Hello, even though I have got other Hunger Games going on (Which I will finish when my exams are over in the Summer), I have decided to try an intresting project out.

This is called The Hunger Games: Nonary Edition, which is a crossover of the Hunger games triology and the Zero Escape series (999: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors and Virtue's Last Reward)

What is the Zero Escape series?

It is a gaming series for the DS (999) and 3ds/Vita (Virtue's last reward), which follow 9 people in a arena like place, and they have to solve puzzles, betray their allies etc, in order to escape. The plot of these two games are intracate and quite good.

The main difference is that there is no age range. You could have a 9 year old and a 50 year old taking part in the same game. Also, more then 1 character normally escapes and it is set in our own time, which means that the Districts do not exist. Characters are more often allying with each other, not killing each other (Though the axe ending in 999 may contradict that.....) Finally, each game has more then 1 ending (although there is only one true ending). My explanation does not do the game series justice, so it would be better if you looked it up.

So, what does the project entail?

My idea is that those who want to participate can create their own Nonary Game (I'll be creating my own soon to show you what a Nonary Game is like) and send a link here. Then we could (if you wanted to) have a competition to see who can create a Nonary game which also captures the flavour of the Hunger Games, somehow.


1) 9 main good characters ONLY, as well as a character called Zero, who runs the whole thing.

2) Only one narrator, please. And 1 character must also have amnesia.

3) You can create multiple endings, but you don't have too.

4) Please, don't make all of the characters the same age. It would be more intresting if they were all of different ages.

5) Do NOT insert users on the wiki into your Nonary Game without their permission (you all have mine, of course.)

6) 999 and Virtue's Last reward feature known game theory ideas (e.g Prisioner's dilemma) as well as other geeky stuff (e.g. Asimov's rules of Robotics) into their plots, so if you attempt to write a nonary game, you MUST also do the same thing.

Who are writing Nonary Games at the Moment


TheMysteriousGeek's The Hunger Games: Nonary Edition (WARNING: SWEARING, MATURE THEMES.)

Narrator: Animus Shadow aged 19.

Blink. Blink.

My eyes flip right open. I sit up and look around.

A cold, dark room. I don't know how I got there in the first place, except I remember a guy in a gas mask and white fog.

I pause and think. Who am I? Good question, I remember my name, Animus Shadow, but little else. Who my family and friends are, where I grew up, and where I live are massive blanks. I look down at my wrist, and I see a watch like object , but instead of showing the time, it showed a massive "2". Yet, I don't remember owning such a device.

"Hey, are you content at just staring at the wall all day, or do you actually want to get outta here?" A mysterious voice echoes in the room. I turn around , frantically, searching for the owner of the voice.

"Hahaha!" The voice laughs, "I am in my cosy office watching you on the CCTV. I am Zero, and I am giving you 9 minutes to get outta here, Animus."

"And what if I fail?" I ask.

"You die." Zero replies, "Good luck, and cherrio! Enjoy getting outta here!"

The light suddenly turns on, and I see that I am in a room that looks like a prision cell, and there is a magnet, a stick, some rope and one key card on my side of the bars.

On the other side of the bars, there is a table and a key. The key that could open the cell door!

Immediatly, I tie the rope around the magnet and then tie the rope around the stick, so that the stick and the magnet were attached, then I moved the stick through the bars, until the key attached itself to the magnet. I pulled the stick back, and took the key, then I held the key and fumbled until I found the key hole.

The door opened. I was free! I quickly grabbed the key card and scanned it through the other door.

I stepped out into a dark corridor, and heard Zero again:

"Congratulations! You escaped! But that was just the beginning, and you'll have more problems to face before you escape! One more thing. I know you forgot who you are, and it will stay that way for now. However, you will work it out if you and your companions to escape. Cherrio!" Zero laughed.

The corridor quickly became quiet again, and I followed the light until I ended up into a hotel reception. I sat down on a chair and began to think. Companions? Where were they? Why were we here? Who was Zero and what pocessed him to tortue us in this way?

"Hello, mister." A young girl of about 11 years old with blonde hair greeted me, "I guess the guy in the gas mask brought you here?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I'm pleased to meet you."

"Me too. I was sitting in the car, waiting for mummy and daddy, when some white fog entered the car, and the last thing I saw before I went to sleep,I saw a man in a gas mask." The little girl mumbled.

"I can't even remember where I was when I was taken. I just remember the white fog and the gas mask." I replied, just as a guy in his thirties arrived. 

"Wait, you say you don't remember? I was in my flat when my room when the white mist entered through the air vents, and I remember seeing the guy in the gas mask open my door and enter my flat." The guy muttered, "Also, should we use our real names or code names whilst we are here?"

"Code names." I replied, "Call me duet, as I have a '2' on my watch and a duet is comprised of two people." 

"I have a '7' on my wrist, so call me 111, as that is 7 in binary." The girl, 111, carried on.

"My number is '9' so call me Cat, as there is the Cat-o'-nine-tails." The guy, Cat, finished.

"So, Duet, you say that you cannot remember anything?" 111 asked.

"Yeah, I forgotten who my family are, and where I lived, stuff like that." I replied.

"Hey, nice to meet you!" Another 2 people entered the room. One was a guy around my age, with brown hair, and the other was an lady in her 50s.

"Hello, we are Duet, 111 and Cat." I replied, "We took code names based on our watch numbers."

"You mean that if I had a '3' on my watch, I'd have to chose a nickname based on the number three?" The lady asked. We nodded in reply.

"Ah, ok. I have the number '5' so I guess I will call myself Boron, as Boron is the 5th chemical element in the periodic table." The lady, Boron replied.

"And I am '3' so..." The guy paused, "I'll call myself Tolkien, as the number three appears often in the Lord of the Rings.

"Ok, so I am number 2, or Duet, number 3 is Tolkien, number 5 is Boron, number 7 is 111 and Number 9 is Cat. We still need to meet Numbers 1, 4, 6 and 8." I summarised.

"You are no longer looking for Number 4, as he is here!" A guy in his 20s arrived in the lobby, and at once I hated him.

"OK." Cat smiled, "This is Duet, this is Tolkien, this is Boron, this is 111 and I am Cat." He pointed at each of us in turn as he said our code names.

"Stupid names."Number 4 smirked, "Why did your delusioned parents choose those names for you?"

"They are not our real names, but our code names, which we chose depending on our watch numbers." 111 replied simply.

"Oh, ok." Number 4 groaned, "I'll call myself Odair, as Finnick Odair is a tribute from District 4 in the Hunger Games series."

"Odair he is!" I laughed, "That's brilliant."

