This will follow the same plot as the New Games, so 13 is included. All regular rules apply and I hope you all enjoy these. Please no negativity, and may the odds blah blah blah.


  1. Maximum of three tributes per user.
  2. Reservations last one day.
  3. No stupid weaknessess and/or strenghts. 
  4. Being colored blind, scared, crazy, etc. is NOT a weakness/strength. 
  5. Good examples are: Running, Swimming, Climbing, Hiding, height, etc.
  6. No unnecessary comments or rudeness. 
  7. But constructive criticism and ideas for improvement and welcomed.
  8. No fighting with others in the comments.
  9. It's the Hunger Games, 25 people are gonna die, get over it if you lose.
  10. Remember, you entered my Games, these are my rules, and you shall abide by them.
  11. Please comment #baconbitsisthetits in the comments to show you read this.

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Lemme explain it real quick.

So basically, the Game Makers got tired of designing the arena after a specific biome and decided to do the 4 basic ones, based off the elements. Each of the four quadrants is reflected on one of them. 

Earth Air  Water Fire Corncuopia
The Earth Sector has a large forest on the side that mirrors the dome and Cornucopia. There are several large stones throught this sector as well as the ground being dirt with some grassy hills. Over on the sliver of Earth there is a lone pine tree. Wonder why... The Air Sector is all meadow with just grass. It's very windy and has constant storms along with a nice tornado to top things off. The Water Sector is home to two islands. One is more of an iceburg and the other has a huge oak tree with some rocky hills. This is also the only source of water, and luckily, the water is fresh water. The Fire Sector is made up of lava rock. That is the ground they walk on, the rocks are all lava rocks, and most importantly, the volcano. It erupts at random and its lava spews fast. This sector is very hot and humid.   The Cornucopia and its clearing is covered by dome. That dome will not fall until 10 tributes die, making for an extra bloody bloodbath. The Cornucopia is full of the usual items and the area inside the dome is all short grass. Once the dome falls, tributes are free to leave.

Arena inspired by


Tribute District Gender Age Weapon(s) Strengths Weaknessess Allies Owner
Adrian Fabergé D1 M 16 Javelin, Skythe Determination, Strength, No Fear of Killing Anti-social, Lack of concentration None TDR97
Nina Blossom D1 F 16 Mace Strength, Trustworthy Careless, Impulsive, Not Smart Bryony Fawn Misytmolla
Sebastian Hive D2 M 18 Butcher Knife, Hurlbat Strength Speed Careers Nommehzombies
Analisa Latimer D2 F 18 Katana, Shriken, Nunchucks Use of Weapons, Speed, Hand To Hand Stealth, Noticable Careers Summer bee 13
Damian Byte D3 M 14 Electricity, Chain & Hook, Blowgun and Darts Hotwiring, Speed, Smart, strategizing, Finding food, Hiding, Traps Public speaking, making friends/alliances, Stress, Strength None TDR97
Bryony Fawn D3 F 17 Knife Smart, Speed, Agility Afraid to hurt someone, Timid Nina Blossom Misytmolla
Isaac Blade D4 M 16 Trident, Sword, Scythe Strength, Running, Weapon Skills Intelligence, Survival Skills, Clumsiness Anti- Careers Pippycat
Avery Hollis D4 F 15 Bow, Knife, Trident Climbing, Survival Skills, Swimming, Running Over Protective, Guilt Issues Careers Meoryou
Rickson Fledge D5 M 12 Knife Stealth, Survival Instincts Swimming, Strength, Running District Partner FinnickIsMyHero
Mack Stephens D5 F 14 Long Knife Swimming, Climbing Planning, Hand to Hand Combat, Hunting District Partner FinnickIsMyHero
Clyde Hart D6 M 15 Mace Swimming, Combat Climbing, Fire Making District 6 Meoryou
Mercy Bell D6 F 15 Twin Swords Hiding, Hearing Has a Limp, Swimming District 6 Meoryou
Terrence Birch D7 M 16 Throwing Ax, Ax, Battle Ax, Knife Axe Skills, Shelter Making, Survival Skills Hiding Skills, Hates Underground, Roughness None YourFavoriteSalmon
Isabella Jacobs D7 F 17 Axe, Bow Quick, Plant ID Swimming, Clumsy, Sleeps A lot TBA Kalebj777
Saibi Deller D8 M 12 Throwing Axe, Throwing Knives, Sword Strong, Skilled, Fast Short, Skinny, Isn't Trustworthy Anti-Careers Theoryofthelifeofdoom
Ainsley Silverbead D8 F 16 Machete, Sword, Javelin Agility, Strength,  Kindness, Swimming Anti-Careers Summer bee 13
Jamie Flip D9 M 15 Knives Pain Resistance, Stealth, Running Swimming, Thinking Ahead, Clumsiness TBA Blue-Ribbonz
Scarlet Rosanne Burn D9 F 15 Spear, Traps, Bow Smart, Manipulative, Likeable Stealth, Swimming, Climbing Burns Alliance Pippycat
Maroon Cutter D10 M 15 Throwing Knives, Knives Accuracy, Speed, Stealth, Agility, Climbing Swimming, Strength, Stamina None Nommehzombies
Sarah Tulipe D10 F 14 Rocks, Sticks, Axe Animal knowledge, Climbing, Speed Small, Swimming, Resistance to Cold Anti- Careers YourFavoriteSalmon
Gregory Delom D11 M 17 Sickle, Scythe, Bow Strength Swimming Anti- Careers AwesomeDude123
Robyn Burn D11 F 16 Crossbow, Sickle Tree-Climbing, Agile, Good Aim Strength, Hand To Hand, Stubborn Burn Alliance Summer bee 13
Peter Vaughan D12 M 15 Bow, Spear, Bare Hands Fishing, Bow Skills, Strength Climbing, Hiding, Limited Weaponry None YourFavoriteSalmon
Allium Arcson D12 F 17 Knife Reaction Skills, Quick, Hiding, Camoflauge, Intellegent Strength, Fears the Wild,  TBA Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Quarin Maicen D13seal M 16 Twin Swords, Throwing Axe, Spear Weaponry, Swimming, Smart Overly Trusting, Agility District 13 Blissfully Mine
Sydney Zaelia D13seal F 15 Bow, Large Switch Blade Flexablity, Accuracy, Strength Too attentive, Swimming District 13 Blissfully Mine




