The Quell

From a Capitol kids POV..

Everyone was shocked when President Tornado's face appeared on screen, he said words that Im sure would shock everyone, " To show that not even the Districts could predict every attack from the Capitol, this years Hunger Games will be counted as a Quarter Quell" he removed a golden envelope from jis pocket, opened it and began to read out what it says " To show that even in a battle you are truely alone, no alliances will be allowed and any that are formed will be destroyed". He placed the envelope on a table and walked off. I instantly ran downstairs in glee, I could tell this would change the whole games.

From a District 7 kids POV..

I was terrified after he announced the suprise quell, I was scared up until he actually announced the quell. No alliances meant no career pack, which meant that the most vicious tributes in the game would be hunting eachother aswell as us, it would be a more bloody year as it would be one on one the whole way and no seven on one action. I knew these games were going to be different.

From a District 2 kids POV..

I hate the capitol, I always wanted to be in the games cause our district has one the most years, mainly due to the pack. The district 1 tributes will still have their beuty to win the chariot rides, the ones from 4 are always the best at the interviews, but the ones from 1 are the strongest in the pack. This year we had nothing. I know the games will be wierd this year.

The Tributes

Give tributes...




Fav Weap:

Trianing Score Skill:

District Name Training Score Age Weapons How they Died Place
1f Katelynn Huxley 8 15 Throwing Knifes, Sword and Mace Beheaded by Clarise 15th
1m Jonathan Backdon 9 16 Throwing Maces and Spears Swallowed by water dragon mutt. 13th
2f Lali Strebel 9 15 Sword Arrow in throat by Aria 7th
2m Rory Lemner 9 17 Sword and Hand to Hand Combat Impaled by Dev 24th
3f Adriana Lona 4 15 Throwing Knifes Beheaded by Lacey 23rd
3m Ian volt 7 14 Spears, Knives, Blowgun and Technology Throat slashed by Lauren 8th
4f Marina Brooke 11 16 Throwing Daggers and Trident Smoke inhillation when saving Laurens life 4th
4m Nicholas Davenport 9 17 Sword, Trident and Bow and Arrow Knifed in head by Harris 16th
5f Wind Jamie 6 14 Spears Drowned in the swamp, hit by shoe thrown by Marina 26th
5m Harris Quinton 9 15 Knives Spear in back from Wind Mutt 6th
6f Tomara Summers 8 13 Sword, Bow and Arrow and Knifes Arrow in Eye from Aria 9th
6m Gerrit Khone 2 14 Hand to hand Combat, Sword and Knifes Smashed over the head with a rock from Ian 14th
7f Kacey Smith 8 15 Axe Stabbed by Johnathan 21st
7m Keagan Mitchell 10 17 Axe Arrow in Eye from Aria 10th
8f Aria Camelliston 10 16 Bow and Arrows Arrow in neck from Allie 4th
8m Reggie Milles 6 14 Blowgun and Throwing Knifes Arrow in skull from Aria 12th
9f Allianna Whittle 9 16 Throwing and Combat Knife and Bow and Arrow
9m Quincy Williams 10 17 Spear, Swords and Axe Knifed by Allie 18th
10f Clarise Bens 9 18 Knifes and Slingshot Knifed in throat by Craig 11th
10m Craig Darkthorn 4 16 Knife, Sword and Long Distance weapons
11f Lauren Hill 8 12 Knifes
11m Winter de Doldon 7 17 Weapons used at close range Stabbed by Lacey 22nd
12f Cailise Eisllve 5 17 Bow and Arrow, Spear and Net and Blowgun Stabbed by Rory 25th
12m Dev Wervin 7 17 Mace and Hand to Hand combat Stabbed in back by Nicholas 19th
13f Rene Gibson 9 18 Blowgun and Sword Dart in head from Aria 20th
13m Brandon Blackfin 5 16 Spear, Slingshot and Javelin Hit forcefield 17th


D1- Johnathan (POV)

I loved reaping day, I had been pulled out 4 out of the 5 years I have been in but every year someone has volonteered but never won, no one had one from district 1 since Katelynn Huxley had died after being crowned the victor. Wow, speaking of the Huxleys Katelynn Huxley had just been reaped. Her parents had had another baby a year after Katelynn died and named her after her. She walked up onto the stage and looked terrified. I was so shocked that no one volonteered but I suppose everyone thought she would have as much skill as her sister, I can tell you now that she doesnt, wait my name was just called. Im going into the games, I see a guy storming towards the stage about to volonteer but I just kick him in the balls. He goes down and I go up onto the stage. I am in the games.

D2- Lali (POV)

I really never minded reaping day, I like seeing all of the kids in 2, Its a pretty big place and I live in a solitary place with only 2 other families. District 2 had been doing rubbish lately, last year we place 24th and 22nd and the year before 24th and 19th. Our last decent person was the 150th games when Cammie came 9th and thats what I call decent, well that was going to change this year. Our usual escort, Tra Dein Du, walked onto the stage, did his little act then he got onto the bowls. A girl called Nina Di Ana was called but like 12 girls volonteered including me. They took our names and put the in a new bowl and picked out a second name, the name Lila Strbel, me, I was gonna show panem what district 2 can actually do. A guy named Rory was reaped but nobody volonteered, mainly cause the boy had come 24th the 2 previous years. Anyway, I was going into the arena.

D3- Ian (POV)

I was late, I bolted through the empty street, crashing round corners and I reached the square just as a name was called. "Adriana Lony". I had made it, i went up to the peacekeeper who tutted and told me not to be late next year. I went and joined my friends Semoy for about 10 seconds cause just after that my name was called. I looked around in shock and felt hands pushing me forward, I tried to fight the force but failed. A strong man shoved me onto the stage where I stood next to Ariana and smiled at her then I burst into tears. My last thought before entering the Justice building was atleast next year I will not be late for reaping.

D4- Marina (POV)

"Marina Brooke", wow thats my name. I stand up and walk towards the podium. I can see the faces of my mother and father staring at me, my mother is crying but my dad is beaming with pride. This is what makes me walk up the steps and resume my place beside the female bowl. There is about 60 males that will volonteer and I could name them all. I feel sorry for the females of 4. Ever since this guy called Finnick Odair won the games the ones ferom 4 have joined the Careers. Usually the guys see this as an hounour but the girls hate this. Wait, In was wrong 74 guys volonteered and there is only one Iam shocked at, Nicholas Davenport. He walks up and gives his name and resumes his place, seconds later Liam Saluotes name is called and Nicholas volonteers again. I can see the shock on my escorts face but there is no rule against this so he takes his place next to me. I think he would have made a powerful ally if we were allowed them, but all I see him as now is a threat.

D5- Harris (POV)

I walk to the centre when it happens, I see into the future. I see me and a pile of 3 bodies. Im standing with a knive covered in blood. I fall to the ground relising something. Im gonna win the games. I walk to the square with a smile on my face, when I get ther my friends all ask why but I just tell tham they'll find out soon. A girl calles Wind Jamie is reaped, she calmly walks up but I see a tear in her eye about to fall. She sneezes and quickly wipes the tear away. Then onto the boys, a small wimp called Travis is called but I stride forward and shove him back declaring " My name is Harris Quinton, I will win for district 5". I then turn and smile at Alexis Savoir and take my place at the bowl side.

D6- Tomara (POV)

Our stupid escort, Mianya Sututupa, bounds onto the stage adding a few flips and cart wheels into the mix. She tells us how lucky we are to be involved in the games and other crap like that. Then she gets onto the worst bit. Choosing which 2 tributes should be thrown to there deaths like my namesake Tomara was. She actually did well by getting a 10 in training and coming 5th. She pulls out a girls name and says these words " Ohhh Its the same name as the first name I ever picked.... Tomara Summers.". Im going to die along with a guy called..."Your male tribute is..... Gerrit Khone". I can offishially reveal that district 6 will not have a victor this year.

D7- Keagan (POV)

I love district 7, the smell and the look. Ive been in so many districts, all but 1, 4 and 12, cause my dads a...... well he travels alot and I go with him, and there horrible. 6 is polluted, 2 is so tough and unfriendly and 5 is just to big. A few are nice like 9, 10 and 11 cause there natural but still there nothing to 7. The square isnt nice though, its so rundown and cheap. Its also were the reapings take place. We reach the square and line up in our ages and the she appears, the wicked witch of the east, well its east to us, and she has green skin and wears all black soooo... Wait they have called a name, I think it was Kayleigh no Kacey Smith. I dont know her and dont want to. Wait I missed the boys name, ohhhh crap it was me, atleast now I have a reason not to get to know Kacey.

D8- Aria (POV)

I think I will puke. The reason why was that the name that was just pulled out was Aria Cammelliston. I walk up onto the stage and nearlly collapse but a peacekeeper come and catches me. I thank him and walk towards the bow. Li Na Na Vulchez opens her arms for a hug but I ignore her. she looks shocked but quickly resumes her patronizing smile and walks to the boys "The male tribute is..... Reggie Milles". Nooooo. I know him, hes the one who, he.... Noooooo. He walks up and stands beside me not even sparing me a glance. I know when it comes to the arena he will be the first one I kill.

D9- Quincy (POV)

A girl called Susan is called. As she is walking towards the stage a women from the crowd comes tearing in and starts shouting. "Someone volonteer, volonteer for my baby, please". I see a girl, I think she is 17 or 16, walk up and wisper something into the womens ear. The women starts to cry and hug the girl then she returns to the side. " Well, no volonteers so ont....". "I volonteer" calls the girl, she walks up and announces her name. Allianna Whittle. I look at her, she looks pretty but not strong, Im unsure what to think when a boys name is called. "I volonteer" I yell before I relise what im doing. I start to scream saying I dont know what im doing but they force me up onto the stage and say the words I never thought Id ever have to say, " My name is Quincy William and I volonteer as your tribute".

D10- Clarise (POV)

I hope I get reaped, I want to lose my life so I can lose my boyfriend. He abuses me but I cant leave him or he'll kill me. If I go into the games I will either win and have enough to get him assasinated and if I lose ill die so ill be able to leave him forever. A wierd new girl walk onto the stage and declares her name then she calls mine. I jump with glee and everyone stares at me. I walk up onto the stage smiling and beaming. Are escort then move onto the boys. She calls a name but of coarse Craig comes bounding through the crowd declaring that he volonteers. Atleast now Im sure that by the end of this at least one of us would die in this competition.