"Sod off, Duet." Odair growled.

"What is the world coming to these days?" Boron sighed, "There is absolutley no need to swear at each other! ou should say 'Be quiet, Duet' insted. Odair should apologise to Duet, and Duet should stop taking the mick out of Odair's code name."

"Sorry." Odair said sarcastically.

"That is ok, I am sorry as well." I replied, just as sarcastic as Odair.

"Excuse me? Are you all busy?" A young woman came into the room, and sat down on the chair next to mine, "So, have you all got watches or is it just me?"

I looked at her wrist, and saw that her watch projected the number '8'

"We have watches." Cat replied, "So who are you? I am Cat, as I have the number '9' watch, and there is the cat-o'-nine-tails."

"You choose code names depending on your watch number?" The lady replied, "I'll be August, as August is the 8th month in the year. So what are the rest of your code names?"

Before we could reply, a rather scary looking lady walked into the room, and put her wrist down on the table and flashed her watch at us. The watch had a number '1' projected on it.

"Has any of you managed to take this wretched device off?" She asked menicingly, "I've tried but it will not bleeding come off."

"I've tried, but I failed too." Odair replied, "I'm Odair, as the rest of this lot have decided to refer to themelves by code names depending on thier numbered watch."

"I guess I will call myself Uno then." The lady, Uno replied, "What number code watch are you?"

"4" Odair replied, "Be careful of Duet, as he takes the mick out of everyone's code name."

"I do not!" I replied, "Just because I took the piss out of yours, does not mean that I will do it for every one else."

"Language, Duet!" Boron sighed, "Why does the current generation need to insert rude words into their sentences."

The room fell silent, as we waited for the last person, Number 6, to arrive.

A couple of minutes later, the final person arrived.

"Your watch has the number '6' on it, if I am not mistaken?" Boron asked, "I am Boron."

"Oh, you choose code names depending on your number watch? I'll be Virgo, as it is the 6th Zodiac sign." The guy, Virgo, replied.

Character Recap

1 is Uno (Female)

2 is our narrator, Animus Shadow, aka Duet (Male)

3 is Tolkien (Male)

4 is Odair (Male) *ODAIR HE IS :D

5 is Boron (Female)

6 is Virgo (Male)

7 is 111 (Female)

8 is August (Female)

9 is Cat (Male)

TheMysteriousGeek's The Hunger Games: Nonary edition (Continued)

Just then, we heard the tannoy go off again. Zero!

"Hello to Uno, Duet, Tolkien, Odair, Boron, Virgo, 111, August and Cat." Zero laughed, "Welcome to The Hunger Games: Nonary Edition. Now finally, time to explain the rules to you mere people."

"Oh, go on then, it isn't like we are dying to know what the hell is going on." Odair replied sarcastically.

"Brilliant! Now all of you have watch numbers. In the next room, there are two doors, one with the number '3' on it and one with the number '6' on it. If you want to get through those doors, you have to get in a group of 3-5 people, and make sure the digital root of your numbers added together equals the number on said door. For example, 1+2+3= 6 and 7+6+5= 18 and 1+8= 9. Your goal is to get through the door with the number '9' on it. There is also a sponsering system, but I will not tell you how that works, otherwise you will all be manipulating it." Zero lectured, "You all have to take part, and also you have to enter a door as soon as you scan your watch over the Recognition Device, or the RED, and as soon as you enter the room, you have to scan your watch over the Deactivaction Device, or the DEAD."

"If we don't?" 111 asked, "What happens?"

"You die." Zero laughed, "Good luck to you all. Hope you have a plesant stay in Nonary Hotel. Try not to die."

The Tannoy system turned off, and we all decided to go into the next room, and as Zero said, there were two doors with the numbers '3' and '6' on them respectivly.

"I guess we have to split up?" August asked.

We all nodded, and I started to do the maths in my head. How would we be split up?

We could all split into 3 groups of three, or a group of 5 and a group of 4. But how do you get the digital roots to add up to 3 and 6?

"1+2+5+9= 17 and 1+7= 8" Tolkien offered, "And 3+4+6+7+8= 28 and 2+8= That possibility does not work."

"2+3+4+8= 17 and 1+7= 8" August thought, "So 1+5+6+7+9= Nope."

"1+3+4+9= 17 and 1+7=8" Boron whisphered to herself, "So 2+5+6+7+8= 28. Why are we always getting the same numbers!?!"

I meanwhile, added 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9= 45, so that means that the two numbers we are after have to equal 45.

"21 and 24!" I exclaimed, and everyone looked at me, "Nothing."

So, 2+4+6+9= 21 and 1+3+5+7+8= 24.

"SOLVED IT!" I exclaimed, "So, Odair, Virgo, Cat and I go through the 3 door while Uno, Tolkien, Boron, 111 and August go through the 6 door."

We split up into our respective groups, and I groaned. Not Odair. This will be fun.

I watched as Virgo, Cat and Odair scanned their watches over the RED, and I followed in pursuit, before the 3 door opened and we went through.

We immediatly scanned our 4 watches over the DEAD and we then looked at the room we were in.

"Well done!" Odair sneered, "Now we can finally enjoy Zero's torture."

I ignored him, and walked into a room which looked like a restarant. On one of the walls there were paintings of flags. The first painting was a red square, inside a white square, inside a blue square. The second painting was a black circle inside a yellow square. The third had white and blue squares in a chessboard formation and the final painting had a blue rectangle on top of a red rectangle.

"Hmmmm. They are the Flags which have marines use to signal letters in the alphabet." Virgo stated, "The first is a W, the second a I, the third a N, and the last an E. Spells out Wine."

I immediatly looked for a wine bottle, and I found one hidden under one of the tables. I smashed it and found another sheet of paper, which read "01001000, 01000001, 01001101, 01000010, 01010101, 01010010, 01000111, 01000101, 01010010."

"Binary alphabet." Odair muttered, "Hamburger? Why do we need to find a damned Hamburger?"

"Waiter, can we have a hamburger please?" I joked, and immediatly a robot came in, holding a hamburger.

"Please can you punch Duet for me?" Odair asked the robot.

"No, that conflicts with the 1st law of Robotics, whereby a Robot may not kill or harm a human being." The Robot replied.

While Odair muttered "Damn!" under his breath, I quickly picked up the hamburger, and took it apart.

There was another sheet of paper, and I instantly recognised it as the Sign language alphabet.

"A hand that has the thumb and the 2nd finger in shape of a circle, a finger tapping the 4th finger on the opposite hand, two crossed fingers and a hand that looks like a K. Spells FORK." Virgo exclaimed out loud.

