The Quell

For the 150th Hunger Games, to show that even the young died in these wars, all the tributes will be from the age of 8 to 14. And to show that some districts were damaged more in this war districts 4, 7, 12 and 3 will have to give more tributes (4 in total) as their district were the most damage and had most casualties.


Please say their Age district and one fact ( it could be any victors in families, favourite weapon or anything) and If all the ages are not spred out I may change them

District Name Age Fact Traing Score How they Died Placing

Pheonix Jordan

8 Older sister died last year in the games 7 Knife in side 25th
1f Katelynn Huxley 14 A skilled knife thrower, especially for her age 11 Mutts laid eggs in heart, ate her lungs and heart when they hatched. 1st (Victor)
2m Troy Ventura 12 He is a bit of a snob and really wants to be the career leader. 11 Stone in eye 16th
2f Cammie Bradshaw 11 Has a crush on Troy 9 Knifed in back 9th
3m John Carter 14 Has has no practise for the games at all 8 Poisoned by fish 13th
3f Suzane Vilgor 10 She has had 0 contact with the Games 6 Beheaded 24th
3m Jamis Bont 11 Is from a place called France 5 Speared 30th
3f Laris Bont 9 Is from a place called france 6 Stabbed in stomach 28th
4m Ethan Stone 14 Is the careers leader N/A Beheaded 32nd
4f Lucy Brads 8 Is Ethans cousin 9 Loss of blood 15th
4m Liir Fluor 12 Has had 11 sibling and 10 of them have won the games 10 Stone to temple 18th
4f Pisca Lee 10 Is amazing with a trident 9 Knife in windpipe 17th
5m Krex Lavemon 10 Has lived in District 4, 5 and 7. 4 Throat slashed 11th
5f Petra Liit 14 Loves using an axe 11 Axed in stomach and speared. 4th
6m Ligh 14/15 Will be 15 when the games begin 4 Stabbed to death 23rd
6f Tomara Summer 9 Is really rich 10 Killed by Glimmer and Foxface Mutts 5th
7m Devon East 14 Volonteered for the fun of it. 10 Stomach slashed 20th
7f Chlys Savoir 14 Their has been 8 victors in her family. 10 Stomach bitten open 8th
7m Pamline Falcone 13 His sister died in the games last year 10 Impaled by sword 7th
7f Sarys Savoir 8 Their has been 8 victors in her family 10 Throat slashed and poisoned 3rd
8m Sebastian Klein 13 He is gay 8 Poisoned by fish 14th
8f Luna Snare 11 Mentally off which will help and hinder her in the games. 8 Smashed in head 6th
9m Folsco Peelt 13 His brother won 4 years ago 3 Bludgeoned with mace 27th
9f Caitlin Sparling 12 Her brother won last year 1 Knife in temple 31st


Pillani Violo 8 Has 3 sisters 9 Knife in chest 2nd (runner-up)

Leena Vertech

11 Is amazing at handling a sickle. 9 Axe in chest 12th
11m Natsu Blein 8 Has had no practise for the games 5 Knife in eye 26th
11f Miesha Sein 9 Wants to die in the games due to child abuse 11 Heart torn out 10th
12m Bonzo Calliien 12 Has had experience with explosives 5 Throat Slashed 29th
12f Sammi Brune 14 Is really loved back in district 12 and will be awesome. 8 Devoured by Mutts 22nd
12m Liam Seen 10 His dad won the 132nd hunger games 8 Froze to death 19th
12f Yasmin Haken 14 Is wierdly obsessed with flowers. 7 Speared in heart 21st

The Arena

The arena is a giant mountain range. The cornucopia is on top of the tallest mountain. Their is five more mountains. One is a volcano, the next one is covered completely in a dedicious forest, the third is covered in a jungle. The fourth is a meadow and the fifth is surrounded in an ocean.


There are four types of new mutts in this arena ( in the forest zone there is jabberjays, tracker jackers and the same wolf mutts in to 74th hunger games but they are all glimmer of foxface style)

Sea Mutts

These mutts are in the ocean section only. They are small and fast. They look like tropical fish but are actually all poisonous and can swim at 70 mph. They attack in swarms and are very common. They inhabit shallow water so the only way to the mountain is to go by the trench route.

Jaguar Mutts

These inhabit the jungle section and the meadow section. They are about the size of a tiger but have green fur and blend in with the grass ( in the meadow) and the leaves of trees ( in the jungle). They will attack instantly and once you get attacked you will die and they do have poison on there claws. They are common in the jungle area but very rare in the meadow mountain.

Midgey Mutt

These are only in the meadow and jungle areas. They swarm and groups and nibble on flesh. On there own they are harmless but in a group they will strip a human of there flesh within seconds. They are so common in the meadow but very rare in the jungle. They hang around fresh water only and do not go under water.

Lava/ Ice Mutt

The lava mutt is only on the peak of the volcano mountain and the ice mutt is only on the cornucopia mountain. The both incaptivate there prey by their smell and with the sounds of pleeing animaly but then they atack with claws and ice or fire. They then slowly eat there victim. The lava mutt can incase itselves in flame and the ice mutt can cause a chill that causes instant death to humans. They are the same creature just different elements.

Chariot Rides

If you want to tell me any costume ideas please say and ill include them

District Male Female
1 He is wearing a black suit with a black net over him, suddenly there is a flash of light and his suit is covered in diamonds Same but with a dress.
2 They are dressed in armor, really boring. They are dressed in armor, really boring.
3 He is covered in wires which appear to have electricity skating around them, his hair is all spiked up. She is dressed like a mad scientist, they are more impressed by the male tributes from 3
4 They are dressed like tropical fish by wearing brightly coloured suits The same but with dresses
5 He is wearing a suit made of solar panels, as the chariot moves on little lights begin to glow then explode leavong him wearing and suit in flames to represent power, everyone loves it. Same but with flames that are blue and green.
6 They are dressed like mechanics, the capitol hate these outfits Same
7 Same but with a suit They are both wearing massive ballgown dresses made of oragami like paper, as they cross into the centre circle they set on fire, leaving sparkling gold jumpsuits.
8 He is wearing a suit made of loads of different patches of material, it looks nice but unoriginal Same but with a dress
9 They are dressed as scarecrows Same
10 They are dressed as cows Same
11 He is wearing tight silver pants and their bodies have been spray painted gold, they look like mini oscars, people love them, She is wearing a long silver dress and has been spray painted gold, her hair is intwined with wheat, people think she is gorgeous.
12 Same but with a black suit, some people think they are copyinjg 1. Sammi and Jasmin are wearing a long black cloak that wraps around her body exentuating her curves, as the chariot moves further small yellow, red and orange gems appear on the dress making it look like she has been emmersed in flames.


