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Cadence SnowfallEdit

“Okay honeydarling! Welcome to the 5th Quarter Quell, the 125th Annual Hunger Games, very own Interview Session! Unlike the other years, we’ll be doing the Interviews first, then the Training Scores. President Darklan believes this better suits the New Age beliefs and allows us to get a better sense of our lucky tributes!” Frenzie, this is year’s Master of Ceremonies, is dressed down in purple and white. She turns to me and she gives me a small nod, which causes her large wig to shift.

“Let’s commence and welcome our first tribute, the fierce female from right here in the Capitol, Cadence Snowfall!”

I step onto the stage waving my hand and force myself to fake a smile. I sit in the red velvet chair, pushing away the urge to slap Frenzie with my rose-diamond encrusted gloves.

“Ahh, honeyboo, You are looking absolutely stunning in this dress! I’m mean, my oh my you look like some type of sparkly Capitol queen!”

Don’t kill her, I tell myself. I stand and twirl which makes the audience cheer but I don’t understand why. Why do people feel emotions? Why feel anything at all?

“Ah, wonderful, just magnificent! Tell us, are you making any alliances with your fellow tributes? Or are you gonna do what you want and slay!?”

I give her a nod and smile, “I’ll be staying alone. I might get the urge to kill them too quickly. Basically, I’m going to spare you all the unnecessary drama."

Frendzie laughs along with the crowd but quickly continues, "Now boo, do you have any talents or strengths you want to share with us? Your traits? Your drive? Maybe you can give us some idea who you ah as a tribute."

Ah? Does she mean are? I assume so.

“Well I’m relatively skilled with weapons and I’m pretty fast, but the thing I think everyone should now about me is that I will kill you on sight. I love the feeling of seeing someone’s life drain before me. I’m probably going to die in these Games, but I’m not going down without a fight.

Frenzie widens her eyes and holds her finger to her earpiece, "Well honeydears, that’s all we have time for! Thank you Cadence!”  I stand and walk offtage, waving at the crowd. I think that went well.

Furs ShinerEdit

“Thank you for tuning in tonight for the 125th Hunger Games Interviews. Let's welcome our next interviewee, you know him as the rainbow boy, Furs Shiner!”

I walk onstage and give a huge smile. I’m not exactly fond of my nickname, but at least I have one, the some of the other tributes are overlooked like the boys from 13 and 14. I can't even recall their actual name or even their appearance. I sit down and the crowd quickly quiets down.

“OK, so personally, after your Chariot Entrance, I mean, WOW! Yaas boo! You were so fierce up the there!”

“Thank you, thank you! I trymy hardest to keep my composure, attempting to not burst into laugher. 

“Now, how do you think your sexuality will affect you Sponsoring and you strategy?”

Does she think I'm gay? I wanna slap her so bad but I remember what my Escort told me: Chins up, chest out, act like you like them.

“Hey, I’m straight but stylish!” The crowd erupts in laughter and I give them a smile. I’m doing well, I have to keep it up.

“Ah, honey why didn’t you tell us sooner? Wearing all that rainbow? Boo I’m all about breaking boundaries and stereotypes but you walked right into that one”

“I guess so but I’m used to it.  A Peacekeeper almost called me ma’am during the Reapings!” The crowd bursts into laughter. Though it was embarrassing, the crowd liked it.

“So, boo, I know you’ve attempted to volunteered before but Jexter Raze was entered. Tell us darling, why did you volunteer?”

Why does she keep calling me boo? I remind myself to keep it cool and calm. Go with the flow.

“Well, where I’m from I’m kind of considered a small hero. I saved my sister from one of the…”

How do I word this?


Necessary is good. Hopefully Darklan will like that.

“…Bombings. I strive to achieve a higher title, to be the victor of the 125th Hunger Games.”

Whoa too much sorrow. I need to add on something quick.

“Also being a Victor means I get the ladies and the first invite to President Darklan’s Banquet.”

The crowd laughs and Frendzie gives me a smile.

“Yaas boo!” She shouts over the loud applause. She then turns to the crowd, “That’s all we have time for the Capitol tributes! Let’s move on to the alluring District Zero!” The stage lights dim to black and Frendzie motions me to walk offstage. Behind us, the large curtain smooths out and becomes a screen that illuminates with a picture of District Zero’s seal, covered in snow with a starry background. I think that went awesome! I’ll make a great Victor.

District Zero

Zia Clow

The rainbow boy from the Capitol passes me and smirks. I want to tear his face off and give him a hard kick where it hurts but I decide against it. Darklan won’t like that and I need to stay on his good side. He’s the one who’s really running this.