"Seriously, Zero? Why are you spelling stuff out in different alphabets?" Odair yelled.

No answer. Zero was ignoring us. Ah, well.

I looked in the kitchen of the restarant, and tore through the fork section until......

"That's it?" Odair quiered, "A Key with a handle in shape of the male sign? What the Hell?"

Cat took the key of Odair, and walked around the restarant, to see if we had missed anything. Meanwhile, I sat down and Virgo sat down next to me.

"So, Virgo. Because I did not get to talk to you before Zero announced the rules, I do not know much about you. You don't need to tell me your name, I just want to know where you were when you were taken and stuff like that." I tried to be friendly.

"My ship, HMS Britannica, was docked in a port in the US, and I was doing technical work on the ship when white fog entered the room I was in, and I remember the guy in the gas mask." Virgo replied, "How about you?"

"Don't remember." I replied.

"You don't remember?" Odair laughed, "I remember when I was taken. I was at Uni and I entered the IT suite. Bamn! White smoke entered the room and the guy in the gas mask climbed in through the window."

Suddenly, I heard Cat exclaim "Aha!" and the three of us ran into the restarant, and saw Cat kneeling by a safe. The door of the safe had "Mars" written on it.

"The male symbol is also the symbol of the planet Mars!" Cat exclaimed. We looked inside the safe, and saw another key, this time with a handle shaped like a trident.

"Neptune!" Cat muttered. So it was like this for a little while, we looked all over the restarant, finding the safe and inserting the corresponding key. Eventually we opened the final safe, "Uranus", with the "Uranus" key, and we saw......

"A key card!!! We can leave now!" I smiled, and we found the exit door, scanned the key card over the reader and we finally left the horrible restarant.


Zero sat there, smiling as the group containing Animus finally escaped the room they were in. He gave the 4 of them the amount of sponsering points they deserved, with Cat (or Luke) getting the most, and Animus (Duet) getting the least.

He stared at the different moniters, and watched as the other group got out of their predicament, and he gave them sponsering points.

"The other way they could get points is if one of them betrays their group." He cackled to himself. Odair would be the most likely one to betray- he and Animus loathed each other with a passion, and he knew that An.......

Wait, he musn't think that. There are people watching this all over the world, and he does not want them to know why Animus is important to Zero.

"I'd have a lot of people after my blood if they knew the truth." He thought, turning back to the screens, waiting for the next bit of drama to occur.

Animus (Duet)

"What's this..... A hospital in a hotel?" Virgo queried, "Now this is something that I don't normally see."

We looked around the hospital and all we could see were two people lying on hospital beds. Upon close inspection we noticed that they were two females, and Odair and Virgo started to scream.

"Zero, that is my fiancee, you bastard!" Odair yelled, before breaking down into tears.

"Yeah, why did you take my mother?" Virgo said between sobs.

Meanwhile, Cat and I searched around the hospital to find out why they were here. Eventually we found a note written by Zero.


You may be wondering why the two women are here. We are going to play a game. You have the choice- save female A or female B. The one you choose not to save will die. :D. However, if you don't choose, both will die.

Tick tock. Cherrio!

Zero." The note read.

We took the note back to Virgo and Odair, and as soon as they saw it, both of them erupted into tears and a shouting match begun between both of them.

I ignored both of them, as Cat and I knew that we could not let them decide who lived and who died. The decision fell upon us, the grave decision fell upon Cat and I.

"Who should we spare, whilst Odair is a total git and does not deserve happiness, Virgo's ma has lived her life whereas Odair's fiancee hasn't. Who should we spare?" Cat asked.

"Dunno, I would prefer to spare the fiancee, but you've lived longer and you probably make the better choice." I replied.

"You know what, I was thinking just that." Cat replied, "How do we break the news to Virgo?"

I shrugged, before we walked back to the two men who were debating over whose life was more important, the ma or the fiancee.

"You made up your mind yet?" Both men desperatly asked.

"Yeah, unanimous decision. Zero, we have decided to spare Odair's fiancee. Sorry, Virgo." Cat replied, as a hole in the ground opened, and we watched Virgo's ma being lowered down into it. We watched the whole seal itself shut, and then the screaming began.

"MA!!!" Virgo yelled, clawing at the ground, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Virgo began to cry heavily, and his body racked with sobs.

Then something fell down from the ceiling. Another note.

"Hello, all." I read, "I see you made your choice and heard someone die. Now, another choice. Kill the fiancee and have the easy way out of here, or spare her and have the most difficult journey out of here. Cheerio! Zero."

"Zero, you sick bastard!" Odair muttered, "Spare my fiancee, Sophie!"

Another note fell from the ceiling.

"Hello, I see you chose to spare the other girl. Now all I will say is good luck! You have to get outta here, and stuff. The only clue I will give is Sb2S3+4KClO3=Sb2(SO4)3+4KCL. You can still change your minds. Good luck! Zero :)" The note read.

While everyone was still debating, I was thinking. I recognised that formula, but where from?

"Seriously, Zero is one sick bastard. But what the hell are we meant to do?" Cat pondered.

"Kill......Sophie....... If......My ma......... died, then..... so.... sh...should she." Virgo said, between heavy sobbing.

"No, I love her. We were going to have a Christmas Wedding..." Odair thought wistfully.

Wait. Christmas. The formula in the note.

That is the formula for the explosion in the Christmas Cracker.

"Christmas cracker!" I yell.

"What the hell?" Cat asked, "We have the life of someone in our hands and......."

Another note fell down from the ceiling.

"Congratulations, you figured it out. Well, I said it would be difficult, and it will now be. As someone got the formula right, Sophie is safe." The note read, and Odair cheered, "But, one of you will have to die, and that person will be replaced by Sophie. Sophie will take on that person's nickname and stuff like that, but the person that dies cannot be the one you call Duet. Cat, Virgo and Odair. Which one of you will face the sword? That decision will be left up to Duet. Cherrio, Duet and I know who you are going to choose. Zero >:)"


As soon as I finished reading out the note, an even more fierce debate rang out between the three men. They were arguing over which one of them should die.

I thought carefully... there was only one person in my group I didn't trust, and that was Virgo. Cat was the 2nd person I met, after 111 and Odair always wore his heart on his sleeve, and that means he was easier to trust. Virgo, however, was a mystery. Even though he said that he was a marine, I did not believe him.

"I've made up my mind. I'm sorry Virgo." I mumbled, and Virgo nodded, then he fell to the floor, and was choking. We stood there as Virgo slowly stopped breathing.