District 13

District 5

District 6 1 & 3 Alliance Burns Alliance

No Alliance

Sebastian Hive (2) Isaac Blade (4) Quarin Maicen (13) Rickson Fledge (5) Clyde Hart (6) Nina Blossom (1) Scarlet Rosanne Burn (9) Adrian Fabergé (1)
Analisa Latimer (2) Saibi Deller (8) Sydney Zaelia (13) Mack Stephens (5) Mercy Bell (6) Bryony Fawn (3)

Robyn Burn (11)  Moved

Damian Byte (3)
Avery Hollis (4) Ainsley Silverbead (8) - - - Robyn Burn (11) - Terrence Birch (7)
 Isabella Jacobs (7) Sarah Tulipe (10) - - - - - Maroon Cutter (10)
- Gregory Delom (11) - - - - -

Peter Vaughan (12)

- - - - - - - Allium Arcson (12)
- - - - - - - Jamie Flip (9)

Training Scores

District Male Name Male Score Female Name Female Score
1 Adrian Fabergé 7 Nina Blossom 8
2 Sebastian Hive 10 Analisa Latimer 9
3 Damian Byte 4 Bryony Fawn 6
4 Isaac Blade 9 Avery Hollis 9
5 Rickson Fledge 6 Mack Stephens 7
6 Clyde Hart 5 Mercy Bell 7
7 Terrence Birch 6 Isabella Jacobs 6
8 Saibi Deller 5 Ainsley Silverbead 11
9 Jamie Flip 2 Scarlet Rosanne Burn 3
10 Maroon Cutter 6 Sarah Tulipe 4
11 Gregory Delom 7 Robyn Burn 6
12 Peter Vaughan 5 Allium Arcson 8
13 Quarin Maicen 7 Sydney Zaelia 4

Tribute Placing

Placing District Tribute Name Cause of Death Day Killed Killed By
26 12 Peter Vaughan Forcefield 1 N/A
25 8 Saibi Deller Beheaded 1 Sebastian Hive
24 9 Scarlet Rosanne Burn Forcefield 1 N/A
23 1 Adrian Fabergé  Trident through chest 1 Isaac Blade
22 5 Mack Stephens Backstabbed (literally) 1 Rickson Fledge
21 5 Rickson Fledge Snapped Neck 1 Sebastian Hive
20 2 Analisa Latimer Beheaded 1 Ainsley Silverbead
19 11 Gregory Delom  Knife to neck 1 Maroon Cutter
18 7 Maroon Cutter Axe to chest 1 Sarah Tulipe
17 6 Clyde Hart Axe to heart 1 Terrance Birch
The Capitol Seal The Top Sixteen Tributes The Capitol Seal


