Hello and welcome to my 4th Games. These will be a normal games with Districts 1 to 13 and the Capitol. I will do reapings, chariots, training, private sessions, interviews (maybe) and the actual Games. I might do Victors Interview and the Victory tour. I have some things I want to say before beggining-

Rules and Info

  1. I will be using adult launguage so dont tell me off for using a word and live with it.
  2. Only submit 2 tributes and 2 stylists. 1 gamemaker aswell as I will be doing a seperate blog for that.
  3. If anyone is caught fighting in the comments below (not jokey fights) I will remove/kill your tributes depending on the stage in the games
  4. Dont badger me (yes Im being a hypocrit her) about uploading cause it is quite annoying.


Here is were I will post everything about the tribute (might split into 2 charts though)

If you want to submit a tribute use this guideline. I will only take tributes who have all the info but will reserve places if unsufficiant info is given-








Allies (are they open to them and if they are what Districts)-

Distict Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
1 male Dan Humie 17 Spear Plant Knowledge Climbing Skills Scared of Flowers
1 female Destiny Flair 18 Bow and Sword Training, physical strength Very bossy, and doesn't take anyone's plan into account
2 male Draco Adams 18 Sword and Spear Speed, Strength and Hand to Hand Combat Climbing and Short Tempered
2 female Thalia Combe 16 Wide range but mainly Throwing Knifes Knife Throwing, Archery, Strength, Speed, Seduction and mostly all weapons Short Tempered
3 male Brad Techno 14 Tazer and Blowdarts Smart and can make brillant inventions Being on his own
3 female Katelyn Snow 16 Bow and Arrow Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her and bow. Heights, very tight spaces, her family being hurt
4 male Ben Saltwater 18 Throwing Knifes Acurate and Good Knowledge Being Underestimated
4 female Krystal Clearwater 14 Bow and Arrow Archery, plants and climbing trees Gets attached to people very quickly
5 male Rowan Parkes 13 Crossbow Can fix stuff,great aiming with the crossbow When he runs out of ammo
5 female Celine Flare 12 Knifes and Snares Survivabilty, Plant Identification, Acrobatics, Stealth, Extreme Agility, Stealing. Combat
6 male Benny Oakling 12 Throwing Darts Benny is very good at dart throwing, climbing trees and camoflauge. Benny often freezes when he's scared, which won't help in the Arena, and is not good at killing people, full stop.
6 female Vixen Rhodes 13 Bow and arrows Even though she's no experience, Vixen has found she is very good at making snares and traps with rope and wire. Can't survive in the wild for three days.
7 male Garret Jackson 17 Axe Deception and Club Camoflauge, Strategy and Survival Lack of Confidence, Arena without trees, Being a predator and betraying allies
7 female Blair Undersee 15 Throwing Axes and Normal Axe Combat, Allying, Stealth Scared of bugs
8 male Max Summers 17 Good with a knife Is very strong and fast, Not good with any other weapons
8 female Eyla Zafire 15 Knife Agile, good reactions Never handled something as a weapon before, scared of water
9 male Mickey McAlister 17 Trident Fast and Strong Falls for Girls to Easily
9 female Mhari Ann Freeborn 14 Long knife, good with throwing knives and bow and arrows too. Running, relativly smart and seduction, good aim. Thinking about Annie, not the strongest.
10 male Jason Johnson 16 Axe, sword, lasso Swimming, climbing, upper-body stength Jumping to conclusions
10 female Karmin Johnson 15 Lasso, her bare hands, knife, blowgun Poison, sleuth, climbing, flexibility Hiding her feelings
11 male Jacob Thresh 16 Knifes and Axes Strength, knives and axes Very un-social
11 female Lily Valey 13 Slingshot, Bow And Arrow And Blowgun And Poison Darts. Stealth, Speed and Flexibility, Climbing Shyness and Tight Spaces.
12 male Rackard Relise 18 Snares and knives As well as being nefty with knives and snares, Rackard is spectacular as dodging attacks and weapons and is very fast. Because he's so thin, Rackard isn't very strong, but is very fast.
12 female Olypia Willings 16 Hand-on-hand combat, physical strength Olympia is extremely strong and a brilliant fighter which boosts her chance in the arena. Being able to break bones with bare hands, she'll come in handy. Being reminded of her past too much can weaken Olympia and make her an easy target.
13 male Everest Sateer 15 Is good with knifes/spears Climb well. Is a slow runner
13 female Mae-Lynn Strange 18 Mace or Bow Physcially strong. Fast runner, good at camoflauge and hunting. Bad swimmer and climber. Not a good tracker. Gets tired quickly.
Capitol Male Donathan Wolfe 18 Swords, knife, okay with fists Not the fastest or the stealthiest Quite Strong and Attractive
Capitol Female Margaretta Hayes 17 Spear or Machete Physcially strong. Fast runner, great at tracking, making plans and climbing. Bad at camoflauge and hunting. Can be hotheaded and overly agressive. Not the best at endurance.
District Name Training Score Means of Death Placing
1 male Dan Humie 10 Throat slit by Pamline mutt 9th
1 female Destiny Flair 8 Beheaded by Katelyn 7th
2 male Draco Adams 10 Arrow to the temple from Katelyn 8th
2 female Thalia Combe 11 Sword in the back by Celine 2nd
3 male Brad Techno 7 Slit throat by Dan 25th
3 female Katelyn Snow 9 Stabbed in stomach by Destiny 6th
4 male Ben Saltwater 8 Knife plunged in stomach by Margaretta 27th
4 female Krystal Clearwater 9 Knife in chest from Thalia 20th
5 male Rowan Parkes 9 Sword through mouth from Draco 19th
5 female Celine Flair 7 N/A 1st
6 male Benny Oakling 4 Beheaded by Blair 22nd
6 female Vixen Rhodes 10 Arrow in neck from Katelyn 26th
7 male Garret Jackson 5 Stomach sliced open by Blair 21st
7 female Blair Undersee 10 Mace to head from Mae-Lynn 14th
8 male Max Summers 6 Knife in back from Thalia 23rd
8 female Eyla Zafire 4 Axe in chest from Jacob 10th
9 male Mickey McAlister 10 Axe in head from Jacob 11th
9 female Mhari Ann Freeborn 8 Sword in chest from Celine 4th
10 male Jason Johnson 10 Sword in stomach 24th
10 female Karmin Johnson 6 Skull crushed by enchantress mutt 16th
11 male Jacob Thresh 9 Knife in eye from Thalia 3rd
11 female Lily Valey 7 Tidal Wave drowned her 15th
12 male Rackard Relise 7 Electrocuted by Beetee mutt 17th
12 female Olympia Willings 6 Knife in face by Thalia 5th
13 male Everest Sateer 8 Stoach Eaten by Enobaria mutt 12th
13 female Mae-Lynn Strange 11

Stomach smashed in by Finnick Mutts

Capitol Male Donathan Wolfe 6 Knife in heart from Thalia 28th
Capitol Female Margaretta Hayes 9 Insides ripped out my Lauren Mutt 18th


If submitting a stylist submit-



Chariot M-

Chariot F-

Yet again I will have reservations

District Name Chariot (M) Chariot (F)
1 Esorellia Snow

A light blue tux with a blue tie ; hair will be spiked, he will wear a silver crown with blue diamonds and sappphires


Beautiful dress that has a flower-like diamond design on top ; bottom is large and poofed out with a train that appears to be a white rose with silver covering the edge of each petal. Hair will curled again and layed down with bangs to the left side, pulled on each side of the shoulder. Blush will be again light pink and bronzer will bring out high cheekbones, eyes will have a white eyeshadow, black eyeliner with a winged side, black mascara volumized on top, light on bottom. She will wear a silver tiara with blue diamonds and sapphires as a Princess would. Shoes will match diamonds in tiara. Skin will give off a shimmering glow in sunlight.

[3]Chariot Dress[4]Chariot shoes

2 Loo Ping Pong Zie Same but a suit a slightly less make-up. Thalia is wearing a long golden dress with her body tied up in a bun with little streaks of golden hair falling out from the golden crown which is carefully placed on the top of her skull. Her hair is died a golden blonde colour and she is wearing golden eyeshadow and gold lips. She also has streaks of gold in her hair which matches peferctly with her golden crown made to look just like the victors. The dress is made of loads of tiny gold crystal and when you look back you can see the different shades of gold and light brown on the dress. Thalia is spray painted a golden brown colour that look as if she has had a tan then been lightly coated in crystals.Her eyes also have golden flecks in them making her eyes more noticable. She looks beautiful along with her district partner.
3 Simion Light He is wearing a suit with lights on it She is wearing a dress with lights on it
4 Seala Lazana He is wearing a plain blue suit. She is wearing a plain blue dress
5 Biachi Luminion He is wearing a suit made of complete solar panels. As the chariot moves round the solar panels collect in energy and power little bulbs that are covering the chariot. When these get to bright they explode causing a blinding flash. When the light clears he is wearing a suit covered in chunks of gold. These reflect the light to cause the imagination that he is glowing. His skin has been dusted a pale gold. His hair has been died jet black to cause it to stand out from the gold suit. She is wearing a dress made of complete solar panels. As the chariot moves round the solar panels collect in energy and power little bulbs that are covering the chariot. When these get to bright they explode causing a blinding flash. When the light clears she is wearing a long flowing dress made of diamonds. These diamonds reflect the light causing the illusion she is glowing. Her skin has been dusted pale silver. Her hair has been died black to cause the diamonds in her hair to stand out even more.
6 Pishana Di Plana Dressed as a bus driver Dressed as a bus
7 Merelyn Coheardt Same but a suit An elegant hairpeice made of various mosses, flowers and plantlife. Other than the headpice, the hair is let down and flows elegantly. Light green liptick, makeup and eyeshadow. The dress is comprised of two parts. The top is a tight boddess made of green, yellow, redu and purple leaves, giving it a flowy vide. The belt is alrge and made of a fabric resemblimg tree bark. The bottom of the dress goes down to slightly above the knee, and is flowly, elegant, and made of multi-colored leaves and plantlife. Her shoes are green wedges with a brown heel.
8 Hanna Gloss Male Chariot Female Chariot
9 Shimmer Light Dressed as farmers Dressed as farmers
10 Lexi Hart He is wearing green overalls, with a black hat, he comes out rapping about animals. She is wearing a multi- coloured dress when she spins , butterflys fly out!
11 Adsol Niall He is wearing a light brown shirt and a pair of pale brown trousers. His skin has been dusted a light gold. The way the light hits the skin causes him to illuminate. He is wearing no make up and no shoes. He is wearing a reeth of wheat intimed with wild flowers. She is wearing a wispy brown dress that reaches her knees and is strapless. Her skin has been dusted the same light gold as the boy. She is also wering the reeth of wheat and wild flowrs. And no make-up and shoes. Her hair has been intwined with stalks of grain.
12 Danec Elvit They are wearing miner outfits They are wearing miner outfits
13 Plini Pillani They are wearing battle gear They are wearing battle gear
Capitol Demetr Bullotri They are dressed in plain gear They are dressed in plain gear


When Submitting a Gamemaker submit-



Name and User Position
Augusti Leverman (Finnickistheawesomeone) Head Gamemaker
Dehlilah Turneions (Katelyn.danita) Deputy Head Gamemaker
Jacob Woods (Cato Rocks) Head of Mutts
Xavier Richards (Micberg1234) Head of Arena
Callie Grace Reardon (AshtonMoioLover) Head of Traps
Luna Blight (Tammydaisy) Head of Training Scores
Lilyana Styneson (AnnieCresta4) Mutt Creator
Mathieu Hunt (Bobloblaw1978) Arena Creator
John Mustin (Jsm13athome) Training Score Deputy
Arabesque Livingston (MySims) Head of Food and Drink


D1- Destiny's (POV)

I was never that good at school or at making friends but this was something I was good at, killing. I had already killed 7 people in training. So killing kids were no biggy. Yeh, in training they sent 7 trainers at me and told me to defend my life and I did. A slash of the throat, a stab in the heart and a few stabs down there. Everyone knew if they told me off they would also die. The only guy who could ever tell me off was Dan Humie my besto. We had agreed to both volonteer this year no matter what and if I said Dan was coming into the arena with me, Dan was coming into the arena with me. A girls name was called and I volonteered. She smiled at me and mouthed thank you but that made me mad. Anyone from 1 should go into the arena with pride. I walked up and beamed and seconds later Dan was standing next to me. Our escort told us to shake hands but we did more than that. We kissed.

D2- Draco's (POV)

I love reaping day. All the kids crying and shouting. Who wouldnt love it. Well most of the rest of the population but I still love it. Im a typical career. Will go with the pack till the end then kill all them. They were showing the reapings from 1 on the big TV. 2 people volonteering to die. Always nice to see. I run up to see my mates and then she comes on. The girl with the golden knockers. Ooh Lah Lah. I wanna piece of that. She calls a girls names. Thalia Combe, shes in my training class. Pretty good with the knifes. Then she calls a boys name. Draco Adams. "I volonte....". Wait that was my name, people are laughing, good if they keep doing that they wont volonteer. I make it up to the stage with no volonteers when it hits me. District 2 have sucked lately. Last year the guy came 24th. He sucked, maybe Ill go the same way as him. But then I remember Brutus. He won it without the pack the first time. Ill be like him, not that weakling Rory.

D3- Katelyn's (POV)

Ohh great, 4 brutes from 1 and 2. 3 of which volonteered. 2 of which are in love and 1 of which is called fricking Draco. No one in our district had won in a while. Ian from last year was killed by one of the victors Lauren and Ariana was killed like 5th. We were rubbish. And if I had to guess I think this years tributes will be crap aswell. Speaking of tributes here comes the girls name. I hat our escort, with his orange curls, he looks like a girl. He moves the slip to his eyes, also he needs glasses but doesnt where them as he says there hideous, and reads the name out. "Thalin Denver". She walks up and I say, to loudly, "Like anyones gonna volonteer". That was a bad move as everyone thought I said I volonteer. I struggle against the peacekeepers but there like twice my size. I try to run when they let me go but they stop me. I look out and see my friend. Shes in tears and so is my mum. I start to cry aswell. A boys name is called but I dont hear it, only later do I find out its Brad Techno. Im going into the games, and Ill probably die.

D4- Ben's (POV)

Our fellow careers look strong. I look at Krystal and smile but she just wipes away a tear. Most people in our situation would be beaming, like me, but shes just crying. Last year the girl from 4, Maria or somehin, came 5th which is pretty good. She was the highest career atleast. I walk into the justice building following our escort and followed by Krystal and our 2 mentors. I was shunned into a small room filled with old antiques. In a case on the wall was a trident, the trident that the Finnick Odair used, this would be the last year it was up there as next year it would be replaced by my weapon, the knife that I used to become the victor of the 167th Hunger Games.

D5- Celine's (POV)

I love reaping day, I hate every kid in my school so I really love watching them die. District 5 only has 3 schools, making it the smallest district after district 12. A small plump lady with massive golden wings on her back flies down from her perch on the roof of the justice building. She forces us to watch the same shit video about our failure in the 1st and 3rd wars. There is not even 1 mention of the 2nd war, the one were we won. She starts to wottle on about how amazing it was when someone throws a tomato at her and yells at her to hurry up. She starts crying and storms off. I see a peacekeeper run into the crowd and wrestle a guy to the floor, the guy who threw the tomato. Another peacekeeper comes up and picks out 2 names. "Rowan Parkes and Celine Flair.....At thet moment I pass out in a puddle.

D6- Benny's (POV)

Hah, It just showed the girl from 5 passing out in a puddle, Im the only one laughing but I dont care about today. I think everyone should be happy, we get to go and represent out district in a compitition. I would be thrilled to get reaped. District 6 did decently last year coming 14th and 9th. We had a victor in the 165th so we were doing pretty good. Our escort, Bobath Lee, come onto the stage and quickly runs to the reaping bowls. He pulls out 2 names and reads them. "Benny Oakling and Vixen Rhodes". He then runs back off the stage and into the justice building. I see a girl with fiery red hair walk up. I wait for the boy but no one goes. "Wow, why dont they just go up" I whisper at my friend but when I look at him I see him staring at me. I ask him why and he replies with the most horrible words Ive ever heard. "Benny, It was your name that was called, your going into the games"

D7- Blair's (POV)

I look at my family staring at me. My sister is in tears. Im staying strong though, a crier never wins the games. And I will win these games. If I do die it will probably be through suicide, like Luna Snare from 8 in the 150th Hunger Games. A boy is called and he stands next to me. I dont even here his name and dont want to. I probably know him and will feel horrible when I see him. I take one glance and feel like puking. Its my sisters boyfriend. My sister wasnt only losing her only sister but also the boyfriend shes had for the past 8 years. I wanted someone to volonteer but no one said a thing and both of us were led into the justice building. And to our inevitable deaths.

