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The 29th Annual Hunger Games

Hey, everyone! I decided to start a sim, so submit your tributes!

Sign-Up Form:



Back-Up District(s):









District Token:


I'll decide things like Training Scores, etc.

Tributes (Strikethrough means dead, through a District means both are dead)

District 1:

Cassie Mortimer (AshtonMoioLover) , Draco Adams (Cato rocks!)

District 2:

Katelynn Huxley (SkyTimeGirl) , Achilles Jonas (CallamD97)

District 3:

Savannah Fuhrman (AshtonMoioLover) , Brynn Mantis (Pendillumna)

District 4:

Aqua Lyons (Wikia Contributor) , Nicholas Davenport (FinnickForever)

District 5:

Anna Wilder (Wikia Contributor (I made it Anna since there's already an Aqua)) , Jerome Mannor (Nikspyker)

District 6:

Tamora Summers (AshtonMoioLover), Orenthal Lilium (Captainsv)

District 7:

Lena Ellis (Asfbn) , Xavier Domi (IMrJones)

District 8:

Sophie Sage (Aquastar4infinity) , Sebastian Klein (Justafox)

District 9:

Anna Coltos (The Hunger Games Girl) , Kaegan Smith (Ms.finnickodair)

District 10:

Kopesh Taylors (Brynn1999) , John O'Neil (Quomler)

District 11:

Lauren Hill (Rueforever) , Duck Walter (2legit2quit)

District 12:

Silvia Miller (Lil'Rue11) , Quincy Williams (2legit2quit)


Tamora Summers doesn't want allies.

Duck Walter is open to allies.

Lauren Hill is open to non-Career allies.

Anna Coltos wants Duck Walter.

Brynn Mantis wants Silvia Miller, Savannah Fuhrman, Orenthal Lilium, and Nicholas Davenport (he probably will refuse since he's Career).

Quincy Williams wants District 8 and District 6.

Sophie Sage wants Quincy Williams.

Jerome Mannor wants Anna Wilder.

Kopesh Taylors wants anyone.

CAREERS --- Achilles Jonas, Cassie Mortimer, Katelynn Huxley, Draco Adams, Aqua Lyons, Nicholas Davenport, Kaegan Smith

ALLIANCE ONE ( I know, beautiful name ) --- Lena Ellis, Xavier Domi

Wait for it.... Team MockingDucks--- Lauren Hill, Sebastian Klein, Anna Coltos

ALLIANCE THREE --- John O'Neil, Jerome Mannor


You may sponsor ONE tribute. (The prices of items will go up daily)

Rules of Sponsoring:

1.) You may only sponsor one tribute.

2.) Everyone starts off with 1,000 dollars.

3.) The tribute may be your own or somebody else's.


CallamD97 sponsors Achilles Jonas.

FinnickForever sponsors Nicholas Davenport.

Ms.finnickodair sponsors Kaegan Smith.

LadyKatniss sponsors Katelynn Huxley.

IMrJones sponsors Xavier Domi.

Quomler sponsors John O'Neil.

Aquastar4infinity sponsors Sophie Sage.

Justafox sponsors Brynn Mantis.

Pendillumna sponsors Sebastian Klein.

Dabigd247365 sponsors Xavier Domi.

Nikspyker sponsors Jerome Mannor.

Catnipkatniss sponsors Lauren Hill.

Mysims sponsors Lauren Hill.

Things You Can Buy (as a Sponsor)

I may add more later.

Apple --- $75

Water Canteen --- $75

Water Canteen ACTUALLY containing water --- $80

Bread --- $80

Dull Knife --- $85

10 Rolls --- $95

Sharp Knife --- $100

Sleeping Bag --- $110

Warm Jacket --- $115

Matches --- $115

20 Rolls --- $120

Cough Syrup --- $120

Spoon --- $125

Fork --- $125

Clear Soup --- $130

Tomato Soup --- $140

Chicken Noodle Soup --- $150

Sword --- $150

Bow and 5 Arrows --- $160

Cut Medicine --- $170

Machete --- $170

Set of 5 Throwing Knives --- $170

Dart Gun --- $180

Sweet Syrup --- $185

Poison (wait, WHAT?) --- $190

Trident --- $200

Feast --- $210

Tracker Jacker Spray (hint, hint) --- $220

Backpack with Supplies --- $230

Wire --- $240

Huge Feast --- $250

Tribute Parade

Tribute Parade
Name District Strategy Outfit

Cassie Mortimer

1 Smile, wave, ham it up A furry, pink gown
Draco Adams 1 Act overly confident A furry, pink tuxedo
Katelynn Huxley 2 Act snobbish, wave but be above it all A gladiator outfit, with everything a lady warrior would need
Achilles Jonas 2 Ham it up, act ignorant, flex arm muscles A gladiator outfit that shows his arms
Savannah Fuhrman 3 Smile shyly A silver, sparkley dress with silver sparkly pantyhose, makeup, shoes, ribbon, gloves, you get the idea
Brynn Mantis 3 Soak up the attention and ham it up A silver, sparkley tux with silver sparkley pants, shoes, top hat, gloves, you get the idea
Aqua Lyons 4 Grin and wave A fishnet gown with blue fabric strategically covering private areas
Nicholas Davenport 4 Wink at girls, wave, beat chest A fishnet tux with blue fabric strategically covering private areas
Anna Wilder 5 Wave and smile, giggle A silver, sparkley disk around her face and a silver, sparkley skirt
Jerome Mannor 5 Smile and wave shyly A silver, sparkley dish around his face and a silver, sparkley sleeveless shirt
Tamora Summers 6 Be shy, but blow the occasional kiss A grey half-disk around her face and a yellow dress with black stripes you often see on race cars
Orenthal Lilium 6 A bit shy, but wave and smile A yellow disk around his face and a grey tux with yellow stripes you often see on race cars
Lena Ellis 7 Grin and bear it A pure white fan around her hair, which is pulled up, and a pure white dress
Xavier Domi 7 Laugh and smile A pure white fan around his hair and a pure white suit
Sophie Sage 8 Giggle and wave A colorful dress to represent all the textiles back in 8
Sebastian Klein 8 Smile and wave A colorful suit to represent all the textiles back in 8
Anna Coltos 9 Wave shyly A hat, scarf, and long gown all a whiteish-silver to represent the waves of grain in 9
Kaegan Smith 9 Act ignorant and confident A hat, scarf, and tux all a whiteish-silver to represent the waves of grain back in 9
Kopesh Taylors 10 Smile, wave, and giggle A cowgirl outfit and hat, with boots with authentic spurs and everything
John O'Neil 10 Smile, wave, and hog up the spotlight A cowboy outfit and hat, with boots with authentic spurs and everything
Lauren Hill 11 Grin shyly and wave A gossamer farmer outfit with wings
Duck Walter 11 Shyly hide, but wave occasionally A gossamer farmer outfit, but wingless. He has a tail instead
Silvia Miller 12 Wave and smile A black gown with a black veil with coal rubbed on her bare skin
Quincy Williams 12 Grin and wave A black suit with a black top hat with coal rubbed on his bare skin

Training Scores

Training Scores
Name District What They Did Score

Cassie Mortimer

1 Violently hack things (9/10 successful attempts) 10
Draco Adams 1 Stabbed things mercilessly (10/10) 11
Katelynn Huxley 2 Showed off skills with spear and machete (8/10) 9
Achilles Jonas 2 Hacked away at dummies (10/10) 11
Savannah Fuhrman 3 Practiced with throwing knives (5/10) 6
Brynn Mantis 3 Threw a spear (4/11) 5
Aqua Lyons 4 Threw a trident (9/13) 8
Nicholas Davenport 4 Showed off machete skills (13/15) 11
Anna Wilder 5 Showed bow-and-arrow skills (3/5) 7
Jerome Mannor 5 Showed sword skills (9/14) 8
Tamora Summers 6 Showed bow-and-arrow skills (5/9) 6
Orenthal Lilium 6 Showed dagger skills (7/10) 7
Lena Ellis 7 Nervously showed off her camouflage skills (she's not too good at that, sadly) (3/10) 4
Xavier Domi 7 Showed knife skills (6/8) 9
Sophie Sage 8 Used an assorted arsenal of weapons (12/17) 8
Sebastian Klein 8 Showed sword skills (6/9) 5
Anna Coltos 9 Tried a bow-and-arrow. Learned not to try bow-and-arrow. (2/15) 2
Kaegan Smith 9 Mercilessly stabbed things (9/11) 10
Kopesh Taylors 10 Cried, then weakly threw two knives. One missed. (1/2) 1
John O'Neil 10 Tried throwing knives (3/7) 4
Lauren Hill 11 Practiced with a katana (6/10) 7
Duck Walter 11 Showed machete skills (5/11) 6
Silvia Miller 12 Missed with throwing knives. A lot. (9/21) 5
Quincy Williams 12 Hacked away with sword. If in real Games, victim of hackage would have gotten lucky. (13/30) 6


