Hey! welcome to my first games! there gonna be awsome!

If you want to submit, please read the rules


After the defeat of the rebels during the 2nd dark days, president snow restarted the games, starting with the 76th games. They have continued for hundreds of years.


1. I will accept 4 tributes per user, but you will be able to submit as many as you like.

2. Alliances will be made at group training

3. These games will contain 1-13 districts, and the Capitol 

4. Dont be mad if your tributes die

5. Lastly try to follow this tribute guide as best you can


District: (3 in order of preference)






Weapon: (less then 3)

Strength: (2 non-weapons) Weakness: (minumum of 2)

Allies: (stay with team, form smaller alliance, or go alone)

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)


The Arena will be a huge Island, with the cornocopia inside a volcano. There are several exits out the volcano into the island outside. There are several zones on the island, a jungle, containing monkey mutts and poisonus food, a meadow, with  flat grass cotaining small ponds, and there is also a pyramid containing death traps but food inside. There is a fresh water lake with fish mutts, but they dont often attack, and finally a mud plain with a river flowing through it


District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
Cap Zabian Mockingfry 15 Sword Cap Ivi Cade 15 Knives
D1 Mark Mattews 17 Spear D1

Ruby Apolist 

16 Knives, Bow
D2 Alder Webb 18 Axe D2 Luna Fern 13 Butterfly Swords
D3 Micheal Morgan 13 Sword, Spear D3 Selene Davae 15 Daggers

Dalton King

12 Trident, Spear D4 Aqua Marina 14 Trident, Knives
D5 Chase Pansworth 14 Blowgun, Knife D5 Mayilsee Mithril 15 Dagger
D6 Blaise Cooper 15 Axe D6 Winter Pine 14 Bow, Daggers
D7 Harvey Dent 17 Crossbow D7 Selena Kyle 17


D8 Caleb Stoll 14 Axe, Sword D8 Sara Stone 15 Spear, Crossbow
D9 Flint Grain 16 Spear, Blowgun D9 Oreale Gae 16 Axe, Knife
D10 Morgan Ryder 12 slingshot D10 Aliya Andropov 15 Dagger
D11 Barbanaty Pologamous 12 Bow, Slingshot D11 Titanium Gold 15 Throwing Knifes
D12 Shawn Seam 14 Bow D12 Katy Rose 12 Trident
D13 Iron Blake 18 Spear D13 Sandy Moral 14 Spear, Trident

Tribute Gallery


If you want to make an alliance, ask the tributes creator that you want to ally with. If you dont, I will just do whatever your tributes alliance said when you submited them.

Careers: Luna Fern (2), Dalton King (4), Mark Matthews (1), Harvey Dent (7), Katy Rose (12), Ruby Apolist (1), Aqua Marine (4), Alder Webb (2)

Capitol,  D12, D8 and D13 alliance: Zabian Mockingfry (cap), Ian Blake (13), Shawn Seam (12), Sara Stone (8), Micheal Morgan (3)  

D10, D7 and D8 alliance: Caleb Stoll (8), Morgan Ryder (10), Blaise Cooper (7)

D7, D13 and D6 alliance: Selena Kyle (7), Winter Pine (6), Sandy Moral (13), Chase Pansworth (5)

Loners: Aliya Andropov (10), Selene Davae (3), Oreale Gae (9), Titanium Gold (11),  Iva Cade (cap), Mayilsee Mithril (5), Flint Grain (9), Barbanaty Pologamous (11)


User Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute

Aliya Andropov



Sara Stone


Luna Fern


Dalton King


Sandy Moral



Mark Mattews


Katy Rose


Micheal Morgan


Morgan Ryder



Shawn Seam


Ian Blake


Zabian Mockingfry






Ruby Apolist


Barbanaty Pologamous


Chase Pansworth


~*Golden Viper*~

Selene Davae


Titanium Gold


Ivi Cade


Oreale Gae



Winter Pine


Aqua Marine


Flint Grain



Harvey Dent


Selena Kyle



Alder Webb


Blaise Cooper


Wiki contributer 1

Caleb Stoll





Heart Glimmer



You know the drill. Each Tribue starts with $400. Your tributes gain $50 for every kill. If all your tributes die, dont worry, you can still sponser other poeples tributes. If your tribute dies, they will disappear from the table. When you want to send something, just leave a comment.


  • Sword: 100
  • Knife: 50
  • Dagger: 80
  • Throwing Knives (x10): 100
  • Spear: 110
  • Mace: 85
  • Axe: 95
  • Throwing Axes (x4): 110
  • Crossbow: 160
  • Bow: 120
  • Quiver of Arrows (x12): 25
  • Trident: 125
  • Rocks (x12): 25
  • Blowgun: 50
  • Darts (x12): 25
  • Machete: 80
  • Whip: 85
  • Rocks [for slingshot]: 25
  • Shurikens: 250
  • Sickle: 150

Food & Water

  • Water: 60
  • Milk: 40
  • Bread: 40
  • Fruits 1 (Apple, banana, orange, pear): 110
  • Fruits 2 (Strawberry, papaya, melon, peach): 100
  • Soup: 80
  • Dried Meat: 90
  • Raw Meat: 50
  • Complete Refection: 200


  • Instant Relief: 400
  • Burn Cream: 95
  • Freeze Cream: 90
  • Bandages: 80
  • Pain Killer: 115
  • Antidote (for poison): 95
  • Band Aid (x10): 50
  • Sleep Spray: 95
  • Iodine: 25


  • Sleeping Bag: 170
  • Blanket: 160
  • Parka: 250

Special Items

  • Night-vision Glasses: 250
  • Lighter: 100
  • Snowshoes: 100
  • Wooden Shield: 110
  • Arrow Armor: 75
  • Map of Arena: 600
  • Tribute Localizator: 700


  • Camouflage Paints: 100
  • Net: 50
  • Wire: 75
  • Backpack: Small (100); Medium (200); Large (425)
  • Plastic of piece: 20
  • Rope: 30
  • Empty Backpack: 50
  • Raft: 275
  • Paddles: 100
  • Poison: 75
  • Matches: 45 

Tribute Staus

Here you can see what your tributes have and what they need. It will be blank until the games start.

Here is an example;

Tribute What they have What they need
Simon Cowell Weapon, Water Food, Warmth

Tribute What they have What they need Tribute What they have


they need

Zabian Mockinfry DEAD Ivi Cade DEAD
Mark Mattews DEAD Ruby Apolist DEAD
Alder Webb DEAD Luna Fern DEAD
Micheal Morgan DEAD Selene Davae DEAD
Dalton King DEAD Aqua Marina DEAD
Chase Pansworth DEAD Mayilsee Mithril DEAD
Blaise Cooper Axe, food, water bandages Winter Pine DEAD
Harvey Dent DEAD Selena Kyle DEAD
Caleb Stoll DEAD Sara Stone DEAD
Flint Grain DEAD Oreale Gae DEAD
Morgan Ryder


Aliya Andropov DEAD
Barbanaty Pologamous DEAD Titanium Gold DEAD
Shawn Seam DEAD Katy Rose DEAD
Iron Blake DEAD Sandy Moral DEAD


Capitol: Ivi Cade

"Selina Wilson", shouts our district escort. Another poor girl sent to die in the games, I think to myself. She walks up to the stage, crying, and she's only 12 years old. I might hate the gamemakers, for what they do to us, but I used to be one of them. They offered me the job when I moved to the capitol, something tells me they would not have let me say no. In fact, I designed this years arena. Suddenly I decide that if anyone should be going to fight to the death in the arena, it should be me, and not this girl who will most likely die instantly in the bloodbath. At the top of my voice I shout "I VOLUNTEER!", I walk up to the stage, and the girl who is still crying her eyes out whispers, "Thank you". I stand on the stage and reflect on what i've just done, when the escort shouts out, "Zabian Mockingfry" and a boy with purple skin and green hair walks to the stage. He does'nt look afraid, but up close I can tell he is holding back tears. The escort ushers us onto the train, and the last I see of the reaping area is my mothers shocked face, stained with tears. Oh no, I completely forgot about her, how will she cope when im gone? But I guess she will have to find a way. On the short train journey, I make attemps at talking to Zabian, but he seems more interested in his feet than me. What have I got myself into?

