Hey, these are my new games. The reason there is 4 tributes rather than 2 is because of the outrage in a few districts. Another thing is a place where there will be mature language. These games will probably include chariots, training, reapings and ofcoarse the games. These may take a while as Im still finishing my other games, the 167th Hunger Games.


District Tribute Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1 Male Dustin Henderson 18 Can Use any weapon amazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber, very stealthy Afraid of Massive Spiders
D1 Male Excalibur Rose 17 Scyhte or Whip Swimming, Climbing, Torture, Killing Bugs
D1 Female Nescaliar Bohemia 13 Whip or Sword Killing and Torture. Scared or the dark
D1 Female Drina Vox 15 Axe Fast and Strong Scared of being trapped
D2 Male Gavin Adams 18 Sword Brute Strength Tempremental
D2 Male Maverick Titan 16 Anything Killing Torture, Traps, Swimming and Running Anger issues
D2 Female Marta Walbere 13 Throwing Knifes Running, Throwig stuff, Hunting and Killing Cant swim
D2 Female Fendre Couteau 16 Knifes and Swords she is also quite good with a bow and arrow, no not as good as knifes and swords. She is an OK swimmer, Climber, fast runner and also strong. Also very intelligent A little arrogant
D3 Male Dexter Volts 14 Wire Made Into Electric Traps Or A Tazer Hiding, Sleuth and Speed Being Alone
D3 Male Preston Emery 17 Anything Technical, Bow and Spear strong, climbing, can set up land mines and stuff, very attractive, very fast, knows plants, impossible memory, Smart beyond belief, accurate Cant swim
D3 Female Bianca Nuts 16 Coil Making Electric Traps Or Tazers Easily Distracted
D3 Female Rose Stars 12 Throwing Knives and Bow Is sly, Small and deadly Is a bit bossy, sorta mean
D4 Male Logan Blue 18 Trident mainly but others Great Swimmer, a Whiz with the trident, Very Strong, Good runner and climber, hand to hand combat, Any weapon especially long range, fishin and netting, and a very good lucking guy His wife Misty is going into the arena with him. And they think Misty is pregnant but not sure
D4 Male Mason Cravitz 18 Sword, Strength, Knifes and Trident strong, good with weapons, is used to hunting, can swim very well, endures pain better than most people, hunting strong, good with weapons, is used to hunting, can swim very well, endures pain better than most people, hunting
D4 Female Seraphine Sage 16 Most Weapons Identifing plants, camoflague and swift mover Mudslides
D4 Female Misty Blue 18 Trident, Knive and Bow Great swimmer, runner, climber. Knows how to kill people 20 diffrent way with a trident and knives, and is prefect at it. Bow an Arrow are one of her highest strenghts. Fishing, nets, and could make a fish hook out of almost anything, and knows her plants. She can't hurt a fly, and hates death, hand to hand combat. Her husband Logan is going into the arena, and thinks she might be pregnant
D5 Male Lawrence Tumner 15 Anything blunt or long-ranged Determination, he's surprisingly strong and can pin down a peer easily, and has remarkable aim. He's a little bit on the fat side, which makes him slow and loud when he's moving. He's also not the best swimmer.
D5 Male Russel Murphy 14 hand to Hand Combat and Knives Sometimes Russel's stradegy of distracting people will double back on him and he'll end up getting killed. Sometimes Russel's stradegy of distracting people will double back on him and he'll end up getting killed.
D5 Female Felicity Frost 12 Felicity believes shes part cat, refusing to take of her cat ear headband, due to this she has very deadly claws ( nails ) that can easily puncture you, she also is skilled with knifes Agility, Cat-Like Reflexes, Climbing, Stealth Smaller than most tributes
D5 Female Jackleen Propinspark 18 (19 in the games) Bow Trapping, Speed, Good liar, Seduction Jumps to Conclusion and Lies much
D6 Male Xavier Woods 17 Spear He is very fast and can run long distances without tiring due to his years of running. Water, Bloodbath
D6 Male Maroon Cutter 15 Throwing Knifes Accurate and Fast Colour Blind
D6 Female Misty Caliden 17 Any Weapon Misty know everything water related(swimming, fishing, plants), and she has deadly accuracy. She is lightning fast, and very flexible and strong. Her mom was a nurse, so she can heal, and she can hide well. Also, she charms the other tributes into liking her. She is very smart, and can fit into tiny crevices and get out with ease. She is very light, and can do many acrobatics. If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them. She's claustrophobic.
D6 Female Brianna Rielle 15 Throwing axes and Knives Brianna's highly skilled with throwing axes and can slice someone to pieces with a knife in a matter of seconds. She is also very good at hiding, running and climbing. Brianna struggles surviving the wild alone, never mind with 55 others trying to kill her.
D7 Male Drake McLeaf 18 Axe Being hot, throwing axes, carrying weights. No Girlfriends
D7 Male Juniper Elm 17 Axe Cheating, and being smart. Cheating jerk.
D7 Female Alita Oakley 15 Axe Good at throwing axes and captivating people. She doesnt like to kill animals.
D7 Female Hazel Birch 12 Throwing Knives Being innocent, and plants Afraid of the games.
D8 Male Damien Justine 17 Basically Everything Sly and Strong Has a soft spot for 12 year olds.
D8 Male Luca Sierra 16 Spear, Sword and Mace Fast, good at climbing and strong Cars
D8 Female Demetra Satin 13 Needle Being caring, sweet and loving. Being too sweet.
D8 Female Luna Snare 15 Blowgun Hiding, Killing, Clairvoyant. She is kinda crazy
D9 Male Watt Powers 14 Snares Smart

Slow fat and Unathletic

D9 Male Copper Overdeen 18 Sword Strong, Skilled in hand to hand combat Fire
D9 Female Laurel Dunbryll 16 Swords, knifes and Bow she's strong and swift, and she has an undeniable charm to her. Afraid of spidersand Huge Beetles
D9 Female Ryker Blanc 12 Swords and Knives Cant swim she's strong and swift, and she has an undeniable charm to her.
D10 Male Bronco Bagwell 18 Axe Very Strong Overcofident, dimwitted
D10 Male Dimitri Bens 16 Trident Throwing Axes Dimitri is a very fast runner, and handy with a trident. Dimitri will let anyone ally with him and he trusts everyone.
D10 Female Elena Presscot 16 Bow Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt
D10 Female Shimmer Cashmere 17 Pretty much everything Lures people in with personality and beauty ; trained her whole life for the games by family (Related to President Snow), strong, great with bow and arrows (and prety much all weapons, fantastic swimmer and climber, sneaky, stealthy, flexible, extremely fast runner, seductive Loved ones being hurt
D11 Male Timothy Gardner 12 Blowgun Plant Identification, Contotionism Speed, thought processing.
D11 Male Wing Wang 12 Sword Strong Slow
D11 Female Bethany Wakeling 14 Blowgun and Mace Climbing, Snares and Plant identifaction Swimming and hand to hand combat
D11 Female Hail Micro 13 Knifes and Bow Fast Runner,Good at Climbing Trees,Good Swimmer Allergic to Cats
D12 Male Chad Dearing 16 Trident, spear, sword, throwing knives extremely strong, charming, fast runner, very experienced, good balance, amazing dexterity, very stealthy, spectacular accuracy He is impulsive when mad
D12 Male Finn Odair 17 Trident and net Swimming, Strength, Knot Tieing Can't Handle A Pack Of People In A Fight
D12 Female Hebe Syer 13 Pick Axe Agile, elusive, small No weapon experience, plant recognition, never swum or climbed a tree in her life
D12 Female Candace Rellini 18 Bow and Axe is smart, quick, can climb trees, knows plants, hides well, amazing at healing, can find trustworthy allies Cant swim ad is very impulsive
D13 Male Lion Scrapes 18 Sword and Axe Knows a lot about plants, favourite weapon is a mace to bludgeon the other tributes. Is a good swimmer. Daydreams a lot, likes pretty girls
D13 Male Euan Bourn 14 Any Weapon Is sly, smart, can climb trees, swimming, jump from tree to tree, fast, plants recongization, able to hunt, and knows how to survive alone. He really likes Victoria, and doesnt know how he could kill her
D13 Female Victoria Ross 16 sword, throwing knifes, trident, bow and arrow, and blow gun tree climbing, knot tying, hunting, swimming, hand to hand combat, throwing,strong, agile, flexible, climbing, and planting snares Likes a lot of Boys
D13 Female Anastasia King 13 Crossbow, Tomahawk Intellegence, Climbing, Jumping from tree - tree, Camoflague, swimming, friendly, fast Bombings
C Male Seth Harry 15 Trident Power Seeing his friends and family be hurt
C Male Realt Mading 17 Sometimes arrogant, doesn't know much about survival. Smart, He's Pretty Strong, fairly fast and has trained for the hunger games. Sometimes arrogant, doesn't know much about survival.
C Female Kendra Falino 16 Gun, Sword, Blowgun and Bow high stamina, pain endurance, experience, climbing, swimming, hunting, plants, healing, stealthy, strong Not a fast runner
C Female Evelyn Clahsmi 15 Knife Trapping, Speed, Good liar, Seduction Taking Advantage of people


D1 - Dustin's (POV)

I stare into the blanc abyss that lays before me, waiting for that name to be called. "Nescalier Bohemia and Drina Vox". That shrill voice wakes me from my partial slumber, alerting me to the reapings beggining. I stare up at the stage as 2 figures slowly ascend the stairs. One has deep maroon hair, beautiful yet a rarity in the sea of blond hair and blue eyes that plaugues district 1. The other with the typical flowing curled blonde hair that is so common in the streets here. The man on the stage slowly clops over to the other bowl lying on the podium. He slowly decends his hand into the pit that is that bowl, retrieving a small slip of paper with one name on it. Repeating this but a single time. He walks over to where the two stunning ladies, neither showing any emotion on their perfected faces, and reads the two names. "Excalibur Rose and Peter Lianson" As the two brutes begin to follow the trail that the two ladies carved for them nought but 2 minutes ago. I leap to my feet and tear up to the stage, bashing Peter out of the way and taking my place as the tribute from 1. Iam asked my name but I just shake my head and reply, "In the next few weeks, my name shall be uttered so many times I shalt need to tell a soul it" And then I proceed with my allies and my enemies into the building. The building that will be one of the last places I see in this wretched place I call home.

