• TheWizardTributeInitiateShadowHunterHalf-Blood

    25 Years after the second rebellion the hunger games with only capitol tributes is finally to take place every living past victor will have an active part in these game, Beetee Latier will be desinging the arena, Johanna Mason will be head game maker alongside Enobaria Golding, Katniss and Peeta Mellark,Haymitch Abernaty, and Annie Odair will decide on the plot of the games.

    Welcome every one to my first ever Hunger Games i hope you will enjoy and I do hope I can start these games

    This is how th games will unfold

    1.There will be only capitol cotizens from ages 12-18, number of tributes still uncertain for it is a quell.

    2.Yes this is the 100th hunger games so it is a quell.

    3.You can submit up to three tributes.

    4.Each tribute will have 200$ in …

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  • TheWizardTributeInitiateShadowHunterHalf-Blood

    25 years after the rebellion the final instalment of the Hunger Games was to take place, with of course only Capitol citizens Katniss Mellark, Peeta Mellark, Enobaria, Haymitch Abernathy, Annie Cresta, Johanna Mason and Beetee Latier are to reunite one last time to become Head Game-Makers of the 100th Hunger Games.

    ARENA The arena will be designed by Beetee and it will contain all of the horrors the victors went through to survive. It will be 5 distinct areas: A desert A jungle A forest A snow realm And a rain-forest All of those elements reunited on one single island. The tributes will be placed not in the center but all around the island with in front of their pedestals only a small bottle of water and 3 pieces of dried fruit, and a map t…

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