Well I have cancelled my 170th cause they sucked. So onto the 171st

Tributes (Closed)

District Name Age Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
D1m Arran Harthorn 16 Sword Strength, Seduction, Likeability. His leg injury, which slows him down, considerably.
D1f Kezaiah Bianca 15 Dagger and Bow She's fast, has a very good aim and knows about survival. She's not that strong enough and she sometimes doesn't think well before she acts especially in a hectic situation.
D2m Cholo Werdair 18 Mace and Gun Run fast, tree climbing, kill with fangs and set traps. Gets tired easily and afraid of flowers.

Plinie Ivory

16 Mace and Chain Strong and Fast Sometimes over arrogant
D3m Calculum Infinity 12 Snare, Electrical Contraptions, Axe Snare, Electrical Contraptions, Axe, Deceit Just about everything that doesnt involve wire, an axe or his mind
D3f Issabella Electrode 18 Spear, Sword, Hammer and Throwing Knives Spear, Sword, Throwing Hammers and Throwing Knives Explosions
D4m Nicholas Davenport 17 Trident, sword and mace. Run fast, jump tree to tree, hand to hand combat and can identify poisonous water and food. Has problems that can drive him crazy and gets mad easily.
D4f Nina Marian 17 Trident, Net, Knives, Spear, Bow and Arrow Amazing at swimming A bit cocky
D5m Ssithies Profane 17 Nunchucks, throwing knives, axe Fire starting, swimming, hunting Hand-to-hand combat
D5f Katie Sundapple 15 Sword Fast and Stealthy Isnt that strong
D6m Benjamin Woodrew 12 Sword and Axes Strong and Fast Swimming
D6f Ji Sana 18 Whip and Trident Strong and Fast Climbing
D7m Leif Wilde 16 Axe and Snares Axe skills and making Snares trusting others and things around him
D7f Maple Leaf 15 Axe, throwing knives. Small, smart, good at camouflage. Strength and Swimming
D8m John Calico 15 Spears hand to hand combat, spear, good hunter, good at starting fires finesse, can't swim, can't shoot arrows, doesn't have any allies but, he wants one
D8f Sarah Silk 15 Knives and Swords Speed healing and Intelligence Not that strong/not very good at hand to hand combat
D9m Blakeathon 'Blake' Whittle 13 Sword and axe, good with a mace too. He isn't that bad with a spear as well. Fast and cunning, awesome with swords. He is smart as well, but is very strange to some. He is slightly crazy, but not too much. He is good at speaking. Has no sense of smell. Isn't very strong.
D9f Lexeline 'Lexi' Whittle 12 Knife Small and quick, can dissapear into the woods in a matter of seconds. She is very easily found, but could easily get away in a matter of seconds. Has a bad left eye. She also isn't strong at all and could be blown over by a strong wind.
D10m Leo Farms 16 Sickle Excelent at sickle, fast runner No knowledge of plants or berries
D10f Catherine "Cathy" Rosedain 12 Throwing Knives, okay with a Bow or a Sword Smart and fast, is very good with any you can throw. She has some advantages due to being small, like being able to hide in places others may not be able too. She is also very cunning. Due to being small and only 12, she has very little strength and if cornered in a fight, she would have little chance of escaping.
D11m Johnny Williams 12 Handgun, knife He's quite clever, knows a lot about how to survive, and is very good at using a handgun. He can't run very fast and can be easily led into traps.
D11f Jasmine Webb 15 Spear Plant identifaction, fast, Climbing, Hand to hand combat Swimming, Knot Tying and Camoflage
D12m Duran Logs 17 Axe Axe skills Not the fastest
D12f Jena Pickett 15 Spear Is very smart, fast, and sly. Can find good shelter and good hiding spots. Isnt that strong
D13m Thoren Nealy 17 Sword, Mace and Bow Athletic, Tall, Strong, Hand to hand Combat. Climbing
D13f Daphne Quinn 15 Rope and Axes Making snaes and axe skills working sponcers and other tributes


Daenerys- Capitol Citizen (POV)

Oh My God. I cant believe it. In like a week the games begin. Last years were cancelled due to the weather, the arena was destroyed. So Ive had to wait almost twice the time to get a games. It was soo annoying. And here they are, finally. The camera flashes to a district cloaked in snow. 1. Then a rocky hilled area filled with hard kids. 2, A small city, the skyline filled with factories and smoke. 3, A beach, the sea moving along the shore. 4. A small crowd with dark red eyes and deep red hair. 5. A foggy square filled with short people with hardened faces. 6. The vast forest, beautiful greens and browns. 7. Lines of old stone houses, streets paved with ice. 8. Fields of gold flowing over hills. 9. Deep green fields with cows dotted across. 10. Rows of pristene trees,, dotted with red apples. 11. An ash covered town, dark and dreary. 12. Finally, a ruined wasteland, destroyed city. 13. Then it flashes to the first image. District 1. The place where it all begins. Always do it the smart way, start with the elegant then move down.

A series of beautiful blonde girls, green eyes. Striking boys with blonde curls and green eyes. Then the brutes dotted inbetween. Most likely one of them is going to enter the arena this year. The snow highlights the deep eyes of all the young tributes. The glistening hair, shimmering in the snow. They are a beautiful district. The mayor walks to the mic and murmers some rubbish about the wars but no one cares. All they want is the name. He introduces the escort Liamyan Scarlett, he makes us watch a video, that people in the capitol will have to watch 12 more times, luckily due to the damage that the capitol recieved from the tornado we were unable to compete this year. The video finishes and a series of claps break out, one of the 3 districts you would actually hear clappig from. The career districts. Oh she has the first name, and now the second. The two tributes that will be entering the arena, wait thats doubtful. Volunteers.

"This years tributes are......Kezaiah Bianca and.....Demon Ritchie" The escort booms, sending the rowd into a flurry.

"I volunteer" Screams one of the brutes and he tears up onto the stage, followed by a girl that must be Kezaiah. They take their places on the stage and shake hands. We find out the males name is Arran Harthorn. They head into the justice building and leave the camera hanging on the dissapointed faces of theother kids, more males than females. Then it flashes to a harder distrit, litterally. District 2.

District 2 are completely different from 1. No snow dusting the faces of the tributes. No ice glazing the streets. Just hard faces of the stricken kids. Taught not to express emotion, keep it all bottled inside till I you have the chance to kill someone. Simple strategies win the games. Thats why district two hasnt won for ages. They try to make complicated strategies that never worked. They havent done as bad in the recent years but not won. 2nd once, a few top 10's but never good enough. The video is shown again. But nothing new and then the escort, and mayor speak. But she speaks about the failures of two. Saying the capitol depended on them and they let them down, lets say this does not go down well with them, they start booing, and throwing stuff at the stage. She runs off crying followed in toe by the mayor and the two mentors, a few seconds later a peaekeeper strolls onto the stage and grabs two names, smashing the female bowl in the way.

"The tributes are Plinie Ivory and Cholo Werdair" and with that he runs off the stage leaving the crowd in murmers.

"I volont-" a boy and girl yell but are cut up when the peacekeeper yells.

"NO VOLUNTEERS" He yells."We cant be bothered".

Two tributes who must be Cholo and Plinie wander up onto the stage, confused and are led into the justice building. The camera hovers over the digusted faces of the 18 year olds. Knowing they will never get in the games, it seems to hold on the face of 1 tribute for longer, he has the same jirkish face that Ive seen two times before. Draco and Gavin Adams. I guess unlike his brothers he will never get in the games. And it flashes again this time to the factory filled air. District 3.

Another hard district, but this time the faces are all ashen skinned with dark green eyes. Black hair falling down their faces. The fog and fumes dance around them, concealing some from the camers glare. A soft dribble of rain settles across the square. Drumming the streets causing a soft pattering noise. The usual routine happens, the mayors speech. The little video, that lasts like 20 minutes. Another speech from the escort and then the names. Its wierd as this time we know that most likely the names that are pulled will be the ones that enter the arena. No volunteers, just two terrified tributes. He dips his hand into the bowl, swirling around the names. I catch a few that press up against the bowl. Liam. Shal. Dinal. Then he yanks a name out of the bowl and holds it up to the light. We expect him to read it out but he smiles and walks to the other bowl and pulls a name from the girls bowl. And repeats the method. Holding it up to the light, then smiling before dropping it to his other hand. He resumes the centre stage and reads the two names.

"This years tributes, for District 3 are.....Calculum Infinity.....and.....Issabella Electrode". He laughs, no one knowing why. But most joining in, now knowing they or their kids are safe.

