I am going to start a games, using main characters from other fiction stories, e.g. Percy Jackson.

These games will be in a triolgy games that are not going to feature serious tributes.

To submit tributes, you need the name of the main character, the story that they are in (Books, computer games, TV, Films I don't care!) And bacically the information about them, including the District.

Oh and one more thing, if one character is submitted from a story, any characters in it will NOT be allowed. E.g. If Percy Jackson was submitted, you can't have Annabeth ot Thalia. You can have Jason though.







District 1


Dorothy- The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum


Talents: Has magic Slippers

History: Ended up in Oz and tried to get home, with the help of a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly Lion. Went to see the wizard of Oz and killed the wicked witches of the East and West.

Her Fate: Got back to Kansas


Number 4- I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore


Talents: Talk to animals, fire proof, can shoot light from his hands.

History: A Lorien Garde, Left his home planet to come to Earth because his planet was destroyed. One of the last nine left of his kind, though 3 are dead

His Fate: On Earth with Number 6 and Sam, looking for the other 4 Lorien Garde still alive.

District 2


Sakura Haruno- Naruto Manga series


Talents: Healing abilities, Superstrength.

History: A ninja in Team 7. Can control her Charka to heal people and crush obstacles into rubble.

Her Fate: Protecting Naruto.


Will- The Ranger's apprentice by John Flanagan


Talents: Mastered the art of unseen and unheard movement, camouflage, knife throwing, knife fighting skills and long-range weaponry, specifically the long bow.

History: An orphan and was appointed to be an Ranger (The unofficial Police) Basically he is a hero because he has saved his Kingdom so many times and is now an Official Ranger, not an apprentice Ranger

His Fate: Official Ranger, Hero.

District 3


Ferelitch- White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick


Talents: Her intelligence.

History: Did her A levels aged 14. Lives in a children's home that she runs. Her mum is in hospital and her dad abandoned her.

Her fate- commited suicide by jumping off a cliff.


Leo Valdez- The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan


Talents: Can control fire and can build anything

History: Dad Hephastus, when he was 7, he accidently killed his mum in a house fire. Friends with Jason and Piper. Saved the Queen of the Gods and is going to help Percy Jackson

His Fate- Lives in Camp Half Blood and Is going to help Percy in the Roman camp

District 4


Sadie Kane- The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan


Talents: Can read hieroglyphics and is good at magic

History: Her dad is Osiris, her brother was the host of Horus and She briefly hosted Isis. Sadie Kane is training novice magicians in the path of the Gods (Which is illegal). She is in love with Anubis and a wizard who is slowly dying.

Her Fate: In the 21st Nome (Brooklyn, US) Training Magicians in the path of the Gods


Percy Jackson- The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan


Talents: Ability to control water, supreme fighting skills.

History: Son of Poisiden, defeated Kronos and saved Olympus from the Titans

His fate: Leader of Greek Camp Half blood, at moment in the Roman Camp Half Blood

District 5


Chell Portal - Portal and Portal 2 (Videogames)


Talents: Has a Portal Gun which can create portals.

History: Captured by Glados and taught how to use a Portal Gun. Glados is her worst enemy, but she worked with him in Portal 2

Her Fate- In the Laborities on her own.


Thomas- The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Talents: Mental Telepathy with Teresa

History: Help build and design the maze, escaped and works for WIKED secretly.

His fate: In a base at WIKED, in a room of utter brightness

District 6


Lana Arwen Lazar- Gone by Michel Grant


Talents: Can heal people

History: Moved to Perido Beach and developed the power to heal living things, which she discovers when she is crushed in her granddad's truck.

Fate: Unknown, last seen leaving Perido Beach


Alex Rider- Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz


Talents: Very Good spy

History: Dand and uncle are spies, but both are dead. Looked after by Jack Starbright until she died.

His Fate: In America with the Pleasures

District 7


Princess Leia- Star Wars


Talents: Good Tactician, excellent marksman, Strong Force, A good politician.

History: Her mum died giving birth to her and her brothe (Luke.) Her dad is Darth Vader. She is a Jedi Knight and marries Han Solo.

Her Fate: Marries Han Solo.


Peter Pan- Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie


Talents: Can Fly, has imagination

History: Fell put of his pram so was sent to Neverland. His parents abandoned him and barred the Window to his room. Looks after the lost boys and likes Wendy.

His fate: In Neverland with the Lost Boys

District 8


Bec- The Demonata by Darren Shan


Talents: Can do magic, and mind read

History: Born 500AD, died and brought to life recently. Powerful Magician and part of the Kah-Gash.

Her Fate: Destroyed the Universe and helped rebuild it.


Darren Shan- Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan


Talents: Very Strong, Quick and a Half Vampire.

History: Became a Half Vampire to save his best friend, who turned against him. In love with a girl called Debbie and is a Vampire Prince. Died stopping Des Tiny

His Fate: In Paradise.

District 9


Vriska Serket- Homestuck


Talents: Mind Control, Vision Eightfold (X-ray vision), Mind reading, Commanding fortune.

History: A troll.Was Killed, Died, then went and became the Theif of Light after lying on the Quest bed.

Her fate: Achived the God tier, The thief of light.


Link- The Legend of Zelda


Talents: Master Swordsman and Marksman, Good musician, Very Strong.

History: A hero, and the weilder of the Triforce of Courage, Protecting Zelda and being a hero is his destiny

His Fate: A hero, and liked by lots of people

District 10


Susan Pensive- The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis


Talents: Can swim, Good with Bow and arrows

History: Queen of Narnia, helped defeat the White witch, Helped Caspian regain his throne. Lost her brothers, her sister and her parents in a train crash.

Her Fate: Survived.




Talents: Can change is form, Immortal (Though the capitol removed that ability)

History: Tempted Eve to eat the Apple at the Garden of Eden. Works for hell. Dubbed as "Hells most approchable demon." Looking for the Anti-Christ

Fate: Finds the Anti-Christ.

District 11


Allie Johnson- Everlost by Neil Shusterman


Talents: Possess People

History: Died and nine months later as an Afterlight. She tries to return home to say goodbye to her parents.

Her Fate: In a coma on Earth. She is in land west of the Mississipi River.


Mario Mario- Mario Games by Nintendo


Talents: Kill enemies by jumping on them, can take powerups that let him throw fireballs

History: Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach so he goes to save her

His Fate: In world 6

District 12


Luxa- The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins


Talents: Bonded to Aurora (A bat) and Ripred (A rat)

History: Future Queen of Regalia, but is too young and will gain the throne at the age of 16. Until then, The council is leading. In love with Gregor (An Overlander). Her parents killed by King Gorger of the Rats

Her Fate: In her city, currently preparing to be Queen.


Zee- Escape from Furnace by Alex Gordon Smith


Talents: Clever, Quick

History: Framed for Murder and was sent to Furnace, Which is a prision underground.

His Fate: Failed to Escape.

District 13


Lina Mayfleet- The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau


Talents: Very good Messanger

History: Lived in the city of Ember until she and Doon helped the 417 people in the city of Ember escape and has helped civilisation grow again.

Her Fate: Married Doon, lives on the surface.


Connor Lassiter- Unwind by Neal Shusterman


Talents: Fighting, Leadership, Bravery.

History: Sent to be unwound because of fighting. Crashed a bus and left with Lev and Risa, two other unwounds. Enemy with Roland, but he got his hand and his eye. Almost got unwound but he was saved by Lev (Who became a clapper.)

His Fate: Leads a graveyard, which is a safe haven for Unwounds.

The Capitol


Alyss- The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor


Talents: Has powers of imagination.

History:Had to flee from Wonderland aged 7 and lived in the Human world for years. She returned and became Queen after defeating Aunt Redd.

Her Fate: Becomes Queen, falls in love with her childhood friend, Dodge.


Harry Potter- Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling


Talent: Can cast spells, can talk to snakes, powerful wizard.

History: Parents killed by Voldemourt. Went to Hogwarts and kills Voldemourt. Marries Ginny, has three kids.

His Fate: Defeats Voldemourt. Marries and has three children. Becomes and Aurora.


To keep up with normal traditions, the arena and everything inside it will NOT be revealed until the games begin................

Seeing as they have now begun, I can tell you what it is.

The arena is a three floored libary. There is a robot librarian which could kill a tribute is provocked. Also there are flying books, and mutts made out of ink.


Ferelith's POV (3)

I jumped of the cliff.

And ended up in a white room.

A woman, dressed in red was standing next to me.

"Hang on, is this the afterlife?" I ask

"No!" The woman replied, "Welcome to Panem, You will be a tribute in the Hunger games, up against twenty seven fictional characters......." She replied.

"Hang on, I come from the real world, or is this the future?" I reply,

"No, an author created you, if you lose, you'll be returned to your book and you'll suffer your fate, if you win, you will grow old in District 3, until you are about to die, then we'll return you to you book. To suffer death."

Percy's POV (4)


Where am I?

No-one is in the white room that I am in. I vain, I use my powers over water to flood the room, where I find a hole for ventalation.