D11- Winter (POV)

Poor girl, only 12 and going to her death. If we could form and alliance I would instantly ally with her and defend her to my death. But I cant but I know I will not be the death of her, I will not kill her. I will not kill Lauren Hill. I the relise hes calling a second name, Sebastian Hill. I then relise the connection between them, there brother and sister. I am one of the other 4 people to volonteer. The other three instantly back down but I stay strong and walk up to the stage. The girl thanks me in when I walk beside her. I now know she must be nearly 13 and her brother just turned 12. I take my place beside the bowl and relise my sacrafise. I had given up my whole life just to save a boy who might die next year, and I didnt mind.

D12- Cailise (POV)

I walk to the sqare with the rest of my friends, Cianna and Lisa are both crying but Im staying strong. We reach the aquare and headed to our section. I could see that most of the girls were crying. I dont know why, we had won last year and the year before that. Alright both were boys but the girls were just as strong. A small fat girl walked on stage and tried to reach the bowl but couldnt reach. I heard laughter coming from the 17 boys and looked to see Dev Wervin in the middle of them. Of coarse that pompous git would make fun of anyone other than me. He caught my eye and shut up immediately then he looked shocked and I wondered why. Then I looked up at the stage and saw the girl standing on a crate with a slip of paper. She repeated the name "Cailise Eisllve" and I knew why. I was forced up onto the stage and of coarse seconds later, Dev came charging up volonteering, why him. They make us shake hands but he drags me into a kiss. I kick him in the ball and he topples of the stage, that deserves laughter and it received it.

D13- Brandon (POV)

Im standing next to my sister, one good thing about 13 is there is no split genders so I can comfort my sister. Shes only 12 and she is terrified. The girl comes up onto stage and she looks like shes 12 and maybe she is as nobody wants district 13, last year a peacekeeper had to do it as the escort refused to come out of the train. She calls a name that I dont know, Rene Gibson, and my sister breaths a sigh of relief. She walked over to the male bowl and pulled out a name, my name. I cant believe that the name that was called Brandon Blackfin. I slowly walk up to the stairs to the stage and see tha fear on my sisters face and that encourages me to walk up to the bowl and walk into the justice building.

Chariot Rides

D1- Katelynn (POV)

I heard my name sakes chariot came 3rd and I know ill do no better, yes our outfits are stunning and yes Johnathans working the crwod, but I suck. I am wearing a long dress covered in small gems, I can see Topaz, Onyx, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds. I look really nice and hope to attract some sponsors but most will probably drop out by the time training and the interviews are done. Johnathan has started ripping gems off his suuit, its basically the same as mine but a suit, and throwing them into the crowd but no matter how may he throws they keep coming back, I start doing it to but people dont call my name as there now focusing on the other chariots. Johnathan wispers one sentance to me that makes me know we sucked " Great work, now we'll totally survie in the arena without the careers". I fall to my knees and start to cry but Johnathan wisps me up and shouts out for me to be strong. it attracts a few eyes but not enough to win, not enough to even come 6th.

D2- Rory (POV)

district 1 sucked, well atleast the girl did. The boy was throwing something into the crowd, which made a small impression, but nothing compared to our. Lali was wearing a skimpy armour that revealed A LOT of skin and doing some pretty impressive stuff with a knife, I on the other hand was juggling 2 swords and an axe. I was wearing the usual armour but ours was slightly more high tech. It had TVs imbedded in every plate that was showing deaths of tributes at district 2's hands. I only regconised 2. One had been the female from 2, Lina Merciloy, killing the guy from 5 with an axe, she place 12th. And Cammie Bradshaw beheading the guy from 6. She came 9th. Our chariot was attracting a lot of attention as the citezins of the capitol relived those moments in there head, remebering the games and most of all cheering our names. I was annoyed when I heard more Lilas than I did Rory's but I let it slipped. Id show the who to route for in training. Then none of our names were called and only the ones from 4. I looked around to see one of the most spectacular sights in my life, a girl so pretty she made me forget every other girl I had ever seen, she was beauty herself.

D3- Adriana (POV)

I always loved this part of the games, it was so pretty and stylish. I usually had pretty good judgement about how the placings would go but this year there are some really good outfits. I love the outfits from 4 and from 9. Not so sure about the ones from 2, there not very original and I hate the ines form 5, there just so horrible. Our chariot heads out to screams of the tributes from 2's names. obviously there must be some big shocker that I didnt see, wait I think I can see moving pictures in the armour. Wow, that was genius, implanting a TV screen in a conductive metal which would keep the electricity in forming a riguring circuit to form. I thought that our outfits were smart. They looked really flashy so would get some cheers, but as more people cheered our costume woulde bet cooler. Flashing lights and whirring things. Were getiing pretty light when we just go dark as all og the cheers are directed at the ones from 4. I turn to see tham raised on a jet of water. The power that must be in that water to life two humans must be emence but they were gorgeous. As I had expected they were by a mile the favourites.

D4- Nicholas (POV)

I enjoyed this part of the games, we always did well. We were usually beat by the ones from 1 but this year I think we had it in the bag. I was wearing nothing but swimming trunks that had pictures of fish that actually moved. Marina was wearing a bikini with the same effect. She had been really wierd to me since the reaping, of coarse we never really talked back in 4 but we still said hi. She was gorgeous. Not in the way that wins sponsor but she had a natural beauty that nothing could compare to. She had a crown of coral ontop of her soft choclate brown hair. I had one two but it actually made her look regal. Her skin was the perfecr colour, not to pale and not to tanned. I had had to have hours of tanning to get me the perfect colour. It looked like she was floating up, wait she was and so was I. I looked down to see a jet of water pushing us above the rest. The crowd was ignoring everyone else and I could see the fury on the ones from 2's faces as they turned to see us. I will admit it, our stylists rock, they had litterally put us above the rest.

D5- Wind (POV)

I dont like Harris, ever since he volonteered hes been acting like a bloody god, he thinks hes amazing at everything but I think hes a git. We are dressed in the usual boring power worker outfit. I know neither of us are gonna get any sponsors and neither us are gonna win but id still like to go out in style. The parade starts and as I thought I hear no Winds or Harriss called by the crowds but a lot of Marinas and Lilas. I keep expecting there to be a flash and were in a flashy out fit or somethin but nothing happens. Ive got to face that were gonna come dead last like usual.

D6- Gerrit (POV)

I dont know why they make us dress up like idiots cause they may remember us but in 4 days when most of us die theyll forget us instantly. They make us dress up like fools and prance around for a bottle of water or an apple that costs around about 7 billion pounds. I really hate our districts trade, transportation, its so hidious. Its like impossible to make a good costume out of that trade. Im dressed as a car. No not like the tacky box like car nut like car represented as clothes. Tomara is the same but with trains. I think out of these 2 outfits I definately got the nicer one. Theres a flash and then.....nothing happens, wait something must have happened cause everyones looking at us. I look down to see, not my feet buut a mini replica of an arena. I appear to be a hovercraft picking up desd tributes. I can see mutts chasing people and fights breaking out, I recognise the games to be the 150th. This is pretty cool as Im dressed in jet black and HOVERING but still dont think its the best.

D7- Kacey (POV)

Im wearing a dress made out of leaves and I hate it. Im not usually someone youll catch in a dress and this is such a girly dress. Ok I admit that it is pretty cool that it changes to represent the seasons, bright green leaves to dark green leaves to brown leaves to no leaves and me being basically naked to bright green leaves again, but it was still a dress. The guy tribute had hardly spoke and I was fine with that as Im probably either gonna watch him die or get killed by him or kill him my self. So Im fine on just talking when Luchianna, our joint mentor, is there. He is pretty hot and nice looking. He is wearing no make up and ohhh crap hes basically naked as we just hit winter. I avert my gaze but not before he sees me looking. He just smiles and shakes his head. I want to push him out but it looks like the girl from 12 got there first. Wow looks like im not the only one who hates there male counterpart.

D8- Reggie (POV)

I really wish that the female tribute was any other girl in the whole of 8. I still remeber the day when I got up infront of the whole school and sung a song about her. How she walked up, stood infront of me then punched me in the face. I got my reveng though and lets just say it will mean she will hate me for the rest of my life. I dont care cause Im guessing the rest of my life is about a week long. We enter the road to a burst of cheers, as district 8, are districts trade is really hard to make an outfit for. They had a good try and it was decent, ever heard of those quick change acts are outfit was kinda like them. It started of as one outfit then changed and again and again and again etc. It was pretty cool but not the best I guessed.

D9- Alliana (POV)

IM SO PRETTY. Back at home Im not the girly girl who talks about fashio of boys, both those topics are like mazes to me but I still know when I look pretty. My stylist has gone for simple elegence. Iam wearing a plain brown satin knee length dress with a gold fibre ribbon. Quincy looks quite dashing in a plain soft brown shirt and dark brown trousers, he also has a gold ribbon round his waist. We bothe have crowns of wheat on and our skin has been dusted in gold powder. The wierd thing is neither of us is wearing any make up or shoes. I love the outfit, maybe we dont throw gems into the crowd or burst up on jets of water, but we are refined and classy, This is the first time I actually think I have any hope in the games.

D10- Craig (POV)

I dont know why Clair has been so distant with me. I volonteered to save her life and she shows me no respect. I showed her what happens to people who dont respect me on the train. Well I think we have broken up, that means now shes just another target who Ill have to kill and I could not be less bothered. She doesnt look pretty tonight, she is wearing a vixen skin cloax and a dress made of cow skins. Im wearing basically the same thing but with a suit and I look ten times better. She is smiling but that makes her look like a vampire, that girl will pay. I cant wait to kill her.

D11- Lauren (POV)

Winter is so nice, we have formed a truce in the arena that if eiither of us sees eachother before the final 5 we will not kill eachother. Im kinda glad that atleast one person in that arena wont be trying to kill me. Im wearing a dress made out of bread, Im really glad it doesnt rain or I would be naked on live TV, and Winter has a suit out of bread, well its not bread yet. I feel the heat enter out chariot and can feel the dough baking. Its swelling which makes it uncomfortable but I guess it must look spectacular cause lots of people are going ahhhh. wait there looking at the district 4 tributes, wow they are really standing out but that means we're shoved into the background. A few people notice us but not enough so I break of a bit of my dress and eat it, one thing Ill admit is its really good bread.

