This is my 2nd Hunger Games. This is a normal Hunger Games, but there is a small twist.

24 children were kidnapped a year before to unsettle the tributes

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The 24 tributes start in the cornipuna and they have to get out. Outside supplies are placed on tables, weapons, food etc.

Outside there is a forest with lots of rivers and a lake. There are four buildings that are safe from the many mutts outside. One is booby trapped, one is the starting building and the other 2 are safe. A forcefeild surrounds it.


  • Bird boy. Eats flesh and can fly away from harm
  • Bird girl. Eats flesh and can fly away from harm.
  • Bunny boy.Can burrow underground and eats supplies
  • Bunny Gal.Can burrow underground and eats supplies
  • Foxboy. Undetectable and eats flesh and supplies
  • Foxgal. Undetectable and eats flesh and supplies
  • Lionboy. Very strong eats human flesh.
  • Liongal. Very strong and eats human flesh.
  • Fish boy. Swims Underwater eats humans.
  • Fish gal. swims underwater eats humans.
  • Squirrelboy. eats supplies and lives in trees.
  • Squirrelgal. Eats supplies and lives in trees.
Mutts in slideshow. They speak for themselves. They are humans with animal DNA mixed into them.


  • Joo-Chan Park District 1
  • Yuri Blue District 1
  • Brass Sater District 2
  • Trifle Woods District 2
  • Digit Starr District 3
  • Lucky Dawn District 3
  • Mantar Preseur District 4
  • Chlorine Nikelon District 4
  • Khaz Syde District 5
  • Kipcha Pryor District 5 THE WINNER!!!!!!!
  • Egnirys Blonem District 6
  • Lozenga Marindo District 6
  • Pine Thorn District 7
  • Willow Stone District 7
  • Imperio Gellery District 8
  • Calliestion Orche District 8
  • Sam Jones District 9
  • Spring Howards District 9
  • Blair Quagmire District 10
  • Michelle Nash District 10
  • Robin Miller District 11
  • Jay Sparrow District 11
  • Odysseus Six District 12
  • Maisie Gallium District 12

District 1


Yuri Blue (girl) age: 16 Apperence: Short Light Blue dyed hair crystal blue eyes. Japanese

Personality: Very sweet. She hopes she can make it without killing many

Skills: Knives and Sharp things

Stragey: Grab what people are not fighting over and run run run....make an alliance with a nice person, only kill if needed hide. hunt when hungry,

History: Has 4 other sisters named Rini (4) Akira (9 twins) Kagami (9 twins)and Miki (14) she is the oldest so she hopes her family can make it her mother is dead so they live with her father Seung....(Miki was chosen so she volunteered)

Token: A pin with blue diamonds and pearls that looks like a diamond

Joo-Chan Park (Boy) age: 17

Apperence: Dark curley black hair very dark brown eyes Korean(his last name is park so DUH)

Personality:Quite shy at first,Violent,Career!

Skills:Swords, spears, Throwing knives,

Stragey: Join Careers and KILL KILL KILL

History:Career trained all his life, has a Mum (Yoona) and a Dad (Nickun)

Token:a necklace his trainer gave him for his 16 birthday( has a large circle that is just above the heart)

District 2


Female: Trifle Woods

Age: 17

Appearance: straight black hair, tan, deep brown eyes

Skills: Throwing knives, running and starting fires

Strategy: classic career, kill, be extremly careful around her district partner

History: Trained for the games all her life, she has no siblings and a rich mother and father.

Male: Brass Sater

Age: 18

Appearance: Bronze hair, tan, muscular and blue eyes

Skills: All close range weapons, really strong and fast

Strategy: Career alliance, kill, fight and when its the final 6 he will kill his fellow careers

History: He has trained for the games since he was little, he has 2 older brothers; Steel (19) and Iron (21) who have both won the hunger games

District 3


Boy: Digit Starr


Weapon: Bomb

Strategy: Get the mines from cornicopa ally with Lucky and win!

History: Mum and dad own a factory where they make bombs. All four sisters died in the Games

Token: A broken antenna

Personality: Quiet, thoughtful

Girl: Lucky Dawn


Weapon: Sword

Strategy: Get a sword and kill people.

History: Mum and dad work in the Starr's factory as designers. Brother won the games, has two neices.

Token: A Starr badge

Personality: Loud, rashful

District 4


Female: Chlorine Nickelon

Age: 16

Weapon: Trident

Strategy: Avoid bloodbath and get trident if possible

Skills: Not afraid of anything, trident, great on edible things, strong, smart

Token: A bracelet that she ALWAYS wears around her wrist

History: Her great aunt was Annie Cresta. Her mother and father both work and she is a straight A student. She doesn't get along well with her 3 brothers. She has had a crush on Mantar since she was 10.

Personality: Sweet, smart but is willing to kill anyone her attacks her friends and family.

Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, and dark skin a lot like her great aunt

Male: Mantar Preseur

Appearance: Shaggy brown hair, deep brown eyes, dark skin, muscalar and freckles

Age; 16

Weapon: Trident

Token: None

Personality: Doesn't talk much but is still a nice guy. He has a slight crush on Chlorine.

History: He is an only child from a single working mother. He has had a crush on Chlorine since he was 13. He is an A and B student and is very athletic

District 5


Female: Kipcha Pryor

Age: 16

Talents: Great with a bow and arrows, tracking, throwing knives, climbing trees

Strategy: Get something close and run, find food and water, ally with Khaz, stay alive

Appearance: Dark brown hair, light skin, silver eyes, thin, small, strong, attractive

Personality: She is lovely, sweet, kind, trustworthy, honest, and peaceful.

History: Kipcha lives with her mother and her brother Huttser who is 14. She and Huttser hunt for their mother, each other, and Khaz's family. They hunt with Khaz a lot. His family helps them by washing their clothes and they help them by hunting. Kipcha love animals, specifically wolves. The people who know her say she is just like a wolf. Quiet, skittish, sly, wary, and loving. She has known Khaz for a very long time, since she was six actually. They are best friends. Kipcha loves her brother and would do any thing for him. When they were younger, the peacekeepers in her district grew angry with her father and went after his family, she sacrificed herself for him. They whipped her in front of her entire district. After some forty lashes she was taken away and nursed back to health by Khaz's family. When her name was called at the reaping, Huttser held her back. The peacekeepers had to get him off her. When she was on the stage, she saw her brother get smacked. She almost yelled out, but she didn't. Instead she thought, I will come home to you and set things straight.

District Token: Carved wooden gray wolf on a leather cord around her neck

Male: Khaz Syde

Age: 17

Talents: Hand to hand combat, running, throwing spears and knives, snares

Strategy: Get something close and run, find Kipcha then food and water, keep Kipcha safe

Appearance: Reddish brown hair, silver eyes, tan skin, attractive

Personality: Nice, outgoing, attentive, loving

History: Khaz lives with his mother and his sister Palla who is 11 and his brother Kar who is 13. Kar is still learning to hunt along with Palla, so they can't feed the family very well. Khaz hunts with Kipcha and Huttser to feed his family in exchange for his mother washing their family's clothes. Khaz saved his whole family from a house fire except for his father. He is lost because of that. When Kipcha was whipped, she came to his home to be healed. He helped his mother along with Palla and when they were done, his mother told him to watch Kipcha during the night to make sure she was ok. Mostly Kipcha was unconscious, but when she was awake, she talked to him. That night he fell in love with her. When she was reaped he was broken. Then Kar was reaped and he volunteered. When his family came to say goodbye to him, he told them that he may not return, but not to fear. He told them that he loved them. Now he waits the time in which he will protect the girl he knows and loves.

District Token: Carved wooden red wolf on a leather cord around his neck

I will post their pictures on your talk page.