D8- Max's (POV)

I stare at the crowd in front of me. The sound of crying and screaming fill the air, causing no other noises to be heard. I tell my sister to go to her section and she does, but that leaves me alone. I have no time for friends, as i spend my whole day looking after my family. I have 4 sisters. 2 are 15 and 1 is 14 but Skylaria is only 12 and ahe needs me. I stand in my section surrounded by people I have never met before. A guy walks on and picks out 2 names out of the 2 bowls. He stands up straight with his podgy belly protuding over his belt and reads out them both, "Eyla Zafire and Max Summers", everyone to look confused, no one knows my name other than my family. They dont know who there tribute is until I start to walk, I could get of with this. I might not have to go into the games but then Skylaria come bounding over crying and starts yelling for me not to go. She blew my cover, she has sent me to my doom. I shove her back and scream "WHY DO DO THAT YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT, EVER SINCE MUM SIES YOUVE BEEN A BURDEN ON ME" She looks at me and runs. I turn to see the whole of 8, probably the whole of Panem looking at me, I know I shouldnt of said that but it was true. I storm up onto the stage and through the doors. No one stops me, but I know Ill pay for this when I enter the arena.

D9- Mhari-Ann's (POV)

That guy from 8 seems like a right dick, shouting, at what I presume is his sister, infront of everyone. I hope my district partner is not like that. I cant say Im shocked or sad that I was reaped, I mean I do have my name in 125 times, so Ive been training for 5 years. I look at the guy as he finally pulls out a guys name. "Mickey McAlister". No idea who he is, probably lives in a small shack out in the praries. A lot of people do that. I live in the centre of the town, I can actually see my house from here. A guy walks up and stands next to me. Hes like twice my height but his face looks like a 4 years old, I bet every girl in my class, other than my friend Emma, is falling for him right here. Why, I do not know, we had a victor last year which means we wont get one this year. Alliana Whittle. Shes 17 and my mentor. The guy, now we know its Mickey, is being mentored by Samuel Leviathen. He won it 3 years ago when he found a shotgun and shot everyone to death. Hes only 15 so he is mentoring someone older than him which I find hilarious. We walk into our rooms and I see Emma. I run to her and hug, "theres no cameras in her so let it out" she says. So I do and I cry in her arms for the last time.

D10- Jason's (POV)

I laugh at my friend. He just was shwon on the TV, no idea why. Wait why is he walking up onto the stage, why is the girl asking for any volonteers for my friend, my friend cant be going into the games, hes 12. "I volonteer" I yell. I run up and hug my friend. "Be safe, dont die, for me" He whispers so only I can hear. I nod and let him walk back into the crowd. I lose sight of him as tears enter my eyes. "I present to you your tributes for the 167th Hunger Games, Jason Johnson and Karmin Johnson", what, did she just say my sisters name. I look at the female tribute to see my sister standing there. Shit, I just volonteered, I just basically caused my mother to lose both her kids rather than one. We are forced through doors, then she yells at me "What the Fuck do you think your doing, you basically Killed both of us, Idiot". She storms straight out the back and gets into the car. I follow her and sit beside her. "Things could be worst" I say "Atleast we know eachother", yeh, shouldnt of said this as she takes one look at me then punches me squarely in the nose, causing me to pass out.

D11- Lily's (POV)

I see Lauren and run up and hug her. We were best friends for like...ages. Then she went into the arena and I thought she'd no come back...but she did and now she was going again. This time, luckily only to mentor. We are chatting for what seems like ages but then Lauren is told to come onto the stage. This will be her first year mentoring, since she won last year. Her and Rackare will be mentoring out 2 tributes this year. I wonder who they'll be, as usual our boy is called first. "Jacob Thresh". He walks up and shakes Rackare's hand, no emotion at all. Then the girls name "Lily Valey". Oh crap I think thats me. I can see Lauren relising that. She jumps of the stage and runs after me and embraces me. We are both crying. Shes screaming just as much as me. More than she was last year. Im forced onto the stage, with Lauren following me. Neither of us stop crying until we're on the stage. She then says the most un helpful words ever. "Good Luck".

D12- Rackard's (POV)

I wish the games never reformed. There had been a 4 year gap after we won the 2nd War and all was fine. The the capitol uproared and beat us. We made a truce with them that every the games would go and each district would give 2 tributes but so would the capitol. There had been a few years districts hadnt competed. Like the Capitol didnt compete last year or in the 150th cause of some problem and 9 didnt compete in the 163rd due to a lack of children with in the age barrier. It had also been agreed that every 10 years would be a quell rather than every 25 years. These are the thoughts that rushed through my head as I made my way onto the train with my femal district partner Olympia Willings.

D13- Everest's (POV)

D13's reaping was cramped. They confined hundereds of kids into a tiny room. They had to have all the parents and other adults watch it in there rooms. District 13 had never had a victor, ok we've had a few but they were way back in the early days, I think are last victor was in the 111th Hunger games, but they were re-entered in the games a few yeas later in the 120th Hunger games and died. The sad thing is when a name is called they just shout here like in class. Cause we cant reach the stage. "Cassie Turner" a small girl yells here but is quickly blocked out by the brute Mae-Lynn. She yells I volonteer and now we may have another victor. The bully of 13. Then onto the boys. "Everest Sateer". Im going into the games. I shout here, not even bothering to think about it. Everyone expects us to be in tears but we're not. If we burst into tears we are admitting defeat. And one thing we learn in 13 is never give up until its already over.

Capitol- Margaretta's (POV)

Every one thinks Im mad but Im not. The capitol has had the most wins out of any district. Cause we get loads of sponsors cause all are friend sponsor us, family and neighbors. A few years ago a guy got so many sponsors he had enough money to buy a machine gun. He got killed by an arrow in the back but still, he got a machine gun. My neighbor Sue, walks up onto the stage. Shes so lucky. My mum has to go to district 4 to do her job and she doesnt have to move. "The female tribute is.....Keatan Si" a big girl walks onto the stage but is stopped when.. "I volonteer". I stroll up onto the stage and shove the other girl off. A game plan is already forming. Ally with the careers, the Capitol has become a sort of careers district, then kill them in the sleep. That will get a lot sponsors. Then receive a deadly weapon then win. Easy. A boy named Donathan Wolfe is called but I dont care. Even if he allies with the careers Ill kill him anyway. Cause the victor of the 167th Hunger Games will be Margaretta Hayes.

Train Journey's

D1- Dan's (POV)

I wish the journey was longer. That's one of the downsides of being next to the Capitol. We spent the whole time watching the other reapings. All cuddled up on the sofa. The pairs from 2, 4, 7, 12, 13 and the capitol all look ok. Especially the girls from 13 and the capitol. Both look brutish and gross. The ones from 3 and 6 look like complete messes though, but nothing compared to the girl from 5. I mean she fainted, its kinda stupid. About two minutes from the Capitol our mentors come in. Silver and Diamanda. Silver won the 139th Hunger games and Diamanda won the 149th. That was the second last time we won. Then Katelynn came and won but died. And we've never won since. They asked us what were our strengnths. I said Spear and Destiny said Bow. We then started divising strategies. We were to ally with the careers until the final 10 then kill them in there sleep or flee with lots of supplies. I was kinda scared as Id seen the careers and if any of those people thought we were gonna double cross them they would kill them instantly. As we drew into the station we saw all the colours of the rainbow. We were lead from the station through a massive crowd. Destiny was posing every step of the way. At the end we were forced to kiss, and lets just say Im not complaning.

D2- Thalia's (POV)

I laugh so loud when that idiot from 5 faints, I can tell you now that she will not last lone. I've been spending the last 2 hours talking with Draco, Timian and Saph. Saph is my mentor, she won a few years ago but Timian is 67 and every year he has mentored, which is only 7 times, his tribute has won. Draco's got him. I kinda feel ok with Saph, Lila did get 7th under her control but still, its nyoot first. There both telling us to run from the cornucopia and hide on the outline, then when its almost down join the careers and look like you were there all along. I knew Draco was not gonna do that but it was similar to my plan. Mine was to get on top of the cornucopia and work from up there. It would give me an advantage over all those who can only do close combat but I will be an easy target for those who used throwing knifes and a bow. We manage to catch the end of the reapings and I do not like what I see. Both from 13 and the capitol look like trouble, 12 looked ok. Luckily 11 did not look like trouble. The girl sobbed with last years victor and the boy looked like who had maybe 3 brain cells. I wish we had seen the rest but it wasnt that important. Id see them when im watching the playback of the games after I win, and trust me I will.

D3- Brad's (POV)

Im going to die, Im going to die, Im going to die, Im going to die. Its all I can think as we watch the tributes come on. You have the beasts from 1,2 and 4. The smart and fast and strong from 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The brave from 10, 11 and 12. The terrifying people from 13 and the capitol. And the dorks from 3. I hated it. Our mentor kept saying we could do this, even though we clearly couldnt. Katelyn hadnt stopped crying since we entered the train. And I couldnt form 2 words. I think he relised this as he stormed off. We headed to bed a while later and were woken to the sheer shrills of out escort. We ran through to see our mentor, out only mento with his throat slit and lying on the floor dead. Katelyn, who had finally stopped crying, picked up a piece of paper lying beside him. It read...

Dear My hopeless tributes, I have given up on everything. I lost my girlfriend and all my family after the games. I lost my sanity after I saw my first tributes die brutally and I lost my hope when the tributes I mentored all died. So I have now given up on life. Im sorry for killing myself on your special days but I couldnt enter that crappy city another time. Im so sorry, Signed

Liam Strather

Katelyn drops the letter and it falls into the blood. She starts to cry again and so does out mentor. I just do a Celine and faint into the blood.

D4- Krystal's (POV)

Im terrified. I cant believe I volonteered, 5 out of the 6 careers volonteered this year. Thalia is the only tribute not to volonteer. I have to say Im scared. Ben is kinda nice but he keeps saying about how hes gonna kill me and not feel anything. I wish Jamie was here, I would have felt safe but with Ben my emotions are shown. I see the girl from 5 falling in the puddle, Ben laughs out loud but I feel sorry for her, she probably knew she was gonna die. I hoped there was someone smaller and more fragile than me but it looked like I was the smallest. I head off to my bed but cant get to sleep. Ben wakes me telling me were here. I stand up and get changed quickly. I look outside to see...well colours. Its so bright. We are forced to walk down this long walkway. I can see a pair snogging at the end. I recognise them as Destiny and Dan. Ohhh great, all the sponsors will be attracted to her. Ben bends down to tie his lace. I think hes going to kiss me, so I pull him in. Yehhh, I can see Destiny staring at us in outrage. We stop for a second and he wispers "Good one, but we might need a stepladder next time". I look up and see Im kissing his neck. I nearly pass out but he just picks me up in his arms. The capitol love this and I have to say Im not feeling to bad either. Take that Humair, Benstal is coming to town, maybe we should think of a better name though.

D5- Rowan's (POV)

None of us can stop laughing, Celine woke up a few hours ago and we kept making her watch it. At first she was mad at all of us but in the end she was laughing too. We finally watched the reapings like 5 hours after it aired. I wished we hadnt, by district 4 Celine had passed out again. I wished she hadnt, as it was atleast good to know our competition. There was a few I thought would make good allies such as Everest, Rackard or Jacob. Others like Mae-Lynn, Margaretta and Max look like they could kill me by just one punch. I hoped most of there sort, the brutes, would be killed by the careers in the bloodbath and not ally with the careers. The careers look bad enough without them. Luckily we do have two skilled mentors, Lee and Valary. When Caline wakes up we talk. They both tell us the same thing, stick together. They tell us to form a bigger alliance than the careers, they tell us if we let the careers get the supplies at the cornucopia we'd as good as given them the games. Both of their victories had involved not letting the careers get the supplies. Lee formed an alliance of 12 and killed all of the 9 careers in thae bloodbath. He then proceeded to kill all of the other 11 in his alliance. The rest had all died of natural causes. Valary led a group of mutts to the cornucopia, destroying all the supplies and killing 3 of the 7 careers. Both had become quite famous for what they did. When we reached the station Celine, who was still un-concious was taken in a van. I felt so akward being on my own, so I basically ran through the crowd o the styling centre, I can tell I was not a crowd favourite, and that half of the capitol, through the questions that were being screamed at me, thought that Celine had passed away.

D6- Vixen's (POV)

Wow, we have a 12 year old and a 13 year old. I think we are the youngest tributes. Actually Im sure. We sit in silence all the way through the first half of the journey. Our mentors and escort didnt appear until we met the service stop. They sat across from us and stared at us. Benny looked at me and started the conservation. "So how did you guys win the games". "Hid" my mentor said but Benny's mentor didnt say anything. "He joined the careers and killed them in fights" our escorts said "He lost his tounge in the final fight, now he cant talk". Oh crap, 1 of our mentors cant even talk. My mentor asks us a few questionjs. Benny answers them all confidently but I cant answer any of them. I have not trained, im not good at using any weapons, Im not fast or strong and Im afraid of heights. Basically Im useless. My mentor confirms that. She tells us to stick together and if we meet conflict...Im to charge them and let Benny escape. I run into my room and cry, and dont stop until hear the train grown to a halt. Im then forced out into a crowd, but I dont stop crying. I just run into the building. But Im not crying cause I know Im going to die. Im crying cause I know 27 kids will have to die, cause I will win, Im not pathetic. Im Vixen Rhodes.

D7- Garret's (POV)

Ok so far in the first 3 hours all we've covered is I have to ally with Blair. Noting about what to do just ally with Blair. Great advice. "Ok onto the arena, please" I say to the carridge at whole. Blair stares at me and giggles. WIsh I hadnt said that though. Cause now all we talk about is the arena. "My arena was a forest, so I had the home field" says our younger mentor " And Pamlines was a school". Our ancient mentor had won the 105th Hunger games along with 2 careers called Cinia and Natalia, and a tribute from 8, Terri. Pamline was the only one left. Terri had gone into shock after Aven, her relative, died the next year in the games and killed herself. And commited suicide. Cinia died last year and Natalia went back into the arena a few years back and was killed by the male from 1. "But I doubt you will have an arena as big as mine, we had 72 tributes, you have 28" mutters Line. Of our mentors I preffered Line. He was nice but brutally hounest. He would help us but not lie, he wont tell us we can win unless we can. And Ill say not one word about us winning has been said by him. I hoped there was trees. I really dont feel safe without trees. I feel kinda akward now and I have not been without trees for less than a day. Its kind of sad. But most people in 7 love the trees, not most I measn, everyone loves the trees. When we reach the Capitol I know I will hate it here. There is not one tree in sight. Its so metropolitan, and grey. Well the buildings are, the people are.....bright. We walk through the crowd, stopping for pictures and to sign stuff. Wouldnt last lone as atleast one of us was gonna die in a month. When we reach the styling place we are seperated. I sit in a small room and wait, wait for the last non kid I will ever see probably.

D8- Eyla's (POV)

I hate him. Its just like last year with the male and female tributes from 8 hating eachother. But this time neither of us killed eachothers parents. I had maybe mocked him about what he said to his sister and he just took another scadgie at me. We didnt watch the reapings together and Im glad. I could tell the careers would be tough this year. All the normal ones were in obviously. Same with the girls from 13 and the Capitol. I think probably Max as well. The rest all looked bigger than usual. There was only a few I would trust, Lily and Mhari-Ann looked nice. I could ally with them and just stick it out until the end. That would be my strategy. Hide. My escort came and told me to come for dinner but I said no. He then stormed away saying about how no one in the capitol is this rude. Yeh, people in the capitol just like to watch innocent kids die on live television. I would never admit this to anyone but I was scared. That arena could be anything from a volcano to a small city. That and the mutts are what scared me the most. Mutts always bring down tributes. Last year only 2 tributes died due to mutts, the guy from 1 was swallowed by a giant dragon and Harris was speared by his district partners mutt form. I guessed this year mutts would be plentiful. And even more savage than ever. You can kinda see the careers as mutts. There savage and brutal, and dont care who they kill. A career always makes it to the final 4. Usually from 4, lately 1 and 2 have not been doing that well. I hoped the pack this year would suck but 5 out of the 6 volonteered. Dan and Destiny, Draco and Ben and Krystal. All volonteers. The only one who didnt was Thalia. I will never forget these names, never as for all I know they could kill me.

D9- Mickey's (POV)

I walk down to the end of the train where there is an outside section. I see Mhari-Ann sitting there, looking out at the fields.

"Getting one last look" I ask her.

"Ill be back, its too pretty to forget. I really hope theres a field."She replies. She turns to me and says "We could win this, we have to work together though, I want to see the fields again. I love them"

I smile at her and nod. I love the fields too. They have a natural beauty not even the capitol can take away. We spend the next hour or so watching the country side change. From wheat fields to thick forests to coastline views to dry deserts. I dont know why or when but suddenly I feel Mhari-Anns warm soft hand holding mine. Its nice like this, so calm and relaxed. Allie and Samuel come out and join us after about 2 hours. Its so peaceful and in the end Mahri-Ann begins to drift off and lies across my legs. But I dont care. I begin to stroke her hair. Then I see it. A giant dome of rippling....well it looks like glass.