Mercy Bell Sword through chest 2 Sebastian Hive
15 13 Sydney Zaelia  Struck by lightning 3 N/A
14 3 Bryony Fawn Stabbed to death 3 Sebastian Hive
13 11 Robyn Burn Beheaded 3 Sebastian Hive
12 1 Nina Blossom Dismembered 3 Sebastian Hive
11 2 Sebastian Hive Knife to heart 8 Allium Arcson
10 7 Isabella Jacobs Multiple Wounds 9 Isaac Blade
9 9 Jamie Flip Trident to chest 9 Isaac Blade
PanemFlag The Final Eight Tributes PanemFlag
8 3 Damian Byte Burned/shot with arrow 9 Partially Avery Hollis
7 4 Avery Hollis Burned to death 9 N/A
6 10 Sarah Tulipe Bled to death, mauled by gryffin mutt. 9 Gryffin mutt
5 12 Allium Arcson Froze to death 9 N/A
4 7 Terrence Birch Smashed by tree 10 N/A
3 13 Quarin Maicen Mauled by wolves. 10 N/A


4 Isaac Blade 10


8 Ainsley Silverbead 10

The Games

The Games Begin - Robyn Burn's  POV (District 11)

I waved a final good bye to my stylist, Bellona, as my tube rose from the Launch Room. I emerged into a grassy circular area, the boy from 1 on my right, and the girl from 3 on my left. The cornucopia was the standard black metal style and was filled to the brim.

My thoughts were interrupted by a voice beginning the countdown. I watched it countdown on a timer above the cornucopia. I gave a deep breath as it hit 10, calming my nerves. I looked around the circle of tributes, finally seeing my ally, Scarlet. We gave each other a nod of acknowledgement. Get only what we needed, and run. At the timer ticked down to 4, I could feel a rush of fear, running through my body. I pushed it away, determined to at least survive the bloodbath.

My eyes sifted through the contents of the cornucopia, trying to find what I wanted. It was a long shot, figuring it was easy to use, but I was still dissapointed no crossbow was in the weapons. Then, as my eyes pulled away, I caught sight of it. It laid on a box, with 10 bolts laying next to it in a sack. It had to be mine.  The timer hit 1, and then the gong sounded. I was easily one of the first tributes off the plates and agilely ran towards the crossbow. I made eye contact with Scarlet as I ran to it, knowing she'd be upset. She was grabbing a bag as I looked away. In a run that felt like a mile, I finally reached the weapon. My hands had enough time to touch it before the male from 4 came at me. I turned and ran as fast as I could, escaping the tribute's wrath. I ran over to Scarlet to see what she got as a cannon went off. Boom!

"Where should we go?" I asked, letting her take the lead. "I think the trees are the best idea." I nodded in agreement and we took a dash for the trees. Boom! She took the lead, running straight for the trees. That's when she hit the forcefield and flew back. I saw the panels readjusting and realized what was going on. The cornucopia was surrounded by a forcefield. As I realized this, Scarlet's cannon went off. Boom! I was now alone.

Survivng the Lock In - Isaac Blade's POV (District 4)

When the second tribute hit the forcefield, it all became clear. No one was leaving the cornucopia just yet. At the moment that didn't bother me, as I was the leader of a fairly strong alliance and I knew we could hold off the careers. Saibi had been killed by a career, but the rest of alliance had gather on the rear side of the Cornucopia. As Ainsley came up to join us, one of the loners came up behind, trying to stab her. I put my trident through his chest. Boom! He dropped and Ainsley joined our cirlce. A couple more cannons sounded, as we planned. Boom! Boom!

Together Sarah and I snuck around the left side of the cornucopia while Ainsley and Gregory took the right. The view in front of me really captured it all. Several tributes, understanding the "cage" we were in, did their best to avoid the other tributes. All of the duo alliances had paired up and were defending each other while collecting supplies. The careers had backed up into the cornucopia, using it to guard their backs and a majority of the weapons were also being guarded by them. Minus the ones my allies and I had snagged. We created a plan to ambush them in the cornucopia and take it over. Four on four were odds I could live with. Especially when my allies were surprisingly skilled. I gave the signal and we went in for the attack. I took on the strongest, the male from 2, while Ainsley went after his partner. Sarah and Gregory took on the other two, the female from 7 and my district partner. We made eye contact for a brief second and I knew she felt betrayed. That one second was long enough for me to be distrated while Sebastian planted a punch to my stomach. I double over for a moment, but then came up swinging. I heard a cannon and then a head hit the ground. Boom! Ainsley's sword had removed the girl from 2's. head. My district partner, Avery, was now cornered by Ainsley and Greg. I was too distracted by the event and Sebastian used his huge knife to slice my hand. At first, i thought I had only felt a cut. I gave him a swift kick the the front of the knees, sending him falling over backwards. He scrambled to his feet and him and his other two allies escaped. At first, I had wondered what had distracted my allies enough to let the other two escape. Then Greg told me. "Ummm... Isaac, your hand." My left hand was now missing my middle and ring fingers. Seeing the wound and all of the blood, I fell to my knees, my vision blurry. I heard someone run up and then a stabbing sound. A cannon. Boom! A slicing of an axe. Then another cannon. Boom! And that was when I passed out.