Name District Strategy Crowd Pleaser?
Cassie Mortimer 1 Act charming Yes
Draco Adams 1 Act confident and cool Yes
Katelynn Huxley 2 Flirt Yes
Achilles Jonas 2 Flirt Yes
Savannah Fuhrman 3 Act intelligent and thoughtful Kind of
Brynn Mantis 3 Have a spirited discussion Kind of
Aqua Lyons 4 Crack jokes Yes
Nicholas Davenport 4 Smile and charm Yes
Anna Wilder 5 Giggle and flirt Yes
Jerome Mannor 5 Act shy No
Tamora Summers 6 Speak short sentences, try to make a brief interview No
Orenthal Lilium 6 Make jokes, smile, flirt Yes
Lena Ellis 7 Quietly talk Kind of
Xavier Domi 7 Be shy No
Sophie Sage 8 Grin and smile Yes
Sebastian Klein 8 Smile and act extremely nice Yes
Anna Coltos 9 Shyly discuss Kind of
Kaegan Smith 9 Act cool Yes
Kopesh Taylors 10 Act pathetic for sympathy votes Yes
John O'Neil 10 Talk a bit Kind of
Lauren Hill 11 Smile and laugh Kind of
Duck Walter 11 Make jokes Yes
Silvia Miller 12 Act cute, but the Capitol just really hates 12 No
Quincy Williams 12 Act wimpy No

Cornucopia Bloodbath

K, here's the deal. I WROTE something for this, and I forgot to copy and paste it to Microsoft. It told me I needed to log in, so... It's gone forever. I'm pretty PO'd. It took me 2 hours. I'm SUCH an idiot noob. And I'm too lazy to rewrite it ;).

Quincy Williams is killed by Achilles Jonas (slashed).

Anna Wilder is strangled by Duck Walter, who was trying to protect Lauren Hill (choked).

Xavier was killed while trying to protect Lena by Cassie (very violent stabbing. Very violent).

Cassie was killed by Lena out of rage (killed by axe that Xavier had).

Duck Walter was killed by Achilles Jonas (stabbed).

Draco Adams was killed by Savannah Fuhrman (throwing knives).

Brynn was killed by Aqua (off-screen method).

Kaegan was killed by Kopesh (stabbed).

Aqua was killed by Sophie (off-screen method).


Lena is cold and crying in the bushes.

The Careers are settled down in the Cornucopia. Nicholas is a bit hurt from where Kopesh slashed his arm, and Katelynn has a mild cut from where Tamora clawed at her, but they're okay.

Tamora is asleep in a tree with her backpack hanging off a branch.

John and Jerome are in the freezing mountains. John is deadly sick.

Anna C., Sebastian, and Lauren allied and are currently munching on a slightly burned quail Sebastian caught earlier.

Kopesh is cleaning her bloodied sword off in the stream.

Orenthal is in a deep sleep on the ground. He didn't even stir when Team MockingDucks stormed past him noisily.

Sophie is curled up in a den, oblivious to the raging blizzard outside.

Silvia Miller is sharing the den with Sophie, but they are not allied. They just agreed to let each other go.

Savannah is asleep on the ground in the bushes.


Day 2

Day 2

Jerome’s POV

The coughing doesn’t stop. At about midnight I get worried. It was just a little cough at first, and now it’s a huge cough. Maybe he has Whooping Cough. Maybe the doctors missed it when they sent him into the arena. Of course, the examination was weeks ago. That’s when he must have gotten sick. Because this is worse than Whooping Cough. This is pneumonia. I dig through my backpack, and find a thermometer. I take John’s temperature. He’s running a fever. 102. That’s bad. After a few minutes of just plain worrying, I hear a noise, a little ding! It’s a parachute from a sponsor. I open it, and I find a little container with some clear broth in it. John’s eyes flutter open. “W-What is it…?”


He tries to sit up, but ends up curled back under my jacket, whimpering and clutching his stomach. It doesn’t look good. I think John’s going to die. “Here, you can have the soup.”


I have to admit, I’m starving. But John looks so pathetic. I pull the lid off the container and take a few sips, since there’s no spoon. My hunger subsides a bit. “Really. Take the rest. It’s fine.”

John looks so grateful to have the soup. He sips it, finishing it in about one minute. He must’ve been famished from scaling the mountain. I look around. The mountains are beautiful. A light snow is falling now, and I see the sun rising behind the clouds and the early morning fog. I take his temperature again. 102, still. He looks at it, and looks into my eyes, finally saying, “I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

I’m shocked. He can tell. “It… doesn’t look good, buddy.”

John sighs. “I felt a rattling in my chest days before the Games. I should have told Mrs. Crawley, she would’ve given me medicine. But, I stupidly believed that I was just… nervous.”

After about two hours, I take his temp again. 103. “It went up one, John.”

John lightly cries. But crying makes him wheeze. 104.

A blizzard starts up. You’d think it would make him better, but he starts to shiver and his wheezing gets dangerously loud. I’m surprised nobody’s heard it and come running up the mountain with a machete to end it. 105.

“One… o… five…” he says slowly.

I can’t even look at him. “Yes.”




“What? Why?”

“Jerome, I’m gonna die. Nobody’s sent me anything, and they never will. You’re wasting your time. I’ll never get better. You’re my friend, Jerome, it’s nothing against you.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying, John. You’re delirious.”

“Leave. Now.”

“No, John, no—”

“NOW! SAVE YOURSELF! If you stay here too long, someone may hear me, and come up to investigate. If they do, they’ll see you. It won’t be a big deal if it’s someone like the Girl from 10, that won’t kill unprovoked, but what if it’s a Career? What if Katelynn Huxley marches up here and slashes us to bits? Then what, Jerome? Then what!?”

But then the wheezing worsens. I shove the thermometer into his mouth. 106. No, 107. “I’m not leaving.”

This time, John doesn’t argue. “Whatever you wish,” he says simply. He closes his eyes. 108.

109. John goes limp. A cannon fires. John is dead.

Tamora’s POV

A cannon just fired. It could be anyone. It could even be Orenthal. But I know it’s not. He’s too smart, too strong. I bet everyone else thinks it’s me. Or the Girl from 10, Kopesh. I grab my backpack and slide down the tree. I don’t have any weapons, but I was lucky: my backpack contained a large portion of turkey. I tear a little piece off and chew on it. I walk around sort of aimlessly, looking for anything, really. By the way the sun is, I’d say it’s about 9 a.m. I also realize another thing. Today is my 19th birthday. And I’m not celebrating.

I really am starting to wish I had an ally, but it’s better I don’t. Less sorrow when they die. In my backpack I find a handy device: it shows my exact location in the arena. I’m in the middle of the forest. If I keep going north, I’ll reach the mountains. South, I’ll be back at the Cornucopia, then, if I kept going south, I’d hit the meadow. The meadow would be nice, but it’s too risky, walking through Career territory. East, more forest, but then I’d hit the desert. West, the tundra. As if it’s not cold enough here.

At around 10 a.m., I hear a noise. “H-Hello? Who’s there?”

And that’s when it happens: Achilles Jonas bursts out from the trees. He laughs when I scream. “Hey, little girl. How’s it going?”

“I’m not a little girl, you idiot. I’m nineteen, much older than you are.”

“I could still kill you. It would be easy.”

Yeah, but you won’t kill me if I keep talking.

“I feel sorry for you.”

Achilles laughs. “Why?”