District 6


Female: Lozenga Marindo

Age: 15

Appearance: Tan skin, black hair, chartreuse eyes

Weapon: Throwing knives

Token: None

Strategy: Get some throwing knives, a backpack and run

Skills: VERY fast, strong, smart, throwing knives, edible plants

Personality: Laconic but is very nice when she does talk, she is also a genius and strategic.

History: Both her parents have heart problems that could kill them but surpisingly she didnt inherit either. She doesnt have a lot of friends and her 2 brothers try everything they can to make her miserable

Male: Egnirys Blonem

Age: 17

Weapon: Harpoon

Token: an empty pill bottle he keeps in his pocket

Skills: Smart, harpoon, strategic, calm

Strategy: Find harpoon and run

Personality: He isn't very popular because he is seen as a nerd but he is actually the opposite

History: He was born in the middle of a forest and was nearly attacked by warthogs. His mother is very overprotective out of fear. His father is dead. His sister and him get along very well

Appearance: Black hair, pale skin, glasses, and amber eyes

District 7


Female- Willow Stone, 15

Appearence- Long dark brown hair, large brown eyes, tan-ish skin but not dark. Small

Skills- Great at climbing trees, fast runner, knows lots of snares and traps.

Strategies- Grab something nearby and run. Then find food and water. Don't ally with anyone. Avoid other tributes.

History- Has a younger sister who is 9 and a younger brother who is 5. Both parents are dead. They are very poor. Willow traps animals in the forest for food.

Token - Woven bracelet that her sister made for her.

Male- Pine Thorn, 13

Appearence- average height, average strength, dark brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, pale skin color

Skills- Great at camouflauge, fast runner, very smart

Strategies- Grab something nearby and run. Find food and water. Find an ally that he can trust. Avoid the Careers.

History- Has an older brother who is 15. Dad is a lumberjack and mom is very ill and close to death. Very quiet, doesn't have many friends.

Token - A stick with carved images on the sides that hold important events in his life.

District 8


Male: Imperio Gellery

Age: 15

Talents: best with spears and is very light on his feet. Slightly afraid to get his hands dirty.

Strategy: He will join with the Callisteon. And will disperse when there is only a few tributes left.

Personality: Very posh and in love with the capitol. Tends to blend in with the crowd. Quiet but at the same time outgoing.

Hitory: Imperio lives with his mother who is the owner of a jewlerry business and his father who works in the factories. Is an only child and gets plenty of attention. Voulenteered for the games after being peer-presured into it.

Apperance: Short neat golden brown hair. Light skin, and blue eyes. Slim, average hight.

Girl: Callisteon Ochre

Age: 17

Talents: Good with bow and arrows. Join with Imperio

Apperance: Long wavy blonde hair and deep sea blue eyes.

Personality: Very, very loud. Obnoxious and deadly. Has an opinion on everything.

District 9


Name: Sam Jones (male)

Age: 16

Strategy: Get good supplies from the cornucopia and team up with a strong tribute untill the final 5 then he will break it off.

Skills: Running and throwing weapons

Token: none

Weapon: Spear or throwing knives

Personality: Smart and nice

Apperance: short brown hair, tan brown eyes

History: He lives with his parents and has one little sister who would probably kill herself if Sam dies.


Name: Spring Howards (female)

Age: 12

Strategy: Only go to the cornucopia briefly to pick up necessities and hide by a water source, avoid fights, she will not go to the feast but if confornted she will fight and kill.

Skills: Great at identifiying plants, good climber and handy with a knife.

Token: A golden bracelet with her grandmother's name on it

Weapon: Knife

Personality: Sweet, kind

Appearance: Long curly blond hair, slight tan, brown eyes, short and small

History: She lives with a poverty stircken family. Both parents work from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. She has one younger sister whom she adores.

District 10


Male: Blair Quagmire

Age: 18

Talents: good with a spear and a sword. He is very strong and good at swimming, because he has cousins in district 4 and they taught him to swim.

Strategy: To make an alliance with people he trusts, most likely Michelle and then to kill the rest at the final 8.

Token: gold ring from his ancestors that was passed through the family.

Personality: He is very strong and won't turn down a fight.

History: He has 3 brothers. One of his brothers was reaped and died in the hunger games, so he vowed to win for him.

Female: Michelle Nash

Age: 16

Talent: Great with a bow and arrow and decent with throwing knives. Super fast runner and has a ton of endurance.

Token: none

Strategy: To kill at the cornucopia and make an alliance with some people she trusts, probably Blair. Kill the rest except for Blair at the final 8.

Personality: Michelle is a very fit person. She likes to work out and is sort of a body builder.

History: Michelle's dad owns a gym and her mom is a P.E. teacher. They always make her workout, so she is very strong and has tons of endurance as well as speed.

District 11

Female: Jay Sparrow
Age: 15
Skills: Can convert any animal to her side by mimiking thier sounds can master anything.
Weapons: The Snakes
Strategy: Hide with the animals- use the snakes to bite people
Personality: Clever funny cautious
History: Lives in District 11 and has been able to enchant any animal from a young age. Trained by a victor because of her talent.
Token: A locket with the picture of all of her family and pets.
Male: Robin Miller
Age: 15
Weapon: Knife
Skills: Good with plants And Knife.
Personality: He is tough on the outside but has one weakness, he loves Jay.
History: He was orpaned and brought up by Mr Sparrow. The Only one who knows his secret Has no siblings.
Token: A clue to Mr Sparrow's secret- A broken syringe

District 12


Odysseus "Odd-ysseus" Six (Odysseus as in the Greek hero. Six after Andy Six from the Black Veil Brides<==awesome band! <3 Knives and Pens! Some messed up kids began teasing him. They shortened his name and started calling him Odd-ysseus, sometimes 'Odd-y'.)




Personality- Used to be a healthy, fierce and stubborn little boy. Now he is soft spoken. Rarely shows emotions. Is broken/silent/considered insane.

Favorite Weapon/Skills- Fast runner. Knives and other sharp things. Can hide really well. Can climb trees. Extremely silent. Flexible. Practicly immune to pain (That doesn't mean he's invinsible. just that he rarely FEELS anything anymore.)

Fears/Weaknessess- His insanity? Umm... He doesn't feel anything so... Nothing.

Family- Father (Darius); coal miner, DECEASED: mining accident. Mother (Delilah); teacher, AVOX: tried to leave district. Brother (Troy... Like the Trogan War); DECEASED: Reaped and died (It was a really messed up death. He was tortured for an hour straight by the Careers. When he died from blood loss, they cut his head off and put it on a stake outside their camp)Grandfather (Unknown but is from mother's side.); human trafficking, ALIVE: Gaurdian of Odysseus, hated the father and his two sons. Loved his only daughter.

History- When Odysseus (5) and Troy (9) were orphaned, the first place they were sent to was the community home. Odysseus felt awfully alone. The only one left was his caring brother. Troy taught Odysseus several things and bought him his fist and only books. The books were rather expensive because only a few copies had survived. But Troy insisted on buying them because the books was where both had gotten their names. The Iliad and The Odyssey. A few weeks later as the Reaping and Odysseus' birthday. When Troy got Reaped instead of going to the stage he turned to his little brother. "I was going to give this to you after the Reaping... But, I guess there won't be an after will there? Take care and remember I'll always be watching," Troy had told him then walked towards the stage. Tears sprang to Odysseus' eyes and he reached out to his brother. He was still a little too young to understand the Games but he did know that those who went never came back. Weeks later, his brother was still alive. Odysseus clung to that and was also surprised to hear he did have a living relative. One willing to adopt him. He moved to his grandfather's house and tried to bring up the happy mood his old family had. But he wasn't allowed to. His grandfather hated him and abused him. when his brother was captured, his grandfather forced him to watch every single moment of his brother's gruesome death. That's when the first strands of sanity started to snap. Then he found out about his grandfather's real job. By day, he owned a shop where coal miners got their equipment. by night, he went to the Hob and sold the body's of young girls and boys, desperate for money to feed their families. His grandfather saw him as merchandise and what was best was that Odysseus didn't need to be paid. He was treated as a slave and abused in many ways by strangers. He began to detach himself from reality, to a place where there was less hurt. Before he used to object, but he was weak and couldn't stop them. before he used to stare at his grandfather and his buyers with large, hurt eyes until the people beat him to get him to stop. They felt guilty but they continued using him. in the day, he was used as a sort of maid or slave to gain a few extra coins. But usually he ran away into the woods, where he was safe. He still carried around his books everywhere he could, refusing to let them out of his sight. One night his grandfather caught him reading the Odyssey, ripped out the last pages and tossed them in the fire. Odysseus never found out if his namesake got his happy ending. Finally he parted with his full sanity and began seeing deceased people. his mother, father, brother, and even people from his books. He would often have long, drawn out conversations about nothing. When chosen for the Games, Odysseus had noticied his name being called out until someone guided him to the stage. He looked up and remebered his brother. Suddenly Troy's illusion appeared and like before, walked away from him, towards where the escort and female tribute was. Tears sprang to his eyes, which was the fist time many people had seen him show emotions. He raised his hand to try and stop his brother from leaving him again. He bagan screaming out, begging his brother to stay. Or so he thought he was yelling. Everyone else saw him extend a pale, thin hand and mumble out several things, the tone desperate. The escort guided him off the stage and into the waiting room.

