I have returned! I don't know if this will be permanant. But to celebrate, I am doing a Games!

Hope it's good & you guys like it!

Backstory: In an alternate universe where the tributes never escaped the 75th Games, Katniss dies, and Finnick emerges as the ultimate victor, Snow still lives. It has been 5 years since the 75th Games, and in an effort to kill out the remaining rebels and put things back in order, the games were halted. But now that things are back in Snow's control, he is re-establishing the Hunger Games. He released a message to the Districts, which now include 13. 

"People of Panem, in the hard fought battle for peace and order, many lives have been lost. But now that happiness reigns again, the Games will be re-established. The first Games in this new slew of Games shall be known as "The New Games" and be especially... exciting. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Tribute Form

Reservations last two days. Maximum of three tributes per user.


You MUST use this template to join.

No stupid weaknessess and/or strenghts. Being colored blind, scared, crazy, etc. is NOT a weakness/strength. Good examples are: Running, Swimming, Climbing, Hiding, height, etc.

On the backstory, keep it short, like 100 words. 








Possible Alliances:

Personality/Short backstory:


Please frequently post advice for your tributes! If you go inactive, the tribute will die.

ALSO: Watch for me commenting, I will have you post what they do in private and group training as well as other things.


Area Description
Cornucopia It is the average cornucopia. It has weapons laying all around it with the 26 plates spaced equally around. The golden center is the cornucopia, the area around it, and the tribute plates.
Rainforest It is a deep rainforest filled with trees and plenty of water. The downside? Some of the water sources are poisoned. On the far end of the jungle region, there is a large jungle "treehouse." It is a perfect escape from the jungle beasts and mutated plants. If you survive long enough to get there, you will be rewarded with a few gifts.
Meadow It is a lush green meadow with a lake lying right in the center. The water is clean. Mutinous birds and bugs hide in some of the hills, so be careful.
Forest The forest provides plenty of cover and has a couple clean water streams running through it. Deer, Bear, and Wolf mutts reside within the trees.
Winter The winter region is home to a few mountains and plenty of pine trees for cover. A frozen waterfall lies in plain sight. But don't break the ice... There is a cave to hide in, if you don't die of hypothermia first.


Tribute District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknessess Owner
Lustre Taz D1 M 17 Knives, spear Skilled with weaponry, accurate, speedy Weak in left arm, swimming, being alone Tehblakdeath
Nichole Histoch D1 F 16 Spear, Axe, Sword Swimming, hand combat, hunting Holding breath, often has nightmares about her past Biel1458
Billy Davis D2 M 16 Sword, Throwing knives Swimming, Strength Speed, Climbing, Hiding MyWorld
Thalia Combe D2 F 16 Long bow, throwing knives Seduction, Strength, and Accuracy Short temper, swimming, and being stabbed NommyZambies
Clint Teckno D3 M 15 Spears, Electrical Wires, Traps Survival Skills, trap making, knowledge of technoology Swimming, Paranoia, Climbing YourFavoriteSalmon
Fay Fiora D3 F 13 Bow, Dagger, Sword Fast, Hiding, Accuracy Strength, Survival Skills, Smarts Pippycat
Harvey Free D4 M 14 N/A Stealth, Strength Depression, Possible loosing of control Harvey The Hunter
Paulette Cerulean D4 F 16 Longbow, flail Range, weaponry, swimming Survival, speed, intelligence Yoonie
Textil Archeus D5 M 15 Throwing knives, Hammer Agility, speed, strength Endurance, trying to kill (on purpose), reflexes Tehblakdeath
Evee Darkbloom D5 F 17 N/A Quick, agile, acrobatic,  Physical contact, up-close fighting Nommyzambies
Zavier Nemesis D6 M 14 Sword, Bow Desperation, cunning, strength Weak, climbing, swimming Yoonie
Stacy Sidrat D6 F 18 Wire, Machete,  Navigation, running, wire skills,  Swimming, over thinking MissRandomStuff
Jayson Huff D7 M 17 Axe, hatchet Strong, can take quite a lot of damage Slow, not so smart Nlby001
Autumn Breakdown D7 F 18 Bow Running, Strength, Protectiveness Fishing, throwing knives Biel1458
Casper Ware D8 M 17 Throwing Knives, Axe Fast, Good Swimmer Weak, Bad Climber MyWorld
Jeanna Loomis D8 F 14 Spear, Throwing Knives Close combat, Speed, Manipulation Strength, Aim, Overly Violent Pippycat
Elias Angerrage D9 M 14 Axe, Sword, Throwing Axe Strength, Dodging attacks Arrogant, climbing YourFavoriteSalmon
Ember Willows D9 F 13 Throwing knives, spear, sickle Fast, intelligent, strong Clumsy, climbing, swimming Pippycat
Marlon Lander D10 M 12 Scythe, Bow Strength, agility, charm Speed, weaponry, mutts Yoonie
Bell Fladgate D10 F 18 Clubs, mace Survival skills, strength Swimming, alliances, running Ladysi
Martin Fleshtooth D11 M 14 Teeth, Claws Resists pain, strong, speedy Cannibalistic, Blindess in one eye, quick to attack Tehblakdeath
Lissa Pontcharian D11 F 18 Sword, Sickle, Knife Sword combat, throwing knives, swimming Fishing, camouflage, making a fire without matches Biel1458
Fredrick Osilum D12 M 12 Bow, Wire, Net Climbing, Running, using poisons, swimming, hunting Young Jameseverdeen
Robin Smoke D12 F 12 Slingshot, throwing axe Smart, running, hiding Size, swimming, friend making Ladysi
Thomas Lank
M 14 Spear, Sword, Throwing Knives Accuracy, Strength, Speed Climbing, Knowledge, Swimming MissRandomStuff
Willow Katrine
F 14 Wire, Poison, Axe Speed, Technology, Stealth Swimming, Strength, Gullible MissRandomStuff