D12- Dev (POV)

I really feel like kicking Cailise off the chariot but I love her. I always have, but she never spared me a second glance. Tonight she looks stunning, for the past nearly 100 years the stylists have been using fire and its getting boring so they brought it back to the actual coal. We are wearing nothing but swim wear, both of our swim wear is jet black and we have been dusted black. It shows our figure which Im pleased about as I have one to be jealous of. Up ahead I see a jet of water shove 2 tributes in the air. Im not getting out shone so I grab Cailise and kiss her again, yet again she kicks me in the balls causing me to fall of the chariot right into a pile of horse dung. Im starting to get the feeling she doesnt like me.

D13- Rene (POV)

My dress is pure black and Im wearing a black veil. Brandon is wearing the same thing but in a suit ofcoarse. We seem to be attracting no attention at all but I know we will in a few seconds and there it is. Steam is rising from our chariot and hiding from us. Every one is shocked and is trying to see us but we are completely covered. It gives us enough time to rip of the remaining part of our outfits. When the steam clears we are diamonds. I mean my dress and Brandons suit are covered in diamonds, diamonds are in our hair and on our skin. We have represented the change of graphite to diamonds, we did pretty well.

Chariot Placings

District Reason Placing
District 4 They were simply beautiful 1st
District 9 There costume wasnt to made up and was gorgeous 2nd
District 13 It was a spectacular change and very well thought out 3rd
District 2 It took an old idea and classed it up 4th
District 8 Very confusing but shocking and most capitol citezens are still wondering how it happened 5th
District 7 It was a very clever idea showing the beauty of 7 6th
District 3

Cool idea but needed applause to work which they were not getting.

District 10 The tributes had no connection at all and the costumes were only decent 8th
District 6 Smart idea but took to long to put into action and by that time no one was looking at them. 9th
District 11 Very tasty looking but now classy at all 10th
District 1 The girl looked pissed off and showed weakness and the costume were not original. 11th
District 12 They went back to the old days which were bad days and should have been forgotten. 12th
District 5 No originality at all. 13th

Training Scores

District 1-

Johnathan Backdon

{C {C}I walk over to the dummy and look around for a weapon. I pick up a mace and begin to spin, I spin until it gets and I let go. It flies and then crashes into a wall. I walk over to receive it but before I can the wall collapses, I think ill be in trouble but when I look at the game makers they are smilling. I think Ive done well so I head over to the sword station and start to hack at a dummy. I have killed 7 dummies before they let me leave.

Katelynn Huxley

Katelynn stumbles in, nervous and introduces herself before looking at the selection of weapons laid out. Katelynn's got her sister's talent in knife throwing so she grabs some knives and tosses them at a dummy. Two hit the bullseye, one misses by centimetres. The gamemakers aren't looking at her, which annoys her, so she tosses a knife up and it smashes the lightbulb, blackening the room. Katelynn quotes Katniss Everdeen: "Thanks for your consideration!" then storms off.

District 2-

Rory Lemner

Rory walkes in, introduces himself then immediately starts tearing up a dummy. Bits of fluff cover the floor and he grabs a sword and slashes another dummy into shreds then carries on until the floor is covered in debris and he's used up half the dummies. The gamemakers dismiss him and he walkes off.

Lali Strebel

She walks in to a mess, she sees no dummies left so she goes to the spears with a sword. Within 5 minutes she has had 10 spears sliced into even pieces lying on the loor. She whirls around the room tearing it apart before the gamemakers force her out. She smiles knowing shes done pretty well.

District 3-

Ian Volt

I walk straight to the knifes and show some of my tricks, I do accidently cut my arm open and have to get it fixed but I think Im doing pretty well. I move onto the spears and 8 out of 10 of the spears I throw hit the target but the other 2 miss by a lona shot. I dont know what to do so i show them some snares and traps but accidently get caught in one of my own and someone has to get me down. I decide to finish with some blowgun and darts trick and hit all of the targets, apparently I have a nack with a blowgun. I walk out proud.

Adriana Lony

She walks in and heads to the throwing knifes. She hits all the targets but only a few in the bulls eye. She tries some other targets and tries to hit the crack in the wall from the other side of the room. She misses by a long shot and swears in annoyance. She chucks all of the remaing knifes to the floor and storms out.

District 4-

Nicholas Davenport

I see the room has changed, everything is cleaner and newer. I announce my name and begin. I start with the trident pierding some dummies easily, destroying some and missing some. When I miss my second one in a row I head to the sword. Im much better at this and dont miss any. I slash and kill but still the game makers look unimpresses. So I move onto the bow. Im about to take my first shot when Im told to leave. I turn around and shoot at them, they all hit the wall making an N. Next I shoot the lightbulb. Everything goes dark and all I can hear is " Not again".

Marina Brooke

She walks in and stands looking around the room before asking "Where are the Tridents". All the game makers look shocked that shes there before one says were they are. She runs ove and begins to throw. She throws with untold accuracy. She hits a dummy in the eyes, the stomach, the heart and the balls before moving onto the spear. She hits all of the moving targets in the eyes before finishing by lodging the spear in the crack in the door causing it to swing open for her to leave.

District 5

Harris Quinton

Harris walked into the training center and picked up 6 knives, he threw one in the throat of a dummy 30 metres away he then threw another knife at the same dummy but hit it in the head, he threw a knife at the dummy again and hit it's heart, he then threw a 4th knife at the dummy and decapatated it, he took his final two knives and spared with 4 trainers with swords and beat them all in under a minute and walks out with a grin.

Wind Jamie

I may be young but I can fight. I walk in and request 2 trainers. 2 beasts of guys walk down, each carrying an axe and a mace. I pict up a spear and throw it. Its about to hit one of the quys in the head so he jumps to the side and his mace hits the other one in the head, knocking him out cold. The one I nearly killed is mad and charges at me with his axe. I sidestep and his axe gets lodged in the wall and I wack the non sharp end across his head. I then show some accuracy tricks and some other stuff then I leave.

District 6

Gerrit Khone

I run in and charge a dummy. I miss it by about a metre and crash into the wall causing a dent. I hear snorts of laughter from gamemakers so I turn around and charge again. I dive and grab and quickly rip its head off and then throw it into a knife. It impales it throught the heart. I spin around and cheer but slip on something and hit my head on a stone and get knocked out cold.

Tomara Summers

I had to wait about 20 minutes till my turn and was getting scared. I had heard of a guy in my namesakes year who had been beheaded in training. I was scared for Gerrits life but all I could think off is 1 tribute down then I was called. I walked in a saw no blood which was kinda annoying but there are other ways to die other than with blood. I go over to the bows and shoot a few targets, cut a few dummies with sword and throw a few knifes. Then they tell me leave.

District 7

Keagan Mitchell

I storm in and grab an axe, how dare that girl, my stupid district partner show me up in training with her fancy axe work. Id show her, Id get an 11 and win the games. I grab an axe and start hacking at the dummies and tearing them to shreads. I then run over to the spears and throw 3 that all hit the bullseye. Im quite shocked as Ive never used a spear before. I run over to the maces and start bashing things to pieces. I show them my skills with my sword and throwing knifes. They then send me out. My last thought is beat that Kacey

Kacey Smith

I dont think the boy was happy that I outshowed him this morning. I did some fancy work with an axe so it was hilarious. My mentor told me to stick safe but I wanted to beat that boy. I went in running and did a flip sequence over to the knifes. I throx a few and make a K which is cool. I then use the sword to hace a few dummies to pieces before spearing a dummy in the balls. No prizes for guessing who I was imagining when that happened. I shot a few arrows before moving onto the axe. It slashed a few dummies then started showing my talents. But I failed. i threw it expecting it to boomerang like it did in training but it didnt and just crashed into the wall. I walked out with my head bowed. I had blown it.

District 8

Reggie Milles

I knew this was gonna be easy, show them some of the Reggie pazaz and ill get a 12 right there and then. Then I can go into the arena and kill Aria like I did her father. I walk in a stand in the centre and they tell to start. I go over to the throwing knifes and throw them at the board and the all hit, the board. I then grab a blowgun and mix up a poison that may have actually burned through the blowgun. I try again and hit the dummy in the arm and in the leg. I smile and walk out prowd.

Aria Cammelliston

I walk in a grab a bow and shoot a few arrows. I hit the dummy in 12 places. One in each eye, one in the mouth, one in the neck, one in the heart and each lung, one in the balls, one in the each knee and one in each achilles heel. I then ask if the gamemakers have any fruit and if they could throw some down. They throw an apple, an orange and a grape and I skewer them all. I ask if they have anything smaller and thay say only a raisin, I ask then to throw it down and skewer it into the wall. I then flip out of the room and sigh a breath of releif.

District 9

Quincy Williams

He shows some basic skills with a sword and a spear before moving onto the axe. He starts by throwing it, destroying most of the dummies and some other stuff aswell. Then he shows his strengths, he asks for 6 oof the trainers to battle him and they do. He quickly disarms 2 and implants his axe in the 3rds chest, hes wearing padding for protection. 2 come chrging but he moves out the way and they knock eachother out. The final one swings his sword which quincy narrowly avoids. He then swings his axe which beheads the trainer. He stares in shock then turns to the game makers who stare at him then all smile. He leaves.

Allianna Whittle

She runs in and announces her name, she grabs some knives and throws a buch ant the dummies, she keeps doing this untill the dummy is dust, she then shows off her speed by sprinting at top speed across the room. Finally, she grabs a bow and fires it three times, the first hits the bullseye, the second splits the first in half, and the third severs a wire holding a target in the air.

District 10

Craig Darkthorn

I couldnt stop thinking about Clarise, last night she told me we were done offishially. I was so shocked so I didnt do anything. I walk in and shout my name, I then grab some throwing knives and throws them all at a target, each gets a stick near the middle, then I disembowell a dummy and finally I slash a dummy's head off from 10 meters away by throwing the swor, suck that Clarise.

Clarise Bens

Clarise stumbles in, nervous and introduces herself. Very quietly. She just stands and stares at the weapons, not knowing what to do, and the Gamemakers start getting very bored until one shouts "You know, if you don't hurry up, you're gonna get beaten up!" This sends memories of Clarise's abuse flooding back, and after shooting a terrifying look at the Gamemaker who said it, grabs a knife and attacks a dummy until there's nothing left. She does it again whilst laughing at the Gamemaker's shocked and scared faces before jumping off the debris and staring at the Gamemakers. The head swallows and stutters out "Y...yes, you may go." Satisfied, Clarise walks out. She's expecting a high score.

