Hello and welcome to the 99th Hunger Games! My name is Valentina, and i'm relatively new here but I hope this works out. Please put your tribute entries into the glass pots (comments) below and remember.....


District Female

Training Score

Placing Male Training Score Placing User
1 Calliope Revine Beaux Faust Clove1001
2 Cariettum Downstreet Brendan Downstreet QuinnQuinn
3 Sharanna Buzz Ian Volt Nate777
4 Ariel Shell Sebastian Odair Clove1999
5 Everest Winter Leven Hunter Clove1001
6 Sutton Yates River Rhodes Wolverine1717
7 Evelyn Dreamcatcher Adrian Christenson Anna-athena
8 Cathy James Rick Jones Nate777
9 Jadynette Olive Ryak QuinnQuinn
10 Maive Henna Damian Maroon Skybender1
11 Kallmi Silvers Sam Salmon Rueflower
12 Lilac Coalburner Aaron Winters Rockman117

The Arena

The Arena this year is located in the dense tropical rainforests just outside the Capitol boundaries. There are huge canopys and trees that are five times the size of those found in each of your respective districts. The Arena is swamped with feral animals, and Chimpaboons thrive in the tall canopys. Sources of water can be found directly at the Cornucopia, or at several streams and rivers. Rain is guaranteed, so wear your waterproof coats tributes!


  • Two large alliances will form, this includes the Careers.
  • Two small alliances will also form.
  • One Career tribute will be kidnapped by the other large alliance.
  • One tribute will be killed by a Chimpaboon on the first day.
  • One of the large alliances set up fort at the lake, the other take the trees.
  • The Careers hatch a plan.
  • Torrential rain threatens to flood the lake.

The Reapings

District 1- Calliopes POV.

Reaping day couldn't have come around fast enough. I have prepared for this for years. All those people from the other Districts always complain and whine about the glorious Games, but not me. I love them, and this year I am going to be apart of them. I took a stroll around District 1's jewellery quarter to see if I could pick anything nice up for the reaping ceremony, you have to make a good impression after all! After I brought a stunning emerald scarab beetle brooch, I made my way to District 1's courtyard, a glorious area surrounding by a multitude of shops, and restaurants. Today, a huge stage had been erected and there were two glass bowls. One with the boys names, one with the girls. I made my way over to the 13 year old section and waited for our escort; Estrella Maxim to appear on stage, in all her pink glory. She wondered around the stage for a while, speaking with our Mayor and adjusting the microphone. Finally, she took to the stage and announced "Hello, District 1! This is your escort; Estrella and I would like to say personally, Welcome to the 99th Hunger Games!" The crowd erupted with cheers and it took at least 5 minutes until Estrella could coaxe the audience to calm down. She whirled her hand around the first glass bowl and, after a few tense seconds, pulled a red velvet colored slip and called out "Congratulations, Parisia Tulva!" The 17 year old girl was about to leave to join the stage when I raised my hand and shouted "I volunteer! I volunteer to be the tribute!" I ran up to the stage whilst Estrella questioned my reasons for volunteering. I simply smiled and beamed "I know i'm going to win this thing!"

District 1- Beux's POV.

Reaping day was always a happy one in District 1, banners were hung as far as the eye could see and families from around the District would gather on their streets and hold parties. The Capitol had infused the idea that the Hunger Games were a good thing into our minds ever since I was born. Advertisements would play on huge screens in the courtyard, showing how much of a good person the victors become. I know the truth. The Hunger Games are just an excuse for The Capitol to remind the Districts that they control us. It's dangerous to think like I do in District 1. If I even uttered my thoughts out loud, I would be publicly executed. People know better than to go running their mouths. I walked into the courtyard and joined the 16 year old section, I had no worries about being reaped, somebody would volunteer...somebody always volunteers. A 13 year old girl, Calliope I think her name is, just volunteered. She looks like a force to be reckoned with, i'd hate to be caught up in a fight with her. Before I could even think, my name had been called out, I turned behind me to see who had called, but it was Estrella. I had been reaped. I waited for somebody to volunteer. Nobody did. I walked up to the stage, speechless whilst Estrella called "Please Congratulate our District 1 Tributes, Calliope Revine and Beux Faust!"


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