Hey! Welcome to my third games, or should I say second, because I had to cancel the last. Anyway, if you want to submit a tribute, please read the rules


After the defeat of the rebel forces during the 2nd dark days, president snow restarted the games, starting with the 76th games. They have continued for hundreds of years.


1. I will accept 4 tributes for user, but you may submit as many as you like.

2. Alliances will be made at group training.

3. These games will contain districts 1-12, with no district 13 or capitol.

4. Dont be mad if your tribute dies.

5.  Try to follow this tribute guide as best you can:










Bloodbath Strategy

Token (optional)


The arena was once a huge and bustling city far to the north of panem, with skyscrapers that touched the clouds. But after a devestating winter that seeped in from the north pole, the entire city was completely covered in snow and ice, destroying and damaging the buildings beyond repair. The city was recently discovered by panem, and they decided to construct it into an arena, as they were running out of sites to build them on. The cornucopia is directly in the city centre, a large open space surrunded with shops and skyscrapers. Four main highways lead off from the city centre, each one going north, east, south and west. North east of the cornucopia lies a huge sheat of ice that burried several housing and shopping areas deep underneath it. Past this ice sheat are several caves, not part of the original city, but added by the gamemakers to house mutts for later use. South east of the city centre are several skyscrapers, although only a few survived bieng completly snowed into the ground, so they are easy to pass through. Past these is a large office block, that has been partialy buried in ice and snow, although most of it remains and will keep tributes safe inside its walls. To the south west of the cornucopia are skyscrapers that are completly covered in ice from top to bottom, and the space inbetween them is covered in thick snow, making them inpassable. Is a tribute walk around them though, They will find an airport that was suprisingly untouched by the forces of nature, but is lightly covered in snow. There is also a crashed plane not far from the runway, wich was brought down in mid-flight by the blizzards. It contains valuable supplies like weapons and food, but navigating the wreck will b dangerous. Finally, to the north, lies more densly packed skyscrapers, that can be entered, although the gamemakers have prevented tributes from bieng able to get to the top of them, in order to prevent suicides. Past these are some suberbs, wich where hit least hardest of all by the snow and ice, and is actually quiete hospitable for tributes that need somewhere sleep. *catches breath, well that took awile to explain, but if I do say so myself I think this is gonna be a pretty cool arena. Check out the crudly drawn map (wat I dwew! *derp face) to decide were your tribute will go.


Hate Poll >:D

You should know, this serves no actual purpose and wont decide who dies, but I just want to see wich district you, the mentors, hate the most >:D

<poll> Da Hate Poll D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 D12 </poll>


District Name Age Weapon District Name Age Weapon
D1 Grey Daniel 17 Scythe, Axe D1 Sapphire Shimmer 18 Bow
D2 Astagon Sentarin 18 Sword, dagger D2 Seline Razor 18 Bow, Machete
D3 Hybrid Javelin 17 Catclaws D3 Renna Su 16 Knife
D4 Apollo Odair 18 Trident D4 Cresent Seaglow 18 Trident, Spear
D5 Luke Firelight 13 Electricity D5 Luz Romer 17 Sword
D6 Shane Motor 17 Knife D6 Sylvia Churchill 16 Throwing knives, Bow
D7 Reserved for FrostSnake D7 Davyn Moltaggio 15 Bow, Axes
D8 Mark Loren 17 Sword, knife D8 Adelaide D'eye 18 Axe, Bow
D9 Thomas "Tom" Journeyfield 16 Hypnosis, Knife D9 Willow Songheart 16 Mace
D10 Reserved for Nhtomahawks D10 Ghost Haunt 17 Cleaver
D11 Toomy Shand 15 Pitchfork D11 Grenadine Seed 14 Knife, Bow
D12 Patriot Bluemoon 16 Blowgun, Slingshot D12 Christa Burnstenn 16 Scythe

Tribute Gallery


Careers: Agaston Sentarin (2), Seline Razor (2), Grey Daniel (1), Sapphire Shimmer (1), Cresent Seaglow (4), Appollo Odair (4)

Loners: Hybrid Javelin (3), Sylvia Churchill (6)

D8, D9 and D10 Alliance: Adelaide D'eye (8), Willow Songheart (9), Ghost Haunt (10), Christa Burnstenn (12)

Group Training

Day 1

Luke Firelights POV

After much self-therapy, ive convinced myself to go downstairs to the training centre. Im already very late, and I dont want to get into more trouble. The elevator screeches to a halt, and I get out and face my ultra friendly competition. The prep talk has just finished, and I see a group of poeple smirking at me and whispering to each other. The kids from the rich districts probably. Damn them all, they always win. My district partner, Luz (5), is rolling her eyes at me, like ive embarrased her. I'd be mad at her if I didnt think she was pretty. " alright, you can go", the instructor says.

" what?", I say as Luz (5) glares at me.

" you're making our district look bad", she says.

" How? Anyway, lets go, we have to make friends I guess" She sighs and follows me. Im glad of a potential ally straight away, not many tributes have that. I just wish she didnt act like im letting her down. I glance jealously at the careers. Most of them want to be here, I wish I did, it would make this a whole lot less painful.

Grey Daniels POV

I watch the other pathetic tributes shakily walk to the stations. I'll kill them all soon. Me and the careers go to the weapons station and prepare to intimidate the field. Agaston (2) declares himself leader and throws a spear into a dummies head just to make a point. Dick. I'll kill him in the games. We all go forward to show of our skills to each other. Now its my turn. I look around for a weapon I can use. Then I see it, a scythe, the weapon I've trained with my whole life. Thank god they had one. I pick it up and swing it through three dummies at once. Then everything becomes a blur, and when I've stopped I see ten dummies in pieces on the floor. The other careers look moderatly impressed. Good. " Ok, should we ask for tryouts now?" Agaston (2) asks.

" I guess" says Sapphire (1).

" Ok, tryouts will now start!" shouts Agaston (2). To my suprise, no-one comes.

" Idiots, maybe there nervous" I say. Well, no new friends for me then.

Sylvia Churchills POV

Knives, so many knives. Some see them as weapons, me, I see them as tools for creativity. The scary rich people tried to get me to join after I 'fixed' a dummy, but I dont want to be with poeple. Then he got angry. Then I got angry because he got angry. Makes me want to eat his eyes, but the lady does'nt like it when I do that. The one who looks after me. I remember she didnt come with me. But theres a lady here too. I wonder if she would get cross if I killed things. Just to be on the safe side, I guess I should'nt. The boy with the funny hair looks at me. I remember his name because its javlin, I think. I like javlins. I dont like poeple though. I feel confused. A bell goes of and I look around angrily. Who's making that noise? I dont like it. All the poeple are walking to the other room with the food. I want the food too, so I follow them. I just go into the room when I hear a bang, and seconds later im blinded by light. 'Owww' I say rubbing my head. I see blood on my palm.

' get a medical team!' I hear a voice say. I want to tell them im ok, that im fine. There are groans all around me. I can feel myself slipping away. My visions going dark. Perfectly...fine...I...think...

Willow Songhearts POV

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