The introduction to District Zero ends and the stage slowly fills with light.

“Please give a fierce welcome the Backstabber, District Zero’s very own, Zia Clow!”

I step onstage and feel a blast of cold air. The lights and lasers from above me give the appearance we’re floating within a galaxy. This year is all about the districts… interesting.

“OK Zia you have left quite a mark on the citizens of Panem. During the Reapings and the Chariot Rides you were stone-faced and it’s rumored you lived in a cave for almost your whole life. Is that true honeydear? Or naw? Cause that’s cray!”

“Yes it’s true. I lived within a cave since the age of six. It may seem like a sad life but it’s taught me a lot. Like how to salvage, how to be a survivor, and most importantly—how to kill”

The crowd gives an overall “Oh!” which Frendzie tries to work off of.

“Wow honeyboo! So you think you have an advantage?”

“Oh of course. These other tributes have never truly been in the wild. I have. I’ve lived in my own arena my whole life.” My statement sounds even more cunning then I intended and remind myself to order some booze after this in celebration.

“Oh mama yaas!” The audience erupts into snaps and claps along with an uproar of “Yaas!” Frendize quiets them and continues,” Are there any weaknesses you have that might cause your… demise?”

“Oh no not at all. I’m not making any alliances there’s no need to. I’ve been alone all these years, why form a group now?”

“Oh! Slay mama!” The audience laughs this time and I see in Frendzie’s expression I did well but my time is up.

“Thank you so much honeyboo!” She nods and then finishes the segment. I think I did great! I showed them my tough spirit and my drive.

“That’s all we have time for right now but stick around and we’ll be right back with Carlos Peno!”

Carlos PenoEdit

The introduction to the Interviews begins and I tap my foot nervously. Am I supposed to be in this spot? The backstage manager didn’t tell me where I was supposed to stand. Should I be in the second wing? What if I walk onstage wrong? What if—

“District Zero! SO gorgeous! I mean, my oh my! Our tech team is amazing! Give them a hand!” Frenzie interrupts my thoughts. I flatten out my dark blue suit, feeling the textures of little LEDs that give the suit its “starry “ look. I wonder if my stylist knew about the District theme.

“Please welcome the dazzling, Carlos Peno!”

I walk onstage and by Frendzie's face I can tell I’m walking in correctly. I sigh, thank goodness. I could’ve ruined my chances. I would’ve looked like a fool in front of this whole aud—

I feel my foot catch and I trip, falling to my knees. I hear Frendzie say, “Oh my honeyboo!” and immediately stand up. I need a joke, I need a joke! I need to cover this up!

“Sorry, you’re just so beautiful”

The crowd gives an “Aww” and Frendzie puts her hand to her heart.

“You are too cute!”

It was meant to be a joke….

“Take a seat, take a seat” Frendzie gestures for the crowd to quiet and turns to me.

“Well, well, well! Carlos Peno, officially my favorite tribute!”

I smile sheepishly, “Thank you”

“So, what we want to know is your story darling. There’s been a lot of rumor and talk about your childhood and early life. Please honeydear, do inform us”

“Well, when I was born my family didn’t want me. That’s all. Nobody really wants me.”

The crowd erupts into millions of “Aww!”’s and “Poor thing!"

“Oh my, oh my, that’s must’ve been so hard for you!”


“Well, moving away from that horrible subject; what do you think the arena will be like?” Frendzie flips away a piece of her hair in her face.

‘Uhm, I haven’t really given it much thought. I presume it can’t just be the usual. It has to be something grand and alluring for the 5th Quarter Quell”

“Oh I’m sure, I’m sure” She turns to the crowd and changes expression.

“Well Panem citizens that’s all we have time for our District Zero male! Next, we'll meet the District One tributes, let's take a look” She gives me a nod and I walk offstage in the dark. Did I do well? The crowd answers with a good amount of applause. 

District One

Fabbie DazeEdit

I flip my hair behind me and pull down my top. I make sure to pull it here and there just to give the crowd a little something to look at besides my beautiful facial features. After the District One introduction finishes, I smile. They finally got the stage floor’s rise and fall mechanic to work again. I’ll be the first tribute to make an appearance like this. I’ll make the crowd go wild. I might even let my dress fly up on purpose.

I hear Frendzie’s mumbled intro and the platform beneath me rises. I feel like I’m going into the Arena. In a sense, I am. I’m going into an Arena were words mean the difference between life and death.