A small boy, obviously 12 or 13 walks onto the stage. Pudgy face, short hair. Not the nicest but looks can be decieving, and when the stylists finish with him he will look gorgeous, or atleast not like this. The girl is slightly more appealing. She is much older, 18 or 17. She is tall with long flowing blonde hair. Deep green eyes, she looks like a district 1 female. Almost identical. She looks strong, not like the rest of the people from 3. More like a career, less like an outsider. She may do well, the capitol is a sucker for careers from out laying districts. It shows them walking into the justice building, then it flashes to district 4.

The beaches are a welcome change from the factories. My eyes are thanking me, im sure they would anyway. All the girls and boys are gorgeous. Beautiful and stunning. The town square if directly next to the beach. The sound of the waves echoes throughout the square, calming the anxious tributes. A small squat man rolls onto the stage, litteraly. He struggles to his feet, nearly knocking over the podium that has the glass bowls. A small series of laughes passes over the kids standing in the square, some wanting there name to be callled others never wanting to hear it muttered. The same schedule happens. Mayor, Escort, Video then the names. The careers again. So little chance of these names meaning anything, most likely volunteers will be the tributes. The escort doesnt waste time and flees to the bowls and grabs the name. Then reads them.

"Well lets get this started. We must start with the girls....and that is.....Nina Marian....and the male is......Nicholas Davenport" He yells, not hiding the glee from his words.

No volunteers. Im still shocked. Tributes enter the justice building with no interuption which means out of the 6 career spots only 1 was a volunteer is Arran. That is not good. Would the careers even be good, or would this be like last time and all but 2 careers die straight away. This is not good. This faces are still shocked, the parents dissapointed, the kids both glad but a tiny bit sad. It so stupid but having careers builds up the games, making the tributes formal and normal. Something we havent had in a while. No career victors. No good games.. Maybe 5 will give a better show.

District 5. They had done decentley. There is Celine sitting there smiling, looking all proud She won when she was 12. Pretty impressive, and strong. She was a vicious killer well she killed Thalia and she was strong. And in the 166th Harris came like 5th. Jackleen came 3rd, only last year when almost all of the tributes were killed in an explosion. Only a few got away in time, Gunner was the victor of them. It flashes Celine and the mayor, but no escort. They wait and wait, not knowing what to think but no escort appears, The slight supprise on the faces turns to distress. How much longer they will have to wait to find out who will die. The camera does a recap of the previous districts. Then flashes to all of the districts still waiting. Finally almost an hour late a girl with hair broghter than the mood dashes onto the stage. She makes a quick line of bullcrap and then starts with the names. Or as I like to call it, the kiss of death.

"Well the female tribute is.....Katie Sundapple. Where is she. Oh there she is, come on up." She mutters to herself as a small thin girl takes to the stage.

Everyone stares at the girl until she regains her place on the stage, then they focus on the second bowl. And who would be the male tribute. She doesnt rush as much this time, holding everyones breath. I kinda expect someone to keel over out of breath but nothing happens. Suddenly it flashes to 6. I can hear the confused v"oices of y family, obviously they took to long.

"The male tribute was Ssithies Profane". A voice booms, only on TV though, it flashes an image of a fattish ginger boy then back to district 6.

A thick layer of fog lays across the street. The faces are covered by the grey, only the stage emerges from the fog. With 4 figures. 2 victors, the mayor and the escort. Its really annoying having to watch every single introduction and all of the speeches. I wish we could watch it once then never again. This one seems to take much longer, sadly the escort has a stutter and takes almost 20 minutes to mutter hello. I decide to grab something to eat. I head of and grab a sandwich then make my way back to the room. Luckily they solved the problem, the escort doesnt talk. She is about to stand there while a peacekeeper reads the names when I get back

"The tributes for the 171st Hunger Gaes are Ji Sana and....Benjamin Woodrew" He booms and the escort rushes into a flurry of aplause.

Two kids walk up, Ji has dark skin with black hair while Benjamin had light brown with white skin. Both look super wierd. I can see a small boy in the audience crying, tears flowing down his face. He has the same dark skin as Ji so I instantly know that it must be a sibling or family. He looks sad and I can see tears flowing down the cheeks of Ji aswell. Benjamin is holding it in until he reaches the door then I can clearly see the tears on his face. The fog actuallu swallows the faces of the others and the small boy. He will not have an easy time with these games, they never do when a family member dies. Now lets keep this party going with district 7.

The trees are such a change from the dank grey fog that cloaked 6. In 7 the sun is blaring, illuminating the faces of all the kids. Im sure there is a lot more 12 year olds, or small kids than in the other districts. Im unsure if that is because they are naturally small in 7 or that there is much more 12 year olds. The kids all have fear splattered aross there face, not trying to hide it. Knowing that now most other tributes had been chosen. All those tributes flash. Kezaiah, Arran, Cholo, Plinie, Calculum, Isabella, Nina, Nicholas, Ssithies, Katie, Benjamin and Ji. Now all that is left is 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. We are like not eve half way through.....or are we. A small man walks onto the stage stage singing a wierd song.

"Oh My God its reaping day. If we dont hurry we are gonna pay. I love eating beef. But not fried schmeef. We should all be happy its reaping day". He sings. He turns when he finishes expecting an aplaus but nothing, not even a single sarcastic clap echoes out.

"Well lets begin" he says, actually skipping all the speaches and grabs the two names. "The tributes are..Leif Wilde and Maple Leaf".

Two kids walk up, both look strong. Both look like they can handle the games. Well 7 has always been good in the games, 2 years ago they had like 3 tributes in the final 15. I reckon very soon we will see a victor from 7, or atleast final 2. They dissapear into the building then we move on. To district 8. My least favourite district.

Never like district 8. The ice glazes the paths of the cobbled streets, a slight drop of snow litters some of the ice, hiding the deadly ice. There had been some rumours about the arena, being rather icy. I hope that is true. The past few years the arena had been 1 thing. A forest. 166th, forest and mountain. 167th Forest and fields. 168th, forests. Atleast it turned icy. I loved those games. They were so well planned out. 169th fields and forests. I hated those, They were done in a day. Not entertaning at all. 8 has always done bad, I suppose in the 166th Aria did ok and Eyla in the 167th wasnt that bad.

"And the tributes are John Calico and Sarah Silk".

Oh My god. They've already chosen the tributes, why does time fly when your talking about how bad one district is. A small boy and girl walk up onto the stage. Both looked terrified out of there wits. The girl is very petite and has long flowing blong hair. She has bright blue eyes and is in one word beautiful. She looks a lot like my friend Danala Fanaratino. She is wearing a small plaid skirt with a pale blue blouse. He on the other hand is hard. His cheeks are worn out and deep. His eyes are filled with doom and dread. His hair is dusted with snow that stands out against the night black of his hair. He isnt handsome but has a glow. Not a healthy glow. I have no idea why but I feel like for the first time district 8 has a chance in the games. They slowly hobble into the justice building and out of sight. But in my memory they stand at the forefront, never leaving as I want one of them to win and I would sponsot them my whole house if it would help them win but in these games it doesnt matter unless you have the natural skill. Now onto a district that has shown skill in the past with a victor only 6 years ago, with Alliana Fiana from distrit 9.

I like district 9, not as much as 7, 4 and 1. But it is very pretty. All the boys and girls have dark hair and brown eyes. Brown like the fields that surround them, all districts seem to colour co-ordinate with there districts. The green and browns of 7 match the trees and the hair of 1 are like the soft snow. The brown skin and dark hair of District 2 like the rocks and boulders. District 9 and 11 have soft brown hair. Pale skin on 9 and dark in 11. The black hair like the mud that covers the roads when the rain falls over the paths. There is a few blondes and red heads in the crowd but mostly dark hair. The escort sticks out a mile, with her pink curls and pale white skin. Her eyelashes are atleast 7 centimetres long. She swaddles on and conducts the usual afair as usual but like each escort she adds her own little pazzazes and gags to the afair. She finally gets to the bowls and pulls the two lucky users.

"Well isnt this exciting, and the male tribute this year is.....Blakeathon Whittle....and joining him will be....oh....looks like we have siblings, as its Lexeline Whittle. Wait. Wasnt Allianna Whittle the victor of the 166th"

Two figures make there way up to the stage, from the same area in the crowd. They are both young, 12 and 13 is my guess. There is a lot of crying and Allie at the back of the stage looks horrified. She raises from her seat and runs to meet them as they take to the stage. She embraces them and holds tight, even when they are forced to go through the door she follows them back into the building, never letting them go. Once they leave a murmer breaks out and it doesnt stop. It begins to empty and only a few people are left. All have dark hair and brown eyes, like the tributes of this year and 6 years ago. Not onto 10 and only 10, 11, 12 and 13 left.

