As you know, the Holiday Contest has started, and I am doing the Olympics. These Games are going to have three parts, and three narrators, but anyone could win.

NB. Got rid of the Capitol. Also, because noone wanted the District 7 male or the tributes from 5, I have created special tributes for the games.

How the Games will work:

All of the tributes will be entered in a different Olympic event, and the one that does the least well in each event will be exterminated. The last one left wins. Simple as that.

The Arena is a replica of all of the olympic buildings in London and Bejing, so some sports will take place in the Bejing section of the arena, and others in the London section.


District Male Male Training Score Male Placement Female Female Training Score Female Placement
1 Sable Radience 10 Calypso Revine. 12 *
2 Titanic De Leon 11 Britannic De Leon 9 21st (Strangled)
3 Ian Volt 6 Shana Buzz 7 19th (Shot)
4 Cedar Mellark 12 Kajama Odair 12
5 Samuel White (Mine) 9



Alice Cotton (Mine)

2 / (Samuel White) 24th (Shot)
6 Shane Hover 6 Carrie Hover 8 22nd (Speared)
7 Dylan Tyler (Mine) 6 23rd (Pulled out) Marley Ettera 7
8 Akim Yakovliv 10 Linda Pierre 9
9 Ethan Grey 10 17th (Neck snapped) Wendy Zirbel 6
10 Gavin Octavion 9* 18th (Javelin in the forehead) Estelle Mar 10
11 Max Summers 11 20th (Shot) Winter


12 Herflex Nome 3



Noelle Vignios 9
13 Austin Gerjanjer 5 / (Estelle Mar) Taytum Mason 10

Italics- dead Crossed out- District eliminated.

  • If a tribute have a star like this *, next to their training score this means that they either rebelled, cheated, bribed or other illegal methods. This lead to their score.
  • If a tribute has a /, they were druged by another tribute (Offendor in brakets)

EVENTS!! (Notes, if any.) (Number of tributes involved) *Tribute Eliminated

1) 400m hurdles. (26) *Herflex

2) Swimming. (Freestyle) (25) *Samuel

3) Archery. (24) *Alice

4) Taekwondo. (23) *Dylan

5) Canoeing. (Slalom) (22) *Carrie

6) Handball. (Groups of 7, worst team has to vote someone in their group out.) (21) *Brittanic (Meant to be Kajama)

7) Pistle shooting. (20) *Max

8) 100m. (19) *Shana (Meant to be Noelle)

9) High Jump. (18) *Gavin (Meant to be Sable)

10) Diving (17) *Ethan

11) Syncronised Swimming. (In groups of 4. The worst group has to vote someone in their group out) (16)

12) Long Jump. (15)

13) Boxing. (14)

14) Weight Lifting. (13)

15) Trampolining. (12)

16) Badminton. (11)

17) Tennis. (10)

18) Rhythmic Gymnastics. (9)

19) Fencing. (8)

20) Rowing 1x (7)

21) Sailing. (In groups of two. Worst boat- Double elimination) (6)

22) Equestrion. (4)

23) Cycling. (Mountain biking) (3)

24) Vollyball (2)

If you want to know more about each of the sports, visit

Part 1: Equality (Narrator: Noelle Vignios)

The reapings for the Olympic Games take place today, and also they are going to unveil the 23 events that the games will contain.

My home in District 12 is one of the best places in the district, and that is because I am rich.

"Noelle. The reapings." My brother Nevel yells from down the stairs. "Make yourself look pretty, you only have an hour."

After Navel said this, I entered my on suite bathroom, and started washing my hair, and 45 minutes later, I started on my makeup, and I spent an hour doing this.

While I was spending a blissful hour doing my makeup and choosing my outfit, Navel was yelling at me to get downstairs and to the reapings.

After I looked perfect, I got downstairs and he hurried to the reapings. We were very, very late. The mayor stared at me like I was a complete idiot. I was shoved into the 15 year old section, and I turned around to see the idiot, Herflex Nome, who thinks that he is the best fighter in the world. But he is not.

Finally, the mayor finishes his boring speech, turning to the hot escort, Jamie Brown, his blond hair glistens in the sun, his green eyes glow like sapphires, his skin is deeply tanned.