D2 - Fendre's (POV)

"I like big butts and I can not lie, no other brother can deny" I screech as I enter the square, listening to my iPod. I dont care what others think. I couldnt wait. Last year district 2 regained itself, both tributes were in the top 10. 1 in the top 5. We had done well. Draco came 8th and Thalia 2nd. I admit being killed by a 12 year old was embarrising but still. She did well. Both our tributes beat the equivilants in 1 atleast. Dan came 9th and Destiny 7th. I walk over and stand next to the other 16 year olds and wait, wait for that frilly little escort of ours bound onto the stage, and there she is. She shrills some rubbish about how lucky we are and that rubbish. Then we get onto the good bit. The names. She walks to the female bowl and withdraws two small perfect slips of paper then reads the names, "Fendre Couteau and Marta Walbere". Wait, I was picked. Thats unfair. Im suprised to see no volonteers storm up which allows me and Marta to reach the stage. Which is the complete opposite of the boys as two names are called but up storms two boys. Named Maverick Titan and Gavin Adama, wait thats Dracos brother. Wow, two years in a row. Not very good. I stare at the 4 people I will be seeing the most off, well if they make it through the bloodbath.

D3 - Dexter's (POV)

Im terrified. I have so many slips in that glass bowl, and now two tributes are being selected. Not very good for me. I walk hand in hand with my little sister. She is only 10 so she doesnt have to deal with this for another two years, but having 3 brothers who can all be entered makes it hard for even her. I hand her over to my dad and wal over to where my 2 other brothers are already standing. Both are 12 so its hard for them aswell. Its so annoying, but I hope both of them dont get reaped, I cant save both of them. Any other year I could, this year I could save either of them, but I really cant save them. But they both only have one entry which means the chances of them being picked is slimmer than enything. A small plump girl stroddles onto the stage and pulls out two names, ignoring the intro or anything. "Rose Stars and Bianca Nuts". Two girls walk up but I recognise neither of them, I dont know if they are strong or anything, but I they will be allies with 3 as allies will be important in these games. She heads over to the other bowl, and with every clip of her heels all I cn think is I hope its not one of them. and its not. Its me. "Dexter Volts and Preston Emery". I can hear the screams of my assorted family dotted in the crowds. But I ignore them and storm up. I will win this. I dont have to help anyone else but me. I can win.

D4 - Misty's (B) (POV)

I run through the streets, trying to not to let the pains in my stomach slow down my steady pace. I need to stop Logan volonteering, he needs to know Im pregnant. I crash into the square to see Logan acsending the steps to the stairs. I can see another boy folowing him up, now knowing him by the name Mason Cravitz. I can see the pleasure in his face as he tries to find my face in the crowd. He searches before we finally lock eyes, I can see the jubilence in his face disolve as he sees the panick in my eyes. I can hear two names be called and I yell. I can see the panick explode in his eyes as he begins to shout in refusal. But I still part the crowd knowing the only thing I need to do is tell him. I board the stage with a girl named Seraphine Sage. I crash into his arms, as our escort declares her hapiness. I stare into his glistening eyes, asking me only one thing. What is wrong. I leave his grasp and lean to kiss him, but as I leave I do another thing I wish I had never done. I whisper the words that I never wish I had said, the words that send shivers down the spine of both me and Logan. "Im Pregnant".

D5 - Russel's (POV)

I never liked today, the streets are empty which means I miss a full day of selling. I wonder the streets, looking for someone to sell my cheese to but no one. Its like a ghost town, but Im used to this. Its like a ghost town in every district an since 5 is one of the smallest we are even more baren. I decide after wandering the streets for about 3 hours to head home. But I wish I hadnt. When I reach it all I can hear are the screams of infants, mewing over and over again. My dads yells echo throughout the house, and I know they will increase in sound when he sees my hall of money. I run through the house and reach the cuboard that I share with 3 of my 8 brothers. I change before slipping out the house to reach the square. I dart down the complicated streets and allyways, following the path I have followed for years. When I finally crash into the square Iam met by a familiar murmer that welcomes me every year. I go straight to my spot in which I stand in every year, I can see the faces I only see this time a year. A lady we see once a year stalks onto the stage and I stare at her. She pulls 4 names from the bowl, twice as many a normal year. She reads them off as normal but this is not like tha normal year, as the names she reads are Felicity Frost, Jackleen Propinspark, Lawrence Turner and Russel Murphy.

D6 - Misty's (C) (POV)

How dare that girl from 4 steal my name. I admit it may sound more like a name that a district 4 tribute should have but I will ensure you that it is originally from 6. So far 20 tributes have been called, so far I would say 16 of them may cause a problem but 4 of them wont even count. The last tribute from 5 flashes up then a video about the riots in 1 4 and 7. Those riots caused us to be giving 4 triutes this year rather than 2. Which then doubles my chances of going into the games.

I stand next to my twin sister and stare at the stage. Our new escort is waffling on about how happy she is with being here but we all know she is lying. This is just a stepping stone for her, on her way to district 1, 2 or 4. Thats what all escorts want, but now she is finished talking and is going to a bowl. The girls. She seems to take ages to pull two slips out. I mean how hard could it be. Put hand in, pick 2 names, read them. Done. And speaking of done, here she goes. She takes ages to open them but than she reads them, wait no. She is going to the other bowl. Why. She does that one slightly quicker, and then reads them one by one. "Maroon Cutter". A by walks up. "Brianne Rielle". A girl walks up. "Misty Calliden" No one walks up. Wait thats me. I slowly ascend the steps as the 4th person is called. "Xavier Woods" And there we have it. Im in the games. With 3 people I have never met.

D7 - Drake's (POV)

7 is so beautiful. Its natural. Its elegant. It smells gorgeous, and no Im not on crack. District 7 just does that to you. Makes you giddy. And now I would never see it again. And I doubt the three people Im staanding next to will either. Wierdly I know all the tributes. Alita Oakley, the girl that every guy wants, even if they are 3 years older. She is also a whiz with axes, I have been living next door to her for 6 years and we have grown pretty tight. No secrets there. She is also a vegetarian which isnt that uncommon in 7. We have a lot of forest full of plant life, we are one of the healthier districts. Then you have the least known, well my least known, tribute. Juniper Elm. All I really know is he is in the year below e and is really strong. He is very solitary and quiet, I reckon if any of us have any hope its him. I look to the last tribute on the stage, Hazel Birch. 12. She lived 12 years of her life and thats it. How horrible and unfair is that, and looking at the other tributes, the careers, she doesnt stand a chance. Then you have me. Im strong and good with axes. But so is Juniper. So basically if it comes down to us in the sponnsors, I have no idea who they will pick.

D8 - Luna's (POV)

I remeber last year, when Eyla. My best friend was sent in. She died when that guy from 11 shoved the axe into her chest. It was so horrible. I stand in the audience looking at the two boys standing up there, both going into the arena. Luca Sierra and Damien Justine. And now its onto the girls. I stare up into the blank eyes or the escort, about to ruin 2 girls lifes, having already ruined 2 boys lifes. She slowly opens the first strip and reads "Our first female tribute is Demetra Satin". A small girl slowly ascends the stairs, probably knowing she wont see 8 again. And I know that most people in this district are thinking the same. But I dont know. That 12 year old Celine Flare won last year and she was younger. I think as long as she finds a good ally she could go far in these games. Maybe our other 8 female will be that ally. And she is...."Our 2nd female and final tribute from district 8 is.....Luna Snare". And with those words my heart stops and I know I a going to die.

When I regain sence Im standing on the stage next to 3 people, 2 boys and a girl. It takes me a while to remember why im here. The games. Oh yeah, I was reaped to go into the arena. With 47 tributes, some twice my height and weight, all trying to kill me. And I know I have no hope, but I wont give up as all my family is relying on me.

