Okay, Just a note, this is my opinion on what would happen if Prim never got reaped and Katniss and Peeta were never in the Games. That means some people who were dead are alive.

District 1 (Luxury)

Raylene Elzerman

Gender: F

Age: 16

Apperance: Gold, wavy hair, ocean blue eyes, slightly tanned skin. Gorgeous.

Personality: Sweet, kind, violent.

Skills: Disguising her violent side, throwing spears.

Token: Golden locket containing picture of dead sister.

History: Raylene's parents work in the Capitol, so she must provide for her sister and brothers. Raylene's sister, Kiannah, was killed in a crash, but her parents provide them with a large sum of money (about 100-500$), every month, making them some of the wealthiest people in the district.

Weapon: Spear, violent side.

Tybalt Leed

Gender: M

Age: 18

Apperance: Bronze hair, golden eyes, and gold skin. Extremely handsome.

Personality: Vain, selfish, greedy, self-absorbed, air headed.

Skills: Strong, sweet talker (useful for making allies).

Token: Piece of mirror.

History: Tybalt's father was killed in a rebellion, his mother was driven mad, seeing his father die. Tybalt is the breadwinner, providing for his autistic sister Mathaly, twelve year old brother, Cady and insane mother. Volunteered for Cady, as it was his first reaping.

Weapon: Rocks, awls.

District 2 (Masonry)

Lana Frankoe

Gender: F

Age: 17

Apperance: Black Eyes and Hair, pale skin, teribble scars, from suffering smallpox as a baby, fairly ugly.

Personality: Mean, poisonous.

Skills: Carving

Token: Glass shard she found on the border of 2 and 9.

History: Lives alone, abandoned her family at age 10. Volunteered for a girl, recognized by Lana as her sister Lavender, after she volunteered.

Weapon: Chooses to go without.

Fabian Airlowe

Gender: M

Age: 14

Apperance: Blond hair, brown eyes, average

Personality: Friendly, sweet.

Skills: Accurate in throwing knives.

Token: Picture of his girlfriend.

History: Loved by all who knows him, Fabian lives with his father, his mother died before she could have any more children. His girlfriend tried to run after him when he was reaped, Peacekeepers tried to restrain her, she resisted, and started saying hateful things about the Capitol, so they knocked her unconcious. Fabian told the lady that drew their names, the girl they KO'd was his girlfriend, the mayor's daughter Madaliey.

Weapon: Knife, sword, mace.

District 3 (electronics)

Sloan Rillay

Gender: F

Age: 12

Apperance: Shimmery copper hair, blue eyes with orange flecks in them, pretty.

Personality: Quiet, violent, natural.

Skills: Able to identify all sorts of plants and animals, nimble.

History: Sloan's father died when she was born, she lives with her mother, sister and brothers, one of which, Talon, was also reaped. Sloan spends most of her time cataloging plants and animals.

Token: Book of plants and animals.

Weapon: Wits, slingshot.

Talon Rillay

Gender: M

Age: 18

Apperance: Relatively same as sister. (copper hair, deep blue eyes) handsome.

Personality: Open, kind.

Skills: Killer with any weapon. Stealthy.

Token: Sister's gold necklace.

History: Talon tries to get his sister Sloan to be more open, it never works. Sloan and Talon were both reaped.

Weapon: Best with, Swords, blowguns, daggers and whips.

District 4 (fishing)

Ashaya Aguria

Age: 18

Gender: F

Apperance: Chesnut hair, pale blue eyes, tanned, beautiful.

Personality: Kind, can be stuck-up at times.

Skills: Throwing Tridents, making fishhooks.

Token: Sapphire pendant.

History: Ashaya is the mayor;s daughter. She lives in utmost luxury, being a career. She lives with her mother, father, and sister, Kashie, who she volunteered for. Mayor Aguria, looked very approving of her move.

Weapon: Trident.

Murdoche Pennere

Age: 18

Gender: M

Apperance: Amber hair, emerald eyes, tanned skin, Finnick Odair handsome.

Personality: Ladie's man, kind, lovey-dovey.

Skills: Trident throwing.

Token: Picture of entire family.

History:Murdoche lives with his sister, Acadia. His mother died in childbirth, his father commited suicide, wanting to join his wife in Heaven.

Weapon: Trident.