"Right, the first name, the girl, is................. Noelle Vignios!" He purrs gently.

Wait, I was reaped. The scream escaped my throat, terrifying everyone out of their wits, Navel blushes, covering Nicolas' ears so that his eardrums don't break.

I got up to the stage, and immediatly, all of my worries are forgotten because the dreamy Jamie is staring at me!

However, he turns around and says:

"Right, the last name, the boy, is........ Leonardo Westlake!" He purrs again.

A young boy comes out of the 12 year old section, and everyone is silent- people don't like 12 year olds being reaped.

"WAIT! STOP! I VOLENTEER!" Herflex screams, pushing Leonardo to the floor and then sprinting to the stage, a massive grin on his face. He shakes Jamie's hand and then sits down. This happened in less then a minute.

"Ok, we have the tributes! Thank you very much!" Jamie smiles gracefully.

However, behind him, me and Herflex were glaring at each other quite viscously and vemonusly. It was a competition to see which one would survive longer, and If we could base it on the glaring contest, I'd lose.

Then me and Herflex were bundled into the mayor's building and we sat there for an hour, saying tearful goodbyes (and in my case, screams) to our families and friends, then after the hour, we were lead to the train.

The reapings were on the TV, but they were not particually intrestresting, and then the President appeared on screen.

President Starr was a geeky, thirty year old man with redish brown hair that was turning slowly grey, his brown eyes were locked in concentration.

"Right then, tributes, you listening? The first three events that you have to prepare for are the 400m hurdles, archery and swimming. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour." He smiled slowly. "Also, last place tribute will normally be killed by the first place tribute, unless anyone wants to sacrifice themselves."

After that, we had a couple of hours just chilling on the train, with no mentors to stop us. Jamie came over and sat down with us, until we got to the Capitol, were we would meet our stylists.

Sitting down, the flock of colourful birds making me look "Perfect", waxing my hair, getting rid of spots, and stuff like that. They then put me into an outifit that looked like a hospital gown. My stylist walked in after that, and I groaned. A newbie. I screamed again.

"Please, be quiet." He whisphered softly, playing with my hair. "I'll make you look good- you see, I have an idea."

He started taking out the wardrobe, "I am Alex, Jamie's older brother. My idea goes like this....."


I'm in the most dangerous outfit of the whole games. I'm dressed like a stick of TNT, and it will explode as we get near to the crowd, revealling a beautiful dress that shimmers like a bonfire. I stare at Herflex, dressed in the same outfit as me.

"We look stupid." He mutters, staring at the lot from District one. I started to scream for a third time, worried that we would get no sponsers.

"Shut up, banshee." The boy from District eleven sneered.

I slapped him in the face, leaving a red mark on his face.

Before he could lash out a me, he was shoved into his chariot, which was decorated in lots of agricultural stuff.

I settled in the black District 12 chariot, and started asking myself why Digit never ended the games, even though he is the president, and I came to the conclusion that he was a tribute once, years and years ago.

I turn to Alex.

"Was Digit a tribute once?" I ask quietly.

He shook his head, and told me to get on the Black chariot. Then we started to parade out onto the street, and our outfit exploded like it should have done, and the crowd screamed our names, which they have bothered to find out.

"Noelle." They yell, the stupid idiots who live in the capitol like us.

"Thanks guys, that made my day." I lie with a smile, and the crowd scream even more. Ha! District 11 boy is furious.

This skips a few hours, as Noelle fell asleep.


Training begins, and it is only one day and then we have the private sessions.

I watch the guy from 11 throwing javilins as far he could, Herflex was learning karate, and the guy from six was swimming in the special pool, just for the games.

No alliances were allowed in the games, because it was all about yourself surviving. The Gamemakers walked in, and began to watch us, and what they see here leads to our scores.

Sadly moaning to myself, I picked up a sword and began to fence against Estelle from 7. She grins quietly.

"Hey, I just drugged the boy from 12 with a sleeping pill in his water." She cackles, and we then see the boy from 13 picking up the drugged bottle and drinking it. He falls to the ground, asleep.

