District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1M Domini 'Dom' Pugnator 17 Sword Charming, Speed, Strength, Climbing, Camouflage, Tying Knots, Tactician and Swimming Anger Issues
D1F Gemmeline Ree 16 All Knives Seduction, Running and Knives She isn't the smartest tool in the shed
D2M Andrew Pierce 16 Spears

Engineer, Strength

Snores while sleeping, gets hungry quick
D2F Cassia Combe 16 Throwing Knives Fast and a good climber She is quite skinny and sadistice. She is also Sarcastic.
D3M Dexter Tazer 14 Wire

Hiding Speed and Sleuth

Being Alone
D3F Orianna Nuts 13 Coil Making Electrial Traps or Tazers Easily distracted
D4M Diaboli 'Deebee' Furca 18 Trident and Net Charming, Speed, Strength, Camouflage, Tying Knots, Tactician and Swimming Climbing
D4F Water Songs 18 Trident a Throwing Knives Smart, good at weaponry Is very thin and and bruises easily.
D5M Liam Jamil 17 Sword, Daggers Swimming, hand to hand combat, running, traps Climbing
D5F Brianna Hunt 13 Martial Arts She's very skilled in the martial arts, and she's a good runner. She always doubts herself over a lot of things.
D6M Navy Wonders 16 Close Range weapons Great with brute strength and hand to hand, loves any close range weapon ( sword, axe, spear, etc.) nose bleeds, and falls for girls
D6F Regina Rahilly 15 Bow and Throwing Knife Archery, Knife throwing, Hiding. Slow
D7M Nicholas Farmes 12 Bow Speed and Strengths Climbing
D7F Apricot Grates 13 Poisonous Plants Camoflauge and Knots Killing and Running
D8M Sebastian Klein 13 Knife and Blowgun Stealth and Speed Size

Alyss Shepherd

17 Whip, Swords and Spears Whipping, Spear, intelligens, karisma (making people like her with words, hurting people with words), analysing people and situations Hand-to-hand combat, brute strength,

Alex Donaque

13 Sword and Bow His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal.
D9F Abbie Lennox 17 Charming, Speed, Strength, Camouflage, Tying Knots, Tactician and Swimming Very diplomatic, Good runner, great accuracy when it comes to throwing knives, she is ok at close combat and is semi-decent with her strength Has an inability to trust, being bullied about her hair.
D10M Gunner Pann 15 Swords and Knives He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too. He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers
D10F Cassandra Castle 15 Blowguns an Spears Fast Not Very Strong
D11M Peenis Fannie 13 Blowgun Making Snares Easily Distracted
D11F Sarah McDonnell 18 Sword Hiding, Speed and Climbing Swimming and Hand to Hand combat
D12M Basil Charming 15 Tomahawk Tactician and Swimming Walking
D12F Maybelle "Belle" Weisford 16 Mines Caring and Kind Not strog

Candence Rivet

15 Gun and Trident He's a good thinker, a sharpshooter. Always has bad memories of District 4.
D13F Adrianna Marsk 16 Blowgun and Whip Blowgun shooting and whipping, dealing with pain, edible plants and animals, running Thurst, forgiving, leaving someone she considers "innocent and not guilty" (that would most likely only be 12-year-old) or an allies behind and save herself.
CM Peter Snow 18 Technology inside the arena Charming Being himself and being a leader
CF Abie Verdin 15 Whatever she can find Fast, knows how the games work because of seeing them year after year No weapon experience, classic Capitol citizen

The Games

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Killing Method
28th Orianna Nuts 3 Gemmeline Ree 1 Knife to the head
27th Gemmerline Ree 1 Cassia Combe 2 Beheaded
26th Cassia Combe 2 Gemmeline Ree 1 Knife to the Face
25th Alex Donahue 9 Abbie Lennox 9 Knife to the head
24th Abbie Lennox 9 Regina Rahilly 6 Knife to the head
23rd Diaboli 'Deebee' Furca 4 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
22nd Brianna Hunt 5 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
21st Liam Jamil 5 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
20th Navy Wonders 6 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
19th Regina Rahilly 6 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
18th Nicholas Farmes 7 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
17th Apricot Grates 7 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
16th Sebastian Klein 8 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits

Alyss Shepherd

8 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
14th Domini 'Dom' Pugnator 1