Grinning I escape, straight into the path of a man in red.

"Wecome Percy, Welcome to Panem." He says.

Then I pass out.

When I come to, the man in red is still there. I try to grab Riptide, but I am in a straightjacket.

"Why are you doing this to me? Who are you?" I yell

"To make you a tribute in the Hunger Games. I am a gamekeeper." He replies

Thomas's POV (5)

I'm not in the glade.

I am in a white room.

"Teresa! TERESA!" I think to myself

" Thomas? Where are you? Are you in the Hunger Games?" She replies

" Yes. I'm in a white room. I don't know. Hang on someone is comeing." I think back, then I shut off the link.

"Hello, Thomas. Welcome to Panem, where you will compete in the Hunger Games." The man in red tells me.

"Yes, Teresa, I am." I think back.

Harry's POV (Capitol)

Where am I?

One minute, I was about to kill Voldemourt, when suddenly I was here.

A man in red walks in- is he a deatheater?

I reach out to my wand, but it is not here.

The man in red laughs and slowly says

"Hello Harry, welcome to Panem. You will participate in the Hunger Games if you want your wand back."

"Ok, But how did I get here?" I ask

He points to a device on the celing. It is silver and gold and has a beam coming down from it.

"That took you from your world, and put you in ours."

Then the man in red left, then a golden light appeared.


"Harry, take your wand. I don't have much time to talk to you."

Then I got my wand, and then he left, just like that.

Alyss' POV (Capitol)

Running from Redd.

When a white room appears.

Redd is not there.

Insted a woman in red is standing there- She works for Redd!!!!

"Hello, Alice, welcome to Panem." She says quitely

"It's Alyss, not Alice, and where is Panem?" I ask

"What used to be North America, Alyss. You will participate in the Hunger Games."

Suddenly, the walls were broken down, and a blacked haired boy with glasses was standing there, just staring at his wand.

"Hello, I am Alyss, and who are you?"

"My name is Harry Potter, Alyss, do you want to be allies?"

I nodded.

Connor's POV (13)

First of, a glow.

A golden glow.

Then I am here.

Hang on, am I in the facility where they unwind me.

Just then the man in red, who I had not noticed until that point, spoke "Hello Connor, welcome to Panem, or should I say the real world?"

"The real world, so I am fake?" I ask coldly "Where is Risa? Where is Lev?"

"All in good time Connor, before you return to Risa and Lev, we have one favor to ask." He replied "To compete in the Hunger Games."

Leo's POV (3)

Aw, Man!

I was having nice dreams, before I woke up.

"LEO, get up, you have a big, big few days ahead of you!!" The man in red shook me awake.

"Ok." I mumbled.

"Welcome to Panem, Leo!!" The man shouted (Did he always have to shout and be so........ Lively?" "You will participate in the Hunger Games, along with Percy Jackson!!"

Percy Jackson!?!?!?!

"Wait......" I said, but he had already gone, and the wall was disappearing, revealing a girl. Everything about her was pointy, her fingers, her ears, her mouth.

"Hello, I am Leo, Son of Hephastus. What is your name and do you want to be allies?"

"My name is Ferelith, and I'll think about it." Ferelith whisphered softly, even mysteriously.

Why were all the cute looking girls so hard to get?

Will's POV (2)

Uh, The man in red was so boring, talking about something called the Hunger Games and a place called Panem,

He opened a door and before it shut, I snuck through.

I followed him. First off he stopped at a door that had 10M written on it, then went to another door, which said "GAMEMAKERS ONLY, ANYONE WHO ENTERS WILL BE SHOT!"

Who cares, I went in.

And that is when I heard it,

Heard the secret of the games

"The District 2 Male is up." My man in red said

"Good, 9 up, only 19 to go." A woman in red replied "I think I let slip to The District 3 girl about the Games being a fight to the death."

"You mean Ferelith?" The man in red replied, "I think she would have worked it out anyway, and the District 10 male, has he lost his immortality?"

"Yes he has, but I could not take away the District 4 boy's powers over water, or the District 3 boy's power over fire." The woman in red replied

"Ah, that was because I specifically asked for it." The man replied " I wanted to see the fight between the District 1 male, the District 3 male and the District 4 male in the arena."

"The Girl form 6 up yet?" The woman in red asked "Her powers over healing will have an interesting effect in the arena."

"Not yet, The machine worked too well. She will be out for at least an hour more, and speaking of awake people, the District 2 male is here."

Then a guy in black walked up to me and knocked me out.

Crowley's POV (10)

I wake up, to a man in red shaking me awake

"Hello Crowley! Welcome to Panem!" The man in red yelled.

"Hello, sorry I have to do this." I reply.

Instently I beat the man until he is unconsious, then I take his uniform and gag him, before leaving my room, at once a man in black walks up to me

"Yamil." He says "The District 2 boy escaped from his room, so I knocked him out, Will you look after him for a bit?" He polietly asks.

Then I reply yes and drag him to the 2M door.

Just then he wakes.

"Who are you?" He asks "Are you a gamemaker?"

"No, I am the District 10 male tribute, Crowley, I escaped from my room by beating up this guy called Yamil. Friends?" I reply

"Crowley, They have taken away your immortality." The District 2 boy says " And you did not ask me for my name, My name is Will."

Number 4's POV (1)

I am a Lorien, not a tribute

But the man in red insists that I am in Panem and that I will participate in these Hunger Games.

In the end I pretend to fall asleep, when I hear to guys, called Crowley and Will talking outside. I step out.

"Hello, can I be allies with you?" I ask

"Yes, as long as you destroy some gamekeepers in some way." The guy called Will says

At once I walk to the door that Will directed me to and burnt it down,

"AHHHHHHH," A woman in red screams and I burn her arm off

She runs to the 6F door and then passes out.

"There you go." I say

But neither Crowley or Will speak because they are shocked into Silence.

Lana's POV (6)

I wake up, to see a woman in red passed out on the floor.

I toch the arm and it heals, but the hand will never return.

Then a boy with blond hair and blue eyes walks in.

"Hello, I am Lana." I say "Are you going to do what you did to her? Was it you that did that? Who are you?"

"Hello, I am Number 4. That was me, yes and no, I will not do that to you."

Then he leaves, dragging the woman out with her.

After that, I wondered, what was goining on?

Chell's POV (5)

A golden Glow.

Is this Glados' work?

Apparently not.

"Hello, Chell. Welcome to Panem!" A woman in red said "You will be a tribute in the Hunger Games!"

Then she quickly left, and The wall lifted up, to reveal a boy with Massive feet.

"Hello, I am Thomas. Allies?" Thomas asked polietly

"Ok, but as soon as Glados is dead, I will kill you." I replied.

"Glados?" He asked "Who is he?"

"It's a long story....." I replied and proceeded to tell him the whole story.

Lina's POV (13)

Uh, A headache.

After the Golden Glow, I felt drunk and dizzy

A woman in red told me her name was Amy and she was welcoming me to Panem and told me that I'll be a tribute in these Hunger Games.

She left, the wall lifted up and there was a boy, walking up and down the room.

Then a screen fell down "Hello, Connor. Hello, Lina. Welcome to Panem and the Hunger Games......" It started to say.

"Screw this." Thomas said and he proceeded to destroy the screen to end the video.

But the sound carried on.

" You will represent District 13, the Graphite and Nuclear bomb District, and the centre for rebellion. Please wait for your mentors to come in."

After waiting for half an hour, two people walked in, a girl with black hair and a guy with brown hair.

"Hello, I am Thalia. I Presume that I am looking after Lina?" Thalia asked then walked to me.

"Hello, I am Capac. I am looking after Connor." He whispherd and walked to Connor.

"The chariot ride will begin in one hour. Wait for this room to grow wheels." The video ended.

Then the room began shaking and then the room transformed.

Mario's POV (11)

"ITS A ME, MARIO!!!!!" I yelled to a startled man in red.

"Mario, Welcome to Panem." he quickly said "You will participate in the Hunger games." Then he left.

Then I took the fire flower out of my pocket and used it to make me able to throw fireballs.

Then I burnt the doors down, jumped on a man in red and walked into the Technician room.

One gamekeeper was there- Luigi!!!

Then a person in black knocked me out.

Vriska's POV (9)


Feel drunk. Feel Dizzy.

Anyway. Who. Am. I?

"Hello Vriska. Welcome to Panem. If you have lost your memory, take this drink. Afterwards, you will participate in the Hunger Games." A woman in red said.

Then a black drink appered. It looked disgusting.

"No thanks." I replied. Then a tube appeared and forced the drink into my throat.

Afterwards, I remembered.

Allie's POV (11)

What the......?

I am extremly comfused. Where. Am. I? Who. Am. I?

All I remember is one name. Allie.

I am Allie.

"Hello, Allie. Welcome to Panem, you MUST participate in the Hunger Games." The woman in red said, then walked out.

Then the walls seperated and a boy apperared. He saw me and yelled "ITS A ME, MARIO!!!" Mario yelled.