Suddenly, Sophie opened her eyes, and blinked. When she saw Odair, she smiled.

"Jason!" She laughed, "I thought you had decided to abandon me. I thought you were dead!"

"Sophie." Odair frowned, "There is no possibility on Earth that I would abandon you. It was the work of a sick man called Zero."

Slowly, Odair explained what was going on. Sophie gasped.

"And Cat and Duet decided to save my live, Jase?" She asked, "Thanks you two."

A book fell down from the ceiling, as the door opened.

While Cat, Odair and Sophie walked out of the room, I picked up the book and shuddered.

It was a case file on the man who I had chosen to die. Virgo.

Virgo was telling the truth, he was a marine who lived with his ma when he wasn't in the navy. He had a three year old daughter, who was now an orphan. I felt terrible, but I ignored my guilt, and followed the other three out of the room.

The room we entered was another lobby, and I smiled when I saw the other group sitting there. August ran towards me.

"Duet! You're alive!" She smiled, and I stared into her beautiful brown eyes.

I smiled, "Yeah, but I am responsible for the deaths of Virgo and his ma. I feel so bad. So the others are here alright?"

"Yeah. Tolkien, Boron, 111, Uno and I are all alive and eager to escape." August replied "You were the one who chose to kill Virgo? Well to be fair, he arrived last."

I nodded, "I couldn't trust him. I feel like I betrayed him."

"There are two other doors out there. One says 4 and the other 5. So, as you worked out how to sort us into doors last time, can you do it again?" August asked.

Everyone stared at me, as I began to think

1+2+3+4+5+6 (Sophie had a 6 watch on her now)+7+8+9= 45

Two numbers whose digital roots equaled 4 and 5.

23 and 22.

2+6+7+8= 23, and 1+3+4+5+9= 22.

"Uno, Tolkien, Odair, Boron and Cat go into the 4 door, and...." I began, looking at Sophie for a nickname.

"Lepton." Sophie (Now Lepton) replied, "There are 6 types of Lepton."

"Lepton, 111, August and I go through the door labelled 5. In case I die, I will explain to you how I can calculate the doors so easily." I replied

I quickly ran through my method and everyone nodded, as if they understood. Then the larger group walked through door 4 and I led my group through Door 5.

As soon as we had scanned our watches through the DEAD, we walked into a room which looked like an abittior.

"Not again." I murmered, because I thought we'd have to kill someone else again. However, what Zero had planned was far, far worse.

"Hello, people! Now, one of you will have to suffer torture in order for clues that will help you escape from this room. I am eager to see which one offers to be tortured." Zero laughed through the tannoy system, a shrill, manic laughter, which I will never forget.

Silence. My least favorite sound. The feeling that your surroundings are empty.

"I'll go." I finally offer, "When I am not screaming, I will help you solve the way out of here."

A door opened, and I walked into the glass room. I sat on the chair and then I was clamped to the chair.

Just before my torture began, I saw my team mates recieve the first clue.


Zero winced as the torture began- He knew he was going to hate this bit, but he wasn't expecting it to be this bad......

Animus/Duet's screams filled the room, and he watched as his team tried to solve his clues. He knew what the questions were about. The team had five sheets of paper, each one with one words written on it. "Shadow", "Self", "Persona","Animus" and "Anima". They had to work out the link between them. He had chosen these words to be in the first set of clues. He wanted to leave a clue to Animus/Duet. That was the aim of these clues, to get Animus/Duet to realise something.

"Persona, Shadow, Self, Anima and Animus. Duet What is the link?" Sophie/Lepton asked the poor unfortunate Animus/Duet.

"Ahhhh." He screamed, "Jung!"

Zero watched the poor man getting eletrocuted. He knew that Animus/Duet would have to suffer, if he was to succeed in his quest.

"Jung?" August asked, "Like the dude with the character archetypes, who was friendly with Sigmeund Freud?"

Animus/Duet nodded, and Zero released their second clue. What linked Tybalt, Banquo, Claudius and Othello?

However, the torture had already began to take his toll. Zero stroked the scar on his left hand and grimaced at the painful memories.

"They are all Shakespeare characters." 111 smiled,"My mummy and daddy loved shakespeare and read me the plays as I grew up."

"Your Parents read you Shakespeare tragedies?" August gasped, "With people dying?"

111 nodded, "I know that they all died as well. Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, Banquo in Macbeth, Claudius in Hamlet and Othello in Othello."

Zero laughed, until he saw Animus/Duet's face. He looked shaken and worried, and Zero knew what he was thinking- he was slowly working it out- why Zero wanted him.

Meanwhile, he saw Animus/Duet finally pass out due to pain. Just three people left to work out the clues.

And work them out they did- the three girls quickly and efficiently worked out each of Zero's conundrems.

Then, Zero's unleashed his final clue, his bombshell.

What linked Duet, Zero and Virgo?

"They could all be......." 111 gasped, "No way!"

Zero laughed. She knew.

Finally, Zero opened the door and allowed Animus/Duet, Sophie/Lepton, 111 and August to go through.

Animus (Duet)

"You ok, Duet?" 111 asked, pausing slowly.

I nodded, slowly sitting up and surveying my surroundings. We were out of that abittor. I laughed manically, and 111 jumped backwards.

"You ok, 111?" I asked, and 111 refused to reply.

I stood up, and noticed that we were in a computer suite. While the other three were already looking around for clues, I stared down at my scars, including a distinctive one on my hand- a scar in shape of a smile. Ironic, I thought, that I would get a scar in shape of a smile from torture.

Meanwhile, August walked up to me and hugged me.

"You ok?" She whisphered seductivly.

"Not really, I think I am starting to get my memories back....." I honestly replied, when a door opened.

"Duet, go through that door. No-one else can go through." The tannoy system rang, and I said goodbye to everyone and stepped through the threshold.

Into Zero's lair.

"Hello, Duet, or should I call you Animus?" Zero laughed, "Come on in, and sit down. We need to talk."

I sat down on the chair opposite him, and that is when I saw something that confirmed my theory.

On Zero's left hand, there was the exact same scar as mine!

"Yes, Animus, I am you from the future." Zero laughed manically, "Like Virgo was my future self."

"I'm not a marine, but a...... drama student." I paused, when it dawned on me, "I was right! I knew Virgo was lying when he said that he was a marine, and not even the fact file confirmed it."

Zero nodded, "Yeah, and now that you are here- I really need to tell you why I am having these Nonary Games. In the future, one of the participants in these Games will turn into a power hungry tyrant and will wreck the world. Now, I sent you here to find out who. And before you ask, I do not know who it is- I was sent into your time before I could find out, but Virgo knew."

