Name District Age Weapon Discription Weakness
Aurora Gold 1 Female 14 Halberd or Sword Dirty Blonde Hair, Purple Eyes, tanned, thin, attractive. 5'6
1 Male
Radiance Vixen 2 Female 17 Bow and Arrow Short Red Hair, Bronze Eyes, Built, Skinny Unknown
Sam Flager 2 Male 17 Sword Sand Color Hair, Cyan Eyes, 6'3, Tan Plant Identification
Allice Williams 3 Female 16 Coil Blonde Hair, Pale skin, Brown Eyes Easily Distracted
Dexter Bolts 3 Male 14 Wire Brown Hair, Ashen Skin, Brown Eyes Being Alone
Quiley Gold 4 Female 16 Trident, Throwing knives Bleach Blonde Hair, Burgandy Eyes, Tan, Thin, Athletic, Sexy Bad at Navigation
4 Male
Deteria Grace 5 Female 14 Throwing knives, direct combat with knives. Black long hair, Grey eyes, Skinny Brute strength, Hand to Hand combat
5 Male
6 Female
Niles Huntsman 6 Male 13 Knife Jet Black Hair, Blue eyes. Brown Skin Kindness
Megumi Nanisano 7 Female 12 Bow and arrow, axw Brown Hair, pale skin Too concerned about her siblings
Takuri Nanisano 7 Male 16 Axe Brown Hair, Tan skin Falling Asleep
8 Female
Joshua Zane 8 Male 16 Labrys Blonde Hair Pale Skin Dyslexia
Lia Mainwaring 9 Female 16 Unknown Long brown hair, tanned skin, nut brown eyes. Hand to hand combat. Cannot kill 12 year olds
9 Male
10 Female
10 Male
Lauren Hill 11 Female 12 Knives and Spears Long Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Tan skin, 4'9 Swimming, Hand to Hand combat
11 Male
Eileen Shade 12 Female 18 Throwing knives Small, with black hair and grey eyes. Making people like her, swimming
12 Male

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