District 1: Mark Matthews

I walk down stairs into the kitchen, my parents tell me I got up too late. " Heading off to art lessons son?" My father asks, " errr, yeah, sure dad..." my parents are mad on art, and they think I attend art lessons everyday. Yeah right, I wasnt going to waste my time with art lessons. I walk down the street, and see my brother Sam and my freind Oliver talking to each other. "Were are you two going?" I ask, "Its reaping day, remember" says Sam. Oh damn, reaping day, I completely forgot. The three of us run to the reaping, and were late, they've already chosen the girl, I recognise her from shcool, Ruby Apolist, she's one of the best in the training centre. The escort goes over to the girls bowl and picks out, "Sam Mattews" no my brother! but surley there will be volunteers. I look over at the other boys to see why there are no volunteers and I see them sniggering and laughing. Of course, Sam isnt the most popular person here, and I'd bet my life that these boys want nothing more than to see him die. "I VOLUNTEER!" I shout, Sam may be older than me, but I have more training experiance than him. I walk up to the stage, Sam is shaking his head, mouthing the words "no" but its too late now. I stand next to Ruby, and the escort anouces, " Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our tributes for the 524th anual hunger games, Mark Mattews and Ruby Apolist!". The croud goes crazy, and our escort ushers us onto the train. Its a long trip to the Capitol from here, so I talk to Ruby, but she keeps talking about this boy called Emerald, and how they will be together after she wins. But there can be only one winner, and that will be me.

District 2: Alder Webb

Im in the training centre still, I keep trying to tell myself to go home and get some rest, but I just keep hurling Axe after Axe into the training dummies, and when I've completly shreaded one of them I move on to the next, and I've been doing this for several hours. I have to train for the games though, and im going to volunteer and win, I'll make sure of that. I've just destroyed the last dummy in the training centre, when the reaping bell rings. What! no! thats impossible, I cant have been up all night can I? I sprint to the reaping centre, pushing over several poeple as I go but I dont care. I see the zapper lady looking at me, but theres not time. The escort is just picking out the names when I dive into the croud and scream "I VOLUNTEER!" before anyone else can. "Oh my" says the escort, "Well that was the girls reapings you just volunteered for, but come up here anyway". How embarrasing, everyone is laughing at me for volunteering for the female tribute. I'll make them all pay when I get back, but atleast I got in. "Luna Fern" Says the escort. A girl with a maniacle look on her face walks up to the stage, I've seen her in the training centre, she rips up dummy after dummy with those wierd ass swords that I've forgoten the name of. We get on the train, and Luna starts talking to me. She's vicous, evil, and cant wait for a kill, just like me. And anyone else like me will have more than a fair chance in these games.

District 3: Selene Davae

Another day in District 3, I think to myself as I walk past the factories to the reaping area. This is the only day they let me out of prison, the reaping day, and it's my first one. Nervously I aproach the zapper lady, who pricks my finger and I flinch slightly, it hurts more than it looks. I follow some other girls my age into a roped off section with a sign saying '15F', I guess that's were I should be. The escort finally comes on stage. She's been here for 24 years and I can tell that she's getting tired of escorting a District that nearly always never wins. "This is my last reapings, so let's get this over with" she says unenthusiasticly. She walks over to the boys bowl and picks out a slip of paper. "Micheal Morgan!" she shouts. A scared looking boy with blonde hair walks up to the stage. He's small in posture and doesn't show much promise. I hope the person joining him is good, I think to myself as the escort pulls out a slip of paper. "Selene Davae!" she reads of the paper. No, that's me, but I would'nt be surprised if the peacekeepers had something to do with this. Is this their alternative to execute me? I don't really pay attention to what happens next, the escort announces our names, and then the train ride, but all I really think is that District 3 is doomed.

District 4: Aqua Marina

I've just speared my last fish for today, when I here somebody aproaching me from behind. Its my dad. " Hey, Aqua" he says, " Hey dad" I reply. " Shouldnt you be heading off to the reapings now?" he asks me, " Well dad, as much as I want to volunteer, you know, to get the family honour back, I sort of dont want to because what if I dont return?", I ask. " Aqua, you've been training since you were a tiny little girl, and I have the upmost confidence you can come back" he replies. " Really?" I say, " Really" he replies. "Ok, better get going then" I say. I walk up to my families seaside cottage, Its been our house ever since the ... Incident. Suddenly I go into a horrible flashback again, were I made that girl look like a fool in the training centre, and when she burned our house and everything we owned in retaliation. That was two years ago now, and im going to volunteer and win the games so I can gain back my families wealth and honour. I head off to the reaping area, and get my finger pricked by the zapper lady. I walk over to a sign that reads '14F' signifing my age and gender, and wait for the escort. A man with pink hair and a blue suit jumps onto the stage, like with most capitol poeple, its not a good look, but he's been here for years and knows how to get the croud pumped. " Hey District 4!" he shouts, and I scream along with the rest of the croud. " This is my last year, so lets get straight to it eh?, any volunteers?" He does'nt bother with the actual reapings here in 4, and its good because this means you only go into the games if you want to. "I VOLUNTEER!" I scream along with everyone else. "lets see now, were gonna have you, and you" He points to me and another boy with ginger hair. " Names please" says our escort. " Im Dalton King" says the boy, "And im Aqua Marina". I see her then in the croud, Annebelle, the girl who ruined my life by burning down my families house. She has an angry look on her face, and I stick my tounge out at her. We go onto the train, and I talk to Dalton, who's kind of a snob, and normally I hate poeple like that, but im just so excited about being picked. District 4 will win this year.   

District 5: Chase Pansworth 

I wake up, just in time to hear the reaping bell. Damn. I quickly pull on some clothes and run out of my front door, or should I say, my foster parents front door, ever since they moved there. Those lazy snobs probably havent woken up yet. Well, they arent going to see for the next couple weeks, because im volunteering. I need to get away from them by any means, they dont even let me out the house most of the time. This is the only way I can escape, even if it is a bloody battle to the death. I walk into my designated section '14M' and wait for the escort. She comes on, the plump women who, despite most capitol poeple, tries to make it as painless as possible for us by doing things really quickly. She quickly scoops out one name from the boys, and one from the girls, and says " Now I know that the reapings arent very popular in District 5, so lets get this done", then she reads the names,  and says "Jake Quinlin and Rosy Couper!" and then I shout " I VOLUNTEER!" along with this other girl. We both walk to the stage, and anounce our names. " Im Chase Pansworth" I say, " And im Mayilsee Mithril" says the girl in a quiet voice. She is wearing a black hood that conceals most of her face, but she must brave to volunteer like that.  " Good Luck to this years tributes" says the escort in a sad voice. Th croud claps half-heartedly, and I notice my foster parents arent here. Pfft, they'll find out soon enough. I go onto the train, and dont bother talking to Mayilsee, because she seems a bit weird. All I know is that im anxous to meet this years compitition in the trianing centre.

District 6: Winter Pine

"Camila Stone!", Shouts our over enthusiastic escort. The girl does'nt even move before I shout, " I VOLUNTEER!" at the top of my voice. " Thank you..." the girl manages to get out before she faints. I walk to the stage, I dont want to do this, but I have to, for my dad. It used to be great with him, after mum left, he was still happy, it was me and him against the world. But then he got sick. Very sick. So sick that he cant even move, and the only medicine for it is far to expensive, and the only way to get rich quick around here is winning the games. Then I can save my dad, and it will all be happy again, just like before. The escort asks for my name, " Winter Pine" I say confidently into the microphone. " Alright then, lets see who will be joining you!" says the escort happily. She struts over to the boys bowl and sticks her hand in, pulling out another name. " Blaise Cooper". A boy with an evil look in his eyes walks to the stage, he's smiling, like he wanted to be chosen. Blaise stands next to me and th escort anounces our names.   " Ladies and Gentlemen, our soon to be victors, Blaise Cooper and Winter Pine". The croud cheers, maybe because me and Blaise might actually have a chance at winning. We board the train, and set off for the Capitol. Im a little scared of Blaise, but he's a strong tribute and would make a good allie.