Then a video started. Before that though, a vile, black drink helped me recover my memories

Alex's POV (6)

Who am I?

"Welcome Alex. Welcome to Panem. You have just drunk a drink that helps you remember who you are."

The Suddenly everything came back. The missions, the deaths.

Then I threw up.

In front of a girl.

"Hi, I am Lana, and you are.....?" Lana Asked

"Alex. Alex Rider." I snapped

"OMG!!!! Can I have your autograph?" She yelled.

Sighing, I gave it to her.

Then Mrs Jones walked in.

"Sam?" Lana questioned.

Luxa's POV (12)

I am Luxa.

I can't remember anything else. Ohhh. A drink

Ah that's better.

It is disgusting.

"Hello, Luxa. Welcome to Panem. I am Jessica and I am glad to help you." Jessica, a woman in red, said "Wanna Participate in the Hunger Games?"

I nod. They sound exciting.

Then I reliese my mistake, a few hours later.

Link's POV (9)

Who. Am. I?

I am a............


Then I drink a black drink. It is nice.

I am a Hero, I am the weilder of the Triforce of Courage. I am..............

"Hello Link. I see you enjoyed the Drink. Welcome to Panem. You will participate in the Hunger Games, Link" A man in red said. "I am Kranden, I come from a computer Game, Like you. The game is a RGP, like yours. Suprisingly, we are similar." Then Kranden left.

Then The walls sperated and a girl called Viskrat was on the other side of the wall.

Skip forward a few minutes (Actually 59) We'd been through a video, meeting our mentors and then the room transforming into a glass box with lots of factory smoke. We were in pitch black suits and there was hundreds of tents and caravans waiting outside, for our entrence.

Zee's POV (12)

Uhhhh. I have a headache.

Anyway, who am I? Where am I?

In frount of me is a black liquid and I drink it. Well, it might cure me of my memory loss.

Suddenly memories flood back, and I remember everything.

Then a man in red comes.

"Hello, Zee. I am Carter, and I welcome you to Panem, where you will participate in the Hunger Games." Carter, The man in red, says.

After that, he leaves and the wall seperates, to reveal a girl walking up and down the room.

"Hello, I am Zee, who are you?" I ask.

She jumps.

"Zee, you frightened me. I am Luxa, Queen of Regalia."

Then a video started

"Hello, Zee and Luxa, welcome to Panem. In the Hunger Games, you will represent District 12..............."

Darren's POV (8)

Golden glows give you headaches,

Then make yo forget who you are. To be honest, I never want to experience one again.

All I remember is one name. Darren.

Then ther is a black liquid that looks like blood. I am not going to drink that.

Then I am told to, by a man in red.

"Darren, there was a fault with 14 of the machines, and it kinda wiped out most of your memories, and the black liquid IS your memories, so drink up."

Then I do. I am Darren, Darren Shan. A half Vampire.

"Welcome to Panem, Darren. Particpate in the Hunger Games and Savour it."

The he leaves, leaving me alone in this box.

Where is Panem?

Bec's POV (8)

I wake up to a myriad of colours.

People in red, People in blue and People in black surround me. Standing on the other side of the room is a woman in Purple.

"She hasn't stabalized!!" People are shouting "Quickly, before she returns to her world!!"

Then I look down, and my whole body is glowing gold. The glow increses

"Oh, no!! We are going to lose her!!" The voices are more frantic.

"Bec, stay, drink up." The woman in purple says.

I agree, and drink, then the glows fade.

"Well done, Zara." The people reply, then all but one leaves. The woman in red stays.

"Hello, you should have not met your mentor, Zara, yet. I am Peach, a Gamemaker, and I welcome you to Panem. You WILL participate in the Hunger Games." Then Peach leaves.

The walls seperate, and there is a boy staring at me.

"Hello." We both say at the same time.

"I am Bec." I say.

"I am Darren." Darren says.

Then Zara and a man in purple comes in.

"I am Drew, I will look after Darren." Drew says.

Zara doesn't say anything. After all, we have already met.

Peter's POV (7)

Honestly, waking up to yourself flying is not good. Especially is you have forgotten that you can fly. In fact, it is even worse if you have forgotten who you are. All I know is that I am Peter.

Then there is a black liquid. I make it taste of honey before I drink it.

It tastes nice and then my memeories return.

I am Peter Pan, The leader of the Lost boys. My home is in neverland.

"Hello Peter, Welcome to Panem. You will participate in the Hunger Games." A man in red says, then leaves.

What is the Hunger Games?

Susan's POV (10)

"Susan....... Susan........ SUSAN......." A voice yells and it wakes me up.

"Hello, I am a Gamemaker, Welcome to Panem, you will participate in the Hunger Games." The Gamemaker says.

I see a black liquid, she nods and I drink it.

At once, everything that I had forgotten comes backs. She leaves, and the walls seperate, revealing a boy.

"Hi I am Susan, Queen of Narnia. Do you want to ally?" I ask

"I am Crowley, one of Satan's devils and I'd be happy to." Crowley replies.

What have I got myself in for.

Dorothy's POV (1)

I wake up to singing.

"Somewhere, Over the rainbow, Way up high. Theres a land that I heard of, one in a lullaby." The voice sings, in a sweet tone.

Looking down, I see a black liquid and I drink it,even though it is disgusting. I sang that song, so long ago, then I join in.

"Somewhere, Over the rainbow, Skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true."

Then I'm interrupted by a woman in red.

"Hello, Dorothy, welcome to Panem, participate in the Hunger games please?" Then she leaves.

The wall seperates and I boy stares at me for a few seconds, then says,

"Screw you. Whoever you are, I don't want you as an ally."

Crying, I leave and a girl with black hair, black eyes and pale skin stares at me.

"You are Dorothy, arn't you? I heard you singing the second verse. I was singing the first verse. Do you want to ally, If you do, I am Ferelith."

I nod, and feel better.

Sakura's POV (2)





Then she speaks again.

"Hello, welcome to Panem, where you will participate in the Hunger Games" This time, I can understand her, but before I say thanks, she dissapears.

Then the wall dissapears and a boy comes out. He is whisphering one name "Crowley." He looks beaten up. He has two black eyes, and I think he broke a rib. I touch him and all of his injuries are cured.

"Hello, I am Sakura and you are......?" I ask

"Will." Will replied.

(Tanslation of Japenese= I wake up. The Glass is filled with black liquid. I'm Sakura and I am not drinking this drink, even though I have forgotten who I am. Then a woman in red comes and says something, then forces the black drink down my throat.....)

Leia's POV (7)

My opinion, The drink= Vile

The Gamemaker= Boring

Forgetting who I was= Awful

Panem and the Hunger Games= Ok.

Well, that is what I think.

Now I can remember, the walls have seperated, revealing a boy who can FLY. He calls himself Peter Pan.

Now we are allies.

Sadie's POV (4)

Brother, Hang on do I have a brother?

I am Sadie. Sadie Kane, and I can't remember anything else.

Then a black liquid is forced down my throat.

I do have a brother called Carter.

"Hello Sadie, the last tribute to wake up." The Woman in red says "Sorry about that, that liquid gave you your memories back. Welcome to Panem, where you will participate in the Hunger Games."

Then she leaves and the wall seperates and a boy is knocked out on the floor.

Then he wakes.

"Sorry, I am Percy. I ran into the wall because I could hear you breathing." Percy says. Even though he was lying in a puddle, he is dry.

"Hello, I am Sadie, Allies?" I ask.

He nods.

Important people

Mentors- The People in Purple

These are the Mentors. I Have chosen most of them except Boba Fett for the Capitol- A special Case due to me finding out about him- After all 14 male spots were Taken. Also some tributes might know other mentors, and most mentors come from the same books.