The girl from 6 also collapses, her drink spiked with sleeping pills, and the gamemakers are concerned, and they take the two sleeping tributes out.

"Hey, Gamemakers! How much money will I have to give you if I want a 12?" The dude from 10 asks.

They gasp, and the rule sheet says that you cannot cheat in anyway, and that includes Performance enhancing drugs.

The Gamemakers then ask to do a urine test, to see if we have congested any performance drugs for training, and we all agree save one girl.

"No, I will not, all you will find is caffine." The girl from one, Calypso I think her name is, declares to the Gamemakers.

"That is a PED." The Gamemakers note, "Caffine is a performance enhancing drug"

The girl from 1 slaps the Gamemaker and runs out crying, because she is a cheat.

"We have had enough of this!" The head gamemaker nods, "Shove off, training is cancelled. Two cheats and two people drugged, we have the scores."

They then proceed to read out the scores, and I did better then Herflex!!! Right, do I have anyother rivals that I need to beat?

"Every single tribute has to be up tomorrow at six for the interviews. You can do some private training, but it won't count towards your score." The HG (Head Gamemaker) declares, and they walk out.

"Ooooooooh......." Herflex does in a high, girly voice (Just to annoy them.) "Who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?"

The tributes laugh. Well, most of them. The two sleeping tributes just snore.

I start practising my running, swimming and archery, after all, they are the first three events, followed by taekwondo and canoeing. Then it is handball (what is it anyway? I never have heard of the sport in my life). And they are the only sports that we know of so far.

If I can make it past Handball, I might see some pretty exiting sports like Fencing.

Six girls walk up to me, and ask me if I would like to be in their practise handball team. I agree to do so, and we walk into the indoor court. We are facing seven guys from district 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7.

The girls from 2,3,4,5,7 and 8 are my team mates, and I turn out to be very good at handball, scoring most of the goals, and we eventually win 60-10.

The Girls cheer and we handshake the boys, and I feel a flutter.

District 6 boy stares into my eyes, and my soul.

He wwalks away, leaving me confused. What just happened there?

I don't really care, and I go to supper with the other tributes, and then to bed.

The interviews

The interviews, and as we are District 12, we are slated to go towards the end, the interviews drift by, 1, 2, 3, the District 4 boy kinda says that he is in love with his district partner, 5, 6, District six boy talks about how nervous he is about the games and I learn that his name is Shane, 7,8,9,10, 11.

Then I walk onto the stage, my turn, time to impress the crowd. Ceaser Flickerman looks like a rainbow, his hair and eyebrows dyed all of the seven colours of the rainbow.

"So, Noelle. A nine in training. How did that happen?" Ceaser asks to me and the crowd.

"No idea, lots of people cheated though." I reply.

"What do you think about the Games?" Ceaser asked.

"Hmmmmmmm, Ok." I mumble, trying not to scream.

"More about you, life in District 12, good or bad." Ceaser quizzed me.

"I'm quite rich, and I have two brothers, Nevel and Nicolas. My parents love me, and I love them." I sob, still trying not to scream.

"Favorite thing about the Capitol?" Ceaser asks.

"The clothes, OMG, all of the clothes here are soooooooo gorgeous, and amazing. The food is amazing as well." I enthusiasticaly grinned.

The Buzzer went off, signalling that my time was over, Ceaser said goodbye to me, and I went to bed, One day time, and the game.

Part 2- The Games (Part 1)- Narrator- Shane Hover.

Life is very short, and there is no time, to basically live or love. Especially if you're in the Games.

Event one, the 400m hurdles, sadly. The event I dreaded in training, I kept falling over, kept coming in last place, the best one there was the girl from 3 surprisingly.

400m HURDLES- Bejing Section of the arena.

So, the race began. I ran for my life, trying not to trip over the hurdles, there were three people behind me, the girl from 12, and the boys of 12 and 10. The girl was trying very hard to beat her two rivals, I let her overtake me, because she was so cute, and I then just managed to beat the boy from 12, but the boy from 10 overtook me, leaving me in 25th.