Leader Of Alliance

Anti Careers
No Alliance
The United Gals
Thalia Combe(1) Lissa Pontcharian(11)

Nichole Histoch(2) ​         Moved         

Ember Willows(9) 
Billy Davis(2) Casper Ware(8) Stacy Sidrat(6) Jeanna Loomis(8)
Harvey Free(4) Marlon Lander(10) Elias Angerrage(9) Fay Fiora(3)
Lustre Taz(1) Textil Archeus(5) Jayson Huff(7) Autumn Breakdown(7)
Paulette Cerulean(4) Evee Darkbloom(5) Fredrick Osilum(12) Bell Fladgate(10)
Clint Teckno(3) Thomas Lank(13) Martin Fleshtooth(11) Robin Smoke(12)
- Willow Katrine(13) Zavier Nemesis(6) Nichole Histoch(2)
- - - -

Training Scores

Congradulations to Paulette Cerulean from District 4 for getting the highest score.

The lowest score was Fredrick Osilum with a 1. 

The surprising scores go to the District 10 tributes for both getting 9's.

District Male Name Male Score Female Name Female Score
1 Lustre Taz 8 Thalia Combe 9
2 Billy Davis 6 Nichole Histoch 8
3 Clint Teckno 7 Fay Fiora 3
4 Harvey Free 8 Paulette Cerulean 11
5 Textil Archeus 5 Evee Darkbloom 6
6 Zavier Nemesis 6 Stacy Sidrat 4
7 Jayson Huff 6 Autumn Breakdown 5
8 Casper Ware 4 Jeanna Loomis 5
9 Elias Angerrage 6 Ember WIllows 7
10 Marlon Lander 9 Bell Fladgate 9
11 Martin Fleshtooth 4 Lissa Pontcharian 10
12 Fredrick Osilum 1 Robin Smoke 2
13 Thomas Lank 3 Willow Katrine 7

