If you haven't heard of Waterloo Road, it is a school based drama.


The arena is a remake of the whole school, but the windows and doors are just walls.


Jodie 'Scout' Allen

Tariq Siddiqui

Harley Taylor
Phoenix Taylor
Madi Diamond

Connor Mulgrew

Rhiannon Salt
Imogen Stewart

Madi Diamond

Lula Tsibi
Tom Clarkson
Daniel 'Chalky' Chalk
Micheal Byrne
Sian Diamond
Grantly Budgen
Maggie Croft
Lorraine Donnegan
Jade Fleming
Angus Hancock
Audrey McFall
Christine Mulgrew
Gerad Findlay
Janeece Bryant
Josh Stevenson


Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Micheal Byrne POV -

As the tube rises, I see all of my pupils. They stand with frightened eyes, just like me. There is one empty spot. I scanned to see who was missing. Tariq was missing. He probably couldn't get his wheelchair in the tube. We hear some shouting as a body rises from the tube. It's Tariq's, they threw him out of the wheelchair. They being the Peacekeepers. I have just realised that everybody is at the English department, where most of the supplies are. Gerad has grabbed a knife, and is running towards me. I pick up a blowgun and darts next to me, and send a dart through his neck. BOOM! Screamed the cannon marking Gerad's death. "HA!" I scream. "That will teach you not to fu..." I screamed. I stopped as I realised I was about to die, a knife was coming towards my face.

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