Strategy- none, really. But his brother's "spirit" will often appear and he'll just copy what it's doing. But most tributes should leave him alone, considering he is weak and insane. They probably wouldn't bother him till the end. (What thy don't know is that all it will take is one more push and he'll go on a insane killing spree).

Token- His books.

Maisie 'Red' Gallium (Maisie is Red Riding Hood's real name. Gallium is an element.)


Age-16, about to be 17 (Odysseus' birthday is an the day of the Reaping. Her's is a few days after.)

Appearance- (Yes, it is a weird look but...You'll find out why she's dressed like that!)

Personality- Funny and carefree. A little bit ditzy and naive but not overly so. She's good at cheering people up and is extremely loyal and friendly.

Favorite Weapon/Skill- Fast runner. She also knows how to use a pick axe because that's her future occupation. She can pick out plants. An affinity with animals. Guns.

Fears/Weaknessess- Her caffenine allergy (Some symptoms- Skin problems such as hives, eczema,rashes, acne, severe itching. Headaches/ migraines. Anxiety and panic attacks. Can’t focus or concentrate Tongue, glands, or throat swelling. Heart racing/ palpitations. Angry, irritable, bad mood. Fatigue. Dizziness. Extreme jitters. Chest Pain. Depression. Numbness in face, hands, or feet. Muscle pain. Shortness of breath/ tightness of chest. Delusions/ hallucinations. Flu/ cold like symptoms. Vision problems. Cold sweats. Eyes swollen shut.)

Family- Father (Aldous); Coal miner, ALIVE. Mother (Seneca); Peacekeeper, ALIVE. Grandmother (Grandma Mae); Sells clothing and cloth, ALIVE.

History- Her mother once read her the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Every since she's been absolutely obsessed with it. Grandma Mae made her a red hood and she wore it all the time. She also found an old basket, which she fixed, and carried it around everywhere. Even though she isn't supposed to, she sneaks into the woods just she can feel as though she actually is Little Red Riding Hood. Often she has seen a pale, thin boy haunt the woods. Maisie tries to catch up with the ghostly boy but she either loses him or he manages to somehow escape her constant stalking. She has human friends but perfers the company of animals. When she was Reaped, she skipped to the stage, her basket swinging back and forth and full of treats. She gave a pastery to some little kids and then one to the escort. She herself bit into a cookie (one with no chocolate), turned to the camera, and flashed a large smile. As Odysseus stepped forward, her eyes widen and the grin disappeared. Later she tried to approach him but he still avoided her somehow.

Strategy- Her mother, being a Peacekeeper, taught her how to use a gun. She'll flaunt her stuff to get a good score. Gain as many sponsers as possible. She also plans to keep Odysseus as safe as possible (Not that he'd notice.)

Token- Her red hood (She won't wear it in the Arena because it'll attract a lot of attention. But she'll keep it with her.


The peacekeepers snuck into the house of the family.

"Are you sure this is the right one?" asked one.

"Yes, I am sure." replied the other.

They crept up to the sleeping boy in District 4 and in the house next door two more peacekeepers were with the girl.

One of the peacekeepers picked up the boy and carried him out of the room and met up with another peacekeeper, who carried the girl.

"So, this is the night where all of the districts lose a boy and a girl." muttered one.

"Yes, this will unhinge the tributes Bill." Said the other

Then the four peacekeepers walked off to the train to load off the children.

The Next Day

The parents of the boy woke up and yelled at him to go to school, but he did not appear.

They then went to his room and they could not find him, for he was in the capitol, suffering.

By the time they raised the alarm, they could not retrive him.

1 year later

The reapings

District 1

They have been gone for a year. Cream and Bliss. Today it is the reapings. I stand there, terrified for the girl and boy who are drawn.

Then the girl's name is drawn out and it is my sister, Miki

Suddenly I yell "I volenteer!" and Miki goes down, and I stand on the platform as they draw Joo-Chan Park for the boys.

Suddenly, we are on the train going towards the games.

District 2

When Mason and Alice were taken last year, they locked the children into the Nut so they could not run away. Many children had died and the reapings this year were the smallest.

They call my name and I stand, Next to Trifle who was chosen before me.

The next day we are on the train, eager to kill.

District 3

My best friend Wires and Volts have gone for a year, not in the games, just gone.

The reapings were fate. Lucky was not lucky when she was drawn and then I followed, becoming a pawn in the games.

I suddenly had a plan, if it did not work, all 24 of us will die. But in the end I decide not to do it.

District 4

Where are Miracle and Ocean? They are missing the sunrise over the ocean. The woman who was doing the reaping called out the girl's name Chlorine. Glad it was not me! Then the boys name was drawn and it was Mantar. They were ushered off and I went to them to wish them good luck.

District 5




Seems so long ago.

The reapings without John and Rebecca will be really bad because they cheer the tributes on.

The year I am chosen, for the girls

When they called my name, I walked onto the stage followed by Khaz which I feel really gutted about, Khaz does not deserve to be in these games, but he voleenteered in place of Kar.

We are on the train now, worrying.

District 6

Vanessa and Adam had gone.

No doubt about that.

I stood on the stand and picked a ball from the girl box. A girl called Lozenga Marindo was reaped. The for the boys I picked out Egnirys Blonem. He rose to the stage.

Now I am on the train as their escort, but I have fears.

How will they die?

District 7

Birch and Willow. Had been gone for a year,

Today the reapings.

When I was chosen I was terrified as I got onto the stage.

After that Pine walked on to the stage, having been reaped before.

When we reach the train. The fear has gone, replaced by dread.

How will I die?

District 8

Silk and Nylon? Where are they?

The reapings....

The girls and I was chosen. I walked onto the stage, terrified.

The boys and Imperio was the tribute, he walked on the stage,totally confident, but only because he voleentered.

Fear overtook me.

I will die.

District 9

Rowan and Tree had been gone a year

Today the reapings were chosen and I was called for the girls, after that Sam was chosen. We cried for we know one of us will die.

When we get onto the train we cry in our bedrooms.

District 10


Dawn and Alex had been gone one year.

I missed them, but I had to focus on the reapings

First off, the girls, and my name was drawn. All were silent as I stepped on the stage. Afterwards the boy was chosen and it was Blair. He walked on the stage.

Suddenly two cows jumped onto the stage and one of them ate the pink wig of the person doing the reapings, revealing her baldness.

After that we were on the train, smiling and waiting for the Games.

District 11

Luke and Claire had been gone a year. I miss Luke, he was a really nice guy. When my name was called for the reapings, I thought I could solve the mystry of their disapperance. When Robin was called, my smile dropped. He was kinda like my brother, either I die......... or he dies.

