Hey People! I am making a sort of Hunger Games "show" where I have 3 teams, with 5 people on each team. I need you to submit your name and what team you want to be on. It's a first-come first serve service, so if there's already five people on a team, I must ask you to pick a different team.

Team Rue Team Glimmer Team Clove
RESERVED Ashie (AshtonMoioLover) Olly (Cato Rocks!)
Lauren (Rue district11) Prezziesnow9704:)! Emily (Catnipkatniss)
Elizabeth (Rainfacestar) Callam (CallamD97)
Navy (2legit2quit) Joshua (District3Tribute)
Ari (FinnickisBOSS)

I will give you challenges, and you must complete them. The team who either gets the lowest score, fails the challenge or does not answer the question right will go through elimination and one person will be eliminated.

The elimination process is I will ask that team a question and whoever does not answer right is eliminated.

People Who have spots reserved:

Mysims (Glimmer or Rue)

Unamed Person(Rue)

Challenge 1

Will be revealed when I have all the contestants.

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