1st- District 5

2nd- District 7

3rd- District 1

4th- District 11

5th- District 4

6th- District 12

7th- District 3

8th- District 8

9th- District 2

10th- District 9

11th- District 10

12th- District 6

Shock Announcement

On the second day of training Ethan Stone was beheaded when Troy Ventura accidentaly threw a sword at him, no actions will be taken on Ventura as his hands were slippery from wrestling. Ethans cousin says " HE KILLED HIM, he hated Ethan since he was the toughest tribute, HE KILLED HIM SO HE COULD BE THE LEADER, I HATE THAT STUPID TRIBUTE, I WILL KILL HIM" though Katelynn Huxley fellow career says " It was an accident, Troy wouldnt hurt a fly".

Training Scores

1: Pheonix Jordan- 7

1: Katelynn Huxley- 11

2: Troy Ventura- 11

2: Cammie Bradshaw- 9

3: John Carter- 8

3: Suzanne Vilgor- 6

3: Jamis Bont- 5

3: Laris Bont- 6

4: Ethan Stone- N/A

4: Lucy Brads- 9

4: Liir Fluor- 10

4: Pisca Lee- 9

5: Krex Lavermon- 4

5:Petra Liit- 11

6: Ligh- 4

6: Tomara Summer- 10

7: Devon East- 10

7: Chlys Savoir- 10

7: Pamline Falcone- 10

7: Sarys Savoir- 10

8: Sebastian Klein- 8

8: Luna Snare- 8

9:Folsco Peelt- 3

9: Caitlin Sparling- 1

10: Pillani Violo- 9

10: Leena Vertech- 9

11: Natsu Blein- 5

11: Miesha Sein- 11

12: Bonzo Callien- 5

12: Sammi Brune- 8

12: Liam Seen- 8

12: Yasmin Haken- 7


Dejanja: Hello and welcome to the 150th Hunger Games interviews, I am Dejanja Letterman and I would like to introduce Katelynn Huxley...

Katelynn: Whats up Capitol

(cheers from the crowd)

Dejanja: Soooo you volonteered this year, why did you do it?

Katelynn: This 8 year old got reaped and I instantly knew she would suck so I volonteered.

Dejanja: Wow so noble

Katelynn: I know


Dejanja: ohhhhh thats your time up! Now lets welcome Pheonix Jordan.......


Dejanja: Soooo who will you be going after in the arena?

Pheonix: Ummmmm

Dejanja: Who was that I didnt hear

Pheonix: Mmmmmmmk

Dejanja: SPEAK UP

Pheonix: I SAID......


Dejanja: Oh to late, now lets welcome Cammie Bradshaw.........

Cammie: Hey hey hey

Dejanja: Hey hey hey to you to, so are you going to be a career and if so who is in this pack?

Cammie: Im a career ofcoarse and I think its Katelynn, Troy, Liir, Devon from Seven, ohh look that ryhmed, Pheonix and Miesha.

Dejanuja: Woah, a spread out pack, and only one from 4...

Cammie: Wait I forgot Pisca, silly me,


Dejanja: Well lets welcome the infamous, Troy Ventura.

Troy: TEE ARE OHHH WHY, What does it spell

Capitol: TROY

Dejanja; Wowww big entrance, but straight to the point, did you mean to kill Ethan.

Crowd shushes

Troy: NO why would I do that, hes a strong fighter and would be useful in the arena, but I could still take him


4 guards rush on the stage and drag Lucy off to the side

Dejanja: Well, quite a show but we all belive you dont we


Dejanja: Well lets all welcome Suzane Vilgor

Suzan: Hi

Dejanja:Soo what do you think will make you win?

Suzane: Nothing, Im gonna lose, I suck compared to all the other tributes.

Dejanja: Okay.....


Dejanja: Well lets have someone who hasnt given up, welcome John Carter...

John: Hey Dejanja, how you doing

Dejanja: Fine but were here to see you, so what do you think of your fellow tributes?

John: Only 3 scare me, well 2 now as one was Ethan

Dejanja: So who are they?

John: Miesha from 11 and Katelynn from 1.

Dejanja: Why those tw...


Dejanja: Well time up, lets welcome Laris Bont.....

Laris: No, I will not talk....

Dejanja: Why...


(Sit there akwardley for 3 minutes)


Dejanja: Nopw that thats ove lets welcome Jamis Bont, ohhh come on another one,


Dejanja: Im not even gonna bother



Dejanja: Finally that over now lets introduce Luc.... No shes not here, so lets got to Pisca Lee.....

Pisca: Hey

Dejanja: So, do you think its right to blame Troy.

Pisca: Yes, he is a cruel monster, I will kill him if Lucy doesnt, Kill him in the arena is ok but not in the capitol, its just savage. Im not a career, theres anothe alliance bigger than the carrees and we will kill them all.


Dejanja: Woah thats a shock, well lets welcome Liir Fluor

Liir: Wooooooooooh

Dejanja: Simple Question, are you scared of this alliance?

Liir: No, Its full of weakling.

Dejanja: So you know whos in it ?

Liir: Ohhh yeh, its Pisaca, Lucy, all from 7 other than Devan, all from 8 and the females from 12.

Dejanja: Woow 9 people.

Liir: No 7, the 8s arent in it.


Dejanja: Ok thanks, lets welocome Petra Liit.

Petra: Hallo

Dejanja: So Petra whats your strategy in the games?

Petra: Kill with no remorse, I will ally with people, then kill people, not my allies, but anyone else.

Dejanja: Wooow, well the capitol always loves the savage ladies,

Petra: Iam savage lady, I wish I was career


Dejanja: well that was Petra..... Lets welcome Krex Lavermon...

Krex: Hey

Dejanja: Well first of all you look dashing tonight doesnt he,

(capitol cheers in aproval)

Krex: I make look nice, but I am outshined by the star that is you. I must say I have never seen a more dashing man.

Dejanja: Ohhh your laying on the flattery quite thick...

