This is the story of Harvey Free D4 male tribute in the zombie apocolipse.

January 17th 2084

My name is Harvey Free and i may be the last man alive.

I´ve been on the move for so long, running from those things, Those monsters that used to be human. They were bakers, programmers, teachers, neighbors. Now they sniff the air like wolves and their dead eyes watching endlessly for their prey. Me.

I´m down to a few supplies and my trusty wrench. i´m so tired but i have to get to the city before nightfall.

January 21st 2084

I´m not alone! I finally made it to district 4, and was so excited that i almost got myself killed on my way to their fort. They´ve walled off 4 blocks of the city, but they dont know what to do next. i´ve decided to join them, lead them, to put my foot down here and stop running.

Taking back this city is going to be challenging, but we´re prepared to do what it takes to reclaim this place in the name of humanity.

Today we begin to rebuild.

Day 1

They have maneged to wall off 4 blocks of D4. A suburb with 2 small houses ( where i am currantly living), A Two floor apartment, A police station with with basic weapons and three police cars with no gas and a Farm.

There are 6 survivers including me. Three soldiers, Mohammed Henderson, Sam Young and Valentino Martin.One scavenger called Raphael Campbell and one Builder Calham black (To who i have given my luckey Wrench).

We have 50 food stockpiled with the farm producing and extra 3 every day. We are losing 3 food every day so if we want more people to join us we will need to either send out some scavengers to get food or rebuild another farm house.

Currantly there are 16 zombies surrounding our Fort. To the south there is a mall that we could reclaim to help with the defense. There is a farm to the North east of us so we will try and reclaim it.

Missons: i am sending Raphael and the three soldiers to The near by farm to scavenge for food and weapons, but there are two zombies there but i dont think it will be a problem.

Me and Calem Black are going to the suburb to try and recruit a survivor.

Day 2

Raphael Met a scruffy, hungry looking pooch while scavenging. Despite her scrawniness the old girl had so much energy it cheered us right up. We named her Marmaduke. Since Raphael Found her he can keep her considering they seem to like each other. they also found 17 food.

Our recruitment was a success! This scientist Ryder Butler was so desparate for some solid walls between him and the zombies, he just about jumped into our arms Welcome aboard!

Missions: We are sending Raphael And Marmaduke to get the rest of Ryders Supplies from the suburbs.

Sam and Valentino are going to The farm house to kill the zombies there.

Me and Mahammed are going to the church to recruit two survivors.

Calham Black is going to scout the mall. Ryder Is staying in the base today as it would be unfair to send him out after he just got here.

Day 3

Scavenged for supplies: Thank god for beef jerky. It´s the first real meat i´ve eaten in three months. Cocktail wieners don´t count.

Recruitment Failed: The woman we were trying to recruit wouldnt lower her gun the entire time we talked to her. said she isn´t convinced its safe at the fort and that she would be better of by herself. maybe we will try again later.

Mall Scouted: The mall looks like a shitty place to live, but there is at least one guy trying to do that. we should invite him to join us and give him deceent digs. there is some food there as well.

Sam and valentino still havent returned from they´re zombie killing mission.

Missions: Me and Raphael are going to the mall we scouted to recruit the man there.

Mohammed, Ryder and Calham get the day off.


Day 4

21 Zombies attacked our fort. Another easy victory thanks to some well placed traps. Its a good thing there were people at the fort.

Zombies Killed: Zombies love fireworks. I saw this in a film once and it really works! The buggers just stand there gaping at the sky mezmorized, making them easy picking.

Recruitment success: Always good to have another scientist to help out. Claudio Carmel seems pretty handy and eager to get to work.

Calham Black is going to the Farm to reclaim it, but it will take four days.

I have been thinking. We should start looking for a Lab for our scientists so that we can resurch Zombie vitals or radio or electricity.

Missions: Black Reclaiming the Farm.

Raphael, Sam and marmaduke are going back to the mall to get Claudios supplies.

Two survivors have been spoted at the church but they have no food and the zombies are starting to surround them so I am going in to recruit them.

Valentino and Mahummed are going to clean out the suburbs to the north.

Claudio Carmel is going to scout the church. And Ryder is going scouting at the All-Mart, leaving nobody at the Fort.

Day 5

Survivors Spotted! There is a group of people camped out in the church. They´ve got enough food for now but without our help i dont know how long they will last.

Recruitment success: I met a scientist in the church. He agreed to come with us but on the condition that his husband come with him two. The Gay couple are Billiam and Diego Fisher. Billiam is a Scientist and Diego is A builder. We now have no more space for survivors.

Scavenged for supplies: Found a little bonus in the mall: Two boxes of old 1980s porno mags. This should keep the boys entertained though it seems that mostly all these girls had going for them was their hair. Morale increased after this along with 8 food.

Ryder reported back from his scouting mission and said " There is a shit ton of food in the AllMart. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it."

Our food stockpile is at 67 but we are losing 7 food every day but after our scavengers get that food from the AllMart food wont be a problem for quite a while.

Missions: Raphael, Sam and Marmaduke are heading to the AllMart to get the supplies and will be back tommorow.

Billiam, Claudio, Ryder and diego are scouting on the outside of the Fort, while i stay on guard duty.


23 Zombies attacked but the fort held. I had to get my hands dirty this time, but nobody was Killed. We killed 3 Zed but the rest fled.

Day 6

Zombies killed: Valentino reports that he saw a hoarde of zed coming for the fort so him and the boys took a few down. Good thing too because if there had been more i dont think i could have stopped them.

AllMart Scavenged: We dug up some sweet loot at the AllMart. 17 food and an awesome cowboy hat. That Just earned Sam a place as a leader and a scavenger.

Survivors spotted: Claudio-"I scouted the big farm and was suprised to find people there! They were aggro so i left them alone, but they are probubly just as scared as everyone else.

I have Decided that seen as we have no more space for survivors that the least we can do is clear out the zombies around them so they can at least sleep in peace.

Missions: Raphael, Same and marmaduke are going to the big farm but i have given them weapons just in case.

Muhammed and Valentino are Killing zombies at the hospital. We are also hoping to reclaim it and reaserch a Anti-Zombie Medicine.

The three scientists are going to scout the lab to the east of out fort. they hope to find something there.

Me and Diego get the day off and will spend it in the fort.


21 Zombies attacked the fort but it held. Zed made a mess out there but we both kept our cool. We killed 5 Zed in total.

Day 7

Scavenged The Big Farm: 15 food and we found at treat. Mash potatoes with gravey,Roast Turkey and Pudding. Of course it will be cold because we have no electricity but you cant be picky.

Survivors spotted: Claudio " I met some stray survivors living at the farm. They were scared as hell and wanted to stay put but i bet Harvey Or one of the other Leaders could recruit them."

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