"Wow." I gasped, "You want me to find this person and then....?"

"Not kill them, but at least make it harder for them to take over the world." Zero replied, "And now, I'm going back to my own time, because I have to, otherwise I die, and Virgo ceases to exist. Also, Virgo and the actress playing Virgo's ma faked their deaths, so no need to feel guilty."

"But wait! Why are there........." I began to ask but Zero disapperated, and suddenly everything came back, who I was etc. etc.

Before I left the room, I took case files on the rest of the participants in the Nonary games, and also took Zero's microphone (After all, I think I had to pretend that Zero was still here.)

When I returned to my supposed allies, I began to study them.

"You ok, Duet?" 111 asked, or Maisy, according to her case file.

"Yeah, Zero just wanted to talk to me." I lied, "He likes me for some bizarre reason."

"I think you are lying Duet." Lepton pondered, "Tell us the truth."

"I already have!" I lied again, "Now...."

The door opened, and we paused our argument in order to go through the door.

My frown deepened- Uno, Tolkien, Odair, Boron and Cat were there, waiting for us.

"Anythin happen?" Odair asked.

"Duet was tortured, and then Zero decided to chat with Duet. Something very fishy is going on." Lepton replied, before rushing to Odair and kissing him.

I felt everyone staring at me, and I stared back, remaining silent. I studied them, and wondered- who out of my allies would destroy the world?

"Cat got your tounge?" Odair asked sarcastically.

"I don't have his tongue!" Cat joked, making us all laugh, "But seriously, what is up Duet? Why are you behaving strangly?"

"Dunno." I lie, "But anyway, should we continue going around the complex in order to get out?"

"We can't." Boron muttered, "The only way we can get through is if Zero permits it. It says so on the sign."

She pointed towards the door, and I saw the sign that Zero (my damned future self) wrote.

"I will be the only person who will let you through." The sign read, and I quickly muttered "Can you open the door for us?"

A second later, the great doors opened, and we saw a tunnel.

"Ladies first." Tolkien offered, and 111 crawled through the tunnel, followed by Uno, then Boron, then Lepton. Then I went through, followed by the other guys.

We entered a factory like building, and we began to look around for any entrances or exits. I paused, I was Zero, and yet I had no clue on what the hell we should be doing.

Luckily, I heard the familiar tannoy system.

"Hello to you all! A different Zero, but still the same game." Zero began, "Hope you enjoy. In every single room, there is a physical and a mental task. One team member does the physical and one does the mental. Both have to pass in order for you to get into the next room. Also, some of you may recognise my voice and will work out who I am. Enjoy, and Good Luck!"

The tannoy system turned off, and I immediatly was cornered by 111.

"Hello, 111. What's up?" I asked.

"I know your secret." 111 whisphered, "Future Zero. However, I will keep quiet."

"Thank you, Maisy." I replied quietly, "I appreciate that."

111/Maisy nodded, before walking back to our allies (?) and we saw the 1st door open.

Breating quietly, I stepped in, and gazed in marvel at the rooms.

The room was themed around a cinema. As soon as we entered, the door shut, and the tannoy system sparked to life again.

"Hey guys!" Future me laughed, "Right, 111 does the mental task, which is to put a whole movie in order, and Uno does the physical task, which is to climb to the celing of the cinema. When you complete your task, you will get half a key, and when both of you sucseed, you get the whole key which allows you to leave. 111, you can have help but Uno cannot. Good luck people."

The tannoy system turned off, and instantly we knew what movie 111 had to put together- 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest'

"I've seen that movie!" Tolkien smiled, "That movie, made in 1975, is based of a novel of the same name by Ken Kasey, which was published in 1962. It is about a man called....."

"Ok then, stop lecturing and help us put the movie in order!" Odair snapped, "I don't need to know the whole plot!"

"Randle Patrick McMurphy who is sent to a mental institute after faking insanity, so that he could avoid serving out his prision sentence for rape." Tolkien continued, ignoring Odair, "And..."

Odair then slapped Tolkien and told him to shut up, "Tolkien, we need you to use your vast knowledge of this film to help us solve the mental puzzle."

"Alright then, Odair." Tolkien replied, "I'll help you, and then you can get back to snogging Lepton or whatever her real name is."

While they were fighting, I looked and saw Uno climbing the walls of the cinema, using only arope and a grappling hook.

"Uno, good job!" I yelled, "Carry on like this, and you'll get there!"

"Thanks, Duet." Uno stated, as she climbed the building.

Finally, Tolkien and Odair stopped fighting, and started to peice the film together, with the help of Tolkien's knowledge on the book. 111, meanwhile, stood and watched the both of them.

Everyone else watched Uno climb the cinema, but I was watching all of them- which one destroys Earth? Which one becomes a tyrant?

After a period of time passed, half a key appeared from nowhere. I turned around, and I saw Tolkien and Odair grinning happily. Moments later, Uno laughed happily, clutching the other half to her chest.

"We can get out now! Mental and physical task 2!" Cat laughed. We waited for Uno to lower herself back to the ground, then we assembled the key, and we unlocked the first door. Everyone rushed through, apart from 111, Uno and I.

I stayed because 111 and Uno were having a fierce debate.

"They'll be looking for you to, Anastasia..." 111 began, "Just because you belong to a minor...."

"That's why they won't look for me! Your dad is the head of one of the 2 supreme families, which means more manpower will be used to find you. They don't care about me!" Uno/Anastasia screamed.

"Hey Uno and 111." I began, "What you talking about?"

"We can't tell you..." Uno began.

"Our secret is safe with him." 111 laughed, giving me the look. I groaned instantly.

"Right, both Anastasia and I are members of an organisation called The Family. There are two main branches, The Hawk branch and the Phoenix branch. The Hawk operates in the northern hemisphere and the Phoenix in the south. Both families aim to control their hemisphere. Uno is a member of a minor family in the Phoenix branch, and I am the daughter of the man who runs the Hawk branch." 111 lectured, and then she noticed my confused face, "Each branch has 1 supreme family, 4 major families and 10 minor families. The supreme family runs the branch."

I nodded, trying to process the information. Uno and 111 were members of a criminal organisation.

"Also, Maisy. Why can we trust Duet?" Uno asked quietly.

"Basically, if he tells, I reveal his secret. I'm not telling you his secret though." 111 laughed.

The three of us then walked through the door and waltzed into the second room. I saw Lepton in a cage, and Cat was sitting on a chair, quickly typing on the screen.