Tribute Placing

Placing District Tribute Name Cause of Death Day Killed Killed By
26 12 Frederick Osilum Speared 1 Thomas Lank
25 3 Fay Fiora Struck with axe 1 Casper Ware
24 6 Stacy Sidrat Stabbed in heart 1 Harvey Free
23 7 Jayson Huff Speared in the neck 1 Lustre Taz
22 13 Willow Katrine Cut open with sword 1 Billy Davis
21 2 Billy Davis Speared through stomach 1 Thomas Lank
20 6 Zavier Nemisis Dagger to neck 1 Thalia Combe
19 8 Jeanna Loomis Blown up 2 N/A
18 11 Martin Fleshtooth Stung to death 2 Nichole Histoch
17 9 Elias Angerrage Trident to chest 2 Harvey Free
16 4 Paulette Cerulean Slit throat 5 Lissa Pontcharian
15 3 Clint Teckno Shot with bow 5 Marlon Lander
14 10 Marlon Lander Throwing knife in heart 5 Thalia Combe
13 8 Casper Ware Spear through back 5 Lustre Taz
12 5 Eevee Darkbloom Knife to neck 6 Autumn Breakdown
11 5 Textil Archeus Spear through chest 6 Ember Willows
10 10 Bell Fladgate Stabbed in temple 6 Thomas Lank
9 9 Ember Willows  Spear in heart 6 Thomas Lank
PanemFlag The Final Eight Tributes PanemFlag
8 2 Nichole Histoch Crushed by gryffin mutt 7 N/A
7 1 Lustre Taz Axe to head 7 Robin Smoke
6 12 Robin Smoke Decapitated 7 Thaliia Combe
5 7 Autumn Breakdown Torn apart by wolf mutt 7 N/A
4 4  Havrey Free Knife to chest 7 Thomas Lank
3 11 Lissa Pontcharian Stabbed in heart 7 Thalia Combe
2 1 Thalia Combe  Spear through heart 7 Thomas Lank


Thomas Lank

The Games

The Blood Bath -  Thomas Lank's POV (District 13)

As I enter my launch tube, a million thoughts run across my mind. The most dominant thought being that he wouldn't let this being District 13's first games, get in his way. In fact, he planned to use it to the advantage. All of the sponsors would be paying extra attention and all of the other tributes would be underestimating him. I could hear the seconds counting away and before I knew it I was rising into the arena. I looked out around me, see the District 1 male to my left and my ally Casper from 8 to my right. The timer above the large Cornucopia counted down, a voice counting with it. I looked around at my surroundings, seeing a meadow behind the Cornucopia in front of me, a huge forest behind me, and I thought I saw snow to my right and I couldn't tell what was to my far left. As the clock ticked down the seconds, I took a couple seconds to compose myself and get ready to leap into action. I would be the first new generation victor, I knew I could do it. GONG. It came as a surprise, but I jumped quickly off my plate, reaching the cornucopia only seconds after the boy from 12. I reacted quickly. A spear sat on a rack right close to me and I used it to make the first kill of the Games. The boy, I think Frederick was his name, dropped. Boom! I turned to grab a knife and the girl from 3, Fay, ran up behind me, ready to strike. I would have died, had Casper, my fellow anti-career, not struck her down with an axe he had picked up. Boom! I let out a sigh of relief and turned back around. The rest of the girls allied with Fay got some supplies from the outer edge of the tribute plates and they ran off towards the forest. The Careers had been busy, grabbing weapons and killing the girl from 6 and then I saw the leader, Lustre, kill the boy from 7, who had just picked up an axe. Their two cannons went off. Boom! Boom! I turned to look for Willow, and after I couldn't find her I began to panic. Then I saw her. Laying in the grass near a bag. No one was near her and I hadn't heard a cannon so I knew she hadn't died. Maybe she's faking. I hope she's faking.  I thought as I ran towards her. I nearly began to cry as I saw the wound. She was cut open and her intestines were falling out. I ran up to her and had just enough time to hear her say my name one last time before her eyes glassed over and her cannon sounded. Boom! I always knew we both couldn't win, but I was supposed to die. Not you! In my sadness and sudden thoughts of suicide, I felt a sudden urge. I got to my feet, knowing death wasn't an option. I had to win. Win for her. I turned around to see my allies and the Careers had gotten into a fight. Then I saw him. The male from 1, Billy I think, was holding a sword. The only one that had been placed in the cornucopia. Willow's wound could’ve only been cause by a sword. I would kill him. I shook the thought away and ran up to assist my allies. I picked up the spear from where I had left it and walked around behind Billy and Lissa, watching them fight for a moment. I took my chance as Lissa backed up. I watched as the spear flew from my hand, impaling the Career right through the stomach. He dropped and the cannon fired. Boom! This stopped the fighting temporarily and Lissa took the chance to lead our alliance away. As I ran off from the Cornucopia I reached down and grabbed a bag and another knife. I looked up, noticing Lissa was leading us towards the part of the arena I hadn't seen. I had survived the blood bath. Which was more than at least 6 tributes could say. And I knew I had missed at least 1 or 2 while I was with Willow. But I had survived.