I like 10 aswell. The green grass is like none is anyother district, bright green with small pools of water. Not like the water in 4 but like the water in 7 or 9. Clear water with fishes and birds in it and around it. The town square is very close to the grass. Pure green with brown pools. Animals strolling around, cows, deer, chickens and sheep. A few pigs are kept closer to the farms. Its wierd to think that those animals may be making my bacon sandwich in a month or the milk in my tea. This makes no sence. Lets not think about it or Ill become a vegatarian like my friend. The square isnt well kept, unlike district 1 and 2. To them its a place when the two tributes are chosen to win hounor for their districts, where as in the others its a place where two tributes are chosen to die. A man with pale gold skill walks up to the stage, its wierd as he looks almost normal. Like normal he does the routine but unlike the others he doesnt put his own spin. He seems to empathise with the crown, whether this is a plan to get him premoted or real I dont care.

"This years unluc-I mean lucky tributes are for the boys............Leo Farms and the female is................Aven Rosedain"

There is an uproar as the tributes walk up, when the girl, Aven is about to take to the stage a girl storms out.


She yells as she runs up to the stage, she states her name as Catherine Rosedain. Aven hasnt moved from the bottom of the steps as the tributes dissapear into the back and like the Whittles a small group gather around the crying figure that is Aven. 3 district left, 11, 12 and 13.

11 like 9 but uglier. Simple but presise. The fields of wheat a slight bit dimmer. The roads are muddier. The grass is non greener and this is all unfair. On my eyes. I want to close them but then I fear I would miss the first look of this years tributes from 11. They havent done that bad in recent years. A few good tributes, then Lauren won the same year as Alliana. Is shows all of the kids and adults resting in the square, awaiting the final say in who enters. 11 is the most populated district and had had prelimanary rounds. Narrowing it down to 5 males and 5 females. Each have there names in the bowl 10 times. I remember all the names. Deena Fall, Jasmine Webb, Louise Danton, Carla Fan and Rian Fan. They are the girls and the boys are Johny Williams, Rown Fan, that family is very unlucky, Andy Dona, Lewis Cluff and King Finston. All 10 of those kids are hidden in the crowd, if you look very carefully you can see the scared faces, those are the tributes or kids depending on the next hours. 5 minutes pass and all the stuff has passed. Then it was the names.

"Oooooh I love this part of the games, the best part I think....well after the games...and joint with the scores and all the other. I LOVE THESE GAMES. Oh the tributes are Johny Williams and Jasmine Webb"

A small boy and girl walk up to the stage, both with dark skin and black hair. Their eyes are deep brown. Like the trees in the orchards. They look similar, but they arent related.....they head up to the stage and into the back. Then it flashes to the 2nd last district, District 12.

Dust. One word for District 12 is very dusty. Dust on the streets. Dust on the trees, so much dust. Its a very dark district. A thin layer of snow covers most of the dust but in some places the black has seeped through. Ice glazes most streets but others just snow. I never liked 12, it did have a victor with Hebe Syer a few years back but I still dont like it. She won with Anastasia King, that was the best year I have seen. But other than her, District 12 never does well. And I hope beyond hope that this year is no change. District 12 equals idiots. Effia Trinket walks up onto the stage, that family has always been the escorts ever since....Katniss and Peeta, with their escort Effie Delilah Panickia Trinket. probably the most famous escort ever, but not for the best reason.

"I love the the names are important thats why I have a speech from Hebe, to motivate you" She says as she steps to the side, allowing Hebe to take the stage.

"The games are horrible, seeing allies die. In my games I saw 2 of my allies die. Both I couldnt control but I feel responsible for their deaths. Elena and Timothy. Horrible. Both blown up. Both ruined. I did what I could to win and I did. But I wont forget the pain on the faces of Timothy as he knew he was dead. And I will never forgive myself for not grabbing his hand but letting it dangle. Now I have the....honour of announcing the tributes" She says as Effia hands the two names."The tributes Ill be mentoring are...Duran Logs and Jenna Picket, Im sorry"

A tear falls down my cheek as I watch the two tributes slowly walk up to the stage and through the back. Hebe stares as they leave and shakes her head. Knowing they dont have a chance. District 12 was now finished meaning only district 13 was left.

I dont like 13 either, its so dark and dreary. Due to its size they are all stuffed into a small room. They dont have an escort as none want to actually go there so the peacekeeper reaps there names. Its a dank and dark room, very claustrophobic and I would hate it. Water drips down but they dont care. They care about the games, 13 like 12 won the 168th. Anastasia King.. She is standing at the front beside the mayor and the chosen Peacekeeper, I think its the same as last year, Amadreus. The mayor confirms this by introducing him and the 5 victors standing behind him. 13 has always done decently with victors unlike most others. Amadreus doesnt mess around and almost seconds after the video finished the names are in his hand.

"The tributes representing us this year are Thoren Nealy and Daphne Quinn"

Due to the crampness of the room there is much struggle to get the 2 tribute onto the stage but after minutes of struggling they finally make it. Daphne has long red hair with deep amber eyes while Thomas has black hair and green eyes. The customary of 13. They dissapear behind and the mayor takes the mic again to close the reapings. As District 13 is the last this year it is customary for him to close it. He says a few words then mentions all the tributes Kezaiah, Arran, Plinie, Cholo, Issabella, Calculum, Nina, Nicholas, Katie, Ssithies, Ji, Benjamin, Maple, Leif, Sarah, John, Lexeline, Blakeathon, Catherine, Leo, Jasmine, Johnny, Jenna, Duran and the newly reaped Daphne and Thomas. The 26 tributes of the 172nd. Its wierd to think that very soon all but 1 of them will be dead.

Scores for Reaping

Ok, this is my way of making the final scoring of tribute easier, they get points per section. Reapings, Chariots, Training and the Interviews.

District Tribute Score out of 20
D1 Female Kezaiah Bianca 14/20
D1 Male Arran Harthorn 18/20
D2 Female Plinie Ivory 13/20
D2 Male Cholo Werdair 16/20
D3 Female Issabella Electrode 17/20
D3 Male Calculum Infinity 12/20
D4 Female Nina Marian 16/20
D4 Male Nicholas Davenport 15/20
D5 Female Katie Sundapple 10/20
D5 Male Ssithies Profane 7/20
D6 Female Ji Sana 12/20
D6 Male Benjamin Woodrew 15/20
D7 Female Maple Tree 16/20
D7 Male Leif Wilde 9/20
D8 Female Sarah Silk 15/20
D8 Male John Calico 12/20
D9 Female Lexeline "Lexi" Whittle 10/20
D9 Male Blakeathon 'Blake' Whittle 12/20
D10 Female Catherine "Cathy" Rosedain 19/20
D10 Male Leo Farms 17/20
D11 Female Jasmine Webb 7/20
D11 Male Johnny Williams 9/20
D12 Female Jena Pickett 14/20
D12 Male Duran Logs 16/20
D13 Female Daphne Quinn 17/20
D13 Male Thoren Nealy 16/20


Welcome to the 171st Hunger Games tributes. Well lets not delay and get straight to the chariots. Look here comes the first district, District 1. They are doused in gold paint, with there hair covered in gems. They are beaming, eyes full of joy which Im sure will help them. The look is very fetching but a bit old. Im sure they will do well. Kezaiah is throwing small gems into the crowd which explode and send confetti over the crowd. This will help them greatly. Now here comes district 2.

They are wearing long black cloaks with dark make-up. Plinie's blonde hair is flowing despite the lack of wind while Cholo's is glowing gold. They drop the cloaks to reveal suits of solid gold. They let of a light that blinds most, glittering away. When it dies down they are wearing suits of marble. This is impressive. It seems to move with them and highlights there muscular figures. They are beaming as they know they have done very well this year. Now District 3.

They are both wearing the same outfit. A glowing outfit that slowly changes colour. It is very pretty and calming. Green then blue to purple. Oh I just fell asleep. I think this will do well. Issabella looks stunning in it with her flowing blonde hair. And deep green eyes. Calculum is a bit different. He is small, I admit he isnt looking as bad but he is still looking very..different. The chariot is changing colour like the suit. Very impressive, better than 1 but 2....not so sure. Here comes District 4.

4 are beautiful. Stunning and amazing. The flowing blue robes that entangle the legs. If looks like water is surrounding them and swallowing them. Its wierd. But by a mile the most stunning. Nina and Nicholas are beeming, playing the crowd. There hair is tied back and died a pale blue to match the water. Looking like it soaks there head. The pale make-up strengthens the beauty rather than take it away. They will be a hard act to follow. Very hard. District 5 also looks nice but will they beat this perfect district.