"Whats that" I yell waking the other 3 up. We all run to the edge and stare.

"Probably an old arena" Allie mutters

"Or your arena" Sebastian says.

We all resume our seats. I hope its not as we are in the middle of a desert, I highly doubt they would have it hear if it was a forest or a wheat field. I try not to sleep but it grasps me and I drift into the void.

Im awakened by the voices of Sebastian and Allie. They keep repeating the same words, We're here.

D10- Karmin's (POV)

I have the stupidest brother in the world, he didnt even notice me getting called and all he cared about was protecting Sam, stupid shitty Sam. Why did my brother even like him. I wasnt that scared about the tributes. There was to many brutes. Brutes kill brutes leaving only non-brutes. And there is no such thing as a smart brute. All from 1, 2, 4, 7, 13 and the Capitol are brutes and that means that 12 out of the 28 will kill eachother. Another 10 or so will die before this happens leaving probably 2 or 3 tributes for me to deal with. By just looking at the tributes I could tell it would be between the 9's, the 11's and the 12's for me to deal with. Maybe the ones from 6 and 5 but most likely they would die. But wait, 12 never do well. Ever since Katniss, Peeta and Emmerweis no one from district 12 has done that well. Theres a few exceptions but most die to mutts if not the careers. So that leaves 9 and 11, Mhari-Ann, Lily, Mickey and....I cant remember the male from 11. Well it doesnt matter he is a brute so....he'll probably die. But what about he competition, no he would never kill me but if he goes psycho..a lot of tributes have gone psycho, I mean there was this girl who killed her district partner and the girl from 12 and then started bathing in their blood and guts.....a careers then found her and laughed before killing her. Im not sure if the careers arent pscycos, there was a rumour a while back that district 2 and 4 just sent in psychos from their jails, then when they came back just killed them and took there money. Did this happen this time. Were Ben and Draco psychotic killers. I couldnt see Krystal being one but even Thalia.....would these games be safe......well they wouldnt, keep forgetting we are trying to kill eachother.

D11- Jacob's (POV)

I stuff down the food, only stopping for air after every few mouthfuls. Im used to this food, being the son of the mayor has its perks. Lily is in the bathroom puking, she tried to copy me but after less than 5 minutes she was gone. Lauren is in there comforting Lily which leaves Rackare and Ste-Van staring at me.

I begin to feel akward when Rackare suddenly asks me a question, "Favourite weapon and ideal choice of arena"

"Ehmm I dont use weapons, I use my fists and a field" I reply hurridly.

"Main feature in your favoured allies and strategy in the game" Ste-Van says almost seconds after I reply to the first one

"I dont like allies and defence, dont go looking for trouble, let trouble find you" I say " And shouldnt we wait for Lily to do this"

They both look at me and then look at eachother then laugh.

"Why are you laughing" I shout.

"We never help 2 tributes, last year we looked after the wrong tribute, we helped Winter not Lauren. This year its you" Ste-Van replies "This is the only reason I ask for 11, the mentors are the best. Sad that Leeta wasnt hear so its just the 2 of us helping you rather than 3 but thats what we have always done."

Looking back on the years I do recognise a patern. 1 tribute does really well and the other sucks. Winter was obviously there picked but he died anyway. But now in the 164th there was Simon and he came 3rd but Loise came 22nd. In the 159th Rackare won but Sillena came 27th. There was a pattern and now I was the strong one. I was the one they thought could win. And if they thought it why couldnt I win. The only thing holding me back was myself, and myself is no longer standing in my way as I will win.

D12- Olympia's (POV)

I have no strategies. Since Rackard doesnt want to work together I have to be alone in a room with a 69 year old drunk. Rackard gets the 49 year old whoose not drunk and crazy. I dont know why but it better not be because Im a girl. I sit while he babbbles on about killing vampires and dodging lepracauns. Its like this for ages, luckily dinner breaks the meeting. Rackard and his stupid mentor come walking in laughing, looking like ther having fun and Im sitting there sicerely pissed off. Rackard doesnt even speak to me, say anything. And I dont say anything back, simple. Luckily after dinner we get to watch the reapings. Lets just say I wish I hadnt watched them. Every body looks scary. The big ones look like they could squish me with one push and the little ones look like they could follow me for days and then kill you in seconds with a knife or a bow. Rackiard is just laughing at the pathetic ones and saying the massive ones will make amazing allies. He is a dick through and through. Even if he wins the people in 12 will hate him for allying with the careers. They hate anyone who allies with the careers, even people from there own district. And Im sure that this years career pack will contain more than just people from 1, 2 and 4. Im sure it will contain atleast people from 8, 12, 13 and the capitol. It will be huge and therefore more dangerous than ever. Last year there wasnt even a careers pack and this year it will most likely be the biggest in a while. Im scared now. I wasnt scared before but now Im terrified.

D13- Mae-Lynn's (POV)

Im going into the games and Im exstatic. The careers this year look amazing this year. The guy from 1 looks strong and the girl from 2 looks fast. That midget from 4 looks..well she is the dissapointment of the careers. Ben, Draco and Destiny look strong but there the typical careers. Draco is the strength careers and Destinty is the sexy blonde that is thick as mince from 1. And Ben is stuck in the middle, sexy and strong but thick and brutal. Well those three will be easy to pick off. But Dan, Thalia and Krystal actually look like they may be a problem. Can looks smart and strong, I expect him to be the careers leader, him or Thalia. Thalia looks speedy, that type of person that usually kills from a distance. Throwing knives and the bow are something I cant use. I have to kill at a close distance so she could easily kill me, easily. Same with Krystal, maybe more with the bow or the blowgun than the knife. I wasnt scared though, no I wasnt scared, I cant be scared, why did I sign up for this, why did I volonteer, why did I throw my life away, I caused my family so much pain just to kill myself. I was so stupid. Why did I do this. Everest stares at em, almost knowing what Im thinking about, knowing Im gonna die and all he does is shake his head.

"Ally with me in the games" I burst out.

"No, you will go with the careers and you will bring a victory for 13" He replies calmly "Or atleast one of us will win"

Then he just walks away, and he was right I would bring victory to 13. "Thanks" I mutter even though he is long gone. And I just wait, wait to reach that retched city.

Capitol- Donathan's (POV)

I dont like this, I dont like this one bit. We ofcoarse cant go on the trains to the capitol since we are in the capitol. Instead we are taken straight to the training centre to get 'Stripped Down', apparently if we are blight blue in the arena, we may not be the best at camoflage. I have to be de-blued, have my wings removed and have my whiskers removed. Its so horibble. Margaretta isnt that bad, she only has some hair exstentions but me, we have to work long into the night.

"Just a minute more then we can chat" My styling team says for like the 100th time.

This time wierdly they were correct, they finish wiping me down and then sit in a row infront of me. And then they stare. They then walk out in single file, army perfect and in the door is my stylist, or my mentor, or my uncle depending on what you want to call him.

"Oh my god, I just stopped crying, my favourite nephew going to his death" He dramaticly acts out.

"Thanks for the support uncle, why do you think I cant win" I reply.

"Havnt you seen the reapings, you havnt, that would explain it" He mutters to himself "Well, we better watch it now" And we do.

We sit for the next 10 minutes watching all of the tributes getting called. Draco, Dan, Thalia, Ben, Celine..All of the names blend into one massive blob. I dont blame my uncle for being scared, I was going to die. Some of these peoples legs were bigger than my whole body. I dont blame him, cause even I know Im going to die.

Chariot Rides

This is from a citizen of the capitols POV

Linius's (POV)

Oh I love the chariot rides, well being head of the chariot placing comitee I have to love them. I cant wait. Its the first step till the games, the chariots, training scores, interviews then the games.

Oh here come chariot 1, Oh its so pretty, the naturality of it is stunning, the diamonds and sapphires glitter in the lights, it really displays the theme of district 1. And the eveness of the outfits are equal, I couldnt say which outfit I prefer, Dan's makes him look so handsome and strong and Destiny just looks beautiful. But I wish there was more connection, oh well I still i love it, I give it a....nine.

Now onto district 2, wow, Thalia looks stunning. The attention to detail is amazing. It all fits together, the make-up, the shoes, the drees, just everything. But Draco just looks so lack luster next to the star that is Thalia. Why are the boys always so...pathetic lately. Its almost embaressing. The girl does very well and the boy is usually the first to die in the bloodbath. Its just pathetic. Well despite Thalia's outfit being amazing, Draco's was rubbish, so ill give them

Now onto 3, oh now this is a dissapointment. The usual flashing outfit, terrified tributes, why do we ever expect any more from 3. The boy atleast is smiling but the girl is...crying. But I thought she volonteered. Im sure she did cause everyone was so shocked. The lights are beginning to get a bit boring and are hurting my eyes, why are they so bright. They just deserve a.....four.

Speaking of 4, here comes Ben and Krystal. Awwww, arent they sweet all huggled together. But there outfits are bland. A plain blue suit and dress. I keep expecting it to turn into water or evaporate or something but nothing. But of all the couples so far there the only ones who look happy together, and I like to see happy tributes. So Ill give them a......six.

Now onto 5, wait are they solar panels. Now that is detailed but those lights on the front are annoying. They keep growing brighter, no there going to smash. BOOM. Oh my god Im blinded, wait its going away. Woah, they are glowing, now that is impress everyone. The boy is gold and the boy is silver. I love it. Its amazing. There is no connection but they look like they dont care about us, wait Celine is, oh great shes fainted again. Aww but Rowans caught her, thats nice. Ill give it aaa......nine.

Well lets see...oh 6 is pathetic. A bus and a bus driver. Busses havnt existed for like 50 years yet there still transport. It has some nice detail though and the silver jumpsuit of the girl is kinda flattering. I guess its not a complets wreck like 3 and 4. Atleast they are both smiling and oooh, gas is coming out of the girls rear end like she is an actual car. I like the attention to detail. Ill give it a ....six.

7, now that is pretty. Its so natural, but in a different way from 1. It looks like they have just walked out of nature. The detail in the headpiece and the dress id fabulous. It really draws your eye. My only slight wory is it is to green and blends in with the green of the chariot, but thats only minor flaw. The impecable detail in it makes it stand out slightly and once you have found it its hard to look away. It is mesmorising. Well now it easily is one of the nicest so far so it gets a.....nine.

8 is very blue. The girls dress is detailed but 8 is such a hard district. As there industry is clothes and how do you represent clothing in a piece of clothing. The girls dress is very well made, I suppose that may be showing the technicality of the stitching which kind off represents 8. But the males outfit is drowned out by the girl, the same as 2. Amazing girl but sucky guy. My life story. Well I guess Ill give

Well 9 is...original. Hopefully 11 dont go for farmers or we will have duplicates this year. And there not even nice farmers outfits, maybe sas them up or add a sequence or 2, but not just plain farmer get up. Its just boring and really makes your triubtes look horrible. But its nice that the tributes are holding hands, they are smiling as well and they look united together and I like that. Its something that the outlining districts have that the careers dont and for that Ill give them a....five.

Oooh, 10 is very musical. The guy is rapping and the girl is dancing. I have to admit neither of them appear to be good at it but atleast they look like they are enjoying it. The girls starts to spin Butterflies come out of it. Now that is impressive. I really like both outfits but I really wish they matched slightly more, if they matched they would have got a solid nine and maybe, if they improved their dancing and rapping, and ten but now I think Ill give them an......eight.

Well now only 4 left, heres 11. She is gorgeous, her dress, her make-up, well her not having make-up and her no shoes all make her look like she has just climbed out of a field of wheat. Now that was impressive. The boy was very handsome but still didnt match to the girl. This time atleast its a smaller gap but is still one of the prettier one. Its just a different style from the others. I love it. I would give it a ten but they just have the same gap as 2 or 10. So Ill give it an.....eight.

12 is boring. They have gone back to the miners outfit. Its drab, plain, ugly and boring. I hate it soo much. That is all I even have to say about it. And even the tributes have no emotion. I really think this is the worst district so far. It doesnt even deserve a four. Im going to give it a.........two then.

13 is in the usual battle gear. Its nice that every year they have a different battle style in history but it is getting a bit boring. Its not as bad as twelve or as good as three (never thought I would say that after there outfits) so I think I should give them inbetween. Maybe a 3 or I could give them a four. No Ill give them a.......three.

Well only the capitol left. Now they are drab. And sooo boring. I love it. Donathan looks almost normal. He is no longer blue skinned or no longer does he have any wings. I love it so much. i could stay and watch it for years, no, now its getting boring. It isnt that good, well its decent. Better than some but not as good as others. Its good but also terrible. I think Ill give it a.............five.

Now just to choose the placings, top is 7, 1 or 5. Hmmmmm.

Placing District Score
1st District 7 9
2nd District 1 9
3rd District 5 9
4th District 10 8
5th District 11 8
6th District 2 7
7th District 8 7
8th District 4 6
9th District 6 6
10th Capitol 5
11th District 9 5
12th District 3 4
13th District 13 3
14th District 12 2

Training (Day 1)

Destiny's (POV)

I run down the corridor and leap into the elevator. I can hear Dan storming behind me, I bash the buttons with all my fists and the doors close as Dan crashes into the glass. I only get to see his face for two seconds before I shoot down to training. Even though its quarter to ten I want to get there to talk with the careers, see who we are going to let in. When the doors open I am horrified to see a crowd of people. I quickly count and find that we are the second last people to arrive. Only.....13 to come. Dan comes out of the elevator seconds later and grabs my hand. 13 comes seconds later. We stand behind Draco and Thalia and then Athalna starts babbling on. She says that we shouldnt go to the weapons and go to the survival. I dont agree, and obviously neither do any of the other careers as as soon as she lets us go we all go to the weapons.

Me, Dan, Thalia and Draco are at the bow stand when 3 people come over. The girls from 13 and the capitol. And the boy from 12. We quickly let them in and they are pretty good. Ben, Draco and Rackard are all good with swords. Mae-Lynn and Margeretta are amazing with spears and maces. Krystal and Thalia are good at long range, but Dan is still the best. He is just so accurate at throwing.

"How are you and lover boy" Someone whispers in my ear. I quickly turn to see Thalia in fits of laughter.

"We are doing perfectly fine" I say trying not to punch her "Not that you need to know" I burst out laughing and we hug. Last night we got quite close, she came down to our floor and we chatted.

"Lets go to the survival skills" I manage to get out.

"Fine, I guess we better get used to some other thing" she replies and we head over followed by Dan and Ben.

Draco's (POV)

I dont like that guy from 12, not one bit. I dont mind Ben being better than me, cause well he is a career. But this Rackard is a boy from 12. There supposed to suck. And it doesnt help that last year the boy from 12 killed Rory, 2's male tribute. Hes just standing there, defending against 6 trainers, all fully armed, without even breaking a sweat. Its so annoying.

"Why are we even letting him in" I moan to Krystal.

"Ehmmm, let me think" Krystal replies after shooting a target clean through the head with an arrow "Maybe because he is amazing, look at him, he is defending against 6 trainers, you failed at defending against 2" A second arrow flies through the skull of the dummy, this time it wasnt shot by Krysal though. We both look and then see Vixen Rhodes from 6 retreiving a second arrow from her quiver.

"Well looks like you have competition aswell" I say with a laugh, I then leave the fuming Krystal to go try with some spears.

Im decent at them and stay for a while until Dan comes over. He throws 3 spears, one after the other, and scores each of them in the bullseye. I stare at him and he just smiles.

"I have been training for 4 years" He says to my bemused face before stalking of to follow Thalia, Destiny and Ben to the fire station.

Mae-Lynn wanders over and says "Lot of toughies this year, as usual all from 1, 2, 4 and the capitol are good. 7 are strong and so are 10 and 9 this yer though. 11 are good, only 6 and 3 that suck" I stare at her and she replies with three words before stalking off "Know the enemy".

I suppose that makes some sence, 7 are both good. So are 9 and 10, and I think 6 are amazing, especially the girl, but I dont know why she says 11 are good...oh thats why. That girl scored a perfect hit with a blowgun. And the boy rip a dummies stomach clean open with his bear hands. Maybe knowing the enemy isnt good, cause if you know how powerful they are, you get scared by how powerful they are.

Katelyn (POV)

Im so stupid. My big mouth got me into this. And because I was crying during the chariots no one wants to ally with me. Not even Brad. The ones from 1, 2 and 4 are in the careers. So are the girls from 13 and the capitol and the boy from 12. Brad is talking to Donathan about technology in the capitol. 5 and 6 have formed an alliance and arent letting anyone in. 7 are together, apparentley the male is the females sisters boyfriend so they are defending eachother. 8, 9 and 10 have also formed an alliance. Im shocked the 8 male is with them and not the careers but maybe the screaming was out of charachter. Both from 11 are going it alone and Olympia from 12 is with Everest from 13. I decide to go talk to them, I havnt asked them for an alliance yet so I head over.