Male- Boba Fett (Star Wars)

Female- Bella Cullen (Twilight)

District 1

Male- Carlisle Cullen (Twilight)

Female- Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter)

District 2

Male- Grubbs Grady (Demonata)

Female- Geri Patterson (The Medusa Project)

District 3

Male- Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Female- Lucy Pensive (The Chronicles of Narnia)

District 4

Male- Will Perry (His Dark Materials)

Female- Piper Mclean (The Heroes of Olympus)

District 5

Male- The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Female- Gabrielle (The Dead-Tossed Waves, The Dark and Hollow Places)

District 6

Male- Sam Temple (Gone Series)

Female- Mrs Jones (Alex Rider)

District 7

Male- Edmund Pensive (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Female- Astrid Ellison (Gone Series)

District 8

Male- Drew (Wereworld)

Female- Zara Asker (CHERUB)

District 9

Male- Larten Crepsley (Darren Shan Saga)

Female- Pheobe Kendall (Generation Dead series)

District 10

Male- Chiron (Percy Jackson Series)

Female- Number 6 (The Lorien Legacies)

District 11

Male- Jason Grace (The Heroes of Olympus)

Female- Lyra Belaqua (His Dark Materials)

District 12

Male- Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Female- Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

District 13

Male- Capac Raimi (The City Triolgy by Darren Shan)

Female- Thalia Grace (Percy Jackson series)

GameMakers- The People in red


Yamil (Head GameMaker (Not a fictional Character)

Ron Weasly (Harry Potter)

Deverish Grady (The Demonata)

Kraden (Golden Sun)

Luigi (Mario Series)

Rory Williams (Doctor Who)

Carter Kane (The Kane Chronicles)


Jessica (Deputy Head GameMaker (Not a Fictional Character)

Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

Alice Cullen (Twilight)

Risa (Unwind)

Mary (The Forest of hands and Teeth)

Peach (Mario)

Rebecca (White Crow)

Technicians- The People in Blue


Tommy (Head Technician (Not a Fictional Character)

Beetee (The Hunger Games)

Lev (Unwind)


Lucy (Deputy Head Technician (Not a Fictional Character)

Wiress (The Hunger Games)

Temperance Brennan (Deja Dead)

Security Guards- The People in Black


Alexander (Head Security Guard (Not a Fictional Character)

Roland (Unwind)

Isaac (Golden Sun)

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)


Jane (Deputy Head Security Guard (Not a Fictional Character)

Evelyn Salt (Salt)

Cashmere (The Hunger Games)

Jenna (Golden Sun)

Interviewer- The Person in Green

Daniel Molloy (Interview with a vampire)

Chariot Rides

"Welcome to the Fiction Hunger Games, and to-day we have the CHARIOT RIDES." The host yells. "And now, I give you the First Chariot!!"


The Capitol chariot has both Alyss and Harry in amazing makeup. Both are wearing golden suits and are carrying Golden hammers (To represent Justice) Boba and Bella are sitting on top of the Tawn coloured horses and are throwing lipstick and eyeliner to the crowd. The Crowd give it a 11/12

District 1

Then District 1's chariot comes out and Dorothy is in a golden dress and wearing lots of Jewels, amd Number 4 is in a Tux, studded with Sapphires. Carlisle and Hermonie are riding silver coloured horses and throwing gold coins to the crowd. Then Number 4 and Dorothy start fighting and Dorothy almost dies. The crowd gives this a 12/12 because of the fight inside the chariot.

District 2

Then District 2 rolls out and Will and Sakura are in a quarry mining stone, which then turn into minuture houses. Both tributes are dressed as Peacekeepers. Their mentors, Grubbs and Geri, ride Silver horses and tell the tributes to fight, and they do. The crowd gives this a 10/12 because they felt the fight was orcastrated.

District 3

Leo and Ferelith are in a chariot which is coved in wires and spare parts. Leo flicks the ON switch and the words "WE WILL WIN." appear. The crowd like this and give it a 9/12. Their mentors cheer their tributes on the horses.

District 4

Then Percy and Sadie come out and their chariot is flooded and both of them are wearing diver's suits. Their mentors are riding white horses which have blue and green swirls on. The crowd give this a 11/12 for orginality.

District 5

After Percy and Sadie, Thomas and Chell come on, anxious about their turn. They need not worry, because their chariot is covered in numbers and Chell uses her portal gun to get out of the chariot and scare some people from the capitol. Then she returns and does a portal gun show. Their mentors ride the black horses. The crowd gives this a 12/12.

District 6

Then Lana and Alex come on in a mini hospital chariot. Lana uses her healing abilities to heal all of the sick people in the chariot. Sam and Mrs Jones are riding the pure white horses and then Sam falls off and breaks his arm. Lana gets out and cures Sam. The crowd, in a positive mood, give this a 12/12.

District 7

Then Leia and Peter come put in a chariot that is made like a forest. Peter is dressed as a fairy and is flying around and Leia is dressed as a tree. The crowd gives this a 8/12

District 8

Then Darren and Bec (who is much better.) come out in a glass box cluttered with fabrics. Darren and Bec are sewing the tribute outfits, which is a black shirt and white pants. Then the fabrics dissapear and 28 of these outfits are in their place. The crowd give this a 7/12.

District 9

Then Link and Vriska come on in a glass box filled with factory smoke. Then the smoke fades and both tributes are in a street full of factories and are wareing pitch black suits. The crowd, loving the originality, give this a 9/12.

District 10

Then Susan and Crowley come on in a glass box filled with cows and both are milking the cows. Then the cows turn into a tractor (The cows are made of metal) and the tractor rides out of the chariot. The startled crowd gives this a 11/12

District 11

After the tractor, District 11 is simple and relaxing. This is because Mario (Who is still using the fire flower) and Allie are standing in a feild of corn, then Mario accidently sets the feild alight and The glass melts and falls on Mario, making him lose the ability to throw fire balls. Leo scoffs.

"Ha! He is not a natural user, like me!"

To make Mario feel worse, the crowd give it a measly 4/12

District 12

Then Luxa and Zee come out and you cannot see anything in the glass box, because it is dark, then an explosion occurs and then the whole place looks like a coal mine, and Luxa and Zee look like torches. The crowd gives this a 11/12

District 13

Finally Connor and Lina come out and instently their chariot ride shines. Their chariot is being bombed and then the mockingjay logo appears. Finally graphite mines are just visable in the chariot rides. The crowd screams "Connor! Lina!" and then they give it a 20/12


Part 1: The Mission

GameMaker's Discussion

The Gamemakers wake up at six o'clock in the morning and head down to the main room for a tak about tributes, the chariot rides and most importantly, the training.

(Now turning into script form)

Jessica: So everyone, the tributes, what do you think of them?

Amy: Really nice, except the boy from 1. He tried to murder his district partner, then he injured a gamemaker.

Kranden: I have to agree with you, Amy. I have now asked Isaac and Jenna to stay outside his room at ALL TIMES so that he can't escape.

Rory: Who is this boy from 1? If he carries on like this, I'll have his death arranged by Beetee.

Ron: That is bad, Rory, don't do it.

Deverish: Sorry Ron, I really agree with Rory.

Yamil: So, if he carries on being horrible, then we kill him in the arena?

Luigi: Yes, we will have to.

Rebecca: We cannot do that, for two reasons.

Peach: A, because it would be boring.

Mary: And B, because people from district 1 would notice, and then we'll have a rebellion.

Jessica: !!!!!

Yamil: !!!!!!!

Jessica: Let's quit this discussion, how were the chariot rides?

Carter: Brilliant, the Capitol loved them.

Alice: However, The districts are a tad jelous that they are so good.

Jessica: Thank you, do the mentors know where to take their tributes for training?

Yamil: Yes, outside, just under the mountain. The meeting is over.

(End script format)

Boba's POV

Harry and Alyss are up at six-fifteen, and training begins at eight.

I take Harry over for a private discussion on tatics.

"Harry, I don't know what the arena is like, but find somewhere to hide, and DON'T ALLY, is that clear?" I order.

"What about Alyss?" Harry asks.

"Kill her." I reply

Harry's POV

Utter rage.

How am I meant to kill Alyss? She is too nice and kind. Honestly, Boba is making a mistake.

So anyway, I leave my room in a huff, and walk into two security guards.

"Sorry, you cannot enter. A dangerous tribute is inside." The male one replies.

"I agree with Isaac." The female continued "The male from District 1 is too dangerous."

After that, they send me on my way, then I find a random door and knock on it.

"Hello, is that you, T?" The girl's voice growls

"No, it's Harry Potter from the Capitol, do you want to ally?" I ask.

"Harry, do you have any talents?" She asks "If so yes."

"I can cast spells with my wand." I reply.

"Ok, we're allies, Harry, I am Chell Portal."

Then she lets me into her room and introduces me to her mentor, Gabrielle.

Luxa's POV

Had a nice sleep. The next day, my mentor Katniss tells me about what to do. I am in good shape to win these games, because Katniss has been through the games before.

"So, Luxa, what you should do is avoid the Cornicopa and the bloodbath, maybe fina a few allies and adapt to what the arena is like." She says, "You may miss supplies, but maybe, you'll kill a tribute with a stone and take the supplies that that person has."

I nod, then walk to Zee. Zee has already been briefed by Peeta, Katniss' husband

"Zee, we should avoid the cornicopa."

He nods, then we walk down to breakfast.

Number 4's POV

After I got up, I tried to leave my room.

"No, Number 4, you cannot yet. Until you see your mentor." The guy said in monotone.

After that, I got bored, so I flicked on the TV. Rebellions in District 1 are the normal and have been going on for a year. District 2 had the last victor in the normal Hunger Games. Contact from Great Britian. BORING

Then my mentor came in. Carlisle was pretty shaken up.

"Advice, be good and try not to kill anyone." He said.

"Why?" I ask

"Because." He replied "If you are really bad, The Gamekeepers WILL kill you."

Sadie's POV

When I woke up, my mentor Piper was sitting by my bed.

"Sadie, my advice is to use you magic to your advantage and ally with Percy and find a few people to trust."

I nodded, then went to look for Percy's room, when I bumped into the guy from 3. He was arguing with the guy from 11.