Decisions... - Terrence Birch's POV (District 7)

   As my axe ended the life of the boy from 6, the dome keeping us in the cornucopia area sparked and shattered, letting us all free. The boy tribute's partner left his dead body and ran. I instantly made a run for the trees, bringing a bag alone with me. Most of the tributes imediately left, leaving the Cornucopia behind. Only the anti-careers had decided to stay, caring for their wounded leader. I didn't stop to look back until I had reached the tree line. I was pretty sure another tribute had just ran through the tree a little ways down the tree line. I slowed my movement to a walk and kept on until the tree line began to get thinner. I eventually broke through to a hilly area. I went back into the outer line of trees and found a few close together and made a camp inbetween them. Opening the contents of my large red back, I found an ood assortment of items. There was the usual pack of dried nuts and berries, along with an empty water bottle and a sleeping bag, but then the items got strange. A weird mask of some sort, a set of hiking boots, and then lastly was a strange set of goggles. I ignored the unormality of the items and zipped the bag back up, excluding the water bottle. I figured there had to be water somewhere in the forest, even if it was just a little pond or stream. I put my bag up in a tree to hide it and climbed back down the tree. I put my axe in its spot on my belt and went in search for water.

  After sneaking around the forest for a good two hours, I still hadn't found a single drop of water and I was pretty sure I had been going in circles half of the time. I eventually gave up after another half hour of looking and returned to may camp spot. It was now getting dark and The Fallen had begun to play as I set out my sleeping bag. I munched on some of the nuts and berries, figuring I could survive till morning when I could hunt. 

On the Hunt - Sebastian Hive's POV (District 2)

After the remainder of day one, and almost all of day 2, we had finally made our way to the grassy island in the freshwater section of the arena. We had only come across one tribute, thegirl from 6, and even tired, I had taken her out with ease. After walking along the coastline of the sea, we had finally founda place where it was a pretty short distance to swim to the island. We had almost been taken out my a tornado in the process, but it had been worth it. After finally reaching the island, we had unpacked our items, which were unusally low, considering this was one of the first years the careers hadn't had acess to the cornucopia. Between Avery, Isabella, and I, we had two sleeping bags, a large tent, a couple bags of food, our weapons, and three sets of odd goggles. We set up a camp near one of the two large oak trees on the island and began to prep for a "hunt". Ever since the loss of Analisa, I was eager to get my sword bloody. The anti careers would pay. The only thing stopping me from just absolutly annihilating all of their alliance, was the fact I had to pace it all out. I knew they would be my biggest enemy, but I had to focus on taking it cautiously, due to the fact they had a career leading them. I would finish what I had started with Isaac.

After a good nights sleep, an uneventful second day, and coming up with a game plan, Avery, Isabella, and I readied our weapons. We would bring back the excitement and reduce the tribute numbers. My sword ready, and Avery and Isabella hot on their toes, we slowly waded through the water between the island and main arena. It got as deep as our breasts, but it was better than swimming. In a matter of minutes of walking through the windy section of the arena, we were basically dry. We had ultimately agreed on saving the anti careers for later, so for now, we were just carefully searching. We made our way carefully around the cornucopia and to the forest section, finding nothing after searching around for two hours. We heard a cannon sound once and had to take caution for a little while, but we eventually were at ease again. Boom! After hiking through the plain ole' forest, through a grassy area, we came upon an area made of pure lava rock. The dirt was a red/black color from smashed lava rock, several lava rocks covered the land, and off in the distance, a volcano was super slowly gushing lava. We were now pretty exposed so we had created a triangle formation, doing our best to stay alert. 

That's when three dumb girl tributes tried to ambush us. We were walking around what looked to be a large stack of rocks, which then turned out to be a cave. When Avery found the entrance, we carefully walked around to it, wanting to see inside. Then, as we approached the entrance, three girl tributes emerged, weapons drawn. I took a blow to my chest with a knife, only fueling my rage. I shealthed my sword, reaching for my knife. The girl who had slashed me, stood about 3 feet away with her hands up, ready to defend herself. She still stood no chance as I came swinging with my knife. She recived a stab to the stomach, which caused her to cough up some blood. I didn't hesitate to stab her four more times to the chest, leg, and then the chest again. She was now on her knees, struggling to stay on her feet. I kicked her over and knelt down next to her. 

"Think your clever? Huh? Trying to ambush us?" She had no chance to respond as I stabbed her in her right eye, and the left. I finished it all off with a stab to her heart, listening happily as her cannon sounded. Boom!