The crowd roars when I make my entrance and I decide last minute to cover the areas that need coverage for the sake of censorship.

“Oh my, oh my!” Frendzie readjusts her wig and laughs. “Darling!” She can barely speak the audience is reacting so well. She takes my hand and leads me to my seat. She’s too cute.

“Yaas boo! That entrance was divine! Girl, you might be my favorite tribute!”

I laugh and flip my hair to the side. I already know the first question because I bribed her with my family’s fortune. As she asks, I recite my answer.

“So, your parents are Victors. Tell us, what’s that like honeyboo!"

I flip my hair and begin, “Well it means I’ve been blessed with having an amazing childhood and I’ve been training all my life. Everyday I’m thinking about my techniques or re-watching the Games. My parents push me because they love me and they want to see me succeed. Who knows! Maybe the Daze family will become a family of Victors”

This next question I’m not prepared for. Don’t screw this up.

“Ok, tell us, what do you think is one thing we should know about you?” Frendzie asks, I can’t even interpret what she said, my brain freezes and I do the last thing any tribute should ever do.

“Can you elaborate?” I screwed it up. The whole thing is a bomb. Masters of Cemermony get paid for their reactions, their voice, and their obvious, but stylish fashion. Frendzie's expression shifts from excitement to confusion and her hand shoots up to her earpiece.

“Ah, honeyboo, I mean, what’s the one piece of…your personality people should know about you?” Act natural.

“Oh!” I flip my hair trying to act like what she asked wasn’t given her directly from a Gamemaker or one of the Announcers, or maybe even Darklan himself. “Well, I think everyone should know that I can sense fear. I can smell it.

The crowd fills with “Ooh!”’s and “Ah!”’s. I think I might’ve pulled it off. I didn't tell her anything about my personality though....The audience gives me a nice applause.  Frendzie finishes my time with a quick outro.

“Thank you for your time honeydear!” She whispers to me, “Walk off that way” and continues, “Welcome to the stage, Prodigy Glore!!"

District Two

Irelia FrostfangEdit

I flatten out my white dress that resembles a Peacekeeper outfit and push back my shoulder length hair. I decide not to make my appearance like the District One tributes. It seems a little too flamboyant for me. It’s better for me to do the usual walk onstage.

“Let’s welcome to the stage, Irelia Frostfang!” I walk onstage and smile. Thank goodness I asked my stylist to change my choice of shoe, those 7-inch heels would’ve had me falling all over like that Carlos boy. I sit down in the chair and take a deep breath.

“OK let’s get right to it. What is your advantage in the Games honeyboo?” This question is easy, but difficult to put into words. I don’t want to seem like a threat to the Careers.

“I’m intelligent, the top in my class. I’m fast too”

“Great, great! So what do you have any plans for alliances?”

Alliances? Think, think, think.

“Well, I would like an alliance, but it’s not necessary”

“Okay, okay,” she puts her finger to her earpiece and nods. My answers are short but sweet. This causes her to ask me a third question. “So you’re from District Two, were you trained at all for the Games?'

“Actually I wasn’t formally trained, but I still have a form of training that gives me real life experience”

“Oh, like Carlos?”

“Um, in a sense”

Frenzie holds her ear again, “Well that’s all we have time for your Interview Session. Thank you so much honeyboo! You did fierce and we know you’re going to do some werk in that Arena!. A spotlight falls on her and I begin to walk offstage. "Now let’s welcome the boy from District Two, Jake Lokectback!” I’d say that was good, I kept it short and sweet, just the way I like it.

Jake LocketbackEdit

I rise up on the platform and feel misinformed. All the other tributes have worn outfits that pertain to their districts. I’m wearing this ugly white suit. Maybe it has something to do with Peacekeepers? I doubt that’s what was intended. My stylist isn’t that smart.

"Hi Jake!” Frendzie, the purple buffoon, waves me over. I take a seat and sigh. The audience isn’t clapping for me as much as they did for the others.

“OK darling! Tell us, is there anyone special at home you’re winning these Games for?”

“I’m…” Damn it I messed up! “I’m winning it for my friends and family also at home. I mean, there at home, I’m here, but I’m winning for them.” Frendzie gives me a confused expression but smiles,

“That’s great honeyboo, that’s great! Let's say you win--you win the Games, what would you do with the money? Something with your family I presume.”

“Yes, definitely help my family with their…uhm, with their expenses. We have lots of it”

“Lots of what?”


“Oh! Haha! Darling you are…funny!” I messed up. The crowd gives me a small applause and all I can do is laugh.