District 7: Harvey Dent

'RIIIP',The dummies head flies several feet before landing on the ground. I throw another axe into a dummies neck 'RIIP'. Im in the little training place that I set up in the woods. I have some axes and knives, and usually practice against trees, but as this is the day I will volunteer, Im using the dummies because no matter whether I win or die in the games I will never come back here. The reaping bell rings, and I make my way to the sqaure. Everyone looks at me, I see parents telling their kids to stay away from me. I've always been the scary kid who trains in the woods, and I love it, nobody will mess with me, not even the peacekeepers. I walk into an area with a sign saying '17M'. After a long wait, our good old escort comes on the stage. Well, atleast I think he's good, because nobody else here likes the games. Im so excited to get into the games, that if any other boy volunteers, I'll snap their neck on the spot. The mayor finishes his boring ass speach, were like the only district that still has the mayor speech in the reapings. Finally, the escort reaches into the girls bowl and pulls out a name, " Selena Kyle!" shouts the escort, and a girl with  a weird cat ears hat walks to the stage. She wont last. The escort reaches into the bowl and pulls out the name, but before he can read it, I scream, " I VOLUNTEER!". " Oh how exciting!" says the escort. " Whats your name son?", I snatch the microphone from his hands and shout, " Im Harvey Dent, your next victor!" the croud seems shocked. Good. I board the train, and Selena keeps babbeling on about something, until I say, " If you dont stop talking, I'll make sure you die in the bloodbath" I say. That shut her up.

District 8: Sara Stone

"Sara!", shouts my mother from downstairs,"WHAT!" I scream back at her." Get down here, it's reaping day!" she says. Ugh, reaping day, well at least I'm off school. And I'll get to hang out with my friends after, if none of them get chosen, wich will probably never happen as we all live in a rich part of 8 where terrasea is not needed. I walk down stairs and scoff down my breakfast. " Better hurry along now Sara, your brothers already gone" my mother says. " Ok, I'm going, bye!". My mums alright, but can be a bit annoying sometimes. I head off to my section of the reaping area, and talk to all the other girls their. It's great bieng the most popular girl in the District, because everybody knows me or has at least heard of me. The horrible escort comes on stage. " Thank god it's my last year with this District, so let get this done with" she says, and receives a huge boo from the crowd. No tributes have ever won in 8 while she's been escort, and poeple think she's put a curse on the whole District. She walks over to the girls bowl and picks out a name. " Sara Stone" she reads. ME!?. How? My chances are 4 in however many thousand kids are in District 8, how could it be me? I walk nervously to the stage, everyone is looking at me shocked. The most popular girl in the District, being sent to die, they must think. I am processing what has just happened when the escort shouts out " Caleb Stoll", I've heard that name before, it's a 12 year old boy from my school, he isn't that tough, but he's quiete atheletic. We both get pushed on the train, and are told to wait until we arrive. Its a long journey, so eventually I talk to Caleb, and he seems nice enough, but this is the hunger games, and nice has no place here.

District 9: Flint Grain

I'm stood atop a big hill, looking out over District 9. It's a beautiful place here, the long rolling grain fields, the farms and grassy meadows. It's only spoiled by the factories at the west of the District, where the grain processed. The reaping bell sounds, and I sprint downhill to my families small  house, we aren't rich, but we're happy all the same. I pick up my sister from the house. " Flint, what would you do if I got chosen?" my sister asks. " well I'd volunteer for you" I reply. " but your the one who keeps the family alive, how would we cope?" she says. " Well I have the skills to win the games, and then we'd be the richest, happiest family in the District" I reply. We walk to the reaping area, and get our fingers pricked. My sister has always been scared of that zapper lady, but she copes alright. After a few minutes wait, the escort hobbles on stage. He's a small man with a giant pink fluffy wig, and my sister laughs when she see's him. " hello Distict 9!" he says, " lets get this reaping underway shall we?". He walks over to the girls bowl and picks out a name. " Oreale Gae!" shouts the escort. A girl with weird pink hair walks to the stage. Few, it wasn't my sister. Then he walks over to the boys bowl and picks out another name. " Flint Grain" he says. I sigh, I knew I had a lot of names in there, so it wasn't a surprise. I know I have the skill to win these games, but I'm actually quiete scared, although I don't let it show. " ladies and gentlemen, our hopefully soon to be victors, Flint Grain and Oreale Gae!" shouts the escort. We get onto the train, and I start talking to Oreale, but she doesn't respond for some reason, I mean, it's not like she's an Avox or anything is it? I talk to our escort, who tells me Oreale is an Avox. Oh.

District 10: Morgan Ryder

I wake up and walk downstairs. My parents left me breakfast and a note on the table, so I gulp down the food and look at the note. It reads;

' Morgan, sorry we can't come to your first reaping, but we have to get the cattle ready for the winter. After the reaping you can come and help us'

I head out the front door, thinking to myself. I've never been to the reaping before, our family has never had to go. I wonder what it's like, bieng picked for the games, I imagine it would be very scary. I get to the reaping place, and a lady says to me " finger please" I hold out my finger, and the lady jabbers it with this zapper thing. I think it hurts a lot, but I don't show it. I see a bunch of other boys my age in a section labeled '12M' so stand there until the escort comes on. I've never seen Capitol poeple before, and when the escort comes on the stage, I get a shock. She has yellow skin, orange hair and high heels that are at least 6ft high, so she has trouble walking. " Ok, District 10, this is my last year so let's hope for a victor this year!" she says. This gets a half hearted cheer from the crowd. She stumbles over to the girls bowl and pulls out a slip of paper. Then she walks over to the boys bowl and picked out another. " and our tributes are, Aliya Andropov and Morgan Ryder!". Oh no, it can't be me, not on my first year! I walk to the stage thinking how I'm to young to die, and that I have to get the cows ready for the winter later. A girl who looks much older than me stands next to me on the stage. She has brown hair in a ponytail and a fierce look on her face. She might have a chance here, but I'm not so sure about my chances. We get put on the train, and Aliya immediately walks into a separate room. Looks like I need to find some other Allies.

District 11: Barbanaty Pologamous

Im walking down this grey corridor, peacekeepers flanking me on both sides. My head hurts, and my memory is a little fuzzy. What was the last thing I remember, I think to myself. The hovercarft bombing my house in the woods, the peacekeepers beating me and making me volunteer. I had been living in the woods for 7 months now, after the forest fire that poeple presumed had killed me. It was a much simpleler life, hunting in the woods, living off the enviroment, but I knew it was only a matter of time before the peacekeepers found me. We come to the end of the corridor, and im blinded by the light that shines in my eyes. I see im in the reaping plaza, and they have already picked the girl, she has black hair streaked with pink, and she is stood there confidently. The escort says my name " Barbanaty Pologamous" and the peacekeepers shove me onto the stage. " Ladies and Gentlemen, this years tributes, Barbanaty Pologamous and Titanium Gold!", shouts the escort. Me and Titanium get literally shoved through the justice building by peacekeepers and thrown onto the train. Titanium tells me her story, how she was kiddnaped from the capitol and taken here, and I tell her mine. Seems we all have sad tales to tell, but i'll have a much sadder one in the next few weeks.