Krex: Only where its needed,

Dejanja: Now down to bui....


Dejanja: Woow doesnt time fly, well lets welcome Tomara Summer..

Tomara: Hey Dejanja.

Dejanja: Well hi, so are you another Savage lady, like Petra

Tomara: Yes, I think me and her would make a good alliance, along with any other savage ladies.

Dejanja: Who would that include?

Tomara: Katelynn from 1, Cammie fron 2, Lucy and Pisca from 4, Chlys and Sarys from 7, Leena from 10 and Miesha from 11.

Dejanja: Wow a whole bunch.


Dejanja: Well thats time up, lets welcome Ligh

Ligh: Hi

Dejanja: Well Ligh whats your favourite part of the capitol?

Ligh: The architechture, its all so stunning, in district 6 its all plain but here its... its....

Dejanja: Marvelous, spectacular, aw inspiering?

Ligh: Its just....


Dejanja: Welllll lets welcome Sarys Savoir....

Sarys: Hello

Dejanja: So how do you feel that Tomara is calling you a savage girl?

Sarys: Thankful, it shows atleast someone thinks im ok.

(crowds hearts break)

Dejanja; You are just the cutest

Sarys: Thank you


Dejanja: Well lets say bye to Sarys and hello to Devon East..

Devon: Hi Dejanja, its so nice to be here.

Dejanja: Well its nice to have you here

Devon: Thanks, not many people like me, they think im a bit..... stuck up.

Dejanja: Well youll fit into the capitol perfectly.

(crowd laughs)

Devon: I know, Ive never felt as at home as I do now.


Dejanja: Well onto the second Savoir, Chlys....

Chlys: Hi

Dejanja: What do you think would happen if in the arena it came down to you and your sister?

Chlys: I would take out my knife, knock her out then kill myself, I wouldnt want her watching me die.

Dejanja: Awww how sweet. Well I hope one of you dies in the bloodbath so that doesnt happen.

Chlys: Thanks....i think.


Dejanja: Ok finally from 7 its Pamline Falcone

Pamline: Just call me Line.

Dejanja: Ok ,Line, why do I recognise you.

Line: My sister was in the games last year.

Dejanja: How did she die and what place did she come?

Line: 7th and a type of lizard mutt ate her, we didnt even get to bury her.

Dejanja: Ohhh how sad


Dejanja: Well now onto 8, Luna Snare

Luna: myborterhdade

Dejanja: What was that?

Luna: My Brothers dead

Dejanja: Ok thats sad, but how do you think youll do in the games?

Luna get up and stomps around the stage


Starts hitting Dejanja


Guards come on and take a screamin Luna off the stage


Dejanja: Well a bit late now but onto Sebastian Klein

Sebastian: Hey

Dejanja: Well I hope your not another psycho from 8

Crowds laughs are interupted by the bashing sound off Sebastians fist meeting Dejanjas face.


More guards rush onstage and drag Sebastian off.

30 minutes later a bandaged up Dejanja returns to his seat

Dejanja: Wow I hope Ill forget that, now lets welcome Caitlin Sparling.

Caitlin: Hello

Dejanja: Hello to you to, so you got a 1, how did that feel.

Caitlin: Not to shocked, I suck, Im gonna die

Dejanja: Unfortunately I think we agree, but atleast you got the posh treatment just before your death.

Caitlin: Yeh thats a small perk.


Dejanja: Well now onto Folsco Peelt.

Folsco: (he makes some symbols with his hands that no one understands)

Caitlin: HES DEAF

The confusion wipes off Dejanjas face

They sit their for 3 minutes no knowing what to do until...


Dejanja: Well glad thats over, now onto Leena Vertech..

Leena; Hey, how you doing

Dejanja: Fine what about you

Leena: Still recovering from that embaressment 4 nights ago.

Dejanja: You mean your costumes, well I thought they were very mooo-ving

Roars of laughter from all but the stylists from 10

Leena: They were hideous


Dejanja: Lets all welcome Pillan Violo

Pillani: Hi

Dejanja: Do you have anything to say about your costume

Pillani: No

Dejanja: What about what your wearing tonight?

Pillani: No

Dejanja: Training Score, district partner, the capitol?

Pillani: No, No and No


Dejanja: Wow strong and silent, well lets see what Miesha Seins all about.

A girl in a floor length gown, with stitching so detailed it is shocking walks out. Her hair flows behind her leaving a trail of golden dust.


Miesha: .................


Dejanja: You are gorgeous


Dejanja: What time up already? No dont lea..... I mean lets all welcom Natsu Blein

Natsu: Always nice to see you dont have much of an act to follow.

Crowd chuckles

Dejanja: It just shes so pretty isnt she.

Natsu: Nahh Im more into guys like Sebatian and Ethan.... may he rest in piece.

Dejanja: Your gay

Natsu: Yeh and so is Sebastian

Crowd gasps

Dejanja: What a shock, two gays

Natsu: What you dont gays

Dejanja: No its just a shock to have two of them in our games.


Dejanja: Well lets move swiftly onto Sammi Brune..

Sammi: Heyyyyy

Dejanja: Who frightens you in the arena?

Sammi: Loads of people, mainly the savage girl group, their terrifying.

Dejanja: I know and such a large group of people, Im slightly scared too.

Sammi: Yeh but no one other than them.


Dejanja: Well now off to Bonzo Callien..

Bonzo: ggh

Dejanja: Anyone from home you want to say farewell to?

Bonzo: gghhh my mum gggghh my dad and ghhgg my sister Valerie.

Dejanja: Do you love your family?

Bonzo: gghgg ofcoarse ghghhg im fhghg not a monster gghhhg

Dejanja: So nice


Dejanja: Yaxmin Haken....

Yasmin: Hiya

Dejanja: Tell me about your reaping? Were you scared?

Yasmin: I was terrified. Then when my name was called I felt a bit of relief, I hope there is flowers, I love flowers. Daisies and Foxtrt are beautiful, I love flowers


Dejanja: Boy can she talk, and last but not least Liam Seen..


Dejanja: Well what do you like best about the capitol?

Liam: I have a few things, the food, the people, the fashion, the architecture, the transport, the people, the drinks, the TV, the city ohh and did i mention the PEOPLE

Dejanja: Wo you sure like it here

Liam: Can I make a small request, if I win, can I come and live here.