Meanwhile, the girl from 3 came 1st, followed by the tributes from District 7. My district partner and my sister came 4th, and then it was the girl from 6, then the two tributes from 11 came 6th and 7th, then the girl from 10 just managed to beat all of the tributes from 1,2 and 4, who just beat the lot in district 8 and 9. Then it was the district 6 boy. Trailing at the back of the leading group was the district 3 male and the two tributes from 13.

The Boy from 12 panics, he knows that he is going to die pretty soon, if no one stands up for him.

"Right, Last place. Herflex Nome!!!!! Shana Buzz, take this sword and kill him in any way you like."

She grins as she holds the sword, and she beheads him, causing blood to spill all over the arena floor. One down, 25 to go.

Placement for 400m Hurdles Name of tribute
1st Shana Buzz
2nd Marley Ettera
3rd Dylan Tyler
4th Carrie Hover
5th Alice Cotton
6th Max Summers
7th Winter Grakineey
8th Estelle Mar
9th Cedar Mellark
10th Calypso Revine
11th Titanic De Leon
12th Britanic De Leon
13th Kamaja Odair
14th Sable Radiance
15th Ethan Grey
16th Linda Pierre
17th Akim Yakovliv
18th Wendy Zirbel
19th Samuel White
20th Ausin Gerjanjer
21st Ian Volt
22nd Taytum Mason
23rd Noelle Vigious
24th Gavin Octavion
25th Shane Hover
26th HERFLEX NOME (Killed) O:(

After the event, Noelle walked to me, shyly asking me why I spared her.

"Because, I had to." I reply quietly, "I would not have been able to have forgiven myself if I left you to die." I turn and began to walk away, but she stops me.

"That is not a proper answer, District 6 boy or is it Shane? Why?" Noelle asked again.

"I like you." I replied, staring into her beautiful eyes.

She blushes, says thank you, and walks off. I sighed quietly.


I groaned, Not another event, just an hour after the first.


I grugingly got into a pair of Black and Grey boxers, which were the exact same colours as my sister's swimming costume.

The twenty five tributes lined up on the edge of the pool, and we waited for the gun to fire.


We all dived into the pool, and started to swim, and it turned out that I was quite near the front, and I was just behind the two leaders, Estelle and Noelle.

Eventually, I came 3rd, Estelle came 2nd and Noelle Came 1st.

The two tributes from 4 were next (I thought that they would dominate the race, but they chose a really slow strokes), followed by the tributes from 1 and 2. District 3 male was 10th, and the male from 10 was 11th. Then the Shana came 12th, then the 4 tributes from 8 and 9.

Then there was a pause before the boy from 7 came in 17th, closly followed by my extremly angry sister, furious that I had left her behind. the girl from 5 came next, followed by the two tributes from 13.

The last four tributes, the boy from 5, the two from 11 and the girl from 7 were lagging behind, and the girl from 7 came in 22nd, followed by the boy from 11. After an exhausting 5 minutes of watching, the girl from 11 beat the boy from 5 and came in 24th.

Placement for Swimming (Freestyle) Tribute
1st Noelle Vigious
2nd Estelle Mar
3rd Shane Hover
4th Kamaja Odair
5th Cedar Mellark
6th Sable Radience
7th Britanic De Leon
8th Calypso Revine
9th Titanic De Leon
10th Ian Volt
11th Gavin Octavion
12th Shana Buzz
13th Ethan Grey
14th Akim Yakovliv
15th Wendy Zirbel
16th Linda Pierre
17th Dylan Tyler
18th Carrie Hover
19th Alice Cotton
20th Taytum Mason
21st Austin Gerjanjer
22nd Marley Ettera
23rd Max Summers
24th Winter Grakineey
25th SAMUEL WHITE (Killed) O:(

"District 12 girl?" The girl from 5 ran up to Noelle, "Can I talk to Samuel before you kill him?"

Noelle nodded, and the girl from 5 ran up to Samuel, and the initial expression of shock on his face turned to one of complete joy.

Noelle threw the boy from 5 into the pool and shoved his head into the water, eventually he was drowned after two minutes.

Noelle started crying, she had killed someone. I quickly embrace her gently.