Training Scores

District Name Score Odds
1 Dustin Henderson 11 3-1
1 Excalibur Rose 10 5-1
2 Gavin Adams 9 6-1
2 Maverick Titan 10 6-1
3 Dexter Volts 7 10-1
3 Preston Emery 4 30-1
4 Mason Kravitz 9 6-1
4 Logan Blue 10 5-1
5 Lawrence Tumner 8 9-1
5 Russel Murphy 4 30-1
6 Maroon Cutter 9 8-1
6 Xavier Woods 6 15-1
7 Juniper Elm 9 8-1
7 Drake McLeaf 11 4-1
8 Damien Justine 9 9-1
8 Luca Sierra 6 25-1
9 Watt Powers 4 30-1
9 Copper Overdeen 9 9-1
10 Dimitri Bens 2 50-1
10 Bronco Bagwell 6 20-1
11 Timothy Gardner 5 25-1
11 Wing Wang 3 40-1
12 Chad Dearing 7 15-1
12 Finn Odair 11 3-1
13 Euan Bourne 9 8-1
13 Lion Scrapes 11 4-1
C Seth Harry 1 100-1
C Realt Mading 4 30-1
District Name Scores


1 Nescaliar Bohemia 10 5-1
1 Drina Vox 9 7-1
2 Fendre Couteau 11 4-1
2 Marta Walbere 8 10-1
3 Bianca Nuts 6 15-1
3 Rose Stars 5 20-1
4 Misty Blue 4 30-1
4 Seraphine Sage 11 4-1
5 Jackleen Propinspark 7 18-1
5 Felicity Frost 3 30-1
6 Brianna Rielle 6 19-1
6 Misty Caliden 3 30-1
7 Alita Oakley 8 10-1
7 Hazel Birch 7 13-1
8 Luna Snare 9 7-1
8 Demetra Satin 5 20-1
9 Ryker Blanc 9 8-1
9 Laurel Dunbryll 6 20-1
10 Elena Presscot 4 25-1
10 Shimmer Cashmere 11 4-1
11 Bethany Wakeling 2 50-1
11 Hail Micro 3 30-1
12 Hebe Syer 7 15-1
12 Candace Rellini 5 20-1
13 Anastasia King 9 8-1
13 Victoria Ross 10 5-1
C Evelyn Clahsmi 11 5-1
C Kendra Falino 7 12-1

Death Chart


Tribute District Killer District Killing Method
56th Fendre Couteau 2 Luna Snare 8 Stab in the neck
55th Kendra Falino C Drina Vox 1 Beheaded
54th Alita Oakley 7 Seraphine Sage 4 Stabbed in the face
53rd Bethany Wakeling 11 Copper Overdeen 9 Mace to the head.
52nd Dustin Henderson 1 Seraphine Sage 4 Throat Slit
51st Lawrence Tumner 5 Nescaliar Bohemia 1 Stab wound to the side.
50th Dimitri Bens 10 Russel Murphy 5 Skull Smashed in
49th Russel Murphy 5 Jackleen Propinspark 5 Arrow in the neck
48th Demetra Satin 8 Bear Mutt N/A Stomach Flesh Eaten
47th Wing Wang 11 Hail Micro 11 Stabbed in the face
46th Finn Odair 12 Juniper Elm 7 Stabbed in head
45th Candace Rellini 12 Lion Scrapes/Cave Caving in 13 Trapped in cave
44th Drina Vox 1 Shimmer Cashmere 10 Slap with Whips
43rd Maverick Titan 2 Jackleen Propinspark 5 Arrow to temple
42nd Rose Stars 3 Xavier Woods 6 Neck Broken
41st Preston Emery 3 Drake McLeaf 7 Sword in stomch
40th Realt Mading C Logan Blue 4 Throat Slit
39th Nescaliar Behomia 1 Mason Kravitz 4 Knife to chest
38th Mason Kravitz 4 Gavin Adams 2 Knife in back.
37th Laurel Durnbryll 9 Alexander Garten C Beheaded
36th Elena Presscot 10 Berry Mutt N/A Ate Insides
35th Chad Dearing 12 Alexandra Garten C Impaled in body
34th Misty Blue 4 Pregnancy N/A Strain on Pregnancy
33rd Copper Overdeen 9 Marta Walbere 2 Knife to the head
32nd Gavin Adams 2 Marta Walbere 2 Knife to the heart
31st Misty Caliden 6 Marta Walbere 2 Knife to the lungs
30th Euan Bourne 13 Alexandra Garten C Beheaded
29th Lion Scrapes 13 Alexander Garten C Severe wounds over heated battel
28th Damien Justine 8 Alexander Garten C Throat Slit
27th Dexter Volts 3 Alexandra Garten C Knife in Head
26th Felicity Frost 5 Alexandra Garten C Severe Bloodloss
25th Timothy Gardner 11 Alexader Garten/Bomb C Blown to Bits
25th Watt Powers 9 Alexader Garten/Bomb C Blown to Bits
23rd Bronco Bagwell 10 Alexader Garten/Bomb C Blown to Bits
22nd Hail Micro 11 Alexader Garten/Bomb C Blown to Bits
21st Ryker Blanc 9 Alexader Garten/Bomb C Crushed by rubble
20th Seraphine Sage 4 Marta Walbere 2 Knife in the head
19th Marta Walbere 2 Seraphine Sage 4 Trident in the chest
18th Brianna Rielle 6 Anastasia King 13 Arrow to the head
17th Victoria Ross 13 Logan Blue 4 Pushed of a cliff
16th Logan Blue 4 Logan Blue 4 Leapt of cliff
15th Drake McLeaf 7 Luna Snare 8 Throat slashed
14th Luna Snare 8 Hazel Birch 7 Head smashed in
13th Xavier Woods 6 Luca Sierra 8 Pushed of cliff
12th Luca Sierra 8 Luca Sierra 8 Leapt of cliff
11th Juniper Elm 7 Shimmer Cashmere 10 Drowned
10th Shimmer Cashmere 10 Water Mutt N/A Drowned
9th Evelyn Clahsmi C Mines N/A Blown to Bits
8th Hazel Birch 7 Excalibur Rose 1 Stabbed in the face
7th Maroon Cutter 6 Anastasia King 13 Beheaded
6th Bianca Nuts 3 Jackleen Propinspark 5 Arrow to the head
5th Seth Harry C Seth Harry C Fell off cliff
4th Excalibur Rose 1 Excalibur Rose 1 Knife in chest
3rd Jackleen Propinspark 5 ??? ? ???
Victor Anastasia King 13 N/A N/A N/A
Victor Hebe Syer 12 N/A N/A N/A

The Games

52 tributes all rise into the arena, waiting for a clackson. The cornucopia is brimming with goods and surrounding the cornucopia is a thick forest, brimming with mutts and animals. Some tributes crying, terrified out there wits. Others eyes are filled with joy and hunger, hunger for the first drop of blood to spill. Some tributes are focusing on the items, others are focusing on other tributes. BANG.

Fendre (2) is the first to the cornuopia followed by the rest of the careers and a few others. Fendre is about to throw a knife at a retreating Luca (8) but Luna (8) tackles her to the floor. "You bitch" she screams before plunging a knife into Fendre's throat. She then retrieves a backpack and the sheath of knives Fendre was carrying and dissapears of the ridge and into the forest with Luca.

Dustin (1) is fighting hand on hand with Seth Harry (C), suddenly Dustin collapses to the floor, Kendra standing behind with a mace in her hand. They both smile at eachother before Drina (1) swings the sword severing Kendra's head from her body. Seth exclaims with shock before darting into the forest with no supplies, no allies or anything. Dustin isnt dead but is very wounded and unable to move.

Maroon (6) and Juniper (7) are scouraging to retrieve supplies and flee in opposite directions, backpacks full to the brim with supplies. Alita (7) goes to follow Juniper but is stopped by Seraphine (4). Seraphine strikes with a spear, impaling it through Alita's leg. She then proceeds to repeatedly stab Alita in the face, mauling the gergeous face. And in the end killing the 7 female. Seraphine heads back into battle.

The crowd is thinning and only the most ferocius battles still rage on, 4 battles are still going. Shimmer (10) and Seraphine (4) are in a ferocious battle in the mouth of the cornucopia. Maverick (2) and Drake (7) are like Shimmer and Serapine, high in battle with neither side giving on. Bethany (11) and Hazel (7) on the other side are losing against Copper (9) and Excalibur (1). Bethany collapses as Copper gets a blow in to her head, Hazel looks down at her fallen ally and flees but is caught by Drina (1).She is about to bring the blade down on her head when Drake tackles her. They flee into the forest with a single sword and axe.

Shimmer (10) tries to flee but she iis lept on by Seraphine (4) and Drina (1). They force her to join the careers. The careers now consist of from 1. Drina, Excalibur, Nescaliar and Dustin. From 2. Maverick, Gavin and Marta. From 3 Preston and Rose. From 4, Logan, Misty, Seraphine and Mason. From 6 Misty. From 9 Copper and from 10, Shimmer. The final joiners are Anastasia and Victoria from 13. They have only had one lost, Fendre but have gained one more tribute, Shimmer.

