Darklan Is Your Destiny


The usual, no troll characters or overpowered characters. Some explicit content will be included within the Games, teenagers are teenagers! Characters should be creative, but don't need a crazy background, most tributes are average civilians. You must stay active! You can stay active by suggesting "Realizations" for your tribute (basically giving me a suggestion on what your tribute should do next) or by cheering tributes on. Along with this, you can comment what you predict will happen next. I want activity and community not spam, being active will pay off! You might get an advantage towards the end of the Games! There is no tribute limitReservations will be held for 2 days. First come first serve basis. Inactivity will cause your tribute to have an unfortunateuntimely death. If you would like you can submit Mentors and Escorts too.

There will be no Interviews or Training Center POVs. I will jump straight into the Games!

This template is preferred but similar templates will be sufficient:



District (C-14)


Appearance (Lunaii):

Strengths/Skills (1-3):

Weaknesses (2-4):






"Citizens of Panem, I am honored to reveal the Quarter Quell to you all..."  President Darklan opens a small envelope. "First and foremost, all tributes will be permitted one, and only one sponsor item of any choosing. This reminds the citizens of Panemn that in order to maintain the equilibrium of the District and the Capitol, those with loyality to Darklan get what they need to survive and no more." The President take a deep breath and continues, "Years ago, when rebellion struck, Panem was on their own. Driven by greed, we could not stand. We must remind everyone that without our government, without our Games, without me, we cannot stand. Those with integrity do not defy the President. Secondly, this year will remind us that our destiny is to be loyal to Darklan and to do so is to be immersed in our District. Therefore, this year the arena will represent our Districts. We will take a slice of their life and place it in the Games. All weapons will be focused around our Districts as well and all challenges the tributes face will be structured to the Districts attributes. We will forever remember that the Districts guide us, and I guide the District. As for the third part of this Quell... it will be revealed Mid-Games! Thank you Panem!"

Darklan smiles to the crowd and bows slightly. An orchestra starts to play as he walks away from the podium. On the projector behind him and on TV screens across the nation, 4 words appear:

"Darklan Is Your Destiny"

The Arena

The Arena will be split into 16 sections each of which will represent a District in Panem, each area will have it's own climate and setting. As well as a challenge based on it's contribution. The Cornucopia will contain only weapons, each of which will reflect the export of a district. This creates an interesting predicament for the survival aspect of the Game. This arena reminds Panem: District Before Destiny, Darklan Before District, Darklan is Destiny. The "Capitol" will be where the Second Twist occurs. It lies in the center of the arena and is room temperature. It holds the Cornucopia where the tributes begin, and the projector that will be used to contact the tributes.


District Name User Training Score
C Paige Trent Blissfully Mine
C Emil Grace Sambaroses
0 Alex Haines Summerbee13
1 Paris Flash Sambaroses
2 Eliara Syndacus Serpentking999
2 Rodeo Baldios Serpentking999
3 Alyssa Van Jessacloud
3 Huxley Binarie Sambaroses
4 Chasodie Melon Blissfully Mine
4 Caspian Garrows Summerbee13
5 Nichole Peyton NIby001
5 Jason Bark TJeye
6 Shira Teresa Pippycat
7 Astraea Avila Serpentking999
7 Jayson Huff Nlby001
8 Intarsia Silket Sambaroses
9 Jaclyn Brooken Blissfully Mine
9 Sanguine Lancel Serpentking999



Belinda Wren 

Alex Haines



11 Willow Thorn Sambaroses
12 Kai Hedlund Summerbee13
13 Julian Veritas Pippycat
13 Aerlene Ekiert Pippycat
14 Oceana Colburn Summerbee13


Anti-Careers: Alex Haines, Caspian Garrows

Careers: Jason Bark, Oceana Colburn, Jaclyn Brooken

Alone: Jason Huff, Astrea Avila, Alyssa Van, Kai Hedlund, Jayson Huff

Undecided: Nichole Peyton, Emil Grace

Possible Alliance 1: Paige Trent, Rodeo Baldinos, Eliara Syndacus, Sanguine Lancel, Chasodie Melon

Possible Alliance 2: Instarsia Silket, Belinda Wren, Shira Teresa, Julian Veritas

(Please clarify any mix-ups. Feel free to decline or agree to alliances, but remember you can guide your tribute's choices Mid-Game)

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