District 5 are wearing small solar panels all over there body. They seem to be collecting in light but I have no idea what they are supposed to do. Small bulbs all over the chariot are slowly getting brighter and brighter and brighter until. BOOM. They explode blinding everyone. When they look back the tributes are glowing. They are both covered from head to toe in glittering diamonds. Its spectacular. They look like little balls of energy. Very nice but I still prefer 4.

6 is not good. They are wearing plain blue overalls with grimy brown shirts. They are very....entusiastic though which will help them. They are waving and a few are waving back but most are just ignoring them. I reckon they would get a 0 if it wasnt for the personalities but they seem kind. Oh they are kissing. That is nice. Not a smoochy smoochy kiss but a friendly kiss. I hope they both go far. But I still prefer 4 and 5. They have no chance of winning. District 7 are wearing very elegant robes covered in small leaves. They change colour as the chariot moves which is rather pretty. We have seen better this year but they are still nice. It is rather entrancing like district 3's outfits but not as nice. Slightly more jerky. I think they will do ok but I know we have seen and will see better. The chariot is very fancy with roots weaving the names of the tributes in the grass. Its nice but not nice enough to get 1st.

8 is amazing. The dress is spectacularly detailed and the suit is perfect. It shimmers, showing the faces of the 26 tributes. Nina, Kezaiah and Maple. John, Leif and Johnny. Oh my, I just looked at the names of the stylists for this years district 8 and they are Sarah Silk and John Calico. They designed there own outfits. That will help them a lot, Im a hundered percent sure they will get highest. They are so amazing...are we really doing the right thing killing them.

Oh and here come 9. Oh My God. They are butt naked other than a corn bikini and corn pants. Lexeline and Blakeathon both look so embarrassed. And they have right to be. Flat is all I can say and if he can fit his thing in there, Im not so sure he is a dude. The chariot is bare. Oh looky here. They didnt have a stylist, that would be why they did so badly to put it nicely. Well I hope it isnt cold outside or they may be dying before they enter the arena.

District 10 are miles better than 9. Which isnt that hard to be. They are wearing flowing cloaks of black fur with antler like head pieces. It is stunning. The flowing of the cape and all. The chariot is green so it looks like a pair of deer in a field. The capitol are loving it. The tributes though look a bit scared which will not help. I dont think they will be top but close, very close. Leo is starting to relax but Catherine is not. She is cowering up but I think they will still do well.

11 comes whirling on next and they are ok. They have long flowing brown robes. They kind of look like grain fields but sadly dont have enough detail to be effective. I dont see high prospects for either of these tributes. And that does make me a bit sad as 11 usually does so well. Everyone keeps expecting something amazing to happen but they dont. They flow past dissapointing the whole crowd. Well lets hope 12 and 13 do better. Speaking of them, here comes 12.

12 is much better. They have a similar robe theme but these start to change color from red to black to yellow and orange. Like 3 and 7 its calming but more effective. The tributes arent as well done as those districts though so I dont think they will do aswell as the others. They are wearing dark red make-up which is very nice but it hides the young tributes faces. A decent attempt from 12 that I think will do them well. I dont know why but I feel like Jena is really going to shine in these games.

And last but not least here comes 13. They are dressed in black suits that seem to extrude smoke. Wait. That is the suits effect. It looks like it is made of smoke. Its a nice affect but due to the darkness it is very hard to actually see the tributes. They dont really stand out from the night. If 13 had gone first I reckoned they would have done very well but since there last the effect is lost. As they appear in the city circle I must say goodbye and I will see you in 3 days for the training scores.

Scores for Chariots

District Tributes Score out of 20
1 Kezaiah Bianca and Arran Harthorn 16/20
2 Plinie Ivory and Cholo Werdair 18/20
3 Issabella Electrode and Calculum Infinity 18/20
4 Nina Marian and Nicholas Davenport 20/20
5 Katie Sundapple and Ssithies Profane 19/20
6 Ji Sana and Benjamin Woodrew 8/20
7 Maple Leaf and Leif Wilde 12/20
8 Sarah Silk and John Calico 20/20
9 Lexeline Whittle and Blakeathon Whittle 3/20
10 Catherine Rosedain and Leo Farms 19/20
11 Jasmine Webb and Johnny Webb 10/20
12 Jena Pickett and Duran Logs 17/20
13 Daphne Quinn and Thoren Nealy 11/20

Training Scores (And Scores for Training)

  • Kezaiah Bianca 11
  • Arran Harthorn 10
  • Plinie Ivory 9
  • Cholo Werdair 8
  • Issabella Electrode 10
  • Calculu Infinity 6
  • Nina Marian 11
  • Nicholas Davenport 10
  • Katie Sundapple 5
  • Ssithies Profane 7
  • Ji Sana 8
  • Benjamin Woodrew 9
  • Maple Tree 10
  • Leif Wilde 7
  • Sarah Silk 9
  • John Calico 8
  • Lexeline Whittle 4
  • Blakeathon Whittle 11
  • Catherine Rosedain 9
  • Leo Farms 6
  • Jasmine Webb 3
  • Johnny Williams 6
  • Jena Pickett 8
  • Duran Log 6
  • Daphne Quinn 10
  • Thoren Nealy 12
Here are the scores along with the pictures of each tribute, I want to thank GlimmerandSparkle, who I really miss. She is very smart and I hope doesnt kill me for stealing.



Lia: WELCOME TO MY FIRST EVER INTERVIEWS, of coarse we are all sad that Dejanja passed away last year but lets rejoice that the games are so close. Only tommorow the tributes will be released into the arena. Well lets not waste time and get straight in, well lets welcome Kezaiah Bianca.

Kezaiah: Hello Lia, its an honour to even talk to you.

Lia: Well I am suprised with this being my first year.

Kezaiah: When you know you are going into the games, you do your research.

Lia: But you didnt volunteer, you were reaped.

Kezaiah: Yeh but no one volunteered. And they knew that if they did. I would get to their family.

Lia: So you knew you were coming to see me this year.

Kezaiah: Well yes...Im not the usual career.


Lia: Well that was Kezaiah Bianca, now lets meet her hopeful ally Arran Harthorn.

Arran: Hello Panem

Lia: Hello Arran

Arran: Its so nice here in the Capitol

Lia: Why, I mean which of the many reasons.

Arran: The ladies

  • screams from crowd, including Lia

Lia: Well Im sure the females love you.


Lia: Well that was one for the females, now lets meet Plinie Ivory

Plinie: Hi

Lia: So what is your strategy in the games

Plinie: The careers should lead me far enough. Then they can be dispenced.

Lia: So you got a 9 in training. For what was that.

Plinie: If I said. My fellow tributes would know


Lia: Well there was the strategic Plinie, now it is another HOTTY, Cholo Werdair.

Cholo: Well my heart is already taken by Liana Rose.

  • crowd moans

Cholo: Im sorry but when I get back, and I will get back I hope to marry her.

  • crowd awwws

Cholo: Thats better.

  • crowd chuckles


Lia: Wow, he doesnt even need me, now onto Issabella Electrode.

Issabella: Why hello Lia.

Lia: Why hello Issabella

Issabella:....arent you supposed to ask questions.

Lia: Well I can use the excuse Im new at this.

  • crowd chuckles

Issabella: I fogive you

Lia: Okay well lets get to the questions.


Lia: Wow, time does fly doesnt it. Well we better bring on Calculum Infinity.

Calculum: Ehm....hello I guess.

Lia: I GUESS, I dont bite....atleast not in public.

  • crowd laughs

Calculum: I know, Im just really quiet.

Lia: Well do you have any strategies.

Calculum: Hide.


Lia: Well that was.....exciting I suppose. Now lets bring on the shining star. Nina Marian.

Nina: You flatter me......I didnt tell you to stop..

  • crowd roles with laughter

Lia: Wow you do have everything. You are drawing with Catherina Rosedain for top tribute.

Nina: Really I never would have guessed. She is so young.

Lia: Yes, her volunteering really helped. You got the 11 though.

Nina: Sadly I wasnt the only one. Blake and Kezaiah both got 11's...

Lia: And Thoren got a 12.


Lia: Well there was Nina, lets talk to the last career....Nicholas Davenport.

Nicholas: Yep thats me, the career.

Lia: So do you know the final for the careers.

Nicholas: Well of coarse I do.

Lia: And will you tell us.

Nicholas: OF COARSE

  • cheers from the rowd

Nicholas: It is Kezaiah and Arran, Plinie and Cholo, Nina and Issabella and I.