District 12: Katy Rose

How long have I been here, I wonder. Just staring at the electric fence since I woke up, wondering what was beyond, but never having the courage to cross over it. My family already left for the reaping, so I finally start walking towards the justice building were the reaping is held. I think of my brother Brian, who has severe astma, and would never have a chance in these games. But if he was chosen, I couldnt volunteer for him, and thats what I worry about every year on reaping day. I finally get to the square, have my finger pricked, and wait for the escort. Finally a tall woman walks on the stage with a huge green wig thats about 5ft high. The Capitol poeple look so ridicullus. She doesnt mess around, even though its her last year as escort, she walks straight to the boys bowl and pulls out a name, and then walks over to the girls bowl and pulls out another one. " Our tributes this year are" she says, " Shawn Seam and Katy Rose!". Shocked, I walk up to the stage with a scrawny looking boy. I see my brother in the crowd, he looks to shocked to move. I feel so sorry for him, just then, he faints. I run off the stage to help him, but the peacekeepers hold me back. I scream and kick and begg them to let me help my brother, until I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my back. My muscles go floppy, and I feel so tired... so tired, and I forget my brother and the reapings and drift into a deep sleep.

District 13: Sandy Moral

I wake up to a blinding light, and when my vision returns, I see I'm in my bedroom. The white walls of 13 can be kind of creepy, as there's no other colour here. I walk over to the print machine and get my Arn stamped, I see the words 'reaping' in just 10 minutes from now. I run downstairs to get my breakfast. My family says good morning to me, and say good morning back. " your brother has already gone to meet you, Sandy" says my mum. " ok, I'll go catch him up" I say. My brother is only 11, so he doesn't have to attend the reaping, but he does, just to make sure I don't get reaped. For some reason he thinks if he's there, then they wont pick me. I see him waiting in the crowd after I get my finger pricked. I go over to him, he has a scared look on his face, I smile at him. " why aren't you scared?" he asks me. " Because, my army training has prepared me for this, so if I get picked, I know how to fight, unlike other that might be picked", I reply. He nods, but I can tell he's still uneasy. The escort comes on stage and says, " hello District 13! This my last year, so let's hope for a winner!". He walks over the boys bowl and picks out a name. " Iron Blake" he says. A strong looking, 18 year old muscular boy walks to the stage. He has a blank expression and plain grey clothes. The escort walks over to the girls bowl and picks out a slip of paper. " Sandy Moral" he says. Me? I walk up to the stage and look at my brother. He has a sad look on his face, like he was expecting this. " ladies and gentlemen, our tributes, Iron Blake and Sandy Moral!" the crowd claps, but doesn't cheer. We get put in an elevator and brought to the surface. The Capitol is so far away from here that our DIstrict uses hovercraft to get there, instead of trains like the other Districts. I suspect all the others are at the training centre already, except maybe 12. On the journey, Iron is as silent as ever, I just sit on my own while the escort and my mentor talk. What a team.

Group Training

Day 1

Caleb Stolls POV

Im the last to arrive at group training. The head trainer isnt here yet, so I take a look at the other tributes. The Capitol tributes dont really stand out to me, the District 1 tributes look quiete strong as usual, the District 2 tributes look purly vicious. The District 3 tributes arent anything special, and in District 4, the girl looks strong but the boy looks like a snob. The District 5 boy looks quiete strong, the girl just looks wierd, the District 6 tributes both look tough, and the District 7 boy scares me. In District 8, theres me and the snobby girl Sara, who's done nothing but cry since we left. In District 9, the boy looks tough, and the girl isnt talking to anyone. In 10 the tributes look suprisingly tough, there not muscular or anything, but they just have that strong aura to them. The 11 and 12 tributes dont look that strong, but the 13 tributes look like soldiers, especially the boy. Wow, theres alot of strong tributes here, I dont like my chances.

Luna Ferns POV

Nick, the head trainer, has just finished his boring speach about how stupid things like plant identification can mean life or death in the arena. Yeah right, its knowing how to kill that really wins these games. The careers bolt over to the weapon stations. We mess around with all the weapons, Mark throws a spear 14 metres into a dummies head, and Aqua spears three dummies heads like a kebab with her trident. " Hey, guys, should we start the tryouts now?" says Alder, who is the uneleccted leader of the careers.

" Why not?" says Ruby. A few tributes come to try. First is the boy from 7. He decapitates serveral dummies with some axes, then picks up a crossbow and shoots 5 dummies between the eyes. I clap, along with the other careers. Next is the girl from 12. She picks up a trident and does the same manoever Aqua did, and then throws the trident into a dummies heart at 10 metres away. She was good. Finally its the boy from 10. He picks up a slingshot, and shoots a few dummies with it. Its not very impressive, but he's quiete good. " Everyone, huddle up." says Alder.

" I say the boy from 7", says Dalton.

" Yeah, him and the 12 girl I think", I say.

" What about the boy from 10?" says Mark.

" Nah, he wasnt that good", replies Alder.

We all turn to face our tryouts, and Alder says, " Ok, we want you and you". He points to the 7 boy and the 12 girl. Then he points to the 10 boy, " And you, you were weak and will probably die in the bloodbath.". The boy spits at his feet and walks off cursing under his breath. The 7 boy, who I learn is called Harvey, kinda scares me a bit, but I dont say. He chatting and making jokes with Alder and Ruby. The girl from 12, Katy I think, has gone of with Mark, the two of them are holding hands and talking. I see the 10 boy eyeing him jealously. I think we had some pretty good recruits this year.

Micheal Morgans POV 

Me and Zabian been walking around the training centre, looking for allies. So far we have had no luck. We can hardly have a good alliance with just the two of us, it wont be worthwhile. Then Zabian notices some poeple walking towards us. " Look" He says. That soldier like boy from 13 and the snobby girl from 8 are coming towards us, followed by the scrawny boy from 12, who has his hands in his pockets. Just then, a bell rings, and a voice on a speaker tells us to go to the caferteria. We sit down at a table, and our followers join us. 

" Hey! wanna join our alliance!", says the girl. Im shocked, we finally got allies. I try to say yes, but it comes out like; 

" Urhgg yugh". Zabian stops me from embarassing myself any further by clearing his throat and saying, 

" err, yeah ok" 

" Great! Now we have a big alliance!" , says the girl. I think she's blowing this out of proportion a bit. Were hardly the ultimate team. A guy with purple skin, a soldier, a snob, a scrawny boy, and me. Go team. 

Day 2 

Morgan Ryders POV

I see Mark and Katy holding hands, and it makes me mad. Katys my girl, not Marks. " Morgan" says Caleb.

" WHAT!", I scream at him.

" errr, are you alright?" he asks.

" yeah, sorry" I say.

" anyway, do you want to go check out the weapons station? the careers have left" he says.

" yeah, sure, what about you Blaise?" I ask. He just shruggs. We walk over there, just before Chase, Sandy, Winter and Selena, who seem to be allies. Blaise is up first. He takes 5 axes and hurls 4 of them into 1 dummy. He takes the last one and decapitates 3 dummies at once. Next its me. I take a sword, I've never used one before, but im pretty good with it. I slash a few dummies with it, I should have done this for the the careers, then I'd be with Katy... suddenly I get filled with rage, and I hurl the sword randomly. I hear a scream " Arrrghh! What the fuck!". I turn to see Alder, a sword sticking out of his foot. He looks at me and says " YOU!" and charges at me. Crap.

Oreale Gaes POV

I hear a huge smash, and look behind me. I see Alder pinning the boy from 10 to the floor and smashing his face with he hilt of a sword. Peacekeepers finally prise him off him and he screams, " YOU! YOUR MY FIRST KILL!" before they drag him off to the imfirmary. I see them take the boy away to a different room. Wow. The lunch bell rings, and I go sit on a table by myself. A girl comes and sits next to me.

" Hi, im Titanium, you wanna allie?"  she doesnt know im an avox, so when I dont respond, she just stares at me wierdly and walks off. I hate this. Not bieng able to talk. The worst part is, I know im not going to make it out of the arena alive. Even if nobody kills me, the gamemakers will make sure I die. I think about my parents, I wonder if the Capitol has killed them, or if they are making them watch me die on TV. I shake the thought out of my head. I finish my food and had back to the training. Before I go, I see the alliances. There seem to be 3 big ones, and the careers. The careers have taken in Harvey and Katy, it also looks like Alders back with a bandaged leg. I see a big alliance with the boys from 3, 13, 12 and the capitol, and the girl from 8. I also see an alliance of the boys from 8, 6 and 10, who has been let out of the infirmary with bandages on his face. Finally, there is an alliance of the girls from 6,7 and 13, and the boy from 5. Everyone else is alone, and none really stand out except my district partner Flint, who looks like he could be a major contender here. I dont know why he hasnt joined the careers. And theres me, alone, unable to talk, oh and im certain to die in the arena. Im screwed.