"Hey, do you want to ally" I sprout out.

"Fine, take a seat" Olympia says without moving her eyes from her painting.

She is pretty good, I can tell her arm is supposed to be a rock atleast, but Everest's arm looks like its been painted with crap.

"There are to many unatural strokes" I say taking the brush from Everest "YOu have to make it smooth" Within a few seconds his arm actually looks like bark.

"Youre pretty good" he mutters "Lets see what you can so with weapons" They quickly wash down there arms in the pool, the training got a pool a few years back, and then hed to the weapons. Everest goes to the knife station and Olympia goes to the hand to hand combat and I head to the bow.

I saw that the girl from 4 and the girl from 6 were really good at the bow but its still my best weapon. I shoot a few and get the targets. Olympia joins me and is decent and a few minutes later Everest comes too. He is not good, he hits the targets but the targets at the spear stations. I can see the girl from 1 in floods of laughter so I tell him to move onto the spears. Lets just say his spear skills shut that girl up. Im so glad I decided to ally with him, as he is goooood.

Ben's (POV)

Krystal has been acting so weird lately, she hasnt been talking to me or joking. Ever since we got 8th place in the chariots. She was talking to Draco fine but when ever I go over to see her she walks up. I decide to sneak up on her at the archery stand, I grab her by the arm causing one of the arrows to go shooting towards Celine, and guess what happens, she faints. As medics come to see her I hiss into Krystals ear.

"Why have you been ignoring me", I hiss.

"Ive not been ignoring you" She replies after releasing herself from my grip. "I just dont want to be with the careers, I feel under appreashiated"

"Why would you leave the careers, Its basically safety till the final 10, then me and you can kill them all" I reply.

"No Im leaving, Ill go hunting at night, Ill make up an excuse and leave. I wont kill inocent people" Krystal hisses.

"Fine, but I cant be in a relationship with someone I have to kill, Its the careers and me, or your on your own" I sullenly reply.

"I cant. Im sorry" And with those words she storms off. I stare but decide not to rat her out. If I tell Thalia or Dan that she is gone they'll make her top of their to kill list, I may not be in a relationship with her now but she is still the closest thing I have to home.

I head over to Destiny and practice the swords.

"I heard you guys talking" She mutters. I quickly turn to her,l shock and fear filling my eyes. "I wont tell them, but be sure after she leaves, on what Im presuming will be night 1, I will kill her as soon as I see her. And I presume you will too" And with that she turns back to the swords and I know she is correct.

I cant be around her as within seconds she is the person in this room Iam most in debt with. Cause I know if she asks me to do something and I say no she will rat me out. And the thing a career hates more than a betrayer is an ally of a betrayer.

Celine's (POV)

Ok, my plan was working. I had fainted, was it 3 times now. Once at the reapings, well that was by accident but it gave me the plan. Once on the chariots, nearly died then if Rowan hadnt caught me. And now, well that one was also by accident, I mean there are 3 options when an arrow comes shooting at you. Scream, faint or die. Luckily the latter was not my fate. I have to sit out in a side room while the medics do some tests, Im fine with this. I need to stay away, I cant get attatched to anyone. It doesnt make it any better that Im now in an alliance with Rowan, Vixen and Benny.

A medic walks in and stares at me, thats all he does for what seems like hours before he finally says "You can go" and then leaves. I look at the door swinging back and forward, should I go back, I stay for a while but decide it would be strange if i go back to my floor when i have time to train. As I walk back I see the remaining training centre, I can see rooms full of people on computers, and rooms full of cages and scientests. I decide to take a look at quickly duck into a room as a scientist comes out.

"This will really shock you, I cant wait to see it in action" One of the 2 men says.

"It better be good, or we are all dead like last years." Says the other.

The first man laughs before wipping off a cloth of a cage, I wish he hadnt as what lay below would actually make me faint and it did.

I wake up and the two scientists are still staring at the beast. It is about the size of a rhino with rough thick grey fur, its ears are sticking up, emerging from the coroas hair. The eyes are small but beady, I bet they can see for miles, they are as black as night. Its claws are about the length of my hand, they seem to give of a black sinister glow, but the worst thing is its tail and its mouth. The tail is covered in tiny little barbs, coated in a glowing liquid. What appears to be acid is dripping from its fangs has caused a pool to form at the bottom of the cage, the teeth are made of gold, I guess they are taking inspiration from Enobaria, wait, her face, her violent attitude, the teeth. Thats Enobaria, one of the most famous victors from 2.

"She's a beut, looks just like her" Says the second one "Who else we got"

"Cashmere and Gloss are our smallest, Katniss is fast and Beetee is smart. Finnick is impressive and so is Johanna. They are our finished ones. We are still working on the Katelynn, Lauren, Allie, Natalia and Cinia. And if we have time we may make a Terri and a Pmaline one. These are one of the 2 mutts this year". He replies.

I hate them, they are horrible, its so horrible, I can feel the heart beeting and so can the scientists as they spin around and see me.

"GET OUT" They both scream, and I do, I run and dont stop till I reach the elevator and go tearing up. I leap out into my mentors.

"Why are you hear" One of them asks, I stare at them, then faint. That makes 5.

Benny's (POV)

We have not seen Celine in ages. She passed out, again, and then they took her away. I was suprised I was in an alliance, especially with Celine the fainter, Vixen the weakling and Rowan the....well Rowan I might have thought Id be in an alliance with. But Vixen was good with a bow and decent with a knife. Rowan was very smart but amazing with a crossbow, but I have never seen a crossbow in the arena. Hopefully this year that would change.

I walk over to Vixen just as she shoots another bullseye. "What skills do you have" She says unexpectedly.

"Ehmmm, what do you mean" I reply confused "Im good with darts"

"Wow, thats useful" she sarcastically replies "Especially when Draco or Ben is charging at you, you can throw a dart to block there spear or knife"

"Why are you in an alliace with me then" I shout at her.

"YOu heard our mentor, I have to sacrafise myself to save you" she replies in her normal voice "Remember"

"I didnt ask to be treated like that" I reply as she shoots another bullseye.

"Yeh well no one believes in me" And with that she walks away.

So thats why she is allying with me. I have no chance of winning, so why are my mentors telling her to die for me when I suck compared to her, I head over to the darts, Blair from 7 is also there. And she is good.

"How long have you been throwing, Ive been doing it for 3 years" I ask.

"Just started today, I know, Im rubbish, I bet youre soooo much better. Why not show me" She says while she throws a final dart and hands the rest to me.

"Ehmm, maybe ill try tommorow, Im going to try....axe throwing" I then turn to head when i hear her say.."Wimp" and I break down, I run towards the elevator and go shooting up, when I see Celine, I go to her floor and....oh great she's fainted again.

Blair's (POV)

"Its Just a fox, Jazmin." I mutter to my sister.

"Why cant I go home, I dont like the forest. My Sims account will be getting used by Garret" She crise.

"Oh my god youre 14, you are older than me. You have to learn how to fend for yourself" I say as I retrieve a tissue from my bag.

I continue walking through the forest, "The leaves really do Glimmer and Sparkle dont they" I say to my sister trying to brighten the mood.

"I suppose" She grunts.

We continue walking and she begins to liven up, which I cant say I prefer. She keeps hopping about, and singing. I walk past the red marker but I hear my sister groan to a hault.

"You crossed the line" She gasps.

"What do you think is going to happen, a wolf is going to attack me" I begin to laugh before I hear the pounding a feet. I turn to see a giant wolf bounding towards me, I close my eyes and wait for the pain to come. its to late and I admit that.

I hear the thump but I dont feel the pain. I slowly open my eyes to see the bloody mess, that is my sister.

I suddenly wake up, my face covered in spaghetti. I see Garret staring a me.

"You see it again, its all I see at night" He grunts.

"Yeh, its all I can think about. The doctor thinks she will wake up soon, Imadgine that waking up to no sister and no boyfriend" I mutter spitting my food everywhere.

"Well, how do you know one of us wont win" He says.

We share and look and know something, one of us will return.

Max's (POV)

We have the second biggest alliance in the games, Im glad of that. Me, Karmin, Eyla, Mhari-Ann, Jason and Mickey. Its good and bad. Its good because we can fight and stand our ground, but its bad because Im the weakest, Eyla and Karmin are both fast but smart. Mickey and Mhari-Ann are amazing with close combat and close weapon combats. Jason is the leader. He is amazing, I sometimes think too good. And he keeps going to where the careers are, if it wasnt for Karmin I wouldnt let him in. Karmin is actually nice, and she trusts him so I will.

I look around for my alliance, I see Eyla and Karmin at the fire station, I did that with Mickey this morning. Mickey and Mhari-Ann at the edible plants, did that before lunch. I look around for Jason but I cant see him anywhere, Im presuming he is still at lunch or up in his floor. Then I see all the careers surrounding him. I head over too the sword station, which is just beside the crowd. I can now clearly see Jason standing in the cetre.

"To summarise, I will get as many people in my alliance to hide at the back of the cornucopia. Then we run out. You kill all people in my alliance OTHER than Karmin. You capture me and I ally with you" he summarises.

"What if you betray us" Draco murmers.

"Then you kill me and Karmin" He replies without a second thought.

"I think its a good deal" Destiny says "We get a couple of free kills."

The group murmers in consent, it is only now I realise what this means. He is trying to kill me. I run over to my Karmin and Eyla, I quickly begin to recount but Jason interupts. Mickey and Mhari-Ann comke over to see and the fight brakes out. It goes really fast and by the end our alliance of 6 has depleated to two alliances of 3. One with Eyla, Karmin and Jason. And another with Me, Mhari-Ann and Mickey. I can tell you of the alliances. Ours will last so much longer.

Mhari-Ann's (POV)

Oh great, I thought we had an amazing alliance, now its down too three. Just me, Mickey and Max. I hate this. We lost the three best ones but I have to say i believe Max. I did see Jason hanging about with the careers often. Im pretty scared by him. We have decided to move onto the weapons. Iam glad. It makes us feel like we are actually good. I rock the room with my skills with a long knife and Mickey is pretty impressive with a trident. Dont know how seeming as there is like no water. Unfortunately Max sucks. His best weapon is a knife and both me and Mickey disarmed him withing seconds.

We decide to move on swiftly as the careers were giving our alliance some sketchy looks, basically they were laughing at us.

"Maybe your good with fire" I say trying to build up his confidence. WRONG

"Comoflage?" Says Mickey. WRONG.

"Healing, Plant Identification, Swimming?" NO NO NO.

Max heads off to try his hand with a bow while me and Mickey talk.

"He is useless, I think we have to dump him" I say after the long silence.

Mickey stares at me before finally nodding. "We should go join Karmin, Eyla and Jason, Shouldnt we" He says.

"No I still dont trust Jason, he is strange". And with that we head off to the weapons as a new alliance of two.

Jason's (POV)

I hate Max, why did he have to go and ruin everything. Eyla and Karmin just left the alliance, to go join Max, Mhari-Ann and Mickey. Just cause I said we should all run in for the bloodbath, Eyla then got suspicous and left. Karmin said she was better in a bigger alliance and followed Eyla, my own sister deserted me, to go with some people she met less than 2 days ago.

I begin to head over to the tridents when I am stopped by the masses that are Ben and Draco, I begin to back track but Draco grabs my arm and dirests me towards Thalia, Dan and Destiny.

"So do we have to formally invite you into the careers or will you just join already" Thalia sacastically says the moment Im within range.

Destiny stares at me before saying "Are we sure we want him, we already have 8,I mean 9" Im sure after saying this mistake she gives a short look at Ben, and he shakes his head the slightest "Wont moving it up to 1o be a bit much, what happened to the days when the careers were 1, 2 and 4, And maybe a talented individual. I miss those day."

"Those days were long ago, now the careers acept all disricts, and some of the originals are slackig" Dan says with an obvious look at the tributes from 2. "I mean 4 ame 5th which isnt that bad and 1 came..."

"1 came like 14th" cuts in Thalia "And we came 7th, better than you"

"Ok, the girl came 7th but the boy cae where, Draco?" Draco stare coldd heartidly at the boy from 1. if I was Dan I would be scared as he was insulting a guy caarrying a lethal sword. And all he had was a bow.

"Ok, I guess your thick and weak, the boy came 24th, REMEMBER" Destiny finishes. An then she and Dan walk over to the 4 careers not involved in the chat, Mae-Lynn, krystal, Rackard and Margaretta.

"Thalia, why cant we chuck the out" Drao moans as soon as the lovebirds from 1 had vanished.

"Cause there strong" Thalia simply replies, and with that I was now with the careers, one of the most hated people in this world. And they were fighting. Something told me that very early in the games there would be a career on career fight. But the only question left was which side to choose.

Lily's (POV)

I walk around looking at all the tributes, analyzing them. I dont want an alliance, Im going to do this the same way as Lauren did it, alone. I had covered most stations and was deentley happy with my results, I had done pretty well, I had a nack for long distance weapons. Blowgun, Archery and Slingshot. I had to show all of the. It would be hard. I hadnt covered some of the bigger weapons such as the spears or axes. And I really didnt want to, I shouldnt bother learning. If we get close enough to be able to use that sort of weapons i wouldnt win, I had to keep them at a distance, far away. I decide maybe I should learn how to throw knifes and axes, as a knife ay be easier to get than a bow or a blowgun.

When I reach the station I can hear raised voices from the group of careers next to me, I expect to see another non-careers fighting with the careers, but when I sneak a peak I see its the ones from 1 against te one from 2. I quickly revert my gaze and continue throwing.

After an hour of practising I can see Im no good at throwing an axe but decent with a knife. I can tell training is coming to an end as everyone is getting tired and adgitated. The careers have been split in two. Dan and Destiny with Mae-Lynn and Margeretta on one side and Thalia and Draco with Ben an Rackard. Krystal and Jason appear to be sticking together which shocks me, I thought Krystal would stick with Ben and Jason with Karmin, I mean they are brother and sister.

I move onto spears, I could use theese to throw, when Jacob comes up aswell. he stands behind me and helps me position my spear befroe heading of. I throw it straight from where he put it and to my delight it flies straight over and impales the dumy through my head. I turn to thank him but he is already over at the fire making station coaxing a fire out of wet branches. I know he is the toughest in the competition in this group, he can throw spears, strike with swords, axes and knifes. Can tear heads of dummies without even grimacing. I wish he would ally qith me but apparently Rackare had told hi not to ally, it was sencible as people ith allies usually kill eachother in the end. I turn to see a gamemaker hit a button and then a time comes onto the roof. 60.00. We have 1 hour, I decide to improve a skill rather than learn a new one. What do I need most help with. I turn and stare at the spear protuding out of the fae of the dummy. That answers that as Jacob wont be there to help me throw spear everytime.

Rackard's (POV)

I love Olympia. But I have to win. But then I will have lost the only person I truly love But we cant both win anyway, so I should igore my feelings, but whats to say one of uus will win even if I say I love her. Maybe I should tell her so that we can have atleast some time together. But then if she doest like me I will be super embarrased and akward, well atleast we know Im not telling her in the interviews, not like that idiot from that stupid district...wait Peeta was from 12. FAIL. Well not like Allie and Craig last year, I saw how sad ALlie was when Craig died, i dont want that to happen to Me when she dies, or her when I die. But we have to remember im with the careers. If I say I love her they will desert e, but I dont even know if there will be a career pack this year.

I decided to side with Draco and Thalia beause, to be hounest, Im more scared pof Draco and Thalia than Im of Destiny and Dan. And our side also has Ben and all they have is Margaretta and Mae-Lynn, its not really an even field, but that can change. I mean if Jasin an Krystal side with them we are as good as dead but if they side with us, we win. I wish I hadnt joined the careers, it was a stupid idea. Now I cant tell the person I love that I love them, and it looks like the solid career pack of 10 has gone to a weak ad idiotic career pack of 4, 4 an 2. Not the est year. But I have to win, district 12 has never done that well lately, the tributes have died in the bloodbath or been killed by mutts, its unfair. And now I dont have a chance of winning.

Our sort of side of the careers has been trying to sort of bribe Krytal and Jason to join us. Thalia and Draco had both tried and so had Destiny and Dan. I noticed Krystal and Ben werent talking which I found wierd but I guess Ben was maybe mad at Krystal for not joining our side. Jason on the otherhand was waying towards Destiny and Dan. Im not suprised, district 1 is nice and friendly at first but turn into beasts in the arena. District 2 on the otherhand are pure brute beasts, and arent so good at the nice thing. And the capitol is also very charming as seconds after Margaretta goes to talk to him he joins the. Oh great now only Krystal left undecided.

Im tempted to go talk to Olympia but I cant, I stay beside Thalia, I stay a wimp. I can hear her and Everest laughig, he is one lucky fellow. He, Olympia and Kayelyn. Theyll make strong alliance, then it hits me. The alliance of 8, 9 and 10 is bigger than ours. I have a strong feeling tht this yer the cornuopia will not be controlled by the careers.