Dustin (1) is still unconcious and is bringing the careers mood down, they decide the best thing to do it to put him out of his misery. So Seraphine (4), the leader of the careers, grabs a knife and mercilously slits Dustin's throat. They are now down a career and have only killed 3 tributes, Bethany, Kendra and Alita.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. 5 Cannons sound signalling the end of the bloodbath. The capitol audience are dissapointed due to the lack of deaths.

Dexter (3) is hiding at the back of the cornucopia, waiting for an interval to leave. No one has found him so he hides deeper into the supplies, waiting to escape. He hast risked taking any supplies as they will slow him down when he tries to escape.

Bianca (3) is in the trees on the edge if the cornucopia clearing, she was supposed to ally with Dexter (3) but she hasnt seen him leave the cornucopia and presumes him to be dead. She has not many supplies though managed to grab a backpack that contained a loaf of bread and full canteen. She hasnt eaten as she wants to keep the food until she is starving and same for the drink.

Lawrence (5) and Felicity (5) are both badly wounded, they met Nescalier (1) on there way out of the clearing, Felicity has a slash on her face and Lawrence has a wound in his side. Both know they wont both survive and are hiding in a bush. They dropped all there supplies when they were attacked. Lawrence is drifting away, to bad and Felicity knows it. They share a deep look before. BOOM. Felicity stares at the dead body of her fallen ally. When she finally realises he is gone the tears begin to flow down her face, mixing with the blood pouring from her wound. She cries herself to sleep, knowing the pain will not get any easier.

Russel (5) is hiding in a small cave, with no supplies. He wants an ally but is sure no one would want him. He knows he should either go searching for an ally or to kill someone. He is searching the forest when he hears some sobbing, he slowly approaches the tree where the noise is coming from and sees the Dimitri (10). He silently climbs the tree and stands behind them, Dimitri turns in time to see Russel push him. His screams are short and stop abructly whenhe smashes the floor. Russel leaps down and stands above the rithing body, then slams his foot onto Dimitri's skull. BOOM. He knows what he has done was wrong but he knew it was what he had to do. BOOM. He collapses to the groung, an arrow sticking out of the back of his neck. The camera tries to find the victim but no one is to be seen. The only thin is a flash of brown hair.

Xavier (6) is walking through a small field, he has traveled the furthest of all the tributes and is seeking the rewards. He is in a full field of wheat and grain, with multiple small pools full of fish and fresh water. He stops for a full meal of grain and fish. He makes a fire, as he feels he is a safe distance from where the careers could reach, he is about to drift when he sees the silohete of a person, he grabs a knife and raises it to see Hazel in floods of tears, terrified. He decided she isnt a problem and allows her to ally. Drake break through the field minutes later and also joins, despite the increase of people they are still at a max of supplies.

Brianna (6) is wandering through the forest, terrified. She thinks all the shadows are tributes trying to kill her. She reaches a small, but deep pool and rests. She managed to retrieve an axe from the cornucopia but nothing else. She got a gash on her arm from Seraphine (4) at the beggining of the bloodbath and it is turning green. She manages to wash it out in the pool. She hides up a tree waiting for someone to come up, and drifts into a sleep in the process.

Luna (8) and Luca (8) are resting in a small cave, it has a small spring dripping from the cealing, and they have both weapons and food. They are getting scared as they have heard noises coming from outside, not knowing it was animals, and think it was tributes, the careers. Luna is asleep and Luca is on watch when they here a scream. They both jump up and run outside to see their fellow tribute Demetra (8) being attacked by a 5 foot tall bear, Luca jumps in with his knife and slashes around. Luna helps by throwing knife after knife into the fray, together they manage to kill the beast. There about to retreat into the cave when Demetra begins to scream again. Luca manages to look up to see, what must have been the father bear, swipe its hand across Demetra's stomach. Luca and Luna drop everything and flee, leaving the bear to finish Demetra. Leaving her to die. BOOM.

Damien is spying on the careers, planing to sneak in and steal when the careers go to hunt, he moves camp to a rather bushy area so the careers dont clash into him or spot him when he goes to hunt. He hides in a clump bushes and waits as the sun goes down, but the careers dont move out. They stay strong. He has no supplies so makes a cover out of leaves and settles down for the night. Bianca (3) is resting in a tree above Damien and decides in the morning to ask for an alliance.

Watt (9) and Bronco (10) have formed an alliance, they managed to get two knives and two backpacks. They are wandering through the forest looking for a supply of water when they hear two voices fighting.

"Why go that way" a voice yells "We have to go avenge Bethany".

"No, we need to get away from the careers" The other voice replies viciously.

"Well Im going to see to the careers" The voice yells "And if your not, I cant let you go alive"

"What the fuc-" The other voice yells, but is cut of as the other tribute leaps onto her, they roll over and squirm and the camera finally gets the faces. Its Hail and Wing. They roll on the ground, and Wing has a knife. They roll on the ground but Bronco and Watt just stare and watch. Hail screams as Wing stabs at her chest. But he just missed. Hail grabs the end of the knife, blood pours from her hand but she doesnt let go. Fear springs into Wing's eyes and he drops the knife and tuns but to late. Hail grabs the dropped knife and leaps on Wing. She turns him on his front and plunges the knife into his face. BOOM. Tears flow down her cheeks, fear and terror courses through her eyes. All her limbs tremble. Bronco and Watt make a silent agreement, they want her in there alliance.They slowly aproach the rithing figure and place both their hands on her back. She quickly changes the direction of her gaze to the two figures above, she stares at them for a minute before allowing another volley of tears to flow down her cheeks.

Laurel (9) and Ryker (9) are both hanging off a cliff. They were walking along, through the woods when the ground split beneath them. Ryker managed to grab onto a ledge quite high up but Laurel (9) is much further down. Ryker manages to squirm onto a ledge and rest but Laurel isnt able to hold on. They share a single glance before her hand slips. And she tumbles into the darkness. They wait for a cannone but none sound, Ryker decides to leave the pit, even though Laurel is alive inside. Unoncious with no supplies but alive.

Timothey (11) is resting in a bush, getting ready for tommorow. He plans to seek out another tribute and ally. He is about to get up when he hears two voices. But he recognises one of the. Its Elena (10) and Hebe (12). He leaps up, startling both the girls. They allow him into their alliance and decided to fill him in. They tell him that Bethany and Wing are both dead, them having witnesses both. Timothy acepts this and decides he needs to find Hail. He tells the girls this and they agree, they decide to rest while Timothy watches, armed with only a stick. {C}Juniper (7) is in a tree sorting his supplies when he sees Chad (12) and Finn (12) walking by under his tree. He gets to the branch above them and leaps down, bringing the knife down on Finn's head. BOOM. Chad flees through the night until he cant run anymore, meanwhile Juniper is realising what he just done. He resumes his place in the tree and waits, waits for another person to walk into his web.

Candace (12) is hiding in a burrow underground, she hasnt got any supplies but is in one of the best hidden tributes. She is about to go up for air when she hears two tributes. Lion (13) and Euan (13). She tries to keep quiet but is unable to keep her breathing down. She hears the slow footsteps coming towards the hole then the head of Lion enter the entrance. They share a glance before he releases a short laugh. He removes his head then slams his foot above the hole. He repeats this and Candance fets scared, she is about to escape when the soil falls from above, she scrambles out but the soil continues to fall before the whol hole is blocked. Minutes after, BOOM. Lion and Euan stare at the now caved in hole and shake their heads. They turn on it and slowly walk away. And rest in a tree.

Realt (C) and Evelyn (C) are exploring the chasm. They saw it open ad decided to explore, the found an underground tunnel. They are both exploring but are completely lost. They are getting adgitated, they have no supplies other than a torch. They found that at the entrance of the tunnel. They decide to split due to the tension and both go in opposite directions. Realt manages to find the entrance and continuse down the crack, to find the knocked out Laurel. He stands over her and decided to leave the body, presuming she is dead and continues down. Evelyn is completely lost and is scared. She is getting claustrophobic and is unsure what to do. So she sits down and weeps herself to sleep.

The careers wait for the faces, only Drina (1), Seraphine (4) and Gavin (2) on watch. And they are the only ones to see the faces appear.

Dustin (1)

Fendre (2)

Russel (5)

Lawrence (5)

Alita (7)

Demetra (8)

Dimitri (10)

Bethany (11)

Wing (11)

Candance (12)

Finn (12)

Kendra (C)

The Capitol are excited about the number of deaths. But that will only hold them till tommorow.