Selena Kyles POV

Me and my Idiotic alliance go over to the gauntlet. I hate them all, but I need a team to survive these games, I can always backstab them later. " Alright, I'll go first" says winter. She ducks and weaves her way around the gaunlet, finishing it in 2 minutes.

" Not bad" says the instructor. Oh please, I was built for this. Sandy tries to go but I push her out the way and say fiercely,

" Im next". She glares at me and I glare right back. I start the gauntlet, and speed around it. The world, is a blur, I dont see what im doing half the time. Finally I stop, I guess I finished. " Wow! thats the fastest time i've ever seen! just 46 seconds!", says the shocked instructor.

" Selena, how did you do that?", says Winter curiously. I just shrug, and a bell rings.

" Private taining now, you best be going", says the instructor. Well, at least I know what im going to do for them. I can imagine now there shocked faces as I skill the gauntlet. This will be easy.

Training Scores

Name Score Name Score
Zabian Mockinfry 6 Ivi Cade 5
Mark Mattews 8 Ruby Apolist 10
Alder Webb 11 Luna Fern 10
Micheal Morgan 4 Selene Davae 5
Dalton King 9 Aqua Marina 9
Chase Pansworth 8 Mayilsee Mithril 5
Blaise Cooper 8 Winter Pine 7
Harvey Dent 9 Selena Kyle 6
Caleb Stoll 5 Sara Stone 3
Flint Grain 10 Oreale Gae 4
Morgan Ryder 7 Aliya Andropov 8
Barbanaty Pologamaus 4 Titanium Gold 6
Shawn Seam 6 Katy Rose 5
Iron Blake 8 Sandy Moral


The 524h Hunger Games

Day 1-" I'll get you git!"-Alder Webb


Winter Pines POV

My stylist gives me a hug, and I stand in the tube. I know I have to win this, for my dad, I tell myself that whatever I do in the following days, even If I have to kill someone, its for him. I get raised into the arena, theres a blinding light, and then I take a look around. It looks like were in a huge hollowed out mountain, all the tributes are around the edge, at least 20 metres from the cornocopia thats in the centre. There are several exits, tunnels that must lead outside. I see Sandy (13) three tributes down from me, and she motions to some backpacks and knives littering the floor in front of us. I get ready to run. '59,58,57,56'...

Harvey Dents POV

I look at the tributes next to me. Flint (9) is on my right and Shawn (12) is on my left. I decide that Shawn (12) is the weaker one so I will go for him. '10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, GONG!

I sprint off my platform and slam into Shawn (12). I pin him to the floor, I can hear him screaming to let go. Too bad. I wrap my arm around his neck and jerk it back sharply, theres a 'crack' and his limp body goes motionless. First kill. Awsome. I see some axes in front of me and further in is a crossbow. They may as well of stickered those things all over with my name. I have to get those.

Sandy Morals POV

Me, Winter (6) and Selena (7) are going through supplies near an exit tunnel. " Hey, Winter, do you want the knives? because im not very good with them" I say. Theres no response. " Winter?", I look up and see her lying on the floor with a bruise on her head. What the... Just then a great force knocks me to the floor. My vision returns and I see my attacker. Its Selena (7). " What the hell! were in an alliance!" I scream at her. She laughs.

" I was only in an alliance with you so you could get me all the stuff from the cornocopia! better you than me!", She shrieks, and raises the knife for the kill. Suddenly the side of her head erupts with blood. She falls of my, but vision is blurred with her blood, but I can just make out her killer. I scream, its probably Alder (2) or Flint (9). The figure holds out a hand to help me up. I realise its Chase (5).

" Come on!" he says, I scoop up the suppleis, he scoops up Winter (6), and we make for the exit

Alder Webbs POV

I've got some deadly looking axes, and I want to put them to good use. I look around for any big threats and see Iron (13), He got a good score in training I think. I hurl an axe at his head, just like I did every day in the training centre. It hits him right in the face, blood explodes onto his alliance around him, and they run off to an exit with hardly anything. I see Flint (9) grappleing for a backpack with Barbanaty (11), I run towards them. Flint (9) see's me and Barbanaty (11) slashes his shoulder. He buries a sword in Barbanaty's (11) chest before running off to an exit, clutching his shoulder. I look to see any others, all I can see is the Avox girl from 9, I sprint towards her, she's paralysed with fear. I throw my axe, but somebody threw theres first. The girl slumps to the floor, an axe sprouting from her side, I look and see Blaise (6), smirking at me. I hurl my last axe at him, but he side steps it and it flies into a wall near an exit. He flings his axe at me, and it hits me in the leg, I fall to the floor and scream, " I'll GET YOU GIT!".

" Good luck with that" , he says, then he turns and runs, pulls my axe off the wall and follows his allies out the exit.


Aqua Marinas POV 

BOOM, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM. Five canons, signaling the respective end of the bloodbath. Thats not alot at all really, and apart from Iron (13), non of the strong tributes died. I see Dalton (4) calling me over. I walk over to him, and he says,

" Dont look now, but Katy and Mark look like their discussing something they dont want us to know". I discreetly look behind me, see that he's right. Mark (1) is holding his spear like he's ready to attack with it, and Katy (12) is holding some deadly throwing knives.

" What are we gonna do?" I ask.

" Just keep an eye out for them", he says. Then all hell breaks loose. A spear flies into the back of Daltons (4) head. BOOM! I spin around and see Luna (2) lying on the floor, a nasty looking gash on her chest. She's still breathing, but I can tell she's barly alive. I see Harvey (7), Ruby (1) and Alder (2) chasing Katy (12) and Mark (1). Ruby flings a knife in Marks (1) back, and Harvey (7) finishes the job by bringing the ax down on him.BOOM. Katy (12) makes it to the exit, crying. I still have no Idea what just happened.

Caleb Stolls POV

Me and my allies are in the jungle. I dont like it here, I think there could be mutts or all kinds of things. I hear a thud, and see a parachute. " Its for you", says Morgan (10) with envy. I open it, and it contains a glistening silver sword and a complete refection. Great, this stuff is just what I needed. Just then, we hear a crashing noise, I shout,

" CAREERS!" and raise my sword. Katy (12) comes crashing through the bushes and shouts,

" Wait! wait! I wanna ally with you guys. Morgan smiles and says,

" Sure!", but me and Blaise (6) keep our weapons raised. " guys, we can trust her!" says Morgan (10).

" Im not so sure", I say.

" come on guys, she'll be alright". After much persuading, I finally lower my sword, and Blaise (6) goes back to grinding his axes. I still dont trust them, but i'll have to do for now. Theres a big noise, and I see the anthem in the sky. It shows the boy from 1, the boy from 4, the girl from 7, the girl from 9, and the boys from 11, 12 and 13. Wow. two careers dead on the first day, maybe I will get home after all.

Day 2- " Well, isnt that just perfect"-Micheal Morgan

Flint Grains POV

Im glad I made it out alive of the bloodbath with some decent supplies, now I have a sword and enough food and water to last for days. I like it here in the meadows, it reminds me of home. If only I had something to patch up this wound... damn that boy from 11, at least I killed him. As if in response to my thoughts, a parachute falls next to me. it contains a bandage, a blowgun and 24 darts. I already have a sword, but a blowgun is a weapon I know I can use. I have a look in my backpack. It contains some beef, a canteen of water, a sleeping bag and a fire lighter. I see a flash of movement to my left. Its an alliance moving through the wheat fields. One of them has a sword, and is cutting down the wheat, probably for food. I sneak over there, and see the girl from 8, the boy from 3 and Zabian (C). I only remeber his name because we has purple skin. I quickly set fire to the wheat fields and run."Hey!" one of them shouts, but its too late for them. in a matter of seconds, the wheat field is a blazing inferno. I stop to admire my handy work. I hear a,

" Arrghh!", and a,

" Run!". and finally a canon. BOOM!. I think it was the girl, I just see a flash of purple in the distance, and I know Zabian (C) survived. I chuckle to myself. I wonder why im so good at this?