Alone -  Nichole Histoch's POV (District 2)

As I ran from the Cornucopia, I heard cannon after cannon. I stopped for a breath of air, tired from my excessive running. I looked around at my surroundings, seeing a lake to my far left and snowy mountains and trees to my far right. I was in a large meadow that contained hills and some bushes and flowers. I knelt down to examine what was in the bagged I had taken from the Cornucopia. I had taken a couple axes as well. in the bad was a jacket, a bag that contained an assortment of dried fruit and nuts, an empty bottle, a pair of socks, a few matches, a rope, and lastly a sleeping bag. This bag had been tailored for the winter section of the arena. I was willing to take my chances and put on the extra socks and the jacket. I put the nuts and berries in my jacket pocket along with the matches, tied the rope around my waste and tied the bottle on to it. I had a plan for the bag, but it would have to wait for me to find what I needed. Before I headed over to the winter area, I went searching among the bushes and hills. After an hour or so of silent searching, I found what I wanted. I carefully threw the bag over the tracker jacker next that had been in a bush and squeezed it shut and ran off. A few of the stray mutations came after me and I got a single sting to my wrist, but I was overall okay. I swiftly zipped the bag and left it laying in the meadow. I may not be allied with the Careers, but I was still a Career. And I intended to survive.

Hours later I had made my way into the snowy land and found my way around the mountains into some trees. I was able to find a smaller cave than the huge one I had seen earlier before and I decided to make a camp there. I found a smaller tree, not much more than a sappling, and chopped it with the axe I had. Damn, I could be an axeman for District 7. I thought as I dragged the tree to my cave and chopped it into pieces. Luckily, I had closely studied fire making in training and I was able to start a small fire. I hoped the mountains would either conceal the smoke, or ward off anyone who saw it. I went along and used the rope to set up a couple traps, hoping to catch a snow hare, or possibly a deer. By the time I had finished setting the trap it was dark and the Fallen began to play in the sky. First the boy from 12, then the girl from 3, the girl from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 13, and I almost stopped breathing as I saw Billy in the sky. I had never liked him much, but he was strong, and I figured he would've lasted longer. He was followed by the boy from 6 and then the anthem closed it out. 7 dead the first day. Oddly low for usual, save for the last games, considering it was all victors. I didn't really care, because I was alive. And that was all that mattered.

Girls... - Robin Smoke's POV (District 12)

After spending just one night in the forest, I was already ready to leave. We'd been attacked by a rabid bear mutt and two weird deer type mutts. They had provided a good dinner (the deer that is) and kept us alert for the rest of the night. I had been able to get my hands an a set of two throwing axes and a backpack with a sleeping bag and matches inside. The other girls had all gotten at least a weapon. Bell had snagged a bag with a tent and Autumn had grabbed a small yellow bag with some dried fruit, an empty bottle, and a small coil of wire. It wasn't a whole lot, but we'd been well fed with the deer mutts and we had survive, well, all except Fay. I wasn't one to be a "preppy" girl and I didn't really care to talk about boys, but all the other girls wouldn't shut up about who likes who and what cute boys life in there District. I had just sat there up in a tree most  of that night while they talked. Now that I was a new day, I had suggested we move on and Bell agreed, stating the meadow looked like a good place and we could see if anyone was at the Cornucopia and if not, scavenge what was left. As we repacked the tent and the rest of the left over meat and supplies, we headed quickly and quietly towards the Cornucopia. As we neared the forest tree line, we could only make out the Cornucopia and some of the few items left scattered around it. Bell slowly led us cautiously towards the giant horn and once we got in closer distance, we could tell no one was there. We all slowly let out a breath of relief and went to search among the left over items. Remembering a few Games back, I checked all of the plates, except two that had been out of my sight, and seeing no mines had been dug up. Figuring everything was okay, I went among my business. As I stood back up straight after picking up a bloody axe, I heard an explosion. Boom! Jeanna was obliterated, blown into a tleast a hundred pieces. i heard one of the other girls let out a gasp. One of the two plates I hadn't checked had been dug up. And someone had wired it using a coil of wire to explode if someone touched the bag the wire was attached to. Bell gave no time to mourn and we were quickly on our way to the meadow. We made good time and reached the meadow in less than 20 minutes. We crept up the side next to the snowy area. After about 5 minutes of walking, we heard a screaming noise. We ran towards it, but doing so cautiously. We got close enough to see a male tribute running swatting at at least a hundred tracker jackers. Nearby a bag was open, and inside was a large hive. After another minute or so of running, the boy was on the ground, covered head to toe in huge lumps. The tracker jackers had moved on and left the boy to die. I went ahead of the other girls and approached the boy. Getting a better look I recognized the grotesque body as the male from District 11. A few seconds past and the Boom! of the cannon sounded. I turned to walk back to the others and caught a glimpse of something in the sky. It was smoke. I motioned to the other girls and we huddled as Bell and I constructed a plan to possible ambush the tribute or tributes who had lit the fire. We evaluated the new gear we had taken from the Cornucopia and found a jacket, two pairs of socks, a knife, some more dried fruit, and a spile, something I had recognized from the 75th games. We agreed to let Autumn and Ember have the jackets and we cut the toes out of one pair of the socks and Bell slide them on her arms. I wrapped the sleeping bag I had around me like a cloak and we went on to the mountains. 