Day 2

The careers had been hunting since the early hours, with Shimmer (10), Logan (4), Misty (4) and Drina (1) staying on guard at the camp. The when the careers enter the forest in their two paccks. Seraphine (4) leading Nescaliar (1), Maverick (2) and Marta (2). Excalibur (1) leading the bigger one with Gavin (2), Preston (3), Rose (3), Mason (4), Misty (6), Copper (9), Anastasia (13) and Victoria (13). Shimmer is looking through the supplies they neglected yesterday when she spots Dexter (3). They share a look then she chucks a long knife his way. He catches in the stares at Drina, Misty and Logan. Shimmer grabs a Whip and prepares for war. She nods at Dexter and all hell breaks lose. Drinaa turns at the exact moment. She leaps out the way and turns to see Shimmer whip up the whip from where she was just sitting. Logan and Misty are already bursting into the forest on one side, Dexter on the other side. Bianca (3) leaps out of her tree and grabs Damien's (8) had. He looks shocked but follows Dexter into the forest. That leaves Drina and Shimmer. They stare into eachothers eyes, fury flowing in both. Sweat pouring down her Drina's head, she knows if she hadnt stopped her at the bloodbath this fight wouldnt happen. Drina grabs her axe and swings it at Shimmer but misses by a mile. Shimmer smashes down her whip and strikes her shoulder. Drina winces but doesnt stop attacking, she repeatedly swing, cutting Shimmer's arm or her leg, but Shimmer keeps coming back with another hit. This continues for hours until Drina collapses to the floor. Cuts cover both tributes, but blood poors more readily from Drina. Shimmer stands over her victim and readies her whip, fear is flowing through Drina's eyes as tears flow down Shimmer's cheeks. She raises the whip, then slams it down on Drina's back repeatedly. Screams echo in the cornucopia, through the whole arena. Shimmer sobs mercilously, as she slams it down again and again before the screams die down. BOOM.

Seraphine's (4) group are wondering the forest, they are spreading a wide circle and are getting lost. Seraphine and Nescaliar (1) have drifted from Maverick (2) and Marta (2). They are wondering the forest when they hear the rustling of leaves, they turn to find the culprit but see no one. They continue walking, looking for tributes and yet again a rustle from above. Nescaliar stares up and waits but nothing happens. The begin to scale the trees and look from there, and they see Jackleen (5) above two figures, Marta and Maverick. Seraphine begins to scale down the trees to go see there comrads and warn them, when Jackleen shoots an arrow that lands in Maverick's temple. BOOM. Marta stares at the body of her fellow tribute. She sees the blood pouring from his temple and screams, she turns on her heels and flees to the cornuopia. Seraphine and Nescaliar chase after the retreating Jackleen. They are trying to keep after her but after a minute she loses them. Seraphine and Nescaliar return to camp to find Marta crying, crying over the bloodstained supplies. And no one there. No one meaning Drina was the cannon.

The other careers are completely lost. Rose (3) and Preston (3) have lost the other tributes and are wandering the fields. They dont know whether to head back to camp or leave the careers and fend for themselves. They get to carried away with planning what to do, and forget to watch where they are stepping and wander straight into Xavier's (6) , Drake's (7) and Hazel's (7) camp. Drake grabs his sword and swings at Rose, knowing they are careers, and is about to strike her stomach when Prestons blade catches the oncoming blade. Rose leaps out the way as Drake and Preston engage in battle. She is about to flee when Xavier grabs her by her throat. She choaks and screams but no noise comes out. Preston turns to see his ally stare into his eyes for the last time before they go blank. BOOM. His screams echo long after the sword slams into his stomach. BOOM. The tributes from 3's bodies clatter to the floor, Hazel, Xavier and Drake quickly take the supplies and leave the bodies to be removed, not caring they just killed 2 innocent kids. Excalibur (1) and the rest of that hunting group decide to head back to the cornucopia. They are sickened to only see Seraphine (4), Marta (2) and Nescaliar (1). That only leaves the careers with Nescaliar, Excalibur, Marta, Gavin (2), Seraphine, Mason (4), Copper (9), Misty (6), Anastasia (13) and Victoria (13). 10 left when yesterday there was 18 before.

Bianca (3), Damien (8) and Dexter (3) are wandering through the forest. All they have is 1 long knife, a loaf of bread and a canteen of water. They are walking through a clearing when Damien spots 2 packages in the sky. I lands beside Dexter and Bianca, obviously meant for them to share and the other lands in Damien's out stretched arms. Bianca opens the bow that floated down and finds an assortment of cheeses and bread. She exclaims with joy but it is drowned out by the cheer from Damien. As he unsheaths a long, metalic sword. Studded with small sapphires. Dexter and Bianca stare in awe at the blade, the blade that casts unertenty if there alliance will survive.

All the tributes set in for night exept the careers. They go out in 3 packs of 3, leaving Misty (6) to defend camp. Anastasia (13), Victoria (13) and Marta (2) go in the direction of the giant rift in the valey with Marta leading. Seraphine (4), Gavin (2) and Copper (9) head in the direction of the field, planning on searching. Seraphine is obviously in the lead. The final group consists of Nescaliar (1), Excalibur (1) and Mason (4). They have went of in the same direction Bianca (3), Dexter (3) and Damien (8) went.

The night darkens and the careers continue to hunt, only stopping when the faces light up the sky.

Drina (1)

Maverick (2)

Rose (3)

Preston (3)

Most tributes are elated as all the tributes who passed today were careers. Laurel (9) finally regains conciousnous just after Preston's (3) leaves the sky. She looks around wondering what happened, when she finally remembers. She stares into the sky, looking for some recognition to where she is when she sees a figure walking along the side of the chasm. She stares at the figure as it finally growns to a halt, the figure hovers on the edge before beginning to scale down the cliff. Laurel begins to panick, thinking the figure is here to kill her and slowly drags herself to the side, hidden by the boulders.

Day 3

Laurel (9) hasnt been able to sleep as the mysterious figure is still camping in the main part. She is getting tired and is about to go to sleep when she hears a noise. She took a peak out of the crack between the rocks and sees another figure, a beam of light catches the face of the second tribute and shows Realt (C). The tributes both remove weapons, the hidden figure with what looks like a knife and Realt with a thick rock. They both dive into the fight. Realt is slashing at the figure but it isnt falling for the trap. Realt isnt even making contact so he dives at the person and rags him into the light, revealing that it is Logan (4). Logan easily kicks Realt of the plunges his knife into his throat. BOOM. Logan quickly drops the knife knowing what he has done was wrong and begins to climb up the cliff. Laurel just stares at the body for what seems like hours before the body is finally removed. Logan reaches the top to meet Misty (4) and retells the story. They then head back into the forest, and climb a tree. But Misty is scared as seconds before. Her water broke.

Seraphine (4) and the rest of the careers decide to stay at camp and wait for tributes, wrather than risk getting killed. Mason (4) and Gavin (2) are both at the tree line practising throwing knives, they are about to be joined by Excalibur (1) when Nesaliar (1) leaps infront of him as the knife sail towards him. BOOM. Mason laughs out loud as he hikes up his bags and leaps into the forest, Gavin stares in awe then grabs another knife and throws at Mason. It strikes right in the back and he crumples to the floor, blood pouring, gushing from the wound. Gavin strolls up to the body and is joined by Seraphine, Victoria (13) and Anastasia (13). Excalibur and Nescaliar are still back at the cornucopia with Copper (9), Marta (2) and Misty (6). They all stand high above his writhing body, and just before he passes on. Gavin kicks him onto his front and spits in his face.

"Go to hell you cheating scum" He mutters and seonds later as if on cue. BOOM. The crowd is loving this as the careers are dropping like flies, and now turning on eachother.

The careers slowly return to find Excalibur (1) crying over the dead body of Nescaliar (1), his last companion from 1. His one true love.

Brianna (6) is wandering through the forest when she hears screaming. She bolts through the tree to see 3 figures. Logan (4), Misty (4) and Seth (C). She quickly runs up to see Misty crying in pain, screaming. Logan and Seth are both crazy, scavanging for something to make the birth better. Brianna is scared as she knows that in the arena it will be almost impossible to save her. She ducks down to the level of Seth and Logan and tries to help but after 20 minutes she knows there is no use. She can see Seth is sharing her opinion, knowing they could leave now before Logan takes his anger out on him. Brianna is about to raise to her feet when a voice echoes into the arena.

"Well we have an unexpected suprise, one of our contestents is having a baby. We are not cruel and see no reason to hurt a baby so we will be removing Misty Blue till she has had the baby, we have also found out that Logan is the father. They will both be removed but will be placed back at the end of day 4. Well the only thing left to say is may the odds be ever in your favour and Happy hunger Games."

The voice cuts out and almost instantly Seth and Brianna are blown backwards. A blinding light blocks Misty and Logan from their view. When the light dies down nothing is left of the married couple other than a small puddle of blood where Misty laid. Seth and Brinna share a subtle look then bolt in different directions. Brianna towards the crack, towards the field and Maroon (6). And Seth towards Juniper (7).

The night begiins to fall and most tributes settle down. Settle down to see another sky filled only with career tributes.

Nescaliar (1)

Mason (4)

Some are shocked but others arent. The capitol is fufilled with the amount of drama, but are getting anxious about the number of deaths. The gamemakers directly at twelve release there suprise into the arena. Brining the new day in with a bang. BOOM.

Day 4

Gifts were sent in the bucket loads in the morning. Felicity (5) recieved a pack of dried fruit, a canteed of water. A knife and medicine. She is to weak to reach the medicine and drifts back into a deep sleep.

Jackleen (5) also recieves a canteen of water but instead of a knife she recieves 5 arrows. That brings her total to 16.

