Hello everyone, these are my first ever Hunger Games and I am very excited to start those.


1. Everyone may have up to three tributes. The number may change depending on how many people will join.

2. Stay active. I won't let a tribute whose creator is inactive win.

3. Reservations are possible, you can reserve up to 3 spots. Reservations last for 2 days, but I can extend them if you ask me to.

4. No troll tributes or joke tributes, they won't be accepted.

5. Use the tribute template below.

6. I don't know if it is a rule, but have fun!

Tribute Template:

Name: Any, but please don't make it stupid or hilarious

Age: 12-18


District: 1-13 and the Capitol

Appearance: (Lunaii to be accepted.)

Personality: A short description

Weapons: 2 or 3

Backstory: Preferably longer then 3-4 sentences

Strengths: 2 or 3

Weaknesses: 2 or 3

Fears: 1 or 2



Name District Age Gender Weapons Mentor
Jamil Claude 1 16 M Knives, Axe Seagull Man
Caspin Shimmer 1 15 F Hatchet,  dagger  Pippycat
Thamos Keeper 2 18 M Longsword CTOADURN
Analisa Latimer 2 18 F Katana, shurikens Summer bee 13
Yuri Harris 3 15 M Sickle, traps, water YFS
Cleo Argos 3 18 F Sword, claws CTOADURN
Severus Seaclan 4 18 M Sword, Trident, Net YFS
Katarina Seacrest 4 14 F Axe, treachery, deception Xbilliex
Rowan Coupe 5 13 M Saber, bow, gladius Summer bee 13
Joelenne Aspyn 5 16 F Axe CTOADURN
Sam Kelly 6 16 M Bow, intelligence Owen1998
Maria Ceen 6 15 F Spear, bow Lexi142685
Dani Karn 7 18 M Axe, Knife Fake Tribute
Acacia Spruce 7 15 F Axes, Knives YFS
Mathew Happer 8 13 M Hand-to-hand combat Lexi142685
Helena Liles 8 14 F Spear, twin swords, needle. Pippycat
Tom Webster 9 13 M Traps Owen1998
Regan Lee 9 17 F Bow, knives Chocolatemints08
Rob Allan 10 16 M Sword, spear Fake Tribute
Mia Reeme 10 14 F Bow, spear Lexi142685
Xavier Liston 11 17 M Tomahawk, Sickle,Snares SeagullMan
Kelia Gonzalez 11 12 F Katana, bow Owen1998
Alex Hasa 12 14 M Dagger, Mace SeagullMan
Caitlynne Glowers 12 16 F Knives, bow 1Echo2
Jackson Silverspark 13 13 M Bow, dagger HiCaterpillars!!
Opelia Zigler 13 16 F Flail, mace, hands Summer bee 13
Jalson Riveras Capitol 15 M Machete, bow Tehblakedeath
Alluria Nexus Capitol 15 F Mace, flail, machete Pippycat


Bold: leader

Italics: co-leader

Underlined: deceased

Careers: Jamil Claude(1), Caspin Shimmer(1),Thamos Keeper(2), Analisa Latimer(2), Severus Seaclan(4), Regan Lee(9), Jalson Riveras(C)

Anti-careers: Joelenne Aspyn(5) (moved to The Young Tributes Alliance), Acacia Spruce(7), Alluria Nexus(C)

The Young Tributes Alliance: Rowan Coupe(5), Helena Liles (8), Tom Webster(9), Joelenne Aspyn (5)

District 11 and 12 alliance: Kelia Gonzalez(11), Xavier Liston(11), Caitlynne Glowers(12), Alex Hasa (12)

District 8 and 10 alliance: Matthew Happer(8), Mia Reeme(10), Maria Ceen(6)

District 6 alliance: Sam Kelly(6), Maria Ceen(6) (Moved to District 8 and 10 alliance)

Loners: Yuri Harris(3), Cleo Argos(3), Katarina Seacrest(4), Dani Karn(7), Rob Allan(10), Ophelia Zigler(13), Jackson Silverspark(13),



1. Each tributes starts with $300

2. Every day (in real life), you can sponsor up to 2 tributes (only 1 of your own). They will get $50 for every time you sponsor them.

3. There will be some other ways to get extra money;

Kill: $50 I 1st kill of the day: $100

Top 20: $50

Top 15: $100

Top 10: $150

4. You may think that the sponsoring system is too OP, but it's not the case. Every day (in the actual Games), ALL the items will become $50 more expensive ( like in the Hunger Games book).

Name District Money
Jamil Claude 1 $600
Caspin Shimmer 1 $350
Thamos Keeper 2 0
Analisa Latimer 2 $400
Yuri Harris 3 $450
Cleo Argos 3 $400
Severus Seaclan 4 $600
Katarina Seacrest 4 $350
Rowan Coupe 5 $0
Joelenne Aspyn 5 $350
Sam Kelly 6 $0
Maria Ceen 6 $350
Dani Karn 7 $0
Acacia Spruce 7 $0
Matthew Happer 8 $350
Helena Liles 8 $550
Tom Webster 9 $505
Regan Lee 9 $450
Rob Allan 10 $0
Mia Reeme 10 $0
Xavier Liston 11 $950
Kelia Gonzalez 11 $625
Alex Hasa 12 $0
Caitlynne Glowers 12 $1000
Jackson Silverspark 13 $0
Ophelia Zigler 13 $350
Jalson Riveras Capitol $500
Alluria Nexus Capitol $0


Awl: $30

Axe: $70

Arrows(12): $70

Arrows(20): $100

Battleaxe: $120

Bow: $60

Blowgun: $35

Claws(5): $80

Cleaver: $45

Crossbow: $75

Dagger: $50

Darts (12): $25

Flail: $100

Hammer: $90

Hatchet: $75

Katana: $120

Knife: $30

Longsword: $120

Machete: $65

Mace: $120

Rocks(8): $15

Saber: $110

Scythe; $100

Shurikens(6): $90

Shurikens(10): $130

Sickle: $105

Slingshot: $15

Spear: $110

Sword: $115

Throwing axes(3): $80

Throwing axes(5): $120

Throwing knives(5): $70

Throwing knives(10): $100

Trident: $130

Whip: $35


Bread: $45

Breakfast: $80

Bottle of fruit juice: $50

Cereal: $30

Chicken Breast: $55

Chicken Wings: $45

Dried meat: $40

Dried fruit: $30

Quart of milk: $50

Steak: $60

Three meal course: $110

Two meal course: $90

Water bottle (25oz): $80

Water bottle (20oz): $60

Water bottle (15oz): $40


Antipoison: $75

Bandages: $80

Burn Cream: $70

First Aid Kit: $100

First Aid Kit (improved): $140

Instant Relief: $300

Neosporin: $150

Painkillers: $80


Blanket: $40

Camouflage Paints: $70

Coil of Wire: $65

Extra Outfit: $50

Fishing Pole: $55

Matches: $35

Night-Vision Glasses: $75

Parka (Large coat for extreme warmth): $70

Poison: $80

Portable fan: $70

Rope: $35

Snowshoes: $60

Spile: $90

Wire: $70

Training Scores:

Name Score and Odds
Jamil Claude(1) 9, 15:1
Caspin Shimmer(1) 9, 14:1
Thamos Keeper(2) 10, 9:1
Analisa Latimer(2) 10, 10:1
Yuri Harris(3) 8, 18:1
Cleo Argos(3) 11, 6:1
Severus Seaclan(4) 11, 7:1
Katarina Seacrest(4) 8, 17:1
Rowan Coupe(5) 5, 30:1
Joe Aspyn(5) 7, 21:1
Sam Kelly(6) 6, 25:1
Maria Ceen(6) 5, 31:1
Dani Karn(7) 7, 22:1
Acacia Spruce(7) 8, 18:1
Matthew Happer(8) 5, 32:1
Helena Liles(8) 9, 16:1
Tom Webster(9) 4, 40:1
Regan Lee(9) 8, 17:1
Rob Allan(10) 4, 41:1
Mia Reeme(10) 6, 26:1
Xavier Liston(11) 9, 16:1
Kelia Gonzalez(11) 5, 33:1
Alex Hasa(12) 6, 24:1
Caitlynne Glowers(12) 6, 25:1
Jackson Silverspark(13) 7, 23:1
Ophelia Ziger(13) 10, 12:1
Jalson Riveras(C) 9, 16:1
Alluria Nexus(C) 7, 25:1

The Arena:

This year's Arena will look like a ghost city. The Cornucopia will be in the center, full of different weapons and supplies. The arena will be circle shaped, split into different sections:

1. The Downtown: this area will consist of various abandoned houses, shops, offices and cars. Each building will offer cover and food supply, but tributes should be beware of earthquakes and tornadoes. There will also be pigeon and cat muttations lurking around, searching for tributes to kill.

2. The Jail: This area will be an abandoned prison, with lots of jail cells and watchtowers. Tributes who go there will find cover and food, but a little less then in the downtown. But there will also be less mutts in the jail, only the skeleton mutt which is easy to beat, but a pack of them is dangerous. There will also be rainig permanently in the jail, sometimes even acid rain.

3. The Factory: This area will, not surprisingly, be a huge machine factory. It is probably the most dangerous place to go in the whole arena, due to robots and insect mutts almost everywhere, but you can find lots of weapons there, and there are no natural disasters.

4. The Village: This area consists of lots of houses, farms and fields. It is one of the most rural areas in the arena, and you can find Iots of food and farm animals there. There is also a pond in the middle of the village, which is the only water source in the arena. But there are also different kinds of mutts, including cow, chicken and hamster muts, and a high possibility of a landslide.

5. The Garden: It is the only area in the arena which has trees in it, so it offers you wood, cover and food. But forest fires are possible in this area, and there are also various bird mutts around, including raven mutts, eagle mutts, mockinjays and jabberjays.

6. The Royal Palace: There are no mutts in this area, and lots of different supplies. Tributes in this area will get food, water, medicine and life of luxury. But who knows what may happen to this area sooner or later...

The Arena Twist:

This year, there will only be a little food and water at the Cornucopia. Instead, in each area, there will be a diamond cone-shaped shrine with four entrances in it. It will be called "The Supply Tower". Every day, in the midday and midnight, 2 random supply towers will refresh with random food and water.

The Items Chart:

Name, District Items (weapons, supplies, etc) Status Area in the map
Jamil Claude(1) Axe(x3) Good Cornucopia
Caspin Shimmer(1) None Deceased The Capitol
Analisa Latimer(2) Katana Good Cornucopia
Thamos Keeper(2) None


The Capitol

Yuri Harris(3)

Sickle, Wire, Backpack (Dried fruit pack, bread, 15oz empty bottle, matches x10, pocket knife) Good Village
Cleo Argos(3) Claws(x6), Throwing Knives(x12), Backpack (dried meat pack x2, Neosporin, 25oz water bottle, poison bottle) Good Garden
Severus Seaclan(4) Trident(x2) Good Factory
Katarina Seacrest(4) Axe Good Village
Rowan Coupe(5) None Deceased The Capitol
Joa Aspyn(5) Axe, Backpack (Rope, Bread, Blowgun, Spile, Darts x20) Good Garden
Sam Kelly(6) None Deceased The Capitol
Maria Ceen(6) Knife, Backpack (Chicken wings x4, 25oz water bottle, painkillers x6, box of matches) Good Downtown
Dani Karn(7) None Deceased The Capitol
Acacia Spruce(7) None Deceased The Capitol
Matthew Happer(8) None Deceased The Capitol
Helena Liles(8) Spear, backpack (Bread x3, quart of milk x2, Instant Relief, night-vision glasses) Good Garden
Tom Webster(9) None Deceased The Capitol
Regan Lee(9) Throwing Knives(x12), Good Factory
Rob Allan(10) None Deceased The Capitol
Mia Reeme(10) None Deceased The Capitol
Xavier Liston(11) Sickle, Backpack (15oz water bottle, bread, dried meat pack, Neosporin) Good Downtown
Kelia Gonzalez(11) Bow, Arrows(x8) Small cut Downtown
Alex Hasa(12) None Deceased The Capitol
Caitlynne Glowers(12) None Deceased The Capitol
Jackson Silverspark(13) None Deceased The Capitol
Ophelia Zigler(13) None Deceased The Capitol
Jalson Riveras(C) Bow, Arrows(x10) Good Cornucopia
Alluria Nexus(C) None Deceased The Capitol

The Death Chart:

Place Name District Killer How they were killed Day killed
28 Rob Allan 10 Yuri Harris Neck snapped 1
27 Dani Karn 7 Severus Seaclan Trident in chest 1
26 Alex Hasa 12 Caspin Shimmer Dagger in forehead 1
25 Sam Kelly 6 Analisa Latimer Katana in chest 1
24 Mia Reeme 10 Katarina Seacrest Axe to side 1
23 Rowan Coupe 5 Jamil Claude Axe in skull 1
22 Jackson Silverspark 13 Jalson Riveras Arrow through the neck 1
21 Thamos Keeper 2 Cleo Argos Bled out 2
20 Alluria Nexus C Regan Lee Knife in chest 2
19 Acacia Spruce 7 Analisa Latimer Katana in chest 2
18 Tom Webster 9 Ophelia Zigler Knife in chest 3
17 Ophelia Zigler 13 The Palace Fire Burned alive 3
16 Matthew Happer 8 Severus Seaclan Sword in Chest 3
15 Caitlynne Glowers 12 Jalson Riveras Arrow in Head 3
14 Caspin Shimmer 1 Xavier Liston Axe in Chest 3

Day 1: The Bloodbath:

Helena Liles (District 8): The Cornucopia Plate

As my platform rises from the darkness, I think of my life before the Games. About my friends and my little sister whom I killed, and about my parents whom I never knew… No. I cannot think about my past. I need to think about my allies, who need to be protected, people from my District, who are rooting for me.

