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  • My occupation is Using cupcakes to overthrow the prime minister. (It worked last time)
  • I am a girl, the other option is not for me
  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    HI!!! Again!!! Okay, so I have recently become totally obsessed with Shakespeare, so I decided to make a role-playing games, to do with Shakespeare! All you have to do is submit a tribute, from any one of Shakespeares plays. The limit is 4 tributes. There will be double the tributes. I need not any stylists, mentors, escorts or assisting gamemakers, sponsoring the tributes will start after I have half of them. Thank you!

    Character's name:

    District that fits them best:




    Quote from your character:

    I do not need an age. The quote has to be from your character, not the play he/she was in. If your character uses a weapon in the play, please try to find what weapon they used, but you do not need to.

    Name District Weapon Gender Tok…

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  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    Hey people! This is the Muttation Games!! This Role-playing Games has a twist to it, (Hence the title.) In this games, there will be quite a bit of mutts, and if your tribute dies, it will be reincarnated into a mutt. There is another special twist too, but you don't get to know that until the games are over, and a Victor is crowned! I need not mentors, but sponsors and stylists are acceptable.

    Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!!!!!!

    P.S if anyone already had this idea, please tell me, as I don't want to make the idea my own. I'm pretty sure I saw is somewhere.

    Follow this template if you wish to submit a tribute:




    Personality: I need this to be DESCRIPTIVE. not just "shy, quiet and funny." LONG AND DESCRIPTIVE…

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  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    Hey People! I am making a sort of Hunger Games "show" where I have 3 teams, with 5 people on each team. I need you to submit your name and what team you want to be on. It's a first-come first serve service, so if there's already five people on a team, I must ask you to pick a different team.

    Team Rue Team Glimmer Team Clove
    RESERVED Ashie (AshtonMoioLover) Olly (Cato Rocks!)
    Lauren (Rue district11) Prezziesnow9704:)! Emily (Catnipkatniss)
    Elizabeth (Rainfacestar)
    Callam (CallamD97)
    Navy (2legit2quit)
    Joshua (District3Tribute)

    Ari (FinnickisBOSS)

    I will give you challenges, and you must complete them. The team who either gets the lowest score, fails the challenge or does not answer the question right will go through elimination and one person wi…

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  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    Hello everyone, I finally found the time to make role-playing games. I need 24 tributes, 12 mentors, and 12 stylists. Max. 2 tributes per person, max. 1 stylist and/or mentor per person. I also need 1 sponsor per tribute. Have fun and don't get sassy with me if your tribute dies! And I need a paragraph about your tribute's private session so I can score them. I will be the gamemakers, so I need not any gamemakers. May the odds be ever in your favour!









    Training Score: I do this. And no perfection! I'm not allowing perfection in your tribute's private session. It's very unlikley you will ger anything higher than a 10, so don't make your tribute perfect!

    Name Age District Gender Perso…

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  • TheKatnissEverdeen

    Helooooooooooooooooo! Gooooooood afternoon/morning/evening/night/time of day Panem/The Hunger Games Wiki! My name is Jennifer the Awesome Teenager aka The Muffin Queen! I will be your announcer for these games! But first the Comandments of TheKatnissEverdeen/Jennifer's Games…

    These Games are Games of thought. Which means RIDDLES. You must answer the riddles. But…

    1 Thou shalt not google the answers.

    2 Thou shalt not have to make a tribute, as you will be competing as yourself.

    3 Thou shalt admit if you google the answers.

    4 Thou will not be in trouble if you admit. You will only be disqualified but will recive a participation prize.

    5 if you fall/die you will recive a participation prize.

    6 The Victor will recive a Victor's prize.

    7 I need 15 tribut…

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