District 5 (power)

Maylanne Mabee

Age: 17

Gender: F

Apperance:Scarlet corkscrew curls, sea blue eyes, soft pale skin, youthful

Personality: Comedic, loveable, kind.

Skills: Quick, nimble.

Token: An ivory dog her father made.

History: Maylanne has many admirers, particularly Ainslee Boane, the boy who was reaped. She lives with her father.

Weapon: Snares, nets, rocks, slingshots.

Ainslee Boane

Age: 17

Gender: M

Apperance: Blond hair, topaz eyes, handsome.

Personality: Kind.

Skills: Throwing!

Token: Scrap of leather from his father's best jacket.

History: Ainslee lives with his father, mother, and sisters. He admires Maylanne Mabee, the girl who was reaped.

Weapon; Rocks, throwing knives, throwing axes. Anything you can throw.

District 6 (transportation)

Kay Bliss

Age: 14

Gender: F

Apperance: Black hair, black eyes, average.

Personality: Usually keeps to herself.

Skills: Strong.

Token: A peice of metal she got from her workplace, that her father engraved with her name.

History: Kay's family –Her mother and father and 7 sisters and brothers– need money desperately, so Kay has a job helping pushing buses out of the factory, after their made, which makes her strong.

Weapon: Blowgun.

Leigh Lee

Age: 14

Gender: M

Apperance: Auburn hair, green, average.

Personality: Keeps to himself.

Skills: Leigh is strong.

Token: A heart shaped key Kay gave him.

History: Leigh lives at the factory, allowed by Peacekeepers, he works with Kay, pushing buses, they talk to each-other, they are both strong.

Weapon: Throwing knives.

District 7 (lumber)

Rhea Minstron

Age: 12

Gender: F

Apperance: Dark skin, long, black hair, youthful, pretty.

Personality: Friendly, happy.

Skills: She is skilled with axes ( like all District 7'ers).

Token: A wooden axe she made Elly, but Elly gave back during their one visit before the Games.

History: Rhea has no brothers, she helps cut down trees with her father. Her mother stays at home and helps with her sisters. Though Rhea's little sister Elly often comes with her to the lumberyard.

Weapon: Axe, hatchet.

Heighley Rynherte

Age: 13

Gender: M

Apperance: Freckley, brown hair.

Personality: Happy, friendly, usually tired.

Skills: Average District 7 person skills. (axes.)

Token: A ruby Brise found.

History: Friends with Rhea, the female tribute, they both cut trees, and teach their younger siblings how to. Heighley teaches his sister Brise, with his mother and father. Heighley has one other sister and a brother. Dustin is his sister, and Kimberly is his brother.

Weapon: Axe.

District 8 (textiles)

Randie Skieder

Age: 17

Gender: F

Apperance: Blond hair with blue highlights, blue eyes, pretty.

Personality: Tired, friendly.

Skills: Good with spears.

Token: Her favourite spearhead, a jade one.

History: Randie works at a factory making Peacekeeper uniforms, she works beside 2 friends, and her sister, Orianna, who she volunteered for. She collects spearheads.

Weapon: Spear.

Shannon Peron

Age: 16

Gender: M

Apperance: Dark eyes, and hair, average.

Personality: Selfless

Skills: Killer accurate with a slingshot.

Token: A thankyou card from someone he gave money to.

History: Shannon is the mayor's son, he is thilthy rich (compared to the other citizens of 8) so he shares his wealth with the residents that are in the most poverty.

Weapon: Spear.

District 9 (grain)

Audrey Bennet

Age: 15

Gender: F

Apperance: Red hair, topaz eyes, pretty.

Personality: Fun, loves to sing.

Skills: Good with any thing witha sharp edge.

Token: A note from her father to her mother before they were married.

History: Audrey loves singing, when she starts singing, all the people near her do to. All of the people that know she exists love her, she lives with her mother, father, and brother.

Weapon: Best with a dagger.

Blak Jemm

Age: 17

Gender: M

Apperance: Blond hair and green eyes. Average.

Personality: Not like his name at all. Fun, happy.

Skills: Camoflage, good with awls.

Token: Lyrics to Audrey's favourite song.

History: Blak has a crush on his fellow tribute, Audrey. He always works by her, but she never seems to notice him. Blak lives with his mother and sister.

Weapon: Awl.

District 10 (livestock)

Isla Bryslyn

Age: 16

Gender: F

Apperance: Brown-blond hair, blue eyes, average.