 Then, a sudden flash of light interrupts my thoughts. We are in the arena. I look around me, and see something like a ghost town. This is much more interesting than last year’s arena, which was a jungle and a meadow. To my left I see what looks like a city, to my right, a beautiful golden palace, and a rural area is straight ahead of me, behind the Cornucopia.

Then I look at the tributes around me, scanning the competition. Sam (6) is to my left, and he doesn’t pose any danger to me. The tribute to my right, Katarina (4), is far more dangerous, and I already see the insane bloodlust in her eyes. Rowan (5) is four tributes away from me, and he seems really scared of a tribute to his left, Severus (4), while Dani (7) to his right isn’t that dangerous. I still can’t find Tom (9), so that means he is probably at the other side of the Cornucopia. As I look at the spear straight ahead of me, the countdown begins: 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53…

Xavier Liston (District 11): The Cornucopia Plate

I nervously look around at the tributes around me and the supplies at the Cornucopia. Ahead of me, there are a couple bags and weapons, but no sickles or axes. Damn! Now I either need to run away weaponless, or search for my weapon of choice somewhere else.

I look at the tributes around me and see Thamos (2) to my right and Regan (9) to my left. Are you kidding me?! Both tributes around me are Careers! Maybe, I shouldn’t even run for the backpacks, and retreat immediately with my allies.

I look around for my allies, and see Kelia (11) and Alex (12), both preparing to run away. Then I start looking for Caitlynne (12), and catch a glimpse of her o the opposite side of the Cornucopia, near the big jail-like structure. A tribute to her left, Matthew (8), is a weakling who got a 5 in training, and a tribute to her right… I can’t recognize her.

Then Caitlynne gives me a frightened look and a girl next to her laughs cruelly. Wait, is that Cleo (3)? The insane girl who got an 11 in training? It is pretty much a death sentence for Caitlynne (12) to run for supplies. So, I am the only person who can get supplies for our group, even though it will be very hard. But I still have some time to decide. 31, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20…

Yuri Harris (District 3): The Cornucopia Plate

Finally, these Games are about to begin and I can kill some more. I already looked around the Cornucopia, searching for water, but didn’t find any. Damn! But I still need to get a kill, even I still didn’t find a good way of doing it. Drowning is definitely the best way to kill and it’s a lot of pleasure to drown someone, too! But I haven’t tried snapping someone’s neck, maybe it will be fun too?

As the countdown gets closer to zero, I look at the two tributes around me, Ophelia (13) and Rob (10). Ophelia is insane and got a training score of 10, so she is probably not the best one for me to attack. Rob, on the other hand, is a weakling.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

 As soon as the gong sounds, I sprint towards Rob (10), who tries to run for the Cornucopia. I tackle him to the ground, my hands around his neck. “Please don’t kill me!” I hear him shout. “I really apologize”, I tell him and laugh to myself. Manners are always important. Then, when I feel that the time has come, I twist my arms and hear a loud SNAP! One down, twenty-six to go!

Severus Seaclan (District 4): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

I just witnessed the insane guy from 3 kill Rob (10). Now he is running towards the village area with a backpack, some wire and a sickle. There is no reason to chase him down right now. I see the girl from 7 bend down to pick up a hatchet. I ready my trident and prepare to throw it, but a sudden scream makes me turn around: “Help me take him out”!

The Seven girl got lucky.

I see Regan (9) slowly backing off the approaching Dani (7), a gigantic battleaxe gleaming in Dani’s hand. I throw my trident at him and it hits him in the chest. Regan jumps on top of Dani but stands up, realizing he is dead.

“Thank you”, Regan says to me, holding two knives in her hands.

“No problem”, I reply, “But let’s get going”.

We charge at the group of tributes from 11 and 12. After seeing us, they start running away, but the guy from 12 trips and falls, sending all his supplies flying everywhere. I think his name is Alex. When I raise my trident, a dagger comes whizzing through the air and slams into Alex’s forehead. “Kill steal!” I hear Caspin (1) chuckle, before she runs towards the other tributes.

Joelenne Aspyn (District 5): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

I grab an axe from the ground, and hold it high in the air. Then, when I bend down to pick up a backpack, a sudden sound of footsteps makes me turn around, but I calm down, when I see that those were Alluria (C) and Acacia (7) coming, weapons in hand.

“We should take the Careers down”, I hear Acacia say under her breath, “We won’t kill all of them, but we can weaken them slightly.”

Alluria nods, and we head towards the Careers, who have Sam (6) cornered, with a huge gash on his leg. With a malicious grin, Analisa (2) rises her katana, and swigs it towards Sam’s chest.

Once Sam’s dead, Careers start looking for a new target. They home in on Ophelia (13) and take off running towards the garden. This is the perfect time to attack! We charge at the Careers, weapons at the ready. I reach them first and attack Thamos (2), swinging my axe at his stomach. Thamos falls to the ground but he is still alive.

 Acacia has chosen Analisa (2) as her target, and the two are in a fight. Then Analisa swings her katana at Acacia, and she falls to the ground, still breathing. Me and Alluria charge at Analisa, and she runs away, laughing. We grab Acacia, who is barely holding on, ant run to the garden. If she doesn’t get sponsored medicine, she won’t live to see the light of the next day.

Maria Ceen (District 6): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Sam (6) just died. I feel like crying, but I have to get going, or the Careers will get me as well. I dart in the Cornucopia, grabbing a backpack and a knife. I see both Jackson (13) and Jalson (C) hide behind two large crates, looking at the Careers outside.

The Careers are guarding the Cornucopia, when Cleo (3) appears behind the Career pack and throws a metal claw at the injured Thamos (2). Thamos falls to the ground, moaning, with a wound in his chest. He needs an Instant Relief really badly.

The Careers start chasing after Cleo, and I realize that my time has come. I run out of the Cornucopia, along with Matthew (8) and Mia (10). They both seem trustworthy, and I can see having an alliance with them. But after seeing the two, I notice something disturbing. And that is Katarina (4) creeping up behind Mia, armed with an axe.

