to pull her out. She began to move upwards and the sinking sand made slopping sounds as she came loose. At the last moment, the vine snapped and Huntress fell backwards, into the sinking sand. Falling on her back, the sand had her swallowed in a matter of less than 30 seconds. After a few seconds, her cannon sounded. Boom! Gasping in fear and shock, I ran away until my body could not will me any farther. I fell to my knees, exhausted beyond compare. I figured I would die, then I heard it. The trickle of water, then I felt the drips on my body. It was raining. And not anything like normally, this wasn't blood, or fire, or poison. It was legitimate rain fall. Feeling renewed, I stood. I cupped my hands trying to catch it. Then I remembered the silver bottle in my bag. I quickly got it out and opened it. I instantly heard the ping of rain drops in the bottle. The trickle turned into straight up downpour and my bottle filled in seconds. I quickly drank down the water, and set it down to fill up. I had found hope. And hope could be a strong thing.

Part Five: The Alliance- Dek Als' POV 

Rose and I had been pretty well off, and only had been thirsty once, then it had rained. We had found our way to a cave near the edge of the arena and near the river. We had been hunting the few animals that found their way to the water to drink, using traps and makeshift spears. I had begun to fall in love with Rose. The night before, I had convinced her to sleep with me so we could stay warm while it rained during the night. 

At the current moment, we were sure we had seen smoke, so we were following the smoke, knowing the careers wouldn't be dumb enough to do it and hopefully be able to kill whoever had started the fire. I had my spear in one hand and Rose's hand in the other. As we hiked through the jungle, we stood on our strongest guard, ready to spring into action. As we got neared the smoke, I noticed it was coming from the north desert. As we zeroed in on Spruce and Sonic, we noticed they both had weapons, and Spruce was carrying an axe that was no doubt a sponsor gift. I turned to Rose and we quietly negotiated a plan of attack. 

We quietly and swiftly snuck as close as we could, then, spears read, attacked Sonic and Spruce. I watched Rose go after Spruce, sword against axe. Sonic and I went in circles, waiting for someone to make a move. 

I listened as Sonic began to speak. "So, you joined the anti careers huh?" Confused, I replied, "No! What are you talking about?" He rolled his eyes and answered. "They discovered the Oasis and are staying there. Then you joined them and came to kill us! I am not stupid!" "You are if you think that! We saw the fire and came to check it out!" I defended. The fighting stopped the second I finished my sentence. 

"So wait? You aren't with the anti careers?" asked Sonic. I nodded and he starred at me for a moment. He began to talk again, explaining a plan to me. We would team up, and go after the anti careers, taking their treasues and the Oasis. I nodded when he finished, deciding it was a good shot to kill three tributes, then Sonic and Spruce when we were done. We took an hour to prepare before sneaking down to the grove of trees. From behind out shrubs, we could see them. There was a large pond and palm trees surrounded it. In the middle of the pond was an island that had some sort of a miniature cornicopia. Most of it had been picked through, leaving the anti careers each with a decent weapon, plus the ones they had made. Toby carried a small axe, Shade had a dagger, and Blade held a spear. We each had our own weapons, but the other three had clearly found food here and been drinking the water as they seemed to be in good health. What was left on the island was only a couple bags and a knife and sword. They would no doubt be used eventually by the anti careers. But not if we killed them and took the Oasis. 

