Here we go *Le Capitol accent* 

Welcome, welcome 

Well hello there, Minions c: 

This is Jack and Miscy's joint account, and this is our first blog. So, shall we begin? 

This is the 98th Annual Hunger Games. 

This is Miscy here, just introducing you. 

It'll be your average games

98th Annual Hunger Games

Or will it 


Okay, so you can reserve tributes, and the reservations will last for 3 days.

I don't really know what to write, so... Happy Hunger Games c: May the odds be ever in your favour. :3 

~Your gamemakers, Jack and Miscy c: 

Tribute Template 

Because we are nice we will check your profiles. c: 


District (1-12):




Backstory: (Please make it as detailed as possible)


Weapon of Choice:

Other Weapons: 



Interview Angle:




District  Name  Weapon of Choice
District 1 Male Vinny Bryce Knife
District 1 Female 
District 2 Male 
District 2 Female 
District 3 Male 
District 3 Female 
District 4 Male 
District 4 Female  Reserved for Erlend c:
District 5 Male 
District 5 Female  Reserved for Erlend c:
District 6 Male 
District 6 Female 
District 7 Male 
District 7 Female  Reserved for Erlend c:
District 8 Male 
District 8 Female 
District 9 Male 
District 9 Female 
District 10 Male 
District 10 Female 
District 11 Male 
District 11 Female 
District 12 Male 
District 12 Female  Kitty Messina Hunga Munga

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