“Watch out” I yell, but it’s too late. Katarina’s axe has already slammed into Mia’s side. Mia falls to the ground, dead, and Katarina starts running towards the palace-like structure. I quickly ask Matthew for an alliance and he accepts. Then, we start running towards the city-like area, leaving everyone else fighting.

Rowan Coupe (District 5): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Me and Tom (9) are looking around the Cornucopia, searching for Helena. I catch a glimpse of her on the opposite side of the Cornucopia. Around us, tributes are fighting and darting in and out of the Cornucopia. Caitlynne (12) and Xavier (11) are battling Analisa (2), who is swinging her katana around like crazy. Cleo (3) is fighting Caspin (1), and the redheaded girl is struggling really badly. Regan (9) is guarding injured Thamos (2), and Severus (4) is guarding at the opposite side of the Cornucopia. But where is Jamil (1)?

Then, an axe comes whizzing towards my face. I hear Tom yell “Watch out”! I duck, and the axe flies over my head and hits the Cornucopia. I see Jamil run towards me and Tom, with axes in his both hands. I yell for Helena, who runs at Jamil, swinging her spear, but then Severus (4) appears behind Jamil and deflects Helena’s spear with his trident.

Helena backs off, and Jamil prepares to throw his axe, but I run at him, swinging my saber. Jamil deflects it with his axe, and Helena comes charging at Severus.

Then all the fighting begins.

Jalson Riveras (The Capitol): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

From my hiding spot at the Cornucopia, I can see all the battles happening around, so it’s easy for me to pick a perfect moment to flee. I see Regan (9) and Analisa (2) chase the 11 and 12 alliance, which flees towards the jail. Cleo (3) also runs in that direction, holding a pack of metal claw and a huge backpack. Caspin (1) throws a dagger at Cleo, but misses.

The only tributes left in the Cornucopia are the young tributes alliance and the Careers. Four Careers charge at Rowan (5), Helena (8) and Tom (9), while Analisa (2) stays near an injured Thamos (2).

Jamil (1) swings an axe towards Tom (9), but he ducks and sends the axe straight into Rowan’s skull, killing him. Tom and Helena both start running towards the palace, both with backpacks and Helena with her spear. Regan (9) throws a knife at Helena, and it gets stuck in her arm, but she is still running, and soon disappears out of sight.

Then, when the Careers stand around the Cornucopia, a figure creeps up from behind the largest crate. Jackson (13)! Immediately, when he approaches Analisa with a knife in his hand, I know what to do

Caspin Shimmer (District 1): The Cornucopia Bloodbath

The bloodbath is over. Analisa (2) sends Regan (9) and Jamil (1) to count the bodies, and they count six. Only six? That’s a pretty low number.

“So, it’s just those six?” Severus (4) asks.

“I got the girl from seven as well, but she is probably injured, not dead”, I hear Analisa reply.

“Probably”, I mutter, “or maybe some other tributes got kills as well”

Analisa starts speaking, but then a figure slams into her and tackles her to the ground, “Analisa!” I shout, but it’s no use. When the figure raises his knife to kill Analisa, an arrow comes flying out of nowhere, and slams into the figure’s throat. Now I recognize the body, it’s Jackson (13). But where did the arrow come from?

Soon, I get the answer. One more boy emerges from the Cornucopia, and I recognize his blue eyes and blonde hair immediately. It’s Jalson (C). “Allies?” I hear him ask. “Sure”, Analisa replies. When Jalson sits down near us and we start talking, his hair changes from bright blonde to black. What the hell?!

The Aftermath:

The Aftermath:

Cleo Argos (District 3) The Jail

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Seven cannons sounded, ending the bloodbath. Seven tributes died, and at least four or five got kills, and I wasn’t one of them. After I scored an 11 in training, I thought I was unstoppable. But I need to get kills for everybody else to think so!

I was able to retreat from the Bloodbath with a decent-sized backpack and lots of metal claws and knives. The backpack probably has good stuff in it, because I found it in the center of the Cornucopia. I open the backpack to find some water, dried meat and Neosporin. All this is pretty helpful, but I need more! Then, at the bottom of the backpack, I notice something way more useful then all the stuff I got before.

Poison. When I see the small bottle of poison, my eyes shine with excitement. Immediately, I dip all my claws and knives in poison, and head towards the garden.

When I finally reach the garden, I pass a huge cone-shaped diamond tower. I have no idea why this is here, but it is made of diamonds and doesn’t actually suit the forest, so it has to be something important… right? Then, a sudden voice interrupts my thoughts:

“Alluria, check out your backpack, it may have something good!”

The voice was Joa (5), so it’s probably the Anti-Careers who are in that weird diamond cone thing. Hearing the voice, I know that I only have one choice.


Acacia Spruce (District 7): The Garden

I feel much better after taking the painkillers I found in my backpack, and wrapping my wound with bandages we found in the shrine. But I still feel horrible.

All of us but Alluria (C) already went through our backpacks. Mine has an empty bottle, painkillers, some dried fruit and a knife. Joa’s (5) pack has a blowgun, 20 darts, a spile, bread and a rope. Alluria finds three chicken breasts, four ropes, night-vision goggles and a bottle of juice. Then I notice one more item… Wait, is that an Instant Relief?

Then, a knife flies towards Alluria and penetrates her chest. I see Cleo (3) run away among the trees. That insane little…

“Acacia!” I hear Joa shout

“Quickly!” I scream, “Grab the Instant Relief!”

I see Joa grab Alluria’s arm, pull the knife out and inject the Instant Relief in Alluria’s arm. Alluria gets better immediately, but when I look at the knife Cleo threw, I see that it is covered with lime colored liquid. Poison.

That means that if Alluria doesn’t get anti-poison until tomorrow, she is screwed. And so am I.

Kelia Gonzalez (District 11): The Jail

After I regrouped with my allies, we checked our supplies. Overall, we don’t have much. Xavier (11) only has some food, water and medicine, I have a bow and 8 arrows, and Caitlynne (12) obtained a knife, water and some chicken wings from the Bloodbath, so we don’t have enough food or water. Plus, we are in a jail, so there are no natural food sources around.

But there is no problem with water, because as soon as Cleo (3) left the jail, it started raining.

“We should stay here”, I hear Caitlynne say, “There are no tributes around, and we can collect enough water from the rainfall.”

Xavier nods, and we collect handfuls of water and drink it, first cautiously, then greedily. Once we’ve quenched our thirst, we look around for any kind of containers we could store out water in. Suddenly, I notice that the water acquires a greenish tint.

 “RUN!” I yell to my allies, and we sprint towards the nearest cell. As we reach it, the rain gets even stronger, unpleasantly prickling our skins. The rain is acid.