“Okay honeyboo, thank you!” She points to the second wing and whispers “Off there” I stand up, bow, and wave walking offstage. The audience claps politely but I know I’ve failed. I hope there’s one person out there rooting for me.

District ThreeEdit

Saphira BlazeEdit

I walk onstage, slamming my heels into the stage, swaying my hips from side to side. I’m going to show Panem who I am, the Victor. I sit in the stiff white leather chair. All over the walls, code runs up and down. I don’t know what it means, given I only went up to school until the age of eight, but my father, the mayor, taught me well.

“Yaas! Saphira you look fierce!” Frendzie smiles and gets a tad of purple lipstick on her teeth. I can tell she’s genuine and I thank her for it.

“Okay, during the Chariot Rides, your Stylist, Visa, had you and your partner dressed up in jumpsuits that depicted electronic images. How did she do that?” I laugh and respond,

“You’ll have to ask her! She’s a genius, but of course, she’s not as smart as me!” The crowd laughs and I know I’m doing amazing.

“Oh of course! How has it been during your time in the Capitol?”

“It’s been nice! You Capitolites sure know how to party!”  Perfect!

“Okay jokes aside, what do you think will make you stand out during these Games?"

“I’m fast, I’m strong, I’m cunning, and I’m ready to kill. Other tributes see me as a threat and I am not scared of that.” The audience goes wild with hoots and hollers. I just killed it.

“Slay!” Frendzie snaps her fingers in a Z-formation. She smiles and laughs.

“Okay everyone thank you for staying us for this segment of the show! After the break we’ll meet the Saphira’s counterpart, Byte Lumen, and the tributes from  Four through Six!"

District FourEdit

Annabeth ChartainEdit

I rise up from the floor and give a bright smile. The walls of the audience give the appearance of waves. Jeez, this year is really all about the Districts. What’s the deal? I wonder if the Arena might have something to do with it. I'll ask my Mentor. Frendzie smiles when I sit and begins with her first question.

“So honeyboo. You’ve been through quite a lot as a child. Tell us, what that’s like?”

“Some may say my life was tough, yes, but it has made me a stronger person and it’s going to drive me to win. I’ve been training so hard for this and I feel like the universe would be cruel to kill me in these Games.”

“Yes, yes, we’ve heard that you and Drayden know each other, is that true?”  What!? How did they know that? Wait, who is ‘they’? I'll ask my Mentor about that too.

“Drayden and I both have bad pasts, those so bad I don’t even want to begin to speak about. The horrors we faced will forever scar us.”

“Will you two be in an alliance?”

“Oh of course, we’ll probably be in a large group but we have one another’s back. Others might not trust him, but I know I can rely on him, I have since I was sent to the orphanage.”

The crowd makes a sad moan and I feel a sense of buried excitement with me, they love it!

“Do you and Drayden have a special bond?”

What!? No!

“Oh no, no, he is like a brother to me. I would... never.”

“Mhm” Frendzie smirks and the crowd laughs. I did great! “Okay now let’s welcome Drayden Blaze the cutie from Four!”

Drayden BlazeEdit

I already can guess what Frendzie’s first question is going to be. When I sit, she starts.

“So honeydear, you look faboo in that wavy suit. Love the pearl pins by the way, but we recently had District Three’s Female tribute SaphiraBlaze here. Are you two related in any way?” Damn I was spot on.

“Well, we have the same last name so we probably have some distant relative, but I don’t know her from a hole in the wall. Besides, I’m way better looking than her, we can’t be that closely related!” The crowd laughs and I heave a deep breath. I’m fooling them so well. They think I’m stable.

“Yaas! What’s Capitol life been like for you? Fun? Sad?”

“I would describe my Capitol experience as… interesting. It’s a wake up call.”

“A wake up call, in what way honeyboo? Does this have to do with your sister?”

“Yes. She was absolutely amazing and to see everyone celebrating.... It gives the Games a new perspective.”

“I see, I see” The mood is way too sad.

But the Capitol is awesome. I wish I could live here all the time. So much extravagance and plus, your fashion sense is… on point"

“Yaas! Is my fashion sense on point?”

“Of course!” I hate this lady so much.

“Yaas! Okay everybody now let’s welcome to the stage the district of power generation, District 5!” I quickly run offstage when the lights dim. I feel good!

District Five

Nichole PeytonEdit

I step onstage and wave, giving the audience a friendly smile. I need to just come across as the girl next door. Fun, cute, unassuming.

“Hi Nichole! Love the dress! Let’s get right down to the important stuff: How has your time been at the Capitol?”