Timothy (11) is currently asleep but Hebe (12) catches the gift. She puts it aside for when Timothy wakes up. She looks around and sees a plant bush, and Elena (10) standing over it picking berries. She is about to go join her when Elena slips a berry into her mouth. A peircing scream breaks out from Elena's mouth. Hebe stays still and can hear Timothy wake. They both stare as Elena collapses to the floor, writhing in pain. They finally gain sence and bolt to their allies side. As she begins to spew blood. Hebe trys to cover her mouth but within seconds blood splatters both of them. BOOM. Her body goes still and they both know. Suddenly her body convulses and she explodes. Guts cover all the trees, and both the tributes. They are both so shocked with this, they flee leaving everything behind including the unopened package.

Evelyn (C) finally makes it out of the underground maze just in time to see a package float down. Then she sees a figure grab two of the parachutes from the top of the chasm. She stares and doesnt recognise the figure, but when the camera focusses it shows the culprit was Maroon. The remaining package floats down and lands beside. She tears it open and finds a canteen of water. She decides now she has water maybe the safest place is back in the maze so she re-enters just in time as seconds later the suprise comes down the crack carrying the head of Laurel (9).

Chad (12) is wondering the woods when he hears the screaming, he then proceeded to watch as Elena (10) dies then explodes. He sees Hebe (12) and Timothy (11) flee then dives in grabbing the package before racing back through the forest. He finally rests on the edge of the field and opens the package to find a blowgun with 24 darts. He begins to wander through the corn looking for somewhere to rest when he hears screaming. He follows the screams, looking for the culprits when he sees them. Xavier (6), Hazel (7) and Drake (7) fighting the suprise. Two fully grown tributes, both holding long thin knives. Drake is fighting with a sword and Xavier a knife. Hazel is at the back throwing knives into the fray. Alexander (C), the male older tribute, is fighting Xavier while Alexadra (C) is going up against Drake. The tributes are easily losing and are about to retreat when Chad dives out. Alexadra drops the sword, the dart amerging from her hand. She stares daggers at Chad then tares after him, Chad dissapears into the bush Alexadra following him. Alexander stares after her and swipes and Xavier before diving after her. Drake and Hazel both paralyze as they hear the screams of Xavier, there ally in a puddle of blood. They crouch over his body, waiting for him to pass. Only metres away Chad was being beat out by Alexadra. BOOM. Hazel and Drake collapse to the floor believing it was Xaviers, but then he gasps. Hazel leaps up in shock and squeals with joy, Drake and Hazel quickly drag him into a bush to wait till he dies. But he never does. Well not from that wound. They left all their supplies other than their weapons.

The night begins to darken and the hunters and the tributes settle down. The hunters first day in the arena is over and they have had two kills. But they are still there for 2 more days. The faces appear in the sky.

Laurel (9)

Elena (10)

Chad (12)

Day 4 (The Capitol)

In the capitol the day has not been easy for Misty (4) and Logan (4). She has been in labour for almost 12 hours and is not getting closer. Logan is terrified and has smashed 12 chairs. He was scared out of his wits and has been so the doctors sedated him. They are lying in beds next to eachother, both passed clean out. Misty's face is drenched in sweat, bright red with her eyes bulging. Logan is writhing in pain, unable to reak from the unconciousnous. Misty's scream echoes round the room, breaking Logan from the slumber and into the real world.

"MISTY" Logan yells as he leaps from the bed, and lands into the chair beside her bed.

"Logan" Misty murmers, her voice like a wisp on the wind before she drifts on.


"What was that" Exclaims Logan, looking at the emotionless face of his wife.

"She is gone" says a doctor."But we can save the child."

"What" Logan lets out as he stares in awe at the face of the doctor."DO IT"

For the next 5 minutes everything is silent, as the doctors work away. Trying to save the kids life. They work long into the night, trying to save the life of a kid. Logan strolls the corridors waiting for the news. Hoping at hope that all goes well. But nothing comes, at around 10pm he is escorted to the roof to get a plane back to the arena. As he is about to board the plane when a doctor flees over to the ladder. He stares at the face of the 4 tribute and yells something just as he enters the plane.

"THE KID SURVIVED" He yells as Logan dissapears into the plane. "BUT HE ISNT YOUR KID".

Day 5

The careers set off for hunting early in the morning, leaving Marta (2), Anastasia (13) and Victoria (13) all remain at camp. Exclibur (1) and Seraphine (4) set of in one direction, in the direction of Dexter (3), Bianca (3) and Damien (8). Whereas Copper (9), Misty (6) and Gavin (2) head in the other. Towards Luca (8) and Luna (8). After the careers wander out of eyesight, Victoria and Anastasia grab weapons and spin to face Marta. Marta stares at her allies and laughs before throwing the first knife. BOOM. Copper clatters to the floor the knife in his head, and the rest of the careers come tearing back. Not having gone out of eyesight.

"RUN" Yells Marta to Victoria and Anastasia and they do. Fleeing down the hill and into the forest. As the dissapear the 4 other careers reach there ally. Marta smiles at them, and Seraphine smiles back. Excalibur looks confused but decides to stay out, knowing Marta can kill. Marta flashes her gaze to the remaining two careers, Misty and Gavin who both let rage flush over their face. Gavin dives in to strike with his sword but Marta deflects with a knife. She slashes at his face and cuts his nose, then Misty dives in. Slashing and hacking. 2 against 1 but Marta isnt losing, she is winning. BOOM. Gavin collapses to the floor with a knife protuding from his heart. Dead. Marta turns to Misty and spits before plunging her last knife into her lungs. BOOM.

"Dont kill me" Marta splutters before Misty's body even hits the floor.

"We werent going to" Seraphine says, a smile dancing across her face."We have just seen your full potential"

"Thank You" Marta says, a smile on her face aswell.


Marta, Excalibur and Seraphine are launched across the field. The cornuopia hidden by smoke rising from the hole where all the supplies once stood, including all of Marta's weapons. Excalibur's food and water. And Seraphine's lead in the games. A laugh booms across the field and Alexander and Alexadra come running out the smoke, weapons bared. Seraphine gets ready to fight but Excalibur and Marta flee, followed by Seraphine seconds later. They crash through the forest, not stopping to look back at their chasers. They flee all night all the way until the faces appear, as then the hunter find other targets. BOOM. BOOM. The hunters remove their weapons from the dead bodies of Euan (13) and Lion (13). Both dead.

Logan (4) wakes up near the crack to find Brianna (6) staring from a tree above. He stares at her for a second then burst into tears, seconds later Seth (C) appears from behind a tree and begins to comfort Logan. Brianna joins them and they help Logan through it as the faces appear in the sky.

Gavin (2)

Misty (6)

Copper (9)

Euan (13)

Lion (13)

The capitol are more than happy with the number of deaths and are anticipating the rest of the games.

The hunters settle in having made another two kills, and two of the three days done. But they are far fro done as at midnight they recieve a package. A package that will blow you away, litterally.

Day 6

The hunters were up at the crack of dawn, and continued searching the forest for the 3 remaining careers. They are considering when they use the special package and decide to wait till later. They are wandering the left side of the forest when they hear fighting.

"Why go that way" A man, that the capitol sees is Dexter."If we go back we can miss the hunters, avoid them completely".

"No, there smart" Damien retaliates."They'll find us. We need to put as much ground between us as we can".

"Yes but you saw what they did to Euan, they almost ate him alive" Dexter says, trying to calm him down."And Lion, he put up a fight but they thrashed him".

"I admit that was terrifying but we need to run." Damien reiterates."We need to get out."

"Or you could die" Alexandra laughs as she strolls out of the bush. She grabs a knife from her belt and leaps at Dexter. Alexander grabs another knife and launches a Damien and drags the knife across his throat.

"Run Bianca...Run" He murmers, trying not to let the blood enter his mouth. BOOM. Bianca stares at her fallen ally then up at the beast that is Alexander. She shifts her gaze to Alexandra and Dexter.

"RUNNNN" he yells, instead of raising his knife to deflect the oncoming blow that strikes him directly in the forehead. BOOM. Bianca tares down the hill expecting to be chased by the hunters but they dont fallow as they saw a flash of purple. A purple cat hat.

Felicity (5) runs through the forest, looking for a way to lose her aquired followers but is beggining to slow down. She is dodging tree's and leaves but is slowing down. Then the worst happend as a low lying branch snatches the hat from her head. She growns to a halt and sees the hat up in the tree high, she sees no sign of the hunters so she begins to climb the tree. She grabs the hat from the branch it was snagged on but then she sees the hunters staring from below. Alexandra throws a knife which catches on Felicity's arm, Felicity grabs her blowgun and loads it, before shooting Alexandra in the head. She crumples to the floor. Dead. Alexander stares at the body of his sister. Alexander, mad grabs a knife and leaps into the tree. He grabs Felicity and starts stabbing her everywhere, no where deadly though. Felicity's screams fiill the air but Alexander doesnt care. The screams begin to die down ad finally she stops. BOOM. Alexander stares at the two bodies of the dead girls and burst in tears. He stares down at the package in Alexandra's hands. He ducks down and grabs the package before opening it up to reveal a massive, powerful bomb.