"I.... Killed someone. I am..... scared that I'll get placed 1st again, the person I'll have to kill is..... is..... you. I would rather die." Noelle sobs silently.

"Noelle, why are you scared about killing me? You know that if you want to get home, I'll have to die." I reply just as quietly, so that no one would hear.

"Shane..... It's because I like you. You are the bonds of my life, the thing that keeps me going in this insane world." Noelle admits shyly, blushing fiercely.

"I'd never thought that I'd meet the girl of my dreams in the Hunger Games. Love is blind, and does not care about the situation." I start "Noelle, if this was not the Games, I would ask If I could start dating you, but that'd be pointless now, as we are likely to both die in the Games."

"If this wern't hte Games, I'd say yes." Noelle replies, and the District 5 girl walks over.

"You're dating now? Be careful about getting too close, that ruined my relationship with Samuel and one or both of you are going to die." The girl from 5 sadly sighs, reminising on the past.

"We don't care, I could not bare to seperate from this perfect being." We both say at the exact same time. We smile at each other shyly, happy that the other agrees.

"Tributes! Archery now!" The call from the head Gamemaker ruined our private time, we sadly picked up a bow and 50 arrows and set off for the archery complex

ARCHERY: Bejing section of the Arena

We all shot arrows perfectly, making sure we all hit the bullseye, but unlike the Swimming or the Hurdles, it was hard to tell who actually won.

"With the highest score of 499/500 is......... Estelle Mar! Joint second with 498 are...... Taytum Mason and Cedar Mellark. In forth, is Carrie Hover with 490. Shane Hover is 5th, 489 is a respectiable score. Three people tie for 6th Place, Sable Radience, Marley Ettera and Calypso Revine with 485!! With 484, 9th goes too....... Noelle Viginious! Austin Gerjanger, you are in 10th with 450." The head Gamemaker began.

"What about us?" the tributes from 2 grunted, waving their arms in the air.

"Titanic, you came 15th, with 300, Britanic you came 11th, with 425. I'll carry on, Britanic De Leon came 11th, Kamaja Odair came 12th, with 420. 13th went to Gavin Octavion with 418, and with 350, 14th went to Wendy Zirbel. 16th goes to the tribute who got 299, and that was.......... Ethan Grey! Shana Buzz and Ian Volt tied for 17th with one point less, sorry guys. With 234, 19th went to Winter Grakineey, and 20th went to her district partner, Max Summers, with 200! 4 tributes left, Alice Cotton, Akim Yakovliv, Linda Pierre and Dylan Tyler. In 21st, with 199, is Linda Pierre! Joint 22nd, with 100, are Akim Yakovliv and Dylan Tyler! Alice Cotton, with 59 points, came last." The HG finished, leaving Alice to cry.

Placement in Archery Name of tribute
1st Estelle Mar
2nd = Taytum Mason
2nd = Cedar Mellark
4th Carrie Hover
5th Shane Hover
6th = Sable Radience
6th = Marley Ettera
6th = Calypso Revine
9th Noelle Viginious
10th Austin Gerjanger.
11th Britanic De Leon
12th Kamaja Odair
13th Gavin Octavion
14th Wendy Zirbel
15th Titanic De Leon
16th Ethan Grey
17th = Shana Buzz
17th = Ian Volt
19th Winter Grakineey
20th Max Summers
21st Linda Pierre
22nd = Akim Yakovliv
22nd = Dylan Tyler
24th ALICE COTTON (Killed) O:(

"Bye, bye daughter. Sadly, neither of your parents came home to see you." Alice sadly sighed, and turned to her killer. "Kill me."

Estelle held her bow and one of her arrows and mercifully shot her in the forhead, so that she died before she reached the floor. Dylan grunted.

"Oi! Pea-Brain! Why cause all of us suffering?"

The head Gamemaker turned around, swearing under his breath.

"Dylan, instead of killing you." He began slowly, "We'll torture you, make you into an avox, and turn you into a mutt, you understand? You don't insult the head Gamemaker and get away with it, you understand? Now I'm going to have fun, to make you prolong your suffering as long as possible, you understand?"

Dylan nodded, sadly accepting his fate.