That’s the important stuff?

“It’s been great I’ve only been here one night but it’s been great! Everything here is so efficient and well kept. Coming from a District 5 point of view, it seems our power system is working at a profound speed, lighting everything from the smallest light bulb to large laser light shows. I only wish I could stay here longer”

“Well, you can if you win honeyboo! Now, a lot of people have been wondering why you didn’t allow your friends to volunteer for you at your Reaping Ceremony, clear it up now, tell us why”

“I couldn’t let my friends do that for me! They are too kind, but I had to be the bigger person and step up to the plate. I feel a friend would take a bullet for another, but a true friend would take the bullet on by themselves.”

Ohh’s, Aww’s, and Mhm’s fill the room. I’m pulling this off! Yes!

“Wow!’ Frendzie’s eyes widen oddly and she holds her earpiece tightly. She nods quickly and gulps. I can tell she’s extremely scared, what’s going on?

“Alright! That’s all we have time for let’s welcome our next tribute, Danny Mortez!”

The stage lights go completely black and I can tell Frendzie didn’t expect that. I need to get out of here—I dart offstage, my heart beating a mile a minute.

Danny MortezEdit

I rise up on the stage and give the audience a small smile, keeping my head low, according the birhgt spotlight. Before I came onstage my Stylist told me to expect everything and forced me onto the platform. The slight blackout scared me, but the endless waiting makes me more nervous. I’ve been waiting underneath the stage for at least half an hour now.

Finally, I sit down on the white leather chair and prepare for my first question, the lights slowly rising.

But when the lights rise enough for me to see Frendzie, she is no longer there. Now there is a man, dressed in all purple, dyed purple, sitting in the chair across from me. I gasp sharply. What the heck?

I try to speak but nothing comes out. I try to move but my muscles are locked. I am frozen in fear.

Oddly enough the audience doesn’t seem to notice. They clap as if the man has been interviewing everyone. This man is not Frendzie.

“So Danny tell us, what do you think your advantage is in the Games?”

“Well—“ No, no, no. Calm down. “Well I’m strong, fast, and ma—manipulative so I think it—it’ll—it will give me an edge against the rest of the tributes”

“Okay and what’s your weapon of choice?”

“Well I can build traps quite well.” There’s an awkward pause and I continue, “A dagger or some sort of knife would be my go-to weapon at the Cornucopia”

“Great, great! Do you think you’ll survive the Bloodbath?”

“Of course, I’m going to make it very far in these Games”

“Yes, yes. Thank you that’s all we have time for you, now let’s welcome District Six’s female tribute, Zoey Oakley!”

District SixEdit

Zoey OakleyEdit

I rise up on the platform and feel a whoosh of cold air. I got to watch Danny’s interview and I have an idea of what’s going on. There is a national threat right now. I bet somewhere in the crowd there is a sniper. Ready to shoot either the filler for Frendzie or me. I hope I’m not the one to get shot today.

“Welcome Zoey!”

“Hello…” What is this man’s name? I’m not even sure; well, my mysterious strategy will help with my unanswered questions and statements.

“So tell us Frendzie, what is the one thing you think you might need in the Arena?”

“I’m not sure what the Arena will be, but I would say I would need something special.”

“Something special?”

“You’ll have to wait and see in the Arena”

“OK! How do you think your District life will help you in the Arena?”

“My district life will help me in the Arena but of course, you’ll have to wait and see” I wink and can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m normally nice, cheer, eccentric. The Games have already changed me.

“OK thank you! Let’s welcome our the male from District Six, James Dant!” That felt extremely short, but I did it! 

James DantEdit

The platform is about to rise when an Avox grabs my arm.

“What the heck!” The platform stops and I hear a surge of electricity come from the stage.

The Avox pulls at my shirt and rushes my away under the stage. She pulls me this way and that, through endless lines of stage wiring, ropes, and pulleys. She grunts as we slip through a narrow hallway and finally, we reach the brightly lit, backstage area.

“What is going on?”  She merely waves her hand for me to follow and we push through millions of doors and crowd of nervous looking stage crew. The lights begin to flicker and I hear someone shout, “It’s them! Get the generator! Send out the Peacekeepers!”

Seriously what the heck!?

Finally, the Avox pushes me into my dressing room. There my Stylist, Xisuma, and my Mentor, Engynn greet me.

“What the heck is going on!? Someone tell me now!”

Engynn shakes his head and holds me tightly with his buff arms. I try to pull away but he stares into my eyes.