Everest's (POV)

I think Im in love with Olympia. I dont relly know as I have necer been in love before. But I have this tigly feeling when she talks and I always want to be around her. I like Katelyn but I know she is weak, very weak. She isnt really good at anything and compared to Olympia, well there is no comparison. She is strong, beautiful but best of all she is kind. Not just to me but to everyone, Katelyn, the trainers and even the other triutes, like the careers. Well almost all of the careers, all but Rackard.

I think she trul hate him. Im serious. She never talks about him. But she kinda nearly killed him. She was doing amazingly with the knifes, throwing knifes. And then the moment Rackard walks by she misses the board and causes it to skim her hair. It was close. I decide we better start deciding strategies so I head over to where Katelyn is showing Olympia how to start a fire, atleast shes good with something.

"We better decide some strategies" I say to my allies as I come into ear range.

"Bloodbath, Games, what are you talking about here" Katelyn replies after lighting another fire.

"All of it" I reply curtly. "I rekon we run at the bloodbath and hide"

"I want to fight, If I get a bow and you get a..." She tries to reply. But I cut her off. "We are not running, Its the most deadly part of the games. Maybe in a normal year but there are 10 careers who are assured to run" I retort.

"I agree, Katelyn Im sure with our sponsors we can get a bow. I only need my fists and a knife wont cost much, we dont need those supplies" Olympia shouts over us, finishing the argument "And I like the idea about hiing, its our best bet"

We both nod but t feels wierd agreeing to help defend eachother but that in about 2 weeks only 1 of us can be still alive. And Im in love with one of them, this is not looking good.

Margaretta's (POV)

I really love training. Its so much fun trying out all of the weapons, sad about the careers splitting and all but we are definatley the better half. We are the bigger and more skilled half. Well Rackard is pretty strong and has a brain. Thalia is really skilled and strong, and Ben is really strong and very smart. So really Draco is there only weak link, really why didnt the careers boot out 2 as a career district an bring in 13 or the capitol. its unfair that we are the Extra careers, not the real careers. Thoes who die first. Its an unfair presumtion, look at last year. The last career died at 5th place. 4 extra districts came efore them. 8, 9, 10 and 11. I admit if the capitol had been n last year we would have done amazingly.

i skip over to Thalia who is getting a last minute of training, literally as the counter on the ceiling just hit 01.00.

"Why dont you just chuck Draco out" I say, causing her knife to hit 1cm away from the target "Then the careers could join"

Thalia turns to me and says "Its not that, why does everyone doubt us. The ones from 2 used to always do well and now thay suck." She wipes a tear from her eye as the buzzer goes. She walks of into an elevator with Donathan and Brad. i wait for the next one and get in with Destiny and Dan. They quickly get out and seconds later we reach the rof. I stand on the pad for the Capitol and a beam collets me and takes me up to the aircraft, instead of building 2 more floors on the training building they have 2 aircrafts hover oer the buildings permanentley, on atleast when the games are. I head over to y room as soon as we hit landing. I can see Donathan sitting on the couch but ignore him, I lie on my bead, Its so uncomfortable compared to my bed but I easily drift off, for what may be one of my last sleeps.

Training (Day 2)

Dan's (POV)

Destiny had been acting really wierd since yesterday. She was laughing and chatting, like she normally was. But that glimmer and sparkle in her eyes had vanished. She was the same inside but I could tell she was changing on the outside. We stood in the elevator not talking, when we exited the lift we were suprised to see only Donathan, Margaretta, Mae-Lynn and Eversest. When we stood next to the tributes Mae-Lynn and Margaretta came and stood beside us. Everest and Donathan just stayed were they were, they had their own alliances.

3 and 6 came next, 6 stood together and 3 split to stand next to Donathan and Everest. 12, 9 and 8 all came after. Olympia headed towards Everest and Rackard stood alone. 9 and 8 stuck together and Karmin joined them when they came. Jason joined us. 4, 11 and 7 came before 10.00. 7 stuck with eachother, 11 split but still stood alone. Ben stood with Rackard but Krystal went and stood beside Lily, was there a small alliance forming there. That only left 5 and 2, Celine and Rowan came running out just as the clock struck 10. They stood eside 6 as Athalna began to talk. I kept taking a swift glance at the door expecting Draco and Thalia to storm in but they didnt.

THis didnt make Destiny any better. She was losing her personality, she wasnt laughing or talking. She still had her skills but I wondered how long that would last. This had happened before. It had happened when I broke up with her the first time, it happened after she killed the trainers and it happened when her sister died in the games.
That was a horrble games, she had gotten so close but died.

It was on the 10th day of the games and there was 5 left. Lylac, Destiny's sister, and the 4 girl were the only careers left. Both were only 12, everyone was suprised as all the other careers were 18 or 17. Both from the capitol and the male from 3. He was 18 and a brute, he had an 11 in training. The careers got in a fight with the capitol,, Lylac swiftly shot an arrow into the head of the capitol girl, and the 4 girl and capitol boy killed eachother of, so it was down to Lylac and the 3 male, it didnt last long though. Lylac was walking along a mountian road, when he attacked. He plunged the knife into the side of her head within seconds. I remeber wathing it with Destiny, we had just broken that depression but It appered it was coming back. The final stage after losing her skills is suicide. And Im scared that in an arena of people trying to kill her, keeping her from commiting suicide will be pretty hard.

Thalia's (POV)

We would go down in history eve if we didnt win, Draco and I were the first ever tributes to escape the training centre. We had spent all night working it out with our mentors, stylists and our escort. We were in full capitol gear, we had money, thanks to our stylists and we had escaped. It wasnt that hard, a knife there and a broken window hear and we were out. We were free, but we couldnt go far. I wish I wasnt going into th games, and I have the feeling Draco agrees. But that doesnt matter. Today is for the tributes of 2, just em and Draco.

We are sitting in a small resteraunt when a man rushes into the resteraunt and whispers into the ear of the owner. We are wondering why but ot for long. As soon as the messanger leaves the owner rushes over and beckons the ocupants of the resteraunt, we head over to hear horrible news. They had found out we had escaped, and thats not the worst. They found out our stylists, mentors and our escort had helped. And they were being hung in the central stage at the interviews. In front of all of the tributes. And it was mine and Draco's fault.

We are running through the streets, hurrying to get back to the shoot. We reach it in time and crawl through it, stripping the lothes as we travel to be just to late. We reach the entrance to see our 2 mentors and our stylists and styling teams. And our escort being escorterd out by 20 peacekeepers. We had caused the death of 11 innocent lifes, well 9, our mentors did kill in the arena. But now that I felt this pain I relise I cant do this in the arena, I cant kill innoent kids. Well I have no choice now.

When they leave we decide to go to training, when we enter everyone is staring at us. We causiously walk over to our alliance, knowing all of their eyes are on us. When we reach Rackard and Ben Iam slightly pleased to see Krystal with them but they all stare at us expectintly, and we dont dissapoint. They all stare at us in awe after we finish, saying nothing and I feel so bad.

Brad's (POV)

I like Donathan. He is pretty smart and is actually nice, unlike Margaretta. We havnt formed an alliance, but decided to stick together for training. We both want to go solo. But we decied to train together as I find him interesing enough. He keeps asing me about different mechanisms in the capitol and asks how they work, so far I have known all but 1. The hovercrafts. I never understood them as we were never told. But I had some theories, pressure gauge and alluminum fielding but anyone I ask doesnt know or atleast wont tell me.

I walk over to where Donathan is failing at lighting a fire. I stare for a while, knowing instantly how to fix it but wait to see if he remembers from yesterday. And he does as seconds later a fire blooms into lighting. I walk over ad congratulate him befor ewe both head over to the swords. Something Donathan is much better at than me. He slices and hacks at the dummy to pieces when I just manage to remove an arm. We spend an hour on swords, befor heading to knifes. We are ok at this so we begin to chat.

"What are you going to be doing in private" He asks in his wierd capitol accent, as he slices at the wall.

"Blowgu" I say without even thinking, as I too hack at the dummy.

"Luckily I have agreed with my family they will get me a sword by day 1. I could probably get them to buy you a blowgun if you want" He says as a throw away comment.

"Do you want an alliane"Slips out of mouth before I can think.

"Fine" He says not even glaning at me.

Im shocked at what just happened but am relieved, atleast in the start having an ally makes it all so much easier. We will be able to take turns sleeping and have more sponsor oney, well hopefully we will have a decent amount. We go around for the rest of the day, we are shocked to see jut before lunch the triutes from 2 come in. Everyoe is quiet except our alliance, we continue doing the test, having new hope for the games.

Krystal's (POV)

I chose to go with Ben. Im not going to be in the arena with them. I will be going solo but just to make everyone stop fighting over me I chose this side. Mainly because Ben was on that side and I think it is the weakest side. Yes they are all skilled but they are beaten. Ben is beaten by Dan at spears, Mae-Lynn is amazing with knifes and swords wiping Rackard and Draco of the map. And Margaretta and Destiny are really good at long distance. Thalia s the only strong link, being the best at knifes in the whole room. And I really did think I would atleast help with my presence.

Ben has still been avoiding me, and I dont know why. I have basically given his side some hope. Draco and Thalia had been resting, not doing any working out which kind of confused me. I know sending 11 people to there death is bad but we are going into an arena to kill eachother, I mean by this tie next week atleast half of us would be dead. And I was trying to ignore that.

The private session are tommorw and I need to prepare. Im going to be doing archery, thats obvious. But the anoying thing is both Destiny and Vixen are better than me so I will have to impress them and impress them I will. I head over to the station for archery but am not pleased to see Vixen and Destiny are also there. I look around the room and see most people at there star station. Thalia is at the knifes, Draco at the swords and Dan and Ben at the spears, I walk up and grab a bow t get ready to shoot when I see out of the corner of my eye Vixen shooting three stright arrows into the dummy head. I re prepare myself a Destiny does a wierd roll thing but shoots through out spelling her initials. I cant focus I drop my bow and storm overf to Ben, I sit in a chair and turn to talk to him but by the time I sit down Ben has already left, I can see him walking away. I hate this, I want to go home. Why did i volonteer for this stupid thing. I want to see my mum but I do the next best thing, cry. And I dont care as Im probably going to die within a week and i hate it, Im only 14. And Im being forced to fight to my death, but why.

Rowan's (POV)

I was so shock at what Celine had done but glad. Se ha told me lasr night and we told Vixen this morning.

"Wow, so we now atleast know half of the mutts in the arena" She says once we coclude out story."And we have all seen ost of those games. We have all seen the 75th so thats Katniss, Enobaria, Finnick and Johanna, Cashmere and Gloss and Beetee, we saw last years games so thats Allie and Lauren. And Ive seen the 105th Hunger games, and thats the rest. No wait who is Katelynn. There was one last year but I dont think thats her. Theres one this year aswell."

"Katelynn Huxley from last year was the secod Katelynn. Katelynn was from 1 and won the 150th but died soon after. She was horrible, 9 kills in her games. Got an 11 and was loved by all. She was good with knifes." Benny said while staring at his shoes. Apparently he had had to be forced down here by there menors as he was bullied by Blair, I dont know why he cares. If I was him I would just kill her in the arena, get the first kill.

"Its quite a few mutts, but I wonder what the other one is" I mutter, as I score a hit with the bow. "Theese arent really that scary to us, other than the brawn. I guess the others more psychological, like the risen tributes from last year or the pedestrian mutts."

"I was a pedestrian mutt" Celine spits out "I was neighbors with Harris so they came and took a picture and a DNA smaple on the training day, in the games."

"That means it only took them like 3 or 4 days to make those mutts" Vixen mutters "That means they will probably be able to make all of the mutts in time"

Thats what I thought aswell. "Should we tell anyone else," I ask the group at large.

"No" The other three say in unison. "They wouldnt tell us so why would we tell them" Vixen elaborates, and we all agree. These games are a compitition, and I could just feel that beggining. 4 of us stand united now but in 2 weeks one will be left standing, as the games always destroy friendships.

Vixen's (POV)

I really should say sorry to Benny shouldnt I, I mean I only said that because I was mad at our mentors, not him. Just cause they choses him over me I shouldnt take it out of them. I walk over to him but as soon as I get withing speaking distance he storms of, and this keeps happening. I know he is mad at me but this is just plain rude.

I strom over to Celine and Rowan at the archery station and watch them. Rowan is good, he has decent aim as he is good with a crossbow and Celine isnt the worst. I ask for a go and they say fine, then Destiny walks over and the tributes from 5 go to the fire making. Destiny is really good with a bow, but still Im better. We arethe 2 best archers in the room and we both know it. All we have to do now is out show the other.

I begin the challange by shooting 3 arrows at the dummy and they all hit. I smile sweetly at Destiny as he does this wierd role thing and then shoots the arrows to form her initials. I reply by shootin 3 arrows at her initials causing them to change into a V.R. She stares daggers at me and shoots the knife rack causig it to collapse. I shoot at the dummy in a certain point which causes it to go through the dummies heads. She shoots the dummies causing them to get attatched at the balls. It goes on for about 10 minutes before we relise the whole training centre is quiet. We both look around and every eye is on us, all the staff, the tributes and even the gamemakers.

We both look kind off embaress and head of to our alliances, Destiny to the careers and Me to Benny and Rowan.

"Wheres Celine" I ask as soon as I come to a stop.

"She fainted again, when you shot the final one, It was funny" Benny chuckles. I notice he isnt walking away from me so I quickly burst out "Im sorry I was mean to you, I was just furiated about our mentors not you" I smile and he smiles, and finally our alliance is back together. Or it would be if Celine didnt keep fainting.

Garret's (POV)

I stare around the room, 28 tributes. 27 kid will die. Why. Cause this is the comprimise. Instead of the capitol and the districts getting along they just send kids to there deaths, well a few are smart enough to escape. Emmerweis and her gang escaped Panem. But 4 years ago they were found with hundreds of other people and killed. Very sad. The games are something you cant escape, well its really hard too atleast.

"Why are we in an alliance" Blair suddenly anounces as we are throwing axes.

"Ehm, we are from the same district and your sister is my girlfriend" I respond as I throw another axe.

"But alliance are easier to find i the arena" She says to my comment.

"Yeh but they are also stronger" I mutter beginning to feel like our alliance was crumbling.

"But we dont want to be the final 2 do we, we dont want my sister to see one of us kill eachother" She groans.

"Shes dead" I quickly get out, not wanting to hold the secret any longer. Blair stares at me and then begins to ry. I wonder why she isnt askin when and how but I relise she must have known. Im obviously not a actor. She looks up and stare into my eyes then slams her axe into my leg. I buckle to the floor and can see Blair being restrained. The pain from my leg overwelms me and I pass out, its 3 day before the games and I have a massive gash in my leg. Oh great.

Eyla's (POV)

Ow, that l, looked like it might hurt. I guess there alliance is over than. I return my gaze to the target I have been shooting at for an hour. Me and Max are not good at the bow. We are both good with a knife but not much else. Sadly growing up in 8 you dot get muh experience with much other than a needle. 1, 4 and 2 just train with everything. 3 gets work with electronics, and so does 5. 6 gets strength, and a few years back a girl used a screwdriver to go to victory. 7 is amazinf with axes, the guy from 7 can prove that. 9 and 11 are good with sickles, kama's and scythes, also they have very good plant information. 10 have a use with whips, I have never seen any other districts use them. and 12...well a few have pretty good plant knowledge and use of pickaxes. So asically unless I can sow someone to death 8 is useless.

Tommorow will be the worst. I really dont want to go in an see the gamemakers, it will be embarrising when I cant do anything and fail. I hope Max does well so that 8 isnt ashamed. I walk over to Mhari-Ann and Micey. No doubt they will both do amazingly and get like 12. But Im beggining to wonder how well the careers will do. Krystal is being out raned by Destiny and Vixen, but Destiny is slowly gettig worse. Draco isnt the best sword masterer in the room and neither are Rackard or Ben. Mae-Lynn may think she is good but Olympia is stronger. Dan and Margaretta are the only decent careers, and maybe Thalia aswell but the others are probably oing to get 7 or 8s.

Mickey is sitting next to the kamas and Max is practising. "Higher swing, no now lower. Strike a bit to the left, no your other left" Mickey warbles on Max fails at the kamas.

Mhari-Ann walks over laughing as Max misses the dummies again. I stare at her and she smiled. Im still glad they are allying with us even though we are complete train wrecks. They could of allied with anyone, even the careers but they chose us. But now I think of it, why.

Mickey's (POV)

He sucks at this. I can see Mhari-Ann is laughing and Eyla is trying to suppress a grin, I look aroung for Karmin and then I see her. Crying in the corner. I tell Mhari-Ann to take over and I head over to Karmin, and I hear Eyla follow. Whe I get near I can see her hand is covered in blood, I run to her and so does Eyla. We quickly call for help as we see sh has a knife in her shoulder. It all goes in a blur but I rememer running along a corridor with Eyla and Mhari-Ann following me. Max holding back Jason as he tries to burst into the room. Then I break into the present. Im sitting in a room with Mhari-Ann, Max and Eyla. Jason is in the room with Karmin. She has just been asked how it happened, she says she fell but none of us believe her, I reckon she stabbed herself.

