Weclome to the 22nd Annual Hunger Games. All rules as previously stated. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Tribute Form

Reservations last two days. Maximum of three tributes









Possible Alliances:

Sponsoring And Advice

If your tributes need something, post what they need and why I should give it.

Just post advice for your tribute.

Arena/Arena Wear

The arena remains the same. There will be an actual arenas from now on. Just imagine the other is still here.

22nd Outfit

Both outfits have insulation on the inside to contain heat and have a silver inside to radiate heat.


Tribute District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknessess Allies Owner
Adrian Fabergé 1 M 16 Javelin, Scyth Determenation, Strong, Quiet Anti Social, Concentration, Heights Careers TDR97
Leila Lorki 1 F 18 Dagger, Knife, Bow Agile Smart, Strong Small, Speed Careers Rowanflight
Flippy Twinmind 2 M 17 Dagger, Explosives Training Mental Problems N/A Mistfire333
Lorena Bobbitt 2 F 18 Knife, Dagger, Bow Fast, Agile, Strong Small, Setting traps Careers Rowanflight
Kevin Potter 3 M 16 Wire, Knives Smart, Agile, Swimming Trust, Hiding,  N/A ~ilovepeeta~
Lolly Carnation 3 F 14 Electrical Traps, Coil, Wire Speed, Intelligence, Stealth Physical Strength, Bad Immune System  N/A Madgeical
Calder Dalit 4 M 18 Trident, Bow Big, Strong, Hand-to-hand Speed, Climbing Careers Rowanflight
Sharpe Cindre 4 F 12 Spears and Swords Fast, Small Small, Paranoid Cindre Alliance Tehblakdeath
Harris Jon 5 M 17 Spear, Mace, Sword,  Athletic, Strong Swimming, Running, N/A  ~ilovepeeta~
Pinkamena Diane Pie 5 F 14 Sickle, Knife Quiet, Convincing Picky, Mental Issues N/A Mistfire333
Train McBridge 6 M 15 Blowgun, Poison Smart, Clever, Fast Emotionaly Unstable, Trust, Swimming N/A TheFireJay
Toyota Amati 6 F 15 Sword, Posion Speed, Flexibility,  Strength, Swimming Female Alliance LivesInDistrict1
Ograssu Crasser 7 M 16 Sword Smart, Strong, Not Afraid to kill. Anti Social, Slow in mind, Swimming N/A TDR97
Jennifer Woods 7 F 18 Axe Strong, Smart, Looks Hiding, Making traps, swimming Anti Careers TheFireJay
Fabren Ti 8 M 17 Blowgun Plant ID, Speed Insect ID, Brute force Cindre Alliance Tehblakdeath
Chakra Fatalis 8 F 17 Dagger and Scythe Hand to Hand combat, Strength, Climbing, Stamina Speed, Swimming, Survival Skills Female Alliance District3
Jarcus Pollish 9 M 16 Skythe, Sickle Hiding, Camoflauge Swimming, Strength, Running N/A Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Kali Duskholm 9 F 16 Poison, Explosives Aim, Intelligence, Willpower Killing Directly, Strength Unknown Madgeical
Kwartz Diodin 10 M 12 Scythe, Axe Athletic, Climbing, Smart Swimming, Quiet N/A Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Missy Teagle 10 F 14 Throwing Knifes, Toxic Blowgun  Intelligence, Stealth, Climbing, Camouflage Strength, Allying, Close-Combat N/A Madgeical
Panthern Argrios 11 M 14 Chain Trap Hunting, Swimming, Smart Climbing, Running District Partner XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Greta Maverick 11 F 13 "Meat Hook", Machete Smart, Climbing, Running Insane, Swimming, Relys on others. District Partner XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Ark Cindre 12 M 12 Knive, Needles, Hands, Swords Strong, Fast Charming Swimming, Climbing Cindre Alliance TehOnlyUmbreon
Hannah Bladekiss 12 F 15 Chained Sickles, Dagger, Sword Expirienced, Nimble Mental Issues, Unsocial N/A Mistfire333