Personality: Quiet.

Skills: Able to set snares that can kill in seconds.

Token: A small stained glass sun.

History: Isla lives with her sister and father, her father works, breeding goats. She is quite rich, as her father's goats are bred well, and requested all over the districts and Capitol.

Weapon: Axe, sword.

Stone Elemane

Age: 18

Gender: M

Apperance: Auburn hair, blue eyes, average.

Personality: Tough, unfriendly.

Skills: Knives.

Token: A smooth, black stone.

History:Orphaned before his parents could have any more children, Stone lives on the streets, and begs.

Weapon: Knives.

District 11 (agriculture)

Adabelle MacBeth

Age: 16

Gender: F

Apperance: Black Hair, hazel eyes, dark skin average.

Personality: Violent, happy, optimistic.

Skills: Daggers, nets, whips, blowguns. Very accurate with a bow and arrow.

Token: A jade apple, given to her by the orchard as a good-luck charm.

History: Adabelle works in the orchards, and often takes them to the Capitol, which is a great privilege. She lives with her mother, father, three sisters and brother. She has a major crush on her district partner.

Weapon: Dagger, net, whip and blowgun.

Shale Fakadde

Age: 18

Gender: M

Apperance: Long black hair, usually in a ponytail, brown eyes, dark skin, handsome.

Personality: Friendly, violent, caring.

Skills: Blowguns, exeptional with throwing knives, very accurate with a bow and arrow.

Token: An amber apple, given to him as a good-luck charm.

History: Shale works in the same orchard as Adabelle, little to his knowledge, she loves him, and looks up to him. He lives with his sister, mother and father, his other sister Hayzele, was turned into an Avox. Shale enjoys being around Adabelle, for she remids him of his Avox sister, though he doesn't have a crush on her.

Weapon: Throwing knives, blowguns and bows and arrows.

District 12 (coal mining)

Starlin Evans

Age: 17

Gender: F

Apperance: Dark brown hair, usually braided, Seam grey eyes, pretty.

Personality: Friendly to her family and friends (she has very few), relatively unfriendly to anyone else.

Skills: Exeptionaly accurate with a bow and arrow.


History: Starlin hunts with her friends, Peisha and Harpor, neither were reaped. Starlin's father was killed in a mining accident, when the walls of the mine collapsed, killing 23. She lives with her sister, brother and mother.

Weapon: Bow and arrow.

Haidin van Astier

Age: 17

Gender: M

Apperance: Blond hair and blue eyes. attractive.

Personality: Friendly, open.

Skills: Doesn't really practice anything, but is good with camoflage, and strong.

Token: A small clock placed in chesnut wood.

History: Haidin is the baker's son. He is a middle child. His mother hates him, but his father admires him, over his sisters. One is too old for the Reaping, one is too young. He helps his father with the bakery. Though unoticed by her, he crushes on Starlin.

Weapon: Anything useful to him at the time.

Reaping POV's

District 1

Raylene Elzerman's POV

I walk with my sister, Alaura, to the twelve-year-old section. I drop her off, and say "Laurie, it'll all be alright." "Raylene, will I get reaped?" Alaura asks me, on the verge of tears. "No, your name was only entered once. The odds are completely in your favour. Remember, if I get reaped, I'm coming back." I reassure her. She nods her head, understanding, I'm telling her I'm gonna win if I get reaped. I walk to the sixteen-year-old section and stand beside my best friend, Alizabeth. I see Alaura holding hands with Pepper, Alizabeth's sister. "How many tesserae?" She asks. "Just one." I say. I see Tybalt Leed flirting with some girls, Alizabeth and I start rolling our eyes and laughing at the girls stupidity and Tybalt's air-headedness. "Now shut up, she's talking." I'm talking about the Capitol lady that's drawing our names. She looks like an orange. "Quiet down, District One." She says, way too enthusiastic. "Now as tradition goes, I will draw the ladies first." She giggles. Alizabeth squeezes my hand, I squeeze her's back. The lady picks up the slip of paper. It's not Alaura's name, not Ailzabeth's, not Pepper's. She said, "Raylene Elzerman." I'm frozen with fear. My face has no colour. I'm cutting off the blood circulation to Alizabeth's hand. I let go and step out. I walk between four Peacekeepers. I step up onto the stage. And she begins to draw the boy tribute. I can see my family crying.