"To summarize to the slowcoaches." Odair snapped, "Basically Cat has to hack a computer system to find the password to unlock a box containing the half key, and Lepton has navigate a cage maze, in order to get the half key and to get out."

I sighed. Odair was still being a git, but I doubted that he was the tyrant who destoryed the world in my future, as I just could not imagine that he could do such a thing. My main suspect was 111, but how to find proof would be hard.

That's when I fainted.

I was standing on the top of a tower, watching armies fighting each other. I quickly worked out that this was my future.

My future self seemed to be waiting for someone, and that person was obscured by the shadows.

"Why did you do this? Why did you destory the world?" I asked.

"Because I lost everything. My family.... gone. My home.... gone. The Nonary Games took away my future, and that is why I did it. I wanted revenge on Zero, on you, the person who took away my future." The other person replied sadly. I immediatly worked out that their voice was hidden by a voice disguiser.

"Zero created those games to stop you!" I yelled, "They wanted to stop you from doing this."

"You should never have hosted those games." The other person spat.

Then the vision changed, and I was in a room, that I immediatly worked out to be in the complex that held the Nonary games. I counted the amount of people in the room, and I worked out that Uno and Tolkien were missing.

"I can't believe it." I heard Cat cried, "I still can't believe that two other people died in these games. Uno and Tolkien.... RIP"

Everyone else looked clearly devestated, including Odair which was a surprise to me.

"That is because of the damned trap in Room 4." My future self replied, "If only we had known the code."

"Who knew the code to deactivating that trap was going to be 25125625?" Odair spat, "That is such a random number, and none of us could have guessed that."

"Duet, wake up." August's voice shook me awake.

"What room are we in?" I asked quietly.

"Room 4. Tolkien and Uno are deactivating a trap, and Odair has to fish for the key." August smiled.

Room 4............ Trap....... Uno and Tolkien......... Code.....


I immediatly dashed to the pair of them, sitting there, trying to work out how to stop the trap.

"Duet, you are awake!" Tolkien smiled, "What are you doing? We don't know the code."

I quickly pushed both of them out of the way, and typed in the code. 25125625.

The screen changed, from Trap on to Trap deactivated.

"That was brilliant!" Uno gasped "How did you know the code?"

"Lucky guess." I lied smoothly.

I ignored both pairs of eyes that were staring at me and I ran across the Trapped area to get the half key. I clutched the tiny bit of silver close to my chest and I sauntered back to them.

"You deactivated the trap?" 111 and August asked at the same time.

"Yeah." I replied, as everyone turned to look at me. I guess noone knew how to work out the code. I quickly turned around and I saw 5 squared, 15 squared and 25 squared written on the wall.

"5 squared is 25, 15 squared is 225 and 25 squared is 625." I quickly exclaim.

"You told us it was a lucky guess!" Uno yelled, "Tell us the goddam truth already!"

"Ok, while I was unconcious, I saw flashes of the future where you and Tolkien died, and that is how I knew the code." I replied, "But that sounds completly and utterly unrealistic-"

"You mean like ESP?" Tolkien asked, and when he saw the extremelly confused expressions on our faces, he quickly added, "In the 20th century, scientists tested people for Extrasensory perception, including the ability to read minds, to see the future and stuff like that. That makes you totally awesome!"

111 quickly grabbed me and pulled me into the corner. "Are you really telling the truth?" She asked, glaring at me intently.

"Yeah. I saw two images of the future, the other showed me standing on a tall tower, talking to the person who-" I quickly stopped, as I did not want her to know what Zero told me.

"The person who...?" 111 asked, and when she saw my expression she continued, "Sorry, I guess you want to keep a tiny bit about you secret."

I nodded, and we heard Odair cheer as he got the other half of the key needed for us to get out. Meanwhile, I was expecting to lose consiousness again, but I didn't.

I heard the others unlock the door, and run through, and I followed behind them, anxious about what was going to be in the next room, as well as what the future may hold.

I walked into something hard, and I fell over. I looked up, and I saw another person, with a number 0 braclet on their wrist. However, this person did not look like me at all. Whereas I was blonde haired and blue eyed, he was green eyed and red haired.

"Animus, Duet or Zero." Number 0 yelped, "Nice to see you. Can I borrow you for a little bit?"

I nodded, then told the others that I would be delayed. I followed Number 0 down a secret passage.

"I'm the acting Zero for now." Number 0 muttered, "The other reason everyone was brought here is to do with ESP. You know what that is?"

I nodded, and explained that Tolkien told us after I fainted.

"Good. Well, 8 of you are Espers, or people with ESP. The ninth person here is not an Esper, but you know that they are the tyrant that will destroy the world. You need to find the other 7." Number 0 replied, "I gotta dash, as I have to return back to Zero's control centre. Cherrio!"

"Wait!" I yelled, but he had already gone. Damn!

I slowly walked out of the secret passage, and I sighed. When I entered room 5, I felt the tension build up in the room.

"Duet. You are doing the physical task. Go do it." Boron ordered.

"What is the physical task?" I replied, "I can't do it if-"

"Basically, you have to con the soldiers in the glass room that you are one of them. They have costumes and everything." August smiled, "Good Luck!"

Drama. My forte. I smirked to myself, and got ready to con those soldiers.

Firstly, I had to get myself into costume, and then I had to read the background story. The story is that 30 years into the future, a group of soldiers were fighting an evil dictator who took over the world by means of biological warfare.

I nervously walked in.

"Hey, Scott. How was the mission?" One of the soldiers asked me. I would've pointed out that my name was Animus, but then I'll be out of character.

"It went well. We still don't know who the tyrant is, but I have a lead." I replied, "They were in the...."

"Nonary Game?" Another soldier asked, "Yeah that's common knowledge, we sent Animus Shadow back in time so that he could create them and discover who the hell the tyrant is. His closest ally, JK, was also sent back to sabotage the research that created BrokenCompass."

"BrokenCompass?" The third soldier asked, "What is that, Luke?"

"You've already forgotten, Daniel?" Luke gasped, "BrokenCompass is the virus created by the tyrant to control the world. BrokenCompass destroys your morals, makes it hard to tell the difference between good and evil, so a perfectly normal guy with BrokenCompass could end up murdering his family."

"Wow, that's how sick our tyrant is?" Daniel asked again, "At least he or she ain't an Esper. Otherwise we'd be even more screwed."

"I know." The other soldier spoke up.

I started to think. Zero deliberatly made me do this task, so that I could learn more about my secret mission.

"Can I ask a quesiton? Is there a half key in here somewhere?" I asked quickly. The three soldiers nodded and handed it to me.