District 12

Since Prim and Rory had been taken, the humour from District 12 had gone.

Today they had been gone a year and the reapings were starting.

The girls were first and Maisie was chosen and she walked onto the stage confidently.

Then I was chosen and Troy's spirit appeared. I followed it, screaming all the way. When I got onto the stage, I walked into the shocked face of Maisie.

She tried to talk to me and I walked away.

Why does she need to talk?


All tributes start with £500 each (£1000 per district) but if they win an award they can claim £250 per award, except if it says so.

The Gamemaker's favorite

This is for the Gamemakers favorite tribute (excluding 3 and 11). Winner = Odysseus Six

The Favorite District

This is for the Gamemakers favorite District (excluding 3 and 11) Win £500 Winner= 12 and 4

The One to watch

This is for the most ruthless District who will want to kill people Win £500 Winner= District 2

Best Chariot Ride

Speaks for itself Win £500 Winner= District 5

Best Training score

Speaks for itself Winner= Kipcha Pryor

Best average Training score

E.g. 12 and 1= 13/2 = 7.5. This is the best avarage score for the district Win £500 Winner= 4,5 AND 12

Best Interview

Speaks for itself Winner= Maisie Gallium

The Capitol's choice

This is the Capitol's favorite tribute Win £1000 Winner= Kipcha Pryor

The Killer

Who kills the most tributes on Day 1 Winner= Spring Howards


1 = £0

2 = £0

3 = £0

4= £3000

5= £8312 50p

6= £0

7= £0

8= £0

9 = £0

10= £0

11= £2187 50p

12= £5000


Here is a list of stuff you can buy with your money, I will allow three gifts pere tribute per day


Knife - £100

Spear - £125

Trident - £275

Sword - £200

Poison - £125

Sythe - £300

Sickle- £200

Axe - £125

Poison Dagger - £100

Bow and Arrows - £275

Stone- £10

Gun- £500

Spear- £200

Digit Starr's sleep on command pills- £50

Clothing, First-Aid, Misc.

Sweatshirt - £200

Gloves - £125

Hat - £150

Socks - £100

Sleeping Bag - £300

Bandages - £100

Poison Antidote - £150

Burn Cream - £200

Note - £15*

Medicine - £300+ Depending on what kind

Armour- £1000 (Helmet, Shield, Bulletproof vest, leg protection, gauntlets)

Boots- £300

Map- £10

Food, Water, ect.

Basket of Rolls - £70 plus £15 per Roll

Dried Fruit - £100

Capitol Dinner (You can choose what to send) - £500

Empty water bottle - £75

Full water bottle - £300

Iodine - £100

Tap - £175

Meat- £200

  • Please make sure the note is less that four lines, is some sort of encouragement from family or something like that, and doesn't include anything from another tribute's strategy.

Chariot Rides

District 1

District 1 chariot comes out and Yuri and Joo are dressed up as two sapphires. The crowd are bored until a light hits both of the tributes and the words "District 1 WILL win!" The crowd cheer and smiles as Yuri blushes furiously.

District 2

Brass and Trifle come out, anxious about their chariot ride. They did not need to worry. Brass is wearing a suit made of stone and Trifle is dressed up in a dress made of stone. Then the stone falls through a hole is the chariot and turns into gold. Trifle is dressed in an ebony dress and Brass is dressed in a Black shirt and Black Shorts. The crowds fight for the gold and six Capitol citizens die.

District 3

The hoverboards flies out (yes hoverboards) and Digit and Lucky are having a mock swordfight. They dip up and down to scare the capitol citizens and the cower in terror. Digit enjoys scareing the Capitol citizens but Lucky hates it.

District 4

After that the road is flooded and a boat sails out, occupied by Mantar and Chlorine. Chlorine is dressed as a mermaid and Mantar is dressed as a sailor. Mantar notices how hot Chlorine is and kisses her. The crowd go wild.

District 5

(Ok I made this the rubber district.)

The water drains out into the gutter and a massive bouncy ball bounces down the road, with Kipcha and Khaz inside. The children laugh but the adults are terrifed. It is ok overall. Then the ball is destroyed and the tribute are wearing outfits made out of rubber. Then everyone laughs about the whole thing.

District 6

(The medicine District)

Lozenga and Egnirys from 6 are next as the chariot rolls out. The tributes are in white suits with a red cross and they are holding guns that shoot syringes at the crowd. The syringe say three words "Ban the Games". Then the stylists are brought up and excecuted.

District 7

After District 6's shocking ride, District 7's chariot ride calms everyone down. Willow is dressed up as a tree and Pine is dressed as a lumberjack. Suddenly Willow's Tree outfit falls of and is replaced by a brown dress and Pine is shocked, but then his lumberjack outfit falls off as well and is is dressed in a brown tux. The crowd are stunned into silence.

District 8

Then Imperio and Calli come on and they are wearing the most beautiful outfits. Calli is wearing a purple silk and velvet dress and Imperio is wearing a suit that makes him look like an angel. It is a white silk shirt and white silk pants. The crowd are impressed by Imperio's beauty.

District 9

(Ok, I am making this the Oil District)

Then Sam and Spring come on and they are wearing black shirts and pants covered in oil. Then the oil is washed off and The shirts say "Why Kill?" President Frost is furious and drag up the stylists and excecutes them in front of the tributes. Sam feels frightened, he now has no hope.

District 10

Then Michelle and Nash appear and the outfits calm everyone. Both of them are dressed as cows and a cow (The same one that ate the wig) eats the outfits and reveals a hidden outfit. Blair is wearing a Tux and Michelle is wearing a white dress. Then Blair tells everyone that he is doing this for his brother. The crowd dont know what to think.

District 11

After that Jay and Robin come on and their outfits are made of wheat. Then a flock of pigeons are released and eat the outfits, revealing that Jay is wearing a golden dress and Robin is wearing a silver suit. Robin then kisses Jay and the crowd go wild.

District 12

After that Odysseus and Maisie come out, nervous about the eleven really good rides. Odysseus and Maisie are wearing t-shirts and pants that show a miner mining coal. Then the image changes and now a fire is burning the a massive explosion occurs and Now Odysseus is wearing a tux made of silk and Maisie is dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. The crowd go wild.

Then President Frost walks up and says:


Then the crowd erupt with cheers and smiles, but the tributes worry, what will the girl be like?

Training scores

District 1:

Yuri- 6

Joo- 2

Average- 4

District 2:

Trifle- 6

Brass- 9

Average- 7.5

District 3:

Lucky- 4

Digit- 2

Average- 3

District 4:

Chlorine- 9

Mantar- 11

Average- 10

District 5:

Kipcha- 12

Khaz- 8

Average- 10

District 6:

Lozenga- 3

Egnirys- 5

Average- 4

District 7:

Willow- 9

Pine- 3

Average- 6

District 8:

Celli- 6

Imperio- 1

Average- 3.5

District 9:

Spring- 3

Sam- 2

Average: 2.5

District 10:

Michelle- 1

Blair- 3

Average- 2

District 11:

Jay- 10

Robin- 8

Average- 9

District 12:

Odysseus- 10

Maisie- 10

Average- 10


This is the Diary of Lozenga Marindo, District 6, about her life in the training centre.

Dear diary,

           Today I am at the training centre after a shocking chariot ride, which had my stylist excecuted. I am sitting down for dinner when Adam walked up to me. Adam, the boy who went missing last year.

I asked him where Vanessa was, but instead of talking he wrote

" Vanessa is not here. She is being used for something else"

At once I knew that Adam was an Avox. Then they showed the chariot rides on the TV and I weeped at my stylist's excecution.

I have to go now, because my escort is YELLING at me to go to bed.