No Alliance

Female Alliance

Anti Careers

Cindre Alliance

District 11 Alliance

Adrian Fabergé(D1) Flippy Twinmind(D2) Toyota Amati(D6) Jennifer Woods(D7) Sharpe Cindre(D4) Panthern Argrios(D11)
Leila Lorki(D1) Kevin Potter(D3) Chakra Fatalis(D8) Fabren Ti(D8) Ark Cindre(D12) Greta Maverick(D11)
Lorena Bobbitt(D2) Lolly Carnation(D3) Hannah Bladekiss(D12) Kwartz Diodin(D10) - -
Calder Dalit(D4) Harris Jon(D5) Kali Duskholm(D9) - - -
- Pinkamena Diane Pie(D5) - - - -
- Train McBridge(D6) - - - -
- Ograssu Crasser(D7) - - - -
- Jarcus Pollish(D9) - - - -
- Missy Teagle(D10) - - - -

Training Scores

Congratulations to Calder Dalit with the highest score of 10.

The lowest scoring tribute was Pathern Argrios with a score of 2.

District Male Name Male Score Female Name Female Score
1 Adrian Fabergé 9 Leila Lorki 8
2 Flippy Twinmind 8 Lorena Bobbitt 9
3 Kevin Potter 7 Lolly Carnation 5
4 Calder Dalit 10 Sharpe Cindre 7
5 Harris Jon 5 Pinkamena Diane Pie 6
6 Train McBridge 7 Toyota Amati 4
7 Ograssu Crasser 5 Jennifer Woods 8
8 Fabren Ti 6 Chakra Fatalis 3
9 Jarcus Pollish 7 Kali Duskholm 6
10 Kwartz Diodin 4 Missy Teagle 7
11 Panthern Argrios 2 Greta Maverick 9
12 Ark Cindre 5 Hannah Bladekiss 6

Tribute Placing

Placing District Tribute Name Cause of Death Day Killed Killed By
24 2 Flippy Twinmind Decapitated 1 Adrian Fabergé
23 6 Toyota Amati Arrow through heart 1 Lorena Bobbitt
22 4 Sharpe Cindre Arrow through throat 1 Lorena Bobbitt
21 3 Lolly Carnation Knife to throat 1 Ark Cindre
20 6 Train McBridge Trident Wounds 1 Calder Dalit
19 9 Jarcus Pollish Axe to back 1 Jennifer Woods
18 5 Harris Jon Skythe injury 1 Kwartz Diodin
17 7 Ograssu Crasser Dagger to chest. 1 Lorena Bobbitt
16 11 Panthern Argrios Eaten 2 Polar Bears
15 12 Ark Cindre Froze to death 4 N/A
14 7 Missy Teagle Repeatedly stabbed 4 Kwartz Diodin
13 2 Lorena Bobbitt Froze/drowned 6 Accidentaly by Calder Dalit
12 3 Kevin Potter Arrow to neck 7 Leila Lorki
11 8 Chakra Fatalis Trident wound to chest 7 Calder Dalit
10 8 Fabren Ti Frostbite 8 N/A
9 10 Kwartz Diodin Poisoned in sleep 8 Kali Duskholm
Congrats To The Final  Eight Tributes!
8 12 Hannah Bladekiss Drowned 8 Adrian Fabergé
7 1 Leila Lorki Stabbed 9 Greta Maverick
6 5 Pinkamena Diane Pie Trident to heart 9 Calder Dalit
5 1 Adrian Fabergé Axe to head 9 Jennifer Woods
4 7 Jennifer Woods Strangled 10 Calder Dalit
3 9 Kali Duskholm Starvation 11 N/A
2 4 Calder Dalit Stab wounds 13 Greta Maverick