After nearly a good 8 hours of hiking, fighting off a large bear, maneuvering the rocks, and walking through the trees, we had just about made it to the source of the smoke. Along the way we had  found a few traps, some sprung, some still waiting for a victim. There was a single set of footprints, giving us the hopeful hint there was only one tribute to kill. The cave that the smoke was pouring out of could be seen a good distance away. We came up with a plan that two of us would each take a side of the cave. We slowly inched closer and closer, all of us anxious to see what would be waiting. Then Ember tripped and a shuffle was heard inside the cave. Then from our hiding place in the trees, I could see a single girl, the girl from 2, standing, spear in hand and a dagger tied to her waist. She yelled for us to come out and for some reason, we all did. She saw who it was and knew she was out numbered. "Before you go attacking me, how about an alliance. I'm a career, just not allied with them. You could use someone like me." Then her and Bell went back and forth for a few minutes and then we all agreed to ally with each other. We decided to stay put in the cave with Nichole and we remained there, eating the rest of the meat while Nichole and Autumn checked Nichole's traps. We had another ally.

Just Another Day - Harvey Free's POV (District 4)

Hours after finding out Clint's mine trapped had worked, it was now dark and the Fallen were playing in the sky. Only 3 on the second day. First the girl from 8, then the psycho from 11, and lastly, the boy from 9, whom I had personally killed less than an hour ago. As the anthem faded out and the sky over the jungle went dark, we all took our places in our little clearing. In the morning we would be trying to find a way over to the huge house in the trees we had saw. It was sure to contain something worth while. As I took to my sleeping back while Thalia and Lustre took guard, I thought about my last kill. Would it be worth it in the end? I had to make it worth it.

Three days had passed with no action and I was sure the game makers were annoyed and wanted some action my only hope was that we made something happen before they did.

I woke to the sound of a cannon and sat up quickly, on alert. I turned my head to see the girl from 11, Lissa was her name I think, running off. Paulette, who was in the bag next to me, laid dead with a slit throat. The other careers, who had been on guard, were gone. I stood up, angry and confused. I moved my District partner's body away to be collected and then returned to camp, waiting to see if the others would return. I remained on my guard, just in case there was another attack, or if the Careers had returned and wanted me dead. After waiting for a half hour or so, I heard a cannon, and then another. It had woke me up and I was now ready to strike at any given moment. After waiting five minutes and not hearing or seeing anything, I was more at ease, but still pretty well alert. 