“There’s a sniper in the crowd. The rebels are going haywire. They want to end the Games.”

“Isn’t that good?”

“No. They want to end the Games by killing the tributes. Zoey was lucky she escaped her Interview.”

“So I’m not getting interviewed!?”

“No, instead, they’re going to give everyone their Interviews privately and broadcast your Training Sessions.”

So now I’m at a major disadvantage—I can’t believe this! This isn’t fair, I doubt people will bother watching the other tributes Interviews. But, at least I’m safe. At least I know I won’t be killed before the Games start.

Training Sessions

District SevenEdit

Clair GravenstienEdit

Heave a deep sigh and step into the Training Area. I have to show the few skills I’ve developed here. I have a strong alliance so my Training numbers won’t really have an affect on me until endgame.

Immediately, I approach the Scavenging Area and press the second to most difficult option.

In front of me, plants and herbs pop up out of the artificial soil. I study them closely and realize the only one with green and purple leaves are safe to eat. It’s used to cure mild fevers. I tear it out of the ground and toss it into the bin title “Safe”. The room turns bright green and I’m presented with a pile of what looks like garbage, but I’m used to scavenging through piles of garbage, back before I was adopted, before the orphanage. I tear through the pile, but I still make sure I don’t cut my fingers on any of the random sharp objects. I find an open bag of almonds and throw it in the “Safe” bin, along with an apple wrapped in a grocery bag. The room fills with green and I smile. I dart out of this area and head for the dagger station. I grab a knife lunge myself at the dummy. I slit its throat and thrust the dagger into its stomach. I hear a loud beep from above me and see my time is already up. Well, at least I tried.

Jayson HuffEdit

I jog into the center of the Training Room and pull the dummies from all around into the main combat rink and grab an axe from the bright white wall. I take a deep breath and begin. 

I lodge my axe into the first dummy’s head and laugh. This is like slicing butter! I run across the first row of dummies, chopping their heads off with ease. Okay, that was fun, but now I need to move on the more difficult dummies—the more human dummies.

I throw my axe as hard as I can at the dummy and fake blood splatters from its heart. It goes limp and falls to the ground, much like a tribute would. I pull my axe out of its chest and lodge my axe into the crotch of the other dummy and then quickly swing my axe around, allowing it to make contact with the dummy’s shoulder more blood splatters and suddenly I hear a loud beep. That’s all the time I had? Huh, that was quick. I exit and give a wave to the camera. Yes!

District EightEdit

Cynder Fabric

A Peacekeeper opens the door to the holding area and the loudspeaker proclaims,

“Cynder Fabric, please proceed”

The Peacekeeper leads me down a winding hallway and my stomach churns with each twist. Staring at the Peacekeepers back, can’t help but imagine his body convulsing to the floor, a killer smiling with bloodstained teeth eating the Peacekeeper’s body. I shudder, my body goes numb, my mind drifting into the nightmare—

“You may enter."

I wipe away a tear and dart for the traps section of the training area. I set up my first trap, simple and easy. I’m done with it in a matter of minutes and then continue to my next trap. This one is more complex. I could trap two people, even if they think they can avoid the trap. It’s fool proof. I wipe away my sweat when I’m done and heave a long sigh. I look around and continue into the area marked “Tactical Evasion”, passing “Tribute Evasion” and “Arena Trap Evasion”. Instead I go for the “Tribute-Set Trap Evasion”. Not only can I create traps, I can navigate around them and escape them.

A rope appears around my feet and launches me about three feet above the ground. I begin to swing but the sound signaling the end of my session rings and the rope releases me. Ouch! But hey, I’d say I did pretty well.

Evan ChaliceEdit

I roll my shoulders back and dart into the Training Room. My strategy is to be overlooked. Therefore I need to get a decent score. Preferably a five, tributes who receive a five normally don't get much coverage.

I walk slowly over to the dummies, taking my time, allowing the clock to tick by. I grab a machete and act like it feels awkward in my hand. I have to remember, this is being broadcasted and the citizens of Panem, most importantly, the Sponsors. I need to act like insecure. I need to fool millions of people.

I slash at the dummies, purposely allowing my machete to slip. After what seems like an eternity, I stab one dummy “ruthlessly”. Jeez, I look weak.

The beep that marks the end to my Training Session rings throughout the room. I drop my weapon and run for the door. Hopefully, I’ll fly under the radar until the time is right.

District Nine

Savannah DarnellEdit

When I step into the Training Room I force myself to give the camera a wave. What can I say? I’m shy around people I know, even if they’re on the other side of a TV screen.