District 11

Winter De Doldon

I walk in and am terrified. I head over to the swords and cut a few limbs of the dummies and I do the same with an axe. I then pick up a mace and bash a dummies head in before looking up. I see only 3 gamemakers are watching. I dont know what to do so I drop the mace and storm out.

Lauren Hill

I run in and grab a knife then run up to the wall a lodge it in the wall. i do this until its a network of knifes. I grab a rope the run up the knifes, climbing up them, and loop the rope in and out till Im bored then I pick out the knifes one by one and walk off.

District 12

Dev Wervin

I walk in and walk towards the maces, I pick it up and start to bash some stuff in, at one point I trip causing me and the mace to topple into the mud pit, when I get out I fall again into a pile of fluff from the dummies who I just destroyed. I hear the game makers laughing which makes me mad. Even though I cant see I throw my mace which makes contact with the wall behind them, I storm out in a fit of rage.

Cailise Eisllve

I really am not that good at using weapons, I can use loads but none perfectly. I get a few solid hits with my blowgun and make some poisons out of the paints and corrode a dummy to death. I shoot a few targets with the bow and arrow but most miss. My netting skills are good and I can get solid stabs with my spear, which is definately my best weapon. I walk out of there expecting a 5 or 6.

District 13

Brandon Blackfin

I heard that this year they had a completely new set of gamemakers as last years gave out to many 11 and 12. These were supposed to never give out any 11 and rearly give out a 10. I was nearly pissin my pants. My name is called and I walk in. They all look so bored so I keep it short but sweet. I throw a few spears, stick a few javelins in the wall and hit a few dummies in the balls then leave, I think ill get atleast a 7, I hope.

Rene Gibson

I wait for me to be called which was supprisingly fast which either meant Brandon was hurt, he sucked or he was amazing. I was hoping for one of the first 2. I walk in and go straight to the blowguns and poisons, well soon to be poisons. I see there isnt much left for me to use but I mix a slightly bad poison and dip 10 darts in it. I then shoot them into the head of a dummy which basically evaporates it. I then completely mame the rest of the body with a sword and tear it to shreads. I then leave pretty pleased with myself.


Name and District Score What they Thought
Johnathan Backdon 1m 9 Good Start but that was all that was exciting
Katelynn Huxley 1f 8 Not as good as her sister and could have shown more range
Rory Lemner 2m 9 Decent but needed more range
Lali Strebel 2f 9 Decent but needed more range
Ian Volt 3m 7 Ok but not really good with that many weapons
Aldiana Lony 3f 4 Bit of a temper and ok with throwning knifes but needed more range.
Nicholos Davenport 4m 9 Good range but slightly off with Trident and ok with sword, bow was very good
Marina Brooke 4f 11 Very skilled and very accurate and just perfect
Harry Quinton 5m 9 He showed skill with the weapons but needed more variation
Wind Jamie 5f 6 Showed strength with a spear but nothing else.
Gerrit Khone 6m 2 He knocked himself out so hot much else to say.
Tomars Summers 6f 8 Decent with a few weapons so good range.
Keagan Mitchell 7m 10 Showed elite strength in mutiple weapons.
Kacey Smith 7f 8 Showed strengths but failed in best weapon.
Reggie Miller 8m 6

Showed his lack of control under his best weapons

Aria Cammelliston 8f 10 Showed so much control over the bow that is was amzing.
Quincy Williams 9m 10 Showed his brute force and outright brutallity.
Allianna Whittle 9f 9 Showed strength in multiple weapons and showed how good she could be.
Craig Darkthorn 10m 9 Did well but did not stand out
Clarise Bens 10f 9 Did stunningly well but needed range
Winter De Doldon 11m 7 Did well with a range of weapons
Lauren Hill 11f 8 Showed great athletick skills and upper body strength.
Dev Wervin 12m 7 Showed strength but lack of control
Cailise Eisllve 12f 5 Showed use of lots of weapons but none to a decent standerd.
Brandon Blackfin 13m 5 Gave a short petty atempt which failed
Rene Gibson 13f 9 Did very well at torturing the dummy.


Dejnaja: HELLO and welcome to to the 166th Hunger Games interviews, I will help you to get to know our tributes. Now shall we begin


Dejanja: Well lets welcome our first tribute, Katelynn Huxley!!!!!

Katelynn: Ehmmm.... Hello

Dejanja: Well Hello to you, I remember when I interviewed your sister, it was so sad she had to die wasnt it.

Katelynn: I suppose...

Dejanja: Welll, I must ask you, do you have the same skill as your sister, she dis ofcoarse kill 9 people.

Katelynn: I think I have a skill at knife but just by looking at the scores I can tell Im not as good, she got and 11 and I got an 8.

Dejanja: Well thats a decent score, someone in your sisters year got a 1 and was the first to die so an 8 is actually pretty good.

Katelynn: Its ok.....


Dejnja: Thank you so much Katlynn, now onto Johnathan Backdon !!!!!!

Johnathan: Hello Dejanja

Dejnaja: Helllooo Johnathan, sooo down to business, only 1 career got above a 10 this year and that was Marina. Do you see her as compition.

Jonathan: Hell yeah, I bet you 200 pounds that she will be amazing tonight, shes gonna be the hardest person to kill, if only we were allowed a career pack.

Dejanja: Ohhh yehhs, no alliances this year, that shocked the whole of the capitol and Im presuming the districts?

Johnathan: Hell Yeah, but it only really affected 1,2 and 4 for the worst as no careers, this rest were all lucky to have no careers.

Dejanja: I suppose thats right


Dejanja: Well now straight onto Lali Strebel

Lali: Hello, its an hounor to be here

Dejnja: Well its an hounor to have you here

Lali: Thank You

Dejanja: Well, what is your tactic in the arena.

Lali: Any other year I would go with the career pack but this year Im going to hid until the final 10 then kill.

Dejanja: Not a usual tactic for a career but ok

Lali: But you forget this is not a normal year, especially for a career.

Dejanja: I suppose so


Dejanja: Well arent these flying by, now onto Rory Lemner

Rory: Hey

Dejanja: What do you think of Lalis strategy?

Rory: I think its a smart idea, I would do it but my snoring would attract any tribute.

Crowd chuckles

Dejanja: Ohhhh nooo. I remember that time a tribute was loved by all of the capitol, got a 12 in training but got killed cause someone heard him snore.

Rory: Im sorry to say that was my brother.

Dejanja: ohhh, well lets hope you dont go down the same way as him. Now any girls back home or any crushes.

Rory: No one back home but theres this girl who I think is spectacular here.



Dejanja: Well I quess we'll never find out, now onto Adriana Lony

Adriana: Hello

Dejanja: Soooo, what about the capitol do you like the most?

Adriana: The technology, I spent most of last night dismantling the showers and finding out how they work, its so technical I only just managed to work it out.

Dejanja: Wow, you are smart arent you.

Adriana: Im not even half as smart as my sisters or my friends or Ian.

She glances at Ian than giggles

Dejanja: Ok, what did you think of your costumes.

Adriana: I thought they were very clev..


Dejanja: Thank you Adriana, now onto Ian.

Ian: Hey

Dejanja: Hey, sooo your another technical whizz are you.

Ian: Pretty much, I will use that in the arena if there is anything near that.

Dejanja: What is your favourite weapon

Ian: Probably the screwdriver, I use it like a throwing knife and I used to practise in my mums garage sooo I got pretty good.

Dejanja: Well, that is a first for me atleast, Its an original weapon


Dejanja: Well now onto the one were all here to see, MARINA BROOKE.

Marina: Hello Dejanja Letterman

Dejanja: Well Hello to you, now youre the only career to score above a 9 and the only person to get an 11, how does that make you feel.

Marina: Supprised, everyone said I did well in the Parade but that was my stylist but I was shocked when I got an eleven.

Dejanja: I must say Im not supprised at all.

Marina: Thank You

Dejanja: Noo thank you for giving me the hounor of interviewing you

Marina: Youre so nice, and thank you capitol for all the support


Dejanja: Awwww time up already, now onto Nicholas Davenport.

Nicholas: Thanks for all the support, and Hi

Dejanja: Hi, but you have to admit she is stunning and strong

Nicholas: Yes, I have had a crush on her for the past like 10 years.

Dejanja: Ohhhhh really, spill all of the details.

Nicholas: Not much to say that you havnt already, shes gorgeous as a swan and as strong as a majestic eagle. She is any guys dream guy.

Dejanja: I suppose but onto you, you tricked the system and volonteered anfter already volonteering which is actually allowed.

Nicholas: I suppose I did, my wit is going to be my main tool in the arena.


Dejanja: Ok, thanks, now onto Wind Jamie.

Wind: Ehhhhhmmm... Hi

Dejanja: Sooo are there any family members you want to say hi to?

At the mention of family Wind burts into tears and doesnt stop for the full 3 minutes


Dejanja: Well lets hope Harris Quinton isnt a crier

Harris: Dont worry, Im not

Dejanja: Good, good sooo what is your strategy at the Cornucopia bloodbath.

Harris: Simple, run in grab a knife and flee, flee until I find a place to hide.

Dejanja: WHat if someone stops you?

Harris: I can fight, remember I did get a 9 in training.

Dejanja: I suppose you did


Dejanja: Well all done with that now onto, ohhh another name I recognise, Tomara Summers.

Tomara: Hey

Dejanja: Sooo Ill ask you the same question as I asked Katelynn, do you have the same skill as your sister?

Tomara: No, I managed to scrape an 8 but my sister got a 10 and came 5th.

Dejanja: Yes she did very well. Unfortunatley for you I can reveal there is gonna be the wolf mutts again in this arena.

Tomara: I bet you the gamemakers will have them kill me off, thatd be hilariour, fuc.....


Dejanja: Well now onto Gherrit Khone.

Gerrit: Hi

Dejanja: Welll, you got a 2 in training and chariot came 9th, not doing that well so far.

Gerrit : I will admit I have royaly sucked so far but that will change in the arena, I wont lose easily.

Dejanja: Yehss The capitol always loves a fighter.

Gerrit: Im a born fighter, try to take me down


Dejanja: Ok, now onto Kacey Smith

Kacey: Wow you are horrible

Dejanja: What

Kacey: You talk to us all happy but tommorow 23 of us are going into a place were we are going to die and your acting like everything is dandy, well let me tell you its not, yes I will go into that arena and kill people but Im doing that to see my family again, not to give you a good show as all of you people, mainly that idiot hurricane or twister or... whatever his name is,

Dejanja: Tornado

Kacey: Shut up, as you are all sick people. Imagen sending your kids into the aren.