He walks around to find the perfect place, then holds the bomd aove his head.

"THIS IS FOR YOU SIS" He screams before pressing the button.

The explosion destroys Alexander, killing him instantly and begins to spread through the forest. Hebe and Timothy are resting in a cave when they hear the rumbling. Timothy steps outside to see the explosion tearing through the forest. He tries to run inside but is unable to make it. He shares a look with Hebe before beeing blown to bits. BOOM. Hebe flees to the back of the cave and cowers and when she wakes up she sees the cave have been caved in. She looks for a way out and sees a small tunnel. The same experience ocurs with Luca and Luna, they are also stuck in there cave with the only exit being in the back of the cave. Hazel, Xavier, Drake and Maroon also all move into the underground caves.

Bronco, Watt and Hail are fleeing from the tsunami. They are ahead but losing ground with everystep. Watt is slightly ahead and is about to reach a cave when he trips, sending him sprawling into the mass of trees, earth ad tribute. BOOM. Hail puts on a burst of speed and reaches the cave. Bronco is slightly behind and is about to reach it when a tree collapses onto his legs. Hail dives out and tries to help but is unable to. They share a look then Hail dives into the cave to see Bronco get swallowed. BOOM. Hail tries to move but is unable to and is also swallowed. BOOM. The careers also made it cave and are all down in the caves and so did the 13 girls. Bianca is still in the cave, not wanting to descend into the tunnel but has to as the cave begins to crumble. Seth, Logan and Brianna are already exploring the tunnels, having entered in the morning. Evelyn was also already in the tunnels, she is deep deep down, further than them all. Ryker is asleep in the crack, she is awoken by the noise of the crack filling. She stares and doesnt even have time to sceam before it descends on her. BOOM.

Shimmer, Jackleen and Juniper are the only tributes not below ground. Shimmer and Juniper are both on the hill in the north of the arena. Jackleen is on the hill in the west. They are all safe from other tributes, and basically have a safe next few days.

All tributes from districts 9 and 11 are dead. The capitol is exstatic with the number of deaths.

The faces still appear in the sky despite that only 3 of the tributes can see them.

Dexter (3)

Felicity (5)

Damien (8)

Watt (9)

Ryker (9)

Bronco (10)

Timothy (11)

Hail (11)

The rest of the tributes settle in. Knowing that their time in the arena is coming to an end.

Day 7

Most of the tributes, other than Jackleen, Shimmer and Juniper, have been exploring the underground tunnles. The careers have been resting in a cavern for the past few hours, having searched all through the night. They still dont know who died yesterday, and not knowing how many tributes died as the cannons were hidden by the bomb's noise. Excalibur is getting sick of hanging about with the two girls, and would leave but he knows they could take him. He takes the first watch with Marta and decides to talk to her about their less than friendly ally.

"Marta, Marta" Excalibur whispers. "Listen to me".

"What the fuck do you want" She says, not even hiding the bitterness in her voice. "What do you want".

"We need to talk about...this areangement" He says, in his normal voice."We both know she can take us down in a second". He nods to the sleeping figure that is Seraphine.

"No....she is decent. I hid my talents now I can show them all." Marta says as she throws the first knife. It catches in Seraphine's leg, sending her into a flurry. She kicks and deflects the next knife with her foot.

"Ahh get the fuck of me" She yells as she tries to get to her feet, but when her foot touches the floor she cripples. Excalibur stares at the fighting careers and realises what he did. He grabs the trident out of the air, that Seraphine threw but not in time. It sinks into Marta's chest. She stares down at the metal pole sticking from her chest, then down to the blade in her hand, then to the girl who wrestled her life from her. She raises her hand and lets the knife fly into the head of Seraphine. BOOM. Marta now stares at Excalibur.

" gone with you....." She croaks out before passing on. BOOM.

Anastasia and Victoria are resting in a room full of cliffs, they are resting and thinking of strategies for them both to survive the games. They have become true friends during the course of the games, and cant risk losing eachother. They are talking about how deep these caverns must go, and if they could find a way to ecaped through the caverns when they hear the other alliance. They look down to a small leadge that creeps round the side of the cavern. Logan, Seth and Brianna. Anastasia grabs an arrow and loads it in her bow. She then shoots it so it lands directly in Brianna's head. BOOM. She collapses to the floor then topples into the darkness below. Logan and Seth stare at their ally till she falls out of sight, they then scan the walls for the culprits to see the 13 girls. They tear round the wall, Anastasia shoots arrows but none connect and finally the two boys make it to the leadge. They all grab there weapons. Logan a whip and net. Anastasia a bow. Seth, Brianna's axe. Victoria a spear. Then they attack. Logan throws his net at Victoria but she rolls out the way and throws the spear. It catches Logan in the shoulder sending him buckling to the floor. He stares at Victoria as she regais her feet then grabs a knife from her belt, she slowly stalks over and stands above him and laughs.

"Time to meet your maker" She says, trying to stop laughing.

"Im going to see him..."Logan mutters."But so are you".

With that Logan leaps at Victoria and dives off the cliff, bringing her down with her. Anastasia and Seth stare at their allies as the clatter to the floor below. BOOM. BOOM. Anastasia stares down at her best friend then at Seth the ally of the killer of her friends. She grabs her bow and aims an arrow at the tribute. Then the rumbling begins. Rocks begin to fall from the ceiling, both the tributes leap to the side, just avoiding the rocks. They cover there heads and cease when only the last rocks fall. They turn to see a wall of rocks seperating the two tributes. Seonds pass before both tributes turn and stalk out the room, to go there own reasons, and to never see eachother again.

Drake and Xavier have lost Hazel and are wandering the tunnels. They are completely lost and are thinking off resting when they hear someone. They stop to listen and hear it from a cavern close, they slowly sneak through. Xavier being supported by Drake and see Luna and Luca fighting. They listen but they go silent. Then Luna leaps round the corner and slashes Drake's throat. BOOM.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo" Yells a figure from the shadows. Out bounds Hazel with a rock in her hand, she smashes it over the head of Luna then charges down the adjoining tunnel. BOOM. Luna finally passes and the fury fills the eyes of Luca. He knows its to late to kill Hazel so he turns to Xavier. He picks him up by the legs. Xaviers wimpers fill the cavern as Luca carries him to the edge. Then leaps of.

"Bye cruel world" Luca yells as he flies down."Ill see you Luna, tell you I love you". BOOM. BOOM. The two tributes dissapear leaving only 11 tributes left in the arena.

Only Excalibur from district 1. Bianca from 3. Jackleen from 5. Maroon from 6. Juniper and Hazel from 7. Shimmer from 10. Hebe from 12. Anastasia from 13. Seth and Evelyn from the Capitol.

The faces light up in the sky brining loads of faces, but still only 3 tributes can see them. Shimmer, Jackleen and Juniper.

Marta (2)

Seraphine (4)

Logan (4)

Xavier (6)

Brianna (6)

Drake (7)

Luca (8)

Luna (8)

Victoria (13)

The capitol is yet again pleased about the number of deaths, and are getting excited about the games.

Day 8

Shimmer and Juniper have both been wandering the forests on the hill. Juniper has finally moved, having spent the last 7 days at the peak of the hill. He only has a knife, as all his food has gone and he only has a bit of water. The heat has been cranked up today, and small entrances have been opened all over both hills. Jackleen has found a small entrance and is now underground. Juniper is wandering a patch of grass that is rather high when he hears something. He swiftly turns arround but sees nothing. He keeps moving until he finds a small but very deep pool. He places his remaining supplies on a rock and rests beside the pool, he removes his shoes and socks and places his feet in the pool. Small fishes dart around his feet. A thick grass can be seen resting at the bottom, revealed by the sun. He tosses a small rock into the pool, sending ripples across the pool. Blurring the reflections. The reflections of Shimmer. Shimmer tackles Juniper into the pool, sending the fishes fleeing into the thick reeds. Juniper tries to scramble out but Shimmer grabs his ankles and drags him to her. She grabs his hair and dunks it under the surface. He struggles against Shimmer but she is stronger, she hold strong and holds him under. BOOM. She lets go and swims to the side, Junipers body floats to the top, dead. Shimmer rests on the side, downing the rest of Junipers water. She splashes about for a while and then starts to swim. She pushes Juniper's body onto the side then lets it be collected. She drifts about letting the day pass when she sees the fishes apear from the weeds. The start to group around her feet and hover, and she knows the games and begins to kick the fishes away when something grabs her ankles. She tries to kick this off but it wraps tighter. She tries to grab a rock on the edge but she cant reach. She begins to panic as it begins to drag her down. She starts to think clearer and looks down to see the weeds pulling her under the water. She quickly grabs the knife from her belt and ducks under the water to hack at the weeds, freeing her from the bonds. She turns to break the surface to find the top frozen solid. She smashes her hand on the ice but nothing breaks it. She starts to drift of, then passes out. BOOM. The camera pulls out of the shot to show the whole arena cloaked in a layer of snow and ice.

