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  • I live in District 6 (Chicago)
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Writing
  • I am Female
  • TheCharacterGames

    These are my first Character Games featuring the............Harry Potter Cast

    Harry Potter and his friends lost the war against Voldemort. In penance for the war Voldemort decided to send in two send two boys and two girls from each house to The Potter Games.


    Hermione Granger (Gryffindor)

    I wake up a nervous wreck. Ever since we lost the war against Voldemort it's been terrible. The Potter Games started. My parents got killed. Voldemort is in control. All my studies for nothing. What were all those deaths for then? Sirius, my parents, Fred. For nothing. But if i get reaped i will protect Harry at all costs. Including my life. I walk down the staircase not even bothered about my hair. I never have so I'm not sacrificing anything. I arriv…

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