You have been sent an invitation from a really sexy and rich businessman named Adrian Deadleone. The invitation reads:

"You are invited! To a party that everyone will rave about for 20810832401830418023 years! Well, sorta. 16 of my friends (aka you and 15 other people) are the only ones invited. The party is for me to find out who to leave my fortune to. You see, I'm dying and I have no heir, so I trust one of you will be able to use it for good. I expect your arrival. Time is of the essence, if you want the riches."

But unfortunately, the simple gathering to choose who Adrian leaves his fortune to becomes a murder mystery. Who's the murderer? Who will get the fortune?


  1. This is an RP thing featuring the users of THG wiki. (duh)
  2. It's kinda like Clue.
  3. One user will become the murderer. The murderer shall PM/email me stating his victim. Long story short, the victim dies if the bystanders don't do anything about it.
  4. Another user is the spy. The spy will have access to the information emailed/PM'ed to me by the murderer.
  5. Another other user is the vigilante. The vigilante must choose to take matters into his own hands and shoot someone based on his wits. But, if he chooses incorrectly, he will commit suicide because of the guilt.
  6. The other 13 users are bystanders. They must find out and catch who the murderer is, and most importantly survive.

The Mansion


The Guests


  • Name: (pseudoname. possibly with fake titles. i.e, Dr. Cornelius Hot Pink, M.D.)
  • Codename: (color ONLY i.e, Mr. Hot Pink)

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