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Okay, so I basically got bored and wanted to write about what the aftermath of winning a Games is like from the POV of the victor. I know we have seen some of the effects of the Arena, but what do they feel at that moment they emerge victorious? What do they feel as they return home, "safe"? What do they think everyday as the go on, remembering those who died, and the ones they killed? What do they feel as they mentor tributes, knowing they will most likely die and it is in their hands to mentor and prevent that? Well, I feel like this could be an interesting perspective, so I am going to write it. I will be using the (made up) victor of the 29th Hunger Games. His name is Nickson Gray, he was 17 at the time of his Games, he is from District 10, their first victor. I will put a picture of him below. Feel free to leave comments on your own opinion. But please, no negetive comments and no fighting, spamming, etc. I wil notify an admin if any of this emerges. Other than that, enjoy!


Inside a Victor's Life

I practically flew up off my bed as I woke. I wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead. I could still see the images of the 12 year old girl from 1, Emily, in my head as my dagger came down, smashing her scull. I would be forever haunted by the images of the arena. I rose from my bed and went to my bathroom. After taking a shower and getting dressed, I flew down the stair steps to the main room of my home in the victors village. My mother's jacket sat on the coat rack and my father's shoes by the front door. They hadn't moved since they were last put there before my parents were killed. They had been abducted in the night by peacekeepersa few weeks after I had one my games, along with my baby sister. They had been killed due to my refusal to sell myself out to the highest paying Capitol resident. I still regretted refusing President Blake. Maximus Blake had to be the most cold hearted, low-life, excuse for a human I had ever met. I felt a tear run down my eye as I remembered the morning I had woke, finding my whole family gone. Of course the peacekeepers had already gotten word around they had gotten sick and died in the night. I figured no one would believe it, but was unfortunatly surprised. They all sucked in the rumor so quick I didn't know what to do. Ever since I had been on my own, back and forth from the Capitol. When I was actually home, I spent my time working. I had more than enough money of course, but it helped me cope. When I worked with the cattle, horses, pigs, and other farm animals, feeding them, slaughtering, herding them, I just felt free. My life almost felt normal. Before the Games, before I lost every person whom I ever loved, before I was deemed a Capitol prostitute. I rode my horse, Apostlis, through one of the main pastures, while the memories of my Games ran through my head.


"So, would you like to join us Nickson?" Simon, the male from 2, leader of the Careers, looked at me with a dark smile as he spoke. I shook my head, replying. "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want any allies." Simon sneered and barked back, "Fine then. You will be the first I kill." What have I done?

[Jump ahead to Bloodbath]

I ran like hell as the gong sounded. I was the second to reach the Cornucopia, right after the boy from 1, Alec. I grabbed a huge hiking pack and threw it over my shoulders. I grabbed a long knife, impaling it into the girl from 3. I wanted to cry as I heard her cannon sound. I grabbed a dagger and another knife and ran off into the rainforest. 

[Jump ahead to Nickson's 4th kill, final 12 tributes]

I sat up from my makeshift bed in the heart of the rainforest. I heard running. More than one tribute. My heart began to pound and I jumped up to my feet. I held my dagger, ready to impale someone. Simon, Alec, the girl from 2, Bailey, and Emily from 1, all ran near me together. I heard Simon shout something, but couldn't tell what he had said. The other three spread out, making a half circle. The tributes from 4, Marcus and Hannah, ran up behind me. I was circled. Simon laughed as he approached me. "You may have not been my first kill. But I will kill you." He lifted his spear, and pulled his arm back. I took the brief second and left my dagger fly. It nailed Marcus square in the chest, knocking him out cold. His cannon went off. I took the few seconds of confusion to run. I grabbed my dagger and ran like crazy. I felt an arrow hit my calf. I kept on, knowing I would be dead if I stopped. I heard yells of protest from the other Careers, but didn't stop to see if they followed, and if they did, how close they were.

[Jump ahead to Nickson's first sponsor gift, final 6 tributes]

I tossed and turned in my sleep as I dreamt of all of the tributes I had killed. The girl from 3, the boy from 6, the girl from 9, Simon, and the girl from my own District, Ella. I had been given no choice but to kill her as she held a knife to my throat. Days later, I was in a cave. I sat up, wide awake, as I heard a beeping noise. I saw a silver canister with a parachute attatched. I stood up, walking over to it. I walked with a limp, due to my leg wound. It was finally beginning to heal. I opened the canister to find a vile of grayish-pink liquid. There was a note attatched, that read- "This will help with the pain. - Your biggest fan and sponsor." I popped the cap off and tasted the liquid. It had a minty smell, but had a bitter, almost salty, taste. I decided it was safe and drank the entire thing. I stood up, and grabbed my supplies. I left my cave and went to check my netted traps. I had caught a rabbit, and managed a squirrel as well. I brought them back to my cave and risked a fire to cook them. I ate the squirrel and saved the rabbit for later. I decided to scout around the area around the cave. Hours later, I actually felt a difference in my leg. I took off the makeshift bandage and saw the skin was now healing, as a pink layer had formed over the wound.

[Jump ahead to final kill]

Tired, sweaty, hungry, and thirsty, I stood, armed, facing Emily, the girl from 1. How she had managed to last this long at her young age came as a surprise to me. She had a dangerous smile on her face, her knife in hand. She yelled  and charged me. I felt a zip of air as her knife whipped near my head. I swung my dagger, but she ducked. She leaped forward, tackling me by my feet. We both fell and I rolled ontop of her. For her age, she was surprisingly strong. She fought backas I held her arms. She managed to get her knife hand loose and stab me in the arm. Angered, I brought my dagger down. I heard a crunch and her head splattered open. Her smashed head bled like crazy and her cannon sounded. I fellt on my back, crying. I had used every bit of emotional, physical, and mental strength to hold myself to gether. All of my self control had faded and I left the tears roll. I heard an announcement by Fladdius Polkman, annoucning my victory, but was too worn out to care. I lay there, crying, yelling in anger, and wiping tears from my face as the hover craft appeared. I knew I was probably just embarrasing myself, a 17 year old boy, sobbing like a baby girl, but I didn't care. I vowed to myself that I would never hurt or kill another person again, no matter the cost. I felt to Capitol doctors help me and and get me on the ladder. I climbed up and fell into a chair when I reahced the top. Even though I was going home, a part of me would always remain in this arena. And part of the arena would always live on inside of me.

(End Flashback)

I felt an arm shake me and heard the voice of Stephan, one of the other riders. "Nickson? You alright?" I shook my head and turned to look at him. "What? Oh, ya. I am fine. Just thinking." He just nodded his head and rode back over to his side. I felt the pain and sadness welling up inside me, but forced it away. The rider up front, leading the herd of cows, Kallie, turned and looked at me. I just nodded my head, knowing her thoughts. Are you alright? She just managed a smile and turned back around. I put my head down and pulled my hat father down, hiding my face. I knew I would never be able to get rid of the haunting, burning, sensation of the arena. I would never forget the faces of the tributes as I killed some of them. I would never forget the faces of the familes on the Victory Tour. But most of all, I would never be able to forget the crying faces of Ella's family as I pulled into the train station of District 10. I had tried to talk to her parents a few times, but each resulted in them crying or me crying. Then, the faces of my parents the night they went to bed before they had been taken. my baby sister's giggle as my mother rocked her. But for some reason, Kallie's sweet, smiling face helped me cope. She and Stephan were my closest friends. Some of the few people whom I talked to. I would never let President Blake hurt them. I would put my own life before theirs if I had to. But even that could not stop the menace of the evil ruler. I could just ony hope he found no interest in them.

To Be Continued

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