While I had been enjoying myself, Avery and Isabella, had just been playing with the other two girls. I ripped one out of a fight with Avery and removed her head with my sword. Her cannon was music to my ears. Boom!

Having no patience to wait for Isabella, I took her axe from her and gave the remaining girl an axe treatment, dismembering her head, arms, and legs. Boom! I quietly handed the axe back to Isabella and motioned for them to follow me as I went on, acting as if none of it had happened.

The Surprise - Allium Arcson's POV (District 12)

"Attention tributes! An announcement is coming to you all the way from the head Game Maker Maximus Thacker himself."

"Thank you all for one of the best Games ever. But sadly, due to the lack of any deaths in 5 days, we are putting together a ... surprise. All remaining tributes are to report to the cornucopia for a ... an interesting activity."

As I grabbed my knife from the stump it had been sitting on, I thought back to my home, knowing I still had a chance to win these Games. I waded my way through the trees, carefully and slowly approaching the cornucopia. A few of the remaining eleven tributes had arrived, waiting for something to happen. They all kept a fair distance from each other, and you could feel the tension in the air. I kept walking towards the cornucopia at my slow and cautious pace until I reached one of the tribute plates. I sat down on it, waiting for the Careers to arrive. A few minutes later, they came strolling up, led by their psychotic leader. 

Upon their arrival, a voice sounded, booming in the arena. "Now that you're all here, lets have some fun shall we?" Looking around, I could see the looks of confusion on most of the tributes faces. One tribute didn't care. The male from two was staring down the anti career's leader, Isaac, who was from District 4. 

"Now, I'm sure you'd all love to know why you're here. Well, the answer is simple. These Games have gone rather inactive. And we can't have that now can we? The answer is no. Just in case you were wondering. Anyways, to get to the point. The shield around the cornucopia is back up. And you can't leave. The rest of these Games will be played out in this domed off area."

And then the voice went silent. What happened next was unexpected. Isaac, the male from 4, dropped his weapon, and then shouted into the sky. 

"No! I won't do it. I'm done! We aren't here for your pleasure. You can't toy with us." The other two tributes in his alliance dropped their weapons, obviously agreeing. Many of the other tributes followed. Except one. Yup, bloody thirst Sebastian refused to give up. He instantly went after Isaac, to finish what he had started. And before I could even register what I was doing, my knife was in Sebastian's heart, and his cannon went off. Boom!

"Sorry, but he was about to ruin something good." I then raised my voice as I continued. "Sent in mutt after mutt, anything you want. We won't stand here, letting you make us kill each other for your pleasure. Do as you please. We could live in here for months."

No response came, but we knew they understood. We wouldn't be killing each other anymore.

The rest of us remaining tributes stood, not knowing what to do. It was quiet for about 5 minutes, then a reply finally came from the Game Makers. 

"Very well. If you wish to play like this, then we shall."

Stalemate - Head Game Maker Maximus Thacker's POV (Capitol)

"They what?" President Snow asked, in a displeased tone.

"They refuse to fight. One was killed but then the rest decided they wouldn't fight each other. I.. I thought putting them back in the cornucopia area would get them to fight, but it didn't. I..."

I was cut off as President Snow interrupted me. "Stop Thacker. You know as well as I do that 9 of them must die. I like you, perhaps more than any of the rest. It would be a shame if your skull ended up next to Seneca Crane's and Plutarch Heavensbee's. Now wouldn't it?"

All I could do was nod. 

"Well, then, you get the idea. I don't  care what it takes. I want them dead. Send in mutts. Make it snow, rain, lightning. Catch the arena on fire, send in an earthqauke. I don't care if you have to do all of those at once. 9 of them must die."

"Sir, you know it isn't that easy. I have an audience to please. They have to kill each other."

"Then make them kill each other."

"I cant make tributes that don't want to fight, fight. I would have to brainwash them."

"Then brainwash them." Snow spoke with an evil tone and had a smirk on his face. "Send in a serum when they are asleep. In the form of a fog. I'm sure they'll leave a couple on guard, so a fog won't alarm them. I don't really care what you do. Make something happen. A third war cannot... will not happen." And with that he left the viewing room. I opened the door opposite the exit and entered the Game Room.  

"Atticus, I need you to make a fog..."