"Mario, You cannot use fires like I can!" The guy from 3 said

"I can too, Leo, because ITS A ME, MARIO!!" Mario replied.

Then I sheepishly asked "Have you seen Percy Jackson's room?"

"The arguement is over." Leo said "What's your name, and will you introduce me?"

I nodded "My name is Sadie."

Then Leo and I serched the corridor. After ten minutes, I found the room.

Percy was outside.

"Percy Jackson, Annabeth is looking for you!" Leo muttered

"Annabeth Chase? Do you go to camp half blood?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, I do. I am a child of Hephastus and I do know Annabeth Chase." Leo replied, then he lit his hand on fire.

Percy gasped, then all three of us went down to breakfast.

Mario's POV

How dare Leo scoff at me.

He will get revenge, when I kill him in the arena.

Just then the two people from the Capitol an the girl from 5 walk down the corridor.

I take another fire flower, then use it. After that I throw a fire ball at the ceiling.

"Woah, I thought you lost the ability." The boy says

"ITS A ME, MARIO!!!" I reply "I have spare power ups."

He nods in understanding.

"Allies?" He asks

I nod.

"Good. I am Harry, and this is Alyss and Chell." Harry replies.

Then us four walk down to breakfast.

Thomas' POV

I am at breakfast, and it looks like the tributes are taking sides.

At the moment, The girl from 1, and the tributes from 3 and 4 are sitting down and having breakfast. The girl from 12 is talking to them about an allience, then she storms off and talks to Chell and is accepted into the alliance.

I walk up to Chell. She spots me, then says

"Sorry, Thomas. The alliance is off. I have found better people to kill Glados."

Those people are the boy from 1, the one who almost killed his district partner, the tributes from 2, 10 and the capitol, the girl from 12 and the boy from 11.

"Thomas, If Chell won't accept you, then talk to Leo." Teresa thoughtspoke. "WIKED is good."

I then walk to Leo and ask him for an alliance and he accepts.

While sitting with everyone in my alliance, the rest of the tributes look lost and confused. Without an alliance, they have no hope in the Bloodbath.

Alyss' POV

So, what happened after us after we went down to breakfast?

Noone would expect a fight with another tribute, being knocked unconcious then getting looked after by a murderous mentor.

After Harry, Mario, Chell and I went downstairs and started eating breakfast, the guy from 9 walked up to me and challenged me to a duel. Stupidly I accepted.

The guy and I walked into a circle and started duelling.

I was losing, and then everything went black.

I woke up to discover that I missed a day of training. The man looking after me introduced himself as Boba Fett and that he asked Harry to kill me in the arena.

Not the best day that I have had, then.,

Link's POV

After the duel with Alyss, I allied with Leo and his crew, then I had waffles and cream for breakfast.

After we all had breackfast, Leo said there was training.

So we all went outside, then Ferelith noticed the arena.

"This is weird." She whisphered "It has three walls, not four."

But everyone noticed the mountain and everyone decided to climb it. Except Percy, who decided to duel me.


Woah! The dudes from 4 and 9 are up for a fight!

First off, The dude from 9 ran to the other guy, sword raised. However, the other dude pushed him back with a wall of water, Sweet! He can control water!

The 9 dude gets up then picks up a slingshot and hits Percy, square in the head.

However, the 4 dude is standing in a puddle, and does not look injured.

After this carrying on for 10 minutes, the 4 dude won, but then both dudes noticed that their alliance had gone- up the mountain.

Number 4's POV

Leo's allience are SO stupid. I mean, it is a bad idea to climb up a 700m high mountain.

My allience have noticed the buliding that contains the arena. Why does it have three walls, not 4?

Anyway, we decide to have a race. The 1st person to get around the building once is the victor.

So we all started running, and suprisingly, I did not win. Instead Will from District 2 did.

After I lost, I walked up to the guy from 9.

"Excuse me, if you beat up Will from 2 for me, I'll keep you safe in the games, even though you are in the other alliance." I told him.

We both shook hands.

100m up the mountain- Dorothy's POV

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Ferelith sung sweetly. We had been on the mountain for half an hour. Leo said that we should climb the mountain because It'd boost our endurence and our stanima, perfect for running from the enemy.

Link and Percy appeared, both looking breathless, Link also had a gleeful smile on his face.

Noone noticed this, so we carried on climbing.

That is when a rock fell on my foot and wedged it into a gap.

Will's POV

I won the race, but Number 4 won the war.

He managed to become the leader of our allience, taking power from my fingers.

I quickly entered the building and went up to Alyss' room.

"Boba, can you ask Alyss to beat up Number 4 for me?" I ask "Or even better, get someone else to do it?"

He nodded, then gave me a mobile phone.

Then I returned, and everyone was practising swordfighting.

Except me.

Instead I walked to the Archery range and started to learn how to use a crossbow.

200m up the mountain- Thomas' POV

After saving Dorothy, we carried on climbing up the mountain.

Our climb was quickly stopped.

By a flock of helicopters.


Then all of us got on the helicopters and descented back down to earth.

Sakura's POV

After the other alliance got back down, I saw the guy from 9 walk up to Will.

"WILL!" I yell. He turned around, and saw the 9 dude, then smashed something into his face.

"Phones 4 U!!" He yelled at the guy he attacked.

Then, all hell broke lose.


Everyone was punching each other, and fighting. Then a fist landed in my face.

I woke up in my room, and my mentor mentioned that training is now 2 days, not 3.

She also mentioned that all 28 tributes were to be locked up in their rooms on their own for a hour before lunch.

Then she left, leaving me bored.

Leia's POV

One hour.

I was locked up. Confined.


Because Will and Link were fighting.

Kicking the walls, Kicking the door, Kicking the floor.

Suddenly a panel came off the wall, revealing a tunnel.

Smiling, I went in.

Sadie's POV

50 mins.

10 mins had gone, and I was Bored.

Then a panel removed itself, and a girl appeared. I at once knew that she was from 7, because she was with the dude who could fly.

"Allies?" I ask.

She nodded.

Then left, and I followed her.

Peter's POV

40 mins

It was not my fault that it started, Then Leia and the girl from 4 appeared.

Leia introduced the girl as Sadie, then all three of us became allies.

"Peter, will you ally with Dorothy, Ferelith, Leo and Percy?" She asked polietly.

I agreed.

Then we all started playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Ferelith's POV

30 mins.

Half way through.

I hear voices down the corridor, sound like three people are in the same room, enjoying themselves.

I find the hidden panel, and crawl down the tunnel.

I find the room, and the tributes from 7 and Sadie are playing.

"This is Ferelith, the girl from 3."

"This is a good ally. Wanna play Dungeons and Dragons?" The guy from 7 asks. "Oh, I am Peter, and this is Leia."

I smile and nod, then start playing.

I then remember, I will have to kill them if I want to win.

Bec's POV

20 minutes.


Seriously, just because two people were fighting, Does not mean that everyone suffers.

At least I have Darren. The cool, half vampire.

We get talking, then we decide to do it.

SO WE DO!!!!!!

Darren is a great Kisser, his lips are soft and warm.

Then he says that he has to go. Back to his room, or he gets caught.

Darren's POV

10 minutes.

10 minutes ago, I had the best moment of my life with Bec.

Seriously Bec is so nice, that if the games were not going on, I'll marry her and live in a nice home.

Bec has cold lips, but they are so soft, and firm at the same time.

Now I am in my Room, being bored.

Turned out, that I'm in trouble.

I knocked out Sakura from 2.

Then the bell rings.


Vriska's POV

0 minutes

Finally, Dinner time!!!!

I run down, and instently work out that I am the only tribute not in an alliance.

However, this is overshadowed by An announcement.

"After Lunch, they'll be 7 board games and the winners will win an extra few hours of training!!"

I want to win.

Beat pretty boy Link.

So I ally with Number 4.

2 alliances, 14 in each.


Battle 1- Snakes and Ladders- Harry, Number 4, Will and Percy

Percy starts, and rolls a 6. Smiling he lands on square 6 and shoots up a ladder to 25.

Will, rolls a 5, misses out on the ladder.

Harry, Rolls a 6 and joins Percy on 25.

Number 4 rolls a 1 and is stuck.

Percy rolls 4, land on a snake whick takes him down to 13.

Will rolls a 1 and joins Harry.

Harry rolls a 6 and misses the snake, and lands on another ladder which takes him to 65.

Number 4 rolls a 1.

Percy, After punching Harry, rolls a 2 and climbs a ladder to 40.

Will rolls a 2 and stays there.

Harry rolls a 3 and lands on a safe square.

Number 4 rolls a 1, lands on a snake that takes him back 2 one. (Link secretly rigged the dice!!!!!)

Percy rolls a 3, and lands on another snake, that takes him down to 9.

Will rolls a 3 and misses the snake and the ladder.

Harry rolls a 6 and lands on a snake which takes him to 70.

Number 4 rolls a 1.

Percy, by now really hating Harry, rolls a 6 and lands on a ladder that takes him to 71!!!!!

Will rolls a 4 and lands on a ladder. He goes to 52.