About an hour later a bloody and wounded Lustre, stumbled into the clearing of our camp. Thalia followed him, only having a few scratches. I ran up to Lustre, helping him sit down while Thalia and I dressed his wounds, the only major one being on his chest. A long and somewhat thick sword slash was across his chest. After getting him cleaned up explaining what happened to Paulette, Thalia explained how they had saw a fire and went to check it out, only to be ambushed by the anti careers and losing Clint in the process. Thalia had killed the boy from 10, almost directly after he had shot down Clint with a bow. And then Lustre got in a kill just before Thomas, from 13, slashed his chest. They had only been able to escape because Lissa showed up and ordered the Anti's to retreat. After telling me the events, Thalia sat quiet, knowing I was angry. I yelled at her asking why they had left me being with Paulette, which had probably caused not only Paulette's death, but Clint's as well. She calmly explained that they had waken Paulette up to guard the camp and that she mustv'e fell asleep. I didn't know if she was lying or not, but I really had no choice but to believe her and hope it wasn't a mistake.

Another Day, Another Death - Autumn Breakdown's POV (District 7)

Four days had passed with no action for us and we were all getting tense an bored, as were the Gamemakers I figured. We had been careful to not make huge fires and only light them when we absolutely needed to for food and warmth at night. Bell and Nichole had been watching each other like hawks, still somewhat untrusting of each other. Meanwhile, all the rest of us did was patrol around the cave, collect from the traps and sleep. At the moment I was on one of the boring but neccisary patrols, alert, but still thinking about winning. Death wasn't an option. I snapped back from my fantasy when I heard something moving among the trees. I swiftly crouched down and got behind a couple shrub bushes. I peeked over the bushes, seeing other tributes. I counted 4 of them, but couldn't see their faces to figure out who they were. I slowly moved farther away and once I was far enough to stand, I turned and ran. When I reached our cave I warned the other of what I had saw and we quickly began to back up our things. Bell walked into the cave, back from patrolling the other side and freaked out, asking, "What in the hell are you guys doing?!" I quickly explained the situation and she processed it all for a moment. Then she told us all to unpack and when we questioned her, she quickly defended. "There were 4 of them. We have 5 decent fighters. We can cut down the numbers here if we do this carefully." After several minutes of debate and more careful planning, we left behind all of our stuff, save for our weapons and headed off to the area I had spotted the tributes, but making a wide arch instead of going straight to the area so we didn't run straight into them. 5 minutes into our "walk" we finally heard them. We carefully positioned ourselves on either side of the path the tributes were walking down and waited. But instead of being surprised and falling into our ambush, the other tributes, who turned out to be the Anti Careers, were prepared and we ended up in the middle of a life threatening fight. I was locked in a knife fight with the girl from 5. Luckily, she was as bad with a knife as I was and I was able to dodge most of her swipes. I finally hit flesh and she dropped, taking my knife, which I had impaled in her neck, with her. Boom! Her District partner instantly came after me and I received a deep cut to the leg from a mace. He went to take a send swing but was stopped mid swing as a spear protruded from his chest. Boom! Ember had saved my left. Boom! Hearing the sound of another cannon, I frantically looked around, looking for the victim. Bell was laying on the ground, her eyes already glazed over, with a throwing knife embedded into her temple. Ember frantically went after the boy from 13 who had thrown the knife. I looked away to see if Nichole needed any help. Her and the girl from 11 were locking in an intense sword battle neither giving any ground to the other. Meanwhile, Robin had joined in on the fight with the boy from 13, but was too late. He struck Ember in the heart with his spear and she fell like a rock. Boom! Robin lifted her axe to end the boy's life just as the girl from 11, who mustv'e been their leader, yelled to retreat. Robin missed her mark and chopped down into the dirt. The two ran off back towards the forest. We removed what we could still use from Bell and Ember's bodies and moved away to let the hovercraft take their bodies. As we walked back to camp, I realized I had made the final 8.

The Zoo - Thalia Combe's POV (District 1)

Harvey, Lustre, and I woke to the sound of Claudius Templesmith calling out, "Attention Tributes. The message I am about to give is a game changer. There will be a... game... at the Cornucopia. Attendance is mandatory. Report to the Cornucopia as soon as you can. may the odds be ever in your favor."