Dejanja: Im sure it can be arranged


Dejanja: Give it up for the tributes of the 150th Hunger Games

The Appeal Placing

1st- Katelynn from 1

2nd- Sarys from 7

3rd- Miesha from 11

4th- Troy from 2

5th- Liir from 4

6th- Chlys from 7

7th- Cammie from 2

8th- Tomara from 6

9th- Petra from 5

10th- Pheonix from 1

11th- Krex from 5

12th- Leena from 10

13th- Pamline from 7

14th- Pillani from 10

15th- Liam from 12

16th- Sammi from 12

17th- John from 3

18th- Ligh from 6

19th- Devon from 7

20th- Suzane from 3

21st- Yasmin from 12

22nd- Pisca from 4

23rd- Natsu from 11

24th- Bonzo from 12

25th- Caitlin from 9

26th- Folsco from 9

27th- Laris from 3

28th- Jamis from 3

29th- Sebastian from 8

30th- Lucy from 4

31st- Luna from 8

The Games

Day 1

The tributes rise onto their platforms and all they can see is white, a snow storm has blocked their view of not only the arena but of the cornucopia, some are still in shock when the gong goes. 7 tributes are at the cornucopia by the time the snow dies down.

Line (7) , Chlys (7) and Sarys (7) gram supplies and weapons and dissapear over the hill, Lucy (4) and Pisca (4) follows them and forms and alliance with them. They head towards the forest mountain.

Katelynn (1) throws a knife which hits Caitlin (9) in the temple, her body crumples to the ground as Troy (2) spears Jamis (3). Both are dead

Laris (3) and Sebastian (8) form an alliance and defend Luna (8) as she grabs supplies, all 3 run out but Laris (3) is tackled by Bonzo (12). Luna (8) slashes his throat but not before he gets a knife in Laris's stomach. Laris (3) dies a few seconds later. Luna (8) and Sebastian (8) go to the volcano not knowing its true identity.

Pheonix (1) picks up a mace but is shoved by Liir (4), who steals the mace and bludgeons Folsco (9) to death. Pheonix (1) picks up a knife and runs after Natsu (11).

Tomara (6), Miesha (11) and Petra (5) all form an alliance and head off to the jungle mountain with 3 packs, a sword and 2 spears.

Sammi (12) runs off with 2 packs and 2 axes and head towards the meadow mountain.

Yazmin (12) also runs to the forest mountain but with no suplies.

Leena (10) runs to the centre of the cornucopia and picks up a tent, 2 swords and a case of food, Pillani (10) goes with her to the ocean as they think its a source of food.

Natsu (11) finally trips and Pheonix (1) catchs up, but he cant kill him so he lets him go. Katelynn (1) sees him and throws 2 knife. One hits Natsus (11) eye killing him instantly, the second loges in Pheonixs (1) side leaving him to a slow painful death.

The careers, Katelynn (1), Troy (2), Cammie (2), Liir (4) and Devon (7), kill Suzane (3) and Ligh (6) by beheading and stabbing but let Krex (5), Liam (12) and John (3) join into their ranks.

9 cannons sound signalling the end of the bloodbath.

Luna and Sebastian (both 8) are resting in a cave safely with water and food.

Line, Chlys, Sarys ( all 7) are safely tied up a tree with food and water. They see Yasmin walk by but let her live. Pisca and Lucy (both 4) are on the ground as they dont feel safe up trees.

Sammi (12) crashes into a pool of water at the meadow. As she is resting she feels a knip at her shoulder. When she turns around she sees a swarm of small bugs. They quickly devour her leaving nothing but bone. Her cannon goes.

The careers have decided to stay on top the mountain as it allows no places to spy on them. They divy up the supplies and go to sleep.

Leena (10) and Pillani (10) have set up bas on the side of the ocean, neither wants to get in as they cant swim. Leena is thinking of breaking the alliance as it doesnt feel right.

Yasmin has stumbled upon a field full of flowers in the middle of the forest, she squeals with glee and colapses into them. She sets up base here.

The anthem is sounded and the faces shown.

Pheonix from 1

Laris from 3

Suzane from 3

Jamis from 3

Ethan from 4

Ligh from 6

Caitlin from 9

Folsco from 9

Natsu from 11

Sammi from 12

Bonzo from 12

11 dead, 21 to go.

Day 2

When Pillani (10) wakes up he sees no Leena (10) and half of the supplies have gone, he knows they probably wont see eachother again so he packs up and heads back to the cornucopia mountain to hide in a cave.

Luna (8) and Sebastian (8) both went hunting last night hoping to find some tributs to pick off. Th is morning they wake up in their cave to hear a rumbling. Sebastian (8) steps outside to see what it is before running back in screaming to run. He and Luna (8) grab supplies and bolt down the mountain. Luna (8) turns around to see the top of the mountain being blown off. They manage to reach the bottom just in time. They both rest on a rock about 10 metres obove ground height.

Devon (7) and Liir (4) wake up earlier than the other careers and decide to go hunting down the base of the mountain. They head down and then they see Pillani (10) sitting on a rock. They try to sneak up on him but Pillan (10) hears them and bolts towards the forest. He runs straight through the forest getting closer to where the flower meadow is. He finally falls in the meadow waking Yasmin (12). Yasmin (12) jumps up just to recieve a spear in her heart, her last thought is atleast shes beside flower, when her cannon goes. Liir is congratulating Devon on his forst kill, and Pillani manges to sneak away.

Nothing else happens that day as the 7,7,7,4 and 4 alliance stay in their trees and the savage girls have made camp ontop the Jungle mountain.

The anthem plays and 1 face is shown-

Yasmin from 12

Day 3

Katelynn (1) wakes up first to see a ring of weired blue seals surrounding the camp. She isnt fooled by their smell or appearence and wakes everyone else up. Her, Troy (2), Cammie (2) and Krex (5) all instantly run down the side of the mountain but Liir (4), Liam (12), John (3) and Devon (7) are all staring at them almost intrsaced by them. Then one of them attacks, it slashes Devons (7) stomach open with on swift move. His cannon goes as the top of the mountain develops into anorchy. Liir (4) easily kills 3 with his sword and then follows the other careers down the hill, Liam (12) tries to follow him but is stopped by a chill that stops his heart insatantly. His canon goes as John (3) runs down the hill. The remaining beasts tear through their camp and Devon (7) and Liams (12) bodies are remove.

