Mutts and Arena

I need 5 mutts. These cant all be physically strong but should also be Phsychological and make the tributes go crazy.

Mutt 1

Name: Misleading Mutts

Powers: Have voice that causes tributes to do whatever she says

Area: ?

Ways of Killing: Causes tributes to kill themselves, walk off cliffs, run into mutts or other tributes.

Means of Destroying: Ignoring them will cause them to explode. Killing them like any other human.

Mutt 2

Mutt 3

Mutt 4

Mutt 5

I want a brand new arena, split into sections to make it easier to follow. I also need ideas about the bloodbath and any other tricks and traps in the games.

Area 1- Normal Forest

Its a simple forest with tracker jackers, Jabberjays and the wolf mutt in the FOXFACE form. It has a source of water and food if you know how to find it. Also it has poisonous Berrie and Nightlock

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 5

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