"Then I guess that I do not need to try anymore." He proclaimed, "I pull out of the Olympic Games, but you can have the other events as per normal, exept that I'm the one going out in round 4."


Me and Noelle walked in together, happy that no-one was going to die, thanks to Dylan.

We saw the sign on the wall.

Match 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Competitior 1 Noelle Viginious Calypso Revine Britannic De Leon Shana Buzz Kajama Odair Carrie Hover Marley Ettera Linda Pierre Wendy Zirbel Estelle Mar Winter Grakineey
Competitior 2 Taytum Mason Titanic De Leon Ian Volt Ceder Mellark Shane Hover Akim Yakovliv Max Summers Ethan Grey Gavin Octavion Austin Gerjanger Sable Radience

Dylan was not mentioned, after all, he pulled out. And I was facing a career, it turned out that the winners would face the other winners, and the losers would fight each other.

"Good luck Noelle." I whisphered in her ear, she wished me good luck before facing a girl called Taytum.

"Hello, Kajama." I stiffly spoke, worried that I would be beaten, and she did not reply, instead making the first attack, which a dodged, before attacking her.

After an hour, I defeated her. Grinning I looked at the board, which had a new sign stuck up on it.

Match (10 Victors) 1 2 3 4 5
Competitor 1 Shane Hover Akim Yakoviliv Estelle Mar Britannic De Leon Gavin Octavion
Competitior 2 Noelle Viginious Ceder Mellark Ethan Grey Marley Ettera Calypso Revine
Match (11 losers, 1 victor) Competitor 1 Competitor 2
1 Taytum Mason Kajama Odair
2 Shana Buzz Carrie Hover
3 Sable Radience (V) Ian Volt
4 Winter Grakineey Max Summers
5 Austin Gerjanjer Linda Pierre
6 Wendy Zirbel Titanic De Leon

N.B. To all tributes, the best 6 winners in the matches will go through to the final.

Noelle walked up to me, and asked if I was facing her. I nodded, then we got onto a mat and started the match, which was very close, but I lost.

I sat down, and looked at the final 6.

Noelle, Cedar, Shana, Marley, Wendy and Ethan.

Match 1 2 3
Competitior 1 Ethan Grey Cedar Mellark Marley Ettera
Competitior 2 Shana Buzz Noelle Viginious Wendy Zirbel

"Come on Noelle, you can beat the guy from 4!" I screamed happily, as she thrashed the boy, and she sat there, hoping that she'd be one of the best two victors, so that she could get through to the final- she was.

It was her verses Ethan Grey, with Marley Ettera in 3rd.

I watched the fight, and discovered why Ethan was good, and how hard it was to do taekwondo. Ethan narrowly beat Noelle, and sent Dylan to hell, the tourtre, avoxing and muttifying, so noone died (happily). There were no positionings either, so I did not find out if I was good or bad.

Canoeing (Salom): Bejing Section of the Arena.

After this, we were promptley sent to the canoeing section of the arena, and each of us got a personalised boat, mine, a lovely shade of black with white wheels drawn onto it, was identical to my sister's.

"Shane, you're going down." Carrie smiled, trying to crush my optinisom.

"No, I'm not, you are." I replied just as happily as I would do to my enemies.

She left, cursing my name. I moved next to Noelle and got into my boat.

"Good Luck sweetie." I smiled.

"Good Luck, my ray of sunshine." Noelle smiled sweetly back, getting ready to sail.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" The gun went off, and we all started to canoe down the corse, suprisingly, I was in the lead, and I crossed the line 1st, followed by Shana and Ian in 2nd and 3rd. 4th went to Sable Radience, who was furious at me for beating him, and Noelle came in 5th, followed closly by Cedar Mellark in 6th. 7th went to Winter Grakineey, and 8th to Akim Yakovliv. 9th to Titanic, and 10th to Britanic De Leon. 11th went to Ethan, and 12th to Calypso, with Kajama following closly behind in 13th. Taytum was in 14th, and Austin in 15th. Estelle Mar, Wendy Zirbel and Linda Pierre came in 16th, 17th and 18th, followed by Gavin Octavion in 19th and Marley Ettera in 20th. In joint last place, Max Summers and Carrie Hover.

