aka Harvey Free

  • I live in District 4
  • I was born on July 12
  • My occupation is Tribute
  • I am Male
  • TheLonelyMockingJay

    This is the story of Harvey Free D4 male tribute in the zombie apocolipse.

    My name is Harvey Free and i may be the last man alive.

    I´ve been on the move for so long, running from those things, Those monsters that used to be human. They were bakers, programmers, teachers, neighbors. Now they sniff the air like wolves and their dead eyes watching endlessly for their prey. Me.

    I´m down to a few supplies and my trusty wrench. i´m so tired but i have to get to the city before nightfall.

    I´m not alone! I finally made it to district 4, and was so excited that i almost got myself killed on my way to their fort. They´ve walled off 4 blocks of the city, but they dont know what to do next. i´ve decided to join them, lead them, to put my foot down here an…

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  • TheLonelyMockingJay

    Hey guys!

    I have noticed that around the wiki other users are using my (and my tributes) Last name "Free"

    Ex: D7 stylist Ashley Free

    I think its really cool but please ask me before using them!

    if you find any please post a link in the comments!

    Keep the mockingJay Flying!

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  • TheLonelyMockingJay

    Hey guys!

    I will not be on here or updateing the Free Games because my Dad took my computer that has my stuff on it and im stuck with this REALLY old computer that really frustrates me! AHHHHHHH

    Anyway sorry about the deley that there will be in the Free games and that i have seen your tributes and i will add them next week.


    I got my computer back yay!

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  • TheLonelyMockingJay

    These Games Are being Discontinued I'm sorry to all those who entered but i have left this wiki. I'm sorry.

    This is my first hunger games so I hope it does well!

    Tribute name:





    Aperance:(Please add an avatar if you have one)



    Name of mentor:

    District Sex Name Age Apperance Mentor Training Score
    1 Male Arran Harthorn 16 Quite handsome, Short blond hair that flops to the right. Dazziling green eyes. Muscular but skinny. Andy. 7/12
    1 Female Priscilla Vireo 17 Blonde, cute, pretty John

    2 Male Troy ventura 17 He has a "normal" apperance, spiky brown hair and dark brown eyes, he is tall and quite muscular. Andy 12/12
    2 Female Thalia Combe 16 Dark long brown hair, blue eyes and porcleain white skin Catnip…

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