• TheFireJay

    Image Deletion Bot!

    August 30, 2014 by TheFireJay

    A few weeks ago Mia, Wes and I contacted a wikia star to make a bot for us. (Bot) The bot can do multiple things on the wiki such as (moderate chat, remove categories, etc) but the main reason we got one its due to the fact we have over a bunch (1000+ I believe) of unused images on this wiki.

    The reason of this blog is to give the community a notice, starting next week the bot will be deleting every unused image. If you have any (Lunaiis, In Real Lifes, Etc) that are just uploaded, they will get deleted unless you save them somewhere. If you have lunaiis/real lifes/etc you wish to save, put them on your profile or create a sandbox for yourself for them. Here's how your sandbox page should look. ---> User:TheFireJay/sandbox with your username …

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  • TheFireJay

    Chat is not working so I think we shouldn't try to get on it, it just doesn't refresh and kicks you out.

         Jake   What is air when I have you?             06:57, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

    Were using IRC chat till it works agains heres the link

         Jake   What is air when I have you?             07:10, August 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • TheFireJay

    Chat Closed

    July 28, 2014 by TheFireJay

    After recent events chat will be closed, until Mia/Wesley and I come up with new chat rules and improve the old ones.

    That is all.

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  • TheFireJay

    1 Year Blog :)

    June 8, 2014 by TheFireJay

    Heyyy, It has come to the time of being officially, of being on the wiki for 1 year. I want to thank everyone for the fun/interesting chats, skype, snapchats and tinychats we have had. Through chat invasions, and sockpupputs ;o this has been a a great year. Now I want to thank everyone who made this year great for me. (Sorry if I forget you)

    1. Liza
    2. Jay
    3. Kekai
    4. MS. MOON
    5. Claudia
    6. LukE
    7. Kiki
    8. Emma
    9. Erlend
    10. Charlie
    11. Mia
    12. Jade
    13. Annie
    14. Anna
    15. Luke
    16. Toasty
    17. Sam
    18. Joan
    19. Cas
    20. Callam
    21. Chandni 
    22. Adrian
    23. Connor
    24. Miscy
    25. Blake
    26. Eli
    27. Mist

    It's been a blast ^.^

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  • TheFireJay

    The 82nd Hunger Games

    December 14, 2013 by TheFireJay

    To my 1st Games that I will try to complete. After President Vesuvius Volcano found about District Zero, he stated that they will have to compete in the Next Annuel Games.

    1. Two Tributes Per Person
    2. Reserve Last 24 Hours
    3. Minor Swaering
    4. Advice isn't required but is appreciated

    District Name Gender Age Weapon User
    0 Nero Aquanine Male 18 Knives & Axes Charlie
    0 Valerie Moonshine Female 15 Mace Sam
    1 Lorcan Madden Male 13 Throwing Knives Kekai
    1 Clementine Pythorne Female 17 Sickle,Sword & Bow/Arrows Summer
    2 Draven Reaver Male 15 Axe Erlend
    2 Emily Fry Female 18 Dagger Chilly
    3 Justin Hart Male 16 Sword Crtha
    3 Marley Lillis Female 16 Knives & Knuckles Crtha
    4 Marsh Steel Male 18 Sword & Trident Charlie
    4 Mistina Seabreeze Female 14 Knife Emma
    5 Fergus Wishart Male 15 K…

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