Confusion - Jamie Flip's POV (District 9)

After we had all decided to not fight, not much happened. The Game Makers went silent, and nothing really happened. Everyone became really friendly and everything went relatively smooth for the rest of the day. When the night came, we decided that a few gaurds would be needed, just in case the Game Makers decided to "create" more excitement. I was unluckily chosen as one of the first guards, much to my protest.  As I took my post, the other tributes dug through the cornucopia to find what they could and sort it all out. I found a place to stand near the cornucopia, which was the location the tributes had decided to sleep in, and as I took my posistion, a long, narrow box fell slowly from the sky, beeping as the parachute located us. When it landed, Isaac rushed over and flipped it open. "It's a tent. Someone help me set this up." In less than 10 minutes, the other tributes had the large tent set up. Inside the cornucopia they had found 8 sleeping bags, enough food for about 4 days, and four filled water bottles. That would be the only issue if we went more than 2 days. They had taken all of the weapons they didn't want and stacked them behind the cornucopia out of the way. It was beginning to get dark and me and the other two guards for the first rotation were in our places. The artificial sun finally set and a dim shine from the "moon" began to show. After a good 15 minutes, I got tired of standing and sat down, clutching my knife in my hand. The other two guards, Isaac and Isabella, still stood, looking surprisingly awake. 

A few hours later, I was woken by the sound of a yell. I stood up, alert. I looked over to see Isabella and Isaac fighting. There was an odd moving fog, very slowly approaching the tent. When it hit the tent, nothing happened and it just kept moving. It pushed me back all the way to the dome. When it hit me, I immediatly got a strange headache and fell to my knees. I blinked my eyes a couple times, unable to clear my thoughts. I could see the two other still fighting on the far side of the cornucopia, and still no activity came from the tent. Besides protecting from the cold, it also seemed to have a resistance to the fog. I blinked a few more times and shook my head, and still my thoughts seemed foggy. That's when I felt the need to get on my feet. I could then only think one thing. Isaac and Isabella had to die. The fog was still somewhat in the dome, so it was a little foggy. I slowly made my way towards the two fighting, as a cannon sounded. Boom! Isabella was on the floor. Before I had a chance to react, Isaac was running towards me, trident held high. He was obviously under the same confusion as I. Looking into his eyes, I knew he couldn't control it, just as I couldn't. He easily over took me and I watched as his trident entered my chest. I fell to my knees, watching tears drip from Isaac's face as I breathed my last breath. Boom!

Expiration - Ainsley Silverbead (District 8)

My eyes blinked open as sun shined through the tent. Only Damian was already awake, curled in the corner, just looking around. He seemed freaked out, so I decided to leave him alone. I woke the others and zipped open the tent. What we found outside was petrifying. Jamie and Isabella were no where to be found, while Isaac was on the ground, curled into a ball, shaking vigorously. Alarmed, I ran to him. 

"Isaac, sit up! It's okay! You're okay."

All I got in return was a quiet murmur. I patted his back and sat down next to him. I spoke softly, trying to coax him out of his ball. After a slow 20 minutes, I finally got him to raise his head. His eyes were red and he looked exauhsted. "I didn't mean to. They made me!" Was all he kept saying. We eventually figured out he meant killing Jamie and Isaac. What had happened? He couldn't, or wouldn't, say. He eventually calmed down and now seemed fine, besides his unusual quietness. The others had divided up some food and water, and we had a small breakfast. That's when the fire erupted. We quickly got our food and water, making sure it was secure. Within minutes, the blaze had come from just one corner of the dome, to enclosing in on us quicker every second. 

"Guys, the cornucopia! Go!" I screamed as the fire neared. Immediately all 8 of us began climbing the large metal cornucopia. It had already reached the tent, torching it. It was only a few feet away as we climbed. Damian lost his grip and fell. I reached out to grab him, but it was too late and our fingers just barely touched. He instantly fell into the flames, and was screaming. Avery used her bow to stop him from burning to death. Boom! 

The flames took up the entire dome floor, but weren't growing in height, so we were safe... for now. We all stood in the center of the cornucopia, careful to not suffer the same fate as Damian. After an hour of suffering in the heat, the flames began to die down. Just in time for a twister to enter the dome. It partially mixed with the fire, making it even deadlier. Avery, who was on the outer edge of our huddle, began to be pulled in by the strong, sucking twister. Quarin, who was the closest, grabbed her arm, pulling her back to him. The twister came in closer, pulling stronger. Quarin lost his grip and watched, horrifed, as Avery was sucked into the burning winds. I could hear her screams for a moment, and then her cannon sounded. Boom!

I turned, looking at Isaac as he spoke. "You can keep this on forever! Send in another mind toying fog, fire, tornadoes, rain, hail, WE. DON'T. CARE! You can't make us fight."