“Look out!” Xavier yells, and points at the corner of the room. A disgusting skeleton mutt is walking in our direction, sickle in hand. I shoot an arrow, which hits the mutt in the chest. The skeleton lets out a scream, and falls apart, dropping its sickle. I take my arrow which I shot at the skeleton, and Xavier grabs its fallen sickle. Maybe this jail isn’t such a bad idea, after all.

Analisa Latimer (District 2): The Cornucopia

Thamos (2) lies on the floor, his chest wound bleeding profusely. Caspin (1) is trying to staunch the bleed with a wad of gauze. “If we don’t find any Instant Relief, he’ll be dead by morning,” he mutters.

Earlier, Severus (4) and I discussed the idea to find another shelter that would be harder to find, but Thamos shouldn’t be moved, so we’ll need to stay put. “Change of plans,” I say, looking at my allies. “As long as Thamos is alive but weak, we’ll need to stay here. We need to set up watch and block the entrance.”

Jalson (C) is nodding, and I’m about to ask him to take the first watch, but I get interrupted by my vice leader, Severus. “We both know it’s too much of a risk. We control all supplies, and other people know where we are. This makes us a likely target. Thamos will slow us down. We need to leave him here and move on.”

 “No way!” Caspin yells. “Well, maybe you should stay here with him,” says Severus. “Maybe his sponsors will send him a cure, then the both of you can catch up with us.” I notice Jamil (1) and Regan (9) seem to agree with Severus, and even Jalson is wavering.

The last thing I need is for my authority to be threatened at the very beginning of the Games. I need to play nice with Severus and try to win over Jalson, Regan and Jamil. “Say what. I like your idea, Sev. I just don’t want our alliance to break up so early. We will need each pair of strong hands. Let’s give Thamos 24 hours to recover. If he does, great. If not, sad as it may be, we’ll need to live with this loss. We will move on, either way. I just want all of us to remember that we will stand by each other and protect each other as long as there are other tributes in the Arena. Each member of our crew is valuable.”

Then, I ask people to vote. Severus and Jamil are not swayed by my arguments but still are outvoted by the rest of us. I will need to keep an eye on them, and on Regan as well. Something tells me they won’t be easy to manage.

Matthew Happer (District 8): Downtown

As the sky darkens, I look at my only ally, Maria (6). She is not the best ally I could possibly have, but I grew pretty close to her over the past couple of hours. We both lost our original allies, Sam (6) and Mia (10), and she saved my life from that b**ch Katarina (4), so I shouldn’t complain… I guess.

We didn’t get much from the Bloodbath at all. I got absolutely nothing, dropping all my supplies while running away from Katarina. On the other hand, Maria got a knife a knife and a backpack, which we are checking right now. There are four chicken wings, a water bottle, some painkillers and a box of matches. Pretty cool, but we still need some more weapons if we want to survive.

We are hiding in a small empty shop for now. There isn’t too much in here, so there won’t be too many people fighting for this place. Then, when I look at the matches on a table, I remember the fire which killed my family.

Then, a sudden sound interrupts my thoughts. “The Anthem has begun,” I hear Maria say. We both peek out of the window to see who are the fallen today.

The first face to show is Rowan (5). That means that all tributes from Districts 1-4 are alive. It’s not surprising, considering that they are either Careers or psychos, and all got high training scores and odds. Next up is Sam (6), and Maria begins to sob when she sees his face. The next face to show is pretty surprising. It is the face of Dani (7), and I did not expect him to die this early. Then, both tributes from 10, Rob and Mia appear. Then, the Anthem ends, after two more faces are shown, Alex (12) and Jackson (13).

I close my eyes and prepare to sleep, hoping that tomorrow would be better than today.

Day 2:

Caitlynne Glowers (District 12): The Jail

“Attention, tributes”, a voice booms through the arena. Is it the Feast? But wait, it is only Day 2! Does the Capitol plan to make these games extremely short? Or it is something else, like the rule change? Then, the same voice interrupts my thoughts:

“Some of you may have noticed the there is a diamond cone-shaped shrine in every section of the arena. And that all the backpacks have less food and water in them is normal”. Yes, we only have enough food for like two days. And yesterday Xavier (11) saw that weird diamond cone thing the announcer mentioned and told us about it.

“And this is not just an accident. Each day, at midday and midnight, one random shrine in a random area will be filled with food and water. But the amount, once again, is totally random. It can be a glorious feast, or a small loaf of bread and a bottle of water. However, sometimes there will be some… surprises waiting for you there. And believe me, you won’t be happy with them. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

The message is finally over. I feel shocked and scared, and after I look at Kelia (11), I can tell that she feels the same way. But when I look at Xavier, I realize that he actually looks… excited. It is the first time I saw something akin to happiness in his eyes since we made an alliance. He usually seems depressed and sad. But when I look at Xavier, I realize that he actually looks… excited. It is the first time I saw happiness in his eyes since we made an alliance. He was depressed and sad before.

“Why do you look so scared?” I hear Xavier say, “Ignore what the announcer said about the surprises, he was just trying to scare us. And since we are alone in the jail, if we get lucky, we will get enough food and water to fuel us for days!”

“He’s right”, Kelia says, “We shouldn’t be constantly worried. And Xavier is our leader, he is strong enough to protect us.”

“OK”, I mutter. But no matter what I tell my allies, I still have a weird feeling about this place. And it isn’t a nice feeling at all.

Helena Liles (District 8): The Palace

The voice that just sounded in the Arena made me and Tom (9) wake up and start searching for the diamond shrine the announcer has told us about.

Overall, it will be pretty hard to find a diamond shrine here. The whole area is a gigantic palace, full of different rooms, sections and walkways. It seems like a precious maze, and a thought of being here all day, without being able to find anything, makes me go crazy.

But still, staying here will be worth a shot. There seem to be no mutts around, and yesterday me and Tom wandered into a medicine section of some sorts, where I even found an Instant Relief, the best item in the whole game! I also used some Neosporin and bandages to fix up my arm wound, which I got from Regan (9).

Hey!” I hear Tom whisper. Damn, all these memories might distract me from something important!

“What happened?” I ask Tom and he points to the left of me, where a huge room is. “I think I saw somebody in there”, I hear him reply. When I first look at that direction, I see nothing weird. Just walls, decorations, furniture… Then I catch a glimpse of something strange.

An orange bag sticking out behind a huge bed. First, I think that it is just one more random supply section, like the medicine one we found, and that bag is a part of it. But I remember trying to grab the exact same bag at the Bloodbath, and failing. And I remember who got the bag eventually. And now I’m horrified.

“RUN!” I yell, grabbing my spear. I see Tom do the same with his slingshot, and readying it. Then, a knife comes whizzing past my ear. After I look behind, I realize that I was right. I see Ophelia (13) standing there, knives in both hands, laughing menacingly. I immediately take off running, and hear Tom following me. When I finally look around, I see nobody chasing us. Thank God.