We hurriedly grabbed our weapons and carefully left the safety of our jungle tree house. Two days before we had stumbled upon it after running from some ape mutts and climbed into to survive. We had been able to relax since then eating the food left inside by the Gamemakers and applying medicine to our wounds sent to us by sponsors. As we climbed down we carefully examined the area around for any dangers. The forest was silent. Apparently the Gamemakers wanted us there fast. When the three of us slowly and carefully walked up, we realized we were the last ones to arrive. As soon as we reached the Cornucopia the ground began to shake. A huge wall came out of the ground enclosing the clearing around the Cornucopia. The President Snow's voice came on the intercom. "In 60 seconds 30 different mutts will be released into the arena. We like to call this collection 'The Zoo.' The walls will not come down and the beasts will not stop fighting until either they are all dead, or only 4 of you live. I would just like to remind you that you are NEVER safe. We have the power to do as we please. We feed you, take care of you, and are even kind enough to let one of you live. Remember that. 30 seconds remain till the muttations are released. Enjoy."

As soon as his voice vanished, a 30 second countdown, like the one at the blood bath, appeared on the countdown clock.

I turned to look at Harvey and Lustre right as Lissa, the girl from 11, yelled, "Everyone wait! Let's all make an alliance to just kill these stupid things and get this over with."

I looked at my two allies and both nodded their heads. I nodded to Lissa in agreement, as did the other group of allies, who all had odd looks on their faces. Something told me not to trust them. 

By the time we had all made an agreement, the timer was down to 5. I watched the final seconds count down and as it reached zero, I grabbed the hilt of my sword. A rumbling came from the Cornucopia and a tunnel opened up, releasing the army of mutts. Monkeys, deer, strange cat looking things, and even small things like a couple strange squirrels and several other kinds of mutts. Harvey, Lustre, and I formed a triangle, with our backs facing the inside. I cut down the first mutt that leaped at me, a vicious beast that resembled a tiger. All around the walled circle beasts attacked the final 8 tributes. Beast after beast was cut down, proving that truly only the best tributes had survived so far. The group of girls were offing mutt after mutt. The girl from 7 put her axe in the head of a deer muttation. Robin, from 12, chopped down a mutt like it was slicing through air. Arrows shot down the smaller mutts. Meanwhile Lustre and Harvey were doing their fair share of work, killing mutt after mutt while we bought back to back. I was surprised at how easy these mutts were being defeated. Then I heard a loud screech and saw a large thing flying around in the sky. It looked like a lion, but had large eagle wings and talons for feet. I watched, horrified as it snatched the only career not in the career pack, Nichole from 2, off the ground at took off into the sky. She fought back but had no chance as it crushed her with it's sharp talons. Boom! An arrow flew at the beast and stuck, but it only made the mutt more angry. It dropped her lifeless body and circled around, ready for another dive. At that very moment the final 7 of us all forgot we were competing for our lives. We were no longer tributes fighting to kill each other, but 7 people fighting together to survive. We formed a tight circle, backs facing inward, chopping down mutts as they came close. As the large beast came flying towards us, we became a single being, working together. Together Lissa and her ally kept the animal occupied and the other 5 of us flanked it on  either side ready to kill. We took the beast down, leaving a few mutts left. We turned to fight, but as we did, we were reminded again that we were NOT friends and 6 of us had to die. Robin, the girl from 12, let her axe fly, killing Lustre with no hesitation. Boom! I quickly removed her head from her body with my sword. Boom! That ended our "alliance" and we all continued to fight the mutts separately. I lifted my sword to strike down a large bear muttation as a cannon sounded. Boom! Autumn, the girl from 7, was laying dead, a wolf mutt tearing apart the body he had just taken down. The walls instantly retreated into the ground and Harvey and I went as fast as we could into the meadow. Only four of us left. Two careers, and two anti careers. I am so close to going home. I must go home.

Almost Home - Lissa Pontcharian's POV (District 11)

Thomas and I ran from the chaos at the Cornucopia as soon as the walls dropped. I had watched the two Careers take off for the meadow, so we had decided to take refuge in the forest while we came up with a plan. Thomas was uninjured, save for a few cuts and a bite on his leg from a rabbit mutt. Yes, rabbit mutt. We both washed off in a small pond we had made camp by and then began to create a plan of action.

I still didn't know what I'd do when it came down to the two of us. Hopefully I could just slip out in the night or maybe he'd die in battle with the careers.

But if our plan worked right, there wouldn't be any fighting. If all went as planned, we would slip in when the sun went down and watch the the best we could from a distance and then sneak into their camp while they slept and kill them in their sleep. It would require exactly perfect stealth and swiftness, or else things could go bad. 