Lia: Well good to know that, now onto Katie Sundapple.

Katie: Well hello.

Lia: Well lets get to the questions, what do you hope the arena is like.

Katie: I dont care.

Lia: What traps or mutts.

Katie: No and No

Lia: Do you care about anything.

Katie: Nope...Im going to die. So dont care.


Lia: Here we now have Ssithies....Profane.

Ssithies: Dont care, dont want to talk.

Lia: Not one little bit

Ssithies: Nope

Lia: HAH you talked.

Ssithies: Doesnt count

Lia: Why not

Ssithies: As I said it didnt.

Lia: Fine, I wont talk.


Lia: Well lets hope District 6 is better than 5. Now lets introduce Ji Sana

Ji: Hi

Lia: So what do you love about the capitol

Ji: The colours are amazing

Lia: I know

Ji: By the way I love your hair, It almost lights up the room.

Lia: Well thank you


Lia: Wow that went by so fast. Now I must introduce Benjamin Woodrew

Benjamin: Why must you introduce seems optional

Lia: Well....its my job

Benjamin: But why is it your job

Lia: As I get payed to do it

Benjamin: Yes, yes you do.

Lia: Wow.....that really makes me rethink.

Benjamin: Thats what I do


Lia: Wow that was impressive, now onto....ehmm Maple Tree I think.

Maple: Well that is my name.

Lia: Sorry...but that was wierd. Well you got a 10 in training. Very good.

Maple: I was lucky. Either that or the gamemakers are blind.

Lia: So you dont think you have skill

Maple: I think I have some, but not enough to win.

Lia: So your honoust, that is good.


Lia: Well modest person, refreshing. Now onto Leif Wilde.

Leif: Thanks for having me.

Lia: Its my pleasure.

Leif: No...the pleasure is all my own.

Lia: Wow you are a flatterer arent you.

Leif: Yes, one of my only good skills.

Lia: Im sure you have some talents.

Leif: No I dont.

Lia: But you managed to get a 7.


Lia: Which isnt as good as the 9 Sarah Silk got. Welcome.

Sarah: Hey

Lia: I must ask how did you do it.

Sarah: Do what

Lia: The outfits for the chariots. They were stunning.

Sarah: Well its in my blood. I wish I could have had a career in making clothes...but I guess it was not meant to be.

Lia: Awww I wish you could.....maybe I could talk...


Lia: Now onto the second stunner with a needle. John Calico.

John: Hi

Lia: So you created your outfit.

John: Yes

Lia: Did you want to be a seastess.

John: No, fashion designer.

Lia: Wow so you wated to be a stylist.

John: Yes


Lia: Well that was a nice chat. Now lets meet Lexeline Whittle.

Lexi: Hello Lia

Lia: Wow your voice is so quiet

Lexi: I dont like talking

Lia: Aww so cute, How was it like having a victor in the family.

Lexi: Nice....kinda

Lia: Well that is nice....


Lia: Ok lets go to the other Whittle, Blakeathon.

Blake: Call me Blake.

Lia: Well that is easier

Blake: I know, my family has stupid names.

Lia: Can you give a few examples.

Blake: Lexeline and Blakeathon, Hopeabelle and Fixander. All terrible.

Lia: Wow they are stupid names.


Lia: How does time fly, now lets meet the shining star take to. Cathering Rosedain.

Cathy: Cathy please.

Lia: Wow do you not like your name either.

Cathy: No its to long.

Lia: Ok, now you volunteered for your....sis...cou...

Cathy: Cousin

Lia: Cousin, Aven I think.

Cathy: Yeh, she means more to me than anything. I love her.


Lia: Well only 7 tributes left. Leo Farms first.

Leo: Hey Bitches


Leo: I dont care, just chilling. Dont fuck me up.

Lia: Oh My God.....please there are kids watching.

Leo: Imma die so I dinny give a shit.

Lia: Well you should and I hope you die.


Lia: That little bitch, now onto Jasmine webb.

Jasmine: Im going to die.

Lia: Ok.....

Jasmine: Its horrible to think of it

Lia: I know

Jasmine: No you dont...your not going into the arena tommorow.

Lia: I know....

Jasmine: So shut up.

Lia: What is with the rude tributes.


Lia: Well lets hope Johnny Williams is any better.

Johnny: Hey

Lia: So what is your weapons

Johnny: Im amazing....I can use all weapons.

Lia: Confident arent you.

Johnny: Yes Iam

Lia: I like that in a tribute

Johnny: I will win.


Lia: Ok, only 2 districts left. Now lets go with Jena Pickett.

Jena: I love you.

Lia: Ok...

Jena: I saw you on the victors show. With Anastasia and Hebe. You were amazing.

Lia: Well that was a good day.

Jena: Can you sign this

Lia: Ok......

Jena: This will be my token.


Lia: Ok, 3 left. Bring on Duran Logs. The Male from District 12.

Duran: You really must be tired of this.

Lia: What I love it.

Duran: Well I couldnt do it.

Lia: Well then Im very special

Duran: Im sure you are.

Lia: Well thank you.

Duran: Wow are time is nearly up, I like mountains, I use an axe, I was sad that I got an 6 but I know I can still win.

Lia: Wow all the questions I would have asked.


Lia: Well probably our best interview yet, lets see in our last district is any better. Bring on Daphne Quinn.

Daphne: Well I dont think I can do better than that.

Lia: It was a very good interview

Daphne: It really was.

Lia: It what do we need to know.

Daphne: Nothing really.

Lia: Why

Daphne: As after I win I will tell you it all.

Lia: So very confident, I like that.


Lia: Well lets bring on the last tribute....Thoren Nealy.

Thoren: Well hello my dear

Lia: Wow, such a gentleman.

Thoren: Well, you are kind.

Lia: I should respect you, with that amazing 12.

Thoren: That was a suprise. All I did was...

  • coughs from Gamemakers

Lia: Well I guess they dont want us to know..

Thoren: Sadly I think so.


Lia: Well those were the interviews of the tributes of the 171st hunger games. Now tommorow they will enter the arena. But stay tuned for our choice of favourites. So one last thing to say is may the odds be ever in your favour.

  • capitol cheer

Scores For Interviews

District Tribute Score out of 10
D1 Female Kezaiah Bianca 8/10
D1 Male Arran Harthorn 9/10
D2 Female Plinie Ivory 8/10
D2 Male Cholo Werdair 9/10
D3 Female Issabella Electrode 8/10
D3 Male Calculum Infinity 4/10
D4 Female Nina Marian 9/10
D4 Male Nicholas Davenport 8/10
D5 Female Katie Sundapple 2/10
D5 Male Ssithies Profane 1/10
D6 Female Ji Sana 10/10
D6 Male Benjamin Woodrew 7/10
D7 Female Maple Tree 8/10
D7 Male Leif Wilde 7/10
D8 Female Sarah Silk 10/10
D8 Male John Calico 9/10
D9 Female Lexeline Whittle 6/10
D9 Male Blakeathon Whittle 7/10
D10 Female Catherine Rosedain 10/10
D10 Male Leo Farms 1/10
D11 Female Jasmine Webb 3/10
D11 Male Johnny Williams 8/10
D12 Female Jena Pickett 10/10
D12 Male Duran Logs 9/10
D13 Female Daphne Quinn 7/10
D13 Male Thoren Nealy 10/10

Tribute Gallery

Total Scores

District Tribute Reaping Score Chariot Score Training Score Interview Score Total Score
D1 Female Kezaiah Bianca 14/20 16/20 11/12 8/10 49/62
D1 Male Arran Harthorn 18/20 16/20 10/12 9/10 53/62
D2 Female Plinie Ivory 13/20 18/20 9/12 8/10 48/62
D2 Male Cholo Ivory 16/20 18/20 8/12 9/10 51/62
D3 Female Issabella Electrode 17/20 18/20 10/12 8/10 53/62
D3 Male Calculum Infinity 12/20 18/20 6/12 4/10 44/62
D4 Female Nina Marian 16/20 20/20 11/12 9/10 56/62
D4 Male Nicholas Davenport 15/20 20/20 10/12 8/10 53/62
D5 Female Katie Sundapple 10/20 19/20 5/12 2/10 36/62
D5 Male Ssithies Profane 7/20 19/20 7/12 1/10 34/62
D6 Female Ji Sana 12/20 8/20 8/12 10/10 38/62
D6 Male Benjamin Woodrew 15/20 8/20 9/12 7/10 39/62
D7 Female Maple Tree 16/20 12/20 10/12 8/10 46/62
D7 Male Leif Wilde 9/20 12/20 7/12 7/10 35/62
D8 Female Sarah Silk 15/20 20/20 9/12 10/10 54/62
D8 Male John Calico 12/20 20/20 8/12 9/10 49/62
D9 Female Lexeline "Lexi" Whittle 10/20 3/20 4/12 6/10 23/62
D9 Male Blakeathon "Blake" Whittle 12/20 3/20 11/12 7/10 33/62
D10 Female Catherine "Cathy" Rosedain 19/20 19/20 9/12 10/10 57/62
D10 Male Leo Farms 17/20 19/20 6/12 1/10 43/62
D11 Female Jasmine Webb 7/20 10/20 3/12 3/10 23/62
D11 Male Johnny Williams 9/20 10/20 6/12 8/10 33/62
D12 Female Jena Pickett 14/20 17/20 8/12 10/10