Dejanja: Ohh sooo glad thats over, now onto Keagan Mitchell,

Keagan: Hillo

Dejanja: Well your not another crazy from 7 are you.

Keagan: Shes not crazy, shes just annoyed as she knows she has no hope of coming home and knows someone will cause her blood to run.

Dejanaj: Im getting the feeling you sont like her.

Keagan: No I HATE HER, I dont know why but I just do.


Dejanja: Well, always good to see some inter district rivalry. Now onto Aria

Aria: Hi, atleast you get 1 more good interview before you have to see it, Reggie

Dejanja: Im sensing you really dont like him.

Aria: What do you think, he Killed my dad

Reggie: I didnt kill him, it was self defence, he attacked me

Aria: Shut up you liar.

Reggie and Aria both get off there seats and start fighting.

Dejanja: Stop this madness now

2 peacekeepers come onto the stage and drag them off.



Dejanja: Well, that was shocking, ohhh well onto Alliana Whittle

Allie: Hello

Dejanja: Well dont you look pretty

Allie: Your so nice

Dejnaja: So any family memebrs you would like to say good bye to.

Allie: Im not saying goodbye just hello, I want to say hi to my friends and Mrs Rodery and all my family,

Dejanja: Well who was Mrs Rodery?

Allie: she is the mother of the girl I volonteered for, her family is like a second home to me.

Dejnaja: Well how nice, Im sure you will do all you can to get home.


Dejanja: Well lets get onto Quincy Williams....

Quincy: Hi

Dejanja: Hi, how are you doing today

Quincy: Petrified, I cant kill people, I just cant do it.

Dejanja: Wow, what brought that on

Quincy: I killed a guy in training

TVs across panem are forced off and Quincy is rushed off.


Dejanja: Wow, what a shocker but straight onto Clarise Bens.

Clarise: Hi

Dejanja: Hi, so is there anyone back home special.

Clarise: (Clearly looking at Craig) Nope, Im single and ready to mingle.

Dejanja: Ohhh well Im sure if you make it out of the arena youll have guys queing from there to the capitol.

Clarise: I hope so


Dejanja: Well lets go to Craig

Craig: Heey

Dejanja: well are you exited about the games

Craig: You bet there some tributes I cant wait to kill ( he glances obviously at Clarise) and some I just wont be able to kill....

Dejanja: Oooohh, is there a special lady

Craig: Its just a girl I kinda fnace, its Allie.

Crowd look shocked


Dejanja: Well now lets go to Lauren, so youre our younget tribute

Lauren: yes, 11 has a thing for giving 12 year old tributes dont they, like Rue.

Dejanja: Ohhh Rue, probably the most well known tribute ever.

Lauren: I guess but her strategy is the same as mine, hide and follow

Dejanja: Well can you fly from tree to tree.

Lauren: ohh yes, one day I will take of and fly, like an angel of a mocking jay.

Capitol gasp at the forbbiden word




Dejanja: Thank you thank you now lets talk to Winter De Doldon

Winter: Hey

Dejanja: What would be your perfect arena

Winter: A field, just a huge field...

He blanks out until the bell


Dejanja: Ok now onto 12, lets welcome Cailise Eisllve

Cailise walks out then faints, Dev runs out to catch her but is hit in the balls by her head and falls into the audience and knocks himself out. Both are taken away.



Dajanja: Well now onto Rene Gibson

Rene: Hello

Dajanja: Wehat is your favourite weapon and why

Rene: The blowgun, I can make poisons easily out of most things and I have good accuracy. I just love to use them soo much,

Dajanja: Well thats obvious


Dejanja: Ok on to our final one,Brandon Blackfin

Brandon: Hey

Dejnaja: Do you have a chance in the games

Brandon: No

He then walks of

Placing after interviews and Betting Odds

Placing Tribute Betting Odds
1st Marina Brooke 2-1
2nd Lali Strebel 5-1

Rory Lemnen

4th Keagan Mitchell 6-1
5th Alliana Whittle 4-1
6th Johnathan Backdon 6-1
7th Lauren Hill 8-1
8th Nicholas Davenport 6-1
9th Craig Darkthorn 5-1
10th Clarise Bens 6-1
11th Ian Volts 12-1
12th Rene Gibson 7-1
13th Gerrit Khone 20-1
14th Tomara Summers 8-1
15th Adriana Lony 10-1
16th Harris Quinton 6-1
17th Katelynn Huxley 9-1
18th Kacey Smith 8-1
19th Wind Jamies 20-1
20th Brandon Blackfin 10-1
21st Winter de Doldon 10-1
22nd Dev Wervin 14-1
23rd Quincy Williams 3-1
24th Cailise Eisllve 17-1
25th Aria Cammelliston 5-1
26th Reggie Milles 15-1


Its in 5 main areas. THe cornucopia or swamp. The jungle, forest and mountain range. And finally the city. Each area has a water source.

Swamp/ Cornucopia

This is a circle that lasts to the edge of the podiums that the tributs start on. The Cornucopia is in the centre which is surrounded by a swamp. Most of it is deep bog, that if you fall into it you will die. There is solid land which can be identified by the red and blue flowers growing on them. In the mouth of the cornucopia there only 4 types of weapons. Swords, spears, throwing knifes and bow and arrows. There are packs further out and other stuff, there are mice mutts here but that is it.


The jungle is over the otherside of the mountain range and is full of poisonous things. The water is poisonous, most of the plants are poisonous and there is not many mutts. Mice mutts, bird mutts and tracker jackers. There is one spring whichs water is not poisonous and is a safe zone and no mutts can enter. Its the biggest section by a mile which means to find this one spring will take ages so most might die of drought. Though there is no food at all other than the mice.

Mountain Range

Its a series of 12 mountains that splits the arena in 2 with the jungle and the city on one side and the swamp and forest on the other side. In the range there are 3 dragons and bird mutts in the form of eagles. There is a small village on the tallest mountain that has the pedestrians from 2 and 13 in it. There is a giant waterfall on one of the mountains that has fresh water and salmon in it. This is the only mountain with any food or water on it. It is the warmest mountain and the rest are really cold and you need a jacket to survive.

Normal Forest

This is a small forest that contains a small village where the pedestrian mutts from 7 in it. It has the mice mutts, the most bird mutts of any area, tracker jackers and wolf mutts of all colours. It has enough food and loads of springs with fresh water. There are some poisonous plants like nightlock and poison ivy. There is a section that is a series of caves. There is lots of hiding places.


Its a small metropolitan city with plenty of hiding spaces though its packed with pedestrians from 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. There is also an underground system which is filled with the mouse mutts. There is lots of food and taps which sometimes release water but someimes release poison or tracker jackers. Buildings may suddenly collapse and lots of other traps. It has a lot of places to hide.


They are all wearing plain black jeans and a plain white Tshirt. They are wearing a different coloured jacket.

1 is wearing red

2 is wearing navy blue

3 is wearing green

4 is wearing light blue

5 is wearing grey

6 is wearing orange

7 is wearing dark brown

8 is wearing bright pink

9 is wearing light brown

10 is wearing purple

11 is wearing black

12 is wearing yellow

13 is wearing silver

THey are all wearing hunting boots.


There are 4 new mutts this year the......

Dragon Mutt

This mutt resides in the mountain area only. There is only 3 of these in there. They are the size of busses and each have one element they comand. They can kill you with there razor sharp claws and feet. There bite it poisonous but also very powerful. There is one ice dragon thats touch freezes you and its breath gives you frost burn and neumonia. The 2nd dragon is a classic fire dragon that breaths fire but can also emerse itselves in flames. The 3rd and final dragon in a water dragon and resides in the lake in the range. Its breath can either heat the water around it and cause it to burn you of freeze it, trapping you and killing you.

Bird Mutts

Small birds, they can look like any type of bird from blue jay to ostrichs, that have a melodic song that puts tributes to sleep. They then swarm and dive bomb the tribute and peck at the tribute and within seconds they will kill the tributes. There flesh though has healing properties and can fill up an empty stomach within 2 bites. They are like normal birds mostly and will only attack if provoked. These mutts will be everywhere but the swamp but just in different species.

Mice Mutts

These mutts are small and the tributes will probably never see them as there only slight change is thet there teeth are enlarged and packed with a slow acting venom. They are around a quarter the size of a regular mouse and twice as fast. They are mainly in the forest but will be found in the jungle, swamp and city.

Pedestrian Mutts

These mutts look like humans but are all perfect copies of people from back in there districts, they distract tributes with there looks and when they do that they strike and kill the tributes like any normel tributes. They are found in the city, districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 but the 2 and 13 pedestrians are found in the mountains and 7 in the forest. Some can burn with there touch.

The Games

Day 1- Blood in the Swamp

Wind (POV)

10, 9, 8 ,7 ,6 everyone is looking at the swamp. No one knows where land is or not. Tomara and Katelynn both just flee but I dont.' There must be a way across, then I relise what the trick is. Were supposed to only step on the parts with flowers. I leap of to see Keagan running away and I land. I run to the cornucopia, get my stff and run out. Im about to reach safety when something knocks me off balance and I topple into the swamp. The last thing I see is Marina with only 1 shoe on and laughing. i am then swallowed by the darkness. BOOM

Craig (POV)

Oh crap im like the last off my podium. BOOM I can see Rory pulling a knife out of Cailise's back and Dev stabbing him with a sword BOOM. I pick up a bag at the same time as Allie and drop it instantly, she runs off into the forest. I pick up 2 knifes and a bag and charge after her. I turn to see Adriana be beheaded by Lacey BOOM. I then turn and run.

Harris (POV)

Everyones dying, 4 deaths and Winds already gone. I look around and see chaos. I run over the patches with flowers, making sure I dont step into the bog. When I reach the cornocopia I turn to see Johnathan with a sword heading towards me. I duck as he swings. BOOM. I dont have time to see whos snuffed it cause Johnathans swinging again. I jump into the supplie and grab a knife and use it to defend myself. He swings again but this time the blade whacks my head hard knocking me out. My last sight is Johnathan laughing and walking away. I use my last strength to bury myself in the supplies before I slip away.

Kacey (POV)

I easily killed that wimp from 3, I run back into the fray to see Clarise from 10 dissapear into the forest and Lali run up the mountain. I make my way back to the centre and charge at the guy from 5 but that Johnathan beat me to it. I laugh and turn to see a knife. I just dodge it and see Winter standing above me. I quickly stab him in the gut. BOOM He collapses and I kick his body into the swamp and see that baby, his district partner, staring at me. Im about to attack but she just flees up into the hills. I laugh and turn back into the battle.

