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    Murder Party (yay)

    October 5, 2014 by TheDeadlyOne

    You have been sent an invitation from a really sexy and rich businessman named Adrian Deadleone. The invitation reads:

    "You are invited! To a party that everyone will rave about for 20810832401830418023 years! Well, sorta. 16 of my friends (aka you and 15 other people) are the only ones invited. The party is for me to find out who to leave my fortune to. You see, I'm dying and I have no heir, so I trust one of you will be able to use it for good. I expect your arrival. Time is of the essence, if you want the riches."

    But unfortunately, the simple gathering to choose who Adrian leaves his fortune to becomes a murder mystery. Who's the murderer? Who will get the fortune?

    1. This is an RP thing featuring the users of THG wiki. (duh)
    2. It's kinda like …

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  • TheDeadlyOne

    Le User RP Games!

    December 31, 2013 by TheDeadlyOne

    Ehmmmm, hello guys! This is basically my take on joan's rp games.

    NOTE TO JOAN: Don't get angry at meeeee. People at chat were like forcing meeee. ;-;

    1. You can curse but to a minor extent only.
    2. Post at least once every 24 hours.
    3. Don't bish if you die.
    4. Absolutely no godmodding. If you don't know what that is,

    -It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.

    -It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.

    -It can also be using other characters that other people RP with.


    This is an example from Joan's Games. (He told me to copy/paste so yeah)

    The user must wait until another user postes until she/he postes again whatever the user does must …

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  • TheDeadlyOne

    The 149th Hunger Games

    October 24, 2012 by TheDeadlyOne

    Hey guys! It's me TheDeadlyOne with my 2nd Games! Sorry my first Games were a fail and I had to cancel it.

    1. When making a Tribute please try to make it as interesting as possible.

    2. No cussing.

    3. Give me feedback.

    4. Use this template:






    Appearance: (Must be a Lunaii or physical description)

    Weapon: (Give 1 or 2 only)

    Strengths: (Give 2)

    Weaknesses: (Give 2)

    Fears: (Give 1)

    Interview Angle:

    Bloodbath Strategy:


    Alliance: (can be filled out later)

    5. Up to 3 tributes only!

    Oak Stellane -- the Head Gamemaker of last year's Games goes in the room nervously and a voice from the speaker says, "You sad excuse for a Gamemaker." President Vikram says in a loud and angry voice. "You let 2 Tributes win and now there wil…

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  • TheDeadlyOne


    October 5, 2012 by TheDeadlyOne

    Hi guys! This blog post is to tell you that I, Deaphalia911 have changen my name into TheDeadlyOne. Why? IDK i just felt like it.

    No ruining plans and stalking talk pages! *ehem* Vinny *ehem*

    WEEELLLLLL, That's all!

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  • TheDeadlyOne

    Hi and welcome to the 81st Hunger Games. There will be Reapings, the Chariot rides and of course the Games.

    Sample Tribute Template:




    Weapon of choice:




    3 Tributes each. Thanks and May the odds be in your favor!

    Male: Broedy Mansin ~ 16 (Brocky292)

    Female: Ally Summer ~ 14 (Clove the best)

    Male: Gavin Adams ~ 18 (Zakel)

    Female: McKenna Ecelinti ~ 18 (Pierulesnotyou)

    Male: Bronze Platinum ~ 17 (Zakel)

    Female: Kiki Pommel ~ 16 (Cloveismywife)

    Male: Andy Formale ~ 17 (Clove the best)

    Female:Oceania Sea ~ 15 (Ms.finnickodair)

    Male: Jayce Finbarr ~ 16 (Deaphalia911)

    Female: Amanda Bellcourt ~ 15 (Clove the best)

    Male: Ashton Rashoe ~ 17 (Ms.finnickodair)

    Female: Rose Gratline ~ 14 (Pierulesnotyou)

    Male: Aniko Chop ~ 18 …

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