Harry rolls a 4 and land on a ladder, which takes him to 94 (IF HE ROLLS A 6, HE HAS WON!!!!!)

Number 4 rolls a 1 and lands back on the Snake that takes him back to 1.

Percy rolls a 3 and is now on 94.

Will rolls a 2 and lands on a ladder that lands on 98.

Harry rolls a 6, lands on square 100 and WINS!!!!!


Harry- 1st- Wins training

Will- 2nd

Percy- 3rd

Number 4- Last.

Battle 2- Top Trumps- Alyss, Dorothy, Ferelith and Chell

(The set of Cards Used- The Hunger Games set)

Chell has: Rue, Katniss (Mockingjay), Peeta, Cato, Finnick, Brutus, Embrocia and Presidant Snow

Alyss Has: Presidant Coin, Gale, Katniss, Primrose, Annie, Beetee, Ceaser and Thresh.

Dorothy Has: Wiress, Johanna, Haymitch (Aged 16), Haymitch, Madge, Tigris, Plutarch and Blight

Ferelith Has: Cinna, Seeder, Chaff, Male and Female Morpling, Marvel, Glimmer, Clove and Foxface.

The Catogries:

Killing Ability

Alliance to the Rebels



District (Capitol always highest, 1 Lowest)

Number of Games


Chell starts with Rue: Wit: 154 (8)

Alyss: Presidant Coin: Wit: 160 (8)

Dorothy: Wiress: Wit: 165 (8)

Ferelith: Cinna: Wit: 140 (8)

ROUND 1: Dorothy!

Dorothy: Johanna: Killing Ability: 6 (11)

Chell: Katniss (Mockingjay): Killing Ability: 5 (7)

Alyss: Gale: Killing Ability: 8 (7)

Ferelith: Seeder: Killing ability: 2 (7)

ROUND 2: Alyss!

Alyss: Katniss: Number of Games: 2 (10)

Chell: Peeta: Number of Games: 2 (6)

Dorothy: Haymitch (Aged 16): Number of Games: 1 (10)

Ferelith: Chaff: Number of Games: 2 (6)

3 Way Tie!!!!!!

Alyss: Primrose: District: 12 (9)

Chell: Cato: District 2 (5)

Ferelith: Male and Female Morpling: District: 6 (5)

ROUND 3: Alyss!!!

Alyss: Annie: Allience to Rebels: 160 (15)

Chell: Finnick: Allience to Rebels: 161 (4)

Dorothy: Haymitch: Allience to Rebels: 170 (9) Ferelith: Marvel: Allience to Rebels: 55 (4)

ROUND 4: Dorothy!!!!!!

Dorothy: Madge: Authority: 8 (12)

Chell: Brutus: Authority: 6 (3)

Alyss: Beetee: Authority: 9 (14)

Ferelith: Glimmer: Authority: 2 (3)

ROUND 5: Alyss!!!!!

Alyss: Ceaser: Wit: 180 (17)

Chell: Embrocia: Wit: 100 (2)

Dorothy: Plutarch: Wit: 180 (11)

Ferelith: Clove: Wit: 120 (2)


Alyss: Thresh: District: 11 (16)

Dorothy: Blight: District: 7 (10)

ROUND 6: Alyss!!!!!!

Alyss: Gale: Wit: 170 (22)

Chell: Presidant Snow: Wit: 210 (1)

Dorothy: Wiress: Wit: 165 (9)

Ferelith: Foxface: Wit: 220 (1)

ROUND 7: Ferelith!!!!!

(Chell OUT)

Ferelith: Foxface: Wit: 220 (4)

Dorothy: Cinna: Wit: 140 (8)

Alyss: Katniss: Wit: 200 (21)

ROUND 8: Ferelith!!!!!!

Ferelith: Presidant Snow: Authority: 100

Dorothy: Presidant Coin: Authority: 100

Alyss: Katniss (Mockingjay): Authority: 90


Ferelith: Wiress: District: 3

Dorothy: Rue: District: 11

Winner: Dorothy!!!!! 100 turns later..............

WINNER: Alyss!!!!!


1st- Alyss- Wins Training

2nd- Dorothy

3rd- Ferelith

4th- Chell

Battle 3- RISK- Leo, Sakura, Thomas and Alex

  • Leo claims Western Australia
  • Alex claims Eastern United States
  • Thomas claims Brazil
  • Sakura claims Siam

Second grouping:

  • Leo claims Iceland
  • Alex claims China
  • Thomas claims Great Britain
  • Sakura claims Irkutsk

Third grouping:

  • Leo claims Mongolia
  • Alex claims Western United States
  • Thomas claims Middle East
  • Sakura claims Egypt

Fourth grouping:

  • Leo claims Ontario
  • Alex claims Scandinavia
  • Thomas claims North Africa
  • Sakura claims Indonesia

Fifth grouping:

  • Leo claims Siberia
  • Alex claims New Guinea
  • Thomas claims Greenland
  • Sakura claims Ukraine

Sixth grouping:

  • Leo claims Congo
  • Alex claims Northern Europe
  • Thomas claims Afghanistan
  • Sakura claims Southern Europe

Seventh grouping:

  • Leo claims Madagascar
  • Alex claims Alaska
  • Thomas claims Kamchatka
  • Sakura claims Quebec

Eighth grouping:

  • Leo claims Ural
  • Alex claims Peru
  • Thomas claims Alberta
  • Sakura claims Venezuela

Ninth grouping:

  • Leo claims Eastern Australia
  • Alex claims India
  • Thomas claims Argentina
  • Sakura claims East Africa

Tenth grouping:

  • Leo claims Western Europe
  • Alex claims Japan
  • Thomas claims Central America
  • Sakura claims Yakutsk

Eleventh grouping:

  • Leo claims South Africa
  • Alex claims Northwest Territory

Everyone, because I know you wanna know what happens next, I am just going to do placings, after the games have finished, I'll write more in these board games.


1st- Leo- Wins training

2nd- Sakura

3rd- Alex

4th- Thomas

Battle 4- Trouble- Sadie, Leia, Peter and Darren


1st- Sadie- Wins Training

2nd- Peter



Battle 5- Parchessi- Lana, Bec, Link and Crowley


1st- Crowley- Wins Training

2nd- Bec

3rd- Link

4th- Lana

Battle 6- Uno- Vriska, Susan, Mario and Allie


1st- Vriska- Wins Training

2nd- Mario

3rd- Allie

4th- Susan

Battle 7- Monopoly- Luxa, Zee, Connor and Lina


1st- Luxa- Wins Training





"Voldermourt, you can't be serious......" A masked man gasped.

"I am, Dark Prince. I will bring the most evil fictional characters to this world, and we'll conquor it. In return for helping me, I'll find your missing wife and I'll make you my representitive. Agree?" Voldermourt replied

"Sure." The Dark Prince smiled "Anything to get Iris back."

Yamil's POV

Working hard on the Games. The 7 lucky tributes are busy training, the rest are in their rooms.

Just then, the Presidant walks in. Presidant Umbra Prince.

"The Secret twist, are you going to do it?" He asks.

I nodded, and he smiled.

"Good, good." He sighed, then left.

He knows.

The Secret twist.


Presidant Umbra Prince's POV

After last nights chilling conversation with the Dark Lord, I was sure the plan would work.

The Dark Lord will take over the world, and I'd get Iris back. Iris, my dear dear wife.

Just then my personal bodyguard walked in. My bodyguard was a tribute in a Hunger Games five years ago, the one where a meteor brought the dead from Day 1 back to life, and gave strange powers to the tributes.

My bodyguard works with me to help the Dark Lord.

"So, we know the secret twist, and we have the plan ready. Do you really think that Z2D4 will actually make that grave error you think that he'd make?" My personal bodyguard asked.

"Of COURSE Z2D4 will actually do it, we just to put bombs so that we can maximise the damage." I reply.

The bodyguard nods.

"There is someone listening to our conversation." The bodyguard mutters.

Suddenly, I grab the spy and strangle him to death.

Jessica's POV

I pick up the photo of my twin sister and wonder if she is alive. I have not heard from her for years, and I miss her.

My brother, Adam Frost, married us both off to his two best friends, and I loath him. But now my loyalties are split. Do I work for my husband, eager to stop the Presidant? Or my brother, who wants to kill them both, so that he can be presidant?

There is a third option, ally with the Presidant, who wants to see his wife- my twin sister.

Then the personal bodyguard walks in, my closest friend. The bodyguard stares at the photo.

"That's Iris, hang on is she-?" The bodyguard asks.

"Yes, Iris Prince is my twin sister." I nod in reply.

Chell's POV

Well, after coming 4th in a stupid game called Top Trumps, A shadowy dude gave me a listening device.

"Wear it and use a portal gun. I want you to spy on the head gamemaker......" He said "My name is Umbra, and if you get some info for me, I'll sponser you."

"Umm......bra?" I laughed "Sure Umbra, I'll do it for you."

I put the listening device on, then I used my portal gun to hunt for the head gamemaker.