Luna (8) and Sebastian (8) are facing a similar struggle on theeir rock. They are surrounded by 3 lava mutts and are sloowly being forced off the rock. Sebastian (8) smashes one of their heads in with a rock while Luna (8) is kicking at another. Lava is slowly forming around their rock. One of the mutts jumps at Luna (8) and is about to slash her throat open but Sebastian (8) tackles it into the lava, Luna (8) manages to grab Sebastians (8) hand before he falls and pulls him to safety. They are now trapped on that rock with minimum supplies.

Leena (10) finds the savage girls and they let her join their alliance, they begin to head over to the forest as they dont feel safe in the jungle.

Line (7) and Pisca (4) went out hunting in the morning as they are running out of food, they find Pillani (10) but he refuses their offer of an alliance and runs higher up the mountain. Then they find Katelynn (1), Troy (2), Cammie (2) and Krex (5). They spy on them for a while and decide that tthe day after tommorow they will attack them.

Liir (4) finds the 4 other careers but John (3) goes in the completely wrong direction.

The anthem plays and 2 face are shown

Devon from 7

Liam from 12

Day 4

Nothing much happens other than the 7,7,7,4 and 4 alliance prepears for its attack

Day 5

The lava has dissapeared over night and Luna (8) and Sebastian (8) move towards the ocean as they think it might have food.

Pisca (4) received a trident in the night.

Katelynn (1) and Troy (2) both recieved gifts, Troy received a bag of rolls and Katelynn receive 12 throwing knifes and a sword. Suddenly they get attacked, Liir (4) stands up but is killed when a stone thrown by Chlys (7) hits his temple. His cannon goes. Troy (2) and Line (7) are fighting sword to axe and are both very skilled. Sarys is up a tree throwing stones into the fray. Chlys (7) and Cammie (2) are fighting hand to hand while Pisca (4) is using her trident to deflect Krexs (5) blows. Another cannon goes as Katelynns (1) knife lodges in Piscas (4) wind pipe. Sarys (7) and Chlys (7) both flee and so do Cammie (2) and Krex (5). Katelynn (1) is now fighting Lucy (4) while the battle between Line (7) and Troy (2) continues. Katelynn get a luck swipe and hacks Lucys (4) arm off. With her last effort she throws a rock at Troy (2) which lodges in her eye. His cannon goes then hers. Katelynn (1) and Line (7) share one last look then flee in opposite directions.

The savage girls have made it to the opposite side of the mountain where they are setting base, they have lots of food and water and are safe for the time being.

Pillani is resting on route to the meadow mountain as hes seen to many people in the forest section.

The anthem plays and 4 faces show-

Troy from 2

Pisca from 4

Lucy from 4

Liir from 4

Day 6 and 7

Nothing happens other than Pillani (10) reaches the meadow and receives a scythe and sickle.

Day 8

Petra recieves an axe

Leena (10) is getting anxious about her allies and decides to leave tonight, she thinks about asking Tomara (6) but decides against it.

Sebastian and Luna (both 8) are still safe at the sea, Sebastian (8) decides to go swCimming while Luna (8) goes looking for food. About ten minutes later Luna (8) hears screams coming from their camp. She rushes back to see Sebastian (8) thrashing about with a swarm a fish biting him. Luna (8) manages to drag him out.He is covered in blood and is foaming at the mouth. The next hour is filled with screams from both the tributes from 8, it appears Luna (8) has gone into one of her depressions. This attracts the attention of John Carter (3) who appears as Sebastians (8) cannon goes. John (3) contemplates killing her but decides to comfort her. He approaches but Luna (8) believes he is trying to kill her a whirls around and shoves him into the sea the flees. He looks shocked the feels pain. Johns (3) cannon goes 1 hour later.

The 3 from 7 decide to leave the forest and head to the jungle.

The 3 remaining careers stay put.

At around 11pm when Leena (10) is on watch she decides to leave. She take some stuff and starts to head. Petra (5) wakes to see her fleeing and instantly grabs her axe and chases her. Leena (10) spins around with her sword and deflects the swing from the axe which smashes the sword blade. Leena (10) tries to remove a knife from her pocket but is stopped when Petra (5) severs her hand with a swing of her axe. Leena (10) cowers in fear and Petra (5) implants her axe in Leenas (10) stomach. Her cannon wakes Miesha (11) and Tomara (6). Petra (5) realising that it must look like she killed Leena (10) for no reason picks up Leenas (10) pack and flees with axe in hand. She reaches the outskirts of the forest and falls asleep.

The anthem plays and 3 faces are shown

John from 3

Sebastian from 8

Leena from 8

Day 9

Nothing happens other than Petra (5) fleeing to the ocean.

Day 10

An announcement wake the remaining 11 tributes " Congratulations the final 11, today we are sending in a little....task for you. If you suceed you will be rewarded, if not you will already be dead, remember, may the odds be ever in your favour".

Most tributes shrug off this but some are concerned. Line (7) and Katelynn (1) decide both that it is time to break their alliances. Line (7) gets up early, takes his axe and a few other supplies and leaves.

Katelynn (1) decides to kill her reamaining allies. She gets up to find Cammie (2) has gone. She is slightly angry and quickly slits Krexs (5) throat then storms off.

Tamora (6) and Miesha (11) are the first to get their task. 2 giant emu like mutts storm into their clearing knocking down everything in their paths. Tomara (6) picks up a vine and hooks it round one of the birds neck bringing it crashing to the ground. She then swiftly slits its throat. A small package comes down full of small sweets from district 6 and 2 knifes. Miesha (11) is having harder time with her beast. It has chased her up a tree. She throws items at but nothing works and then in one moment it leaps up and rips Mieshas (11) heart out. Her cannon goes as the bird tears away back into the forest.

Cammie (2) is wondering through the forest nibbleing on one of the rolls Troy got when her task arrived. A giannt snake, about 12m long, emerged out of the bushes. It instantly striked but Cammie (2) rolled out of the way. She set off at a fast run but the snake was just as fast, she stopped behind a massive oak and heard the snake crash into the tree. She jumped out and slashed at the snake cutting it deeply, it writhed in pain before falling down dead. Cammie (2) let out a sigh of relief before feeling a sudden pain in her back. She fell to the ground and her last sight was Katelynn (1) walking up to her and pulling out her knife. Her cannon goes and then a package falls down with a pot of sugared lemons and a fold down spear.