We are asked to come in and we are shocked to see Karmin sitting up in a bed, concious with her side fully fixed. Jason has left, obviously not wanting to see us. We all sit round her bed and take it in turn to ask how she is. Its wierd but I think this catastrophy had brought us closer together, closer as an alliane. The strogest alliance in the arena.

I stare at her as she drifts into sleep. I feel Mhari-Anns hand slip into mine and I smile, this is the first time since the reaping when I have been happy, and this is the first time ever I know most likely I will have to kill my friends.

Karmin drifts off to sleep and Max and Eyla head bac to training. We agreed someone shoul be hear and max and Eyla need more training than me and Mhari-Ann so we let them go. We sit for what seems like forever befor we look at eachother, I stare into her deep chocolate brown eyes, I watch how her air flows down her shoulders. I sit closer to her and she slips her hand into mine. I dont know what this means but I take the risk. I pull forward and place my lips on hers. And it is madgical. I feel like we could go on forever, i love the way her soft sating lips push gentley on mine. I would sit here for the rest of the night if I wasnt interupted by a gasp. We remove our lips to see the wide awake Karmin.

Karmin's (POV)

I wake up from trying to kill myself to two of my allies kissing, nice. I stare and I feel like im making them akward so I stop.

"Ehmm Ok, what to do now" I mutter trying to break the silence. I here no reply and when I look up I see no one. Did I imadgine it or was it real. I hope it was real or my brain was doing some crazy thing. I dont like being stuck in here, Im perfectly fine, I just wanted some attention. Why cant I go back to training, I know, they dont want it to happen again.; Atleast when its just the private session the gamemakers can see what Im doing all of the time so they will let me do that. But what will I even do in training. I guess Ill show my blowgun skills, wish they had a lasso but they only ever seem to have them in the arena. So blowgun it is then.

I drift of to sleep and am wakened to some people I never expeted to see beside my bed ever. Both from 1 and the capitol girl. They are all watching me with, what is that look. Is it fear. We stare at eachother for a while before Dan makes the first move.

"Are you Ok" He hesitantly asks, the fear not drifting fro his eyes.

I just continue staring, knowing this is not the reason they came to see me and I was correct.

"Well, Jason has coe under the illusion that the reason know what" He points to my stab wound "Is because he joined the careers" He finishes kindly, but I know its all an act. We stare for a while before the capitol girl finishes.

"Basically tell him to stop being such an idiot or we will kill you both in the arena in the most painful way you can imadgine" the capitol chic says, not even trying to sound onerned, I like her more than the boy. Hounest an straight to the point. A born careers.

I stare at them and then nod. With that nod they all sigh other than Destiy, she hasnt said anything and looks wierd. That sparkle in her eye I remember seeing in the chariots nd the reapings has gone. They get upp and walk out and seods later Jason walks in, pushed by that brute from 13. Mae-Lynn. I have a talk with him and by the end he storms out, yet again a fully fledged career. I stare at the door for what feels like an age, hoping he will come back through an tell me he doesnt want to be a career and we will just have to try to avoid the careers but he never does. The door stays still, never opening. Snapping the last hope that I would get my brother back

Jacob's (POV)

Poor girl from 10, getting a serious injury 3 days before the games. Not nive, but looking back on the capitols miraculous heals after the games I guess they will have her healed in seconds. But my the only thin is will they bother to go to that much trouble for someone who will be sent to die in less than a week. Her allies come back down the lift about 2 or 3 hours after she left and I am one of the few people who go check how she i. I can also see Celine, Rowan, Vixen and Lily beside me. Benny and Blair are just behin me. None of the careers come, not even her brother.

"How is she" I ask straight away.

Mhari-Ann looks up and is smiling, "She is fine, they had her fixed in seconds". A sigh of relief is released by everyone. Blair, Vixen and Benny all head of but I stay wanting to know more.

"I was scared they wouldnt waste medicine on soeone they are going to send to their deth in less than a week2 I say to break the silence caused by the news.

"I think we all thought that" Celine says, swaying on her feet. I put an arm round to hold her up and she smiles at me.

"I think they wouldnt want to spoil her just before the interviews, after then they wont care about us" Lily says. We all knew this was true. After the interviews it didnt matter how we looked, but for the interviews we were supposed to be perfect.

Im the first to break the circle but after I leave I see Celine, Lily and Rowan all leave, leaving just the allies. Even though they had a bond I still never wanted an ally. It would mean in the end I would have to turn on them which I couldnt do. I take friendships serious, I only have a few friends and I know all of them would do anything for me and I would do anything for them Cause thats what friends do.

Olympia's (POV)

I rip the head of another dummy and chuck it in a pile. Everest passes another as Katelyn throws the head up then shoots it. We are beggining to make a well oiled team, unfortunately we have now destroyed like 75% of all the dummies which means not many other people are gettig a chance use them. Everest slices the other body in half and then into quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths until its dust. Katelyn is getting alot better with a bow and Everest has improved with a sword dramastically. I think we have a pretty good chance of going into the arena with quite a few sponsors, due to our, hopefully, high training scores.

We decide to move on cause of the shady looks from the careers. We head over to the gauntlet and take turns in running up and down and up and down. Katelyn is amazing at it, she avoids all of the beams and gets down in a good time. Everest is decent, he is up and down in a few minutes after only being hit once. I a really bad at it though. Im hit of like 50 times and it takes me about 20 inutes to do it once. We go over to the throwing knifes since it is one of the few areas we havent been and me and Katelyn are decent at it but Everest is no good at all. I sit down beside Katelyn as Everest misses his 10th knife in a row.

We have 4 more stations to do so we finish them all today other than axes. The one hour flashes onto the roof when we just finish knot tying. We decide to do weight lifting today and leave swimming and climbing for tommorow. Im amazing at this and, according to the trainer, I can lift the most out of everyone in the room. Everest is decent at this but Katelyn is no good at all. She can hardly lift some of the lightest one. We finish that and have about 10 inutes left so we decide to relax, we all think we are ready for tommorow. We all thin we can get good scores.

Mae-Lynn (POV)

Ok so we have 10 minutes left, I need to plan what Im going to do tommorow, well I already know what Im going to use. A mace and bow. So far no one has seen me use either. Other than Everest but I doubt he will remember that. I pick up a sword and go onto destoying the dummies. Im glad we got Jason back but our alliance had deccided that to thank Karmin we wont touch her alliance till the final 10. Just to say thanks. I doubt we will keep to that promise as that is the alliance of 5, Im sure one of us will kill them in the bloodbath accidently.

Destiny is beggining to worry me. She isnt doing aswell as she was yesterday, ever since she had that stand off with Vixen she is just going downhill. Dan is saying its just nerves but I dont believe him. I think he is lying. I think she is going crazy and I dont want a crazy leader. She isnt hitting any targets and the only people in the room who I think are truly happy about this are Vixen, Thalia and Draco. Draco and Thalia beause, well if one of your most powerful enemies who is trying to kill you, wouldnt you be happy if they were losing there touch. And Vixen, well Destiny is, well was, one of the best archers and now she is going psycho Vixen is shooting to the top.

I decide to atleast go and practise archery. Get used to the bows. When I reach the station Iam not suprised to see Vixen and Destiny shooting at the targets. Iam relieved to see that Destiny is atleast hitting the target even if she is ages from the bullseye. I pick up a bow and am relived to feel that it is the same bow we use n 13. I shoot a few, miss most. Hit a few, but rarely hit the bullseye. I have noticed the archery stand has been getting more viewing time than the others and Iam glad. I will win this for me, for my district. I will win this for my estranged rother, Everest Sateer.

Donathan's (POV)

Its over. The clock flashes 00.00, all of the instructors retreive all of the weapons and usher us into the lines to go into the elevators. I wait till the end and am the last person in the room. I stare around thinking that tommorow I will have to impress the gamemakers, luckily the capitol gets to go first so I will get it over with. I stand in the lift and bash the roof button multiple times and then shoot up. Getting glinces of the floors, Benny and Vixen talking, Blair crying, Lily laughing with Lauren and finally Everest and Olympia kissing.

When I reach the roof I stand in awe, thinking about what I saw. They were kissing, a cross district love afair. And thay are the last two districts in the interview stage. That means when they confess their love everyone will forget about us, especially the people who go first. Aka me and Margaretta. Well I was never going to do well anyway. I finally move and walk over to the pad. Then I am beamed up into the hovercraft. I walk over to the window, it is a glorious view. And it may be one of the last times I see it.

I head to my room and sit on my bedd and tare and then it all hit hits me. Im never going to see my parents, or my sister. I will never be able to sit in my house and feel my ats soft fur. Iam going to die in less than a week, I have no hope at all. I was going to die and there was ntohing I could do about it, nothing anyone can do about it. Cause my home cuty has sent me to my death. And I feel nothing.

Private Sessions

Luna Blight's (POV)

Oh goody time for the private trainng sessions. I have been given the hounor of deciding the training scores for each district this year. First up is Donathan. He is ok with a knife, pretty good with a sword. I have seen better but atleast he is showing variation. He is doing ok. In training he did pretty well on a lot of things. I think I will give him a 6.

Ok now onto Margaretta. She is doing very well with that spear. I did see some other people do better in training but its still good. She is hitting the bullseye most of the time. Now thats more impressive. She is handling that Machete will ease. She looks like she was born to use that. In training she did well, she is a good career and Ill give her a 9.

Oh here comes Dan. He is very skilled a spear throwing. Oh tht would hurt, I have never seen someone this accurate. This is impressive. I can tell that because everyone is looking at him. He shows someother weapons. The sword, the mace and the trident. he is good with all. This is impressive. I think I will give him a 10.

Now onto Destiny, I have high hopes for her. wait, is this the same girl. She is hitting ost but I thought she hit all bullseyes. Im sure in training he hit all bullseye. Maybe she is scared but she isnt doing aswell as in training. Her sword skills are good. Solid hits. Well I really should judge hers through training aswell so I will award her an 8.

Draco, well this should be good. He is certainly showing those dummies no mercy at all. he is a typical career though, strength strength strenght. At least Dan had some brains. But still who needs brains when you have that much strength. He is too strong for it to be real. Maybe he will break the chain and do well. I will award him a 10.

Now it is Thalia, Ooh I was looking forward to her. She has a spark. Wow she is strog. Those kife skills are impressive, she is definatley the best so far. By a mile. She hits the targets every time. She really rminds me of that Katelynn Huxley in the 150th. She is very impressive. I really think we have a winner right there. She asily deserves an 11.

Well lets hope Brad is as good as he was in training. He is very good with those blowdarts, ver accurate. I dont think I saw him do this in actual training, keeping his talents hidden. Always a good strategy. He doesnt have much variation though and that really brings it down a bit. But overall it was a very good performence. Ill give it a 7,

Katelyn, she was another good shooter. Lets hope she hasnt lost her touch. Nope she still has it. Good aim and good stature. I can see her doing well in the games. Not as impressive as Vixen and Destiny were in training but still a strong performence. Though I dont know what she would do if she was in a close cobat situation. She is very good at the gauntlet, very good. Well that deserves a 9.

Ok another typical careers. He is ok I suppose, not as good with the spear as Dan, not as good with the knife as Thalia and not as good with a sword as Draco. He really is the most dissapointin career so far. He isnt bad but I reckon if a career had to die in the bloodbath it would definatley be him. I think he just deserves an 8.

Krystal is another dissapointment, I mean she can shoot and well but that is it. I expected more from district 4. She does well and is the best shooter so far, she isnt bad but the original Destiny and Vixen are much better. She shows us a few simple knots but they are pretty easy so I will give her a 9.

Rowan Parkes is pretty good. Im really looking forward to what he and his alliance will be doing in the arena. I hae high hopes for him and Vixen. The other two not so much. A crossbow is an unusual choice of weapon but after seeing what he can do with it I will talk to Xavier and make sure there is atleast one in the cornucopia. I hope he does well. He easily deserves a 9.

Celine isnt as bad as I expect her to be, I mean she doesnt faint. She shows us some nice knife tricks and a few more complicated snares. Stuff even I couldnt do. Like Dan I can see all the gamemakers watching, probably waiting on her to faint but she leaves looking quite happy. I think I should give her a 7.

Benny misses all of his first set of dart and hits 3 of the next 10. He has powerful hits but none of them atually hit the target. Its not a let down as I didnt really expect much from the 6 male. He hops around a bit, darting from appliance to appliance until he crashes into the spears and has to be carried of. Not the best private session. Only a 4.

Now Vixen. One of the 3 non careers Im looking forward to. Her, Jacob and Mickey. And she doesnt dissapoint. She rolls and fires. Leaps and fires. No matter what is happening to her all of her shots hit square on center. Iam dissapointed when she puts the bow down and moves on. She shows a few snares. They are not as omplicated as the ones Celine did but still they would work, Ill give her a 10.

Garret comes hobbling in. I feel sorry for him so I decide to watch closely. His leg hasnt fully healed so he isnt as powerful with his axe, I would give him a 7 but I doubt that his leg will have healed by then. I think it would be slightly nicer to give him a 5.

Now onto Blair she comes in and goes straight to the darts and does well. Better than Benny. She then continues to do some axe tricks. More impressie than Garret. Im suprised she didnt join the careers, she is strong and mean. I think she will do very well in these games if she gets darts or an axe. I decide to be nie and give her a 10.

Im beggining to get a bit bored bur we still have 5 districts left. Max Summers walks in and hesitates. He walks over to the knifes and hacks at a dummy, it has a few slashes but wouldnt be dead if it was a person. Kinda dissapointing after his screaming fit at the reapings, well you cant have everything. He shows us his strength which is pretty impressive and then walks out. I think Ill give him a 6.

Eyla, another tribute from 8. She also looks slightly confused as she walks in, but she mimmicks Max and heads over to the knife. She does worse than Max and hardly touches the dummy. She puts the knife down and looks at us. We just stare at her, or atleast I do so she runs out scared. She wasnt that good so I will give her a 4.

ok now another one I was looking forward to, Mickey. I had noticed he was keeping away fro the weapons during training and now I see why. He goes straight towards the tridents and throws 5 in consession. All score the dummies right in the heart. He does some more tricks with the trident which Iam shocked about as in 9 a trident isnt a common weapon. He finishes by thrusting a trident into the chest of trainer. Blood trickles down the handle, the trainer is hurt but not dead. Impressive, and easy 10.

Mhari-Ann, see district 9 is doing pretty well this year, I mean not as good as Mickey but still good. She is showing confidence with that long knife which I think is one of the better weapons in the arena. She is pretty good with thoses throwing knifes, and the bow. Not the best but I think she could go far enough in the arena this year Ill give her an 8.

Jason. He's the one who joined the careers and left his sister. Smart idea. Giving up family to win. He is controling that sword very easily, and the axe aswell. Strength in numers. He heads over to the snares and makes a lasso. Nice idea. he swings it and throws it, wow it lands right on a sword. He jerks it back causing it to ssail through the air and land in his hand. Impressive, an easy 10.

Karmin, lets hope she has some of the skill of her brother. Nope. She is ok with a lasso but nothing compared to her brother. Her lowgun skills are pretty good but she does miss a few. Maybe she isnt like her brother. She goes to fight one of the trainers but her wound acts up and she collapses, I feel sorry for her. But its only a 6.

Iam so bored now, wait no its Jacob. He is skilled. He comes straight in a tears 10 dummies to bits, then takes out 3 trainers. He shows us some skills with his axe but they are a big dissapoinment. A skilled person with a knife could easily get him in the end. And his knife skills are no better. To much focused on power rather that skill. Hmmm, I think a 9 will do.

Lily, she is the Lauren last years victor wants to win. I think she stands a decent chance. She hops about the room shooting darts with a blowgun or an arrow from a bow. She is very skilled with long distance. She even is good with a slingshot. It is a very nice performence but still if it gets down to close combat Im not sure what she will do. So an 7.

Another careers. Rackard. He does ok I suppose but a career really doesnt need skills with snares, they should get all their food from the cornucopia and from sponsors. Not from the wild. Not impressive. He does ok with knives and a sword but he still isnt the best I have seen so far. He is even worst than Ben was. I guess I will give him a 7.

Olymipia has the strength, she is tearing up the dummies like Jacob, but still not the better. She is good at weights though, lifting a lot of weaights but other than that its a bit dissapointing. I mean yes she will do well if it comes to close combat but if weapons are involved she will lose. I will give her a 6 to be nice.

2 left so bring on Everest. He is pretty good with a knife and even better with a spear. I wish he would show us some original skills other than hacking and throwing. He is good and I cant doubt that, he is a good climber that could help him. He shoots up and down that wall in seconds. I will give him a 8.