I decided to show off my stealth and the few skills I’ve picked up with a dagger, so I head over to the Terrain Simulator first. I press the hardest difficultly and enter the room. Walls of beige rock form around me and I already see the void heading towards me. This challenge is perfect for someone small like me. I run as fast as I can and slip through the narrow spots with ease. After a while the narrow areas become nearly impossible to fit through. The void catches up to me and I receive a green light, signaling I did well. I quickly run out of that area and run over the open room marked “Tactical Evasion”. Around me, woodlands slowly rise from he ground and hooded tributes begin to run toward me. I easily evade them and they slowly disintegrate into small numbers and particles. Yet just as quickly they disappear, more generate and sooner or later one catches up to me, pulling me to the ground. I get up but he grabs my ankle again. Agh! I fall  to the ground and just before the mob can get me a loud beep fills the room and the simulation fades away. I did okay I guess

Adam LocketbachEdit

Shield my eyes from the bright lights of the training room. I hear the cameras zoom in on me and give them a nice smile. I wonder if their is any talk about my videos. Being I came from one of the better households in District Nine, if there every was one, I had access to the Internet, specifically YouVids, a website that allowed you post videos about anything and everything. I started the videos a few years ago, those of which I made which my friends about daily life in District Nine. But, then one of my best friends was Reaped and our videos stopped to watch the Games. Luckily, he won and we began production again, gaining even more popularity with a Victor as a regular guest on a show. He helped us train invade we were ever picked, giving us what he called "Bootleg Career Training". But when he left for the Victory Tour, we changed what we broadcasted. Now, we broadcasted anti-peacekeeper content, helping spread the pre-existing rebellion. 

I step over to the large room where the dummies stand. I stretch my legs and my arms a little and begin my routine.

I grab four swords and launch them one by one into the "hearts" of the dummies. I hit one in the sternum and it doesn't penetrate the dummy. Damn. 

After that I grab a bow and run over to the moving targets. 1,2,3 all the way up to 10 shots are a bullseye. Yes!

Okay, now onto my survival skills. I run over to the plant identification area and press the hardest difficulty. The first plant is easy, the second one felt nearly impossible. What the heck? I don't recognize any of these plants. The loud beep signals the end to my training session. Hopefully, the Gamemakers will see my potential.

District TenEdit

Amelia WilliamsEdit

Click, shlink, shlink, click!

Damn it. 

Over and over I try to slide the knife across the piece of flint. When I finally get a spark I almost jump for joy.

The sparks engulf the tinder and I carefully nudge it into the small wood tent, the cross-fire, I've created.

I walk over to where multiple plants are located and pick out the one with oily red leaves. I pluck them and rub them all over the knife. When the knife is sufficiently soaked, I walk back to the fire and hold it into the fire. Out loud, I say:

"Three, two, one" 

I pull the flaming knife from the fire and smile. I did it! I hold it far away from me, the flaming oil still dripping. The knife burns blue and the three dummies I've positioned stare back at me with their gooey glass-like eyes. 


The knife digs into the dummy and I tackle the other dummies punching them in the face. I pull the knife from the first dummy and I stab the other two repeatedly until I feel I've done well. A timely beep follows my routine and I give the camera a nice smile.

Eli WinersinEdit

I jog into the center of the Training Room and pull the dummies from all around into the main combat rink and grab an axe from the bright white wall. I take a deep breath and begin.

I lodge my axe into the first dummy’s head and laugh. This is like slicing butter! I run across the first row of dummies, chopping their heads off with ease. Okay, that was fun, but now I need to move on the more difficult dummies—the more human dummies.

I throw my axe as hard as I can at the dummy and fake blood splatters from its heart. It goes limp and falls to the ground, much like a tribute would. I pull my axe out of its chest and lodge my axe into the crotch of the other dummy and then quickly swing my axe around, allowing it to make contact with the dummy’s shoulder more blood splatters and suddenly I hear a loud beep. That’s all the time I had? Huh, that was quick. I exit and give a wave to the camera. Yes!

District ElevenEdit

Lissa PontcharianEdit

I slice through a foam dummies head with relative ease and drop the sword to the floor. I walk towards the moving targets section and grab a handful of throwing knives. I lean back slightly, most of my weight on my back leg, ready to quickly transfer it to the right. I steady my arm at a 90-degree angle. 3…2…1—

Suddenly I’m no longer in the Training Room. I’m in a room I will never forget. My hand moves by itself and launches forward at the face of my mother. I didn’t mean to kill her. I didn’t mean to hurt my father but what they did to me and what they wanted to do to me was unthinkable — unspeakable.

