Sorry this is really early, but they need a lot of preperation, which involves me writing out the whole plot. Also, the 3rd Games have to finish 1st.

My 4th Hunger Games are going to have two twists.

1) It will be a cryptic Hunger Games, which mean that there will be 20 clues, which will take them all over the arena in order to solve them.

2) ALL OF THE TRIBUTES WHO PARTICIPATED IN MY 1st 3 HUNGER GAMES ARE COMING BACK, which includes the 14 mini games. So, Bradley Ward, Chlorine Nikelon and Albany York will participate again (Some random examples)

The Tributes

District Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Male Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female Female
1 Joo-Chan Park Yuri Blue
2 Brass Sater Trifle Woods Mary Bloodbath
3 Digit Starr Lucky Dawn
4 Mantar Preseur Chlorine Nikelon
5 Khaz Syde
6 Engirys Blonem
7 Pine Thorn Willow Stone
8 Imperio Gellery Albany York
9 Sam Jones Spring Howards
10 Blair Quagmire
11 Robin Miller Jay Sparrow
12 Odysseus Six
13 David Biebel Ave Maria
Capitol Adam Snow Alice Snow


To anyone who has been in all of my games.

Only 1 so far: Brony12.

The prize is an autoclue card, so if you and your tribute get stuck on a clue, you can send an autoclue card, which allows you to skip the clue and proceed to the next. There is one per tribute involved.

To anyone who has guessed any of the 14 twists in my 3rd Hunger Games.

Only 1 so far: Kezen11

The prize is a free sponser gift per tribute, which will normally be the first item sent.

The Arena

There are two parts of the arena, and two different uniforms. There will be 20 clues.

Arena 1 and Uniform 1- For the first ten clues

The first arena is a massive forest, with a single lake. There are also some significant landmarks in this arena. The Uniform is mostly brown, brown trousers, brown shirts, brown boots. However, there is also a green baseball cap. In this section of the arena, the tributes are forced to ally with their district. They also get a back pack each, with a notebook, pencils, mirrors inside to start with. They can also store clues in here.

Arena 2 and Uniform 2- For the last 10 clues

The arena is a snowy artic, with frozen lakes and massive mountains. The uniform is a pure white unitard with white snow boots. In this section of the arena, they can ally with whoever they want. They also get to keep the backpack.

The "New Faces"

There will also be some new faces, with their memories taken by the Capitol. They also have to solve the puzzles in the arena, however this is to get their memories back.

NOONE IS ALLOWED TO KILL THEM, because they can help you in the arena. However, they CAN kill tributes.

(I'm going to create these, but I just wanted to warn you.)

District Name Basic Info
1 Glimmer Sunshine 15 years old, Good with Axes.
2 Felix Blue 18 years old, Good at Climbing.
3 Electra Bolt 12 years old, Good with Technology.
4 Coral Ocean 14 years old, Good at Swimming
5 Ivan Brown 13 years old, Good with Bombs
6 Air Plane (Nickname, real name unknown) 16 years old, Good Stamina
7 Juniper Birch 17 years old, Good with Animals
8 Silk Velvet 18 years old, Good at making shelters
9 Peter Grain 15 years old, Good with Plants
10 Henrietta Cow 14 years old, Good with Snares
11 Summer Apple 16 years old, Good at Camoflage
12 Tomas Coal 17 years old, Good with Pickaxes.
13 Soldier Rose Graphite 13 years old, Good with Guns
Capitol Cinna Yellow 12 years old, Amazing Knowledge

It is free to send a note to your tribute advising them on which one to go to for help.

Chariot Rides

Coming soon!!

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