11 Greta Maverick

The Games

Part One- The Blood Bath: Lorena Bobbitt's POV

My stylist buttoned on my jacket and I took one last long breath. Whatever happened in their, my life was changed forever. I stepped up onto the plate, and shut my eyes tight. I felt the plate begin to rise and I instantly felt the chill. Once I stopped moving, I opened my eyes. We were in an frosty field, with an icy, sloshy river to the west, and an ice sheet to the east. Off in the south, I could see ocean. Who knows what lay off in the north. I positioned myself, ready to spring off my plate as soon as the gong sounded. Lucius Numeris was reaching the final 10 countdown and I took one long, deep breath. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Gong! I flew like the wind off ofthe silve rplate, straight towards a silver bow. Leila came up behind me and grabbed a large hiking pack and slung it over her. I had just enough time to stand and get to see Adrian, still mad about Filppy's denial to join the tributes, decapitate him. Boom! Adrian wiped the blood from his face as the cannon sounded. I turned to shoot an arrow at Greta and Panthern, as they ran off with a huge hiking pack like Leila's and a knife each. My arrow missed by a short distance. That didn't stop me. I turned and put an arrow into Toyota's heart as the girl reached for a pack. Boom! Her other allies ran off as fast as they could. While I reached for a dagger, Calder fought with Sharpe, his District partner. They fough evenly matched so I decided to help out and put an arrow in Sharpe. She dropped as the arrow pierced her throat. Boom! Ark yelled something, most likely a swear word, and threw a knife at me. It missed and found a mark in Lolly, the girl from 3. Boom! She had been behind me and I hadn't noticed. Calder was already back on the brawl, aiming his trident at Train. He let it fly and it killed Train with ease. Boom! Jennifer, the leader of the Anti Careers, put an axe through Jaruc's back. Boom! Harris, from 5, recieved a death blow by Kwarts with his skythe. Boom! Lorena laughed as she killed Ograssu with her dagger by slamming into his chest. Boom! By now, most of the tributes were either lying dead on the ground, or had already escaped the blood bath. I was surprised at the low number of blood bath deaths, but just shrugged my shoulders. Calder was already packing more things into his bags and Leila was doing the same. I turned to join them and reached down for a knife. Now we just needed to find a camp. 

Part Two- Finding A Camp: Panthern Argrios' POV

After hiking through the snow for hours and nearly getting frost bite, we had found a frost covered jungle. I knew we couldn't stay here, as we needed to find a warmer place. There had to be one, otherwise, all of the triutes would die of hypothermia. Greta was getting agitated and annoyed of the cold. In our pack we had found a pair of gloves, a scarf, blanket, some matches, an empty water bottle, and two sticks of dried beef. We each had a knife, so we were pretty well set. Now if we could just find a warmer, safer place to set up a camp and start a fire.


After some time of hiking through the frozen, chilled jungle, Greta and I were cold to the point we couldn't move anymore. We were now getting close to the sound of rushing water. After a few more minutes of hiking, we began to see a huge waterfall, that ran with the river. Deciding to go check it out, we kept on towards the large falls. upon reaching them, even though the glacial, frigid water was numbing, we drank from the water. After we had enough, we rose back to our feet and looked around for anything that may provide more warmth and some shelter. After talking to Greta, we decided that I would venture off one way and she would the other. I went a ways before I found what seemed to be a hole in the mountain side. I looked around, trying to find an easy access pathway. The "hole" seemed to be more of a cave, so I was dying to get inside and see if we could camp there. After searching with my eyes for a moment, I found an almost too perfect climbing path. I reached out and began my ascend. I climbed smoothly up the side, behind the water fall. I landed on my feet gently and looked around. During the day, there was more than enough light to illuminate the cave. I took a few steps, discovering why I had gotten up here so easily. It was a trap. Three huge white beasts with tons of fur and huge paws were awaiting a meal. And they had just found it. They instantly came to their monstrous feet, growling. They ran full speed towards me and I had no choice but to jump. I turned to jump just as one of the white beasts swiped it's massive paw at me, throwing me into the side of the cave. I felt ribs crack and let out a wail of pain. I had once last glance at the world before I was eaten by the huge animals. Boom! 

