Some events may be repeated from chapter to chapter, but only because it is from a different characters POV. Also just let me remind you almost ALL events will happen differently than in the novel.

Part 1: The Failed Plan

(From the POV of Beetee)

After sending Katniss and Johanna off with the wire, I began to double check that all of the wires were in their proper place and that the plan would go accordingly. I was patiently, ready for the true plan to begin. All seemed to be going well as Finnick and Peeta guarded me. Then the wire snapped and slunk back. Instantly Finnick panicked and ran off, leaving me with Peeta. I quickly grabbed the snapped wire and wrapped it around the head of the spear I had. I heard some running and Peeta ran off. I heard more footsteps and turned to see Enobaria behind me. She raised her arm to throw a knife and I flinched, only to hear a body fall to the ground and a cannon sound. I looked up to see Chaff standing there, standing over Enobaria’s dead body, spear through her neck. A scream that sounded like it came from Johanna sounded and he took off again. Then the clock sounded and I hurriedly grabbed the spear with the wire attached. I waited to the very last second before it struck and raised my arm to throw it into the force field. I realized I was a half second too late as several thousand watts of electricity surged though me and up to my very last breath I felt the pain. Then it all faded and I heard the cannon. My cannon. Then darkness. Just darkness.

Part 2: Panic

(From the POV of Peeta)

As I collided with a panicked Chaff, I fell to the forest floor, but jumped quickly back to my feet to strike. Once I realized who it was and noticed his gold ring, I knew he was not an enemy. Yet. He informed me Enobaria was dead, and he had just lost track of Brutus. I heard Finnick yell for Johanna somewhere off in the distance and knew I HAD to find Katniss. Chaff and I ran off into the direction of the lighting tree. Upon arrival, we found a dead Beetee, zapped by his own wire and spear. There was a loud yell, almost like a war cry, and Brutus emerged from the trees. Chaff and I went on the defense, but with no prevail. Chaff took a sword blow to the chest to protect me and fell to the ground, bleeding immensely. I had no time to react as Brutus went after me quickly. I stumbled backwards, only to have Brutus fall on me. At first I was confused, then saw an arrow protruding from his heart, then the sound of a cannon. A worried Katniss ran up to me, bear hugging me as she helped me up. She cried and I noticed a large wound in her arm. She quickly explained what happened and together we determined that it was only Finnick, Johanna, Katniss and I. We decided it was best to not trust them and try and get away, possibly to an entirely different section. The plan had failed, and we had to figure out something.

Part 3: The Standoff

(From the POV of Finnick)

“Johanna!” I yelled, waiting for a response. My worst fear was that one of the past three cannons was her. She was the only one besides Chaff and Beetee who actually knew what was going on. I knew she was vital to the rest of the plan, unless Katniss hadn’t been killed, then this had all been for nothing.  I took a deep breath, ready to yell out again, then I heard her respond. “Finnick!?” I ran like hell in the direction of her voice, colliding with her down by the shore. After a few moments of both of us calming down, I asked her if she knew what had happened to Katniss and she said the last time she saw her, she was lying on the ground, passed out. We took off in the direction of where they had been when Johanna cut Katniss’ tracker out, hoping Katniss was still alive. Upon arrival all we saw was the coil of wire. The coil didn’t matter much now, considering the lightning had passed, and the arena wasn't exploding into pieces, so obviously Beetee’s plan had failed. I turned to call for Beetee when I saw his body lying on the ground. I ran up to him, feeling for a pulse. Nothing. He was gone. I stood back up, standing quietly. Johanna came closer to me and crouched down. I followed suite and we stayed there, kneeling, while we quietly decided what to do. We had to be quiet enough the microphones in the arena wouldn't hear us, but loud enough the Gamemakers and Snow wouldn't be suspicious.
We ultimately decided we had to try and find Peeta and Katniss, assuming Chaff was the third cannon. We had to be careful how we went about it considering Katniss probably felt like Johanna had been trying to kill her. And considering that also brought up the issue of Katniss’ tracker. It wouldn’t be long till the Gamemakers discovered it was inactive and Plutarch would then only be able to buy us so much time.
So Johanna and I quickly got up and began searching the area for the two, but did so carefully just in case they were indeed hostile. After only 10 minutes of careful searching I heard Johanna fall so I turned around only to see she hadn’t fell. Katniss was on top of her with a knife to her neck. Peeta was nowhere in sight.
“Came any closer and she dies.” Was all Katniss said when she looked up at me. “Katniss don’t. Remember who your true enemy is. Not Johanna. Not me.”
Katniss had a look of disgust as she spoke. “Oh really? Then why in the hell did she try killing me?!”
I wanted to be able to tell her what had really happened but I knew I couldn’t in fear of what could happen. I only hoped I could stall long enough for Plutarch to break us out. “Katniss, you don’t understand… I…”
“Finnick don’t. I’m sorry, but I have to make sure Peeta lives.” As the last word left her mouth she raised her knife. Out of instinct I jumped at her. She and I tumbled and I got off of her. Peeta came running through the bushes and tackled me. He began to reach for my neck but stopped, dead in his tracks. I turned around, staring at Johanna in horror as the cannon went off. Her axe was impaled in Peeta’s back. All she said was, “He wasn’t part of the deal.” And had only just enough time to finish her sentence before an arrow went through her heart. I whipped my head back around as Johanna’s cannon sounded. Tears streaming down her face, Katniss held the dead body of Peeta in her hand.
“He loved me and I never had the chance to love him back.” was all she was able to choke out before a huge monkey jumped from the tree tops, crushing her.
“Katniss no!” was the last thing I remember saying as the cannon sounded. Everything else was a blur after that. The announcement of my victory, the hovercraft ride home, the celebrations, all of it. Even the questioning by President Snow. I was still able though to feed him believable lies.

“No, I’m not part of a rebellion.

“No, there was no plan.”

“I don’t know if the Head Gamemaker is a rebel.”

And so on. That didn’t save Plutarch Heavensbee from being treated to a firing squad, or the eventually discovery and defeat of District 13. Every celebration District after District, and even as I watched the short but deadly war on television, all I could think about was Katniss being crushed. I had failed the people of Panem. And I would live with that for the rest of my life. Only the sweet face of Annie could help me tell myself it was all worth it. And I was further convicted it was worth it after our marriage and then the birth of our child. But it all began to come back as the next Hunger Games arrived. President Snow had made sure to inform all of us that the next Games WOULD include the newly “enslaved” District 13 and would be even more deadly. I was sure he would make me be a huge part of it, not to mention I would have to mentor the new tributes. I would forever be haunted by the dying faces of my fellow victors. But especially Mags, Katniss, and the strong, brave, dying face of Johanna. I only hoped I could wake up one day to find it had all been an awful nightmare and the 75th Hunger Games had been a different “twist.” 

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