Helooooooooooooooooo! Gooooooood afternoon/morning/evening/night/time of day Panem/The Hunger Games Wiki! My name is Jennifer the Awesome Teenager aka The Muffin Queen! I will be your announcer for these games! But first the Comandments of TheKatnissEverdeen/Jennifer's Games…

The Comandments/Rules

These Games are Games of thought. Which means RIDDLES. You must answer the riddles. But…

1 Thou shalt not google the answers.

2 Thou shalt not have to make a tribute, as you will be competing as yourself.

3 Thou shalt admit if you google the answers.

4 Thou will not be in trouble if you admit. You will only be disqualified but will recive a participation prize.

5 if you fall/die you will recive a participation prize.

6 The Victor will recive a Victor's prize.

7 I need 15 tributes.

* Thank you IKayla for this idea. And the red hair dye.


The Tributes that will DIE. I mean Tributes.
Tribute/User Status
Joekeybladeaura Fallen
District3Tribute Living
Jsm13athome Fallen
Rainfacestar Living
IKayla Fallen
Shadow Seer Living
Tommyboy97 Fallen
FHT Living
DragonThinker Living
Tothedoom Living
QuinnQuinn Fallen
Italicos Living









Bloodbath Time!!

Okay tributes! I officialy have enough of you! Only a matter of time before one of you is left standing. They die so fast...

Okay now to the riddle!

What goes up and down at the same time, but doesn't move?

This is your bloodbath riddle so it should be pretty easy. Just try not to die, or google the answers. Please don't google the answers!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Time Period

Hello! I just realized some thing. I need a specific time period for you to answer your riddles!


You have 3 days starting today! (May 12 2012)

Day One Riddle

Because I've been (and still am) sick with a really bad headache, everyone is alive. Okay so you all wanted it harder right? Well I'll make it harder!! The riddle for day one is...

My life can be measured in hours, in which I am devoured. Thin I am quick, fat I am slow, wind is my foe. What am I?

Sorry I haven't updated sooner!

May the odds be ever in your favour!!

The Fallen:






The odds were not in your favour. Sorry!

Day 2 Riddle (yay!)

Okay I've decided to not be lazy and acctually update this thing. Your next riddle is...

The beginning of eternity,

the end of time and space,

the beginning of every end,

and the end of every race.

This is my all time favourite riddle, I asked it in class today and no-one got it! You should read it over a few times.

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