But the next sound that I hear makes me remember that I am never safe here, in the Hunger Games. Because it is a cannon. BOOM!

Analisa Latimer (District 2): The Cornucopia

Well, this sucks. Thamos (2) just bled out, so we are down to six Careers, three of whom don’t even obey me! Plus, with all the supply towers we cannot control, the tributes may get the same amount of supplies as we have! This is just horrible.

Today, we decided to stay low for a while and don’t go hunting. Severus (4) first told me that we needed to scare the other tributes off, show them how intimidating we are. But I told him that showing too much attention will just make the others gang up on us and take us out. He agreed.

For now, we are just sitting at the Cornucopia, doing nothing. Caspin (1) is eating some steak, Jalson (C) is shooting arrows at a target he set up, Jamil (1) is standing on watch, and Severus (4) is teaching Regan (9) how to fight with a sword. Everyone but Jalson in this group makes me sick.

Then, I notice something weird. Jamil looks around, then calls Severus and Regan over, and they start talking in hushed tones. I immediately call Jalson and tell him to spy on Severus’s group. He nods his head excitedly and starts walking towards them. I see him sit on a crate and pretend to be counting his arrows and not paying any attention to Severus, Regan and Jamil. That guy is clever. If I had to choose only one of my allies to survive the day, I’ll definitely choose Jalson.

After a couple minutes, I call Jalson over and ask him:

“What did you hear?”

“Not much”, he replies “They were just speaking about how to properly share the supplies. But I did hear some weird words. Like “Anthem”, “Weapons”, “Prey” and “Jail”. No idea what they mean.”

“Oh come on, it’s obvious”, I say angrily, “They were trying to escape during the anthem, go to the jail and hunt some tributes. That Severus kid just hates the idea of staying low, and I don’t trust him at all.”

“But there is one thing we can be sure of”, I hear Jalson say, a grin on his face “Severus may not be trustworthy but he has a strong sense of honor. I bet he won’t be able to betray anyone, so even if he flees to go hunting, he will come back.”

“Let’s hope for it”, I mutter, and sit on a blanket inside the Cornucopia. I hope nobody will decide to attack us today.


Alluria Nexus (The Capitol): The Garden:

Acacia (7) and I were spying on the careers until the morning, when we got our sponsor gifts and healed our wounds with the medicine we got. I still feel horrible for not giving my Instant Relief to Acacia yesterday and using it for myself. Her mentor had to spend lots of money for it, and it is likely that she does not have much money left.

Joa (5) is obsessed with attacking the Careers. She told me and Acacia to spy on them and tell her about everything we see, while she guards the supplies and makes a plan.

Then, Joa calls us over. “Look!” I hear her shout “The diamond shrine has lit up!”

We immediately start running in that direction, our eyes bursting with excitement. When we finally get in, we see something new. A wooden table in the middle if the structure, which was empty before, is now filled with food. I see three apples, a quart of milk, some dried meat and a soup. Not bad at all. We stuff some food in our backpacks, and then Joa speaks up:

“I came up with a Career takeout plan”, I hear her say “They just lost Thamos (2) and are down to six, but they seem to be split in groups of three. So, Acacia, you should run towards one of the groups, with their leader in it. Distract them, and run towards the bushes, where Alluria and I will be hiding. So, as soon as they reach the bushes, I will jump out of the bushes, and charge at the group. Alluria, stay hidden. When the other group comes to back the first group up, take one of them out quickly. After we kill two of them, run for the Cornucopia, grab some supplies and flee.”

We all nod and head towards our hiding spots. Then, it all begins.

I see Acacia jump out from the bushes and take off running towards Analisa (2). Acacia swings her hatchet and Analisa rises her katana up to deflect the hit, but she is too late. The axe slams onto Analisa’s left forearm, and she screams, backing off. Then, the other Careers react. Jalson (C) shoots his arrow, and it whizzes past Acacia.

Acacia starts running towards our hiding spot, hatchet in hand. She is being chased by Caspin (1) and Jalson. Analisa quickly bandages up her left arm, and follows her allies.

The other Careers react as well. Jamil (1) stays to guard the Cornucopia, while the other two chase Acacia down. I see Joa (5) jump from the bushes and swing her axe. Caspin deflects it, and the fight begins. I look at the other group of Careers, the ones I am supposed to kill. Severus (4) seems distracted, and I run towards him. As soon as I swing my mace towards his head, a knife slams into my chest, and I see Regan (9) run towards me.

No. After it all, it ends here, on Day 2? No…


Regan Lee (District 9): The Cornucopia

BOOM! I saw the Capitol girl fall with my knife in her chest so I know that I got the kill. I actually should feel bad after killing my first victim, but I don’t. Not because I am a monster, but because she was about to kill Severus (4). When I think of Severus, I feel… strange. We saved each other’s lives, and I am becoming more than friends with him.

I am interrupted off my thoughts by an axe flying towards my head. I duck, and it slams into a tree nearby. I see Acacia (7) standing at the Cornucopia, axes in both hands. The only Career near her, Jamil (1), runs at her, and the two are in an axe fight.

I look around, and everyone but me and Severus seem to be in a fight. Jalson (C) is shooting arrows at Joa (5) who is fighting Caspin (1). The blonde girl has several cuts, and Joa has a gash on her leg. Jamil is fighting Acacia, and Analisa is running towards them. I realize that the time has come and call Severus.

“Let’s go help!”

He nods his head and we run towards the fight. I see Jamil retreating, leaving Analisa to fight Acacia one on one. I see Severus charge towards the girls. He swings his sword towards Acacia, knocking the axe out of her hand.

Analisa doesn’t lose her opportunity. Her katana sails trough Acacia’s chest, and she falls to the ground. BOOM! Joa immediately retreats towards the garden, trying to avoid Jalson’s arrows. The Anti-Careers are officially destroyed.

Yuri Harris (District 3): The Village

As I stare at the dead chicken I just drowned, I feel pleasure. But it’s still not enough for me. After drowning three chickens, five turkeys and a pig, I went searching for tributes, but didn’t find any.

Killing that District Ten kid in the bloodbath was fun, but it wasn’t as good as drowning someone. And I am really looking forward to drown someone, preferably a human being.

As for supplies, I’m looking pretty good. I got a sickle, wire and a backpack from the bloodbath, and with the pond and all the animals around, food and water won’t be a problem. Right now I see 2 pigs, 10 chickens and a goat right ahead of me. And then I notice something scary.

One chicken is staring at me. But it’s not the part that makes me back off. The chicken has red eyes. There is definitely something off about this thing.