Positions in Canoeing Name of tribute
1st Shane Hover
2nd Shana Buzz
3rd Ian Volt
4th Sable Radience
5th Noelle Viginious
6th Cedar Mellark
7th Winter Grakineey
8th Akim Yakovliv.
9th Titanic De Leon
10th Britanic De Leon
11th Ethan Grey
12th Calypso Revine
13th Kajama Odair
14th Taytum Mason
15th Austin Gerjanjer
16th Estelle Mar
17th Wendy Zirbel
18th Linda Pierre
19th Gavin Octavion
20th Marley Ettera
21st = Max Summers (Spared by Shane)

"Shane, kill one of the two losers." The head gamemaker ordered me.

My sister, or the guy from 11? It is so hard to chose. Eventually, I speared the person I wanted to kill and let the other go through to the next round.

That person owes mee a life debt, the very lucky Max Summers, the boy from District 11.

"Why kill your sister?" Noelle gasps, after I speared her.

"Because, I don't really trust her anymore, she insulted me on the train, you see." I replied, staring at the wall.

Handball: London section of the arena.

We were sheparded to the handball event after that, the screams of Dylan hanging in the air.

We saw the sign on the wall, stating which team we were in.

Team Members
1 Shane, Noelle, Ceder, Shana, Max, Kamaja, Akim
2 Wendy, Sabel, Estelle, Ian, Winter, Gavin, Linda.
3 Ethan, Calypso, Titanic, Brittanic, Taytum, Austin, Marley.
Team Vs Team
1 vs 2
2 vs 3
3 vs 1

We immediatly set to fight Team 2, and after an hour of playing, we lost 100-10. We had to beat team three, to stand a chance of all of us surviving. The next match, Teams 2 verses team three ended in a draw. We HAD to win now.

Team three won, however, beat us, with an impressive score of 200-50. So it was us that had to vote out a tribute, and I was the first to vote.

"Sorry, Shana Buzz, I must vote for you." I sigh sadly, hearing Dylan's screams in the distance.

"Kajama Odair." Noelle glared at Kajama.

"Noelle Vigious." Ceder Mellark bitterly cursed Noelle for voting for his sweetheart.

"Kajama Odair." Shana sighed, hoping that she would not have to die.

"Noelle Vigious." Kajama furiously shouted, letting herself be heard.

"You forgot me!" Max yelled, "Kajama Odair."

"To keep myself save, Kajama Odair." Akim grinned, happily seeing himself through to the next round.

"Who have you chosen?" The head gamemaker asked, "And you cannot save that tribute by sacrificing yourself in anyway."

"Kajama Odair." I replied stiffly, trying to hide my emotions.

The head gamemaker dragged Kajama to Brittanic, and as Brittanic prepared to kill Kajama, Kajama started to strangle Brittanic to death! Eventually, Brittanic died.

Kajama should've died then, but she was spared by the Gamemakers.

Pistol Shooting: Bejing section of the arena.

Kajama was grinning vicously, after all- she had just saved her own butt by killing the girl from 2, and now we have the pistal shooting.

Noelle groaned, I guess this ain't her strong point. We line up, towards the targets, and we shoot. Later, we stand around a signpost. I saw Max Summers crying- He must be the one that is meant to go out and be killed.

Placement Name Of Tribute
1st Kajama Odair
2nd Shana Buzz
3rd Ian Volt
4th Shane Hover
5th Ceder Mellark
6th Akim Yakovliv
7th Linda Pierre
8th Calypso Revine
9th Sable Radience
10th Marley Ettera
11th Taytum Mason
12th Austin Gerjanjer
13th Estelle Mar
14th Ethan Grey
15th Wendy Zirbel
16th Gavin Octavion
17th Tiitanic De Leon
18th Winter Grakineey
19th Noelle Viginious

Kajama grinned, having overcome death, she became 1st- so she shot Max in the head, and Noelle breathed a sigh of relief. She was not dead.

"Shane, I almost lost." Noelle cried into my lap, shock that she came 19th fuelling her self pity.