While we waited for the sun to set, we hunted, bringing down some birds and a squirrel. We ate the meat and some nuts we had gotten from a tree. On the second day of the Games we had determined they were safe when our whole alliance had ate some and none of us had died from the poison. By the time we had finished our meal, we still had a couple of hours to spare so we wandered the woods closest to the edge of the forest, watching and waiting. 

Finally, as the sun had began to set, I began to get nervous. Will the plan work? What happens if it doesn't? What happens if it does and I'm stuck having to kill Thomas? Will I survive if things go wrong?

I kept thinking over every part of plan and after 10 minutes of evaluating each part and finding no problems, I had decided to just forget about it and stop worrying. Right as we got ready to leave for our "mission" a paracute fell from the sky. It didn't carry a beeping pod, but a box. II caught it and opened the box. This was our only gift we had receive and from the looks of it, it had used up ALL of our sponsor money. Inside was two sets of goggles. Night vision goggles to be exact. I gave Thomas a pair and put the other ones on. It was just barely dark so we didn't quite need them yet, but once it was time to carry out the last and hardest part of the plan, they would come to great use. I did one last check, making sure we had everything we needed, and then we set off for the meadow. 

About halfway to the careers camp, I heard something odd behind me and looked at Thomas, who was already looking at me. "Ya, I heard it too." I looked behind us down the path we had taken but saw nothing. I gripped my sword knife and walked back, looking through the bushes. I went to pull back some branches of a small tree and the girl from 1, Thalia, leaped out at me. Her ally went after Thomas as practically sat on top of me. "How stupid do you think I am? We went through the meadow and waited about 30 minutes. We cut around making a huge circle and have been stalking you ever since. Easy, like tracking down babies." As she talked, I slowly reached for my knife, and then all in one motion I flipped out from under her and got back on my feet. She got back to her feet and we stood, staring each other in the eyes, waiting for someone to make the first move. She finally grew tired of waiting and lunged at me with her knife in hand. I moved to the left and swung my knife, missing my an inch. We went back and forth for a while, ignoring the two boys, until I finally landed a heavy blow to her side. Boom! I pulled my knife out, ready to watch her dead body hit the dirt. But instead of falling, she swung her knife, hitting me square in the chest. I hit the ground fast and the last thing I saw before I let go of life was Thomas walking away from the boy career's body. The cannon had been his. I took a final breath and looked into Thomas' sad eyes as I died. Boom!

The End - Thomas Lank's POV (District 13)

I watched Lissa's eyes close, and as I did, I remembered being with Willow as she passed. Something inside me broke, and I could feel all hell about to break loose. I looked at the girl from 1, Thalia, anger burning inside me with the heat of a thousand suns. She was stronger, old, more equipped to fight, and overall, had better chances at survival. And I didn't give a single damn. I put my knife back in it's sheath and pulled my spear from its place on my back. Blood already poured from the wound given to her by Lissa. All I had to do was outlast her. I had to. I had to for Willow, for Lissa, for all my other dead allies, for my family, for every single person  back home in 13. To prove to Snow we could hold our own and that District 13 was worth something. Within a matter of seconds, without any thought to it, I reared back my throwing arm, and let the spear glide. Straight into Thalia's heart. Boom! The cannon sounded before she had time to hit the ground.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your victor for the 76th Annual Hunger Games."

Everything after that was a blur right up to my extra special victor's ceremony. I was crowned as usual by President Snow, and then presented with a Victor's medal, given to me by Finnick Odair, whom I tied with as the youngest victor ever. I had an annoyingly long interview with Snow, Caesar, and Finnick, which was followed up with an extravagant party at Snow's mansion where I met ALL of the surviving 34 victors who had been brought together by Snow to make the whole thing "extra memorable". I met Finnick's wife, Annie, and their son. I met victors I had never heard of and some I had heard a ton about. The heavy drinker and 12's only surviving victor, Haymitch was one of them. His only words were, "Good luck kid. The easy part's over." But through all of it as the night drug on, my mind kept driftng back to the dying face of Willow, and the dead body of Lissa. I wasn't a winner. I had merely survived. A part of me forever lived in that arena. 

Congratulations to MissRandomStuff and Thomas Lank for the win. I have to say this has been my favorite Games too write and I hope you all enjoyed!

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