Victor Addam's POV (Ok, he was dead, but he is alive now)

Blink Blink.

In a darkened room, trying to remember how I got there.

The Games. My death. Stabbed by the mutt from 7.

I sit up, and a voice starts speaking.

"Victor, back from the dead!"

Then the tall, slim man comes into focus. He has brown hair, black eyes, and a slight tan. I recgonise him as one of the gamemakers. Gave me a 4 as well.

"You recognise me, I'm Yamil Jackson. Head Gamemaker! GET on the train and you'll join the rebellion!" Yamil yells.

Rebellion? Head Gamemaker? Why? Where am I going?

I get on the train, but take a last look in the cabin.

It is full of bodies.

Chell's POV

Found Yamil.

He's in his office, writing down stuff.

I am about to place the listening device down, when suddenly, I'm knocked out.

When I come to, I am tied to my bed. I don't have the listening device.

Yamil is holding a gun.

"Chell, I'm going to wipe your mind, just in case you discovered something. I also destroyed the listening device." He muttered.

Then he shoots me, and I forget.

What just happened?

Sadie's POV

I'm in training. Lucky me!

Along with the 2 capitol tributes, Leo, the dude from 10, and the girls from 9 and 12. FUN.

At least Leo is there, he is pretty cool.

"Leo, what is camp half blood?" I ask.

"It is for demigod children of the Greek gods. I'm a child of Hephasteus, god of fire and forges." He replies, like he chats to magicians everyday.

"I am a Egyptian magician. The host of Isis." I reply, trying to imagine how sane that sounds.

Leo shrugged.

"Yeah, sounds insane doesn't it? Oh well, we all come from fictional worlds, where insane stuff happens." Leo muttered.

Then Training ended.

One day done. One to go.

Luxa's POV

I wake up at 6 am on the 25th June 2522 and I immdediatly get into a blue shirt and green shorts. After cleaning my teeth, I remember. ITS THE DAY OF OUR PRIVATE SESSONS!!

I run downstairs, and collide with a red haired woman in red.

"Oi!" She yells "Be careful!"

I apologise, and sit down to a hurried breakfast and immediatly run to the mountain. I am an hour late.

I walk directly into a free for all. I punch the District 1 guy in the face, and he falls unconcious.

Everyone else is punching, kicking, biting. I flee and I see the guy from 10 sitting back, watching it.

"Hey, you notice that they can't use their powers?" He asks "The Gamemakers disabled them all just for private training."

"Harry Potter!" The head gamemaker yells. "You have your private session. Everyone else go to your rooms."

Becasue Training sessions are meant to be private, it jumps to the revealling of the scores.

Harry's POV

My training sesson went all right, I think. Well I won't find out the scores for...... a little while. I though it was a brilliant idea to disable the powers for private training. Not everyone was happy.

Wait, they are now showing the scores, and I got a 14! (14 being the higest) and my mentor applauds. "Well done!" He smiles.

Alyss got a 12, so we did alright.

Dorothy's POV

I was terrible in training, and I confirmed my worst fears when I got a 1. Number 4 was swearing, calling the gamemakers "utter fools", just because he got a 2.

I smile, that's the cocky idiot ousted from power. Then I go to bed and think to myself, what a terrible world.

Will's POV

I thought I did quite well in training, but not as well as the capitolites. A 12 and a 14. How on earth are we meant to beat those?

We did well anyway, better then 1. An 9 for me and an 8 for Zakura. We high five and drink some champagne.

Leo's POV

Yes! Got a 13! One of the highest scores so far! Ferelith appluads, but I think she is jelous- just because she got a 9.

I keep my eye out for Sadie's score- she's nice and I want to know what she got. Then a 12 flashes on the screen.

Sadie's POV


A 12!! Not as good as Leo's 13, but better then Number 4 and Dorothy. Somehow, I managed to beat Percy's 8, even though he is older, and has had a hell of a lot more training.

Chell's POV

There has been some good scores...... And there has been a couple of bad scores. Somehow, I got a 9 and my District Partner Thomas got a 6. A 6!?!?!?

Anyway, I'm not allying with him and I will kill him in the arena.

Alex's POV

I got a 6 and Lana got a 6. Both of us are not happy with it, but we can't appeal, so the only thing that we can do is make our interviews spectacular. Then we'll get our sponsers. I still don't know who the presidant will sponser.

The Presidant is the richest guy in the Capitol (That's obvious.) And who he sponsers will probably be the most likely person to win the Games. I don't want it to be me, because then I'll be the target in the arena.

Leia's POV

The first face to flash on the TV is Peter's and we were suprised when he got a 4. I was expecting him to get at least a 6, maybe a 7.

Then it's my face and the number next to it is a........ 2. How on earth did I get that? That is really bad. Why?

Darren's POV

After the training was over, I fell asleep, so I actually missed the unvielings. When Bec woke me up, I discovered that I had got a 9. Bec had got a 7, so we did quite well, better then the Favorite, Number 4.

Vriska's POV


I beat pretty boy Link. He got a 1!! Most of the girls beat him, and he has supposedly more training! I what did I get? A 11, thats what!

Now, all I have to do is prepare for interviews, now what angle should I prepare.......?

Crowley's POV

Well, my opinions on the scores so far.

1) Number 4 got a 2, what happened there exactly?

2) Some of the scores were unexpected, Like Leo's 13, or Chell's 9.

3) I would do well.

4) I am getting extremly worried (Because if I do well, I'll be a target)

Luckily, I got a 12, and Susan got a 10.

Mario's POV

"ITS A ME, MARIO!" I yell, as my face finally appears on the TV screen. I saw the number 3. Is a 3 good or bad? Turns out that it is very, very bad.

Allie laughs at me, especially when she got a 9. I make a mental note to embarrse her in her interview, so that she loses sponsers.

Luxa's POV

Nothing much to say really, I got a 14, Zee got a 8. We did extremly well. Both of us beat Number 4. The end.

Lina's POV

The last people to have their scores revieled are Connor and I. We have watched 14s, 1s, 8s and lots of other numbers flash on the TV. Now it's our turn. The anticipation is building, the exitemement is rising.

After what seems an hour, an 8 flashes next to Connor's picture. We appluad him, then we settle down, waiting for my score to finally show itself.

My face- a 7. That's ok. Shrugging it off, I think that I beat Number 4.

Daniel's POV (He's the interviewer)

So its the Day of the Interviews. I'm pretty good, seeing as I interviewed a Vampire.

Anyway, The first tribute Harry comes up. I can't remember the whole interview, but I remember that he was quite cool, and very humble.

Then It was his District partner's turn and Alyss was quite bubbly, and very sweet. She says that she thinks Harry did quite well.

Then the sullen, hostile Number 4 followed. He critisised everything about the Games, and said that the Gamemakers should burn in hell, for giving him a two.

Dorothy followed her district partner, and she was quite shy and very nice. She said that Number 4 attempted to murder her.

Then it was Will and Sakura from District 2. Both were quite quiet, but both were hounerable and strong.

Then there was Leo, who was quite a joker and we both got on very well, the charm bouncing of Leo. His district partner was quite clever and pretty quite and mysterious.

Percy and Sadie followed the tributes from District 3. Percy was a bit like Harry, and Sadie was pretty cool.

Then there was Thomas. Thomas is quite shy, and very clever. He said that he knows what the arena is, then he whisphers one word into my ear. The arena's name.

Chell quickly follows, and she talks about killing everyone in the arena so that she can finish off Glados. I think she is quite brash.

Then it's Alex and Lana from District 6. Alex is quite clever also, and Lana is distant and vaugue. She reveals that she likes Number 4.

Peter is merry and joyful, and Leia is a bit of a hero. I bet she would rescue tribute in grave danger.

Then we have the first joint interview in the history of the Hunger games, because Bec and Darren don't want to be seperated. Darren seems dark, but kind, and Bec is quiet and shy.

Link is on next, and he seems like a bit of a kock, and like Number 4, he curses the gamemakers. He is followed by his district partner, Vriska, and I can sence pure loathing between them. They hate each other. Vriska keeps on talking about ending Link's life, prefebly by beheading.

Then District 10 step up for their interviews. Crowley's is quite moving, and most of the people in the Capitol cheer him on. Susan is quite girly and talks about fashion.

Then the final 6 tributes passed by in a blur. Allie is very determined that she'd return home to her parents. Mario wants Leo dead, but apart from that, he seems pretty jolly. Luxa is regal, but nice with it. Zee just wants to escape from the arena. Lina is shy, but likes getting the message across, but Connor just has to rebel at the very end. He critizes the whole of Panem, the President, The Gamemakers, before knocking the two bodyguards, Cashmere and Luke unconcious before jumping off the stage and vanishing into the crowd.

Just then, Umbra Prince walk onto the stage, and unviels the names of the tribute he'll sponser in the arena.

Presidant Umbra Prince's POV

Right this is it. Time to begin Part 1 of my 3 part scheme. Part 1, killing all of my political opponents. Before I can do that however, I must tell everyone who I am going to sponser.

