25 Years after the second rebellion the hunger games with only capitol tributes is finally to take place every living past victor will have an active part in these game, Beetee Latier will be desinging the arena, Johanna Mason will be head game maker alongside Enobaria Golding, Katniss and Peeta Mellark,Haymitch Abernaty, and Annie Odair will decide on the plot of the games.

Welcome every one to my first ever Hunger Games i hope you will enjoy and I do hope I can start these games

This is how th games will unfold

1.There will be only capitol cotizens from ages 12-18, number of tributes still uncertain for it is a quell.

2.Yes this is the 100th hunger games so it is a quell.

3.You can submit up to three tributes.

4.Each tribute will have 200$ in sponsoring the items will be shown below.

5.Ther ewill be the reapings, the training, ant of course the games


The Quell anouncement

I am nervous, i wait for the signal to walk forward and announce the final hunger game's twist, i think to myself: do it only for Prim, be brave do not break down in tears in front of the world. Beetee says in my ear this is it we are live. I walk forward to a podium that stands in the centre of the room, a closed envelope on it.

"Citizens of panem!" I say,"for 75 years you were reigned by fear of entering the games, well now the time has come for the capitol to endure what we have endured for so long!" I can feel the tears building. "To know what it feels like to have families ripped apart, to watch loved ones die! They will live that in one very last game: The 100Th hunger games!"

I open the envelope and read aloud:"The twist this year is that the tributes will have no advantage whatsoever going in the games, meaning that there will be no ordinary bloodbath but the tributes will all appear in the arena as random pairs with a backpack and a weapon in front of them, they will have to fight for the items or run cowardly" The cameras turn off and i burst into tears and mutter to myself: "they deserve it"

Tribute chart

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