What can I say, I guess i've been playing to much call of duty. Please read the rules before you submit tributes 'n' all that good stuff.


Like most great ideas, I got this while playing violent video games. The rules are as such;

There will be the standard 24 tributes, districts 1-12, they all get put into the arena, but with a twist. One tribute will be murdered a few hours before the games are due to start, and an exact replica of this tribute in muttation form will take their place. Nobody but me will know who this person will be, but you'll probably figure it out at the start of the game. If said tribute mutt kills another tribute, they are replaced as a mutt aswell. If mutt tributes are killed, then more copies will be sent out in place. The mutt tributes will work together to hunt down the human tributes, but will the human ones work together too? The games end if either; A) all tributes are killed and turned into mutts, or B) Three weeks pass and the remaining human tributes get to leave with the victor title, money, and the mental scars. So now you know the rules, go submit. Or die. Your choice.


The Boring stuff

1. I will accept 4 tributes for user, but you may submit as many as you like.

2. Alliances will be made at group training.

3. These games will contain districts 1-12, with no district 13 or capitol.

4. Dont be mad if your tribute dies.

5.  Try to follow this tribute guide as best you can:










Bloodbath Strategy

Token (optional) 


I will reveal this when I have all the tributes

e.i  I havent thought of one yet

Tribute Chart

District Name Age Weapon Name Age Weapon
1 Mateo Greene 16 bow and arrow Reserved For Teen Derp
2 Reserved For PrezzieSnow Lilac Foster 17 Knives, Swords
3 Kairy Silk 13 Knife, traps
4 Reserved For Mistymolla Reserved For EHknight
6 Reserved For Mistymolla
7 Reserved For Teen Derp Mimi Castro 13 Axe
8 Reserved For Mistymolla
9 Roslinda Gondozzla 13 Spear
10 Mirage Windwalker 16 Bow and Arrow Reserved For EHknight



Alliance 1:

Alliance 2:

Alliance 3:


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