Petra (5) has finally made it to the ocean and is taking a rest when her trial begins. A massive spider comes clambering out of the water covered in mini spiders. Petra (5) jumps up and runs. It chases her all the way to the meadow where Pillani jumps out from behind a rock and beheads it in a swift move. Petra (5) and him make a deal that Petra (5) will help Pillani (10) when his task comes. She receives a full meal which she shares with Pillani (10).

Chlys (7) and Sarys (7) wake up to find 2 eagles flying at them with trmendous speed. Sarys (7) easily kills her one by making it fly into a tree, which knocked it out, then decapitating it. She returns to find a bloody mess. Her sister is standing over the dead Eagle with a chunk out her stomach. She falls to the ground and her cannon goes. Line (7) walks into the scene and looks shocked. Sarys (7) picks up her sisters sword and charges at him. Line (7) does nothing to defend himself and dies peacefully. His cannon goes. Sarys (7) recieves 2 parachutes, one full of pictures of her family and another one full of sweets and candy. She weeps herself to sleep.

Katelynn (1) is attacked by a butterfly that is easily killed. She recieves a set of different blades, 20 in total.

Pillanis (10) trial is 7 turtle creatures. Petra (5) kills 3 and Pillani (10) kills 4. They go their seperate ways and Pillani (10) receives another full meal.

Luna (8) is not attacked at all but stays crying in her place. She decides that suicide is what she wants and smashes herself over the head with a rock. With her last thought she realises her challenge was to not let herself kill herself. Her last words are " I can see my Brother" then seconds later she drifts into the void. A cannon goes.

The anthem plays and 6 faces show.

Cammie from 2

Frex from 5

Line from 7

Chlys from 7

Luna from 8

Miesha from 11

Day 11

Nothing happens on day 11

Day 12

An announcement wakes the 5 remaining tributes. "Congrats to the final 5 of the 150th Hunger Games, you have all done well to make it this far. To spice things up we have removed everybodies supplies, weapons and other things. We will be sending you all the same supplies, other than the weapons. They will appear soon. And remember may the odds be ever in your favour" Most tributes are shocked but Katelynn (1) is furious as she had the most supplies.

A bag floats down to all the tributes, Katelynns (1) is a pale blue, Petras (5) is a sickly green, Tomaras (6) is a bright yellow, Sarys's (7) is an orangey red and Pillanis (10) is jet black. They all contain a small loaf of bread, a litre of water and an apple. All are a bit confused as theirs no weapons.

Sarys (7) is the first to receive her second package, it floats down and lands next to her. She quickly opens and it contains A bow and a quiver of arrows, 12 in total. Sitting next to it in the box is a small vial of a blue liquid. She presumes its poison and douses 8 of the arrows in it and resumes her place in the treetops.

Katelynn (1) receives hers next, she gets a number of different throwing knifes, 6 in total.

Tomara (6) sees her package, 2 short swords, float down. She runs over to get them when she is attacked. 2 wolfs leap out of the forest and pounce. 1 of them is blonde and has stunning green eyes and the second is small with ginger fur and amber eyes. The red one naws at her legs while the blonde one savagley attacks the face. Tomara (6) tries to fight them off but lacks a weapon and goes down. Moments later a cannon sounds.

Petras (5) gift is 5 throwing axes and Pillanis (10) was a set of 3 different lengthed spears. They both decide to set off to the forest and collide on the way there. Petra (5) sees him first and throws one of her axes. It misses Pillani (10) by a fair bit but the second one hits his leg. He screams in pain as he topples over. He retrives the axe from his leg and chucks it in the direction of Petra (5). Petra (5) who is laughing gets unlucky as the axe Pillani (10) threw lodges in her stomach. She topples down and Pillani (10) regains his footing and finishes Petra (5) off with one of his spears. Her cannon goes.

Katelynn (1) has been scouring the forest all day looking for victims. She has been getting more anxious as each cannon sounds. She comes across a clearing which Sarys's (7) tree borders on and rests. Sarys (7) noticing Katelynn (1) and removes an arrow knocking a branch on the movement. Katelynn (1) twirls around and throws a knife in the direction of Sarys (7). It misses but the second one hits the tree next to Sarys (7). She shoots an arrow but misses by a long shot but Katelynns (1), now knowing an exact location, third knife does not. It causes Sarys (7) to fall out the tree and have all of her arrows jab her. The poison tipped ones cause the poison to seap into her blood, she slowly dies under the watchful eye of Katelynn (1). Her cannon doesnt go for another 4 hours and all you can hear are the painful moans of Sarys (7) and Katelynns (1) laughs. Katelynn (1) in the end slashes Sarys's (7) throat open.

THe anthem plays and 3 faces are shown-

Petra from 5

Tomara from 6

Sarys from 7

Pillani (10) makes it to the forest just before midnight and turns to see a wierd mist glow over the remaining arena. When is clears he sees nothing. He knows that the final will happen tomorrow in the forest.

Day 13

A storm comes during the morning sending out a substantial amount of rain. It quickly fills the arena forcing Katelynn Huxley (1) and Pillani Violo (10) to move to the top of the mountain. It stops when only the very peak is out of the ocean of rain.

Pillani (10) steps up to the edge of the water, thinkling of all the terrible moments in the arena. Sudenly their is a flash in the sky and a video begins to play. Pillani (10) begins to watch and sees the most horrible thing

The first thing it shows is a line of bodies, 30 tributes of the 150th Hunger Games. You have the almost perfectly kept ones like Pisca (4) and Lucy (4) and then the bloody piles that were humans like Tomara (6) and Sebastian (8). THen the second bit plays.

It shows a blonde girl running to the cornucopia then receiving a knife in the temple. A name flashes up with a 31 next to it. Pillani (10) realises it was Caitlin from 9.

Next it shows Jamis from 3 being speared by Troy from 2 with a 30 next to it.

Then Bonzo from 12 having his throat slashed by Luna from 8. 29.

Laris from 3 knifed in the stomach by Bonzo. 28.

Folsco being smashed in the head by Liir. 27.

Natsu and Pheonix being impaled by knifes thrown by Katelynn. 26, 25.

Suzane having her head chopped off by Cammie and Ligh being stabbed by Katelynn. 24, 23.

Sammie being devoured by bugs. 22.