Aria (POV)

Im fighting knife to knife with Reggie and he has the upper hand. He slashes my arm but I dodge. I couldnt see a bow and arrows anywhere in the pile of good so I chose the knife. I can see the girl from 7 fighting the guy from 1. BOOM. The guy got a lucky shot and stabbed the girl with his sword. He picks up some supples and runs of to the mountain. Ohh no, Reggie hit me in the leg and I crumple. He laughs and raises his knife when I kick him in the stomach and he flies into the fight between Nichlas and Brandon. I hobble off and meet the girl from 13.

Rene (POV)

That weakling from 8 stumbled right into her death, so basically into me. I lunge but she blocks me with her knife and stabs at my stomach. I easily side step but she does scrape my side. I stab at her face but she roll out of the way. I chase after her but she stops and I topple into her and trip. She quickly grabs my blow gun and shoots me in the head. I see her hobble into the forest before everything goes black. BOOM

Nicholas (POV)

BOOM I remove my sword from the guy from 12s back. He had been crying over that girls body, easy kill. The guys from 13, 3, 6 and 8 had all run away after that baffoon, Reggie, crshed into our 2 fights. So I was left with only Quincy and Marina. I chose to kill Quincy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Marina ruin into the mountains. I jab at Quincy who was collecting supplies, but he blocks me with an axe. He then swings his axe which hits my arm. I fold over in the pain waiting for death to come but I pass out before that.

Quincy (POV)

I had just killed a man, again. That boy from 4 was dead, I waited for him to jump up and start fighting but he didnt. I start to feel wierd and drop everything and run. I run straight into the forest and dont stop. I run until, crash. I look up to see Allie standing over me. She is so pretty, but wait shes holding a knife and now its pointed at me. I reach for my axe but its not there. I look around trying to find it but them I remember left it at the Cornucopia. Thats the last thought I ever think. BOOM

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, The cannons sound announcing the end of the bloodbath.

Review of Tributes

Katelynn is in a cave deep in the forest. She needs stuff quickly as she has nothing.

Johnathan is in a cave about a third of the way up the tallest hill with everything he needs.

Lali has found the giant lake which changes into a waterfall. She catches a few salmon and makes a fire and eats them. She now has everything she needs.

Ian is sitting beside a small pond in very close proximity to Gerrit, it has enough water to last him 2 or 3 days. He has no food.

Nicholas and Harris are both still unconcious at the cornucopia. He needs medicine soon or hell die.

Marina found a path through the mountains and is already on the other side and is about to reach the city.

Gerrit is up a tree with apples in very close proximity to Ian, he has no water but has a mace.

Tomara is in a bush on the edge of the swamp. She is about to go and try and sneak some leftover supplies.

Keagan is also on the edge of the swamp but up a tree with a huge stick. He can see Tomara but desides to leave her. For now.

Reggie is wodering through the forest trying to find Aria but finds Quincys body and decides to head to the mountains.

Aria is passed out in a cave near Katelynn and needs medicine soon.

Allie is in a clearing with plenty of food and water and a knife. She is fine right now.

Craig is searching for Allie but cant find her but he will soon.

Clarise is searching for Craig and is getting closer with every movement.

Lauren has reached the other side and is wondering through the jungle. She is currently at the spring and feasting on mice.

Brandon is at the edge of the forest and just sees a meadow ahead of him. He walks into the meadow BOOM. He goes flying back and crashes into a tree. Dead.

The Anthem plays and the faces are shown

Rory from 2

Adriana from 3

Wind from 5

Kacey from 7

Quincy from 9

Winter from 11

Dev from 12

Cailise from 12

Brandon from 13

Rene from 13

Day 2- A cry on the wind

Aria (POV)

I wake up and look around me to see a guy I dont know. He it about my height with long blonde hair. He has deep blue eyes and is wearing a simple silver shirt and black jeans. I dont know why but I seem entranced by him. I try to get up but my leg send shooting pains through my whole body. This seems to break his trance and I no longer have the urge to get up and walk towards him. I watch him for the next ten minutes but all he does is stare. Im about to look away when I see Teagan. He seems to be entranced by the boy but also seems to know him. He keeps muttering Troy. He gets within arms length then laughs. So does Troy. They start hugging and laughing then I think I see Troys eyes turn red. I think its my imagination until. Until Teagan begins to burn. I jump up but fall back down. A package floats down beside me and I see its a paste. I slather it onto my cut and it vanishes. Just like that. When i look back at Teagan though I know im to late. Teagan is covered in burn marks. His hair has gone and his eyes are pure white. I stab my knife into Troys head and he disintegrates. Teagan hits the floor and screams for me to kill him now. But I cant, I run away, just run and dont stop. BOOM

Harris (POV)

BOOM. That was an easy kill. I had woke up in the pile of goods and right there infront of me was the guy from 4 knocked out. I chuck the dagger I used to stab him ih the head with into the swamp. I have plenty where that came from. I pick up a few weapons, and supplie and then dump stuff into the swamp. I leave a few things out for bait and hide at the ver back of the Cornucopia where no one could see me. I was soo equipt it was scary. I new my vision was right.

Katelynn (POV)

Im soo hungry. I found a pool a bit away from my cave but no food. I have no weapons to hunt so thats out the window. I really hope theres some food in one of these other caves so I go searching. I go into a rather spacious one and rest, this is alot nicer than my cave and closer to the water. I begin to rest and quickly fall asleep. It feels like Im asleep for no time at all but when I wake up its night and I have a blade to my necy.

Clarise (POV)

I found this weakling sleeping like an angel, a soon to be dead angel. With one swift movement her head is lying on the floor and BOOM there it goes. Now shes just s cry on the wind. 1 more down only 13 to go. I leave that cave as that wimp had nothing. I find a small pond and bathe in it, then I see him. Craig Darkthorn. My crappy ex-boyfriend, the one who would be dead by the morning.

Summary of Tributes

Johnathan is still in his cave.

Same with Lali.

Ian is still by his pool and has found an edible plants but his water is running out.

Marina is resting in a bed in a house, not knowing the whole downstairs is full of mutts.

Harris is still waiting for any tributes to taker the supplies.

Tomara is going to grab supplies in the morning.

Gerrit is looking for water and is soon gonna find the pond but he recieves water so he settles down

Keagan recieved some medicine and is healing in a cave. He also got food and water.

Aria went back to her cave and found blood on the walls so is moving to the mountains.

Reggie is resting in a cave not to high up.

Allie is up a tree still looking for tribute to kill.

Craig is in the clearing below Allies tree but neither know the others there.

Lauren is still by the spring but has been hearing mysterious noises.

The anthem plays and 2 faces are shown

Katelynn from 1

Nicholas from 4

Every one get 1 more gifts for surviving 2 days

Day 3- Tributes take to the Sky

Marina (POV)

I wake up from a perfect nights sleep. I had managed to find a small city full of food, shelter and water and was so glad I did. I get up and decide to head downstairs. Last night I had received a trident but no idea why, I was pretty set with my knife and my spear. I walked down the stairs to find the room full of people. And I recognised everyone. There was all my family and friends, my neighbors, my teachers and the girl who cuts my hair. Im quite happy until my mum bears her fangs, then I run. I run back upstairs and here the patter of feet following me. I quickly dart into the bathroom and lock the door. I can hear them battering on the door and Im terrified. I know there mutts but there my friends, maybe I should go join them. I quickly shake that trhought out of my head and decide to esacpe. I see a window and jump out of it just as they break the door down. My sister throws a knife at me and it digs into my side. I pull it out as I fall into a pile of trash. I quickly get up and hobble away, I get about 20m out of town before collapsing, I turn to see a line of my friends standing there clawing at, well nothing. Then I relise there trapped in that town. I smile and turn back to the grass. I feel like my side is gonna burst and I drift into the blackness. BOOM

Ian (POV)

BOOM. Gerrit Khone collapses to the floor, blood pouring from head. I had killed him, I had killed someone. I drop my stone and picked up his, my mace. He had loads. He had a bunch of apples and 2 litres of water. Something hits me and I relise I might actually have a chance at winning these games. I leave and return a few minutes later to find his body gone. 13 left, the guy from 1 and the girl from 2. Me and the femal from 4, she was probably my biggest threat. Harris from 5 and Tomara from 6. Male from 7 and both from 8. Allie, Craig and Clarise from 9 and 10 and........ Someone else, I think the male from 12 or 13. I walk to the base of the mountain and rest.

Lali (POV)

I wake up and head out to the lake. My source of living, food and water. I decide to take a swim so I remove my jacket and Tshirt and dive in. Im swimming about for a few minutes when I see a giant eagle with a tribute in its claws. I think its the guy from 1 but Im not sure. Wow I think, tributes taking to the skies. I get out and pick up my supplies and run closer. The eagle is circling above the lake when it just drops Johnathan. He freefalls to the lake when a giant green serpent leaps out the water and swallows Johnathan in 1 bite. BOOM. I look at the monster then I see it heading for me. I turn my back and run.

Lauren (POV)

I receive a knife, finally. And I need it. A flock of what I thought where peaceful crows soared over me and attacked. I hacked wildly with my knife, but each time I kill one another one appears. I decide to run in the end and I run towards the mountain. BOOM. No idea whose cannon that is and dont care. I keep running and slowly but surely the birds retreat. I managed to get out of there with only a few cuts and gashes but I would have hated to see what they would have done to a weaponless person. I leave the jungle and head back to the mountains where I rest and fall into a perfect sleep.