Zabian Mockingfrys POV

" Well, isnt that just perfect", says Micheal (3). Our wheat field, wich was meant to be our main source of food in these games, is now going up in smoke. And Sara (8) along with it. We walk for a bit through the jungle, I get the feel someone is watching us. I hear a russle, and a figure running away from us. Im not sure, but I think it was that 11 girl. We dont bother chasing her. We come to the mud plains after several hours walking. I see a fire in the distance. there are 3 poeple there. " It must be the 5, 6 and 13 alliance" I say.

" what are we gonna do about it?" Morgan (3) asks.

" nothing. not yet" I reply. " we need a plan". We both sit down and try to come up with something.

Selene Davaes POV

Im not sure what I should be doing here, I dont have any weapons, or food as a matter of fact, and I dont know what my menter wants me to do. I guess I should just stay here, in this cave in the mountain. I can hear the careers inside the mountain in the cornocopia. I cant kill, I cant eat, or drink. This is not going well for me at all.

Luna Ferns POV 

I received some instant relief this morning, and now I feel much better. Alder (2) is explaining a plan to us, but I can tell some in our group arent the brightest in the world. " ITS SIMPLE!, me, Luna (2) and Aqua (4), go to the jungle, and the rest of you stay here, and we'll lead them back to you", shouts Alder (2).

" Ugh, when do we kill stuff" says Harvey (7) with a cross eyed look on his face.

" god.. just stay here", replies Alder (2). We move out ro get Blaise (6)'s alliance. He's one of the big threats here, and he has to die. We hear talking not far ahead, and we crouch down, waiting for Alder (2)'s signal to attack.         " NOW!", he shouts and we burst through the tree's. The 8 boy reacts imetiatley. He stab his sword through Aqua (4)'s stomach. BOOM! He runs before we can kill him. I see Alder (2) bury an axe in Morgan (12)'s stomach. BOOM! That bitch of a traitor, Katy (12), runs of before we can kill her. Blaise (6) is nowhere to be found.

" Where did he go?" I ask Alder (2). We look for him, but to no avail. In anger, he slams his axe into a tree. There's a rustling high up in the tree's. I squint my eyes, I think I can just make out a figure up there. I throw my butterfly swords into the tree. There's a scream, and a girl falls from the tree, two swords sticking out from her stomach. I dont know who it was, but I now I got my first kill.

Chase Pansworths POV

Me and Winter (6) are snuggled up next to each other by a rock. Sandy (13) is now acting really awkwark around us now, I wish she would'nt, because it makes me feel awkward too. I think we saw some other tributes today, but we'll deal with them later. I wish these could all be ovr now. We all look up as we hear the anthem in the sky. It shows the girl from 4, thats a suprise, another career down. Thats 3 in just 2 days. Then its the snobby girl from 8, the girl from 11. Finally the boy from 12. Good. I didnt like him. The others, except for the career, dont suprise me. " Well thats that over with", says Winter (6), and she leans against me and falls asleep. I wait for Sandy (13) to go to sleep before I do. I dont think I trust her now. The person who worries me the most arent the big threats like Alder (2) or Flint (9), its my friends, Winter (6) and Sandy (13). How am I going to kill them.

Day 3-" well thats that done with"-Sandy Moral

Mayilsee Mithrils POV

I like it here by the lake, mainly because nobody is here. I just sit here on a rock, drinking water, but I have no food. I figure I would have to go get some soon, before anyone comes. My thoughts are interupted by a canon. BOOM! I wonder who that was? I dont really care, it just means one step closer to home.

Alder Webbs POV

"FUUUCCKKK!" I scream at the top of my voice. " I knew this would happen!". Me and Luna (2) are looking at Ruby (1)'s dead body with a bloody gash on her neck.

" well at least we know who it was", says Luna (2). She's right. Harvey must've attacked her for some reason, or the reverse. And we know where he's gone. Theres a trail of blood leading out one of the exits, he has sustained some injuries at least.

" we have to go get him" I say.

" not yet" Luna (2) says " were down to just the two of us careers wise." I know she's right, but I want to kill him so badly. I want to kill alot of poeple so badly. But im just going to have to wait.

Winter Pines POV

" There, its done", says Chase (5). Me, him and Sandy (13) have been working on a trap all night. If somebody runs through it, it will catch them in a net and leave them dangling from a tree. I hope it works. We hide nearby, and wait. Eventually, it seems nobody is coming. Suddenly theres a crashing noise in the foilage not far away. Somebody runs through the clearing and gets caught in the net.

" Arrgh! Get me out of this!", sreams a voice. Its that horrible boy from 7, Harvey (7) I think. He slashes his axe wildly and gives me a light gash on the cheek. Its not serious, but it stings. Sandy (13) throws her trident into his stomach, he makes a wierd croaking noise and splurts blood everywhere before finally going still. BOOM!

" well thats that done with, can we go now?", asks Sandy (13).

" I'd love to", says Chase (5) miserably. its not very happy right now, but where a team. For now.

Ivi Cades POV

I wonder what that boy is up to? Its the one from 8, I cant remember his name, or his training score, but I do know he has a sword, and im keeping my distance. He looks like he's going to attack the girl from 5, Mayilsee (5)'s her name I think, I remember because she got a 5 in training, just like me. Eventually the boy steps out from behind his hiding place, silently creeping up on the girl. He treads carefully along the grass, and then, SNAP he steps on a twig, and the girl spins around, and flees in my direction. Oh no. I have a knife, I remind myself. I realise this is my chance to get a kill. I leap out at the last second and stab the girl through the ribs. BOOM! The boy from 8 runs away, im not sure why, because he has a sword. I look down at the girls body. I didnt want this, I promised myself if I came out of here I would com out as me and not a murderer. I sprint, not noing were im going. I eventually stop from exhaustion in a meadow. There are burnt down wheat wields a few metres away, and a pyramid further up the meadow. Thankfully because of me bieng a ex-gamemaker and all, I know exactly whats in it. All the tributes expect traps and mutts, but I know that the mutts are only there for the first three days. Tommorow will be the fourth day, and I can go inside and get all the food and water and weapons I need. Its basically a second cornocopia in there, at least after the third day. I lean against a small hilly mound and fall to sleep. It didnt ocur to me once that there could be other tributes here. Or the fact I was out in the open.

Micheal Morgans POV

Me and Zabian (C) have been stalking the 5,6 and 13 alliance, and we now know their names are Chase (5), Winter (6) and Sandy (13). After scooping up the rope trap that they used to kill the boy from 7 a few hours ago, we head to the mud plains were their base is. Their too busy trying to figure out who's left alive to notice us set up the trap right outside their camp, and now in the night when they cant really see it, we'll burst out, and hopefully the'll chase us and get caught in it. We sneak away, both laughing discreetly. Me and Zabian (C) are like best buddies in these games, but im going to have to start figuring out ways to kill him later. But not for now. The only thing worring me is that he might be figuring out ways to kill me to.

Blaise Coopers POV 

This jungle sucks. The arena sucks. Life in general sucks, but I guess i'll have to win these if I want to get home. I've been walking for hours, just waiting for a chance to kill someone or somebody. I atleast want to find somebody.  My wish is answered when I feel a blade against my throat. I turn my head slightly to see Aliya (10). " Ok, i'll get right to it" , she says. " I need an alliance, and you dont have much of a choice" 

" Ok!" I say angrily. I really cant be bothered with this now. " Just get that machete away from my throat"

" Im afraid its not as easy as that", she replies, " Give me your axes". Reluctantly I hand them over. 

" Whats the point in having an ally if I dont even have a weapon?" I shout.