Dear Diary,

           I am training. The boy from 10, Blair seems nice and he asked me if I wanted an alliance and I agreed. Of corse, the Careers teamed up (Yuri, Joo, Brass, Trifle, Chlorine and Mantar) But my district partner asked if he could join, but he was turned down.
  I am scared when I see the look of loathing in Yuri's eyes. It is telling me that she would want to kill everyone herself.

When I return to my rooms, my escort tells me that Blair wants to ally with me and I say yes.

I have to go now dinner is ready!



Dear Diary,

          Sorry if I had not written to you in ages, but I have been busy talking alliences, training, eating and sleeping. I did my training session with the gamekeepers, and I ended up with a three.

At least my drink was not spiked! Before the sessions, The boy from 3 spiked Joo's drink and Joo fell asleep in his session before showing off to the gamekeepers, but then Yuri spiked Michelle's drink with a sleeping pill and Michelle fell asleep.

The girl from 5 is going to be my ally also, which is a relief, because she scored a 12. The Careers want her dead though, which means they will want me and Blair dead as well.

I have to go to bed now




Ceaser: Welcome! Today we have the interviews from this years batch of tributes! We will start with Yuri Blue!

Yuri Blue

Yuri comes on in a dress adorned with sapphires.

Ceaser: Hello Yuri

Yuri: Heya! And hello to the People of District 1!

Ceaser: Ok, did you voleenteer for anyone

Yuri: Yes for my sister, Miki. I did not want to watch her die. (Sobs) and now she has to watch me die.

Ceaser: Dont worry, you'll do great. Your sister will see you return

Digit: There is number one! Lucky hand me over £20.

Ceaser: No-one is allowed to talk in anyone's interview except your own Digit! Right is there anyone you'll do the games for?

Yuri: Yes for Miki.


Joo-Chan Park

Ceaser: Now we have her District partner, Joo-Chan Park!

Joo walks on in a suit adorned with rubies. He seems sullen and sad.

Ceaser: Joo are you ok? Is it about the 2 in training?

Joo: Yes, my drink was spiked by the three boy. Luckily we beat him up afterwards and we spiked the eight boy and the ten girl's drinks too.

Ceaser: Where did the sleeping pills come frome?

Joo: Oh, the three boy smuggled them in somehow.

Ceaser: *looks shocked* So who are you doing the games for?

Joo: My trainer and all the people in District 1. I won't live to see my home again, because of the two.

Ceaser: Don't worry, you'll do great!

(Lucky hands £20 to Digit)


Trifle Woods

Ceaser: That is the end of District 1 and now we have Trifle woods of District 2

Trifle Woods comes on in a silk dress, but it looks like it is made from stone.

Ceaser: Is the dress heavy Trifle? By the way, hello.

Trifle: Hello Ceaser, the dress is NOT heavy.

Ceaser: Who are you doing the games for?

Trifle: My mother, Father, trainer and all the people in District 2.

Ceaser: Anyone special, like a boyfriend?

Trifle: *Looks shocked* Ah, no Ceaser


(Digit hands over £20 to Lucky)

Brass Sater

Ceaser: Now after Trifle, who do we have? Oh, yes, It's BRASS SATER

Brass comes on in a normal Tuxedo

Ceaser: Why are you not wearing something similar to Trifle?

Brass: (growling) Hello, Ceaser. That outfit made me look disgusting.

Ceaser: *terrified* Hello, Brass. Is there anyone you want to do these games for?

Brass: Yes, Iron and Steel, my brothers. Both won their games and I want to be in the matching set.

  • Crowd laughs*

Ceaser: Ok Brass, I heard about the drink spiking, what did happen?

Brass: Three boy spiked Joo's drink, so Yuri spiked Ten girl's drink. I wanted to spike a drink so I spiked eight boy's drink. Three boy confessed so I kinda kicked his backside so bad it bled. I later heard he got a two. So I was overjoyed.


Lucky Dawn

Ceaser: That is it from two now we start three with Lucky Dawn

Lucky comes on in a reveling dress only made from wires

Ceaser: * In a flirty voice* Hello, Lucky

Lucky: *Angry* Hello Ceaser, Can I get my interview done WITHOUT you flirting with me?

(Crowd laughs)

Ceaser: *still flirting* Anyone you are doing the games for?

Lucky: *fuming* Yes my brother, mother, father and everyone in District 3!

Lucky storms off and Digit hands over £20 to her

Ceaser: Come back! I want to marry you!

2 minutes of awkard silence.


Digit Starr

Ceaser: Now after the rude Lucky Dawn, We have Digit Starr!

Digit comes on in a suit made of wires

Ceaser: Are you ok after Brass beat you up?

Digit: No, my backside is still injured and I am scared that I might die!

Ceaser: You'll do great!! By the way what are you and Lucky doing?

Digit: Betting on something.

Ceaser: Ok, so who are you doing this for?

Digit: My family and the girl I love.

Ceaser: Who is the girl?

Digit: Lu-


Digit walks off crying and Lucky Dawn hands him over £20

Chlorine Nickelon

Ceaser: Now after district 3 we have Chlorine of District 4

Chlorine comes on in a dress that looks like water

Ceaser: I know you love Mantar..........

Chlorine: Yeah, when he kissed me on the chariot ride I was so happy, but I want him and me to survive.

Ceaser: You'll do great!!!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Chlorine: I loved Mantar since I was 10, but I did not know if he loved me or not...............

Mantar runs onto the stage and Kisses her again, to the delight of the crowd.

Ceaser: Mantar, wait your turn!


Mantar Preseur

Ceaser: Now we have Mantar, but you have already met him!

Mantar walks on in a suit that looks like water

Ceaser: When did you fall in love with Chlorine?

Mantar: When I was 13, but I did not know she loved me. When Her and me were picked, I knew that I had to show that I loved her.

Ceaser: Are you doing this for anyone?

Mantar: For District 4.

Ceaser: Anyone else?

Mantar: No.


(Digit hands Lucky £20)

Kipcha Pryor

Ceaser: That is it from our star crossed lovers from 4, now we have the 12 girl Kipcha Pryor.

Kipcha comes on in a bouncy ball then the ball is burst and she is wearing Wellies and a dress made from rubber

Ceaser: So you are in bouncing form?

Kipcha: Yes Ceaser.

Ceaser: When you came in the bouncy ball, we had thought you had stretched yourself too far, but you bounced higher then we expected when you got the 12. Are you doing the games for anyone?

Kipcha: Yeah, my family, I hope I see them again.

Ceaser: You'll do great!! You'll be bouncing home in no time.

Kipcha: Can you stop the puns please?

Ceaser: Sorry 12 girl


Lucky hands Digit £20

Khaz Syde

Ceaser: Now we have Khaz Syde

Khaz comes on in the same fashion as Kipcha

Khaz: I am in love, but I am scared that I'll die.

Ceaser: You'll do great! Who is the girl?

Khaz: Kipcha Pryor

Kipcha looks shocked

Ceaser: That is 12 girl!

Khaz: Yeah. One day Kipcha gave herself a whipping in place of her father. Mother took her home to be healed. That night I fell in love with her

Ceaser: Anyone else you will do the games for?

Khaz: Yeah, My mother, my sister and my brother.


Lucky hands Digit £20. Then Lucy and Digit's drunk mentor walks on to the stage and tap dances.

Lozenga Marindo

Ceaser: Bye bye lovers of District 5. Now we have Lozenga of District 6

Lozenga comes on in a nurses outfit

Ceaser: Hi Lozenga.

Lozenga: Hi Ceaser. I am scared that I might die.

Ceaser: You'll do great!!!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Lozenga: I am going to do this for the people of District 6. I have a cunning plan to stay alive for as long as possible.

Ceaser: Good on you!!


Engirys Blonem

Ceaser: Now we have Engirys Blonem!!!

Engirys comes on in a doctors outfit and puts the stethoscope on Ceaser's heart

Engirys: I am seeing how long you can survive for.

Ceaser: Hello Engirys. How are you doing?

Engirys: So-so. I got a two so I could die.

