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    Welcome, I am sorry that all my games have failed in the past. And I cannot promise these will be any different...but I hope they are. As they mix two of my favorite things, Survivor and the Hunger Games.

    This is nearly 100 years after the end of the 75th Hunger Games, and the games have been re-istated for almost 40 years. However the Capitol is getting bored when the Games are not on. So they decided to make a second set of games, which will take place between Hunger Games. It took inspiration from a historic TV show, and instead of having the tributes fight to the death, it had them form tribes and try to Survive.

    They took the usual 2 tributes per district, and had a short bloodbath, where a certain number of tributes died. Once there we…

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  • The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    Well as many of you know, my 625th Hunger Games part 2 just ended, so I decided to start a new games between the interim of Part 2 and Part 3, so here they are. The Specteral games, and these are not a normal set of games. Basically there is going to be...96 tributes. Yep. 96. But only 48 spots for you guys, 48 will be old tributes, and I will be selecting them now. Well then, the 48 tributes who are not revived will be selected by you lot. Well, submitted. So yeh, District 1 to 12, and 2 per spot. Simple.

    Yes, so now what they do when they enter the games. These games are actually set as the 725th Hunger Games, being like the 29th Quarter Quell, and so they are pretty special. The 4 tributes for each spot will fight in a smaller arena, unt…

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  • The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    So this is the 2nd part of my 625th Hunger Games saga, basically as the 625th Hunger Games would be the 25th Quell, I decided to make it slightly special. Basically every quarter of the year, a quarter of the way through, half, 3 quarters and the end of the year. Basically then the 1st one was a normal game, and the remaining 3 are all normal quells. So this one is going to be the most plain of the 3. I suggest reading or skimming the 1st of the 4 so you can get a general idea, as there will be a few references.

    So yeh, these are a quell. Now which games to do. Let me think....Hmmm. Well I have an idea. Basically 2 tributes will be…

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  • The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    Well I was thinking, doing some maths. And thinking some more and I came up with this idea. I know the Greek gods have been played around with but I want to put a new spin on it. This is the idea. Basically its simple, the Greek god have been watching the Hunger Games forever. And this time they decided to join in, each god took a district to sponsor, they would bestow it with one power. That its tributes would use to help in the games. It also has to relate to the gods relation and duties. It will be capitol to district 13:

    District Patron God/Godess Power Bestowed
    1 Athena Strategy and Intelligence in War
    2 Ares Power With Weapons and Hands
    3 Hephaestus Skill With Hands, and Power Over Fire
    4 Poseidon Power Over Water and Natural Disasters
    5 H…

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  • The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    Name: Luna Snare

    District: 8

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Skills: Blowgun, Hiding, Killing, Clairvoyant.

    Strategy: Choose a target, and don’t stop before the target is killed.

    Personality: Sly, elusive, nice



    Name: Feline Ster

    District: 10

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13

    Skills: Hiding, Spying, Communicating with animals.

    Strategy: Hide all the time, and use the animals to survive. Kill some tributes by using the animals.

    Personality: Sweet, Sly, Elusive, Quiet.



    Name: Sanne Smiths

    District: 10

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Skills: Controlling animals, climbing trees, poison.

    Strategy: Find an animal to help her win this game.

    Personality: Sweet, caring, clever.



    Name: Halo Zee

    District: 4

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Skills: Trident, nets, knives.


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