" The point is, if the careers attack, then they will go for you", she sniggers " and your perfect Blaise, because Alder hates you". Damn it. I guess I dont have any choice for now. We walk until it gets late, when suddenly I hear a screechinging noise. " What was that?" says Aliya (10) lowering her weapon. This is my chance. I run at her and knock her to the ground. I just have time to scoop up my axes when a horde of monkey mutts burst through the trees. Aliya (10), who is still on the floor, screams as the monkeys decend on her. I turn and run. I dont hear a canon after awhile, but there's no way she got out of that unharmed. What now I wonder. After waiting a bit I decide to go into the pyramid, but not yet. Tommorow maybe. For now I just need sleep. As I close my eyes, I hear a BOOM!, and smile to myself. 

Sandy Morals POV 

The anthem plays in the sky. We heard a canon earlier, but we arent sure who it was. It show the girl from 1, the girl from 5, the oiy from 7 and the girl from 10. Another career. They're dropping like flies. " I take first watch", says Winter (6). 

" Ok", me and Chase (5) both reply. Later, Chase (5) falls asleep next to Winter (6) is snuggling up next to him. She's not a very good watcher. She does'nt even notice when a parachute falls from the sky. It has a note on it addressed to me. Its my mentor. He says I should think about breaking up the alliance now. Well if I must then now is a good time to do it. I look at my allies one last time before slipping out of the base. I got some night vision goggles, so seeing around is much easier. I dont look down at my feet though. My world turns upside down, and I realise i've been caught in a net. I scream, then clamp my hands over my mouth. My allies will hear! I see a figure aproaching me holding a knife. Its Winter (6). " NO! Winter please no!" I scream at her desperatly, bursting into tears. 

" You think I want this!", she shouts, tears rolling down her cheeks. " Im sorry Sandy, Im sorry" she says. bith of us are in tears. My last thoughts are of my little brother back in thirteen when the knife goes through my stomach. BOOM! 

Day 4-" I just want to go home"- Caleb Stoll 

Caleb Stolls POV 

What a stupid girl. She's just fallen alseep in the middle of a field, its a wonder she hasnt been killed yet. I have to kill her I guess. I run towards her with my sword raised, and she wakes up at the last second. She turns and runs, without any supplies. I follow her through the meadows, and realise she's getting away. I pick up my pace, and sprint right into her. She fell over a wierd contrapion thats been set up on the floor. But I dont have any time to worry about what it does. " Wait!" she says. 

" Im sorry, I just want to go home", I say. I raise my sword to kill her. Suddenly I take a sniff of the air, and it smells awful. So awful it makes me hurl. The girl is gagging to. I look at the contrapion, and see a canister of poison suspended above a fire. Poison gas, I think, as I fall to the floor. I cant breath, It the most horrible sensation I've ever been in. I cant die, not like this. I see the girl breath her last as the poison chokes the life out of me. 


Katy Roses POV

The boys have no Idea that i'v been spying on them. Ever since the careers attacked our alliance, I've been wondering alone, following Micheal (3) and Zabien (Z)'s alliance just because I have nothing better to do. I know I cant request to join, 1, because they barley know me, and 2, because its getting towards the end and I dont want to make alliances this late. Suddenly a voice booms through the arena. " Ladies and gentlemen, I am Claudia Templesmith, and im here to announce a feast!", says the voice. A feast? I see the two boys looking concerned. " Now, I know it is short notice, but the feast will contain everything that was origonaly at the cornucopia, so any of you who didnt get what you wanted at the bloodbath, can do so now!", she almost makes it sound cheerful. " Happy Hunger games!" she says before the voice dissapears. Just then a hear a, BOOM! BOOM! I look over at Zabian (C) and Micheal (3) to see they both have swords in there stomachs. But Micheal (3) is holding his like he stabbed himself. What? I dont spend long mulling over the two dead boys, I know I have to get to the cornucopia now, before everyone else does. 


Send Feast Advice, OR YOU WILL DIE!, probably.

Luna Fern POV  

I cant describe how anxous I feel. Just waiting at the feast knowing that tributes could be coming any second. After a painfully long time, the supplies are finally dropped in crates around the cornucopia. We dont get anything because we dont need to. Me and Alder (2) are just using this opurtunity to kill tributes. The first tribute into the arena is the twelve girl. Alder (2) runs at her and swings an axe straight in her neck. BOOM! While we ran over, the 5 boy and Blaise (6) grab their bags and run. Alder (2) goes for Blaise (6) and I go for the 5 boy. He turns and slashes with his knife. I duck under his arm and thrust one of my swords into his side. He howls in pain, and pulls out the sword. I dive at him again and skewer him in the face. BOOM! I run over to Alder (2), just as Blaise (6) smashes an axe into his ribs. Alder (2) looks up at me. I realise what I must do a second before Alder (2) does. I slam my sword in his head. BOOM! I turn back to the cornucopia and see the girl from 3 getting her backpack. She's already out of range, I know I cant get her. Suddenly she falls to the floor, twitching like mad. I see a dart in hr arm. Only one person I know has a blowgun here. Then I see him, camoflauged against the bushes, so you really have to look hard to notice him. I dont know how he has'nt seen me, im just stood here. I throw my swords at him just as I hear a BOOM! The 3 girl died, and so does Flint (9). BOOM! Nobody else shows up. I had a field day here, I did'nt really care about Alder (2). I say to myself that i'll go hunting tommorow, but now im so tired. 

Winter Pines POV 

I heard 5 canons, and I guess thats good, but im worried about Chase (5), he should be back by now. I hear a sound and look up at th sky. The intricate seal of panem apears before the dead tributes. I cross my fingers. please be Alder, please be Alder, I say in my head. He's the strongest tribute here and I dont want to hae to fight him. First in the sky is Alder (2). " YES!" I shout, louder than I meant to. I clamp my hand over my mouth and duck down in the tree. I dont htink anyone heard. Next the girl from 3, I didnt even know she was alive. Then I see Chase (5), and I burst into tears. I cant beleive he's gone, but if he didnt die, then I would of had to... I force myself to look at the sky once again. It shows the boy from 9, Flint (9). Im glad he died, I saw him showing off to the careers in training. Lastly the girl from 12. I think she was with the careers. I work out who's left. Me, the girl from 2, and my district partner Blaise (6). They are both pretty strong tributes, I'm definetly the weakest here. But I must not give up, I've come so far. But the others are probably thinking the same. 

Day 5-" This is it"-Blaise Cooper 

Luna Ferns POV 

Mud. That's all there is here. Just mud and water. I hate this arena, I just want to get out of here. I don't have to wait long. I see a figure, walking through the mud. I don't care who it is, their going to die. I sneak up to them, and see its Blaise (6). Even though I killed Alder (2), he would want Blaise (6) to die. I ready myself and stab out to his back. At the last second, my foot slams into a rock. I've had worse injuries, but it hurts like hell. " Arrgg!" I scream, I fall, and faceplant into his butt.

" what the-" says Blaise (6) as I slam into him. We both lie on top of each other for a second, then both of us spring into action. I swipe my swords at his arm holding the axe, but he ducks and rolls to the side of me and takes a chunk of flesh out my arm. He takes a while to get back up, and I lash out with my good sword arm, and drop the sword in my injured hand to the floor. The blade would have decapitated him, if he had'nt blocked the blow with his axe. He brings his axe around quickly and smashes his axe into my leg. I feel it go into the bone. I cry out, it's the most pain I've felt in my life. But I refuse to give in. I slash at his unprotected stomach, and he leaps back, but the blade still skims his stomach, making it a lot less fatal. His axe is in my leg, and he's unarmed, so I slash at his head. I instinivly blockes with his arms. He cries out in pain as the blade cuts him. Both of us stand there, no weapons, and in no shape to fight. Eventually Blaise (6) walks away, and I see an axe on his back. Thank god he didn't notice he had it. Long after he's gone, im still trying to get this bloody axe out my leg. After gritting my teeth and screaming a lot , I eventually get it out the bone. It comes out of skin easily in comparison. I look around me and see I've lost a lot of blood. I feel a bit faint. I roll to a dune that should keep me covered. Luckily I have instant relief and bandages, so I should be able to walk soon. To pass the time I think of the best scenario. Both of the others simultaneously killing each other probably. No. I want the last kill. I often saw the victors in pubs telling tales of how their victims looked before they brought the weapon down on them. I want to be able to tell that tale to. It would only shame me if I didn't. Blaise (6) dying would be best. Then I could kill his district partner who I don't even know. But if she was tough I would of heard of her. Right? 