Ceaser: You'll do great!!!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Engirys: No need to comfort me, I know That I'll die.

Ceaser: Honest!!!

Engirys: I know that I'll die and you know too.


Willow Stone

Ceaser: After District Six we have Willow Stone of District 7!!!

Willow comes on in a dress made of wood

Ceaser: Hello Willow, how are you?

Willow: Good thanks.

Ceaser: Who are you doing the games for?

Willow: My two siblings.

Ceaser: Anyone special?

Willow: *shocked* NO!!!!!


Digit hands Lucky £20

Pine Thorn

Ceaser: Now we have Pine Thorn

Pine comes on in a Tuxedo made of wood.

Ceaser: Hi Pine.

Pine: Hi Ceaser, looking foward to the games?

Ceaser: I am, specially to see you die.

Pine: *Shocked* runs out sobbing.

2 and a half minutes later


Digit hands Lucky £20

Callisteon Orche

Ceaser: After a normal District seven, we have Callisteon Orche of District eight.

Callisteon comes out in designer jeans and a hollister top

Ceaser: *Wolf whistles* Hell-o Callisteon

Callisteon: Call me Calli and don't flirt with me!

Ceaser: O-k Calli. Who are you doing the games for?

Callisteon: My family, of course. I think you are a flirty man!

Ceaser: *shocked into silence*

One minute of awkard silence


Digit hands Lucky £20

Imperio Gellery

Ceaser: Now we have Imperio Gellery!

Imperio walked on in the same outfit as the chariot ride. The girls in the crowd scream his name!

Ceaser: Hi Imperio.

Imperio: Hi Ceaser, dont you know how much I love the capitol?

Ceaser: (mutters "no.") So who are you doing the games for?

Imperio: My mother and father, who love the Capitol.

Ceaser: Does everyone in eight love the capitol?

Imperio: No, some rebelled last year, but the capitol is great!

Ceaser: You'll do great in these games by the way.

Lucky hands Digit £20


Spring Howards

Ceaser: So after the capitol-loving eight, we have Spring Howards of District nine.

Spring comes on in a black dress.

Ceaser: Hello Spring

Spring: Hi Ceaser

Ceaser: Who are you doing the games for?

Spring: My sister, who I love so much it is sad if she has to see me die.

Ceaser: You'll do great!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Spring: Thank you! Starts sobbing for the rest of the time.


Sam Jones

Ceaser: Now we have Sam Jones

Sam comes on in a black suit

Sam: Hi Ceaser!

Ceaser: Hi Sam, who are you doing the games for?

Sam: My Parents and my sister. My sister will kill herself if I die.

Ceaser: She won't kill her self, you'll do great and come home!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Sam: Thanks Ceaser


Michelle Nash

Ceaser: Thank you District 9. Now we have Michelle Nash of District 10

Michelle comes out in a brown and white dress.

Ceaser: Hi Michelle!

Michelle: Hi Ceaser.

Ceaser: I heard you drink was spiked.

Michelle: It was. It was so bad, I fell asleep. I heard it was a Digit Starr's sleep on command pills. When you say a preset phrase, you fall asleep.

Ceaser: Oh. You'll do great. Show us what you can do.

Michelle: *falls asleep*

Ceaser: Michelle........?


Lucky hands Digit £20

Blair Quagmire

Michelle is carried off.

Ceaser: Now we have Blair Quiagmire!!!

Blair comes on in a golden tux. Girls scream his name.

Ceaser: Hi Blair!

Blair: Hi Ceaser, by the way, the preset phrase was "Show us what you can do."

Ceaser: Oh. Who are you doing the games for?

Blair: My dead brother, who died in the games.

Ceaser: Ok, I remember interviewing your brother. He did great and you'll do great too!!

(Lucky hands Digit £20)

Blair: Thank you Ceaser.


Jay Sparrow

Ceaser: After an intresting District 10, we have Jay Sparrow from 11!!

Jay comes on in a golden dress

Ceaser: You love Robin.....

Jay: As a brother, Ceaser, as a brother.

Ceaser: I have heard you had a talent........

Jay: Yeah *whistles*

  • a flock of birds, two snakes and a bat come to her

Ceaser: Wow.


Digit hands Lucky £20

Robin Miller

Ceaser: After Jay Sparrow, we have Robin Miller!!

Robin comes out in a matching outfit to Jays'

Ceaser: What do you have to say about Jay's talent?

Robin: Jay's dad is a Mutt, so she is a half mutt.

Pandomien occurs and no-one can hear the buzzer.


Digit hands Lucky £20

Maisie Gallium

Ceaser: *Shocked, stuttering* Maisie Gallium!

Maisie Gallium comes on as little red riding hood.

Maisie: Hi Ceaser.

Ceaser: ...........

Maisie: I am doing this for my mother and everyone in twelve!


Maisie: I know Odysseus and I see him when I go into the woods



Digit hands Lucky £20

Odysseus Six

Ceaser: After Maisie's interview, we have the last tribute Odysseus Six!!

Odysseus comes on in a suit that looks like it is burning

Ceaser: So Maisie sees you in the woods.

Odysseus: Yeah, I go into the woods to escape from my grandfather, who is a human trafficer.


Odysseus: He hated me and he hated my brother. He made us slaves and I see my brother Troy around me. I love him and when he died in the Games I broke down.

Ceaser: *sobbing*

Odysseus: (Muttering, Great I made Ceaser sob!!)


Digit hands Lucky £20

Ceaser: Now the games begin tomorrow. May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

Day 1 The Bloodbath

The tributes are in the cornicopa. Sixty seconds later, the gong rings and Brass Sater runs to Sam Jones and smashes his head against the wall, until it is a pulp. Sam's cannon fires.

Spring sees this and snaps. She bolts up the staircase and grabs a sword and stab Khaz in the heart, then cuts Kipcha's hand off. Lucky grabs some supplies and Kipcha and drags her off to safety.

Meanwhile Digit has a sword and beheads Mantar. Chlorine then Pushes Digit off the staircase that leads to the inside of the cornicopa and Digit breaks his ribs, his neck and his spine, then dies.

Spring is enjoying herself. She stabs Imperio, then Michelle, after that she runs away into the woods crying. The Careers group together and grab most of the supplies and run away.

Lozenga and Blair ally, then stalk Lucky and Kipcha.

Jay, Robin, Odysseus and Maisie ally together and run into the woods.

Then the rest of the tributes fight over the supplies, but no-one else dies, because they have no weapons. There were only 15 swords and 4 knives.

The Careers have 10 swords.

Lucky, Kipcha, Lozenga and Blair have 4 swords.

Jay, Robin, Odysseus and Maisie have 4 knives.

Spring has the last sword. Six cannons fire, for Sam, Khaz, Mantar, Digit, Imperio and Michelle.

Later that night, the six faces are projected into the sky.

Kipcha's POV

Sixty seconds. Then the gong.

I run but Spring is first up the stairs and she stabs Khaz and cuts off my hand.

Then I lose my hand and my concinous

Later, I wake and see Lucky, Blair and Lozenga!

I look at my left arm, the one that lost its hand, but instead of a stump, A crude metal hand that looks like a knife is in its place.

Blair asks if I am ok and I say yes.

Later that night I see Khaz's face in the sky. I see Lucky crying, she tells me that the girl that Digit loved was her.

Blair's POV

All I remember is allying with Lozenga, stalking Lucky and making allies with her.

I did not know that Michelle died. I was shocked, because I thought she could survive day 1.

The three boy is there, the one who started the drink spiking. Only one career died.

Jay's POV

I run up the stairs, avoiding Spring and getting a knife.

I find Robin, and he allied with Odysseus and Maisie. I am happy to be with them. They are very good for my chances of survival.

Robin, Odysseus, Maisie and I run to the woods where we find a squirrel mutt


Claire an Avox and Luke a Mutt!!!

What is the Captiol doing to us?