D12 Male Duran Logs 16/20 17/20 6/12 9/10 48/62
D13 Female Daphne Quinn 17/20 11/20 10/12 7/10 45/62
D13 Male Thoren Nealy 16/20 11/20 12/12 10/10 49/62

Capitol Favourites

Placing Tribute District Score Odds
1st Catherine Rosedain 10 57/62 3/1
2nd Nina Marian 4 56/62 4/1
3rd Sarah Silk 8 54/62 4/1
4th Nicholas Davenport 4 53/62 5/1
5th Arran Harthorn 1 53/62 5/1
6th Issabella Electrode 3 53/62 5/1
7th Cholo Werdair 2 51/62 7/1
8th Thoren Nealy 13 49/62 8/1
9th Kezaiah Bianca 1 49/62 9/1
10th Jena Pickett 12 49/62 10/1
11th John Calico 8 49/62 10/1
12th Duran Logs 12 48/62 12/1
13th Plinie Ivory 2 48/52 13/1
14th Maple Tree 7 46/62 15/1
15th Daphne Quinn 13 45/62 16/1
16th Calculum Infinity 3 44/62 18/1
17th Leo Farms 10 43/62 20/1
18th Benjamin Woodrew 6 39/62 25/1
19th Ji Sana 6 38/62 27/1
20th Katie Sundapple 5 36/62 30/1
21st Leif Wilde 7 35/62 31/1
22nd Ssithies Profane 5 34/62 39/1
23rd Johnny Williams 11 33/62 40/1
24th Blakeathon Whittle 9 33/62 40/1
25th Jasmine Webb 11 23/62 45/1
26th Lexeline Whittle 9 23/62 46/1

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer District Means of Death
26th Jasmine Webb 11 Kezaiah Bianca 1 Beheaded with Throwing Knife
25th Ji Sana 6 Nina Marian 4 Trident to the Stomach
24th Arran Harthorn 1 Benjamin Woodrew 6 Axe imbedded in chest
23rd Lexeline Whittle 9 Plinie Ivory 2 Arrow to the Heart
22nd Duran Logs 12 Thoren Nealy 13 Beaten to Death with Mace
21st Daphne Quinn 13 Jena Pickett 12 Spear to the Back
20th Katie Sundapple 5 Issabella Electrode 3 Beheaded with Axe
19th Ssithies Profane 5 Cholo Werdair 2 Strangled with Whip
18th Leo Farms 10 Nicholas Davenport 4 Slashed with Long Knife
17th Johnny Williams 11 Calculum Infinity 3 Throat Ripped out with Knife
16th Plinie Ivory 2 Blakeathon Whittle 9 Neck Snapped
15th Blakeathon Whittle 9 Cholo Werdair and Issabella Electrode 2 and 3 Whipped and Axed to death
14th John Calico 8 Kezaiah Bianca 1 Knife in the Heart
13th Nicholas Davenport 4 Sarah Silk 8 Smashed Over Head with Butt of Knife
12th Benjamin Woodrew 6 Kezaiah Bianca 1 Throat Slit with Knife
11th Thoren Nealy 13 Siren Mutt/Cliff C Lead of Cliff by Siren Mutt
10th Maple Tree 7 Water C Trapped under freezing water
9th Calculum Infinity 3 Leif Wilde 7 Smashed over Head with Stick
8th Cholo Werdair 2 Nina Marian 4 Trident to the Face
7th Jena Pickett 12 Avalanche C Suffocated Under Snow
6th Catherine Rosedain 10 Poisonous Fruit C Poisoned
5th Kezaiah Bianca 1 Nina Maria 4 Beheaded with Long Knife
4th Issabella Electrode 3 Leif Wilde 7 Heald under The Lake, and drowned to death.
3rd Sarah Silk 8 Leif Wilde 7 Guts Ripped Out With his Hands
2nd Leif Wilde 7 Leif Wilde 7 Embeded Axe into Stomach
1st Nina Marian 4 None None None

The Games

A chill spreads across the valley. A slight fall of snow lies across the valley. A small cluster of trees surrounds the ice covered lake. Ice is the theme this year, cold chill and frost spread across the valley. A small hill rises and on top is the glittering cornucopia. Surrounding it, 26 podiums. Not holding a tribute but in a few minutes. Each would have one of the 26 tributes on it.

Slowly the tributes rise, getting the first view of the arena. Seeing there place for the next week. For some atleast. Some will be dying within the hour. Some are sweating despite the cold. Others are getting read to run, some to the cornucopia, other away.


And the tributes are off. Kezaiah and Nina reach the cornucopia and grab there chosen weapon. Kezaiah picks up a knife and searches for a tribute. She spots Jasmine retreating over the hill to the small forest. She is about to cross into the safety of the wood when the knife strikes her in the neck, severing her head. Nina laughs at the death and turns to Ji. She avoids the swing by ducking then shoves her trident directly into her stomach. She crumples to the floor then raises her eye to see Nina running away. Then she falls down, dead.

Benjamin sees this then sees Kezaiah smiling and laughing. Believing she killed Ji he turns to Arran. He raises the axe and swings it as his chest. He leaps back shocked, but trips over the dead body of Ji. As he struggles to get to his feet Benjamin raises his axe.

"She killed Ji" He says as he brings the axe down onto the struggling Arran. He swiftly removes the axe and bounds into the forest, beggining to feel the pain of killing Arran. Kezaiah runs to the body of the dying Arran and stares deep into his eyes.

"What did he mean by....she killed Ji" He murmers, letting the blood come out of his mouth.

"Wait....that was...." And at that moment two things happen, Arran passes on and Kezaiah realises that Nina was the reason Arran was dead. She stares at the figure who is rummaging through the supplies and vows, that she will take down the shining star. But it would hurt much more, than the pain she was feeling now.

Lexi Whittle is waiting on the edge of the forest for Blake when she hears a scream. She looks around to see a smiling Plinie, carrying a bow. Lexi begins to run but isnt fast enough. Plinie jumps on her back and raises the bow. And lets it fly into the heart of Lexi. Blake stares as the arrow enters, then as she falls to the ground. He then reverts his gaze to Plinie as she flees back into the battle.

"Blak....Blake..." Lexi shouts to her brother..

"Lexi....stay with me.....please stay with me" He yells as he runs to her body, but she doesnt stay alive long enough for her brother to touch her live body again. He drops the knife he was holding and flees into the field, still swearing to avenge his sister.

Thoren is still raking, looking for a mace. He finally finds a mace and turns to find someone. He sees Daphne and is about to call her name. When Duran attacks. He swings the axe at Thoren but misses by a mile. Thoren easily then smashes his newly aquired mace into the back of Duran. He coughs blood all over the snow infront of him. He clatters to the floor, his limp body lying over the axe he was carry. Thoren stands proud over his first kill, but is taken down when he hears the scream, then turns to see Daphne with a spear out her body. Lying on the floor dead.

"You killed Duran, I killed Daphne" Jena mutters as Thoren turns to see her. She smiles then takes of into the forest, Thoren fast on her heel.

Katie and Ssithies are gathering to supplies when they are attacked by the two careers, Issabella and Cholo. Cholo carrying a long whip covered in small spikes. And Issabella brandishing a massive steel axe. Katie dives to the side as Issabella swings with her axe. She isnt as fast this time though as she allows the axe to hack of her leg. Ssithies is angry and dives at Issabella pushing her to the ground. But this was worse as the axe lands on the neck of Katie. Spliting the head from the rest of Katie's body. Ssithies is mad that he had an indirect cause of Katie's death, he doesnt even flinch as Cholo wraps the whip round his neck and pulls.

"" He chokes as Cholo pulls tighter. And tighter before Ssithies finally goes limp and falls to the floor. He unwinds the whip and rolls it up. He turns to the remaining tributes at the cornucopia.