"Scott, Animus told us that you needed it as part of your mission. Also, JK says good luck, and says that his past self is in the Nonary game with Animus' past self." Luke smiled.

"Right then. Goodbye." I replied, and I walked out of the room, and held the half key aloft.

"Well done." Odair stated, "Your acting was impecciable."

I was surprised. Odair was complimenting me? Wow, that was a first.

That's when I heard Lepton screaming. I turned around, and saw a dead body. Luckily, the dead body was not a player in the Nonary games.

"So-Lepton." Odair paused, "What happened?"

"I finished the mental task, and the corpse of this guy appeared, clutching the half key." Lepton sobbed.

Odair took the half key out of the corpse's hand, and snatched my half, and fixed the key together. He then fitted it into the door, and grinned.

"Room 6 now." Odair smiled, as he walked through the door.

I quickly followed behind him, as I had a question to ask him. I remembered that his first name was Jason, as that was what Lepton had called him when she first joined, but did his middle name or surname begin with a K? If so, then he was JK, my apparent friend from the future.

"Odair! Can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked as soon as I entered, "I don't want anyone else to hear."

"Ok, but make this good." Odair replied, and we walked to a quiet corner of the room. I then paused, uncertain on how to ask him.

"What is your full name?" I asked, "I know that your first name is Jason, as I heard your girlfriend call you that. But I need to know the rest of your name, and stuff."

"Why?" Odair quiered, "Do you need to know that?"

"Is your nickname JK, per chance?" I asked just as quickly, "I'll tell you my name if you tell me yours...."

"Jason Kasper Kennedy." Odair gasped, "That's my name and I am known as JK. How the hell did you know? Oh wait, you can see the goddamm future, apparently. Or my girlfriend told you. Anyway, I should not be surprised. Now, what is your name?"

"That is a story in itself on how I know." I replied, "Let's just say that in the future, you take on the name JK, and you are friends with my future self. My name is Animus Shadow."

"We are friends?" Odair asked, "As if. Animus, who has be feeding you these lies?"

"Zero." I stated, "Plus plenty of other people."

"Zero has been telling you this? Who is Zero?" Odair asked.

"Promise not to tell anyone, though 111 knows." I replied, just as quickly.

"Ok." Odair muttered.

"Well, it turns out that 30 years into the future, someone takes over the world using a virus called BrokenCompass. Zero and JK are sent back in time to stop this from occuring. JK has to sabotage the virus' creation and Zero has to stop the person from deciding to take over. Zero is me. I am Zero." I replied, and saw the look of shock on Odair's face. "Zero is me from 20 years into the future, when the takeover has just began and Virgo was from 30-40 years into the future I guess. Please, don't kill me and be my ally."

"Fine. I believe you." Odair sighed, and then he was hit by a parachute.

The parachute contained a map of the area, as well as a letter addressed to JK and me.

"Hey, JK and Animus.

Nice to see that you have finally become allies. Though Animus has not mentioned ESP yet. Well to be fair, the story already sounds as confusing as it is. I've sent you a map, do not tell anyone else, and carry on being allies.

Zero" The letter read.

Then the parachute burst into flames, and vanished, just as everyone walked into the room.

"I guess you finished talking." Tolkien sighed, "When did the enemies grow close. Maybe..."

"Stop talking." I frowned, "I am not following that policy."

Inside though, I secretly grinned. I had found the first Esper- and he's my greatest ally in the future. The question is though, who are the other 6? If I know the identities of two, then then I need too find the other six, fast. Meanwhile, I thought about the possibility of faliure, and what would happen if BrokenCompass were indeed to be created.

"Broken Compass?" August asked, before she could stop herself, "What is that?"

I quickly ushered August into a corridor and asked her "How did you know that?"

"You said it." August quietly replied.

"I did not." I thought. If I am correct, she read my mind, and as such......

"You did too!" She challenged.

"I really did think it. You're an Esper, like me and Odair." I replied quietly, "Now, keep quiet about this, and just ally with us. We need your help to find the other 5."

"Other 5? What do ya mean?" August asked.

"Basically, 8 of the people here are espers, the 9th person is not." I replied, and then I stared into August's beautiful blue eyes, god I had never noticed them before.

"Duet, also you don't need to think about my eyes all day, especially if we are trapped in some psycho's game." August sighed, and I smirked. If only she knew...

"Uh, lovebirds, we do have to get outta here." Cat laughed, "Should we just change your names to Casanova and Henriette?"

"No thanks." We both said in unison, "We are not in love with each other."

"Oh, really?" Cat laughed again, "Ok, anyway, we do need to go back to the task at hand."

Me and August nodded simultaniously, and we then walked back into the room.

"So, hello everyone. Nice work for getting this far this quickly! No, I want August to do the mental task and Tolkien to do the physical. That is all. Good day!" Zero laughed on the tannoy, and, as quickly as his voice appeared, it disappeared.

At once a trapdoor in the ground opened, and Tolkien fell down to the floor below. I quickly saw J-Odair look at the map we were given. Meanwhile, August was led by a robot out into a joining room.

We sat there, Odair and I were looking for the other Espers, whereas everyone else was goddamed terrified.

Silence erupted in the room. The sound of silence filled the empty space, and inwardly I thought to myself 'How can we get through the Games if no one trusts each other?'

Still, no one spoke. We waited for our allies to arrive with the 2 halfs of the key. I looked down at my wrist and I noticed that my braclet was different- instead of the number '2', it had the number of the room we were currently in.

"Look at your braclets." I whisphered, and instantly, everyone looked down, and they noticed the difference.

"When did this change?" Everyone asked at once.

"No clue. I never looked at my watch to see how it worked after we left the first part of the Nonary game." Cat muttered in response.

"Fair point. So...." I paused, and saw that August walked out of the room, and immediatly I noticed that she was holding the half key. I wonder what her task was?

"Yeah, I had to solve logic puzzles." August smiled, hugging me.

We then fell back into the abyss of silence, as we waited for Tolkien to arrive. Where was he?

After what felt like eternity, he arrived, with his half key.

"Here it is!" Tolkien smiled, taking August's half of the key, and fitting them together, before opening the door.

When we had all entered the room, the tannoy system declared that Lepton was doing the mental task and I the physical. I was led into a quiet room, and I noticed a gun, lying on the table, as well as a chair facing away from me.

Then the chair turned around, and I saw a child, maybe 7 or 8 years old (?) sitting on the chair.

"Kill the child." The air seemed to say those words, "Kill the child and get the key. His name is Mark, and he has been abused by his mother and his step-father. He is 7 years old, and is the nicest boy you can possibly know. Kill him for the key."