I see six faces in the sky, so there are eighteen left.

Chlorine's POV

Mantar is dead.

Digit killed him.

I killed Digit.

Spring killed Khaz.

Brass killed Sam.

Spring killed Imperio.

Spring killed Michelle.

That is all that happened today.

Spring's POV




When Brass killed Sam, a monster erupted that killed three people and injured another.

I don't deserve to live. I killed three innocent people and I feel guilt.




Pine's POV

I escaped from the cornicopa and missed the enraged Spring Howards.

Willow Stone is with me. We cooking rabbits on a fire.

Just then Rowan, the missing boy from our district!!

Tree an avox and Rowan a mutt!?!?

We tie the lion mutt that was Rowan to a tree and ask him questions about the arena and the plans the Gamekeepers have.


Sam Jones- Killed by Brass Sater 24th

Khaz Syde- Killed by Spring Howards 23rd

Mantar Preseur- Killed by Digit Starr 22nd

Digit Starr- Killed by Chlorine Nikelon 21st

Imperio Gellery- Killed by Spring Howards 20th

Michelle Nash- Killed by Spring Howards 19th

Day 2: The truth reveled

Spring's POV

Sam's death still on my mind. I can see the Careers from where I hide. I run out and stab Yuri Blue. But she screams and Joo-Chan Park Runs out, only to get eaten by a fox mutt.

Two cannons fire, one for Yuri, one for Joo. One third dead. 16 left. 15 will die. But I do not care.

Sam is on my mind.

The monster is growing. I caused the death of two innocent people.

But I only care now for death.

Chlorine's POV

A cannon fires. Yuri Blue dead. I run out and see a fox mutt kill Joo.

We panic. The cursed Spring Howards killed Yuri!

We pack up our stuff and flee.

Odysseus' POV

Two cannons fire.

"Who died?" Jay asked.

Troy stands there and tells me to carry on for him and I tell him that I will.

"Odysseus is talking to himself." Robin muttered.

"So who do we have left?" Maisie asked.

Later we found out that two careers died today. That leaves three careers, Kipcha, the tributes from 6, Spring, both from seven, us, the girl from three and the boy from 10.

We then go to sleep, dreaming of death.


Yuri Blue- Killed by Spring Howards 18th

Joo-Chan Park- Killed by a fox mutt 17th

Day three: The day of sadness, worry and dread

Robin's POV

We are at the lake and Maisie is swimming. She is the only one out of us four who can swim. Suddenly something grabs her and pulls her under the water. She screams. 5 Minutes later two cannons fire. One is for her, but who else died?

Willow's POV

Pine is checking on Rowan sudennly I hear him screaming because Rowan escaped and is starting to eat him. By the time I kill Rowan, Pine is dead.

Spring's POV



Two cannons fired.

I did not kill anyone. Imperio, Sam, Michelle, Khaz, Yuri, Joo. Stop telling me that I killed you or let you down.

I don't want you to haunt me.

Brass' POV

Me, Trifle and Chlorine are hiding in one of the safe houses, the one that overlooks the lake. We see Jay, Robin and Odysseus crying. I guess their ally, Maisie died.

We see Maisie's face in the sky along with Pine Thorn.

I have seen too many deaths.

Three days- fourteen left.

I hope that I will be the survivor.

Blair's POV

Kipcha is still getting used to the fake hand. We are hiding in the safe house that overlooks the lake. Suddenly we hear footsteps- the Careers! If we are caught we die!

Now I am scared. Only two faces appear in the sky, Pine Thorn, of seven and the girl from District 12.


Maisie Gallium- Killed by fish mutt 16th

Pine Thorn- Killed by lion mutt 15th

Day 4- The Brawl

Calliesteon's POV

For the last two days, we had hid in the cornicopa. No one found us. I often slept next to Engirys from 6. Today we knew that we could not stay in the cornicopa. We left and walke to the safe house that overlooked the lake.

Engiry's POV

When we left the cornicopa and arrived at the two safe houses. I decided to go to the one that overlooked the lake, so we entered.

Willow's POV

Pine is dead.

The next thing I see I will kill. Suddenly I see something move in the woods. Picking up my supplies, I followed it.

Trifle's POV

We were relaxing (Me, Brass and Chlorine) when the six boy and the eight girl came in. I stood up and killed them both. Two cannons fired.

Lozenga's POV

I saw Engirys die.

In a rage I got out of my hiding place and ran over and me and the two girl just stabbed each other. I was dying quicker than the two girl though

Brass' POV

When Trifle and the six girl stabbed each other, I was shocked. If Lozenga was here, where was Blair and Kipcha?

Kipcha's POV



Brass stood just in reach of my knife hand and I stabbed him. His cannon fired, alomg with Trifle's and Lozenga's. Chlorine just stood here, then ran. She worked out that three to one was NOT good. Me, Blair and Lucky took the Career's supplies and hid.

Spring's POV

Another death in my mind to haunt me.

I killed the seven girl.

BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG. Six cannons, just as many as day one.

Who else has died?

I am in the final eight, Sam. I will win for you.


Engirys Blonem- Killed by Trifle Woods 14th

Callisteon Orche- Killed by Trifle Woods 13th

Lozenga Marindo- Killed by Trifle Woods 12th

Trifle Woods- Killed by Lozenga Marindo 11th

Brass Sater- Killed by Kipcha Pryor 10th

Willow Stone- Killed by Spring Howards 9th

Final Eight Interviews

Lucky Dawn-

Her parents, brother and Digit Starr's family appear on stage. They say that she is doing well by not killing anyone and saving the five girl. They also tell her to come home because they are holding a party for her.

Chlorine Nikelon-

Annie Cresta, her parents and her three brothers come onto the stage. They tell her that she is doing well and they are praying for her to come home. They also say that District Four want her to come home and they are sorry that Mantar died.

Kipcha Pryor-

Her mother, brother and Khaz's family come onto the stage. Khaz's family are sorry that Khaz died, but they want her to come home. Kipcha's family say that the District wants her home and that they are betting on her.

Spring Howards-

Her family come onto the stage. Her little sister says that she wants Spring to come home and that she will help her overcome Sam's death. Her family say District nine want her to come home.

Blair Quagmire-

His two brothers come on. They say that he is doing very well and that he WILL come home or he will be disinherited. They say that District 10 want him to come home.

Jay Sparrow-

No-one comes on. Her parents were thretened to be excecuted so they ran away.

Robin Miller-

His long lost sister, Lucy comes on. She is nineteen and she tells Robin to come home so that they can spend time together. She says that District 11 want Robin or Jay to come home.

Odysseus Six-

No-one comes on. His grandfather has been arrested for human trafficing and he has no known family.

Day 5- The excitement

Blair's POV

A scream.

I wake up along with Kipcha, to see Lucky Dawn's dead body.

Her cannon fires. We look at her body. She was stabbed and "SH" Is carved onto her cheek. SPRING HOWARDS!!!!!

Another cannon fires.

Someone else is dead.

Odysseus' POV

Robin is dead.

He was stabbed three times. Jay is crying, because Robin is like her brother.

Who killed Robin?

Spring's POV

I killed Robin.

Another death in my head. Chlorine killed Lucky, not me. I run to the place where Kipcha and Blair are and I stab Blair.

Kipcha's POV


Blair is dead!!

In a rage I stab Spring.

Four cannons fires that night, for Lucky, Robin, Blair and Spring.

I am alone.

3 enemies, that want my blood.

Chlorine's POV

I framed Spring.

I need to because I hated Spring, she has killed so many.

I see her face in the sky, and wonder who killed her?


Lucky Dawn- Killed by Chlorine Nikelon 8th

Robin Miller- Killed by Spring Howards 7th

Blair Quagmire- Killed by Spring Howards 6th

Spring Howards- Killed by Kipcha Pryor 5th

Day 6- The VICTOR!!!!!