No response came, and I assumed the reason was is the Game Makers were busy cooking up something else to attack us with. Isaac seemed to be okay again, but he was still somewhat shooken up by the whole event. He gripped my hand tight as we stood ontop of the cornucopia, and for a moment, the world stood still. I didn't get a chance to take in the moment. A large beast emerged from under the cornucopia, roaring. It resembled a lion, but had the head of a bird and large wings. We hurriedly slid down the opposite side of the cornucopia, weapons in hand. The winged mutt had already taken flight, and was soaring towards us. Isaac held out his hand as to say stop as Terrance went to throw his axe. He waited the beast was no more than a couple yards, and then let his trident fly. It impaled the beast, but only hurt it. It was now in a rage, and flung itself at Sarah. Isaac and I attacked as it mauled Sarah, and it turned on us as Sarah bled to death. Isaac's trident left several wounds on the animal, and I had no trouble giving it Hell with my machete. Together, the mutt couldn't take us. As I fought it with Isaac, the other three had made a circle around Sarah, soothing her as she died. Boom! As her cannon roared, Isaac ended the lion mutt's life but stabbing it through the chest with his trident. We now had no supplies, except for our weapons, food, water, and the meat from this mutt. We'd survive, but we'd need a fire at night. 

The Climax - Terrece Birch's POV (District 7)

As the hovercraft removed the dead tribute's bodies, we searched inside of the cornucopia for anything that may have survived the fire, but found nothing but scorch marks. Not long after, we received another sponsor gift, again for all of us. it was an odd rock about the size of the average head. After hours of tampering with it, we figured out it could burn. Using the one of the unused knives, and a rock, I had lit it, and within minutes, it was burning fiercely. It began to rain shortly after, so we had been lucky we had placed it inside the cornucopia. Using some knives, Isaac and I had cut up the mutt, then cooked the meat. We had eaten well that afternoon, and had some left over for the night... if we made it to the night.

I sat near the mouth of the cornucopia, away from Allium, Isaac, and Ainsley. Ainsley was inspecting the wound on Isaac where he had lost two fingers, while Allium was sitting near the fire next to Quarin, staying warm in the cold weather.  The sun was now setting, and the moon was coming back out. It seemed like it had been ages since I had seen home, and everyday felt like it could be the last. I could see the forest outside the dome, longing to be hiding it its branches. I didn't fully trust any of the others, and I knew when it came down to the final two, only one of us could go home. If I had to, I would do what was needed to go home. 

As we finally got settled down for the night and Allium took post as guard, it began to hail and snow simultaneously. Without the fire, we would've froze to death. And without the tent, we would've been exposed to the fog. After realizing those things, that was when it hit me. The Game Makers had sent the sponsor items to us to make for good television, making it seem as if our mentors were working together, tho almost undoubtedly they weren't. They knew what they were going to do, so they sent items to help some of us live. And that meant one of us had to die tonight. This made me more awake as I sat by the fire, letting it keep me warm. Soon, the snow and hail turned into a blizzard, fighting the fire to stay burning. Only having our arena wear that hadn't been prepared for cold weather, we were nearly freezing. I reluctantly scooted over to Isaac and Ainsley, who had joined Quarin by the fire, while Allium abandoned her post and joined our huddle. It helped contain some heat, but after the blizzard put the fire out, we began to get colder and colder. We wouldn't last the night like this. I tried using the lighter to relight the stone, but it was just too cold. After a long 4 hours of bitterly cold, icy weather, it let up and we began to think they had given up. And then a cannon sounded. Boom! Frantically looking around, I noticed Allium, who was leaning up against the cornucopia, had stopped breathing. She had suffered from a severe hypothermia and her heart had literally froze till it stopped. As the storm let up, we took Allium's body outside the metal cornucopia to let the hovercraft retrieve it. We were all quiet, feeling the somberness in the air. So many tributes gone in one day. After the bilzzard had retreated, I was able to light the stone, and we spent the remainder of the night huddled up, sleeping.

The Resolution - Quarin Maicen's POV (District 13)

As we ate the remaining meat, I seat, balled but resting my arms on my knees. I leaned back against the cornucopia, recollecting all of the deaths I had to witness. And even the ones I didn't. Each and every one would evermore stick in my memory. Each one had a family to be affected. Each one left something behind. Each tribute was a song unsung, a story unfinished, and a tale untold. And myself, I would eternally live on in this arena. Even if I did leave. And just as every tribute, victor, mentor, and anyone who ever faced the peril of the arena, I would never be the same. I had been eating the whole time, so none of the others took any hint to what I may be thinking about. The other three, even the diametrically opposed Terrence who was very cautious, had all become my friends, if not family. We had formed a bond over the past couple days that could never be remade. I would rather one of them survive than I, as that what a true friend should want. But even I, deep down, had the desire to once again see my District, my family, Sydney's family. All of them. But this was all a bigger picture. This whole thing was bigger than us all. I was sure the larger-than-life Isaac had people he wished to see. And the kind-hearted lover Ainsley had someone she missed. And even the anti-social, yet still kind and thoughtful Terrence had someone, somewhere, he wished to see again. These thoughts brought to mind how cruel the Games truly were. Giving us hope, and yet, still instilling fear into our hearts and minds. The whole concept was beyond evil. They were much more. They were wicked, vile, nefarious, just overall, the second Hell. And I had to go through it. I finally cracked after thinking over all of this, and a single tear streamed down my face. No one caught it and I quietly wiped it away. 