I hit the target perfectly but I’m breaking into a sweat. In order to hide I do something I don’t think most tributes do. I jog into the basement and stare into the glowing pool. I quickly contemplate what to do and decide to go for it. When was the last time a girl from District 11 jumped into the Training Room Pool?

Thunk! I dive right in and emerge at the surface just as fast. I begin to swim back and forth from one side of the pool to the other surprisingly faster than back home. Just as I reach the edge of the pool for the third time, a loud beep echoes through the room. Finished.

District TwelveEdit

Leona SoleilEdit

I attempt to crack my knuckles before the Impact Training begins but I fail. I’ve attempt to crack them for hours and hours but the stress and tension just cause my hands to cramp up.

I almost fall back when I’m hit with the first ball. I suck in air sharply and prepare for the next. This time I’m well prepared and I force the ball backwards into the wall. Over and over I’m hit, and over and over I withstand the boulder’s impact. I’m at least up to my fifth ball when they grow even larger—even heavier. The tenth one gets me and knocks me to my feet.

In the well-lit, gray-walled room, I see the face of my sister in the shadows. She reaches for me, asks for me to help her. I try to move but my lungs are filled with vacuum, an intense pressure pushing through y chest into my spine.. I try to speak but my throat is closing. A gun appears at her temple and I scream. Three, two, one. The Peacekeeper’s finger twitches—

“Leona Soleil, your Training Session has finished. Please exit to your left.”

August Rose

Left, right, jump, jump, left. The cycle repeats over and over as I run through the simulated thicket. Once in a while I’ll slide under fallen log, but most of the time I hurdle over it. A green light flashes once and I continued running. The setting around me falls away and is replaced by what looks to me like District Six. This is overgrown not with vines and branches, but escalators, elevators, trains, cars, and monorails. A plane flies overhead and a helicopter lands on a rooftop. This place has an odd natural feeling to it once you look past the asphalt and metal bars.

The timer starts and I dart forward. I frequently dodge the massive stop signs and the never-ending amount of streetlamps. I turn to my left at the sound of a train and suddenly my body stops. Fall back and hit my head on the floor. The world around me becomes pixilated and I’m back in the gray room. I wait for the loud beep to signal the end of my session but it never comes. I have more time?

I run out of the small room, holding my chest, regaining strength. Just as I step up to the weight training area, the alarm blares through the Training Room. Shi—

District Thirteen

Amber Burn

I heave a sigh before I step into the Training Room. I'm not exactly qualified for these Games but I have to show my strengths, my quick reaction time and my intelligence. For my reaction time, I head for 'Tactical Evasion' and select the vague setting 'Reaction Time'.

The gray room lights up and three tributes stand in front of me. I gasp when I recognize them. These tributes have already competed in the past. All of which were very skilled with throwing knives. I've drawn them all before in my sketchbook. Midas, Dayta, Gleam. They all died horrible deaths.... I hope in some other universe they live and become Victors.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Three knives appear at my feet. The session has already begun.


I dive to the left.


I jump up, the knife skimming my feet.


I count how many times I dodge their knives. 5...10...15.

I think that's sufficient so I close the session and the room flashes green. Nice, I aced that.

As for intelligence? I'm not sure I could try Plant Identification but I don't know their names or anything like that. I just know the basic rules. For Mutt Identification, it's the same. I do know the saying, "Black and yellow you're a dead fellow, white and red, you'll be well-fed" but past that, I'm lost.

So instead of showing my tactical side I decide to take an IQ test. I have approximately 5 minutes left which is more than enough for 40 questions. I sit on the small white leather stool and click 'Begin'. After the 40 questions, each of which were fairly easy, my score appears onscreen.

"115: Superior Intelligence"

Yes! Hopefully the Capitol will understand.

District Fourteen

Sienna River

I walk all the way to the back of the Training Room to the rock climbing wall.  I scale the first one easily and climb to the side. I'm up even higher now, this one has a slight incline and the handles are farther apart. The next section, the handles get smaller and I find I'm stuck in a spot. What do I do? I leap for another handle and grip it tight. I hang there for a good 30 seconds and make a leap to another handle. I grab it, but my sweat causes the handle to become slippery. I fall from the tall climbing wall and land in the ball pit below. A green light flashes two times and I smile. Yes! Another loud beep, the one that signals the end of my Training Session fills the room. That was awfully quick. I hope my climbing skills showed the Gamemakers something.

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