“You’re a fool. You’ve been brainwashed by the Capitol. You’ll never know love, or happiness, or God, or anything.”

As if reciting from a textbook, Achilles says, “You shouldn’t believe in God or the Holy Spirit. It’s a violation.”

“I don’t care, little boy.”

And with that, I kick him in the stomach and run. But not before he slashes my leg with a sword.

Kopesh’s POV

It’s about 11 a.m., so I killed Kaegan Smith a day and an hour ago, but it feels like mere seconds. I still remember him screaming. I feel so much guilt, but I had no choice. He was going after me. There was nothing I could do. He came after me. Was I supposed to stand there and let his stab me to death? Maybe I should have, if I had known how many nightmares would haunt me. But it’s too late. I have to forget. I grab my sword and take a little sip of water from the canteen that came attached to my backpack, and the water I had filled from the stream. I have to go and hunt. But that means I have to stab an animal. This is already getting pretty tiring.

After a half an hour, I’ve caught myself a rather foolish turkey who was just hobbling along, clucking stupidly. A start a little fire and cook him. I think I burnt the turkey a bit, but what was I to do? It tastes so delicious.

I lounge around the stream for a while, but then I hear voices. The Careers. I recognize that Boy from 2, Achilles. “The Girl from 6 slipped away from me last moment. But I gave her a pretty good slash to the leg. She’s as good as dead. Blood poisoning, infection, maybe a mutt will get to her, since it obviously slowed her down.”

I have to go. I pack my supplies and refill the water canteen, and I’m off.

Lauren’s POV

It’s around 1 p.m. Anna and I sit by a basically nonexistent fire, having a light conversation. Sebastian is patrolling now. “Anna, Lauren,” a boy’s voice comes from behind us. Sebastian.

“What?” I ask.

“I have a question: where did the name ‘MockingDucks’ come from in the first place?”

Anna smiles. She loves telling this story. “Back in District 9, my papa used ta’ tell me this story ‘bout these critters named Mockin’Ducks. He used ta’ tell me that they was a cross between a duck and a Mockin’jay. An’ he used ta’ tell me how, when he was lil’, he used ta’ go down ta’ the riva’ to catch some fish for his mama and papa an’ baby sista’. Well, wheneva’ he’d go down, he’d see these Mockin’Ducks, an’ he’d feed them some bread. An’ his papa used ta’ yell at him for feedin’ them the bread, but papa swears that wheneva’ he’d feed a Mockin’Duck bread, he’d get good luck for the rest of the day.”

“I thought Mockingjays couldn’t breed,” Sebastian said doubtfully.

“Don’ listen to everythin’ the Capitol tells ya’, Seb. My papa used to tell me that listnin’ ta’ them made ya’ as good as their slave.”

I feel a swell of affection for Anna. “So, if we name our alliance MockingDucks, then—”

“I’d like ta’ believe that we’d get good luck.”

Orenthal’s POV

Ugh, my life is a mess now. I’m stuck in this idiot arena, forced to stab other teens to death. Everyone thinks I’m so smart and strong, but I’ve got the same odds of winning as they do, even though the Betting Odds board said my odds were 3:1.

In my backpack I have a handy gadget that says the betting odds of every tribute. I pull it out. I’ve figured it out to the standpoint that 1,000 to 1 means dead. I wonder who died earlier today.



ORENTHAL LILIUM 5:1 (Ah, I see my odds have gone down. Apparently the Capitol thinks I’m getting worse.)


KOPESH TAYLORS 4:1 (Maybe I underestimated her. She seemed so pathetic, though!)
JOHN O’NEIL 1000:1 (He must’ve been the one who died earlier.)
LAUREN HILL 36:1 (Wow. Those are… bad.)


I sigh and power off the machine. So my odds have dropped. That’s never a good sign. But I should just be glad my name doesn’t have odds listed as 1000:1. And I’m hoping that my name will never be listed like that.

Lena’s POV

I sit, tears spilling down my face, in a never-ending daze. Xavier is dead. He wanted to protect me. He died. He died. He died for me. And it wasn’t worth it. I’m shivering from the snow and my leg throbs, but I don’t care. All I know is that my cut in my leg wasn’t as bad as I thought. Cassie hurt it bad, but I showed her. “Is it worth it?”

I wheel around, but nobody’s there. Then I realize: I said it to myself. “Is this worth dying? Sitting here crying, basically begging for Nicholas or Achilles to come stab you? Is it?”

I come to a conclusion: no, it isn’t. Xavier wouldn’t want me to die. He didn’t die in vain. Neither did any other tributes! I’ll show those idiot Careers! I will survive! I will!

With my newfound need for survival, I get up to search for food.

Savannah’s POV

I sit alone in my cave I found earlier today, sharpening my throwing knives. I look outside to see a blizzard raging on. It’s just been blizzard after blizzard, hasn’t it?

I never thought I’d say this in the arena, but I’m really, really bored. I’ve done nothing but sit here and daydream. So I decide to go for a bit of a stroll.

Man, this is sooo boring. I walk into the snow and look around. I see a lynx licking its paw. I stick two throwing knives into my pocket, just in case.

After a while, I hear voices. Something about MockingDucks. What the…?

I keep walking and see the Girl from 10, Kopesh, running through the forest. She collides with me. We stare at each other. “What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Careers… run!”

So I do. I run back to my cave, grab my supplies, and run as fast as my legs can take me. Well. This day just went from boring to exhausting.

Sophie’s POV

There’s only been one death today. I know for a fact that the Capitol citizens will be getting bored. I’m surprised nothing’s happened yet. After a few minutes of sitting, backpackless, foodless, waterless, in this warm cave with a blizzard outside, I hear a dinging noise. The first thing that pops into my mind: sponsors!

I run out into the cold to find a large crate with supplies. I’m safe! Inside is a backpack like the one from the Bloodbath, filled with supplies. A bow and five arrows. A water canteen with cold water in it. And an odd sort of bug spray like we have back in 8, only on it, it says, “Tracker Jacker problems? Try the new and improved ‘Tracker Jacker— Off!’”

I wonder how I managed to get a sponsor. I always assumed that Orenthal or the Careers would be getting all the gifts. I guess there is somebody out there who cares about me after all.

Silvia’s POV

I really am sort of scared for my survival. The Careers came through here a while ago. That brute from District 2 slashed the Girl from 6 in the leg, and they started terrorizing the girls from 10 and 3. Luckily, everyone made it out okay. I did, too. I was in the safety of a tree the whole time. I scan the area around me, and smile. The Careers gave chase to the Girl from 3 after the Girl from 10 hid somewhere. They’re all gone. I jump down from my tree.

In the shadows, I see the Girl from 6 nursing her leg behind the bushes. The Boy from 2 cut her bad. I make a brave decision, and crawl over to her. “Um…”

The Girl from 6 screams. Then she turns around and sees that it’s only the measly Girl from District 12. “Oh, hi,” she says timidly.

“Are you okay?” I ask, although it’s a stupid question. Of course she’s not okay.

“No. My leg hurts really bad.”

My great-Grandma was a nurse in the Dark Days who managed to escape her execution, and she taught me some healing techniques before she died of old age. Better than execution, anyway.

“Let’s take a look at that,” I say kindly.

I roll up her pant leg and take a look. It’s not infected, but it’s not in good shape. She definitely can’t walk. “I’m Silvia.”

“Tamora. Tamora Summers.”

“Look, Tamora. Your leg isn’t in good shape.”


“It’s in bad shape. It could get infected.”

“You’re not a very good conversationalist, are you?”

“No. I like to get right to the point.”

“I suppose that’s a good thing.”

I feel obligated to take care of Tamora, so I say, “Look, I’ll keep watch in the tree and make sure no mutts get you tonight, okay?”


And we make an unspoken alliance.

Nicholas’s POV

We’ve been chasing the Girl from 3 for around an hour. The stupid girl killed Draco, so we’ve decided to end her life. Katelynn and Achilles return from scouting around. “We didn’t see her. Or any other idiots, either,” says Katelynn.

“Lucky for them, I guess,” says Achilles with a devilish grin.

“Don’t worry, Achilles. We’ll hunt them all down and kill them all,” I say reassuringly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Girl from 10. The one who slashed me. Katelynn and Achilles promised to let me kill her personally.