Ok last but not least, well hopefully not least. Mae-Lynn. Why is she going to the bow. Wow she can shoot. I have a good feeling about her. So now she will go to the sword, no the mace. Wow this girl is full of suprises. She is amazing. She smashes everything to pieces, throwing the mace everywhere. I feel sorry for the other tributes, being in the arena with this beast. Iam impressed. An easy 11.

District Tribute Training Score
Cm Donathan Wolfe 6
Cf Margaretta Hays 9
D1m Dan Humie 10
D1f Destiny Flair 8
D2m Draco Adams 10
D2f Thalia Combe 11
D3m Brad Techno 7
D3f Katelyn Snow 9
D4m Ben Saltwater 8
D4f Krystal Clearwater 9
D5m Rowan Parkes 9
D5f Celine Flare 7
D6m Benny Oakling 4
D6f Vixen Rhodes 10
D7m Garret Jackson 5
D7f Blair Undersee 10
D8m Max Summers 6
D8f Eyla Zaphire 4
D9m Mickey McAlister 10
D9f Mhari-Ann Freeborn 8
D10m Jason Johnson 10
D10f Karmin Johnson 6
D11m Jacob Thresh 9
D11f Lily Valey 7
D12m Rackard Relise 7
D12f Olympia Willings 6
D13m Everest Sateer 8
D13f Mae-Lynn Strange 11


Careers 1- Destiny and Dan (1) Margaretta (C) Mae-Lynn (13) Jason (10)

Careers 2- Thalia and Draco (2) Rackard (12) Ben and Krystal (4)

5 and 6- Vixen and Benny (6) Rowan and Celine (5)

8, 9 and 10- Eyla and Max (8) Mhari-Ann and Mickey (9) Karmin (10)

3, 12 and 13- Katelyn (3) Olympa (12) Everest (13)

3 and C- Brad (3) Donathan (C)

Solo- Jason and Lily (11) Garret and Blair (7)


Dejanja: Welcome to the 167th Annual Hunger Games. These games are here to make us think about that war and realise what fools we were. Now lets not doddle and move onto our first tribute. The stunning Destiny Flair. Yes we have decided to let the districts go first this year, Destiny come and join me.

Destiny: Hi Dejanja, I do have to say I love what you are wearing tonight, it really suits you.

Dejanja: Well thank you, I always did think Rouge was my colour. Well you got an 8, one of the lower careers scores. How do you feel.

Destiny: I wont make up some story, I freaked out and messed up, but I will not do that in the arena. I had a minor freak in training but that is long gone. Im back and better than ever. Im my usual self, with my usual life. And my usual love.

'Blows a kiss a Dan'

Capitol: Awwww

Dejanja: Well do tell us how it began with you and Dan. Spill the beans as they say.

Destiny: Well, we bacame friends in pre-school and never split. I had a bit of an accident in training were I may have killed a few trainers.

Capitol: Gasps

Dejanja: Well if that doesnt show skill I dont know what does

Destiny: Yes, well after that I had a rough couple of months. People all thought I had done it delibratley but I didnt. The only person that believed me was Dan. And as they say, now its history. Last night he asked me to marry him.

Capitol: Awwwwwwww

Dejanja: But only one of you two can win in the arena. How will this work.

Destiny: That rule has been broken for love before, and Im sure the gamemakers will show pity on a pair of lovers. This love has lasted the test of time, and it will last no matter what.

Dejanja: And I dont doubt it. Well no babies on the way or anymore drama.

Destiny: Hahaha, nice one there. No, no babies. Just two people in love. But you never know what might happen in the arena, it has happened before.

Dejanja: Oh yes we all know. And that was just last year, with Alliana Whittle and Craig Darkthorn. Little Craig Whittle was born only 2 months ago.

Destiny: Yes, such a cute baby. I want them..but Dan is the only one I could have them with.

Dejanja: Your love is so touching.


Dejanja:Well lets find out the other half of this love story, Dan Humie.

Dan: What is Up, Dejanja.

Dejanja: Just talking to your fiance.

Capitol: Awwwww

Dan: Wow, it does sounf wierd, doesnt it. My fiance. But I like it.

Dejanja: I think you would, so onto more important matters.

Dan: You saying mine and my fiance's love life isnt importrant.

Dejanja: No no, just lets move on. So we heard something from a source that the careers have split.

Dan: Well, Im sorry to say that is true.

Capitol: Awwwww

Dan: Yes, yes. So sad.

Dejanja: Well can you tell us the sides, who is in which.

Dan: Well, Destiny and I have joined with Margaretta, Mae-Lynn and Jason. Its a pretty strong alliance. Two 10's, a 9 and an 8. Not to mention the amazing 11 from Mae-Lynn. Lets give her a round of applause.

Capitol: Woooh, Go Mae-Lynn.

Dejanja: Thats nice to see, an alliance working together. And the other side.

Dan: That is Thalia and Draco, along with Ben, Rackard and Blair. I was shocked at the latter but looking back on it not suprised. Especially after what she did in training. I leave her to tell you about that.

Dejanja: Well that side isnt as powerful as you is it.

Dan: I know. They may have an 11 and two 10. But they also have an 8 and a 7. Not so good.


Dejanja: Well lets move onto the beautiful, Thalia Combe.

Thalia; Hi Dejanja. Loving being here.

Dejanja: Well we are estatic to have you here.

Thalia: And you should be, I mean this is the first interview with your victor.

Dejanja: Oh getting a bit confident there are we.

Thalia: No, Im only saying that becauses Im sure I can win this.

Dejanja: And Im sure you can. Now onto the questions. So you were one of two tributes to recieve an 11, very impressive.

Thalia: I have to say Im not that shocked that we were the two that got the 11. Mae-Lynn was always the big competitor.

Dejanja: Do you think she is your possible rival for the victory. Or is there someone else....

Thalia: There is three, well Mae-Lynn is one but the other two are a bit more tricky. Destiny was amazing in training, she faultered in the private sessions but I dont think she will do that in the arena. And Mickey. In traing he used no weapons which makes me think he is hiding something.

Dejanja: Well I must say I was not expectng either of those tributs, especially not Mickey.

Thalia: Yes, but you dont know what we see in training.

Dejanja: Yes, we only know the training scores and sometimes they can be decieving.

Thalia: Yes, it may be a stroke of luck, or just talent. Like mine or Dracos.

Dejanja: Ok, so lets tal about your side of the careers, why did you split.

Thalia: They doubted us, simple. They thought district 2 didnt deserve to be a career district. Said the capitol should take out place, or 13. I couldnt work with them. So we got 4, 12 and 7. They got the capitol, 13 and 10. Simple really.

Dejanja: Well no one in the capitol doubts you, do we.

Captiol: Noooooo

Dejanja: Well theres your answer.


Dejanja: Ok, thank you Thalia. Now lets talk to Draco Adams.


Dejanja: And hello to you Draco. Well you got a 10, thats pretty good, isnt it.

Draco: I thought it was, but if people like Dan and Jason can get it, I guess its not that good.

Dejanja: Oh, so I guess you dont like the males from 1 or 10.

Draco: Really, How did you know. There is a slight bitterness. But nothing that cant be solved by a simple head ripping off.

Capitol: Hahahahahaha

Draco: Well, I really cant wait to get in the arena and show them whats what.

Dejanja: Well I cant wait to watch it. Now, if you had a choice of arena what would be your ideal arena.

Draco: Thats easy. A mountianside. I grew up there and its my home turf. I would kill there.

Dejanja: Im sure you will be killing anywhere.

Capitol: Hahahahahahaha

Draco: You are correct there Dejanja, I will be killing no matter what happens and where Iam.

Dejanja: and what weapon will you be using to do all of those killings.

Draco: Well if I told you I would be ruining the suprise you will get when I kill my first tribute.

Dejanja: And if it was your choice, who would be that tribute to kill.

Draco; Well isnt it obvious, Dan Humie. I would happily kill him right now.

Dejanja: Oh and speaking of killing, we have decided to let of your mentors, stylists, styling teams and escort as we are feeling in a festival mood.

Draco and Thalia: Really..

Capitol: Awwwww

Draco: Thank you so much, you dont know how much this eans to me.

Dejanja: Well, you need an mentor to line up all of those sponsors Im sure you will be getting.


Dejanja: Ok, thanks Draco. Now lets move onto Katelyn Snow.

Katelyn: Hi, Dejanja.

Dejanja: And hello to you to, Katelyn. Well, I seem to a saying that name a lot. With the two Katelynn Huxleys and you, thats a lot.

Katelyn: Yes, I do wish my parents had come up with a more creative name. Like Thalia, Margaretta or, even Dejanja.

Dejanja: Well that names not as desirable as you think. I got bullied a lot back in school.

Capitol: Awwww

Katelyn: Awww that is so sad.

Dejanja: I know, so sad. But onto you. Firstly I would like to congratulate you on your fantastic 9. One of the higher scores, and it makes it especially good as you are from an outlying district.

Katelyn: I suppose that does make it better.

Dejanja: So do you think you can do well in these games.

Katelyn: Do you need to ask. I will win this for 3. I am flexible, fast, a good swimmer and I have good accuracy. Atleast I presume I do since I got a 9.

Dejanja: Well lets hope you do well, Ian did well last year, 8th was it.

Katelyn: Yes, I believe that is true.

Dejanja: So the boys did well, but as for the girls....

Katelyn: Yes, Ariana didnt do aswell. She came slightly further down the board.

Dejanja: Didt she ome like 23rd or something.

Katelyn: Lets say people in 3 dont talk about that as much.

Dejanja: Well, lets hope you do better


Dejanja: Ok, see you in the arena Katelyn, but right now we are seeing Brad Techno

Brad: Hi

Dejanja: So, how do you feel about the games.

Brad: Scared

Dejanja: And what do you think will help you in the games.

Brad: Brains

Dejanja: What would you want in the arena.

Brad: Technology

Dejanja: Anything else you want to say

Brad: No

Dejanja: Well anything you want me to ask

Brad: No

Dejanja: Anything you want to say to any loved ones,

Brad: Yes

Dejanja: Who, would you like to say hi to.

Brad: My family.

Dejanja: Any messages

Brad: I want to say...I will come home....I love you

Dejanja: Well isnt that nice. Well Im sure you will all try your hardest.


Dejanja: Well, that was......nice. Now onto the beuatiful Krystal Clearwater.

Krystal: Hello

Dejanja: Why the formality, loosen up, relax

Krystal: How can I relax when I know that tommorow I will have to enter an arena where I will be pit against people I have grown to like.

Dejanja: Well....Ehmmmmm....I will get back to you on that. Well what about that training score, a 9.

Krystal: It was good but not the best.

Dejanja: Ehmmm, anything you want the capitol to know about you.

Krystal: No, you will take my dignity when in the games Iam forced to kill but you wont take my past. I will never tell you anything about my family.

Dejanja: Ok, so you are not with the careers this time are you.

Krystal: No, not to disrespect them but my style is to go solo. Alone. No one but myself.

Dejanja: See, Im getting to know you already.

Krystal: My strategy isnt part of me. It is something you will see in the arena but it is not something that is in my heart, and you will never no any of that.

Krystal storms to her seat, without saying goodbye.0


Dejanja: Well sadly we will need to cut these interviews short due to an outbrake of mosquito mutts so Goodnight

Favourites and Betting Odds

This is from every stage, interviews, training scores, how they did t the chariots and how they controlled theselves at the reapings.

Placing Tribute Betting Odds
1st Thalia Combe 4-1
2nd Dan Humie 6-1
3rd Destiny Flair 12-1
4th Mae-Lynn Strange 4-1
5th Jacob Thresh 6-1
6th Margaretta Hayes 8-1
7th Mickey McAlister 7-1
8th Draco Adams 6-1
9th Katelyn Snow 9-1
10th Jason Johnson 4-1
11th Mhari-Ann Freeman 11-1
12th Ben Saltwater 20-1
13th Blair Undersee 16-1
14th Vixen Rhodes 12-1
15th Rackard Relise 30-1
16th Krystal Clearwater 24-1
17th Karmin Johnson 24-1
18th Olympia Willings 20-1
19th Donathan Wolfe 50-1
20th Rowan Parkes 40-1
21st Everest Sateer 29-1
22nd Lily Valey 35-1
23rd Brad Techno 50-1
24th Eyla Zaphire 60-1
25th Benny Oakling 100-1
26th Celine Flare 20-1
27th Max Summers 60-1
28th Garret Jackson 50-1

The Arena

Map for 167th Hunger Games

The Arena for the 168th Hunger Games

The Arena comprises of 6 main areas and is on a island. If the tributes try to swim away they will be sucked under the see and will drown.

The 6 main areas are the Swamp, the forest, the city, the cornucopia, the beach and the fields.

The Fields

The fields are a rolling expance of plains. It is split into 3 real parts. The grain field, the wheat field and the prarie. In the wheat and grain fields there is an abundance of food but a lack of water source. There are only 2 mutts in this section of the fields but there may be some wolves and wild dogs. The fields are where the Allie and Lauren mutts reside. In the Prarie section there is all lot of water sources throughout and the only food sources are the cows, or bulls. These animals are dotted all about and some of their meat is poisous and some is safe to eat. This is the place where the 1st of the tributes mutts lurks. The Terri mutt stalks through this field through the night.

The Forest

This is a normal forset. There is a few water sources and lots of berries and edible plants. There is the oasional poisonous plant so they should be careful. It this section there is lots of wolves and bears, but it is also home to 3 of the tribute mutts. Pamline, Johanna and Katniss versions. They will work together and use the heights of trees to their advantage. There is also a bunch of cave scattered across the forest. This is also one of the two homes od the enchantress mutt. In a few of the caves theese may be located. Where ever an enchantresses cave is you an be sure there will also be a cliff.

The City

The city is a normal city. There are shops, buildings and everything. Sad thing is mort things are completely empty. Other than 1 builing which in the lobby there is a seond cornucopia, full of weapons, food and everything you need. There are traps and other stuff protecting it but more importantly there is 3 of the tribute mutts. Beetee, Natalia and Enoaria are all around proteting the supplies. Other than that the building is full of hiding places and most of the buildings are pretty warm.

The Swamp

This is a giant swamp, there is very little land but a lot of trees. Most of the water is poisonous but there are a few springs that have healing properties. There is actually a lot of food available to the tributes. This area is the secod home to the enchantress mutt, they will hide in little caverns and come out then convnce you to drink or jump ninto the water. This is the only area where there is no tribute mutts. In some of the healing springs there is some food or some weapons for the tributes.

The Beach

The beach surrounds the whole island seperating the areas and the sea. It is quite bare but if you can fish you can keep a supply of food. Unfortunatley there is no fresh water supplies on the beach, there is some palm trees that have coconuts and it is very hot with little shelter. If you go to far out in the sea you will be drowned or brought back to the beach. Sometimes under the sands the tributes can find some little treats like bottled water or weapons or medicine. There is only one mutt of the whole of the beach area which is the Finnick version of the tribute mutt. It can be found here or in the sea.

The Cornucopia

The cornucopia is now an area. It is surrounded by mud, hard mud that is easy to run over and is solid. Surrounding the mud is the 4 areas. In the cornucopia there is a lot of weapons, some food and very rarely is there any medicine. The cornucopia is not spard of mutts as here lies the final 3 versions of the tribute mutt. Cashmere, Gloss and Cinia versions of the mutt. It s a very small area so the mutts will attack very infrequently.


You will have to wait till the games to find out about these.

The Games

Placing Tribute Killer Means of Death
28th Donathan Wolfe Thalia Combe Knife in heart
27th Ben Saltwater Margaretta Hayes Knifed in chest
26th Vixen Rhodes Katelyn Snow Arrow in neck
25th Brad Techno Dan Humie Slit throat
24th Jason Johnson Draco Adams Sword in stomach
23rd Max Summer Thalia Combe Knife in back
22nd Benny Oakling Blair Undersee Beheaded
21st Garret Jackson Blair Undersee Stomach sliced open
20th Krystal Clearwater Thalia Combe Knife in chest
19th Rowan Parkes Draco Adams Sword through mouth
18th Margaretta Hayes Lauren Mutt Inside Ripped out
17th Rackard Relise Beetee Mutt Shocked by lightning
16th Karmin Johnson Enchantress Mutt Skull crushed
15th Lily Valey Tidalwave Drowned
14th Blair Undersee Mae-Lynn Strange Mace smashed head
13th Mae-Lynn Strange Finnick Mutt Smashed in stomach
12th Everest Sateer Enobaria Mutt Stomach Eaten
11th Mickey McAlister Jacob Thresh Axe in head
10th Eyla Zafire Jacob Thresh Axe in chest
9th Dan Humie Pamline Mutt Throat slit
8th Draco Adams Katelyn Snow Arrow to the Temple
7th Destiny Flair Katelyn Snow Beheaded
6th Katelyn Snow Destiny Flair Stabbed with sword
5th Olympia Willings Thalia Combe Knife to the Face
4th Mhari-Ann Freeman Celine Flare Sword in chest
3rd Jacob Thresh Thalia Combe Knife in eye
2nd Thalia Combe Celine Flare Sword in the back
Victor Celine Flare N/A N/A

Day 1

Olympia's (POV)

I stand on my podium, waiting for the gong.