Catherine is just running down the hill, calling after Leo. He has almost reached her when Nicholas cathches up. He is carrying a long knife. He grabs Leo by the neck and pulls him to the floor. And starts to slash at Leo. Nina sees this and starts to decend the hill after Catherine.

"RUN NOW" He yells as Nina reaches where he is being beat up by Nicholas.

"Ill miss you" She whispers so only she and the camera can hear, then dissapears into the field.

Nicholas continues to slash at Leo till he passes on. He hands the knives to Nina as Leif and Maple dart past him, into the field after Catherine.

Sarah and John are standing at the edge of the clearing watching the fighting. Calculum and Johnny are fighting, both with knives. Calculum has the upper in the fight and us about to win when Johnny sneezes. Calculum misses with the knife and stumbles over the bag at his feet. Johnny, happy that he survived doesnt managed to kill him in the time he gained. Allowing Calculum to regain his feeting and plunge the knife into Johnny's throat and rip it out. He stands over the body for two seconds before the careers see him. He disspears over the hill. Next they see Sarah and John, so they use that time to dissapear into the forest, together.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. 10 cannons sound signalling the end of the bloodbath.

The careers are resting up, none recieved major wounds. The careers this year as Kezaiah Bianca from one, she is planning her revenge on Nina for causing the death of Arran. She has forgiven Benjamin as he tried to take revenge on Kezaiah, who he thought killed Ji. Cholo Werdair and Plinie Ivory are resting, both got a kill but have lost no one or got hurt. Issabella is wondering about Calculum, not knowing if he got out. She is starting to regret joining the careers, and leave Calculum. Nina and Nicholas are talking, both got a kill and arent wounded. They have all the supplies and since they only lost Arran they go hunting tonight.

Calculum is fleeing the careers through the fields. He is very far away but the careers could catch them easily. He is horrified that he actually killed someone, and cant forget the look on the face of Johnny as the knife entered his throat. He colapses into a bush, and hides. He drifts to sleep only to be awoken by clattering feet. He grabs his bag then starts to run again. He decides to rest when he finds a pool. He crashes out of the tall grass into a frozen meadow, surrounding a lake. He finds a small bush and desides to rest. Luckily he is well hidden so the tributes on the other side of the lake.

The tributes from 7, unknown by Calculum are resting in the small island in the centre of the lake. Due to the weather the lake is frozen solid so they walked right across. They are both wearing thick parkas so they arent cold and due to the abundance of snow they dont need water. They both have weapons and are well stocked. They are resting up in a tree. Sarah Silk gave Maple a bad wound to the leg that is festering. They have covered it in snow to cool it but it doesnt seem to help. Sarah's blade must have been coated in poison or something or been infected as they ran. They settle in for the night.

Benjamin is stalking the tributes from 8. He has been keeping low and the two tributes havent noticed him. But now he sees his chance. He raises the axe then throws is directly at John. He leaps to the side, knocking Sarah to the floor aswell. Benjamin rushes to get his life.

"STOP" John yells as he pushes Sarah behind him.

"Why...these are the games....we need to kill eachother" Benjamin mutters as he raises his axe again.

" want to attack the careers....and you need more than 1 person." Sarah quickly spits up as she backs away, hidden behind John.

" make sence." Benjamin says suprises as he lowers his axe.

"I know..there is 6 of them...and 3 of us. We need to find Blakeathon. And the others. We need to take out the careers" Sarah plans, stepping from behing John.

"No...we attack tommorow. Most likely tonight most will go hunting, leaving 1 or 2 behind. We kill them." John says, ending the silence.

"Well we better rest now, and move tonight then attack at dawn." Benjamin summarises, recieving nods from the tributes from 8. They all rest down, not wanting to move any further away from the careers.

Blakeathon is beside a small pond, resting and mouring the loss of Lexi. He now wants to kill Plinie and plans to move close in the night. But now he is taking a slight nap, hoping the careers are still setting up supplies and planning. But now they are about set of but luckily from him they are heading to the lake, not the field. He takes a couple hour nap then heads to the edge of the cornucopia. He doesnt know that Sarah, Benjamin and John also plan to attack tommorow.

Catherine is in the forest now, she travelled through the field to find the other entrance to the forest. She is a bit chilly as all she got was a sweater. She is crying over the loss of Leo, that she will never get to see Aven or Danica or any of her other family again. She is up a tree, very high. She has no supplies other than her sweater but in her tree there is a wierd green fruit. She doesnt want to try it yet incase it is poisonous, but if she gets to hungry she may not be able to stop herself. She has a clear view over the the cornucopia.

Thoren and Jena havent stopped moving since they left the cornucopia. Thoren is scared that if he stops he will lose Jena and she is scared if she stops, he will catch her and kill her. They have been running so fast they have made it through the forest in 1 day, which is impressive. The capitol are enthrilled with these two tributes activity and are easily there current favourites. They are currently climbing the mountain, not knowing what weather is about to hit them.

All tributes stop, even Thoren Nealy and Jena Pickett, to watch the faces in the sky. Most have lost someone they loved.

Arran from District 1

Ssithies from District 5

Katie from District 5

Ji from District 6

Lexeline from District 9

Leo from District 10

Johnny from District 11

Jasmine from District 11

Duran from District 12

Daphne from District 13

Day 2

The sun rises on the winter wonderland to awake the careers. Sarah and the boys are all on the edge, including Blakeathon. They are waiting on the careers to leave but instead hear this converstaion.

"We shouldnt go should we" Nina says, as the careers gain there feet.

Kezaiah replies with "I dont think so, we need to rest"

This provokes a murmer of yes's and no's but it seems like those two careers are in charge. Benjamin turns to his two allies and groans.

"We cant go now" He says, dissapointment shown cleaarly on his face.

"Why not...I mean we will have the element of suprise" John starts.

"And then we can take them on" Sarah finishes.

Benjamin stares at his allies then a smile breaks across his face. Then he mutters 3 words, that were the biggest mistake of his life.


They clatter into the clearing, weapons flying. And they were right. The careers are shocked. And so was Blake, he sees them running up and dives in after them. Nina and Kezaiah reach for their weapons but they are the only ones. Plinie starts to run down to the forest but is attacked by Blakeathon.

"You killed Lexi" He says as he raises his fist.

"Please....please....I had to...I want to get home" She splurts out, trying to get free.

"She was young" He says, tears falling all over the face of Plinie.

"I know......" She cries, realising what she did was wrong."And it was horrible."

"Im sorry..." He says as he places his hands on either side of the head of Plinie. There eyes meet seconds before Blake jerks the head a cm to the left. BOOM. Cholo who was fighting Benjamin sees this a screams. He kicks Benjamin in the chest then runs down the hill, Issabella He raises his whip then brings it smashing down on the back of Blake. Issabella smashes her axe into his side. Blake lets out a pained scream, not the same as when Lexi died but still pained. They continue doing this till he has wounds all over his body.

"Any last words...bitch" Cholo says, raising the whip for the last time.

"Cholo....leave him" Issabella mutters, placing her hand on Cholo's shoulder.

"He killed Plinie, he deserved to die" He screams, brining the whip down.


Issabella stares at Cholo, disgust filling her eyes.

"Your a monster" She says before taking off, going to find Calculum. Cholo stares after the fleeing career, doing nothing to stop her leaving. Then he reverts his gaze back to proper fight. The tribute from 4 and Kezaiah against 8 and Benjamin. Kezaiah is standing on the cornucopia, throwing knives into the fray. BOOM. John collapses to the floor. A knife in his heart. Sarah sees the fallen friend, then looks at Nicholas, standing next to John. Smiling. With a knife in his hand.

"YOU KILLED JOHN" Yells Sarah as she dives at Nicholas.

"What the Fu...." He starts but never finishes, as Sarah brings a knife butt into the head of Nicholas. BOOM.

She stares at the knife in the body of John, then at the one in the hand of Nicholas. One a throwing knife. The other a combat knife. Then it clicks. He didnt kill John. At that moment Kezaiah leaps down with a long thin knife beared. A thin handle....perfect for throwing. Then it all clicks. She realises Kezaiah killed John. She turns her fiery gaze onto Kezaiah, as she drags the knife across Banjamin's throat. BOOM. Sarah flees to the forest, and the 3 remaining careers dont follow. Both sides has losses, Sarah lost the two boys. While the careers lost Plinie and Nicholas to death. While Issabella fled. They settle in, to heal there wounds.

Maple and Leif are horrified by the number of cannons and decide to stay put, and so does Calculum. Issabella is in the fields, not knowing this is no where near where Calculum is resting.