Yasmin being killed by Devon cause he led them there. 21.

Devon having his stomach slashed open. 20.

Liam being froze by the breath of a seal. 19.

Liir being hit in the temple by Chlys. 18.

Pisca having a knife in the windpipe. 17.

Lucy killing Troy seconds before Katelynns wound finishes her off. 16, 15.

Sebastian flailing around as the fishes kill him. 14.

John being shoved into the water by Luna to have the same fate as her partner. 13.

Leena, the one he had begun the games with, being struck in the chest with an axe. 12.

Krex having his throat slit in his sleep by Katelynn. 11.

Miesha having her heart torn out by the Emu mutt. 10

Cammie being knifed in the back by his rival, Katelynn. 9.

Chlys having a lump of her stomach ripped out by an eagle mutt. 8.

Line walking into a sobbing Sarys then being impaled by the same person. 7.

Luna picking up a knife and plunging it into her heart. 6.

Tomara being ripped to pieces by two wolf mutts. 5.

Petra having her final laugh then being mercilously killed by himself. 4.

Then 8 year old Sarys writhing in pain, moaning as Katelynn laughs the quicklt slits her throat. 3.

Then it went dark. Pillani (10) began to think about what he saw. Katelynn (1) had killed 9 people. Was he going to be the 10th he was thinking when a second thing appeared in the sky. 3 figures, 2 of which he recognised.

Katelynn (1) was laughing about how pathetic her main rival was. He had made 1 kill and that was only because of luck. She thought about moving when a second thing appeared in the sky. SHe recognised 2 of the 3 people on the couch. One was Dejanja Letterman and the second was her mother.

Dejanja: Welcome to the final day of the 150th Hunger Games, here Im joined with Malanie Violo, Pillanis older sister and, well we all remember her due to her victory in the first ever 1 day Hunger Games, Victor of the 139th Hunger Games Seila Huxley.

Seila and Malanie: Hello.

Dejanja: Well lets start with Malanie. How do you feel about how your brother is doing so far?

Malanie: Hes done amazingly, hes going to win through survival not through killing. He'll only make 2 kills in this compitition, not 9.

Dejanja: Oooh a back handed slap. So you have confidence in his talent?

Malanie: Of coarse. He killed one of the most vicious tributes, Petra Liit, with only a leg wound.

Dejanja: Ohh that was a good moment, lets see a clip of that.

A clip od Pillani killing Petra is shown. Crowd cheers when Petras cannon sounds.

Dejanja: Yes well she did get an 11, but so did Troy and he came 16th.

Malanie: So did Katelynn and shes still fighting. I will see my brother again, no matter what.

Dejanja: Well only time will tell so lets move onto the mother of the crowd favourite, Seila Huxley.

Seila: Hiiii

Dejanja: Hiiii aswell, Katelynn has always stood out in this years games. Her chariot placed 3rd after 5 and 7 which are both gone. She got an eleven along with Troy and Petra but now there bothe dead. And just before the games she was placed 1st in the appeal placing whereas Pillanis chariot came 11th just ahead of 6, he only got a 9 which put 13 people ahead or drawing with him and in listing of appeal he placed 14th behind Line and Leena.

Seila: Yes, he is nothing compared to my darling Katelynn. Ofcoarse she does have 2 victors as parents.

Dejanja: Ofcoarse, Lianold Huxley is your husband, victor of the 133rd Hunger Games. He was the one who got 16 kills, the most ever.

Seila: Yes, though I nearly caught him with my 14 kills.

Dejanja: Both of you killed the District 10 male, correct.

Seila: Yes, he was my first kill and Lianolds last.

Dejanja: District 10 male tributes really do hold a special place in your family.

Seila: I suppose they do.

Dejanja: Well now on to the biggest thing, she has killed 9 tributes.

Seila: Yes if I remember correctly she killed, in order of death, Caitlin from 9, Natsu from 11, Pheonix from 1, Ligh from 6, Pisca and Lucy from 4, Krex from 5, Cammie from 2 and Sarys from 7.

Dejanja: Thats alot, so one last thing. Anything you want to say to your family in the arena. as this is being broadcast across the sky in the arena. Malanie?

Malanie: Run and Hide, dont face her in head on battle or you will die. Sobotaugue her.

Dejanja: Seila?

Seila: Remember one thing, stay still. Let him come to you, you have enough food to last you until day 15, and remember we all love you.

Dejanja: Well its been a plaesure having you both, everyone give it up for the families of the girl with the knifes, Katelynn Huxley and the strong silent beast, Pillani Violo.

The sky went back to its pale blue and both tributes saw eachother.

In the time of the second video all of the trees, bushes, rocks and water on the peak of the mountain had vanished leaving an empety expance. Katelynn (1) made the first move and threw one of her remaining 4 knifes. Pillani (10) was so shocked he only had enough time to raise a spear to block. The knife deflected off the spear chopping it in half in the process though. THe knife drops and PillanI (10) swiftly flings the sharp part of the spear which lodges in her calf. She ignores it and runs towards him. Pillani (10) not expecting her to charge flings the other end of the spear at where she was standing. He gets tackled by Katelynn (1) which knocks him to the ground. Katelynn (1) raises her knife and Pillani (10) closes his eyes waiting for death.

Pillani (10) opens his eyes and sees Katelynn (1) crying. She mutters 3 words " I killed every 8 year old in this compition and 5 others. Im a monster." Pillani (10) breaths out realising she was showing remorse but he was wrong. Katelynn (1) plunges the knife into Pillanis (10) stomach and wispers 4 words into Pillanis (10) ear so quietly that the cameras cant hear. " And I love it". A final cannon goes and Katelynn (Victor of 150th Hunger Games) stands to be lifted out of the arena.

Victor Interview

Dejanja: Well, these games were exciting. We had tears as sisters were torn apart, people trusted and people breaking alliances. So lets welcome KATELYNN HUXLEY from District 1.


Dejanja: Well, I must say Iam not suprised to see you sitting in that throne.

Katelynn: Nor am I.

Dejanja: Well lets start at where it all began, the reapings.

Katelynn: Ohhh I loved that day, full of happy memories.

Dejanja: Well wasnt a girl named Sulani Jones reaped?

Katelynn: Ohhh yes, such a weak little thing, I think even that pathetic Caitlin could have taken her.