Aria recieve a bow and arrows

Allie recieves the same

Craig recieves a sword

Keagen gets an axe

Reggie (POV)

Im walking back down to the forest as I cant see Aria anywhere. I only have a knife but last thing I knew she had a bad leg and a knife. I walk into the forest when I see her she is heading up into the hill. I run towards her but she sees me. She shoots an arrow which hits the tree next to me but only cause I rolled out the way. Boy could she shoot. I jump and and run she shoots twice and 1 hits a rock but the other lands in my ankle. I dont care and keep running and tackle her. She withdraws her knife and starts slashing my face but I get her in the gut. She stops stabbing and groans. "Wow, not as weak as your father but still weak. I always knew Id kill you" I say in her face. " You admit it then,you killed him"she croaks out. " Yehh like that weakling would attack me, I killed him cause you rejected me". She spits in my face and shoves me off and aims her bow at my head." This is for my dad" and she lets go causing the arrow to go through my skull. BOOM

Aria receives an axe

Marina received medicine and throwing knives, but shes still unconcious

Craig (POV)

I wake up to see an angel above me hanging from a branch, no wait thats Allie. I yell for her and she falls and I catch her. I drop her and here a crack and scream of pain. What have I done, I can feel my old self coming back and I remove my knife and put it to her throat. But I cant and I let it fall to the ground and we kiss. Its amazing, her lips are so soft but then her grip tightens and then she falls to the ground with a knife in her side. I stumble back, did I stab her. No wait I cant of, I dropped my knife. I turn to see my knife on the floor and the feet of the culprit. It was my ex-girlfriend Clarise Bens. I stand up and charge. Obvioulsly she wasnt expecting my attack as she didnt defend and I stabbed her. Unfortunately she step out the side causing me to miss but I wasnt finished. I stabbed at her face, then her heart, then her stomach but each time she defended. I tried to use strategy but I was just so mad and couldnt think straight. I calmed down, which is pretty hard when your stabbing someone, and pretended to stab her stomach and as she went to defend I caught her throat. She collapsed and started screaming. What had I done, I had killed the girl I had dated for 4 years. I crouched down beside her telling her it would be ok, but she denied it and asked me one question. "Craig, did you ever love me". Seconds later her eyes closed and BOOM. I answered the question to her lifeless form. "Yes".

Keagan (POV)

I had an axe, my burns still hurt alot but they were 100 times better than before. I had found this little underground cave that was hidden behind a few bushes. It was not very roomy but it was safe. I had food and water but my medicine was running out. There was 10 tributes left. Lali, Ian, Marina, Harris, Girl from 6, Me, Aria, Allie and Craig. I cant remember the last one. Im sure it was the boy from 11, 12 or 13. Dont know which one though. Im about to head to sleep when.......

" Congratulations to the final 10, all of you have survived 3 days. Now we invite all of you to a feast. There will be a bag with your name on it that will have something that you need, some of you lot more than others. You have until tommorow at dawn to decide if your going or not, it will be at the cornucopia. Now we have a few changes to make to the arena so everyone gets a nap courtesy of the capitol, and you say we're not nice"

I was so shocked, and knew I would never be able to get to sleep but obviously the capitol had other ideas as seconds later, I was asleep.

When the tributes were asleep.....

All that happened was the swamp was replaced by solid rock so no falling through so its just straight in to get there bags

Whats in the Bags

Lali- Body Armour

Ian- Stuffed Donkey

Marina- Stuffed Pig

Harris- Body Armour

Tomara- A health pill

Keagan- A stuffed unicorn

Aria- Body Armour

Allie- Medicine for her cut

Craig- Body Armour

Lauren- Golden Knifes (6)

Summary of Tributes

Lali has moved down to the base of the mountain where she is staking out to get ready for the feast.

Ian has also moved to the edge of the forest with his mace

Marina woke up during the announcement and used the cream, she is now heading towards the cornucopia back through the mountains.

Harris is still in the back of the cornucopia waiting for pray to come but wondering what happened to some of his supplies.

Tomara managed to sneak some food after she woke up and some water and one of Harris's spears.

Keagan is still in his cave thinking about going to the feast

Aria is still up in the mountains where the battle happened thinking about going to the feast.

Allie and Craig are below that tree but far enough away to not be counted as an alliance and Allie needs medicine and is still unconcious.

Lauren is high up in the mountains and is about to head further down to a high vantage point so she can see the cornucopia.

The anthem plays and the faces show

Johnathan from 1

Gerrit from 6

Reggie from 8

Clarise from 10

Everyone receives another gift for survivng 3 days

Day 4- Feast without any Food

Craig (POV)

I never understood why they called it a feast, most of the years its a feast without any food. I heard that it used to have a table with food but they changed it one year and from then on it became the norm. I decided to go and get mine and Allies bags, Im scared about us. What if the capitol thinks we've formed an alliance, both of us could die then. I had my sword and 2 knifes and Allies bow and arrows. She told me to take them just incase. I reach the cornucopia and am shocked to see that the swamp has been replaced with solid stone, this was a good thing and a bad thing. It meant it would be easier to get to the cornucopia but also easier to get chased when running away. I reckon its about 30 minutes till dawn and I can see only Aria and Lali who are both beside the mountains. That means Harris, Keagan and Lauren might not be coming. I hope thats true, but I know Marina will be there but just well hidden. Suddenly a gong goes.

Lali (POV)

I bolt out and grab my bag and am out by the time everyone reaches the cornucopia. I run back up the mountains and turn to see Keagan get an arrow in the eye from Aria. BOOM. I run up the hill and head back up to my cave. When I get there I open my bag I find a full set of body armour. I rip of my clothes and put on the armour, maybe Ill win. Atleast I know I wont be as bad as our previous tributes. 9th isnt that bad but still winning is better.

Harris (POV)

I see the girl from 2 get her bag before I can even leave the mouth of the cornucopia, then the girl from 8 kills the guy from 7. BOOM. Me and the guy from 10 reach the table at the same time. We share a look, I grab my bag and he grabs the ones for 10 and 9. He then runs back into the forest. I look for the one for the guy from 7 and grab it and head to the mountains. BOOM. I turn to see the girl from 6 with an arrow in her eye. Wow that girl from 8 can aim. She picks up her bag and the one from 6's. Only bags from 4 and 3 and 11 remain. I reach the hill and begin to climb.

Lauren (POV)

I make my way down and no ones left. Ian and Marina never came so I take my bags and theres. Im shocked Marina didnt come but not so shocked about Ian, wait he did come as hes standing infront of me. I go for my knife and he raises his mace. I dive into slash him but he just waves his mace. I cant get close. I rip open his bag and find a......Stuffed Donkey...... I chuck it at him and he looks shocked which gives me enough time to get close. I raise the knife to his throat and slash. BOOM He laid there still. I grab his mace and pack and walk into the forest.

Summary of Tributes

Lali is still in her cave getting ready for the final 7.

Marina never got to the feast as her leg acted up again and she couldnt make it in time.

Harris is heading to the city. He has changed into his body armour and is chucking about the stuffed unicorn.

Aria is in the forest not at all hungry or thirsty as she ate the health pill.

Allie got the medicine and is now talking to Craig who is in his body armour.

Lauren is in the same underground cave Keagan was in looking at her golden knifes.

The anthem plays and 3 faces are shown

Ian from 3

Tomara from 6

Keagan from 8

Day 4- Loving the one you Killed

Harris (POV)

I was walking up the mountain when I passed out, This time I saw Craig. Not me. Standing on top of my head. He has his boot on my ear and laughing. He looks down at my head and I wimper. He then puts all of his force on my head, crushing my skull BOOM. This caused me to wake up, I was unsure if Id imagined the cannon or if it had only been in my dream. Guess Id have to wait till tonight. One thing I was sure of was I had to kill Craig. He was my only competition, not that Lali and Allie. Not that baby from 11 or Marina. Maybe that Aria was slight compitition but that was it. I decided to head back to the forest and kill him before he could kill me.

Lauren (POV)

Im so safe. I have to keep telling myself that. Im not safe. Im in an arena with 6 other killers. And Im just like them. I killed that guy from 3 without even thinking. Im a monster. I decide to go looking for other tributes but didnt find any so I returned to my cave. I could win this I think. If I stay in here, only leaving for water and food, waiting till ther is 5 more cannons, maybe 6, I could win. This thought is the only one that stops me from going insane. And even this thought isnt working that well.

Lali (POV)

Im sitting in my cave about to go out when......

"Hello and Congratulations to the final 6 tributes in the 166th Hunger Games. Well, 5 of you have kept to your promises, so thank you Lauren Hill from 11, Lali Strebel from 2, Harris Quinton from 5, Marina Brooke from 4 and Aria Cammelliston from 8. But Alliana Whittle from 9 and Craig Darkthorn from 10 have formed an alliance even though it clearly states no alliances. As punishment your mentor has to choose which of you to dies, and the other person must kill them or you both die, well remember May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour"

I laughed, yes they may need to kill eachother but they knew this would come. There is only 1 winner, other than the 74th and 75th Hunger games and a few others. I shook my head and walked down to the forest, thinking, maybe Ill save them the pain of killing eachother and just kill them both.

Craig (POV)

I couldnt believe it, one of us would have to kill the other and it wasnt up to us. It was up to our mentors. If it had been up to us I would have plunged my knife into my own heart. Allie had stormed off after the announcement and I hadnt seen her for 3 hours. I really hope she hasnt ran away, that wont stop the gamemakers fromn killing us both. Nope, there she is. She runs up to me and kisses me. I get the message, why not make the most of the time we have left. We get up and walk to a bush and go behind it for some privacy.

Marina (POV)

I missed the feast. Why did I fall asleep. Im an idiot. Im walking back down to the cornucopia when I see Lali. But she sees me too but she doesnt win, she charges and raises her knife. I pick up one of my throwing knifes and throw it at her. It just bounced off her. Ohh crap, she must have gotten full body armour at the feast. I change my tactic fast and run. I charge down the path with her close on my heels. Im tearing down the path when I see Aria, yesss, If she distracts Lali I can get to safety. I divert my path to pass right by, I change my path to my doom.....

Aria (POV)

Im sitting around waiting for someone to pass when the girl from 4 comes tearing by chased by the girl from 2.I contemplate who to kill then I decide. I pick up my bow and aim and shoot. BOOM. I look at the career and nod. She turns and tears back up the mountain, I dont even try to kill her. We're down to the final 6 and by tommorow, the final 5.

Summary of Tributes

Marina is resting in a cave and received more medicine and a cheesecake. She is fine right now.

Harris is resting up a tree still playing with the unicorn.

Aria is stalking the forest looking for more kills. She is the most vicious tribute right now.

Allie and Craig are talking about there families up a tree, getting ready for tommorow.

Lauren is still in her underground cave.

The anthem plays and 1 face shows-

Lali from 2

Day 5- One way round the Rules

Craig (POV)

It was nearly time, nearly the time when one of us would have to kill the other. I was terrified but I wouldnt let it ruin out last time together. We were kissing when....