“I can’t wait to sink my sword into someone’s back again,” says Achilles. Katelynn and I smile at each other, almost as if Achilles is a three year-old pointing at a chocolate bar in a candy store window.

“Well, Achilles, if it means anything to you, you can kill the Boy from 6 and the Girl from 3,” Katelynn says.

“Trust me, Katelynn. It means something to me,” says Achilles.


John O'Neil died of pneumonia and hypnothermia. He was the only death of Day 2.

Tamora is being nursed by Silvia, but little do they know the Careers are near their base. Tamora and Silvia need to move, but they can't with Tamora's injury.

Team MockingDucks are sharing stories by the fire, but the Careers are still nearby.

Jerome Mannor has advanced further into the mountains.

Savannah Fuhrman is running from the Careers.

The Careers have stopped trying to hunt down Kopesh and Savannah and are instead hunting down tributes that foolishly stayed on the ground for the night.

Sophie has crawled back into her cozy den with her supplies and is asleep.

Orenthal has concealed himself in bushes and gone to sleep.

Kopesh has stopped running and has climbed up a tree to go to bed.

Lena Ellis is camping by the stream where Kopesh was earlier.


Day 3

Day 3 starts at 11 p.m. on Day 2, but it's technically Day 3, since the Anthem has already played and John's face was in the sky.

                                                       Day 3

Tamora’s POV

It’s around 10 p.m. now, and I still am stuck on the ground without any medicine. About a half an hour ago, Silvia left to go back to her tree to “keep watch”, but I’m sure she just went back to sleep. Finally, after another agonizing hour, I hear a noise. A dinging noise. A parachute. I crawl over to it, each inch sending pain shooting through my leg. I grab the gift, and pry open the little silver case. Cut medicine. I’ve been saved! I apply generously, and it almost immediately numbs my pain. I move to a place more secluded, and just as I do, the Careers come right to the place I was sleeping. “I wish we could just find someone!” whines Katelynn.

I’m so lucky. If I hadn’t gotten that cut medicine, I would’ve been killed. I shudder at the thought. The Careers continue to make their journey to kill mindlessly, and I finally am able to find some relief. And with relief comes sleep.

Lauren’s POV

It’s one in the morning, and the three of us are huddled together, shivering. After a while, Anna sits up. “T-The three of us ain’t neva’ gonna get ta’ sleep.”

“I suggest one of us takes watch. That way, two can sleep in safety. Maybe we just can’t sleep because of nerves,” Sebastian suggests.

“Who’s going to take first watch?” I ask.

Sebastian volunteers. Anna says, “Stay safe, Seb.”

After about an hour, sleep still hasn’t come to Anna and me. “It’s no use, Anna,” I say quietly. “We’ll never get to sleep.”

Anna sits up. “Fine’ly. I thought you’d neva’ say that.”

Anna and I get up, and when we do, we hear a noise. A scream. A male scream. Sebastian.

Anna and I exchange glances, and then run as fast as we can toward the noise. I grab my spear. Sebastian is cornered by Katelynn and Achilles. Nicholas is nowhere to be seen. Achilles raises his machete.

For a moment, time becomes a standstill. Achilles is frozen; his arms steady as they raise the machete over his head. Sebastian is cowering in fear. Katelynn is laughing. Anna is hurling herself forward. And then the standstill ends, and I scream.

Anna launches herself forward, in front of Sebastian, just as the blade comes down. It hits her with a sickening slice. “Anna!” I scream, and throw the spear. It makes contact with Achilles’ head. He sinks to the ground, dead. His cannon fires.

Katelynn’s laugh turns into a scream and she runs madly into the forest. I shout every profanity I know at her. Sebastian is still frozen, pressed up against the tree, as Anna dies in front of him. I rush over to her, and take her hand. After a moment, Sebastian takes her other hand and we stare at her. “You… saved me,” Sebastian says, his voice shaking and barely audible.

“Of course I saved ya’. I reckoned ya’ needed help,” she says, smiling.

“Thank you…”

“I would do it all ova’ again if I had ta’,” Anna says weakly.

“Don’t die, Anna,” I find myself whimpering. “I don’t want to be here without you.”

“Lauren… I would stay with you two if I could. But I can’t. My daddy told me the MockingDucks would bring me good luck. Lauren, I think my daddy was lying to me,” she says. And with that, she takes one last breath, and her eyes close. Her cannon fires in the distance.

“Your daddy wasn’t lying, Anna,” I say, fury rising. “He just couldn’t get his facts straight. Maybe MockingDucks can’t bring good luck to their friends. But they can bring bad luck to their enemies.”

And with that, Sebastian and I let go of her hands and walk off into the forest.

Orenthal’s POV

Two cannons have fired in the last hour. I pull out the betting odds machine. Anna Coltos’s odds are now listed as 1000:1. I scan around for the second one, and I find him very quickly. Achilles Jonas!

I smile, not about Anna, but about Achilles. There are only 2 Careers left. Maybe the rest of us actually stand a chance now.

Lena’s POV

I walk through the forest, silently tiptoeing, careful not to make a sound. Two cannons went off a while ago, and I don’t want a third. And if there has to be one, it better not be me. After a while of walking, I hear a ding. A real sponsor gift! I can’t believe someone would get me one! It’s a large crate. I open it to find a note from my mentor, Johanna Mason.

You can do it!


I find a sword, a jacket that looks thicker than the one I have on now, a backpack filled to the brim with supplies, a water canteen with water, and twenty rolls. “Oh… Thank you, Johanna. Thank you. Thank you,” I say to Johanna. I’m sure she heard.

I grab the sword and put the rest of the supplies in the crate. It’s heavy, but I can carry it easily. I find a patch of long grass and hide the supplies in them. Then I swing a few times with my sword as practice, and go out to hunt.

Savannah’s POV

I stopped running hours ago, but my heart is still racing. Those Careers are so irritating! They followed me for a good two hours. At least I’m safe for now. I dig through my backpack, and pull out an apple. I bite into it happily. I was starved. I pack up my backpack and keep going. This area of the forest is out in the open, so it was dangerous to be in for as long as I was there in the first place, let alone for a prolonged time period. Running through the forest, I hear an owl. That makes me pause and look up. The sun is setting. It must be around 6:30 p.m. What would normally be dinner back at District 3.

This thought brings tears to my eyes, but I blink them away. I can’t afford to think like that. Not here. Not now.

Sophie’s POV

It’s around 7 p.m. now, and I munch on a piece of chicken that came from my backpack. I can’t believe I spent three days in this horrid place already! I wonder what Sebastian’s doing now? I hope he’s okay, although I barely knew him. We really didn’t hit it off. We remained acquaintances throughout the whole process, but I hope he doesn’t die. Of course, if I want to win, he has to die.

I climb up a tree and sit there, humming a lullaby from District 8 to myself. “Grandpa, Grandpa, why are you so glum? What has made you become this way? Grandpa, Grandpa, please don’t you cry! Look to the sunlight and flowers outside…”

My mother sang this to me when I was young. She said to always have a positive outlook on life. She said not to be glum, like the Grandfather in the song. She said to always focus on happy things, like the sunlight and the flowers. Of course, this is right when the Anthem plays. I see the Boy from 2, which amazes me. Who could possibly have brought him down? He was around 200 pounds of pure muscle! The next to appear is the Girl from 9. This depressed me. She was always in back of me in line in the Training Center.

Well, Mom? How am I supposed to keep optimistic now? Because 9 minus 1 is 8, and that’s what District I’m from. So what if I’m next? Huh? I think as I fall asleep.

Kopesh’s POV

The Anthem ends and I stare in silence at the spot where the faces were projected moments ago. The Boy from 2 and the Girl from 9. Well, at least that’s one less Career to worry about. And he was the biggest threat, I think. Now it’s just the Boy from 4 and the Girl from 2. They really thinned out quickly these Games! I start to sharpen my sword, just in case. Then, I wash the blood off it. I just caught a ruffed grouse a few minutes ago. I then start a small fire and cook the grouse to perfection. I hear a noise in the distance, so I stomp out the fire and climb up a tree.

After feasting on the grouse, I curl up on the tree and close my eyes. Tomorrow’s going to be another big day, so I’d better wish myself luck.