50, 49, 48,.....

I decide to analyz the cornucopia, and its supplies and I wish I hadnt. As I see a set of brass knuckles, but they are not made of brass. They are clearly made of solid gold. I can see tiny little spikes covering the ends, they glisten in the light, drawing me in.

38, 37, 36.....

Its not a usual weapon that is in the cornucopia but I know its meant for me. Or atleast put in to attracted me. I try to find my allies and see Katelyn, she is about 5 plates to the left of me, and she looks just as hypnotised as me and I know why. There is one bow and one quiver of arrows. aand she wants them. But they have done this purely to cause a fight.

24, 23, 22.......

There is 3 archers and all will want this bow, but she needs it to win. So I will help her, if I get the brass knuckles I can defend her. We can do this. We lock eyes and I nod, we both know what that means. We are going in for the kill. We can do this.




And we are off.

Draco's (POV)

We all flood in. Ow, that looked like it hurt. That capitol guy got a knife in the heart from Thalia. BOOM. Yep, definately hurt. I run in and grab a sword. I can see some commotion beside a pile so I dart in, I see Margaretta slice Ben's arm off the plunge her knife into his chest. Swoosh. I swing by blade to kill her but am blocked by a second blade, Jason. BOOM. Ben's body goes still and I know there is no hope for him so I turn to my bigger challenge. Jason.

Katelyn (POV)

Im the first to reach the bow, I grab it and swing the quiver onto my back. I spin around and load an arrow and shoot at the three figures charging at me. Vixen, Mae-Lynn and Destiny. The arrow lands in Vixen's neck and she topples to the floor. BOOM. I expect them to turn but they dont. Ok Destiny does. She runs towards Dan who aims a spear at me. I fire the arrow and it lands in his arm, causing him to drop his spear. Mae-Lynn is feet from me when I turn back. I close my eyes and wait but all I see is a sickening crung. I open my eyes to see Mae-Lynn flat on her back, nose pouring blood then I see Olympia and put 2 and 2 together. She did it. We grab some supplies and dart of and meet up with Everest and run straight into the city.

Dan (POV)

I throw the spear time and again. Miss, miss, miss before I finally catch the by from three in the leg. I run up to him and remove a long thin knife and quickly slit his throat. I turn to see Mae-Lynn running towrds me, carrying an unconcious Margaretta on her back and a mace. Destiny quickly follows. BOOM. I can just see Draco pull his sword out of Jason's stomach so we run. Right into the fields without thinking.

Mickey's (POV)

BOOM. I can see Max fall to his knees, a knife sticking out his back. Thalia is the only one with that skill. I remove the knife before continuing running. Mhari-Ann, Karmin and Eyla had all gone into the Swamp wereas Max and I had ran this way. Now Max was gone I was on my own but nothing but a knife. I run through the firest before coming to a stop at a cave entrance. I enter it and decide to rest. I easily drift of to sleep.

Celine's (POV)

We just make it to the forests edge when we hear the cries. We both turn to see Benny on the flor, that brute from 7 standing above her. She raises her axe and brings it down full force, cutting the cries clean. BOOM. We continue running till we crash into something, someone. I look up to see Lily and Krystal standing before us. Both have weapons, Lily a blowgun and Krystal a knife. We quickly form an alliance and decide to camp out here.

Garret's (POV)

I stand in the pile of supplies, staring at Blair. Draco lay at my feet, knocked out cold and Thalia was of in the woods with Rackard. It was just me and her. One from 7 would make it through the bloodbath and that would be me. I thow my axe and it catches her arm but th wrong arm as her next strike catches me straight in the stomach. I collapse and with in seconds Im drift into darkness. BOOM.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM The cannons sound signaling the end of the bloodbath.

Summary of Tributes

The district 2 careers are at the cornucopia, Draco is still out cold. But Thalia, Blair and Rackard are all fine. Ben is dead.

The district 1 careers are in the fields. Jason is dead but the others are all fine though Mae-Lynn does have a broken nose.

Mickey is on his own in a cave with nothing but a knife.

The female fro 8, 9 and 10 are resting up trees in the swamp. They have some food and water.

The 12, 3 and 13 alliance are in a building in the city. Nearly near the building with the second cornucopia.

Jacob is in the field, very near the edge and almost on the beach. He has a sword and a large pack.

District 5 and Lily and Krystal are resting in some trees near Mickeys cave. They have a knife and blowgun.

Day 2

Thalia's (POV)

We are stalking through the wood, just me and Draco. Like the way it should be. I run through the trees, silent as the wind, just darting through when I hear something. Then a scream. I run straight towrds the screams and find a battle in full bloom. Draco is sword on knife with Rowan and Lily is up a tree shooting on the battle. Krystal and that fainter are at the back cowering away. BOOM. One of my knifes lands in the chest of that girl from 4. No one leaves the careers. I see that Lily running through the trees followed by Celine. That just leaves the boy from 5. I throw a knife and it removes the blade from his hand, allowing Draco to drive his sword through Rowan's mouth. BOOM.

Jacob's (POV)

I have heard the chatting for a while but I dont dare go closer. I recognise those voices. Its the people from 1 and their alliance. Im about to move on and discover more of this place when I hear a scream. I poke my head through the wheat and see a bloody mess. A small bird like monster is diving down and pecking at the figure that is Margaretta. I wonder why none of her allies are helping when I see why. A wolf, with thick black hair is keeping Dan and Destiny busy where as a small bull is handling Mae-Lynn. She brings down her mace and I reccognise the mutt, it looks like Terri. And the bird and wolf Alliana Whittle and Lauren Hill. As I think this the bull collapses and Mae-Lynn swats the bird, causing it to come catupaulting to the ground. She runs to Margaretta but to late. BOOM. The Allie mutt dives back into the field and Dan and Destiny return to the side of their dead ally.

Everest's (POV)

We decide to continue through the city, discover its depths. We find hundereds of buildings but nothing of use to us. No food, no weapons or water. We decide to stop in a small coffee shop and devise a plan.

"I really think we should continue on" Kateltyn says as soon as we divy up the bread.

"I agree" I murmer through my full mouth. "I bet you there will be something, or somewhere we can get supplies" I say after swallowing"

Katelyn nods in aproval but Olympia just stares.

"It will be heavily guarded though" She says "I bet you most of todays cannons will be for something like this"

We were all shocked to have heard 3 cannons on the second day. Usually there is no deaths today, or maybe 1 but not 3.

"The careers will be hunting" I say but the fear passes ver my face. "GET DOWN" I yell, shoving Katelyn to the floor. I stare out the window, looking at the 2 careers. Rackard and Blair.

Blair's (POV)

I walk through the streets, Rackard following swiftly. We havent seen anyone but Thalia ensures us she saw Everest and his alliance head this way. We are heading to the tallest building when we hear it. A spark. Then a massive, strike of lightning blinds me. Sending me flying to the floor. BOOM. I try to see but there is no sight. It takes ages for the light to clear and when I can see again, I see a smoking body where Rackard was standing. I do the first thing that comes natural and run. Straight back to cornucopia.

Summary of Tributes

The district 1 careers are still in the field, anticipating the attack.

The district 2 careers are getting scared as they are down to 3.

Mickey has woken up and has moved into the swamp, looking for the three.

The girls from 8, 9 and 10 are still in the tree.

The 3, 12 nd 13 alliance are moving out and are heading towards the building.

Lily and Celine have made it to the beach

Jacob has made it to the beach

Day 3

Mhari-Ann's (POV)

We are beggining to get a bit hungry, and Karmin wont stop crying. Her brother died on the first day, I would be sad if I had any siblings. Sadly I dont. I stare of into the swamp when I hear it. A screech echoes through the swamp, almost causing me to fall out of the tree. I quickly cover my ears with my hands and I see Eyla doing the same thing. The screeching is getting louder and I can see where its oming from now. A small girl, about 6 is standing about 10 metres from the tree, screaming. Im about to move when Karmin leaps down and starts to walk towards the figure. I know its a trap but I cant move, I wait for it to kill her but it lets karmin reach her and kneel beside her. The mutt puts its hands on her head and squeezes. I leap from the tree as her head shatters BOOM. I run to the ess that was Karmin and look up to kill the mutt. But it was gone.

Mickey's (POV)

The cannon wakes me. Was that Mhari-Ann. I know she was alive last night but that could have been her. I grab the knife and the berries I found and run. I run right through the forest and come onto the cornucopia's edge. I can see Thalia, Draco and Blair all sitting around, talking and on the other side the swamp. I decide to go through the city to reach the swamp and head of. I move swiftly and run through the streets making good time. I reach the swamp half way through the day and return my pace to a walk. And then I see her. I run to her and we embrace. Letting our emotions out. Just ignoring everyone. We let go and then I see Eyla but no Karmin. Then I see the puffy eyes of the two girls and know. Karmin is dead.

Summary of Tributes

The alliance of 9 and 8 found a small spring with some berry bushes around and are resting up.

The district 1 alliance have moved onto the beach.

Jacob is still exploring the beach, he found an axe coming out of the sand and is looking for more treasures.

Lily and Celine are on the beach, they have decided to try and escape. But Celine cant swim so she is leaving Lily and is heading to the city.

The distrit 2 careers are resting at the cornucopia.

The alliance of 12, 3 and 13 have set base in a small clothes shop just a block away from the 2nd cornucopia.

Day 4

Lily's (POV)

I dive into the ocean and feel an intant chill run through my body. I begin to swim and I swim for what feels like hours. Every so often I stop on the small islands that are dotted around and tae a drink or abite to eat. I dont know why I dont just rest on one of there islands and stick it out but I want to escape. Im swimmiing to a small island about 20 metres away when I feel a sharp tug at my feet. I look down expecting to see something but nothing. Then I feel the same sensation and Iam dragged under. I break through the surface and turn and swim back to the island I came from. Every so often Iam dragged under but everytime I break through. I reach the island and climb on. I wait for something and something comes in the form of a tidalwave. BOOM.

Thalia's (POV)

Another cannon, these tributes are really just dropping of like flies. We wonder the fields looking for Dan and his little alliance. We are walking through a paticularly high part of the field when we see them. They are on a soft beach just metres away fighting a slimy scaly beast with a long pointed tail, that looked like a trident. Oh my god thats Finnick Odair from 4. Its definately holding them easily, its blocking Mae-Lynn's ace and all of Dan's spears. Destiny is cowering, I can see her sword stuck in the beasts leg. I tell Drao to hold back but Blair runs out. Mae-Lynn turns and throws her mace which smashes Blair across the hed. BOOM. But that allows the mutt to slam the trident tail into the hest of Mae-Lynn. BOOM. I throw my knife as Draco throws his sword. Both score the beast in its head and it collapses. We stare at the tributes from 1 then nod. Silently froming an alliance we should have begun with.

Summary of Tributes

The careers are back at the cornucopia.

The 8 and 9 alliance are resting in a tree.

Jacob is still on the beach.

The 13, 3 and 12 alliance are about to head into the building.

Celine is also near the building but on the other side.

Day 5

Katelyn's (POV)

I slowly walk through the street, edging my way to the building. Waiting for the traps. I have my bow raised and can hear Everest and Olympia behind me. Im about a metre away from the door when I hear it. A growling. I leap and crash through the door, looking upon a second cornucopia full of weapons, food and water. I quickly turn to exclaim my happiness to my allies when I see they didnt make it to the building. I can see Olympia mashing her fists on a face I remember. Its Natalia. She is winning but Everest isnt. The 2nd monster is tearing his stomach open with its gold teeth. Enobaria. BOOM. Olympia hears the cannon and starts to cry, she bounds over to me and just makes to me. To our way to winning.

Jacob's (POV)

I walk down the beach swinging my axe back and forward. Waiting for someone to walk onto my path when I see them. The alliance from 9 and 8. But they have not seen me. But they will as I charge. I bring my axe down on the head of the male from 9 and he just stares. BOOM. I roll out of the way as the girl from 8 tries to plunge her knife into my chest. I slam my foot into her chest sending her flying. I go to turn and kill the 9 female but she is already half way down the beach. I turn to the girl, Eyla. She is still wounded from my kick but nothing compared to what happens when I slam my axe into her chest. BOOM.

Destiny's (POV)

So many tributes have died so far, 9 left. 8 more have to die. And that means Dan. I want to leave the careers but Dan doesnt want to leave. But I have to. I should just kill him now. Get it over with, kill Thalia, Draco and him. Then just 4 of Eyla, the tributes from 9, Everest, Jacob, Olympia and Katelyn. I hope the cannons are Katelyn, Jacob and Mickey. That would leave me with the easiest challenge. I stare down at the sleeping bodies. And I cant do it so I grab a bag and run. Into the forest and away. Away to what I though was safety. But was actually into three beasts. And I recognised them all. Pamline, Johanna and Katniss. I quickly turn and see three more beast and yet again I recognise them. Cashmere, Gloss and Cinia. But they look so much like the tributes but they arent. I see Thalia plunge a knife into Cinia mutts throat. Dan plunge a spear into the Gloss mutt. Draco slashes at the Cashemere mutt, destroying it. I run into the camp followed by the mutts. They all run to my help, Draco beheading the Johanna one and Thalia throwing knife after knife into the Katniss one. Then the Pamline one leaps at me. And I close my eyes. BOOM. I open them to see a sword and knife protuding out of the body of the Pamline mutt. But the I see the body lying infront of me. The thing that died to save me. Dan.

Summary of Tributes

The careers are resting up, mourning Dan. They decide to hunt the city tommorow.

Olympia and Katelyn are waiting for an attack. Knowing the Enobaria mutt is still guarding them.

Jacob and Mhari-Ann are both on the beach. Jacob is searching for Mhari-Ann. She has found a long sword in the beach and a bottle of water.

Day 6

Draco's (POV)

We are searching the city but something draws us to the tallest building, I dont know why but it does. We enter the streets beside it and something makes it feel like home. Then me and Thalia see it. A giant wolfe,, with glimmering golden teeth. Enobaria. We wait for it to attck but it just stares at us then plods away. I guess district 2 is always faithful. We decide if that beast was defending here it must be something important. So e head round and find a smashed window. I pop my head in to recieve an arrow to the head. BOOM.

Olympia's (POV)

I slam my fists into Thalia's chest but she keeps dodging my hits. Katelyn is sword on sword with Destiny and they are not doing well. Destiny keeps slashing but Katelyn keeps blocking. As for me and Thalia. Neither have got a hit in. I cant hit her and she doesnt have enough time to raise a weapon. BOOM. I see Destiny's head clatter to the floor and then look at Katelyn. The sword id going straight through her chest. BOOM. She falls to the floor and I stare for too long. As when I look back a knife is centimetres from my face. BOOM.

Summar of Tributes

A giant wave crashed onto the beach causing Mhari-Ann and Jacob to move into the city.

Earthsquakes struck the areas exept from the City, trapping the 4 tributes in the city.

The Enoaria mutt and the enchantress muts in the city area were removed.

Day 6

Celine's (POV)

I slam the sword into the chest of the sleeping girl. She was lying in a shop waiting to be killed. BOOM. Easy kill. I have 2 ore tributes to kill before I can win. And I can win. I stalk the streets, waiting for my remaining competitors to die out a fight but neither do. Then a scream on the winds tells me 2 things. That I will be in the final 2 and one of my competitors will be searching for me.

Thalia's (POV)

I leap from edge to edge, dodging the swings of his axe. Wating for a fault. Wiating for my chance to kill him. And it comes sooner than later. We are at the bottom of an ally and I have no where to run, he swings the axe and I dodge and he smashes the wall so hard his blade gets stuck. I grab knife and slash at his cutting his ear off. He puts his hands to his head to stob the blood but then I plunge the knife right through his eye. BOOM. All I can think is come on the girl from 5.

Celine's (POV)

I head towards the tallest building, knwoing that is where the final will take place. Swinging the blade withing y hands when the first knive strikes my shoulder. Turns out I was wrong and it would take place here. I defelct the next 4 shots with my sword and dive behind a bin before the last shot. Before I can even look she is on me. I kick her in the face then slash with my sword cutting her arm off.

Thalia's (POV)

That bitch just cut my arm of. I grab a knife and slam it into her face but she rolls out of the way. She is pretty good for a 12 year old. I try to stem the flow but I know Im dead. The wound is to large. I fall to the ground and wait for her to finish me and she does. She plunges her sword straight through my wicked heart, but I pull a her and roll out the way. I grab a dagger and leap up and grab her by the neck. I raise my dagger and begin to laugh but she just chuckles. And I dont know why till the sword she threw seconds before plunges straight into my back. BOOM.

Celine's (POV)

I had won. I had done it. I had won, and just to finish the games I faint. Into the blood of Thalia.

Congrats to Madgeical and Celine Flare for winning.

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