"Right, people of Panem, I promised you that I will sponser a tribute in the arena. I have now decided who to sponser. There are three tributes, all exceptional, that I would like to sponser. The first name belongs to a tribute, who has displayed very good fighting skills, and the desire to get out of the arena alive. His name is Number 4. The second name belongs to one of the best tributes in the training score front. His name is Leo. Finally, the last name belongs to the only girl on my list, and she has excepional potential in the arena. Her name is Chell."

Now that's over, I can carry on my scheme to save Iris.

Part 2: The Machine

GameMaker's Discussion

The Gamemakers settle down after the interviews to talk about Umbra, Connor, the Games and the Interviews.

Yamil: First off, did we find Connor?

Jessica: Yes, we did. He has been given some general anishetic, and will wake up tommorow just as he is going to enter the arena.

Amy: We have also tightened up security, so nothing like this happens again.

Rory: Now, why did Umbra choose Leo, Number 4 and Chell? If I were him, I'd picked Luxa, Harry and.... Leo.

Kraden: No idea.

Yamil: Chell was sent to spy on me by Umbra.

Luigi: WHAT!?!?

Carter: Number 4, probably because he tried to murder Dorothy on numerous occasions, that's why we gave him a 2. Leo, because he got a 13?

Deverish: The interviews were mostly successful, apart from the fact that Connor escaped.

Everyone nods.

Rebecca: Now the games, is the arena ready?

Ron: Of course it is, all of the ---

Peach: Don't say it, Ron! I think people might be listening in on our discussion, we don't want the citizens of Panem to know what the arena is!

Ron: Good point, your highness.

Alice: Seriously, listen to me! I can see fire, blood, anguish and a dark force.

Yamil: Don't be ridiculous!

Risa: So, how's your mission....

Jessica: This meeting is over.

Number 4's POV

Will tried to take over the leadership last night, but I still have it, because of Umbra Prince sponsering me in the arena. I'm in the prep room, my mentor Carlisle sitting down on the black office chair, ready to control the sponser gifts.

"Good luck Number 4, sorry I did not get to know you better." Carlisle muttered.

I replied "Same.", then a a broadcast came

"Five minutes to the Games. Do not attempt to escape, otherwise we will have to kill you." it went. I sat down on my ring, as the electric fence enclosed me from Carlisle.

"Bye for now, hopefully I win." I joked, and Calisle laughed.

"Good Luck." was the reply.

Connor's POV

"Five minutes to the Games. Do not attempt to escape, otherwise we will have to kill you." The tannoy went. I was sat down on a ring, in the prep room, caged in by the electric fence.

My mentor, Capac sighed slowly. What was going through his mind, I'll never know.

Just then, the ring began to rise, and suddenly I knew what the arena was.

Thomas' POV

So yeah the arena, a massive libary.

After saying goodbye to my mentor, The Doctor, I sat down on my ring, waiting to see if I was right about the arena.

I was.

Books were crammed into the shelves, the laptops sat on the desks. There was even a robot libarian (Probably designed to kill us.)

"One minute to the Games. Do not attemp to run to the cornicopa, otherwise you'll be eletricuted.

Just then, a scream is heard. Probably someone got fried.

Crowley's POV

So Susan got fried, 2 seconds before the gong went off. The two alliances just kinda sperated, noone wanted to kill each other, most people wanted to live through Day 1, and fighting would not achive that.

Maybe because Leo and Number 4 made a truce not to attack each other on Day 1.

Maybe because we were.......... friends? People linked by these Games?

There was only one other death- Zee from District 12, accidently ran into Mario's sword. Zee and Susan disintergrated into a fine, golden dust- maybe to return back to their worlds?

The libary was quite, because noone was fighting, noone was screaming.

Ferelith's POV


Two faces appeared on the walls- The girl from 10, and the boy from 12. That was it. Leo wanted peace, well he got it. A day to adapt to our enviroment.

However, I kinda sneaked off, and I saw Yamil in the arena- whats he doing in here? Anyway, so I followed him.

He stopped on the second floor, in a room with a glass ceiling. One of the machines that was in the room that I woke up in, stood in the middle, next to the books and the shelves.

Yamil was holding two black cubes, both of them had names written in gold ink. "Sveta" and "Haymitch."

He put the cube that had "Sveta" Written on it into the machine. I gasped, two deaths, two cubes of course!

He was planning on making an immortal Games. One that would never end, when a tribute died, they would be quickly replaced by another tribute.

"STOP! WHY?" I yell, but I was too late, A young girl was lying down, unconcious. This was Sveta.

Yamil turned around, he had place the other cube into the machine. A young 16 year old boy was lying down next to Sveta. Haymitch.

But then the machine exploded, and a fragment ented Yamil's throat.

Sveta's POV

Uggh, my head....

I wake up, in a room that has been totally destroyed. There are only 3 other people with me, a boy, a girl and a man that is dying.

I immediatly rush to the man, but the girl whispers to me.

"Sveta, he's dying, there is nothing we can do." She pauses "I'm Ferelith. I learnt your name because it was written on this black cube."

Meanwhile the man gargles.

"Find The Bookshelf...... In one..... of the three corners. Book, 3rd shelf..... "Paridise Lost." Take the book out and you can escape..... Tell Jessica that I love her and that my replacement is...... Rodger. Carry on........" Then the man dies. Then the body vanishes. I turn around and the boy stands there, next to a machine. He seems confused.

"What did I just do?" He frowns.


"How do you know my name?" Haymitch asked.

"Probably she saw it on a black cube." I quickly interrupt. "Can we stop fighting and work out where we are?"

"The Hunger Games." Ferelith replies sadly.

All of the colour drains from Haymitch's face.

"Not the Hunger Games. I just survived my 1st one. I don't want to kill anyone else" Haymitch cried.


Jessica's POV




My husband is dead. A bit of a black cube impaled him. What about our son? I have to look after him all on my own. Well I'm going to sponser Ferelith, because she looked after my husband while he was dying.

I send Geri a note, telling her that I'll be sending Ferelith a sword and a shield. Then I get onto the phone and dial Rodger's number. Rodger is Yamil's best friend, when Yamil was depressed about our first child's death, Rodger made sure that Yamil was alright, that he did not commit suicide.

"Hello?" The phone said.

"Hi, it's me Jessica. You're the new head gamemaker. Yamil appointed you deliberatly." I sob.

"Really, I know why. I was helping him with his mission." The phone replied, "I'm coming soon."

Will's POV

On one of the computers. I am trying to hack into the mentor/gamemaker/technician's site, so that I can find infomation. To do that, I needed a massive computer chip. Luckily, I nicked it off Grubbs before I got onto my ring.

Firstly, I learn that Sveta and Haymitch have replaced Susan and Zee respectivly. Then the head gamemaker died (Yes!) and a guy called Rodger Harrison replaced Him. The deputy head gamemaker is sponsering Ferelith and finally, that I have a grand total of................ 56 sponsers.

Then a silver parachute flies down, and I open it. I contains a note "Return the computer chip to the librarian." and a Bow and Arrow.

I then decided to return the chip, and then I fell asleep.

President Umbra Prince's POV

I decide to send my three tributes food and weapons.

Then I go back on takeing over the world!!!! My bodyguard stares at me. I wonder what the bodyguard is thinking.

But no time to worry!! I must get Z2D4 To destroy the arena. I think of sending him a bomb, or something similar.

Then the damned phone ringed. I picked it up, and it was the Dark Lord.

"When will the arena get destroyed???" He asked.

"No idea. Working out how to do so." I reply.

Then he must've pressed the red button, because I couldn't call him.

Iris. I'll soon see you again.

Rodger's POV

After becoming the head gamemaker, I set to sorting out the secret twist. All of the gamemakers were in shock, because their old leader died, so I was the only one that could sort stuff out.

Everyone knows the twist now, they are now dubbed "The Immortal Games." Because these games will never die.

Haymitch's POV

After sending the dead gamemaker to a random place, I went to talk to the two hot chics.

"You know my names, but what are yours?" I ask.

"Ferelith and Sveta." Sveta replied. "Haymitch we must find this bookshelf."

Then Sveta and Ferelith ran off leaving me on my own.

That's when I bumped into a boy who calls himself Number 4...........

Bec's POV

Feeling terrible. Not well, sick.

Darren is there, hugging me, making me feel Ok. I see Number 4 dragging a young guy down. That's strange, I don't know who he is.

"Number 4, I keep on telling you, Yamil's dead, and I'm replacing The boy from 12." The boy yells.

"Haymitch. Stop lying." Number 4 mutters to Haymitch.

"It's true. Yamil is dead." Will butts in, "And he is replacing the boy from 12."

Everyone is confused, What the heck is going on?

So if I die, I'll be replaced.

Number 4's POV

So, if we die, we get replaced. That's what happens, accoriding to Will and Haymitch. Deeply worried, who will be my replacement, when I die aged 97.

This is continued on the roleplaying wiki, at....

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