Tybalt Leed's POV

I'm leading Mathaly to the place for the too-young kids. I see a bunch of girls talking and pointing at me. I smile and wink, they start smiling and talking among themselves, they're all my age, so once Mathaly is with mom, I walk over and start flirting with some girls, some are what I like in a girl. I'm particularly looking at this one girl, but she's rolling her eyes. The Capitol lady is drawing the girls name, It's "Raylene Elzerman." The girl who I was looking at walks up on the stage. She's clenching fists. I can tell she's holding back tears. I see a girl, hugging her brothers, they're all crying. Then the lady draws the boy tribute. It's not my name, but it's my brother's. Cady Leed. I run up to the trembling twelve year old. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!" I yell at the top of my voice. Cady steps back, and I walk up to the stage. "What's your name honey?" The Capitol lady asks, in a Capitol Accent. "Tybalt Leed." I answer. "Well? Shake hands!" She tells Raylene and I, We shake. "District One, I give you your tributes for the 112 Hunger Games!" The lady takes our hands and raises them. We wave and smile at the crowd. I see my sister smiling. My insane mother is crying. Cady is crying and smiling at the same time.

District 2

Lana Frankoe's POV

I'm sitting in my section, twidling the glass shard I found. I look at the girls in the sections. One looks like me. Except without the scars. She's fifteen. I stand up when they start drawing names. Our lady looks like someone dropped a rainbow on her. She gives a long speech about the Dark Days and blah blah blahse blah. Some girl pulls my hair, I hiss, "Shut up! You've seen me before Sheela." Sheela is the snobby mayor's daughter. I sit as far away as possible from her in school. I get up and tell her to her face that I live alone because my parents were abusive and cruel. The rainbow chick draws the girl tribute. " I wanna die. I'll volunteer even if it's Sheela." I think. " Lavender Frankoe." I'm running up to volunteer. I do. I go up on stage. "Name?" "Lana Frankoe." "I bet my estate that's your sister." I hesitate. "Y-yes." I stammer. I recognize her as my sister, not just by her name, but I remember holding her when she was a baby.

Fabian Airlowe's POV

Ahh... Reaping day. I'm walking with Madaliey to the section where she stands. I hop over to the other side and get in my section. There's a girl, older than me, sitting in the seventeen-year-old section. Her dress is black and torn. She looks like Madaliey, except Madaliey doesn't have scars, and her dress is yellow with blue and pink flowers. Sheela, Madaliey's sister, is teasing the girl that looks like Madaliey. The Capitol lady is dressed like a rainbow. She's drawing the girl tribute, Lavender Frankoe. The scarred girl volunteers. She says her name is Lana Frankoe. The girl's sister. They are drawing the boy tribute "Fabian Airlowe." Me. One entry. She drew me. I walk out of the area and Madaliey runs out. "Fabian! FABIAN!" She calls, She's saying hateful things about the Capitol now. A Peacekeeper takes out an expandable baton and smacks Madaliey in the head. She falls to the ground, but she's still alive. I walk up to the stage. "Do you know that girl?" The rainbow lady asks. "Yes. She's the mayor's daughter. Madaliey." There's a gasp and muttering from the crowd. The mayor cares a lot for his daughters, and that Peacekeeper's not gonna be alive tomorrow. Garunteed. Infact they're dragging the Peacekeeper towards the gallows right now. Madaliey's being taken to the hospital. "Where are they taking that Peacekeeper?" Rainbow lady asks. "Him? To the gallows." Lana said. "Oh. Shake hands!" We shake. "District two your tributes." She says and rushes off. Lana and I look at each other and follow.

Distirct 3

Sloan Rillay's POV

I'm clutching my plant and animal book. Tilly, my sister, is walking me to my section. I say I don't need to be walked, I've seen the reapings before. "No. I'm old enough to stand with mom now, you just turned old enough to be in the Reaping. There's rumors going around that they've rigged the Reapings." Tilly protects. I roll my eyes. "Bye Tilly!" I say and run off. Tilly looks angry, but she's way overprotective. I step inside the rope. A lady that looks almost normal, except for her cerulean and gold hair. She says her name's Brielle Iylse, and that she will draw the girl tribute shortly. I stand beside my friend Lyzbeth, "What's the newest addition to your book?" she asks. "Jabberjays. Remember learning about them?" "Oh yeah." The girl with cerulean hair starts talking "Okay District 3! Ladies first..." I'm shaking, but I can't let Tilly see I'm scared. "... Sloan Rillay." I find myself running to the stage. I run up. I realize I'm smiling, I'm exited. "We've got an exited contender today District 3! Let's draw the male..."

