• TheManOfGold

    (This page hold the Interviews and the Training Sessions. In advance, I'm aware their are little Edit symbols next to the subtitles and the formatting is wacked out but I've tried to move the info so many times and it won't work so I really don't care anymore. I'm also aware that just as my Games actually start, another 125th Hunger Games appears LOL. I do understand though, I was inactive for quite a while)

    “Okay honeydarling! Welcome to the 5th Quarter Quell, the 125th Annual Hunger Games, very own Interview Session! Unlike the other years, we’ll be doing the Interviews first, then the Training Scores. President Darklan believes this better suits the New Age beliefs and allows us to get a better sense of our lucky tributes!” Frenzie, this…

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  • TheManOfGold

    125th Hunger Games

    June 15, 2014 by TheManOfGold

    Darklan Is Your Destiny

    The usual, no troll characters or overpowered characters. Some explicit content will be included within the Games, teenagers are teenagers! Characters should be creative, but don't need a crazy background, most tributes are average civilians. You must stay active! You can stay active by suggesting "Realizations" for your tribute (basically giving me a suggestion on what your tribute should do next) or by cheering tributes on. Along with this, you can comment what you predict will happen next. I want activity and community not spam, being active will pay off! You might get an advantage towards the end of the Games! There is no tribute limitReservations will be held for 2 days. First come first serve basis. Inactivity…

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