Hey Everyone!

A few weeks ago Mia, Wes and I contacted a wikia star to make a bot for us. (Bot) The bot can do multiple things on the wiki such as (moderate chat, remove categories, etc) but the main reason we got one its due to the fact we have over a bunch (1000+ I believe) of unused images on this wiki.

Images Deletion

The reason of this blog is to give the community a notice, starting next week the bot will be deleting every unused image. If you have any (Lunaiis, In Real Lifes, Etc) that are just uploaded, they will get deleted unless you save them somewhere. If you have lunaiis/real lifes/etc you wish to save, put them on your profile or create a sandbox for yourself for them. Here's how your sandbox page should look. ---> User:TheFireJay/sandbox with your username followed with a /sandbox right after.

Image Policy

Please remember we have a Image Policy stating your only allowed to have '5 Non-Hunger Games Related Images On Your Profile' so If anyone is caught breaking this rule you will be warned and your pictures will be deleted. Any non-hunger games images strictly only for comments will be deleted as well.


If you have any questions or concerns comment below!


Burning your bits.Tepig XY 03:34, August 30, 2014 (UTC)

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