Then, the chicken strikes. The mutt (Which is the scariest thing I’ve seen in my life) shoots three metal feathers at me. I duck, and they go flying over my head. As soon as four more chicken charge at me, I jump in the water. Three of them are able to stop, but the fourth mutt isn’t so lucky. My sickle takes its head clean off.

Then, I charge at two more muttations, avoiding their deadly projectiles. I swing my sickle at one of them, and kick the other one in the water. The final two prepare to retreat, but I quickly decapitate them with one sickle strike. They run around for a while, and then fall to the ground. Amazing! I managed to beat five mutts myself, without even getting injured!

As I barricade myself in one of the houses to avoid any conflict at night, I think about how today the odds were in my favor.

Joelenne “Joa” Aspyn (District 5): The Garden

As the sky darkens, I think of how I failed my allies. They both died because I sent them to attack the Careers. The attack failed. We were not strong enough to kill the Careers. When Alluria was killed, I wanted to avenge her by killing Regan (9) and Severus (4), but the two others attacked me. Then, when Acacia died, I ran.

But I shouldn’t blame myself for the deaths of my allies. And if I win, their deaths will not be in vain. Now, I should find a new alliance. All the loners left are psychos, so forming an alliance with any of them wouldn’t work. Then there is the 11 and 12 alliance which probably won’t let me in, and two weaklings Matthew (8) and Maria (6), who can’t help me take out the Careers.

But there is still the young tributes, who both seem trustworthy. So, if they and their mentors agree, I might join them tomorrow morning.

Then, the Anthem begins. The first face shown is the face of Thamos (2). I knew that he died, because my allies saw him bleed out.

The two other faces shown are my allies and friends, Acacia (7) and Alluria (C). I failed them, but I will try not to fail my new allies.

Then, Alluria’s face is replaced by the Capitol seal, and the sky darkens. I prepare to sleep, knowing that I probably won’t be able to.


Day 3:

Ophelia Zigler (District 13): The Palace

As I read my mentor’s note, an excited grin forms on my face. Today I will finally go hunting! I can’t wait to kill someone, to cut their flesh with my knife, or to simply put my fingers around those weakling’s necks! And I finally got a chance.

I get up from the bed I slept on, grab my three throwing knives and some food and water. I spied on the little kids’ alliance all night, and they don’t have much. The only one I should watch out for is Helena (8), due to her having a spear. The other kid, Tom (9), is a weakling.

After I get up and grab my supplies, I start running towards the two kids. Those morons seem to be lost in the palace and have no idea where to go. Good for me. I start to move through one of the walkways, looking around, when I hear voices.

“We need to leave this place!” I hear a girl, who is probably Helena, say. “It looks too safe and precious. The Gamemakers probably hid lots of dangerous traps around the area.”

As soon as the girl finished her sentence, I saw smoke come from the other side of the castle. Damn it! The Gamemakers started the fire! Now I need to finish the two kids quickly.

As soon as the kids jump out of the room, I strike. My knife whizzes past Helena’s ear, and I see her grab her weapon, while Tom readies his slingshot. I charge towards the two, knives in both hands. I see Helena grip her spear, and this is when she strikes. Her spear sails through the air, but I duck, and it goes inches past my head. Then, a rock whizzes past me, and I see Tom, readying his slingshot for another strike and Helena running towards me. When she reaches me and swings her spear towards my heart, another rock flies at me, barely missing. Now I finally know their strategy. Helena is a decoy, who distracts me while Tom shoots. But I won’t let those wimpy babies beat me! Never.

The fire is getting closer and closer every second, and I still haven’t dealt with the two weaklings! But as soon as Helena charges at me, I swing my knife at her, forcing her to duck. Then, I don’t lose my opportunity. My elbow smacks Helena in the head and she falls to the ground, dropping her spear. Then, I send my knife towards Tom, and it enters his chest. BOOM! Helena looks at me, her eyes full of anger. She charges at me with her spear, but she is too full of rage to act rationally. I knock the spear out of Helena’s hand, and pin her to the ground, my knife pressing against her neck. As soon as I am about to cut her head off, I see another figure appear behind Helena. I try to attack them, but it’s too late. The figure, who is apparently Joa (5), swings her axe at my leg, cutting it off. I scream in pain and fall to the ground.

“Let’s go!” I hear Joa say, helping Helena out.

“Wait, what about the 13 girl?” Helena asks Joa, after looking at me with insane hatred in her eyes.

“Don’t worry”, Joa replies “The flames will take care of her. Now let’s go!”

As the two girls run towards the Cornucopia, I see the flames getting closer and closer to me. Oh hell no…

Severus Seaclan (District 4): The Cornucopia

BOOM! A cannon sounds in the distance, making Regan (9), Analisa (2) and Jalson (C) wake up. Jamil (1) and Caspin (1) are standing on guard, and I was awake since dawn, deep in my thoughts. I was thinking about my past, about the Seaclans, who I need to win for, about my allies, who I need to be wary of, and about Regan, who is… different.

“Listen up everyone!” Analisa says, “Today we will go hunting in the jail. There are plenty of tributes there, and since we laid low yesterday, now it’s the perfect time to attack!”

We all nod our heads and start discussing the attack plan, until Jamil suddenly screams and backs off. Then, he points to the left, and we all look in that direction. What I see there makes me want to vomit.

There is a creature, which looks like an unborn baby, but with bat wings and disgusting yellow claws. Its eyes are bright red, and it keeps staring at us. Then, the thing lets out a shriek, which sounds like a billion cats are being tortured at the same time. Then, about ten more of those baby things fly out of the woods, and charge at us.

“Run!” I shout to my allies “They’re mutts!”

Three creatures attack me at the same time, screaming and trying to touch me with their nasty little hands. I swing my sword at one of them, and it explodes with yellow liquid, then turns into something like an ugly shaved cat. When I try to swing my sword at it, it jumps out of the way, and my sword slams into the Cornucopia. Then, I see Regan put a knife in the cat mutt’s chest, and it turns back into a baby. Those things are impossible to kill. And although they are mostly harmless, they are so annoying that they make me want to kill myself.

“To the jail! To the jail!” Jalson yells, running. We all follow him, trying to hold the mutts back. When I look behind me, I see more of those ugly creatures ruining our supplies at the cornucopia. This couldn’t be worse.

Maria Ceen (District 6): The Downtown

“Did you hear that?” Matthew (8) asks me, a disturbed look on his face


“The screams from the Cornucopia. The Careers are being attacked by something terrible.”

“Yes. It sounded like a lot of animals are being tortured there.” I reply, “But it is a good thing for us that the Careers are being attacked. They are weakened by the mutt attack, and the Capitol probably isn’t so keen on them if they send mutts after them.”