Jerome’s POV

I stopped scaling the mountain ages ago. I now sit and stare down at the forest below. I spot the Cornucopia and I see what looks like little ants. They must be the Careers.

After a while, I begin to feel drowsy. Before I can even will my eyes to stay open, they flutter shut and I fall asleep.

Later in the night, I wake up, feeling a strange tingling sensation. When I open my eyes, I see an odd purple fog. It clouds my senses and confuses me. I, at first, think it’s just my imagination, and try to go back to sleep. But I can’t. The fog feels like it’s strangling me. I begin to cough, and I grab my backpack and stumble down the mountain clumsily. In my befuddled mind, only one thing makes sense: the Gamemakers want me to get back to where all the action is. I must be sprinting down the mountain, because after a few minutes, I’m almost out of the mountain zone. The last mountain is a sharp incline, and I stumble down that, dazed. I outstretch my arm, hoping it’ll protect me when I bash into something, but when it makes contact with a large tree, pain shoots through it. That’s all I remember before I black out.

Katelynn’s POV

Nicholas and I sit in the mouth of the Cornucopia, trying to get a grasp on what happened today. Achilles killed the Girl from 9, and he almost killed the Boy from 8, but the Girl from 11 speared him in the head. It’s a lot to take in. He was our leader. Who’s going to take over now? I want to, that’s who. “Hey, Nick. Nick!”

Nicholas shoots up. He must have fallen asleep. “Wha…?”

“Nick, I was wondering… Can I be the new leader?”

Nick nods, and a playful look enters his eyes. “Oh, yes, superior one. Whatever you wish, master. I’ll worship the ground you walk on and obey your every command. Your wish is my command, my lord.”

I laugh. “Good. Cuz’ that’s the way I want it.”


Achilles Jonas died from being speared in the head by Lauren Hill.

Anna Coltos died from being sliced with a machete by Achilles Jonas.

Tamora Summers and Silvia Miller regrouped and moved away from their old camp after the Careers invaded. They went to the meadow section, and safely crossed the Cornucopia since the Careers were hunting down Team MockingDucks.

Team MockingDucks are still haunted by the death of Anna Coltos. They are camping by the stream. They are cold from Blizzard #4, but they’re okay.

Orenthal Lilium is wandering around the south side of the forest, the less dense area.

Lena Ellis is sleeping in a tree near the tall grass where she hid the sponsor gifts.

Savannah Fuhrman found an old fox’s den and is spending the night in there.

Sophie Sage is still asleep in the tree.

Jerome has sprained his arm and is laying unconscious right by the entrance to the Mountain Area, but he’ll recover. He just has to not use his right arm for a while.

The Careers are lying in the mouth of the Cornucopia, telling each other their life stories. Are Katelynn and Nicholas falling in love?


Day 4


Sebastian’s POV

I see Lauren in the early morning light. According to her, I blacked out from shock a while after Anna’s death. She told me earlier this morning, before I fell back to sleep. She stretches and yawns, outstretching her arms and bending backwards slightly. “Lauren?”

She wheels around and smiles. “Oh, you’re up! How’re you feeling?”

I feel awful. My head feels like it’s going to explode. My legs and arms are stiff. “Pretty crappy.”

“Well, at least you’re warm now.”

Ah, yes. The mysterious sponsor gift. We got a warm jacket, and we both took turns wearing it. I sit up. “Isn’t it your time to have the blanket?”

“Keep it. I’m good, Seb.”

I know it sounds really childish, but I say to Lauren, “I’m hungry.”

She starts to laugh. “Aww… Is the wittle Sebby hungwy?”

She tosses two of the twenty rolls a sponsor gave us a day or two ago. I bite into one gratefully. After a few minutes of silence, Lauren sighs. “It’s so quiet without Anna.”

I nod sadly. “She was always so happy. She never had a bad thought.”

We sit in depressed quiet for about four minutes, then Lauren begins to cry. I walk over to her and put my arm around her. “Hey, it’s okay. Lauren, you know she wouldn’t want us to cry. She’d want us to try to win.”

“Aww, how sweet,” says a venomously evil voice.

Lauren stops crying. We back away from the place where the voice came from. Another voice, equally as laced with hatred, comes from behind. “It doesn’t matter where you run. You two are dead.”

The Careers! They’re coming for revenge! I think, and I’m correct. Because Katelynn and Nicholas burst from the forest moments later. We don’t have time to reach our weapons. Lauren and I turn to run. Only it ends differently for both of us.

Lauren dashes into the forest with Katelynn on her heels. I try to run, but Nicholas puts me in a headlock. “Bye bye, 8,” he says, cruelty seeping from his voice.

The last thing I hear before my head makes contact with a tree is Lauren’s scream.

Lauren’s POV

I dash away as fast as I can, Katelynn chasing after me with a machete. I turn my head back just in time to see Sebastian’s head banged violently against a tree by the Boy from 4. He dies instantaneously. His head rolls sideways and his dead eyes stare directly into mine… I let out a loud scream. A cannon fires.

Just then, I hear a ding, and a parachute and a little container hit me on the head. While running, I open it and look inside. A pointy knife and a sword. I thank the generous sponsor who sent this silently, and look back again. Katelynn is still giving chase. “You’ll never get away, 11! You’ll soon join your two friends, 9 and 8!”

I stop where I am. This fills me with fury. I turn around. “Their names are Anna and Sebastian, you stupid cow. And when I’m done with you, you’ll be the one joining them,” I say angrily, and throw the pointy knife. It hits her in the arm. I turn around and run, but I hear her shriek in pain.

I run for what seems to be forever, then run behind some bushes. I’m safe, for now. I left my sword back at my old camp, but now I have this sword. Those horrid Capitol lapdogs will pay, I think to myself. And I’ll be the one to kill them.

Hot tears fall down my face and I try to find a place to sleep the nightmare of reality away.

Katelynn’s POV

My arm is throbbing, especially since I pulled the knife out. I hate her, 11. I hate her soooo much. I’m furious. I was supposed to kill her. My mentors said that District 2 will only be proud of me if I make a kill. And so far, that hasn’t happened. I move, enraged, through the forest, seething. I hold the knife that 11 gave me at my side. I’m determined to kill. And that’s when I hear the voices. Two girls. I peer through the bushes. The girls from 6 and 12. Both look very vulnerable. I hold my knife at the ready and pounce.

Silvia’s POV

The knife from the Girl from 2 goes straight into Tamora’s back. “TAMORA!!!!!” I shriek, but it’s too late. She lays, blood soaking her shirt, dead. A cannon erupts in the distance. I run as fast as I can.

Lena’s POV

I hear a shriek from close by. I poke my head out of the bushes and see the Girl from 2 stabbing a bloody girl. I turn and run, so that she can’t discover me. I collide with the Girl from 12. We stare at each other desperately. “Run,” she whispers. She then wheels around and sprints away. I grab my backpack, but it’s awfully heavy. That’s because there’s a foot on it. The Girl from 2. “No—” I manage to get out, but she jumps on me with her knife. She laughs. “Oh, you thought you’d win, didn’t you? You’re so cute. Well, at least you’ll be with your lover, that Boy from 7, now.”

This is really the end, I think. “You’re despicable,” I spit.

She smirks evilly. “I know.” And with that, she digs the knife into my stomach and all goes black.

Kopesh’s POV

A cannon just went off. I wonder who. Then I see the hovercraft. In the distance, I see the Boy from 8 being lifted away. Then the hovercraft makes another stop, and retrieves the Girl from 6. Finally, the Girl from 7. The Girls from 6 and 7 were close. I have to go.

I pack up my things and start to run.

As I run, I cut through bushes. I trip over what I think is a log, but it’s really the Girl from 11. “Hey,” she whines, annoyed.

“S-Sorry,” I say. “What’s wrong?”

“My ally just died,” she says grimly, holding back tears.

“The Girl from 7?”

“The Boy from 8.”

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

An awkward silence falls across the arena, and then I say, “Who killed him?”

“The Boy from 4, Nicholas.”

“Who killed the Girls from 6 and 7?”

“The Girl from 2, I think. She really wanted to kill. I really want to get revenge on them, but I don’t know if I can. Alone.”