Evelyn is still wondering the bottom of the tunnels. She is miles below the ice, and is not feeling the cold at all but is actually boiling. The walls a glazed with a thin layer of gems, that send sparkles into the air. The path begins to steep in a downward direction, getting hotter with every step. She takes her water and poors it on her but it is just hot, and does nothing. She starts to feel dizzy and colapses to the floor. Throughout the next hours she drifts in and out of conciousness, she finally wakes to find herself no longer in the tunnel but in the field of ice. On the surface. And standing across from her, and surrounding her are the other 9 tributes. In the centre a second cornucopia. Let the secong bloodbath begin. And it does as the clock strikes 12.

Day 9

All the tributes are confused, some in worse states than others. They know there will probably be three deaths or maybe more. They all scan the arena that is now just ice. A few patches of snow but mostly ice, but all white. Evelyn isnt looking to good. She is swaying back and forward as the counter counts down.


She is really pale and her eyes are black, not having recovered from the heat. Her body still craving water. She cruples to her knees and then as if in slow motiong collapses to the floor. BOOM. Her body is splattered all over the other tributes, They refocus there eyes on the prize, not as much stuff but there is no supplies dotted around. You either go in and fight, or probably die trying.


No tributes flee this time, knowing each supply could make it or break it. Hazel is the first to the cornucopia and grabs a long thing staff. She turns to see the other 7 tributes charging at her and tries to make a break for it, Excalibur has other ideas and grabs her hair as she passes within aras distance. She screams as she drags her to the cornucopia where he retrieves a long thin knife and turns to her. He stands over the cowering tribute and laughs before stabbing her in the face multiple times, Just as Seraphine did 9 days ago to her district tribute, Alita. BOOM. He rises from the bloody victim, a smile flitting across his face. He grabs a second knife and a bacpack then slides of into the icy domain.

Maroon tries to follow but is stopped by Anastasia, she smiles and swings with her blade and easily sever his head from his body. BOOM. She grabs the bag he was carrying and the knife and turns back to the battle. All the tributes have left leaving her in charge of the cornucopia. She looks around and decides to leave the mass of supplies. She grabs some coking oil and poors it over the supplies, after removing a few other things. She grabs a match from the box then lets the pile go up in flames. Despite the searing heat no ice melts. She slowly moves into the ice caverns that were the forest. She finds that the forest has now turned into an icy maze. She tries to make a fire but the wind blows it out all the time. Luckily she has thick clothes in the bag and puts them on.

Seth was the first out of the bloodbath after seeing Hazel brutally murdered. He didnt get much other than a sleepingbag and a small axe. He is the furthest and has been non stop running the whole time. He reached what used to be the crack 30 minutes ago but what is now another part of land, having been completely filled. He stops when he comes to a small frozen lake, uses the axe to hack to the core and takes a drink of water. He stays there, using the snow to camoflage him and his sleeping bag. Despite his multitude of water he is getting peckish and decides to search for food in the morning.

Jackleen is very cold. She didnt get anything from the bloodbath but a bow and 3 arrows. That was it and she is hungry, starving and freezing. She is also in the ice forest but is much deeper in. She is terrified as she hates the cold. She is about to rest when a voice booms into the arena.

"Congratulations, I must be the first to wish Jackleen a happy birthday. We have decided to be nice and give Jackleen a little gift. She will be seeing what it is any minute now and I hope she enjoys as the gamemakers have worked very hard on this. So always remember may the odds be ever in your favour and happy hunger games. Let the birthday suprise.......begin"

Jackleen is confused and waits for a package to arive but nothing comes. Other than the great big bull tearing towards her, smashing the ice maze to bits.

Hebe and Bianca are the only tributes to form an alliance, they dont have much between them but they have a constant supply of food. They are resting in the hill, near a set of burrows that never seem to run out. Hebe has a knife and Bianca an ice pick. They are very anxious about the rest of the games but decide they will do better as a pair. They are taking the strategy to hide, unlike Anastasia and Excalibur. Hebe is the yougest in the arena along with Anastasia. Jackleen is the oldest, and is one of the oldest in the history. The night drifts in and three faces apear in the sky.

Maroon (6)

Hazel (7)

Evelyn (C)

The capitol are exstasic as it is like the games have restarted.

Day 10

Jackleen has been chased all night by the bull mutt. Everytime she looks away then back another bull has appeared. It has destroyed the delicate maze that was the forest, but Jackleen does not care. All she knows that if that bull catches her she is dead. She is closing in on the exit when she sees another figure join the chase. Anastasia. Both of the tributes only have there bow, having left all of the other supplies back at their respective camps when the bull started to chase. They are seperated by a wall of ice but they both know only the fastest will survive. They continue to run for what seems like an hour but never come to the exit. They are both getting very tired. But everytime they slow down the bulls also slow, like they dont want to catch the tributes but just force them to run. Jackleen thinks about this and leaps to the side. And the bulls dont stop and face her but they fall straight through the ice. Jackleen cowers, and on the other side of the newly formed chasm. Both triutes edge to the edge and stare down the the chasm to see a flowing river, full of the bulls. Hundreds of them, flowing down. Everytime the bulls flow of the waterfall at the end a new batch come from the darkness. They then share a glance at eachother. Then start to shoot. Jackleen's first arrow lodges in Anastasia's arm but she just yanks it from the skin and jams it into her bow. They return fire and dodge for the next while, when running out of arrows looking around to find an arrow lying on the floor. Jackleen, Anastasia, Jackleen, Anastasia, Jackleen, Anastasia, Jackleen, Anastasia. I goes like that for hours but neither of the girls ever make a fatal hit. An arm there, a leg here. But never the head or the heart. Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire. Over and over again until 2 more tributes come, Bianca and Seth. Anastasia turns to Seth and Jackleen to Bianca. BOOM. Bianca topples to the floor the arrow coming from her bow. She spins to continue the war with Anastasia but sees her fleeing down the side. Seth is slightly ahead, and is unable to keep his footing and slides over the edge. BOOM. Hebe who is just behind a boulder where Bianca was standing. She grabs her knife and sneaks behind Jackleen. Jackleen raises her bow to shoot Anastasia. Excalibur who was chasing Seth grabs a long knife and stands behind Anastasia. There all about to strike when a radiation paralyzes them all. Stopping them in there tracks. The crack explodes open, sending all the tributes flying back. BOOM. Excalibur colapes his own knife in his chest. Having fell on it, Anastasia drops everything and so does Jackleen. Hebe manages to grasp her knife and is about to strike again but everything goes black.

The screen flashes to all the tributes at the bottom of a dark chasm, Hebe is lying against a wall with Anastasia next to her. Jackleen is across the chasm alone. No one has any weapon and are all wounded. They are all waken when a voice booms. Signalling 12 o'clock.

Day 11

"Wakey Wakey, rise and shine. Its time for the final fight so let the fighting BEGIN"

3 massived balled maces are lowered into the chasm. 1 for each of the girls. Hebe is the first to swing at Anastasia but missed by a long shot. Anastasia swings aswell but missed, they continue this cherade. trying to score then missing. Then taking there turn to strike. Jackleen stares at the warring tributes then at the sky above. She decides to escape rather than face the two tributes. She lays her mace on the floor then begins to climb. Up and up. Higher and higher. She keeps checking the floor but the tributes continue to fight, neither giving in and neither losing. The prick in the sky gets bigger and bigger as Jackleen continues to climb. Finally after hours of climbing her hand touches the ice. Sending chills through her body. She pulls herself up to see no ice though. No arena, just a lucious forest. No forcefield. She takes one last look at the battling tributes, who are now no more than specs to the tribute from 5. She then reverts her gaze to the forest then takes of into the descending darkness, into freedom. BOOM.

The two tributes stare up at the sky, where they last saw the tribute who they now think is dead. Jackleen. They then stare back at the last obstical between them and freedom. But the last question was who was going to win.

" 2. This is getting excited. There is a slight detail we forgot to mention, since the double tributes we decided to have two victors and I suppose. There is only 2 left so Congratulations to the victors of the 168th Hunger Games. Hebe Syer and Anastasia King."

Anastasia and Hebe share one look then embrace her. Not knowing that deeper down in this cavern more tributes were still alive. As not always when you leap of cliffs do you hit the bottom. Victoria, Logan, Xavier, Seth and Luca are all waiting. Looking for a way out of the maze that is the caves. So the true question is will these games ever be truely over.

Capitol Favourites (Final 4)

Placing Tribute District
1st Anastasia King 13
2nd Jackleen Propinspark 5
3rd Hebe Syer 12


Allies Supplies
Jackleen Propinspark 5 None Bow and 3 arrows.
Hebe Syer 12 Bianca Nuts Knife and rabbit
Anastasia King 13 None Backpack, Knife, Medidine, 5 apples, Bow and 12 arrows and warm clothes



Name Age Strengths Weaknesses District
Alexander Garten 32 Strong and smart, doesn't fall for tricks Losing Aexandria The Capitol


Name Age Strengths Weaknesses District
Alexandra Garten 32 Smart and fast, quite smart Has many kids, couldn't bare to leave them, isnt strong The Capitol

You will see what these are for on Day 4