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    The Roleplay Games

    January 3, 2014 by TheDarkDistrict

    Hey It's Joan and Berry, we are back with our third joint account! The first was abandoned and the second one blocked! This one will probably be deleted soon after the CIA hunt us down and kill us!

    And If you think there are way to many RP games, this one is better than them cause we are gonna have a complete cast, two hosts and they're both checking about fifty times a day to make sure they're active!

    • Do not Godmod. You'll get one warning. (If you're already in Joan's blacklist from previous games, you might be killed without warning by the 'Gamemakers')
    • You make a new post every 10 minutes if nobody replies to your thread.
    • Don't whine if you die, especially if you're killed by the 'Gamemakers'. You risk getting banned from future Roleplay ga…

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