Talon Rillay's POV

I'm in the rope, Sloan's running away from Tilly. My friends are laughing along with me at Tilly's look. The Capitol lady that's drawing our names, looks like Cinna, the District 12 stylist. Just a little Capitol flare, cerulean and gold hair. "Good day District three. My name is Brielle Iylse, and I will draw the District tributes. The female tribute will be drawn in about one minute." Miss Brielle says. I talked to Irvin, my friend and say we're lucky that we don't have the District 2 lady. "Shush up. I will draw the female now..." I'm nervous for Sloan "…Sloan Rillay." Oh my God. That's what I'm thinking. My smiling sister runs up to the stage. Her smile leaves everyone in confusion. "We've got an exited contender today District 3! Let's draw the male…" I'm nervous for me now. "…Talon Rillay." What are the odds. A brother and sister, with no volunteers. I find myself running and smiling, like Sloan. "I bet you two are sister and brother." Says Brielle. "Yes." I say. We shake anyways. "Come. Follow me." We follow Brielle.

District 4

Ashaya Aguria's POV

I walk down the path to the 15 year-old section and stand beside my twin sister. Kashie. The Capitol lady is freakish and talks fast. "Okay District 4. I will now draw the female tribute!" She says but doesn't do. Her ugly red and purple dress and headdress are flowing in the breeze. She finally walks over to the reaping ball, but doesn't draw. "Get on with it Marissa!" my dad shouts from the stage. "Oh fine. The female competing in the 112 anual Hunger Games is Kashie Aguria." Kashie's walking out, looking very calm and collected. I can tell she's about to burst into tears. Before she can shed a single tear, I step out. There are Peacekeepers coming at me. "I volunteer." I barely whisper. "Speak up." my father mouths. "I volunteer as tribute." I yell so that all of District 4 can hear. Kashie is smiling now, and crying, but they're tears of joy. I can tell she's thankful and greatful. I walk to the stage and the ugly Capitol lady named Marissa asks my name. "Ashaya Aguria." I tell her. "And the Male competing in the 112 anual Hunger Games is..."

Murdoche Pennere's POV

I'm flirting with some girls, they're all pretty, but I'm focused on this one girl, the mayor's daughter, Ashaya, she doesn't notice me. We all go quiet, "Okay District 4 I will now draw the female tribute." She says it, but doesn't do it. What a bockhead. I continue to flirt with the girls. I can see my little sister Acadia laughing with her friends, She's a really nice person, no wonder she has so many friends. She waves at me I wave back. The Capitol lady walks over to the reaping ball, but gets distracted and starts chatting with a the Head Peacekeeper, Elivra Carltone. Mayor Aguria shouts at her to get on with it, revealing her name is Marissa. Marissa draws the name, It's Kashie Aguria, Mayor Aguria's other daughter. Ashaya Aguria, steps out and volunteers. She walks up to the stage, and says her name. Marissa draws the male tribute's name... It's mine. I walk up to the stage and stand up there beside Ashaya. "Shake hands tributes!" We shake and follow Marissa off the stage.

District 5

Maylanne Mabee's POV

I'm at my home with my father, he's getting on his best clothes. I'm waiting for him in the kitchen. He finally comes out, with his favourite ivory sculpture, a little dog. "Maylanne, take the dog. It's good luck." I take the dog "Thanks dad." I say. We begin walking to the Justice Building, he stops with all the other adults, I walk on to my section. I stand with my friend Majory. She says the lady that's drawing our names is originally from District 7. The suprisingly normal lady tells us her name is Misti. She's pretty, and she lives in the Capitol, and my dad's been trying to get a job there, and move. He's getting luckier but Misti might just be his path to success. She tells us the female tribute will be drawn now. Her straight brown hair flows behind her. She picks up a slip of paper, "Maylanne Mabee." Four Peacekeepers, including my Majory's sister Starr comes toward me. I know they know where I am because Starr's there. I walk out, and as I walk past the parents, I smile at my dad. He's on the verge of tears, but I haven't seen him cry since my mother died 10 years ago. I stand on stage and wait paitently until she draws the male. I suddenly see some girl give me a sour look. It's Majory.