I pause, thoughtfully. Eliminating the Careers would certainly give me an advantage in the arena. “I’ll help.”

Her eyes light up. “Really?”


Another voice comes from a tree. “I’ll help, too.” The Girl from 12 jumps from the tree. “They killed my ally, too. Tamora. District 6. By the way, I’m Silvia. District 12.”

“Lauren. District 11.”

“Kopesh Taylors. 10.”

The three of us sit down and start planning our raid on the Careers.

Orenthal’s POV

I check the odds device again.



NICHOLAS DAVENPORT 4:1 (His odds got a lot higher)
TAMORA SUMMERS 1000:1 (She must have died today. My District Partner. Gone.)
ORENTHAL LILIUM 4:1 (My odds got better!)
LENA ELLIS 1000:1 (She died, too.)
SEBASTIAN KLEIN 1000:1 (Death #3.)
KOPESH TAYLORS 3:1 (Her odds got even better! How?)
JOHN O’NEIL 1000:1
LAUREN HILL 28:1 (Still not great… But better, anyway.)

I close the device and yawn, sleepy. I move to a concealed bush and my eyes flutter shut.

Sophie’s POV

Three cannons went off a while ago. I hear a ding noise, and assume it is for the killer of the tributes, but it’s for me again. I get a feast. 10 rolls, chicken noodle soup. I also get a dull knife. What insane Capitol denizen is giving me all this?

I really don’t care who, but I gratefully take a roll. My day just got a whole lot better.

Jerome’s POV

I’ve been slipping in and out of consciousness all day. I think I’m having a concussion. A while ago, a got a gift from a sponsor: a dart gun with darts and a jug of poison to dig them in, and 10 rolls. I already ate 3. My leg is in pain, but I know I’ll make it. I have to try, anyway. I reach for another roll.

Three cannons went off a while ago. I wonder who they were. I wonder if they had allies. I remember the horror I felt when John died. I’m halfway through my roll now.

I wonder if a Career will find me. I finish my roll, and my eyelids begin to feel heavy. I’m losing conscience again. I swallow my roll and try to keep my eyes open, but they shut and I go under again.

Savannah’s POV

I’ve been sitting in the tree for several hours, and I have nothing to do. I hunted a little while ago, but not anymore. It started to snow, then 3 cannons went off. Now the problem is that Blizzard #5 has come along. Out of boredom, I named the snowstorms:

Blizzard #1 – Blizzard Sasha

Mini Snowstorm #1 – Snowstorm Maxwell

Blizzard #2 – Blizzard Cormac

Blizzard #3 – Blizzard Marlene

Mini Snowstorm #2 – Snowstorm Olivia

Hail Storm #1 – Hailstorm Maria

Hail Storm #2 – Hailstorm Brian

Blizzard #4 – Blizzard Cathy

Hail Storm #3 – Hailstorm Matias

Mini Snowstorm #3 – Snowstorm Stanley

And this one is Blizzard Arnold. Blizzard Arnold has been raging on for a long time. 5 hours. I’m cold in the tree. The worst was Blizzard Marlene. Marlene left me chilled to the bone. Olivia was bad, too, although it was no blizzard. But, where I was sleeping, I was exposed to its flakes. Matias was awful. I almost had a concussion with the huge blocks of hail coming down. I wish it was Maxwell again. Maxwell was a pleasant snowstorm.

It must be around 5 hours by the time Arnold stops. I hop down from the tree and shoot a grouse and cook it. Almost right after I finish eating, another blizzard starts. #6. Blizzard Cheyenne. This one is bad. I sigh. It’s going to be a long night.


Sebastian Klein, Tamora Summers, and Lena Ellis died.

Blizzard Cheyenne has arrived, and is the worst blizzard yet.

Lauren, Kopesh, and Silvia are planning their attack on the Careers.

Katelynn and Nick are falling in love. They got their sponsor gifts and Katelynn’s arm is healing.

Savannah is sleeping in her tree, on the worst receiving end of Cheyenne.

Orenthal is asleep in some bushes.

Jerome is still asleep from his concussion.

Sophie is asleep in a den.


Day 5

Day 5

Lauren’s POV

We plan on attacking them today. This is for Anna, Sebastian, and Tamora. And anyone else who died because of their horrid bloodthirsty nature. Silvia gets the one sharp knife. Kopesh has a sword. I have the other knife. We attack from both sides. I’ll come out and get their attention. Then Kopesh and Silvia will attack from behind. “Ready?” Kopesh asks.

“Ready,” I say confidently. But really, I’m shaking inside.

Silvia nods. She’s ready, too.

So we leave. We don’t exchange a word as we silently trudge to the Career base. Blizzard #6 is still raging on. A little earlier, I overheard the Girl from 3 call it “Blizzard Cheyenne”, so I suppose I’ll call it that. We can now see the Cornucopia. Silvia says, “So we split up now?”

I nod. “I’ll go over there, and you two go over there, but stand apart from each other. Like we’re forming a triangle.”

Kopesh and Silvia nod once more and walk away. I walk in the opposite direction and crouch in some bushes and peer out. Nicholas and Katelynn sit, slumped over. They’re asleep. I feel my heart lurch a bit when I see that Nicholas has his arm around Katelynn. Do I really want to kill them? Yes. I have to. It’s too late to turn back.

I step out into the clearing. “Hey!”

Katelynn’s eyes open immediately and she screams, “Nick!”

Nicholas opens his eyes, too. Then they fall on me. “Oh, look, Katelynn, it’s that little girl from before. Come to die, have you?”

“N-No… I came to say I’m sorry. For stabbing your arm.”

This catches Katelynn and Nicholas off guard. “It’s okay…” Nicholas stammers. “She’s okay now…”

“I’m also sorry for killing you. NOW!”

Before Katelynn and Nicholas can process what’s happening, Silvia and Kopesh burst from the trees behind them, armed. I pull out my knife. Katelynn catches on quickly and grabs a knife and throws a machete to Nicholas. Kopesh leaps on Nicholas and pulls him down. He throws her aside and she crashes into a tree. She stands up and wobbles feebly around before she collapses again, trying to regain her senses. Katelynn and Silvia are fighting each other. I take this opportunity and run forward with my knife, right at Nicholas. He yelps as I crash into him. Kopesh has regained her senses and leaps on him. He’s very muscular and manages to fight back, but we eventually force him to the ground. He lets out a whimper as I drive a knife into his arm. Although Silvia is good with her knife, Katelynn holds her off long enough to glance over at Nicholas, and screams. “NICK!!!! NO, NICK!!!!!”

She tries to run forward, but Silvia leaps on her and forces her down, just as we did to Nicholas. “Katelynn…” Nicholas whimpers. I drive my knife into his other arm, and this time he yells in pain. “NICK!!!!!! PLEASE!!!”

Nicholas’s attempts to fight back have ended, so he just lays there in submission. “Keep quiet,” I say.

He nods and blinks back tears. I feel immense guilt. I don’t want to do this. But then I think of all the tributes that died because of them, and say to Kopesh, “On the count of three.” Then I say to Nicholas, “I’m sorry.”

And I truly am. He says, “It’s my fault… I’m sorry about Sebastian.”

I nod. “One…”

Kopesh takes a deep breath and readies her sword. I grip my knife. “Two…”

I killed Achilles, but that was because I was blind with rage. I felt no guilt. But now it crushes me. “Three.”

Kopesh and I drive our weapons into his chest at the same time, and he stops crying and goes still. His cannon goes off. Katelynn is ballistic. “NO!!!!!! NICK!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! TELL ME HE’S NOT DEAD!!!!!! NICK, NO!!!!!”

Silvia apparently can’t stand this, and drives her knife into Katelynn’s heart. A cannon goes off. The three of us run and hug each other in a group hug. We hug in silence, until Kopesh says something that I will never forget. “I thought revenge was supposed to feel good. But I feel terrible.”

Savannah’s POV

Two cannons just went off. I wonder who they are. Blizzard Cheyenne is finally ending, and snowflakes are lightly landing on my hair. I could really use a jacket. Cheyenne is horrible. I can barely even see. I squint and that’s when I see it. A funnel cloud. Can there even be tornadoes in a snowstorm?

I jump from my tree and run as fast as I can. I need to get away from the tornado before it touches down.