Thoren and Jena have continued moving. Jena is a fair bit ahead of Thoren and decides to rest to watch the names and faces appear in the sky.

Plinie from District 2

Nicholas from District 4

Benjamin from District 6

John Calico from District 8

Once the faces fade Jena continues to climb. She is very near to the top when she hears the moan of the wind. She turns to face the valley, to see it completely emersed in a blizzard. But this is no ordinary blizzard. This blizzard can make you scream.


Day 3

The blizzard swirls around, hitting all tributes but the careers and Jena. The careers are settled in the cornucopia while Jena is above the level of the storm. It howls, tearing through the valley. It encircles the lake. Maple and Leif are terrified, and are running around. Not knowing what to do. Thoren is lost, more lost than anyone. He has been slowly moving arounfd, trying to break the surface of the storm but to no avail. He is resting when he hears moaning. A graceful moaning.

"Come here my prince, come see me one more time" The wind carries the voice directly to the ears of Thoren. Anyone else wouldnt hear a thing but he hears the voice lound and clear.

"D...Dap...Daphne" He murmers as he feels his way through the snow, to locate his princess.

"Dont you want to see my face one last time" It sings, leading Thoren up the hill.

"I cant see you"

"I know, but if you hurry...."

"I will hurry"

He starts to hurry his pace, not feeling a safe way up the hill.


"I AM..Please wait my dear"

"Hurry...Im going...."

"Please....I cant lose you again."

He reaches above the blizzard and sees her. Sees his love. He sees Daphne. He slowly walks towards her. Not looking where he steps. Love filling his eyes. Then he falls, down a crack. As he falls she thinks of her long red hair. The way her smile just fills your heart with joy. And he knows that now he will be with Daphne. But he will be with her forever. As in the end death was the only option, atleast the only option in which he would be happy. BOOM.

Maple and Leif have decided to move but despite the chill the ice isnt as solid as they thought. Maple is slightly ahead and reaches the lake first. She rests her foot on the ice, seconds later it breaks, sending her plummeting into the water. Leif dives to the floor, and stares through the ice at Maple. Her hair floats in the water around her already blue face. Leif smashes on the ice but now it is solid. There eyes meet for two seconds and he mouths 3 words.

"I love you"

And she replies.

"Im so cold"

She places her hand on the ice and Leif mimmicks her movement and places his hand on hers. She smiles for one last time then dissapears beneath the surface.


Calculum is awoken by the 2nd cannon to see the blizzard cleared. Then he sees Leif lying on the ice. He raises her knife then leaps onto the lake, and tears after tribute from 7. He looks up as he hears the pounding of the ice. He leaps back allowing Calculum to charge into the trees. Leif grabs a stick, he swings it at Calculum smashing it into his head. BOOM. He drops the stick then drops to his knee. He had killed a boy. He pushes the body into the lake at walks of. As only 8 tributes remain.

Cholo is resting at the cornucopia, while Nina and Kezaiah talk.

"I cant wait, these games are so good" Kezaiah says as she chucks the knives at the tree.

"Maybe for you, I have 1 kill" Nina sulks as she flips her trident about.

"Well....its only Benjamin, Jasmine and John...not like it was....Ji" Kezaiah says, realising she was being all nicey nicey with her nemesis.

"I need career kills" Nina mutters.

"Yeh tha...WAIT....c...a...r...e...e..r..s.." Kezaiah says, starinn at the hungry gaze if Nina.


Cholo drops to the ground, the trident of Nina's sticking from his face.

"Ill deal with you later" She smirks as she leaps into the forest.

Kezaiah stands, shocked at the stuff that just happened. She then takes of after Nina, wanting the final revenge.

Jena reached the top of the mountain and has seen all she needs to see. She is too cold at the top and needs to cool down, so begins to slowly descend. She reaches a set of rocks and rests there. She is hungry and thirst, and wants to get of this mountain.

"WHY CANT I JUST GET THE FU-" She begins to yell, but is cut of by the rumble of the avalanche. She begins to run but doesnt get far. It catches her in an instant, swallowing her in its icy depths. She tries to keep to the surface but it isnt to be. As it pulls her down. Down under the snow. BOOM.

Catherine is starving. She needs to eat but doesnt have enough energy to leave the tree. The only option left is the fruit. Her hand trembling, she reaches out and plucks a fruit. Then takes one last bite. The juices fill her mouth, and she smiles. A truley amazing smile. BOOM. Then she clatters to the floor dead.

Kezaiah throws a knife that lodges into Nina's shoulder. She grabs her long knife and dives into Kezaiah. They role over the ground. Slashing and hacking. Hacking and slashing. Kezaiah Nina. Nina Kezaiah. They smash into trees, knocking over plants in there terror to kill eachother.


Nina replies with "WHOSE DEAD BITCH"


"BUT ITS YOUR FAULT NICHOLAS DIED, and I loved him" Nina mutters.


"And I needed revenge" Nina says as she regains her feet, and kicks Kezaiah's head away. As this was the final 4.

Leif walks over the lake, again and again. The bodies of both tributes are still under there. Right at the bottom of the lake. His tears hit the ice then freeze. Then again and again. Until she finally finds him. And its at this point the dead body of Calculum breaks through the surface. Showing to Issabella.

"YOU KILLED MY BROTHER" She yells as she runs straight as Leif, not knowing the ice is there. She crashes into the pool. Touching the body of Calculum. Leif hurries to the side of the pool and shoves Issabella's head under the water. He holds it there....under then up. Letting her breath. Then under. Then letting her breath. Then shoving her under. But this time he doesnt let her up. BOOM. Now only 3 tributes remain. And that last of the 3 just stumbled onto the lake.

"Why...what perfect timing...." Leif mutters, regaining his feeting. A glint in his eyes that wasnt there this morning.

Sarah begins to run but Leif catches her. He slides across the ice and crashes into her legs. He grabs her stomach and yanks. A few burst of pain are let out, with each time he pulls. Over and over and over and over. Not stopping despite the strength he pulls. Then it happens. With the last pull. He yanks out the gutts. BOOM. He brings the blood up to his nose and inhales. A smile crosses his face and the audicence realise. They have created a mad man.

The faces appear in the sky for the last time. As day 4 will be the last day. And one will die.

Kezaiah from District 1

Cholo from District 2

Issabella from District 3

Calculum from District 3

Maple from District 7

Sarah from District 8

Catherine from District 10

Jena from District 12

Thoren from District 13

Nina and Leif are both heading to the cornucopia, as they know thats where the final battle will be. And lets say one thing. More than 2 tributes will be there. Kezaiah and Maple need help. And the remaining tributes are the only ones to answer them.

Day 4

The tributes meet at the cornucopia. Neither have wounds. Both carry weapons. Leif handles the axe that's previous owner was Issabella. Nina, 2 long thin knives the ones that were used to kill Leo. They face eachother over the field. Sharing a pained look. Both mad, but both strong. Nina was always a favourite. But Leif was a savage. Would that hinder him. Would it be another Titus like death. Or a normal career winner. As they stare the suprise gets closer. Stalking through the bushes. Hovering over the trees. As Kezaiah and Maple were coming back. Wanting some questions anwered.

The eagle soars over the clearing, but neither tributes notice. But when the wolf leaps out of the forest they notice that. When it transforms into a familiar face. They notice that. When they hear the thud on the cornucopia. They notice that. When they turn to see a second familiar face. That is a moment neither of them will forget for the rest of their lifes, and for one of them. That will be very short.

Kezaiah grabs a knife and leaps at Nina. A wicked smile across her face. Maple smiles at Leif, pushing her hair from her eyes. Leif just stares at his dead love. Knowing it cant be true, but wanting it to be true so much. He slowly walks towards her and places one hand on the side of her pale face. A warmth bursts from her face that melts the snow surrounding the couple.

"I missed you" She mutters to his ear.

"I know...I missed you" He replies, allowing a face to enter his face.

"I need an answer though" She starts to say, as a tear drops onto her face.

"I will answer anything, I will tell you all my secrets" He says, cutting into the speech of Maple.

"I know and I to you"

"So what is it"

Kezaiah and Nina are still fighting knife to knife. Neither backing down. But as the time continues Nina slows down and Kezaiah just getting stronger and stronger. Faster movements.

"Did you do all you could" She asks.

"With what" He asks, stroking the hair out of her eyes.

"With me...did you try your best to save me" She says. A sudden chill spreads between them. The heat dies. And the soft green eyes turn red. Her soft hands grip around his neck. Tightening. Tightening, tighter, and tighter, till. BOOM.


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