Part Three- Making an Alliance: Jennifer Wood's POV

Four days after the blood bath, I had only two other allies. Originally it had been just Kwartz and I. But the day before we had picked up Fabren, making our alliance go to three. I knew if we were to eliminate the careers we would need atleast two, maybe three, more allies. At the current moment, we were all huddled together in an ice cave, trying to stay warm. Boom! The cannon made us all jump. We turned, but no one came towards our cave. Between the three of us, we had a wool blanket, a box of matches, and an empty sack. We also had a knife and a dagger. We had caught a couple snow hares and managed to cook them the day before with some wood from the jungle. Luckily, a portion of the river wasn't ice, but water, so we had been able to drink, though almost freezing our fingers off in the process. We had been like this for hours, trying to stay warm. I knew we had to move, and atleast try to make a fire before we all froze to death. I nudged Fabren and Kwartz with my hands. "Get up. We need to make a fire, or atleast move around." We all rose to our feet and packed away the blanket into the sack, along with the matches. I carried the dagger, and Kwartz held the knife at his side. I went to the motuh of the cave, checked our surroundings, then motioned for the other two to join me. We set off, back towards the river.

Part Four- Problems: No POV

After a blackout of cameras for an entire week and no access to the arena, the Captiol finally got acess and fixed the problems, finding only two tributes remained. They discovered the camera's recorded it, but would not transmit the feed. They were able to release info on the deaths, and a few clips, but that was all they were able to do. Now, with only two remaining, the suspense builds. 

Part Five- The Hunt: Calder Dalit and Greta Maverick's POVs


Two days into just me and some other tribute, the girl from 11, I was now growing bored. I am sure the Game Makers and the Capitol were also. I carried my trident in one hand, had my pack, with dwindling supplies in it, over my shoulder, and in my other hand I carried my long knife. There was no way this girl was gonna live.


I had been hiding out on the glacier for days, managing a small fire each night with the wood I had in my pack and my matches. I was dehydrated and holding on to the few bits of heat left in my body. If Calder was to spring up on me, I would die for sure. I knew it would take a miracle for me to survive. With just my knife, I knew Calder would easily take my life. I set off anyways, with the feeling this "game" would end today.


After hours of scouting, I was not freezing and exauhsted. I needed to find the girl soon or things would begin to start looking bad for me. I had left the jungle and most of the supplies they other Careers and I had. I knew she had to be off in the south region of the arena. I cut across the river and found my way into the tundra portion of the arena. I was about to rest, when out in the far distance, I saw her. I took off like a mad man. It was time for her to die.


Cold, alone, and now true starvation and thirst had set it. I knew I was going to die. Then I saw Calder running towards me and knew the end was near. I gripped my knife, deciding I wasn't dying without a fight. I would make sure to take a finger, or maybe an ear with me. Memories of my hard-lived life flashed through my head as Calder came over the final hill, less than 200 yards away. I took in a crisp, cool, long breath and prepared for my imminent death. 


I sped up as I got close enough to see the girl's full figure. I was now very excited and could taste victory. I could already see the images of my family and wondered what they would say when I saw them again. I felt a rush of excitement as I prepared to kill this girl. I began to laugh as I felt a searing pain in my lower stomach. I looked down, seeing a knife hilt sticking out of my stomach. The girl stood 10 yards away, looking shocked. I ripped the knife out and set my trident down. I looked at her, blood gushing from the wound. "I am going to kill you with this knife." Blood flew from my mouth as I spoke. I coughed once and my energy draining. The snowy ground was now stained red with my blood. I yelled and lept forward for the girl. She moved to one side like lightning and I fell, impaling my own chest with the knife. I could feel my life slipping away and yelled a few curse words at her as I died. Boom!


I felt the knife fly from my hands and watched as it hit Caler right above his privates. He ripped it out and threw his own weapon down. I yelled something at me but I was too out of it to know what he said. He coughed up blood and then wiped it from his mouth. He came running at me with my own knife. I instinctly jumped out of the way and watched as he fell on the knife, stabbing himself in the chest. He yelled a few cuss words and then his cannon went off. The first thing I did was eat some of his food from his pack. I was starving and couldn't wait for the hover craft. The announcer announced my victory and the hovercraft appeared. The rope ladder fell down and I climbed up, ready to leave this nightmare.

Congradulations to Greta Maverick and her mentor XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX for a victory.

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