After devising a plan, we each took our positions. I watched as Sonic counted to three with his fingers and once he hit three, we all sprung out, attacking Toby, Shade, and the seemingly injured Blade. They seemed to be ready as they fought back instantly. I went after Shade, using my spear. Shade came at me, swinging his dagger like crazy. I managed a jab to his side, but he retaliated by shoving me to the ground. I rolled just in time so I missed his dagger swing. I watched for a moment as Toby and Sonic fought, Toby proving to be a very suffecient fighter. Blade managed to hold off Rose, using his spear. Spruce just stood, looking confused. When she saw me down she came at Shade with her axe, axing him in the back. Boom! She helped me up and we turned just in time to watch Toby axe Rose in the head. Boom! I ran to her and caught her as she fell. The world seemed to freeze in the moment. All the fighting stopped as everyone watched me hold her, sobbing my eyes out. For a moment, just a moment, all of the rivalry faded and the true thought fell down on everyone. The Capitol was evil, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. As soon as the hovercraft appeared, the fighting resumed. Toby and Blade were back to back, ready to fight us off. Sonic, Spruce, and I all faced them. After a moment of pure silence, Sonic lunged his spear, but it hit the sand. Toby and Blade charged, ready to kill. Toby ran up to Sonic, flailing his axe. Once he got close enough, instead of using his axe, he bit Sonic in the throat, taking away flesh. It didn't stop Sonic from stabbing Toby's foot. Spruce managed to run off with her axe, leaving Sonic and I to die. Sonic didn't give up, taking Toby on. Toby managed to kill Sonic by biting his neck again. Sonic fell to the floor, blood bubbling from his throat and mouth. He coughed up blood and his cannon sounded. Boom! I had just enough time to turn and run while Toby checked on Blade. I had escaped to live another day.

Part Six: The Career Pack- Rivv Seassy's POV

It had been days since any kills and those hadn't even been ours. We had only recieved a few sponsor items and I knew we needed to get some excitement rolling before the Game Makers were forced to do something. There were 9 of us and something was bound to happen soon. At the moment, Zac and Teresa were out searching for food, Zale was messing with a couple knives. I was messing with some wire just for the heck of it. 

About an hour later, Zac returned, running and panting. "...Wolves... Teresa... Attack... Had to leave her..." I went up to him and the moment I got to him, I heard the cannon. Boom! Then I heard the thundering pawsteps of the huge beasts. These thing weren't just normal wolves. They were a sick, twisted, rabid, large version. No doubt some muttation the Capitol created. After making sure Zac was okay, I turned to grab my things. I was swinging my backpack over my shoulder, trident in hand, when four of the huge beasts came up to our camp. I immediately took off into a run. Zac and Zale followed me, trying to keep up. Zac tripped and Zale turned to defend while Zac got up. Zac had just enough time to get back on his feet and take off into full sprint while Zale was devoured by one of the beats, having killed one and injured another in the process. His cannon sounded as Zac and I ran like crazy. Boom! We ran for as long as we could, with the three remaining mutts right behind us the entire time. When I felt myself running out of energy, I turned to Zac and yelled, "On three!" He nodded and began the count. "One....Two.....Three!" On three we both turned and I managed to spear the lead mutt with my trident, killing it but leaving me without my trident. Zac drew his sword and began swinging, keeping one of the two mutts busy. The other snarled as it came towards me. I whipped out my awl, not knowing what else to do. The wolf bashed it's head into my side, knocking me over. I tried to stab my awl into it's neck, but missed and hit it's chest. It yelped for a few moments, then turned back on me. I dove to one side as it snapped it's jaws at me. I suddenly remembered the net in my back pack and got it out while dodging the wolf's attempted attacks. I unfolded it and wait for the right moment. I threw it onto the wolf as it just got close enough. The wolf strugged just long enough to retrieve my trident and take the beast's head off with it. Meanwhile, Zac had been fighting the other mutt, doing his best. It managed to bite him once, causing a deep wound. I got my trident and took to Zac's side. In less than I minute we had killed the last one. I then turned my attention to Zac, trying to help him the best I could.

Part Seven: The Little "Get-Together"- Zac Taylor's POV

Rivv and I had made our way up near some old ruins and we had recieved a parachute that carried the medicine we so badly needed. A little while later we heard Lucius come over the intercom.  "Tributes, a gather has been arranged for you. There will be a feast at the Cornicopia. Seven of you remain. Therefore, there will be seven packages awaiting all of you, with your District numbers to them. Inside will be an item that will be useful to you. Good luck tributes." After hearing this Rivv and I rose to our feet and began to make our way to the Cornicopia.

A good two hours later we finally neared the Cornicopia. We entered the area, weapons drawn, ready to brawl. Rivv was up against my back and we got closer. I saw a clear view of the table. Only one was gone. Toby's was. Figuring we were alright I less cautiously went up to the table and snatched our bags. Just as I was about to turn, I felt an arrow wizz by me. I lifted my head to see it wasn't an arrow, but a thin spear made from a stick. I turned just in time to watch one of them impale Rivv's stomach. Boom! I went into shock for a moment and then whipped around and let my sword loose, swinging it into Dek's side. He fell down and I took his package from his hand and turned to run. Boom!