Just before it touches down and I run into a safe den, I hear, “Attention, tributes, attention. There will be a Feast held tomorrow at the Cornucopia. Each of you need something desperately, and you can obtain it here. If you’re willing to fight for it.”

Orenthal’s POV

Two cannons went off a while ago. I check my device again.

NICHOLAS DAVENPORT 1000:1 (All the Careers are dead! Finally!)
JEROME MANNOR 16:1 (I wonder what happened to him to make his odds drop that severely)
KOPESH TAYLORS 2:1 (2:1!!! How!? That’s amazing!)
JOHN O’NEIL 1000:1
LAUREN HILL 9:1 (Wow, what a jump for the better!)
SILVIA MILLER 8:1 (Another large jump, though nothing compared to that Lauren girl)

I close my device. All the Careers have passed on! I can’t believe it! I look up at the sky and jump up and down in happiness. In the distance, I see a tornado touching down, but I’m too far away to be effected by it. I walk around a bit, until I find an old sign: “B… re… o… Mu…” It’s faded. BreoMu? Wait… B---re o- Mu---… of… I walk into the forest, not taking the warning. The first odd thing I see is a cross between a fox and a lion. It snarls at me as I walk by. I then see a bat/butterfly. A dog with the face of a female child. A bird with beautiful feathers. Its talons are pure gold. Its eyes are pearls, a dot of black and a dot of white in each. I keep walking, but I can hear it flying. It’s following me. I walk faster. It flies faster. Finally, it flies in front of me and starts to sing. At first I ignore the singing, but then… it becomes impossible. It pounds in my head, loud and going on forever. I begin to feel a strange tingling feeling, and the song starts to become hypnotic. Then it hits me. It wasn’t BreoMu. It was “Beware of Mutts”. But it’s too late now. The song completely takes me over. Then I black out.

Jerome’s POV

The concussion wore off a while ago. I really don’t know what I’m going to do about the Feast. My leg is still in pain, but what I desperately need is probably some sort of medication for my leg. I try to stand, and spend the rest of the day lightly exercising my leg. I’m going to the Feast, but I’ll be careful.

Sophie’s POV

The Feast. They showed the faces in the sky an hour ago. Both Careers. Should I risk it? I’m not sure. I’ll definitely be safer now that the Careers are all deceased, but, there will still be kids who are determined to win. Determined to kill.


Nicholas Davenport and Katelynn Huxley died.
Lauren, Kopesh, and Silvia broke off the alliance because they didn’t want to kill each other.
Jerome has exercised his leg and is planning on going to the Feast, but being careful. His concussion has worn off.
Orenthal was brainwashed by mutt birds.
Sophie is planning on going to the Feast, but exercising extreme caution.
Savannah is running from a tornado.
All the Careers are deceased.
The Feast will be held tomorrow at the Cornucopia.
Blizzard Cheyenne has ended and Blizzard Mae has begun.


Day 6/The Feast

Day 6

Lauren’s POV

Just 3 hours. 3 hours till the Feast begins. I sit in a tree above the Cornucopia. Waiting. Kopesh and Silvia left because we didn’t want to kill each other. I wonder how they’ll do in the Feast.

After a while, I lean back in the tree. 2 hours. Waiting.

Sophie’s POV

I silently make my way towards the Cornucopia. I don’t make a sound. All I do is take a deep breath and ready myself. I see the Girl from 10 as well, but I don’t acknowledge her. I just keep on walking.

After around an hour, I make my way to the Feast. One hour.

Jerome’s POV

I limp to the Cornucopia. My leg is healing. It truly is. Maybe I can do this.

It takes me a while to get there. And when I do, the table containing backpacks with District numbers on them are raised to the surface. I’m shocked: there’s not many of us left. I look at the numbers on the backpacks: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12. That’s it. I ready myself.

And then I run.

Kopesh’s POV

The Feast has started. The first person to make it is Lauren. She leaps from a tree and dashes out as quickly as possible and grabs a backpack. Then she runs into the meadows, which have remained virtually untouched throughout the whole Games.

While watching Lauren, I’ve realized that I’ve missed my chance. Silvia, the Boy from 5, the Girl from 3, and the Girl from 8 all burst from the clearings. Then the Boy from 6 bursts out, a crazed look in his eye. I recognize it from a Games a few years ago. In that year, the Boy from 2 was turned into a sort of mindless zombie by these birds. The Gamemakers use them sometimes, just to heat things up. I should probably stay away from him. I start to run.

The Girl from 3 grabs her backpack and flees. I run towards the table. The Girl from 8 goes for the table and reaches desperately for her backpack, but the Boy from 6 knocks her over. She backs away, but he’s too quick. I look away right before the sword impales her.

I run for the backpack marked “10”, but so does somebody else. The Boy from 5. We both collide with each other when we reach for it. “What are you DOING?” I yell.

“Please… It looks like there’s food in there,” he moans desperately.

“Well, there’s NOT. I haven’t been hungry for days,” I say angrily. “Now give the backpack to me!”

“NO,” he screams, and tries to flee. I hate to do it, but I throw my sword at him. It goes through his chest and he collapses. I walk over to his body and look away as I grab the backpack. I shudder. I turn to run away, and look back to see Silvia stab the brainwashed Boy from 6 to death. It must’ve been out of sympathy. As I run away, 3 cannons go off.

Announcement from Head Gamemaker Constantina Reyes

“Attention, tributes, attention. The four of you remaining in the 29th Annual Hunger Games will be transported to the Mutt Forest where former District 6 Male Tribute Orenthal Lilium resided in for a brief time. We hope you all enjoy your stay.”

Just then, the four girls feel very sleepy all of a sudden and collapse. When they awaken 6 hours later, they are placed in all different areas of the Mutt Forest.

Day 6 Continued (Feast has Ended)

Silvia’s POV

When I wake up, I’m in what must be Mutt Forest. The instant I wake up, I hear the anthem in the background. I see the faces: The Boy from 5, the Boy from 6, and the Girl from 8. Then the anthem finally ceases. I walk cautiously around, trying to shake the sleep off. My feet are beginning to burn. I must just be tired from walking around. I look down at my feet, relaxed, but then I scream. Coming from every corner are insects. They click and click and click. The crawl up my legs and bite me. Although I can tell these are not lethal, I shriek and run. Then I see the tracker-jackers coming for me. I yelp and try to run, but they swarm around me, buzzing. And that’s the last thing I hear. The clicks of the insects, which, as I’ve figured out, are poisonous, and the buzzing of the equally poisonous tracker-jackers. Then I black out. Forever.

Savannah’s POV

Mutt Forest is awful. One of us has just died: I heard the cannon. At least I’m still going strong. I grab on to a tree and start to climb to safety. Then the tree moves, and I go tumbling to the ground, and suddenly the grass that my legs are exposed to become sharp daggers and cut into my legs.

Is everything a mutt here?


Sophie Sage, Jerome Mannor, and Orenthal Lilium died in the Feast.

The remaining four tributes were transported to Mutt Forest.

Silvia Miller was murdered by various threatening insect mutts.

Kopesh is in the north side of the forest and has found a mutt-free den.

Lauren is in the east side of the forest and has started a fire, which scared away the monster mosquito mutts that were attacking her.

Savannah is running around wondering if everything in the Forest is a mutt. (Obviously, duh.)

Day 7, Part 1

Day 7, Part 1

Kopesh’s POV

When I sleep, I dream of home. I dream of my family making us pancakes in the morning. I even dig back as far as when my mom taught me how to walk. If I win this, I’ll be coming home to you. I love you.

I imagine my family responds: I love you, too. We all love you.

When I wake up from my dream, I’m as homesick as ever. I miss my family and friends from back home.

I crawl out of my den and watch the leaves blow as the windy morning begins. Another blizzard has begun. As I look into the sky at the sunrise, I have a sinking feeling that I will never be home again.

Lauren’s POV

This is it. I can sense it. Today will be the last day. Today will be the day that one of us becomes a victor. Today will be the day that two of us are dead and one of us the Victor.

I want to be the victor.

I walk around aimlessly. I feel butterflies in my stomach and swallow back tears. I have never been this nervous. Of course, other times that I’ve felt nervous were times when it was not life and death. Now, this is life and death.