"Please... Mister. Spare me...." Mark's begged, and I saw tears forming in his eyes, "Please.."

I fell to the ground. I couldn't do it. That poor kid.... I understand why Zero was so fucked up in the future- being forced to kill an innocent child.....

"Kill the child." The wind spoke again, "He's lonely, miserable, and all he wants is for someone to love him."

Yet, I had to. My future self was insane, why did he force his past self to kill a child? Was he preparing me to.......

"Mister..... spare... me please." Mark cried even harder, "I have... done nothing... wrong."

"KILL THE CHILD, YOU DIMWITTED FOOL." The air spoke for a third time, "Mark cannot trust anyone ever again. He's a broken child, he'll never be normal."

"I am... normal." Mark replied sadly, "Please... mister."

My hand slowly reached for the gun, and I picked it up, and aimed it at Mark. I tried to pull the trigger, but I couldn't do it.

I decided to shut my eyes, and I tried to pretend that Mark was the person I hated the most- the person who would take over the world in the future with BrokenCompass.

I slowly breathed in. And out. And in. And out.

I slowly pulled the trigger, and the gun banged. I heard Mark scream loudly, before a sound of a bullet hitting flesh was heard.

My eyes slowly opened, and I saw the bullet had landed in Mark's head. He was dead, that much was certain. I killed an innocent child.

The song Bohemian Rhapsody played in my head.

Mama, I just killed a man.

Put a gun against his head.

Pulled my trigger and he's dead.

I now understood the emotions in this song- and innocent man, due to the situation he was in, he was forced to kill. I was guilty of the worst possible crime- the death of a child.

I fell down to the ground, and I began to cry. Tears flowed out of my eyes like a waterfall, and they trickled down to the ground, forming a small puddle on the floor.

I saw the half key fall down my my side, and I picked it up- I couldn't look at it- I earnt it by commiting a crime. I did not deserve this. I was a monster.

Eventually, I regained my composure, and walked out of the room, and saw everyone else waiting for me.

"What was the task?" August asked.

"I had to kill a child." I replied quietly, and I felt the tears flowing down my cheeks again.

"Oh, god. What sort of sick bastard would even do that?" Cat exclaimed loudly.

"Dunno." I replied, "His name was Mark, he was 7 years old, and his mother and step father abused him."

"Did he have grey eyes, blonde hair, frekles, pale skin?" Boron asked, and I nodded, "That was my son. Thank you for killing him. He was a snivelling waste of space."

We all stared at Boron as if she was posessed- She was an evil bitch.

"I... killed.... your son?" I finally exclaimed after a moment's silence, "You evil woman. He is a nice boy."

"He's weak, and he's a coward, and I hate him!" Boron yelled, "I HAD EVERY RIGHT TO ABUSE HIM!"


"LANGUAGE BOY!" Boron yelled back.

"Ha! You don't have a comeback, do ya, you....." Odair cursed "Anyway, should we put you back in your home- the sewers, you street rat, and you evil twat?"

"You have no right to comment on my life!" Boron replied angrily, and I looked around, and saw everyone's slack faces- they were too absorbed in our fight to actually say anything.

"Oh, yeah!" Lepton yelled, "We'll let our readers decide!"

"What readers?" I asked.

"She means the people reading this on a 'Hunger Games wiki' whatever that is. They are taking bets on who the evil person is, apparently." August whisphered quietly, "How does she know about this?"

"Esper powers?" I thought, "4th wall awareness?"

"Probably." August whisphered, "We'll have to be delicate with this."

"Yeah, what readers, Lepton?" Boron asked, "Who the fuck are you talking about?"

"The people reading this, duh!" Lepton replied, "On a Hunger Games wiki. Yeah, someone is writing about our exploits, and the writer personally wants to strangle you, and then leave you to rot in goddammed hell!"

"Yeah, right." Boron laughed, "I'll only believe you if I....."

"I what?" Lepton asked.

Then, Boron gasped as ghostly hands wrapped around her throat, and began to squeeze.

"See?" Lepton laughed, "Told you the writer wanted to do this."

Everyone fell silent. I quickly dragged her away, and began to explain about Esper powers to her, and mentioned that August and Odair, as well as me, were Espers like her. Though, one of the party wasn't. So, we had 4 Espers, and we needed to find another 4 espers among the 5 people left- Was it Uno, Tolkien, Boron, 111 or Cat who were normal here?

"Right, so I could use my powers to get into the author's mind, and see who the bad guy is?" Lepton inquired.

"Sensible plan, but...." I began, "Does the author know who the bad guy is?"

"No idea." Lepton replied, and then she took my half of the key and fitted it together with hers, before walking slowly to the door and unlocking it, releasing all our revelations out of the room, filling the atmosphere with dark thoughts.

We all stood there, glaring at each other. We could not trust each other anymore, now that Boron had now revealed herself to be an evil child abuser.

"Excuse me, do ya want to escape or not?" Lepton finally asked, "Well, I want to escape, so I will walk on ahead."

Lepton left the room, quickly followed by Odair. August and I followed them quickly, leaving everyone else in there.

"Allies?" I asked quietly.

"Allies." They all agreed at once.

"August, mind read the others for any signs of Esper powers, Odair work out what your power is and Lepton please can you try and get some clues from this writer?" I quietly murmered.

Whilst Odair and August nodded, Lepton looked deep in thought, and she began whisphering about Zero and a mistake......

"Zero made a mistake?" I asked, "What mistake?"

"Dunno. The writer won't say anything else." Lepton paused, as everyone else walked into the room, "Hi guys, sad to see that Boron is still alive."

"Boron to do the physical challenge, and Tolkien to do the mental." Zero laughed in the tannoy system, "I recommend that you all watch Boron's challenge."

Boron groaned, before sitting down in the chair in front of us. The chair quickly bound her in place, and then a glass cage surrounded her. Then water began to fall from the ceiling, and I smirked. Zero was going to kill her off!

Sadly, after what felt like forever (even Lepton commented on it, accusing that writer for abandoning us) Boron had endured the water based torment, and had been let out of the glass cage, a silver half key in her hand.

I wasn't invested in this, instead thinking about the mistake...what was it? Then, it dawned on me.

The one detail Zero told me.

"He didn't know who the tyrant who took over the world was."

He assumed therefore that they were in this room.

If they weren't, however.... Who would it be?

Someone with close ties to this game, as he or she knew about it in my vision.

August read my mind, and nodded thoughtfully, realising just what Lepton had discovered meant. However, we still had a task to perform. The one person without ESP was the one with the link. The one who knew the tyrant.

But who?

Who was this person?

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