Blaise Coopers POV

Phew. That was a close encounter. Luna (2) was much tougher than I thought, and there I was, thinking I had this in the bag. A beeping noise makes me look up at the sky. Sponsers. I open it to find more camo-paints. I already got some at the feast, but more wont hurt. I see another parachute going down over in the trees, back were I fought Luna (2). I could go over and kill whoever it was, but decide against it. Suddenly a crazy plan forms in my head. I scream like a girl at the top of my voice, I think it was pretty convincing. I run to the trees around the clearing, and wait. Sure enough, my district partner, Winter (6), comes to the clearing. She has a bow and two deadly long hunting knives at her side. Danm. If I try to attack her im screwed. Instead I camoflauge myself into the surrundings and wait. She decides to sit down and camoflauge herself to, so she can ambush anyone who comes. Not if I ambush her first. I sneak across the trees until im directly behind her. I ready myself for attack, when Luna (2) bursts through the clearing, almost no evidence of the fight we had before. I turn and run. One of them will die now. 

Winter Pines POV 

I realise now that this was a trap. Luna (2) is at the other side of the clearing, two swords in her hands. I draw an arrow and notch it in my bow. I steady my aim, turn it towards Luna (2). Wait? Where'd she go? Suddenly a shape burst out of the marshes and dives on me. I release my arrow and it hits her shoulder. She brings around her sword and it hits my side. " Arrgh!" I scream, and she laughs. I draw my hunting knives and slash her stomach. She's weak from her previous fight, I can tell from her movments. She swipes at me before she goes down, and the sword catches my foot. I wince, but its nothing major. She tries to grab her sword, but the arrow in her arm makes her scream in pain. Quickly I stab my knives into her stomach. I keep stabbing her body furiously, long after I hear the BOOM! Eventually I stop. My sadness and fear turns to releif. Yes! I killed a career! So close to home now, I just have to win. I need to find Blaise (6) and kill him. I run to the nearest tree, and scan th arena. No sign of him. Just then I see movement on the huge volcano that houses the cornocopia. Blaise (6) is scaling the mountain side, Trying to reach the top. He's nearly there. I set off towards the mountain. Several minutes later I hear a noise behind me. There's a fire burning the tree's, quickly closing in on me. I sprint to the mountain as fast as I can, ocasionally turning back to see the blazing inferno thats chewing up the foilage. My heart is racing, I cant go any faster. Just then I burst through the tree's and see an entrance to the cornocopia. Instead of going in it I climb above it, and start scaling the mountain. Once im high enough, I look down and see that the whole arena, even the inside of volcano is ablaze, except for the mountain. I resume my climbing. Its me, or him. 

Blaise Coopers POV

This is it, I say to myself. Winter (6) climbs up the side of the volcano, a knife in her hand. The whole arena is on fire, even the cornucopia, wich I can see through the top of the volcano. I pull out my axe, and walk towards Winter (6). I swipe the air in front of her, making her jump back. I try to trick her into jumping back of the cliff, but she runs to the side of me and stabs my arm. Ouch. I turn and smash an axe into her shoulder. She screams and stabs my other arm. I yelp and drop my axe. She lunges furiously with her knife and nearly takes my head off. I evade her strikes, kick her stomach and grab my axe. She regains her footing and I slam the axe into her arm. It slices off her arm at the elbow and drops to the the floor wailing. I move in to finish her off, but something makes me hesitate. " please, I have to get home" she stutters. " yeah? Well so do I" I snort at her. " you don't understand" she sniffles " my dad... He'll die without me" I stop for a minute and think. I don't really have a cause to win. Winter (6) has to save her dad, and what would I do if I won? I feel something sharp pierce my stomach. I'm such an idiot. Winter (6) just stabbed me. I fall on my back, unable to see, feeling my life bleeding out of me. Winter (6) is in front of me, I think. My vision slightly returns. She is stood with her back to me, crying her eyes out. She's won I guess. No, she hasn't, not yet. With my last strength I kick out at her back and send her screaming and falling into the inferno that was the cornucopia. I barely have time to register the fact I might have won when I blackout. BOOM


The games didn't change Blaise. He was still competitive, vicious and everything else that helped him win. After 6 weeks recovering in hospital, and being officially crowned victor, he returned home to district 6. He met Winters dad and friends, and bought the medicine for him to get better. Her friends never forgave him, and refused any offering of food or housing, but Winters dad became like a second father to Blaise, despite everything he had done. On his victory tour, almost all the district weren't on friendly terms with him. In district 2, he survived an attempted assassination by a friend and girlfriend of Alders, both of them were executed in front of him, wich made district 2 hate him even more. Blaise is now being called to mentor the four tributes for the next quell, wich he greatly looks forward to.

LA END ( I speak French)


Death Chart

Place Name District Killed by How killed
28th Shawn Seam 12 Harvey Dent Snapped neck
27th Selena Kyle 7 Chase Pansworth Knife in head
26th Iron Blake 13 Alder Webb Axe in the face
25th Barbanty Polgamus 11 Flint Grain Sword in the chest
24th Oreale Gae 9 Blaise Cooper Axe in the side
23th Dalton King 4 Mark Mattews Spear in the head
22rd Mark Mattews 1 Harvey Dent Decapitated
21nd Sara Stone 8 Flint Grain Burnt to death
20st Aqua Marina 4 Caleb Stoll sword in stomach
19th Morgan Ryder 10 Alder Webb Axe in chest
18th Titanium Gold 11 Luna Fern Swords in Stomach
17th Ruby Apolist 1 Harvey Dent Axe in the neck
16th Harvey Dent 7 Sandy Moral Trident in stomach
15th Mayilsee Mithril 5 Ivi Cade Knife in stomach
14th Aliya Andropov 10 Monkey Mutts Eaten
13th Sandy Moral 13 Winter Pine Knife in stomach
12th Ivi Cade C Flint Grain Poisoned
11th Caleb Stoll 8 Flint Grain Poisoned
10th Zabian Mockingfry C Micheal Morgan Sword in stomach
9th Micheal Morgan 3 Micheal Morgan Suicide by sword
8th Katy Rose  12 Alder Webb Axe in face
7th Chase Pansworth 5 Luna Fern Swords in side
6th Alder Webb 2 Luna Fern Sword in head
5th Selene Davea 3 Flint Grain Dart in the arm
4th Flint Grain 9 Luna Fern Sword in chest
3th Luna Fern 2 Winter Pine Knife in stomach
2rd Winter Pine 6 Blaise Cooper kicked off cliff
Victor Blaise Cooper 6

Kill List 

A bit late for this now, but what the heck. In case your dum, this shows each tributes kills, but only after their dead

Name District Kills
Zabian Mockingfry C 0
Ivi Cade C 1
Mark Mattews 1 1
Ruby Apolist 1 0
Alder Webb 2 3
Luna Fern 2 4
Micheal Morgan 3 2
Selene Davea 3 0
Dalton King 4 0
Aqua Marina 4 0
Chase Pansworth 5 1
Mayilsee Mithril 5 0
Blaise Cooper 6 victor
Winter Pine 6 2
Harvey Dent 7 3
Selena Kyle 7 0
Caleb Stoll 8 1
Sara Stone 8 0
Flint Grain 9 5 (WTF?!)
Oreale Gae 9 0
Morgan Ryder 10 0
Aliya Andropov 10 0
Barbanaty Pologamaus 11 0
Titanium Gold 11 0
Shawn Seam 12 0
Katy Rose 12 0
Iron Blake 13 0
Sandy Moral 13 1

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