The loud booming explosion nearly gave me a heart attack and I was on my feet. Then another one, and another, and several more. Every single tribute place had just been detonated. It hadn't affected the cornucopia, so we were all safe. It had, however, destroyed the forcefield. They were testing us. To see who would run. And no one did. The idea was clear. We were an alliance, a family. An inseperable group of friends. Only "death due us part." I was sure this was setting the Capitol crazy with excitement, while even the Districts were happy with our show of allegiance, but still didn't set off a rebellion. I was sure the Game Makers were pleased, as was President Snow. But it still didn't matter. Because only one of us was leaving the arena alive. A thought I was sure had crossed each of the other tribute's head as well. And when it came down to it, three of us would die. 

With the arena now opened up, we decided to make our way to the forest for better cover. It didn't take long and within the hour we had reached the tree line. And then they decided to play with us again, causing half of the trees in the forest to collapse. We were able to run through, dodging them, and made it through to the other side. Terrence had brought up the back, and when I turned to check that he was there, he wasn't. "Terrence?!" I yelled, but got no response. The trees had stopped falling, and no cannon had sounded, so we went back into the forest, searching for the missing tribute. We found him inbetween the ground and a tree, smashing him. His nose was bleeding and his leg was bent at an awkward angle. I wasn't much of a touchy person, but I held his hand as he struggled to stay alive. I counted the seconds. He lasted a minute and seven seconds before his cannon sounded. Boom! And we were in the final 3.

Saying Goodbye - Isaac Blade's POV (District 4)

It had been 10 days, but for me, this had been a lifetime. I held hands with Ainsley as we walked, udsing the un-damaged hand. Quarin walked quietly behind us, still shaken up from Terrence's death. He wouldn't admit it, but I knew it had deeply affected him. 

We walked, trying to find a safe place to stay near the tree line. But thinking about it, no where in the arena was safe. It was just a stage. And we were props. Ignoring my irritation, I pointed out a couple of standing trees that had a good amount of space inbetween them. It was still morning, but something told me we would finish this before the night came. I looked into Ainsley's eyes. I really hadn't thought much about my family, but right now, Ainsley and Quarin seemed like my only family. And I knew it was selfish, but it didn't matter.  Ainsley and Quarin had cared more for me in the past two days, and most of his family in a lifetime. And he would die if it meant either one of them surviving. 

My thoughts were scrambled again, a recurring side effect from the fog, but Ainsley's grip on my hand held me down. I shook it away, just in time for a pack of wolf mutts to emerge from the forest. I released Ainsley's hand and we drew our weapons. There were at least 15 of them. For a moment, time stopped and the world seemed as if had stopped turning. And then the pack leaped into action. I took two down right off the bat, while Ainsley easily killed one. Quarin was facing the opposite direction, fighting the ones that came from behind. The wolves got closer and began to overwhelm us. Quarin spoke, loud enough to hear. "Go! I'll hold them off. One or two might follow you, but you can take two." I was reluctant, but with a shove to mine and Ainsley's backs, we ran. Quarin was right and three followed us. We ran off, and only turned to fight when the wolves were directly behind us. My trident ended one's life, as one was beheaded by Ainsley. As I killed the third, my heart was broke by the sound of a cannon. Quarin's cannon. Boom! He had died saving us. Ainsley let out a sob, finally breaking. We sat down and cried together, overwhelmed by the past two days. So much had been gained, and then in return, so much had been lost.

It was now down to the two of us, and we had enough food and water for another day and a half. I stood to help Ainsley up when the message rang. 

"Congradulations to our two victors of the 77th Annual Hunger Games! Rules have been evaluated and considering this has been a fantastic Games that have been especially exciting, filled with intense moments, suspensful moments, and an amazing, real, true to the heart love story." They were obviously referencing to the 74th Games, where two had won by threatening to commit suicide. Whereas, me and Ainsley hadn't. We had played their Game to their satisfaction. And we were going home. I hugged Ainsley tight, as tears rolled like a river. My wounded hand was bleeding a tiny bit, but I didn't care. I was going home, and Ainsley had survived. We were going home together.

Congrats to Ainsley, Isaac, Bee, and Emilia for the wins! I hope you all enjoyed, because I know I did. This was a heart wrenching Games to write, and I barely was able to choose a victor. I hope you all join my next Games! Btw, this is for Bee and Emilia:

77th Medal

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