N/A Blown to Bits
13th Cassandra Castle 10 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
12th Maybelle "Belle" Weisford 12 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
11th Basil Charming 12 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
10th Adrianna Marsk 13 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
9th Candence Rivet 13 Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
8th Peter Snow C Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
7th Abie Veridin C Explosion N/A Blown to Bits
6th Andrew Stone 2 Water Song 4 Trident in the Back
5th Dexter Tazer 3 Gunner Pann 10 Head Wound
4th Peenis Fannie 11 Water Song 4 Trident in the head
3rd Water Song 4 Sarah McDonnell 11 Beaten to death
2nd Sarah McDonnell 11 Gunner Pann 10 Head smashed in
1st Gunner Pann 10 N/A N/A N/A

Day 1

28 tributes stand around a glittering mass of gold. Pack tight full with supplies that could mean life and death in this arena. Most have a determinded look in their eyes, knowing fear will only slow them down. Others cant hide the fear in their eyes, sweat dripping from their foreheads. Knowing that if they leave they may not have the equpiment to survive, but if they go in they may be killed by a brute. The camera pans to a view of the arena but quickly flashes back to the tributes. All that the camera caught was a series of fields backing onto eachother. With the ocasional forest of lake dotted beside a field. The camera focuses on the 2 female, left of the capitol female and right of the 13 male. Then the 7 male next to the 4 female and 4 male. Then it shows the pile of goods, bows protuding from the pile. Swords leaning against the side. Barrels of water, boxes of food. Overflowing from the entrance. BANG.

Most of the tributes run towards the cornucopia but some flee into the fields, deciding to rsk the terrors in there, rather than the terrors at the bloodbath. Peenis (11) and Sarah (11) flee into a tall patch of grass, no supplies but a strong 11 aliance. On the otherside of the clearing Orianna (3) is scaling a tree with no supplies, planning to dive in afterwards. Gemmeline (1) sees this and grabs a knife and throws it. It strike Orianna in the head. She topples out the tree and clatters to the floor, blood pouring everywhere. She tries to pull herself into the bushes but is unable to, and slowly passes on.

When Gemmeline (1) returns to the fray Cassia (2) grabs Dexter (3) by the hair. Gemmeline charges at Dexter, wanting to have the death of all of district 3 on her head and tackles Cassia. They roll over the floor and crash into a pile of weapons. They crash into the pile sending the everywhere, causing Domini (1) and Andrew (2) to stare in awe. Dexter slowly backs of and flees into the woods with no supplies or allies. They both leap up and stare in fury then attack, Gemmeline with a knife and Cassia with a sword. They both swing, Gemmeline throwing the knife half way between. Both strike, the knife piercing the side of Cassia's face. The sword cutting clean through her neck. Both crumple to the floor, dead. Pools of blood encircleing the tributes. Andrew and Dom stare in awe as two of their allies took eachother down.

A simialr thing happens when Abbie (9) drives a knife into the head of Alex (9). Alex collapses to the floor dead and Abbie stands proud, making her first kill when a knife enters her head thrown by Regina (6). BOOM. The cornucopia explodes ending the remaining tributes killing them all but Andrew and Water and Gunner. They all flee after the 3 tributes who had escaped the bloodbath. Only 6 left on day 1. Pretty good.

Water (4) is getting adgitated and decided due to the slim numbers she should take her allies down. She grabs her trident and plunges it into the back of Andrew (2). BOOM. Gunner (10) and her share a look before fleeing in opposite directions. Not so long after they both collide with people. Water meets the 11 alliance and Gunner Dexter (3). Gunner grab Dexter and smashes his head into a tree. BOOM. At almost the same moment Water shoves her trdent into the head of Peenis. BOOM. Sarah filled with rage grabs water and starts to beat her up. After hours of this pain Water finally goes still. BOOM.

The two remaining tributes settle to see not the faces of the dead appear in the sky ut those who are alive.

Gunner (10)

Sarah (11)

The capitol are mad with the number of deaths, thinking the games will be to short. And they will.

Gunner decides to take a walk during the night and finds a sleeping Sarah. He grabs a rock and smashes her head in. BOOM. He wins.

Wanted to Say 1 Gift a Day

Tribute Allies Supplies Arena Area
D10- Gunner Pann
D11- Sarah McDonnell Peenis None Fields

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