The Winner's POV

I do not remember what happened in my games, but I was told what happened next............

Chlorine's POV

I am hunting the girl from 11. She is on her own (Her and the guy from 12 broke up their alliance) Suddenly my sword finds the warmth of her body and her heart stops beating.

BANG!!! Her cannon fires.

Kipcha's POV

A cannon fires, and eleven mutts run at us pushing us into the booby trapped house, Where Chlorine stabs Odysseus and as his body falls onto a pod, the house explodes and I am pushed and my head knocks onto a rock, and I lose concisnouss.

Presidant Frost's POV

Kipcha Pryor lies there, in a coma. Chlorine died in that house, just after Odysseus died. Kipcha is the winner! I see Kipcha stirring and she sits up.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" She yells.

I am there telling her about the games, then I show a video of everything, the reapings the chariot rides and the interviews. Then the games begin on the video and I watch Kipcha realise what she was involved in. The metal hand was destroyed, but we made a replacement, more like a hand then a cruel knife though.

Kipcha's POV

I was involved in death and horror. The brave Lucky Dawn, she saved my life, but I let her die. My allies Lozenga and Blair, I let them die as well. I killed Spring and Brass and Khaz, dear Khaz. I should have gone first and died.

I come from District 5, and that is where I will be returning too.


Jay Sparrow- Killed by Chlorine Nikelon 4th

Odysseus Six- Killed by Chlorine Nikelon 3rd

Chlorine Nikelon- Killed by a Pod 2nd


The Victor's Interview

Kipcha comes on in a wheelchair, because she is recovering from a coma. She wears a pink, fluffy dress.

Ceaser beckons her on.

Ceaser: So Kipcha, the winner of these games! Tell me how you feel?

Kipcha: I cant remember the games at all, so I saw a video. I feel guilty that I made so many people die. *Sobs*

Ceaser: Don't worry Kipcha. You'll be home soon. Tell me what you are looking forward too?

Kipcha: Seeing my family again and recovering my memories.

Ceaser: ????

Kipcha: I have forgotten everything I have ever done, Everyone that I have met or known and I need my family and my friends to help me remember how much I loved them.

Ceaser: What did you feel like when Khaz died?

Kipcha: Sad, because he loved me.

Ceaser: Lets cheer the Victor, Kipcha Pryor of District 5!!!

Kipcha leaves the stage.

Kipcha's POV


District 5.

I need to see, to feel, to touch all that I have lost. My memories of my life before becoming a victor have gone. I need to recover them back.

My family stand there, as soon as I get off the train they are hugging me and welcoming me back home.

The party that night is spectacular. Fireworks that spell my name, the food is delightful, but I am saddened to see it. All I want is to be alone and to recover from all that death.

The Victory Tour

6 Months later-

District 12-

Kipcha comes on in a black dress that has long sleeves (To hide the new hand)

Kipcha goes onto the stage. She looks down to Maisie's mother amd father who are standing on Maisie's plate

" I am sorry for your losses. I did not know Maisie or Odysseus but they were good tributes to get 10s in training and Odysseus did really well to come 3rd. I know you all miss him. I know that Maisie was an valuable member of District 12 and I hope you keep her memory in your hearts and that you can start to make it better."

Everyone in District 12 is crying at the words.

District 11-

Kipcha comes on in a dress made of autumn leaves.

There is onle one person on Jay's and Robin's plate and it is Lucy Miller.

Kipcha goes onto the stage and says:

" I am sorry for your losses. I did not know Jay or Robin but they were both good if they got to the final eight. I know that everyone here misses the bubbly Jay or the feirce Robin. I know both were valuable memebers of District 11 and they were killed by innocent children who were forced into this situation."

District 11 do not know what to think.

District 10-

Kipcha come on in a dress made out of meat.

Blair's two brothers and Michelle's mother and father are disturbed and sick.

Kipcha starts speaking.

"I am sorry for your losses. I knew Blair and he was one of the nicest people that I have ever met. I felt sorry for Michelle when her drink was spiked and when she died in the bloodbath. Blair though, was one of the last two boys to die in the games, he was nice and tough and funny. Lets hold a two minute silence for them both."

After the two minute silence, Kipcha is ushered off stage.

District 9-

Kipcha is stabbed by the sister of Sam Jones. She cannot make her speech in nine, but she is still alive.

Later Sam Jones' sister commits suicide.

District 8-

Kipcha comes on in designer jeanes and a hollister top.

Imperio's family are cheering her but Calli's family are silent.

" I am sorry for your losses," Kipcha cries, because she is tired of the speeches. " I did not know Calli or Imperio but they were good tributes, both should have done well, coming from eight, but I am sorry that they died."

Kipcha is booed of stage.

District 7-

Kipcha comes on and, looking at the families of Pine and Willow, starts to speak, Her brown silk dress floating in the breeze.

"I am sorry for your losses. I never met Pine or Willow but they were good to survive on their own for ages. No-one found them until Pine died and Willow stalked Spring. No-one ever found them in the arena."

The crowd in seven cheer Kipcha on.

District 6-

The families of Engirys and Lozenga stare at the stage, envious of Kipcha, who got to return home, while their children died.

Kipcha comes on in a red velvet dress.

" I am sorry for your losses." Sobs Kipcha "I never knew Engirys but I saw him die. I knew Lozenga and she was like a sister to me. We were so close but when she sacrificed herself on anger about Engirys' death, I felt like a coward, who did not sacrifice herself for Khaz, dear, dear Khaz."

Both families are crying about the speech and the mayor awards her a massive plaque.

District 4-

Kipcha feels guilty about coming onto the stage, if she died in the explosion, Chlorine would be returning home instead.

Kipcha comes on in a dress that looks like the sun.

" I am sorry for your losses. I know Chlorine and Mantar loved each other, and that if one of them survived, then they would be so sad. I knew that Chlorine and Mantar were good tributes and that they could have come home, but....." Kipcha trails off, chocked by her salt tears.

District 4 don't know what to think.

District 3-

Kipcha comes on in a robot suit.

She is crying as she makes her speech.

"I am sorry for your losses, Lucky was an amazing person who kept me alive for a long time. If she had let me die, then Chlorine would have won. I never knew Digit, except he was a cunning boy who spiked a Career then died killing one."

District 3 applause.

District 2-

Kipcha is barred from two, because she killed Brass and watched Trifle die. Instead she is outside yelling her speech which no-one listens to.

" I am sorry for your losses, Brass and Trifle were strong tributes who could have won. I am sorry I let Trifle die, but Brass let Lozenga die. So relieze that the careers cannot win every time."

District 1-

Joo and Yuri's families cheer as Kipcha comes on, because she avenged their deaths.

"I am sorry for your losses. I know I avenged both their deaths by killing Spring, and I would like to say that they were both good tributes who died horrificly. I feel guilt, because I would have killed Spring earlier if I had seen her."

The District don't know what to think.


Kipcha is talking to Presidant Frost.

"I am going to name my daughter Kipcha, would you like to be Godmother?"

Kipcha nods, then dances and has her photo taken with lots of Capitol residants.

Her chariot ride has become a popular mode of transport in the Capitol and everyone is naming their newborn daughters after her.

District 5-

The District hold a party for her in her name, but Kipcha goes to the woods and see Khaz's ghost.

"Khaz!" she sobs.

But Khaz dosent want to listen.

"Kipcha, forget me. Find someone else. I am dead, buried in this grave and I am telling you to forget the past and hope for a better future."

Then Khaz silently disapperars and Kipcha thinks.

A new dawn,


Maybe, just maybe one day, death, sadness, despair, war, andd all things bad with the world will stop.

And she could live with it.

But for now, she had to forget the past, because it has already happened and hope for a better future.

What Kipcha did after she won:

Kipcha started teaching young children in her district about how to live in the hunger games.

She made a mock hunger games to teach them

She has recorved from Khaz's death slowly, and is not looking foward to being a mentor

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