"Don't worry, Noelle, I'll give you a present to make it better." I sighed to her, then I kissed her. Man, that was good.

"Thank.... You, Shane." Noelle gasped, then began to sob again. She kissed me back, after she had run out of tears.

"Ummm, lovebirds?" Kajama giggled, "We have the 100m now."


We lined up, the 19 tributes nervously preparing for the race. This event was ok for me, but I was worried about Noelle, because she was not very good at the running events.

Dylan's screams had ended, meaning that he was probably an avox now.

A pistal sounded, and the tributes began to run. It was very quick, and the 1st 18 tributes to cross the line were so close there had to be a photo finish, which I came 1st in, but 19th place was Noelle. NO!! I have to kill Noelle.

Placement Name of tribute
1st Shane Hover
3rd Estelle Mar
4th Taytum Mason
5th Kajama Odair
6th Ceder Mellark
7th Wendy Zirbel
8th Sable Radience
9th Calypso Revine
10th Ethan Grey
11th Titanic De Leon
12th Linda Pierre
13th Winter Grakineey
14th Ian Volt
15th Akim Yakovliv
16th Marley Ettera
17th Austin Gerjanger
18th Gavin Octavion
19th Noelle Viginious

I held the bow and arrow in my hands, Noelle's head my target. I couldn't do it, I couldn't shoot her in the head, but I let go of the string, and the girl collapsed, blood pouring out of her head, my job had been done, but I felt awful.

"I almost wanted to kill you, Noelle. I'm evil." I cried to Noelle, as the Gamemakes picked up the body of Shana Buzz.

"No, you are not." Noelle purred happily, and she kissed me again.

Everyone else was shocked that I had killed the 2nd placed tribute- after all, I was meant to have killed 19th and Noelle, but I love her to much to end her life.

High Jump- Bejing section of the arena

After Killing Shana, we were herded to the High Jump, and I was nervous about this- as I had never trained at this event, and it showed, reaching 17th place out of 18- beating that snooty boy from 1 in the process. The Snooty boy asks the victor in the event to kill me instead. Noelle gasped, and intervined, trying to save my life.

Placement Name of Tribute
1st Ian Volt.
2nd Noelle Viginious
3rd Calypso Revine
4th Austin Gerjanjer
5th Winter Grakineey
7th Akim Yakovliv
8th Wendy Zirbel
9th Linda Pierre
10th Ceder Mellark
11th Marley Ettera
12th Kajama Odair
13th Ethan Grey
14th Titanic De Leon
15th Taytum Mason
16th Estelle Mar
17th Shane Hover
18th Sable Radience

"Let me decide on who to kill." Ian grinned evily, before doing some unknown sum in his head. "1 add 6 add 12 equals 19 divided by two equals 9.5, round that up for 10, Two males and a female, males in majority, so Gavin is the one that haves to die."

Ian calmly walked up to Gavin, and impaled a javelin in his forehead. Gavin fell down dead, to the delight of the snooty boy from 1. Everyone else was suprised, that had to be the most calculated death in the History of the Hunger Games. Noelle breathed a massive sigh of relief.

"You made it, Shane. I was scared that'd I would have to strangle Ian." Noelle kissed me on the cheek, before the Gamemakers herded us to the Diving complex.


After Gavin's death, the gamemakers sheperded us to the swimming pool, like we were lost sheep or somethin'.

I stared at Noelle, getting warmed up, ready to dive into the swimming pool. Firstly, it was the girl from District one, Calypso. It slowly carried on through the districts, and then it was my turn. I did ok, but not as good as those District 4 kids (Well, after all, they swim and do fishing a lot- they are gifted at any events involving water). The events carried on, and I watched the Ethan screw up quiet badly, which put me in stiches.

Then Noelle came onto the board, looking stunning in her swimming costume. She dived, and gracefully soared through the air, performing the tricks and the turns with ease. She was a natural like those kids from District 4- which was reflected with the second highest score, just after Ceder. Luckily, I cam 9th.

Last place unsurprisingly was Ethan, and Ceder enjoyed breaking his neck.

Syncronised Swimming- London section of the arena

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