Once I was far enough I opened all three packages. In mine was a cream no dobut for the deep wound. In Rivv's was some sort of poison. It freaked me out, wondering what it would have been for if she had lived. I opened Dek's and inside it was a small blowdart gun. After looking at the poison and then the gun, I got an idea. A few hours later I had collected a few small sticks and made them into tiny darts. I finished them off by dipping them into the poison, creating a deadly weapon. Once I was satisfied, I returned to the cornicopia to find Spruce had come for hers and only Blade's and Seedie's remained. I didn't dare to show myself so I laid low, waiting for someone to approach one of the packages. After a rough half hour, I saw movement near the other side. Toby and Blade came quickly towards the table. I lifted my gun, only to feel the cold blade of a knife on my neck. I turned my head slightly to see Seedie smiling. She snatched the gun from my hands and let one of the darts into my back. Everything was dark in a matter of seconds and I was out. Boom!

Part Eight: The Conculsion- Blade Spectrus' POV

Toby and I had ran into Seedie while she was about to get her bag. So we made a truce to try and kill off Spruce or Zac and then split our ways. So after we had killed Zac with our plan we all went our own ways, even Toby and I. I was now off near the Cornicopia waiting for someone to kill. I knew I should have killed them both given the chance, but something had stopped me. I had my spear in one hand and Zac's sword in my other. I knew both Toby and Seedie were close, but had no idea where Spruce was. I knew she had snuck in and grabbed her bag at some point. But beyond that, I didn't know much. I felt a constant tingling down my spine, a rush of fear and excitement. I knew I could easily go home, but I could easily be killed. After getting bored, I quickened my pace, looking for a better hiding spot around the Cornicopia. I was about to climb up into one of the trees on the outskirts of the Cornicopia area when a dark when zipping past my face. I turned my head to see Seedie loading anothe rdart. She yelled, "Sorry! But I am going home!" I jumped down from the part of the tree I had began to climb and then turned to throw the spear. I hesitated for just a moment, long enough for Seedie to shoot another dart. I dived just in time. I lunged the spear as I fell and it hit the ground just behind her. I lifted my self from the ground and prepared to fight with the sword. I charged her, swinging the sword randomly, not knowing how to properly use it. She shot a dart and it hit my leg, I felt a searing pain, but ignored it. I slashed the sword to the left, making a perfect cut, taking off Seedie's entire left arm. She screamed in pain and fell to the floor twitching around in pain. I watched for a few moments, then drove the sword through her head in mercy. Boom! I quickly ran off so I any near by tributes wouldn't find me there.  As I was running off towards the jungle, I turned my head to see if anyone was behind me and ran right into Toby. We both fell to the ground. When I got back up I saw Toby had a knife in his hand. I held my sword, ready to swing. Toby gave me a sad, almost sorry look, then charged. I went to swing my sword, but he ducked, then struck my arm, causing the sword to fall out of my arm. I closed my as as Toby lifted his hand to strike me with the knife. I opened my eyes when I heard a thud, then a moan of pain from Toby. He had an axe in his chest. Boom! I turned and saw Spruce behind me, holding another axe. I dove for my sword just as she threw the as, sending it whirling towards me. I picked up my sword and stood, ready to fight. Spruce took one last axe from her belt, ready to fight me. I looked her deep into the eyes, willing my body forwards. I swung my sword, but she deflected it with her axe. She gave the axe a slash, missing my waist by inches. I went to swing the sword, but was thrown off balance, giving Spruce just enough time to put an axe into my chest. I coughed up blood and everything faded to darkness. Boom!

Part Nine: I'm Going Home!-Spruce McKelly's POV

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The victor of the 21st Annual Hunger Games!"

I fell to my knees. Even though I had become victorious, I felt defeated. So many lives lost in this cruel "game." A few by my own hand. The true terror of being a victor finally hit me. I had one, but I had lost. The images would never be unseared from my head. This would haunt me for life. But, I really had done it. I'm going home! 

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