Dejanja: Welll Im not so sure, a 1 is really a low score.

Katelynn: Well, it is rubbish.

Dejanja: So then in the tribute parade the district 1 chariot came 3rd after Petra, Frex, Pamline, Devon, Chlys and Sarys. Which is still good.

Katelynn: Is good but not good enough. Both my parents came first and I should have aswell.

Dejanja: Yes but in the second stage, the training sessions, you beat them as your mother scored a 9 and your father a 10. So that race you won.

Katelynn: I suppose but its down to you, which of us was best in the interviews, you did do it all of our interviews.

Dejanja: You were the best by a mile.

Katelynn: Cant say Im shocked.

Dejanja: Well now onto the summary of the 150th Hunger Games, cameras, lights and... Katelynn, will you do me the hounour.


A video plays for the next 3 hours going on about how sucessful Katelynn was.

Dejanja: It brought a tear to my eye when you felt guilt at the end, but you must tell us what you said to Pillani at the end.

Katelynn:.......I cant say...... Im sorry.

Dejanja: Ohhh to bad but for now may I welcome the girl with the knifes, the girl who never misses, the one who stole our hearts, the winner of the 150th Hunger Games, KATELYNN HUXLEY.

Capitol: Wooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Katelynn: Good Night everyone.

Victory Tour

All of these are from the point of view of Katelynn.

District 2

I was not loved in 2, I had killed their female tribute Cammie Bradshaw even though she was my ally. We started off going throught the town and I felt a vibe of angst and dismay. I threw my fake knifes into the crowd which turned into candy but only a few kids looked excited. When I went to the stage I did not like looking down into the faces of the Bradshaw family. The Ventura family smiled at me as I had kinda avenged their sons death when I killed Lucy. It was sooo akward when we were sitting in the town hall with my father, who had killed the mayors brother, was there as he was my mentor. I was so relieved to move on to 3.

District 3

District 3 had no problem with me, I had killed no of their tributes and had forced the careers to not kill John. And I had killed Cammie who had killed Suzane. Sooo they cheered for me, took my candy and laugh at my jokes. I was so touched when Johns sister, Lee, came up to me and thanked me. I slipped her a small broach I was wearing, which was solid gold, and hugged her. my dad saw me but he just smiled and beckoned me to come. The meal was nice but still akward as yet again my father had killed, this time an important person from 3, a relative of them. My dad does have a nack of killing people.

District 4

Another akward visit, this was the only district I had killed more than one tribute from, having killed bothe Lucy and Pisca. Liir's family looked happy atleast and Lucy and Ethans families were mixed in with eachother so it was only 3 families I had to face. I was distressed to see that the mayor was Piscas Uncle which made dinner, yet again, super akward. Atleast most of the kids liked me, even though I killed 2 of them, I was still a career and they were still a career district so that softend the blow a bit.

District 5

Another district who hate me, what a shock. I believe the only districts who dont hate me are 3, 8 and 12, or atleast they are the only districts who I had no part in one of their tributes deaths. For 5 I had killed Krex. I have to admit 5 did well this year coming 11th and 5th. Petra was one of the only tributes I feared so I was glad when Pillani killed her. Sooo yeh, atleast this district was fine with my dad as he had killed none of their tributes. I was happy to see Krex had no family. The rest of the day went by fine and then we moved to 6.

District 6

It was the same as any other of the 5 districts I had visited. I had respect for Tomara but I had killed Ligh so they did not care. I had to face it, I would be loved in the Capitol, in the districts though, not so much. But who cares I was alive and Tomara and Ligh werent. They had to face it. I rode throught the town doing my usual bit, waving and yelling but to no prevail. They didnt even boo. The dinner was fun though. Apparently Ligh was a menace and she was glad he was dead. I found that a bit harsh but was glad someone was on my side.

District 7

This was the district I was not looking forward to, their tributes had done amazingly this year. 3rd, 7th, 8th and 20th. Compared to my district, with 25th and 1st, was the best district Id seen. I had respect for all of their tributes and I think they saw that. They applauded me, didnt cheer but it was enough. I spoke for about 20 minutes on their tributes. Sarys was the only tribute I regretted killing. I had watched her there in pain and laughed, I let her feel that way for hours. This is all I thought throughout the day, I couldnt even enjoy the food.

District 8

I didnt mind district 8, I had no contact with either of their tributes, Luna and Sebastian. They had stayed with eachother throughout the games. I had killed Pheonix as soon as I saw he was weak. This is the thought that caused me to cry. Infront of the whole of Panem, I cried. I regretted this as this was the day I regretted winning.

District 9

I didnt like nine, their tributes were pathetic, I mean a one and a three. Its abismall. I killed Caitlin though so they hated me, so no change there. It was sooo akward at dinner as Folscos father is the Mayor and Liir, my fellow career killed him soooo akward.

District 10

This district truly had a reason to hate me, I mean they had come so close to winning and then I had removed that from them with my killing of Pillani Violoin or whatever his name is. I felt a wierd pain in my heart when I saw a girl in tears on Pillanis side, Her name was Malanie, she was the one Dejanja interviewed. I went down to see her and hugged her. She was shocked but pleased. I felt better after this but this wasnt the end of my trauma.

District 11

For the last few nights I had had visions of each of the tributes I killed killing me the same way. Knifes all over me, poison in my veins and then I was in my room on the train, my body hanging from a rope. I think I was going crazy. Nothing special happened today, they didnt cheer as I had killed Natsu but I didnt care.

District 12

12 cheered. I had killed none of their tributes, they hated 8 and 12 and the bug mutts and the seal mutts. but not me. But I still felt wierd. My stomach was cramping, I ended up puking when we were parading throught the streets and had to cancel the rest. Now I was onto the capitol.


Nothing happened her either. I was puking all night, my bones ached and my skin was pale, i looked like I was dead like Pillani, Sarys, Pheonix and 28 other kids. they sent me straight home along with about 60 capitol doctors. Atleast I was going home, home to be a victor.

District 1

When I woke up I saw my mum and dad, they were both crying and then I saw the doctor. I asked him what was wrong witme and he said this " Im so sorry Katelynn but, when you were in the arena one of the mutts layed its eggs in your body, these will hatch and eat you inside out so we have to kill you" I look down at my body and see a saw hacking through my body Im about to scream when I realise its a dream, even though its a dream I never wake up. A cannon sounds.

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