Hey guys, the 524th games are still going on, and there far from finished, but I cant decide what the next games will be, and its a Quell, so go vote for the twist.


1. I will accept 6 tributes per user right now, but you can submit as many as you like

2. Alliances will be made at group training

3. These games will contain 1-13 districts, and the Capitol with 4 from each District

4. Dont be mad if your tributes die

5. Lastly try to follow this tribute guide as best you can


District: (3 in order of preference)






Weapon: (less then 3)

Strength: (2 non-weapons) Weakness: (minumum of 2)

Allies: (stay with team, form smaller alliance, or go alone)

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)


Dont know what to do, so you can decide,

<poll> Quell Twist A random tribute dies every day 4 Tribs from each District 2 new 2 mentors Tributes are put in random alliances There are only 2 alliances, 28 tributes in each </poll>

Any other Ideas? leave them in the comments and i'll add them to the poll


This is something im borrowing from cloveismywifes 373rd games

the reason is because there are 56 tributes, its going to be hard to give them all a POV, so im just gonna do it like this. The poeple put in are based on their backstories and personallities and such, so if you want a POV include those things.

Role Name District User
Protagonist Gordan Shoot 13 Mistymolla
Protagonist's friend Smick Trinket C Nhtomahawks
Antagonist Alder Webb 2 Ehknight
Antagonist's friend Katharine Seroine 8 Quineroo Salvix
Love interest to protagonist Sylvia Starrk 13 KatnissOidar
Wildcard tribute Christa Burnstenn 11 Midget in a Bikni


District Name Age Weapon Name Age Weapon
D1 Garnet Silver 18 Daggers Emerald Diamond 12 throwing knives
D1 Alex Porter 18 Spear Ruby Velvet 17 Bow, knife
D2 Alder Webb 18 Axe, sword Clover Losseta 17 spear, axe
D3 Volts Silver 15 electric traps Serena Sala 12 Knife
D4 RESERVED River Blue 15 Trident, net
D4 RESERVED Adelaide D'eye 18 bow, sword
D5 RESERVED Shanna Wolfe 15 Knives, traps
D6 RESERVED Sylvai Churchill 15 Knife, bow
D7 Blaise Cooper 15 Axe Mary-Anne Hunter 15 axe
D7 Quineroo Salvix 17 Axe
D8 Axel Evergreen 18 Tomahawk Katharine Seroine 17 Dagger, Bow
D9 RESERVED Elenor Grain 14 sword
D9 Aliya Andrpov 15 Dagger
D10 Luke Mahoney 17 Trident, bow
D10 Lily Veronica 16 Spear, Machete
D11 Mae Torres 14 Bow RESERVED
D11 Dalton King 12 Machete, knife Christa Burnstenn 16 Scythe
D12 Justin Towers 18 spear, sword Katrina Oliver 12 Axe
D12 Daniel Bluewater 16 Trident, Spear RESERVED
D13 Sylvia Starrk 17 Knife, sword
D13 Gordan Shoot 17 traps Lane Bresnet 13 Bow, knives
Cap RESERVED Violet Montague 16 Mace, sword
Cap Smick Trinket 16 mines, knife Kat Monte 16 Blowgun, knives

Tribute Gallery

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