Right, Everyone, this is a page about other People's Hunger Games!

Have you got bored, of waiting for tributes? DO you need your spaces filled quickly? If so, this is the place to go!

Or, are you eager to put your tributes into games, but cant find any spaces? If so, just come here!


If you want to submit a games, Just post them here!!

Then if you want to submit tributes in these games, just find the blog and post tributes!

Games needing tributes:

RueRose's 3rd Hunger Games (Hunger Games rp wiki)

PanemKiller's 128th Hunger Games

Newgirls101's 32nd Hunger Games

FloraWood's 72nd Hunger Games.

FantasyFilm's 14th Annual Hunger Games

EffieLuna's 501st Hunger Games

Anon....'s 3rd Hunger Games (Timeline 2) *NOTE, MANY SUB-GAMES"

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