"Congratulations to the final 6, Unfotunately Lali did die yesterday but thats just one less. Allie and Craig, your mentors refused to choose which of you two to die and they came to the gamemakers and offered a solution. If Craig and Allie are the last two alive by the end of day 8, we will pronounce you bot the victors. If even one person survives, we will kill you both. This is the one way round the rules. And remember May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favour"

Yes, all me and Allie had to do was kill Marina, Lauren, Harris and Aria. That would be easy, we had over 2 days to do it. For the first time in this arena I actually felt hopefull and happy.

Harris (POV)

This was totally unfair, I bet if anyone else in the arena had formed an alliance we'd have been blown to bits. I was walking throught the arena when I saw Aria. She was standing on a rock in the middle of a clearing. I ran up to her a whispered something into her ear and she nodded. "Ill find Lauren and you find Marina. There is no way Im letting them win." I tell her. I walk further into the forest and Aria went up into the mountains. We had a plan, we'd group together and kill them, then turn back on eachother. It would work, Craig would die and I would win. These games were gonna get very interesting.

Marina (POV)

Aria had come to me earlier and told me of this plan, it sounded like it would work and to be hounest Allie and Craig are the only competition in this arena as ther working together. I was walking throught the forest and I saw Harris. I just looked at him and nodded, he nodded back and headed in one direction and I in the other. I could win this, Lauren was definatley the weakest only getting an 8, Harris, Allie and Craig all got 9 and Aria got a 10. Nothing compared to my 11. I can win this, I will win this. For everyone back home, for my parents and sister. I could make there life better, I will make there lives better. Cause in less than a week I will be crowned victor of the 166th Hunger Games.

Aria (POV)

I was walking through the woods looking for Lauren for ages, I had met Harris and he said she was no where. Last night a flood had hit and the whole of the other side of the mountains were filled with water which meant we were now down to 3 sections. Harris was searching the mountains and Marina and I were checking the forest. I was walking past a massive tree when I heard it. It was Allie screaming. I ran towards her and entered a clearing and saw 22 people.They were in pristine condition, I knew that cause Keagans eye was fine and Rene had no dart hole in her forehead. this is what they meant by be be the last standing. Not to just kill me Harris, Lauren and Marina. But Katlynn, Johnthan, Lali, Rory, The ones from 3, Wind, Tomara and Gherrit, Keagan and His femal counterpart and the rest. I was laughing when something hit me. Reggie was back. I tried to look for him but couldnt see him anywhere or Nicholas from 4 either. Then I felt a knife to my throat and 1 murderous hand on my side. Then the most horrible words were whispered into my ear. "Hello Pretty, ready to have a second fight"

Lauren (POV)

I got out of my cave to hear shouting. I ran towards it and saw mayhem. I saw Allie and Craig fighting all the dead tributes. Aria was wrestling with that guy from her district and Marina was fighting sword on trident with Nicholas. Suddenly Harris appeared at my shoulder and tore into the battle and stabbed Reggie in the battle but he didnt die. Suddenly they all ran into the forest and.....

"Well to the 6 left, your priorities of killing have changed. Tommorow at midday these mutts will be re-released into the arena. They can not be killed and will not astop trying to kill you. Anyone who can make it to the end of day 7 shall be named victor. Remember Happy Hunger Games. By the way each off you will have 3 tributes after you and Allie and Craig will have though. Also your punishment has been uplifted Allie and Craig. May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour"

Whos attacking Who

Lauren- Winter, Ian, Kayley

Harris- Wind, Katelynn, Rory

Marina- Nicholas, Johnathan, Ariana

Aria- Reggie, Keagen, Tomara

Craig- Clarisse, Lali, Gherrit, Dev

Allie- Quincy, Caisllve, Rene, Brandon

Summary Of Tributes

All of the tributes have lit a fire and are planning ou what will happen tommorow.

Day 6- Chased by the Dead

Allie (POV)

We decide to stay well away from eachother. Im going to the back of the forest. Laurens in an underground cave which she is in so her tributes will struggle to attack her. Aria has gone to the Cornucopia so she has a vantage point and can keep them at a distance with her arrows. Harris is staying at the clearing and Craig is heading to the mountains with Marina. It feels wierd as this is the furthest we have been from eachother since I first saw him. I reach a good spot and climb a very thin tall tree. 2 of my people wont be able to climb this tree and Ill keep tha other 2 at bay. Its the perfect spot for me.

Craig (POV)

I continued on past the lake, Marina said she wanted to be near water so she stayed ther. I couldnt believe how little of this city I had discovered. Marina had told there had been a full city and a jungle around about 3 times the size of the forest. I wish I had discovered more as I might die here. I find a nice rock and rest. Suddenly theres a cannon but not the usual cannon, Im betting it signals midday. I was right. 2 minutes after the cannon they appeared. Last night we had had another message saying they would attack for an hour then we would have an hour break. But ot would be tough and it was. Only Dev and Gherrit appeared at first and I decapitated them swiftly. I expected them to jump up and continue fighting but they just were picked up by a hovercraft. Then Lali appeared, she was a challenge. She had a massive sword that she lifted with ease. In the end I beheaded her and then came Clarise. Wierdly she wasnt hard, I threw my axe and it landed in her stomach, both bodies were lifted up. 1 hour down only 17 hours to go.

Harris (POV)

I had the easiest group. The first dead, the third dead and the rubbish career. I slaughtered them all the first 3 tries easily but number 4 was pretty tricky, well Rory and Katelynn were tricky. I easily killed Wind. Katelynn wasnt Katelynn, Katelynn was Katelynn. I was fighting 2 skilled careers. Katelynn was throwing knifes after knife and Rory was slashing away. I pulled out my spear and shoved it through Rory;'s stomach. He collapsed as the knifed hit my stomach. I fell to the ground but wasnt in any pain. i looked down to see the knife in my unicorns head. I quickly pull it out and throw it through Katelynn's head. 4 hours down 14 to g...., I collapse and turn to see Wind standing above me pulling a spear out my back. I was gone. Then I relised I had seen the moment after I killed Katelynn. It had come true. This was my last thought. BOOM

Marina (POV)

Oh crap that was a cannon. Suddenly there was another noise...

"Yep I forgot to mention this, Each of you guys has a pair. If your partner dies your mutts will stop attacking you so go help your friends. Harris and Aria are partner. Lauren and Marina and Craig and Allie. Congretulations to Aria as Harris is dead your mutts have been withdrawn.................For Now"

I have to kill Lauren is the only thought in my head after that message. I bound down into the arena looking for the 12 year old from 11. I find the hole and pick up a bit of stone and wood and create a fire. I set the bush on fire, then I hear screaming. Pure agonising screams. I run back to the hole and try to soften the flames but nothing happens. So I dive in there to drag her out.

Lauren (POV)

Im scared, thers a fire trapping me in there and Im going to die. I know it. I inhale a bunch of smoke and start coughing and pass out. The last thing I see is Marina dragging me out. When I regain conciousness I see Marina lying beside me. Then I see Allie crying over her with Craig and Aria just out of the way. I stand up and see there all crying. Why are they crying we had made it out. I walk over to Aria and ask why there crying anjd she replies. "Lauren, Marina.....Marina.....Marinas Dead".

Allie (POV)

Marinas gone. Now its only me and Craig who have a partners, eachother. Its about to hit midnight which means only 12 hours more. 2 dead and only 4 tributes left. 4 out of 26. 85 percent of the tributes who entered this arena are dead. In a normal game we would be slashing and killing but in these games we were working together to win, working together to survive. Me and Craig were going to opposite sides of the arena. He was going into the mountains and me the back of the forest. He was taking Aria and I was taking Lauren. Or so I thought before we passed out.

Day 7- The Finale

Aria (POV)

We woke up in this meadow. It was small and the forcefields surrounded us so we couldnt escape. Lauren and Allie were still crying and Craig was comforting her. All our stuff had been taken other than our Body Armour and our main weapon. I had my bow and arrow. Craig had his sword. lauren had seven knifes and Allie had her bow and arrows aswell. It felt wierd being in here. We hadnt been told why and it had been like 4 hours from when we moved in here. I had a suspision at why we were here and I reckoned it involved Craig and Allie more than me and Lauren. My questions were answered seconds later.

Lauren (POV)

"Congratulations to the final 4, we have decided to remove the mutts and let you be victors....If your pair is the last standing. You will be put into pairs and fight to the death. The winning pair will become victors, the losers will die. The pairs are Lauren and Allie. And Aria and Craig. You have 2 hours to finish or all of you die. and remember Happy Hunger games and May the Odds be ever in your Favour."

I was with Allie. I looked at Aria and she looked at me. She raised her bow and picked up an Arrow and aimed it at me. She did it to quick, I didnt even have time to raise a weapon. All I hed time to do was close my eyes. I heard an arrow fly through the air then BOOM.

Allie (POV)

I pull the arrow out of Aria's neck and take the arrows in her quiver. "We're not killing eachother, we are the final 3 and we can work together" I say. Craig and Lauren both look at me and nod. I walk around looking at the forcefield. "Its not a normal forcefield, it doesnt have a weakspot and it doesnt throw us backwards and stop our heart" Craig says " aria walked into it before you came out of the sleep". I look at him then at Lauren. I know there is no way out other than through killing the full other pair but that meant killing Craig. I couldnt do that. I lo..... No I cant even think about that. I need to get home. I pull out an arrow and close my eyes. But I cant, I open them to find Craig lying on the floor with one of Laurens knifes in his back. "I need to get home, Im sorry" she says. I look at her with disgust and run to Craig. Then a voice says something Im glad to hear.

"The capitol is moved by your love and has decided to name all 3 of you guys Victors of the 166th Hunger Games. Alliana Whittle from District 9, Craig Dakthorn from District 10 and Lauren Hill from District 11. We will see you soon"

I cant believe it, we won BOOM Nooo, Craig. I turn to him to see the lifeless form of my true love. I run to beside him and cry for what feels like hours. Lauren tries to comfort me but I just punch her clean in the face. Knocking her out cold. Im taken out and forced to get checked up but I cant do this without him. I loved him. And I will kill that bitch Lauren if its the last thing I do.

Congratulations to MySims and Rue District11 for creating the 2 victors, these games are far from over though as these 2 tributes will meet again, and at that time only 1 will make it home.


Weapons they Have

Other Stuff the have What they need
Allie 9 B&A Body Armour Food Water Nothing
Craig 10 Swords Body Armour Water and Food Nothing
Lauren 11 Knifes (7) Stuffed Pig Food and Water Nothing


This shows how many gifts your tributes can recieve

Tribute No. Of Gifts
Allie from 9 0 gifts
Craig from 10 0 gift
Lauren from 11 3 gifts

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