I want to keep talking, but I realize that Matthew is no longer listening. Instead, he is looking in the distance. Then, when I look in the direction Matthew is looking at, I see something disturbing. It’s a group of cats, but they don’t look normal. Those cats looked like they’ve been cooked over a fire, then buried underground, and laid there for centuries. Their skin is pale and disgusting, and there are worms all over them. Their eyes are red, and they have bright yellow teeth. They are definitely muttations. Then, the cats charge at us.

They touch us with their legs, and try to scratch us. One of the cats starts screaming, and it’s the worst sound I’ve ever heard in my life. I don’t hesitate before swinging my knife at the cat. It hits the creature in the chest, and it explodes with yellow liquid. But then, it starts turning into a creature once again. Now, it’s like an unborn baby, but with bat wings and the same disgusting yellow teeth. This thing makes me want to puke.

“Run!’ I yell to Matthew, and we sprint towards the jail, trying to ignore the despicable creatures. When we get closer to the jail, I hear more screams come from different directions. Oh shoot…

Xavier Liston (District 11): The Jail

“Run! Run!” I yell to my alliance. This couldn’t be worse.

In the morning, me and my allies planned on leaving the jail and going to a huge machinery factory near the jail. Then, when we were almost there, we saw a light beacon, which signaled that the supply tower in the area was refilled. When we got there, Kelia (11) already thought that something was wrong. Apparently, she was right.

As soon as we reached the shrine, it turned black, and weird creatures started appearing everywhere. Some of them looked like babies, and others looked like cats. They were all screaming and attacking us, so we had no choice but to flee towards the jail.”

“Look!” Caitlynne (12) says, “They’re no longer chasing us!”

When I look behind me, I see that the mutts have stopped chasing us, and are now just waiting in the corner. Then, I hear screaming from the left and right from me. The Careers appear to the right. They all look tired, and are chased by those horrible baby things that chased us earlier. Then the 6 and 8 duo appears to the left, followed by the cat mutts.

I finally understand the point of the mutts attacking us. They were meant to bring us together, for a huge fight, which the almighty Capitol would love to watch. Those guys make me sick.

For a couple minutes, we all just stare at each other, until that little fool Maria (6) throws her only knife towards the Careers. Severus (4) ducks, and it goes flying over his head. This is when all the real fighting begins.

Severus and Regan (9) charge at Matthew (8), who stands there, confused. His ally Maria screams for him to run, but it’s too late. Severus has already swung his sword, and it enters Matthew’s chest. BOOM! Severus and Regan start chasing Maria, when the other four Careers run at us.

Caspin (1) runs at Caitlynne, and they are in a knife fight. Analisa (2) charges at me, her katana flying through the air, aimed at my head. I rise my sickle up in defense, and it slams into Analisa’s katana. As we swing our weapons at each other, I already know that it’s going to be a long fight.

Caspin Shimmer (District 1): The Jail

Caitlynne (12) swings her knife towards me, but I duck, and it goes over my head. I’ve played this game with her for quite a while, and she was never able to hit me. What a fool!

Everyone around me seems to be in combat. Jamil (1) is holding off the baby mutts, Severus (4) and Regan (9) are chasing Maria (6) down, Kelia (11) and Jalson (C) are shooting arrows at each other. The leaders of the two alliances, Analisa (2) and Xavier (11) are fighting in the center of the jail, and they seem to be evenly matched.

‘Stop running!” Caitlynne screams wildly, throwing her knife at my face. I sidestep it and smile at her:

“Try better next time!”

I see Analisa (2) charge at the mutts, trying to hold them back, and Jamil charging at Xavier, swinging his axe wildly.

Then, something sudden happens. An arrow comes flying out of nowhere as hits Caitlynne in the head. BOOM! Then, Jalson waves at me, bow in hand, and I know that he just shot Caitlynne. But I don’t blame him for taking my kill, I actually feel… happy for him.

But after a couple seconds, I regret that we even attacked Caitlynne. Xavier runs at me and Jalson, his sickle in one hand and one of Jamil’s axes in the other hand.

“You are dead, b**ch!” Xavier yells, before he throws an axe at Jalson.

The axe starts flying towards one of not many people in this world I care for. The axe which is about to kill the only person I love. I have never loved anybody before, even my parents. But Jalson… he is different. Although he is friends with Analisa who is a jerk, he is a great person, while I’m a monster. HE deserves to win. I don’t.

When the axe is about to hit Jalson, I jump at its path, and the axe slams into my chest.

“Win”, is the only thing I say to Jalson before I black out.

Regan Lee (District 9): The Village

BOOM! The cannon sounds for Caspin. Jalson (C) just stands there in shock, not knowing what to do. Xavier (11) is equally as shocked. Everyone, the Careers, the 11 tributes and even Maria (6) are frozen, waiting for someone to make a first move. And surprisingly, it is the mutts!

All the babies and the cats charge towards us and the other tributes. The tributes from 11 and Maria, run towards the town area, but the mutts don’t chase them. Instead, they go for us.

The whole jail area is soon filled with the disgusting cats and babies, who all scream, fight and attack us. Me and Severus (4) run towards the factory, leaving the other Careers behind. They seem to be doing pretty good. Analisa (2) is leading the group, and they try to get to the Cornucopia.

We keep running until the jail cells disappear from our sight. When I look behind, I see that the mutts are no longer chasing us. Thank God.

“Regan”, Severus says quietly, “We need to talk”

“I’m listening”, I reply nervously

“Regan, after all we’ve been through, I realized…” Severus says nervously, “That I love you. And I did as soon as I saw you fighting Dani in the Bloodbath.”

“I love you too, Severus”, I reply, crying.

And this is when he leans in to kiss me.

Jalson Riveras (The Capitol): The Cornucopia


The girl who saved me from Xavier (11). The one who sacrificed herself for me to have a chance of winning. Whom I have to win for.

Overall, today was a huge failure. We lost Caspin (1), all our supplies in crates are eaten by the mutts, and Regan (9) and Severus (4) are nowhere to be found. I am deep in my thoughts, when a sound booms through the arena.

The Anthem finally begins. The first face to show is Caspin, and tears start rolling down my face when I see her. The next one is Matthew (8), the guy who died in the jail fight, and then Tom (9), which was expected.

He final two faces are Caitlynne (12), the girl I killed, and Ophelia (13), who was insane and got a training score of 10, so her death is pretty surprising. Then, Ophelia’s face darkens.

But as soon as the Anthem is over, trumpets sound and a voice booms through the arena:

“Greetings, tributes! Tomorrow, on midday, there will be a feast at the Cornucopia. But this year, it will be special. To remind the tributes that they have a chance to win the Games no matter where they come from, there will be 14 bags at the Feast, one for each District. In each bag, there will be one item, related to the District's industry. All the items will be extremely helpful throughout the Games. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

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