I pack up my things and begin to walk forward. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’ll be sure to get there. I walk away, hoping that I will be the Victor. Good luck, Lauren, I say to myself. You’ll need it.

Savannah’s POV

I wake up screaming. I don’t know why, but my voice is hoarse. Was I screaming the whole night?

I stretch and take in my surroundings. Blizzard Zelda has begun. I chuckle to myself. Where do these names come to me?

I look around the area. I see a pack of wolf-hawks mutts hunting together. They take down a mouse-pigeon and crowd around it. When they walk away, the mouse-pigeon is nothing but bones. And even half of the bones are missing.

I take a deep breath and pack my things. You can’t stay in one spot too long in Mutt Forest.


The three girls are all heading towards the center of Mutt Forest. That’s where the most bloodthirsty creatures are. And it will also be the spot where the girls will meet. For the finale, that is…

Day 7, Part 2

Day 7, Part 2

Kopesh’s POV

As I walk, I think of Bo Peep, my favorite sheep on the farm. She was so gentle and sweet, and she loved the attention I gave her. I hope I don’t see any sheep mutts. After what seems like hours, I find myself going farther and farther into this nightmare-land. Now I’m in a swampy area. I hear a bird in the trees. When I look up, I see a crow that is a ghostly white. It caws, as if summoning someone, and then it happens. I find myself face-to-face with Katelynn. But it’s impossible. Katelynn’s dead! But then I realize: she’s not Katelynn anymore. She’s a zombie.

I scream and shove her to the ground. She was the first, but now the 21 dead tributes are pouring out from the swamp. But so are others. They are also teenagers, and then it hits me. Mutt Forest has been in almost every Hunger Games! They always transport it to some hidden area in the arena! So… the dead tributes from almost every Games since the first one are here. I scream again, louder this time, and flee into the forest.

Lauren’s POV

I heard some screaming a minute back, but I don’t know what happened. No cannon went off. I keep walking, but now I’m a bit nervous. That’s when I see it: zombies, coming from everywhere. I can make out Sebastian’s zombie staggering forward, and I shriek. I refuse to kill Sebastian or Anna, but I throw my spear at the District 3 Male’s zombie and he dies. Again. I turn and run.

Savannah’s POV

I killed the District 4 Female and the District 7 Male zombies with my throwing knives, and I wounded the Male from 11. I’ve been sprinting for a long time, trying to escape from them. It turns out that the zombies were supposed to drive the three of us together, and they do. I watch as the District 11 Girl and the District 10 Girl crash into each other. We’re surrounded. I look for an opening through the wave of zombies, and I spot one between the District 5 Female and a tribute from 2 years ago. “There! Look!” I scream, and the girls from 10 and 11 see the opening. We all take a mad dash for it. Lauren shoves past the Boy from 2 years ago, and I throw a knife through the District 5 Female’s head, and make it through. We look back to see if the Girl from 10 made it. The last we see of her is when the horde closes around her. She lets out a scream and her cannon fires. The two of us run off into the forest, screaming.


Kopesh Taylors was killed by zombie Draco and zombie Kaegan.

Savannah and Lauren are fleeing from the zombies.



Day 7, Part 3

Day 7, Part 3/Finale

Lauren’s POV

The Girl from 3 and I have been running nonstop, trying to get away from the zombies. The most horrifying part, though, was when Sebastian’s zombie caught up to us and I had to kill him. The Girl says her name is Savannah. Once I know somebody’s name, I can’t kill them. Thanks a lot, Savannah.

After a while, we stop. “Savannah,” I say slowly. “We’re the only ones left.”

She turns around and nods. “I know.”

“What are we—?”

“I’m not going to kill you, Lauren,” she says abruptly.



I wonder what will be next. Certainly the Capitol is angered by this.

But there’s nothing I can do.

Savannah’s POV

Lauren and I have been sitting up in a tree for hours. The two of us are probably really annoying the Capitol. While I think of this, it happens. The zombies return. This is it, I think.

Lauren screams as they swarm around the tree, shoving it with force. Lauren and I exchange a glance, and try to climb even further up the tree.

The zombies aren’t very organized. Some climb up the tree while others shake it, trying to pull it to the ground and rip it from its roots. Lauren and I make it to the highest branch. We hold each other’s hand. Because we’re scared.

The District 12 Girl’s zombie reaches her hand up at us from the branch she’s clinging to. Lauren shrieks, and I realize that I remember them, along with the Girl from 10, forming a very brief alliance. Then the 12 Girl loses her grip on her branch and goes tumbling down the tree. Her head is what hits the ground first, and it snaps at an awkward angle.

I see him. The Boy from 1 that I killed by myself. I start to shake. I can’t look away. And I don’t until Lauren screams. “SAVANNAH! SAVANNAH, HELP!”

The Boy from 4 is grabbing her foot and trying to put her down. I reach my hand out the instant she loses her grip on the branch, and she takes it gratefully. She looks me in the eye and says something, barely audible. “Thank you for saving me.”

Then the Boy from 4 yanks harder, and she goes tumbling down with him.

The zombies swarm around her, and I hear not a sound as they go in for the kill. A cannon sounds.

The zombies all drop dead. Then they materialize into nothing.

I’ve done it. I’ve won the 29th Annual Hunger Games.


Lauren was killed by zombie Nicholas and the rest of the horde.


20 Years Later

20 years later

Savannah’s POV

I married a wonderful man named Clint when I turned 22.

I have a wonderful life.

I have four wonderful children: Ella, Maximus, Blake, and Mary Lauren.

Everything is perfect now. None of my children have been reaped, and probably will never be.

But no matter how perfect my life is, I will never forget my horrifying time in the 29th Annual Hunger Games.

I'd Like to Thank...

Things/People I’d like to thank:

The book series “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” by Carrie Ryan, for giving me the zombie idea.

Microsoft for letting me WRITE my story.

My computer, for, you know, obvious reasons.

All of the creators and sponsors, especially Rue district 11, Brynn1999, AshtonMoioLover, and Nikspyker for being such active commenters and sponsors.

Thanks, guys! And don’t forget to sign up for the 30th Annual Hunger Games: Coming soon to a blog post near you!

Death Chart

Death Chart
Name District Placing Cause 24th - 16th are Bloodbath Deaths
Quincy Williams 12 24th Hacked to death (Achilles Jonas)
Anna Wilder 5 23rd Strangled (Duck Walter)
Xavier Domi 7 22nd Stabbed (Cassie Mortimer)
Cassie Mortimer 1 21st Stabbed (Lena Ellis)
Duck Walter 11 20th Stabbed (Achilles Jonas)
Draco Adams 1 19th Stabbed (Savannah Fuhrman)
Brynn Mantis 3 18th Killed in unknown method (Aqua Lyons)
Aqua Lyons 4 17th Killed in unknown method (Sophie Sage)
Kaegan Smith 9 16th Stabbed (Kopesh Taylors)
John O'Neil 10 15th Pneumonia/Hypothermia
Achilles Jonas 2 14th Speared in the head (Lauren Hill)
Anna Coltos 9 13th Sliced by machete (Achilles Jonas)
Sebastian Klein 8 12th Head smashed against tree (Nicholas Davenport)
Tamora Summers 6 11th Stabbed in back (literally) (Katelynn Huxley)
Lena Ellis 7 10th Stabbed in stomach (Katelynn Huxley)
Nicholas Davenport 4 9th Stabbed in chest (Lauren Hill and Kopesh Taylors)
Katelynn Huxley 2 8th Stabbed in heart (Silvia Miller)
Sophie Sage 8 7th Impaled by sword (Orenthal Lilium)
Jerome Mannor 5 6th Stabbed in chest (Kopesh Taylors)
Orenthal Lilium 6 5th Hacked to death (Silvia Miller, mercy kill)
Silvia Miller 12 4th Poisoned (clicking Mutt beetles and tracker-jackers)
Kopesh Taylors 10 3rd Mauled (zombie Draco and zombie Kaegan)
Lauren Hill 11 2nd Mauled (zombie Nicholas and the rest of the horde)
Savannah Fuhrman 3 1st None, SHE'S THE VICTOR!!!!!! Congrats, AshtonMoioLover!

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