Ainslee Boane's POV

I'm peeking through my crush, Maylanne Mabee's window. She looks more beautiful than ever she's wearing a pale sky blue dress, and her scarlet hair in a matching ribbon. I walk to the Justice Building, and stand where all the 17-year-olds stand. I stand by my friend Emerson. He starts talking about Maylanne, so I listen in. "Supposedly she's gonna move to the Capitol with her daddy." He says. "She'd be free of the Games." I reply. But we wouldn't. I'm looking at her in her rope, beside her friend. The girl from the Capitol is apparently from District 7, she's pretty, and her name suits her, Misti. She says she's going to draw the female tribute. She picks up a slip of paper and says the name on it. "Maylanne Mabee." Maylanne walks up, looking as collected as can be. She's on the satge, and Misti draws the male name. "Ainslee Boane." I walk up to the stage as fast as the Peacekeepers will allow. "Well District 5, these are your tributes." The District claps. Maylanne and I shake hands and follow Misti off stage.

Distict 6

Kay Bliss's POV

I'm at home, helping the little ones get ready for the reaping. It's Tasie's first reaping. I'm helping her get dressed. I'm already dressed, a white tunic, and blue tights, and lavender ribbon in my hair. Isla, my other sister is helping mom with pressing her dress. It's almost a miracle we can afford an iron. We only can because of my pointless job. We acctually get some money because my job is that pointless. We walk to the Justice Building, and I help Tasie go to her section. I walk to mine. I stand closest to the edge, so I can talk to my friend, Leigh Lee. He comes in, so we start talking about how ridiculous our job is. "Why can't they just drive the buses out?" Leigh jokes. "Because none of them can drive!" I say back. We're best friends, because we have a lot in common, we both have Asian heritage, and we both have the same job to name a few. I see the Capitol lady coming on stage, her name, "Hello my name is Bloss, I will draw the names today." She has hair the colour of a carrot top, and carrot orange tunic and tights. She looks like a carrot. "I will draw the female now. And the lucky lady competing in the 112 Hunger Games is Kay Bliss! Come on up here sweetie." I walk up, or rather skip. Bloss draws the boy.

Leigh Lee's POV

My favourite Peacekeeper, Godiva, is helping me get ready for the reaping. "Leigh. I want you to wear this." It's a white dress shirt, and black pants. "Why Godiva?" I ask her. "It was my son's." I remember. Godiva's son was stabbed in the heart in the 110th Hunger Games, a few years ago by a career who got decapitated minutes later by my friend Kay's married sister, Skylark. Who lives in Victors Village with her husband and daughter, Benjamyn and Shayley. I put on the stuff, and walk to the Jusitce Building with Godiva. She's as beautiful as Aphrodite, who I learned about in school. I wave goodbye to Godiva and go to my section, and start talking to Kay Bliss. She looks gorgeous, her hair tied back in a piece of lavender ribbon. We start joing about our jobs, that they give us for no good reason. The Capitol lady anounces her name is Bloss. She looks like she evolved from a carrot into a human. I tune out for a moment, but I hear, "The lucky lady competing in the 112 Hunger Games is Kay Bliss! Come on up here sweetie." Kay skips up, calm and collected. Bloss picks up a slip of paper from the glass ball holding ten of my names. "And the lucky boy competing in the 112 Hunger Games is Leigh Lee! Come up sweetheart." I walk up, just a bit shaky. Bloss takes our hands and raises them, "District 6 your tributes!" I realize finally this is a death sentence for both Kay and me. If I die, I want to die with Kay.

District 7

Rhea Minstron's POV

Elly, Nella and Koby are brushing their hair, Mama is giving me a beautiful dress, that she wore to her first reaping. It's a lovely shimmery auburn colour, with pearly buttons. I put it on, and mother gives me a big hug. I fasten Elly's button, and walk to the Justice Building. I stand in the twelve year old section, and fiddle with Elly's wooden axe. She gave me it for good luck at the reaping. The Capitol lady comes out, she looks like a female warrior. Her name's Ballista, I recognize her from last year. "Hello District 7. I will draw your female tribute right now." Ballista walks over to the ball and picks out a name. "Rhea Minstron." I walk up to the stage with great confidence in myself that I will win. And I will.

Heighley Rynherte's POV

"Rhea Minstron." I watch the little girl go up to the stage.

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